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Full text of "Genealogy of the Waldo family : a record of the descendants of Cornelius Waldo, of Ipswich, Mass., from 1647 to 1900"

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_ OF T HE 





FnOjM 1647 TO 1900 

CoMpn.KD BY Waldo Lixcolx A. B. 

Mkmbfk of the Amickican Antiquarian Societv New Englanh Historic 
Genealogical Society Colonial Society of Massachusetts 

" J-'orsun ct hrtc oUdi mcminisse jauaUit " 

Vol. II. 
\'^ - 


3 11 Main S t i; e k t 







V.I ■' • .;m. 


>\ :. ,il!t-r<> 


size, with blue eyes, brown hair and fair complexion and resembled her 
father iu features. In 1815, she was taken by her father to Ohio, and 
married, Jan. 1, 1832, at Aurora, O., Josiah-Vohicy, son of Josiali and 
Betsey Hickox ; born Mch. 14, 18U5. In 1881, they and their children, 
except Dennou, were alive and living near each other at Aurora. 

Josiah Hickox was a farmer living, after his marriage, on a farm 
at Aurora. ^ 

Children of Josiah-Volney and Eunice-Kingsbury (Waldo) Hickox. 
Born at Aurora, O. : — 

a. Bkt8KY-Mini:hva, born Feb. 13, 1833. 

b. Van-Kenssel\er, born Sept. 10, 1834. ,. • 

c. Chaitncy, born Jan. 20, 1836. 

d. Samukl-Ali.ex, boru July 12, 1838. 

c. Dknnon-Josiah, born Nov. 2, 1840; was a soldier in Battery A. 1st Ohio 
Light Artillery, and was killed May 15, lKr.4, at Cbattauooga, Tenn., 
"decapitated Oy a cannon ball," though reported " died of small pox" to 
save his mother's feelings. 

/. Dkyden, born Oct. 13, 1843. 

g. Emily, born Nov. 28, 1846. • . . • ■, 

h. Albert, l , t? ■ n io-i - . 

V born Feb. 9, 18ol. ,. ■ . i , i ■ 

t. Alice, J 

j. Curtis-Fowler, born June 0, 18.54. 

bdah bf. Hosea- Allen, son of Roswell (Daniel^ Shubael, Ed- 
mar d, John, CorncUus) and Aniarilla (Lord) Waldo; born Feb. 6, 
1815, at East Brookfield, Vt." He was a small man, somewhat round- 
shouldered, with blue eyes, dark complexion, dark hair and beard. 
He married, Dec. 22, 1839, at Cincinnati, O., Christiana, daughter 
of Levi and Sarah (ILammond) Gilpatrick, of Saco, Me.; born Aug. 
13, 1815, at Saco. Her father was commander of a man-of-war in 
the U. S. Navy, during the war of 1812. She was a tall, graceful 
woman, with piercing dark eyes and auburn hair. They were living, 
1884, at Corry, Pa.3 

Children of Hosea-Allen and Christiana (Gilpatrick) Waldo. 
Born, a, b at Shalersvillc, 0. ; c at Aurora, O. : — 

bdah bfa. IIenry- Harrison, born June 1, 1841. '. 

bdah bfb., boin May 17, 1843. ' 

hdah hfc. Jamks-Bartlett, born .May 12, 1853; died Sept. 4, 1869, at Corry. 

bdah bh. Philena, daughter of Roswell (^Dcju'c/, Shvbacly Ed- 
loard, John^ Coni'dius) and Amarilla (Lord) Waldo; born Sept. 3, 

' Recmtls of Hcniy-Alleii Wal.lo [l«hihhrr]. ^ Brookfield Records. 
' Records ol JIoiry-AUcii Waldo [bdakbcc]. 

544 WALDO GENP:AL0GY. [bdarbh 

1818, at SiKilcisvilli", Portage Co., 0.; died Feb. 22, 1855, at Lima, 
Lagrange Co., Iiid. 8iie was a bruuette, with dariv eyes and black 
hair, and much resembled her twiu-sistcr Philcuda. vShe married, July 
5, 1841, at Aurora, 0., John, son of James and Rachel (McLane) 
Preston of Warren, O. He was a widower with two children, Rachel 
and James. In 1849 or '50, they removed to Lima, lud.^ 

Children of John and Phllena (Waldo) Preston. Born at Aurora, 
O., probably : — 

o. Ei-KANOU-PniLENA, hom Au^. 19, 1842. She married, at Lagrauge, Ind., 

Jesse Katon. They had three children. 
b. LucY-Pmi.KNDA, born Oct. 27, 1848. She married, at Lagrange, Ind., 

William Slack. lu 1S83, they had three sons and one daughter. 

bdah bi. Philenda, daughter of Roswell (Daniel., Shubael, Ed- 
ioard, John, Cornelius) and Amarilla (Lord) Waldo; born Sept. 3, 
1818, at Shalersville, Port.age Co., O. She married, Feb. 2, 1843, 
Joseph, son of James and Rachel (31cLane) Preston of AVarren, O. ; 
born Oct. 18, 1818, in Pennsylvania. In 1844, Mr. and Mrs. Preston 
went to Shalersville and resided on the old Waldo farm with Philenda's 
mother until 1SG7, when the farm v»as sold. They then went to Mt. 
Union, O., whore they were living in 1884.- 

Children of Joseph and Philenda (Waldo) Preston. Born, a at 
Aurora, O. ; b-g at Shalersville, O. : — 

a. Koskuk-Amauima, horn Oct. 27, 1813. Slie married, Dec. 13, 1868, at Mt. 

Union, O., Edward-A.' Soden. They were living, 1884, at Jeflerson, O. 
They had two sons and one daughter. 

b. Koswell-Wai.ix), boru Mch. 7, 1845. She married, Apr. 28, 1867, Cad. -A. 

Fricc. They were living, 1884, at Walnut, Kan. He was a farmer. 

c. GKOKUK-ruKNTiCE, born Nov. 1, 1848; died Sept. 22, 1873, at Brookville, 

Pa. He was a Methodist clergyman. He married, Aug. 14, 1873, Clara-E. 
, of Ravenna, O. 

d. LucY-PuiLKNA, born Doc. 1, 1851; died Sept. 19, 1882, at Mt. Union, O., 

while on a visit to her parents, and -within a few hours after her arrival. 

She married, Sei>l. 19, 1877, at Mt. Union, Rev. Jolin-W. . They 

had two sons. 

e. Jamks-Kkank, born Jan. 28, 1854. He married, Oct. 17, 1878, Leola-M. 

Scott. They were living, 1884, at Walnut, Kan. He was a farmer. 

They had one sou. 
/. Clauinda-Euzahkth, born INfch. 29, 1857; Uving, 1884, at Mt. Union, O., 

unmarried. Had the family records. 
g. JoHN-GiLBKiiT, born Dec. 15, 1859; living, 1884, at Deerflcid, Portage Co., 

O. He Avas a druggist. He married, 1883, Viola-L. Berchcmier. They 

had one child. 

' Records of Ilenry-Allen Waldo [bd<thbcc]. ' Jbid. 

't '■■Jim. 


bdah da. Daniki,, son of Slmbael (Daniel, ShuhdcJ, EfJirarr^, 
Joint, CorndiusJ nnd Relieck.'ih (Cios])y) Wuldo ; born Jan. 6, JH02, 
at Alstciid, N. H.; dicil Oct. 5, 1881, at Mcredosia, 111. He was a 
farmer, living at Chesterfield, N. H., until Oct. 10, 1832, when he 
removed to Meredosia, a deed of July 14, 183."), calling him of the 
latter place, though deeds of 1833 and '34, in which years he sold 
his lands in Chesterfield, call him of Chesterfield.' He became an 
extensive farmer at Mcrcdosia, owning live thousand acres on the 
Illinois Kiver, chiefly bottom land and mostly improved. He was a 
man of independent character, and in early youth repudiate^d his 
family's politics and religion and became a warm democrat and a 
Uuiversalist. In company with his brothers, James-Elliott Waldo and 
George-Curtis Waldo, he commenced a general merchandise business 
in 1832. They erected the first steam sawmill in the limits of Morgan 
Co., 111., in the fall of that year, and, soon after, the first steam flour- 
ing-mitl and distillery, whicii interests he afterwards disposed of. He 
was aj^pointed postmaster of Meredosia by President Jackson and 
held that olTice for sixteen years. He was again appointed to the 
same odice by President Grant and held it for four years. He was 
interested in the building of the railroad from Springfield to the Illi- 
nois Kiver, the first important railroad in the State, and was appointed 
to throw the first shovelful of dirt at the ceremony of breaking ground 
for that enterprise. He was the first man in the Ktate to shake hands 
with Stcphen-A. Douglas when he arrived at Meredosia in 1833. For 
forty-one years he held the office of justice of the peace and was 
alwaj's known as '•• Squire Waldo." - 

He married (1), July 18, 1831, at Chesterfield, Maria-Ticknor, 
daughter of Dr. Oliver and Sally (Tickuor) Baker of Plainfield, 
N. H.; l)orn Aug. 5, 1811, at Chesterfield; died Sept. 15, 1834, at 

He married (2), Mch. 31, 1836, at IMcredosia, Emily Fox of Batavia, 
N. Y. ; born Apr. 8, 1813; died Jan. 23, 1855, at Meredosia. 

He married (3), July 5, 1857, at Meredosia, Mary-Jane, daughter 
of Elijah and ^lary (Campbell) Thomas of Columbus, O. ; born July 
9, 1833, at Franklin, O. ; living, 1899, at Meredosia. ^ 

Children of Daniel and Maria-Ticknor (Baker) Waldo. Born at 
Chesterfield, N. H. :— 
hdnh daa. Mahkl-Rkkecca, born Dec. 18, 1832; married, Sept. 21, IS51, at 

' ClR'tihire Co., X. H., Deeds, vols, cxix., p. 187; rxx., \)\). 585, 4&4. 

^" Atlas Maji of Morjxiin County," Auflreas, Lytrr .X: t'o., 1«7'2; ''History of 3Iorgau 
<'ouiity, III.," ])'>nucllv, LlovU A (."o., ISTo. ■» liecorUs of Mibb Nellie Wahlo {bdalidai]. 

o4(; .. , , WALDO GENEALOnV. [bdahd.v 

Mcredosia, 111., Tiioinas, son of John and Ellcu (Smith) "White of Oxville, 
111. ; born Ffh. '1. 1S27, :it Oxville ; killed in liuttlc May 21'.,, near Dallas, 
Ca., Avhilc in conimand of his regiment. He was captain durinir the Civil 
w;ir of Co. C, IHUh Ke^:irnonl Illinois Volunteer Infanliy. Mrs. Whili' 
has been a teacher for more than twenty yt^ars and was living, 189'J, at 
Lafayette, III. They had no children.' 
hdah dab. Sakah, died in infancy. ■ •■ 

Cliiklrcn of Daniel and Emily (Fox) Waldo. Bom at Meredosia, 

111. :— 

bdah dac. Makia-Emily, born May 7, 1^:59. 

hdah dad. Fkancks-Elmixa, born Mch '2<;, IStl ; died Oct. 7, 1880, at Mere- 
dosia. She married, Oct. ."., 1860, at Meredosia, Burreltc Allen, who died 
Nov. IG, 1879, at Waco, Tex. 

Child :— 
a. FnAN-CKS-ELSiE, married July M, 1881, Dongla.s-p:niinanuel Case, 
and Avas living, 1899, at Sioux Falls, So. Dak. 

bdah dae. Jri.i \-Evr,i.iNE, born Dec. 25, ISK?.' 

bdahdaf. Jami>Damki,, born Mch. ?.Q, 1848; died Apr , 1«94, at St. Louis, 

Mo", probably. He married, Mch. 2<i, 1872, Mary Turnham; living, 1899, 

at St. Louis with her daughter. 

Children : — 

a. Geokgk-Ai-bekt. 

b. Ei.sie-Elka>'or. 

bdahdoij. Alrekt-Mahvix, born Sept. 5, 1851; living, 1899, at Meredosia. 

unmarried. He is a painter. 
bdah d'.ih. MaI{Y-K<,)salii<:, born Jan. 11, 1855; died Sept. 13, 1855. 

Child of Daniel and Mary-Jane (Thomas) Waldo. Born at Mcre- 
dosia, 111. : — 
bdah dai. Nellik, born Oct. 23, 1858; living, 1899, at Meredosia, unmarried. 

bdah db. Jo.siaii-Cko.'<i;v, son of Shubael (Daniel.^, 
E(l>':aril, John, Coni''Uus) and Rcbeckoli (Cro.sby) Waldo; born Dec. 
5, ]8()o, at Chesterfield, N. II. ; -^ died Aug. 28, 1890, at New London, 
Conn.'' He \vas educated in the Presbyterian faith, but had been for 
some time contemplating a change in religious matters, when tlie 
siKldeu death of hu mother ended the controversy. He says : "My 
mother, though one of the best of that hallowed name and universally 
beloved, had never made a profession of religion, and for that cause the 
Presbyterian minister. Rev. John Walker, who attended her funeral, 

very charitably consigned her t(j ! This day's work settled the 

fate of ortiiodoxy for jne. It was standing by her grave that day, 
while tlic wound the jiriest had iuilicted was fresh and bleeding, that I 

« lieenrds of Jlrs. .Ma!>(l-Uel>ocia (W;il>li>) Wliite. 

2 ItooonLs of .Mi-:, Ni'Uie Waldo .s;i.v l!-43. 

J " Ilbilnry of ChobtuiucM " : " li.iHoa Oeiicalojcy," j). 3:;0. < Now London Records. 



made a voav to l.)e rcveii^od by clevotin|Z niv life to lilowing- the o])iiox- 
ioiis creed sky-hi|j;li. I linve kept the vow to tliis hour." He studied 
under Kev. Rosea Rallou of Boston, Mass., avIjosc daughter he subse- 
quently married. He preached in Boston and vicinity for two years 
and then went to Cincinnati, 0., whei-e he found many leading men 
ready to aid in establishing a liberal church. A meeting-house was 
liuilt for him the first year. The same year he commenced the publi- 
cation of a weekly paper, The Sentinel and Star in the West, which 
was contiimed for many years. His work was extensive. " During 
his five years' stay in Cincinnati, he preached in all the large cities 
and towns in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and, to some extent, in Vir- 
ginia and Tennessee. He published over one hundred controversial 
sermons, held a number of public debates and planted the seeds of 
the new faith, first and generally in the West." In Lynn, Mass., 
where he was pastor of the First Universalist Clmrch from 1835 to 
1839 and where he established two flourishing societies, he was attacked 
with a disease of the throat which compelled him to retire temporarily 
from active work, and for three years threatened to end his " war, of 
words at least, against orthodoxy and for uuiversalism." Recovering, 
he accepted a call from the First Universalist Society in West Cam- 
bridge, now Arlington, Mass., and commenced his term of service 
there on the first Sabbath after Mch. 15, 1841.1 There he remained 
until 1847, when he went to Troy, N. Y., and was there from 1840 
until 1854.- He then removed to New London for the benefit of his 
wife's health and continued to reside there until his death. 

He married (1), Oct. 2G, 1831 (by Rev. Hosea Ballon), at Boston,^ 
Elmina-Ruth, daughter of Rev. Hosea (Maturui, Peter, Joint, Maturin) 
and Ruth (Washburn) Ballon of Boston ; born Apr. 3, ISIO, at Ports- 
mouth, N. H.;^ died June 29, 185G, at New London.^ She was a 
cousin of Eliza Ballon, mother of the late President Garfield. She 
was accustomed to write poetical articles for the periodicals of the day 
and her last poem may bo found in " Waldos in America," p. 46. 

Mr. Waldo married (2), Feb. 10, 18C4, at Boston, Mrs. Caroline- 
Matilda (Wright) Mai'k of Boston, daughter of Winslow and Sarah 
Wright; born about 1811 at Bolton, Mass.; died Feb. 15, 1892, at 
New London. She was widow of David Mark of Boston, whom she 
married July 28, 1840, at Boston. ^ 

' " History of .\i lint;tcjii," \>. 177. ' "Troy's Quo Hiiii(lred Years," y. ;i53. 
' Kosioii Ivecortls. ♦ " Uulluu3 in America," p. 030. 

^ Ihid.: Nf!w London Keoordd : Town (.'Itrk of CliesterlieM, X. 11., says June 30; 
" Waldos ill Aiuurica," p. 40, bays 1S50. » IJostoii Heeurds . Xew Loiidou Uefords. •.••. 

.V; ir.v 

548 • , WALDO GENEALOCJY. [hhahhb 

Children of Josiali-Crosliy and Klinina-Puith (BalU)u) ^Valdo.l 

lioni, a, e at Arlin|Atf>n, Mass.; h at Lynn, Mass.; o, d at Wolninj, 

Mass. : — 

hdah dha., horn May 10, lS:ir. ; died Aug. 24, 1848. 

bdah dbb. Okohok-Cuktis, born Mch. 20, 1837. 

hdahdhr. Clkmkntina-Ghack, linrn Sept. 22, 1838; living, 18^3, nnmariiod. 

hdah dhd., horn Aug. 7. 18iO; died Aug. 8, 18G2, at New 
London, unmarried. 

bddh dbe. MATruTN'-BAi.i.ou, horn .Tan. 20, 1843; living, 1899, in the 
Ho married, Ai)r. 13, 18r.5, at New London, Conn., Mrs. Luey-Anu (Polls) 
Arm^trong of New Loudon ; Ijorn ahoul 1838 at New Loudon; died May 
10, bsr.O, at New London.- l?y her ilrst. liusband siie had a son, AVillis-A. 
Armstrong ; living, 1899, at New London. Mr. ^Valdo had no children. 

bdah dc James-Elliott, sou of Sliubael (Daniel, ShnhieU 
Edirard, John, Cornelius) and Kebeckah (Crosl)y) Waldo; born .July 
11, IftCJ, at Chesterfield, N. H. ; 3 died Dec. 4, 1891, at New Orleans, 
La. Ho removed to Illinois and afterwards to New Orleans, where 
he was, for fifteen ye.ais, " keeper of the pul>lic stores." He became 
a merchant, and in 18ol-a;> had a business house in New York City, 
though living at New Orleans. He married (1), Feb. 8, 18;)5, at 
Meredosia, 111., Evelina-Almira Cobb of Meredosia; boru Oct. 21, 
1817; died Dec. 17, }&:'>f), at Meredosia. He married (2), Sept. 23, 
1852, at Arlington, Mass., Araminta-Adeline, daughter of John and 
Abigail (Hill) Fowle of Arlington; born Jan. 21, 1825, at Arlington; 
died Oct. IG, 1871, at New Orleans.^ 

Child of James-Elliott and Evelina-Almira (Cobb) Waldo. Born 
at Meredosia, 111. : — 
bdab dca. JamivS-Curtis, boru Dec. 10, 183.".. 

Childi-en of James-Elliott and Araminta-Adeline (Fowle) Waldo. 
Rorn at Ailington, : — 

bdah deb. Ji)UN-FowLK-Ci:osi5v, horn Oct. 20, 1855. 

bdnh dec. Cai'.omnk-Annkiti:, born Oct. 4, 1857; living, 1900, unmarried. 
hdah dcd. Gkok'sk-Fkkdkhick, born Mch. 13, 18G1; died Nov. 30, 18G2, at 

. • • ■, ;i\; .A ' ' •' • ■'^''•' 

bdah df. Kos.alik-Mklvina, daughter of Shubael (Daniel, Shn- 
hnel, Edirard, John, Cornclins) and I{el)eekah (Crosby) Waldo; born 
Nov. 20, 1.S18, at Ciiesterlield, N. H. ; ^ died June 8, 1S45, at 
Woburn, Mass. She married, Nov. 25, 1841, at Ciie.sterfield, John, 
son of John and Sally (Kendall) Johnson of Woburn; born Feb. 12, 

' " lJ:tIl'iiis i)i Anit-riiM," )>. .' » Ntnv I><iiiil<)n Ui-i-ords. ■> Cliisteiliolil Uccortls. 
« Ueconis <il .lauifs-Ciirlis \V:i\a>> Ihihi/iilrn ]. - (li.sterlluia Kecords. 

j,i)Ai(int] SEVENTH GENEKATION. 549 

1X14, at Wolnirn. They livi'd at Wol)nin. He marrioil (2), July 
l'S, 1.S4G. at Woburn, Julia-A. IJiilfincli of Woburn, by whom he had 
tliice chihlren : Rosclla-Maria, l)oni Jan. 9, 1840; Jnlin-Wtivren, 
l)()in Oct. 1, 1852; Etlward-Francis, born Oct. 22, 1856.' 

Child of Joh.ii and Rosalie-]\relvina (Waldo) Johnson. Born at 
Woburn, Mass.: — 
a. Rosklla-Annrttk, born May 11, 1845; died Feb. 22, 1840. 

bdah ha. Sar.^h-Axn, daughter of Allen (Daniel, ShuhaeJ^ 
Edicard. Joha^ Corncliu!^) and Nancy (Maxwell) Waldo; born Aug. 
23, 1816, at Weare, N. H.2 She married, Dec. 26, 1842, at Lowell, 
Mass., Isaac-Steward Jewctt of Hartland, Me. 

Childrew of Isaac-Steward and Sarah-Ann (Waldo) Jewett.^ Born, 
o, h at Tewksljury, ^lass. ; c at North Andover, Mass. : — 

fi. Clau.\, boru Nov. 28, 1847; died July 28, ISCC. 

h. Horace, born Oct. 3, 1S49; married, Nov. G, 1872, at Skowhegan, Me., 
Lizzie Oak. 

Child, born a.t Skowhegan : — 
a. Fohi^st-Ikvint,, born Sept. 0, 1873; died Jan. 18, 1881. 

c. Lymax-B., born Oct. 8, 1853; married, Aug. 1, 1875, at Skowhegan, Me., 
Kate Crowell. 

Child :— ' 
a. Clara-C, born M^ch. 17, 1870. 

bdah hb. Allen, son of Allen (Daniel, Shnbael^ Edward, JoJau 
Cornelius) and Nancy (Maxwell) Waldo; born Dec. 20, 1819, at 
Woare, N. H. ; -« died Mch. 29, 1881, at Lowell, Mass., of Bright's 
disease, and is buried in No. 2 Yard at Lowell.^ He appears to have 
passed his whole life at Lowell, his name first appearing in the Lowell 
directory in 1851 as employed by W. A. Fisher & Co., dealers in 
West India goods, and living on Fletcher street. In the same year, 
however, an Allen Waldo, "painter," was also living on Fletcher 
street. Perhaps one of them was the father. In 1853, Allen Waldo, 
'* painter," was living on Smith street. In 1861, in company with 
D.-G. Emerson, and under the name of Allen Waldo & Co., he was 
in the grocery business on Middlesex street. In 1866 and '68 he was 
proprietor of the Howard House on Middlesex street. In 1874 he was 
again in the grocery Inisiness on Middlesex street. He is called 
Calvin-A. in the record of his second marriage, probably by error of 
the recorder. 

• Wolmrn Heoor<l3. ' Weare Rororils. » " WaKlos in America," p. 48. 

* Wi'iue i;.;coiiU. Lowell IttX'orils. ... , ... 



550 ' " WALDO GENEALOGY. [bdaiihb 

He maiTicd (1), July '1, isr»0, at Tewkshury, Mass. J Olivc-S., 
daughter, proba])ly, of Kk-haid and IJetsey Locke of Concord, N. H. ; 
born July 11, 1832, at Concord; died May 29, 1875, at Lowell, 
"aged 42 years, 10 months, 10 days," of typhoid fever, and living at 
the time of her death at IS Grand street, where Allen Waldo, grocer, 
was living, 1874.- He married (2), umler the name of Calvin-A. 
Waldo, Mch. 5, 1881, at Lowell, Huldah (Locke) Buzzell, daughter 
of Richard and Betsey Locke of Concord; l)orn in 1846 at Epsom, 
N. H.3 

Child of Allen and Olive-S. (Locke) Waldo. Born at Lowell, 
Mass. : — 
bdah hba. Frf.d-Fisiiku. horn May 10, IS;"!. 

bdah he. Hannah-Carlton-, daughter of Allen (Daniel, Slni- 
6aeZ, Edioard, John, ComeJiufi) and Nancy (Maxwell) Waldo; born 
Nov. 17, 1821, at Weare, N. H. ;'^ died Nov. 4, 1886, at Cummings- 
ville, Olmsted Co., Minn. She married, Oct. 2, 1843, at Boston, 
Mass., Francis-Henry, son of Joseph and Elizabeth (Allard ? ) Cum- 
raings of Phillipston, Mass. ; ^ born Dec. 11, 1819, at Phillipston ; 
died Sept. 29, 1894, at Cummingsville.'^ 

Children of Francis-Henry and Hannah-Carlton (Waldo) Cum- 
mings. Born at l^oston, I\Iass. : — ' ' 

a. Fkancis-ITknuy, born Sept. 3, 1815. He hns lived since \f<or> in Olmslcil 
Co., Minn. lie inarrietl, Jan. 14, KS73, at Chatlicld, Minn., Araliella- 
Leslie, dantjbter of Israel find Eliza-Jane ( McElderry of Cliat- 
rteld; born June 9, 184(5, in Jellerson Co., 0. 

Children, born at Orion, Minn.: — 

a. Ei.mki:-Hki<heut, I)otn Oct. 23, 1873. ' ■ 

b. Mkuton-Hknky, i)orn May 20, 1877. 

c. AnAH-Ei.r.ANou, l)orii Dec. II, 1878. 

d. CAURiK-VicroHA. born May 20, 1882; died Jan. 1, 1883. 

e. Clinto.n-Cauuki.ton, born Jan. 5, 1884. 

h. Lucy-An.vkt'''k, horn Sept. 3, 1845; twin of FnAXCis-IlK.NUY ; living, 1901, 
at Orion, Olmsted Co., Minn. She married, July 4, 1S7C, at Chattleld, 
Minn., William, son of Jolin-J. and Eli/.ahetli (Ilatly) Tucker of Newark, 
N. J.; born Mch. 17, 1840, at Newark; livinj^s 1!I01. He is a carpenter. 

Ciiildren, born at Orion : — 

a. KATiK-Lur.i,LA, born Dec. 19, 1877. 
h. BKurwA-.MAi-., born Fel). 15, 1880. 

c. HANNAlI-^L*Tl^^A, Ijorn hwj,. 28, 1S47. She married, Oct. 1, 18C8, nt Orion- 
Minn., J«)lin, sun of Avery and Lydia (Howker) Bush of North Brook, 

' I.owi'll I{f^c(,r(ls. -Ill, (I. ^ LowcU UicortlM. * Weave I{i;(()iUs. ' Hostou Records. 
• Uecoula of Mid. lUiiuKih-.Matiltlu ((;iiiuiuin(_'s) Hush [("lultltcc]. 


ficUl, iMai^s.; born June 2;5, 1S32, at Spencer, Mass. They were living, 
1001, at Eyota, Minn. He is a fanner. 

Children, born at Eyota : — ' ' , 

a. GKor.GK-HKNKY, born Dec. 2G, 1S69. ' • ■ ,. 

b. Lewis, born Ang. 22, 1871. '' ' ' 

c. Apdik-Luella, born Jan. 8, 1873. 

d. Elizabkth, born Oct. 2, 1874. 

e. Edna, born Dec. 8, 1877. 

f. JoHN-AvKRY, born Nov. 2G, 1881. 

g. Eva, born June 11, 1883. . . 
h. Martha, born Mch. 7, 188.5. 

i. La\vkp:nck, born Jtay 14, 1889. ■ ' 

j. Howard, born Apr. 5. 1S02. 

bdah hd. James-Maxwei.l, son of AWo.n ( Duni'cJ., Shuhael, Ed- 
v:ard, John, Corneh'vs) and Nancy (Maxwell) Waldo; born Sept. 2, 
1823, at Wcarc, N. H. ; died June 17, 1893, at New Boston, N. H., 
"aged GO years, 9 months, 15 days." ^ He lived at New Boston. 
He married, July 22, 1849, at Weare, Orissa-Gove, daughter of Wells 
(Naflmniel, Moses) and Parmclia (Colby) Currier of Weare; born 
July 22, 1834, at Weare; living, 1901, at New ]:)Oston, with her son 
Orren. Mr. Vv^aldo removed from Lowell, Mass., to Weare in 1834, 
and to New Boston in 18G3. He was a f armor. ^ 

Children of James-INIaxwell and Orissa-Gove (Currier) Waldo. ^ 
Born, a, b at Weare, N. II. ; c-f at New Boston, N. H. : — 

bdah hda. rARMEMA-CuKKiKK, born Sept. IG, 1854. 

bdah hdb. Fi;ances, born Sept. 30, 1857; died Oct. 3, 1881, at New Boston, 

bdah hdc. FuKDKUic-CocM.iDGii;, l)orn Oct. 13, 18G3. 

bdah hdd. Oj^uen-Samuhl, born Oct. 14, 18GS. (New Boston Kecords; his own 
record says Sept.) He is a farmer, living, 1001, at New Boston, and was 
a moinhcr of the school committee, 1893-04. He graduated at Frances- 
town (N. H.) Academy, 1888. He married, Nov. 28, 1804, at New Boston,* 
Alice-Mary, daughter of Amos-Tewksbury and Cornelia (Sargent) Lull 
of New Boston; born July 2, 1SG7, at New J^oston ; liviuir, 1001. She 
was a scliool teacher for about ten years before her marriage, at Gotl's- 
town, "Weare and New Boston, lie was also a teacher for about three 
years at New Bo.>ton. They have had no children.^ 

bdxih hdc. Makv-Etta, born .Vpr. 4, 1873. She married, Apr. 4, lOoO, at New 
Boston, Charles-August, son of Swcn and Mary (Nelson) Anderson of 
Sweden; born May 10, 18G4, at Skilftcsfall Fiuspong, Sweden. He is a 
inechnnic. They were living, 1001, at Morrimac, N. IL* 

' Xl'w l?oston Records. 

' Weave Records: " History of Weave, N. H.," p. SOT: ramily Records. 

•* " History of Weare, N. H.," p. 1007: New ilostoTi Records: Fiimily Records. 

' New 13ostoii Records. '' Kccorils of Orrcn-.'^ainuel Waldo. 

'' New Uostoii Kecordb: Kecords of Mrs. Mary-KtUi AudeiBon. 

552 WALDO GENKALOGY. [bdahhg i 

bdah hg. Ai,m<»n, son of Allen (Daniel, Shubad, Edicard, i 

John, Cornelias) and N;incy (Maxwell) Waldo; born Nov. 27, 1830, i 

at ^^'eal•e, N. II., probably; died Dec. 12, 1877, at the State Lunatic i 

Hospital, Worccste)-, Mass., of paralysis.' In 1850, he was living at i 

Boston, Mass., but perhaps returned to Wcarc, where he -was a tax- 1 

payer in 1860. lie removed to Lowell, Mass., whore from 1866 to I 

1874, he kept a restaurant on Middlesex street. He lived for a while 
at GofFstowu, N. H. He married Mary-Etta Annis; born at London- 
derry, N. H.2 Slie is said to have been a widow when she married 
Mr. Waldo, with a daughter Mar}', who married Pxhvard Wiggin of 

Mr. Waldo was of a roving nature, and, at one time, went on a 
whaling voyage around the world. He had no children of his own, 
but legally adopted an infant. 

Child of Almon and Mary-Etta (Annis) Waldo: — 

bdah h'ja. AiiBY-r.. born July 23, 1872; died Sei)t. 27, 1872, aged 2 months, 4 
days, .11 Lowfll, Muss.; buiicd in Yard 8, IJaiii^e 30, Lot 40. (Sept. 17, 
1872, an adoi)ted infant took the name of Abby-P. Waldo of Lowell by 
act of the Massachusetts Legislature.) 

bdak aa. CATiimuxK-RiCK, daughter of Allen (Beulah, Shubael, 
Edward, John, Cornelius) and Phebe (Rice) Waldo; born Oct. 8, 
1805, at Rutland, Vt. ; died Mch. 1, 1892, at Batavia, N. Y. She 
married, Dec. 21, 1S2G, at Alexander, N. Y., John-Buswell Pike of 
Canajoharic, N. Y. ; born Oct. 26, 1801, at Canajoharie; died Jan. 
16, 1878, at Batavia. He was a farmer. They lived at Batavia. 3 

Children of John and Catherine (Waldo) Pike. Born at Batavia, 

N. Y.:— 

o. Emmk.unk-Amanda, born Jan. 8, 18.30; died Jan. 24, 1001, at Delevau, 
N. Y. She iiinrricd. Nov. 2, 1848, at Batavia, Goorfre-Washington, son of 
rhilaiidor and Ann <^l)alryniple) Foster of Henderson, N. Y."; born Apr. 
10, 182r., at Henderson: died Sept. ',, 1880, at Wethersfteld, N. Y. They 
lived for twcnty-ilve years at W.iles, N. Y., where he kept a hotel. 
They then removed to Wethcrsllcld, where he was a farmer. 

Child, born at Wales : — 

a. Gkor<;k-Kay, born Nov. 13, 1850. 

b. Alta-Matii.da, born July 29, 1834 ; died .Apr. 20, 1889, at Wales, N. Y. She 

married, Dec. 13, 18,54, at Batavia, Hiram, son of John and Maria 
(North) Hush of Ksopus, N. Y.; born June 23, 1831, at Wales; liviii;,', 
1901, at Wales. He is a farmer. They had no children. 

c. GKonnr.-WAr.PO, born Mch. 17, 1830; died Mch. 17, 1871, at Batavia, un- 

married. He was a curpentcr. 

• Worcester Kecorda. 

» " History of Wcare," y]K IT.'t. UK)' : l>(>.-itli Kecurd.s of IajwcU, Mass. 

'Kecortls of Mra. C'atlieriiio-.\doll{rike) KeUay [bda/caah]. 


d, born Oct. 6, \8SS; died An;,'. 24, 1859, at Batavia. She 
married, 1855, at Batavia, Ithamar-T., son of Willard and Dicbc (lunes) 
Nichols of Batavia; )*orii at Batavia. He was liviii;^, ]',»01, at Batavia. 
He is a carpenter. He married (2), Bloiidiria Shafer, by ^vhoIn he has 
had three cliildren. 

Child, born at Batavia: — >• .. ; - 

a. MKRnKTr-AiM;i.]!KRT, born Feb. 22, 1859. 

e. Euza-Ann, born Aug. 5, 1840; died Mch. 27, 1K73, at Darien, N. Y. vShe 
married, at Staflord, N. Y., llavid, son of Solomon and Mary Siioiilters 
of Batavia; born at Montpelicr, Vt. They lived at Darien, \vhere he 
was a farmer. After his wife's death he removed to Michigan and has 
been lost si;^ht of. 

Child, born at Batavia: — 
a. Gkorge-Deakk. 

/. Em.kx-Ckunoa, born Mch. 31, 1842; died Dec. 23, 1864, at Wales, N. Y., 


f!. JoiiN-SinLEY, born Sept. 19, 1844; died Apr. U, 1894, at Batavia, unmar- 
ried, lie was a farmer. 

h. CATur.niNK-ADKLT,. born Apr. 12, 1849. She married, Sept. 8, 18fi9, at 
Alexander, N. Y., Jerome-Bonaparte, son of William and Lydia-Lewis 
(Garrett) Kelsey of Alexander; born Dee. 20, 1841, at Alexander. They 
lived at Alexander until 1875, when they removed to Batavia, where they 
were residing in 1901. He has been engaged in farming during most of 
his life. 

Children, born at Alexander : — 

a. Irma-May, born Mch. 28, 1871 ; died Apr. 24, 1901, at Batavia. 

b. Guy-"\Vam)0, born Jan. 5, 1879. 

c. Earle-Wayne, born Mch. 17, 1881. 

bdak ab. Allkn-Albigence, sou of Allen (Beulah, SMibael, 
Edward, John, CorneUns) and Phebe (Rice) Waldo; born Mch, 13, 
1807, at Rutland, Vt. ; died Oct. 24, 1896, at Alexander, N. Y. He 
was taken by his parents to Alexander when three years old, and lived 
there until 1836, when he removed to Java, N. Y., where he remained 
for about fifteen years when he returned to Alexander, where he con- 
tinued to reside until his death. He was a farmer, but in Java he 
kept a hotel. He married, Sept. 6, 1829, at Alexander, Phoebe-Ann, 
daughter of Nicholas Vandebogart of Alexahder; born Dec. 7, 1810, 
at Alexander; died Llay 2, 1890, at Alexander.' 

Children of Allen-Albigencc and Phoebe- Ann (Vandebogart) Waldo. 
Horn, a-c at Alexander; d-g at Java, N. Y. : — 
bdak aba., born Dec. 11, 1830. 

fnl<ik nl>b. Maru:ttk, born Mch. 17, 1833; died ISGo-f.G, at Alexander, un- 

Inlak uhc. Edwaru-Allex, born June 12, 1835; died Mch. 14, 1855, at Alex- 
ander, unmarried. 


' Hecurds of Mrs. Violetta-Kiuma Waklo [bdakahd]. 


554 WALDO GENEALOGY. [bdakab 

bdak abd. Violktta-Emm.v, born Aug. 23, 1836. 

bdak abe. Emii.y-Puoi'Ui;, born Aii^. 13, 1838. 

hdnk a''f. Natiian-Cukkiku, born Oct. 13, 1813; died Sept. 28, 1844, at Java. 

bdak abg. Eixkn-Ei.iza, born June 27, 1817. 

bdak ahh.'to.v, born July 2G, 1819; died Mch. 4, 1850, at Java. 

bdak ao. Phebk-Ann, daughter of Allcu (Beulah, SliubaeU 
Edicard, John, Corndias) and Phel^c (Rice) Waldo; born Sept. 9, 
181 G, at Alexander, N. Y. ; died Sept. 6, 1872, at Pembroke, 
N. Y. She married, Apr. 4, 1836, at Batavia, N. Y., Dan, son of 
Israel and Irene (Williams) Doauc of Essex, Conu., and Pembroke; 
boru Nov. 20, 1818, at Pembroke; died Oct. 16, 1900, at Pembroke. 
He was a farmer. Tliey lived at Java, Darieu and Wcthersfield, 
N. Y., until her death. He then removed to Pembroke. ^ 

Children of Dan and Phcbe-Ann (Waldo) Doane. Born, a, h at 
Java, N. Y. ; c at ^Vctherslleld, N. Y. : — 

a. Inkz-Thkkksa, born Mch. 24, 1S38; innrried Apr. 3, 1861, at Wethersflcld, 

Gilbcrt-Josluia, now of Josluia and Mary (Ma]>ic) Main of Wethersiield ; 
born Oct. 11, 1829, in Tutnani Co., N. Y. He "was originally engaged in 
school toachins:. He removed to Wasliincton Co., Kan., in 18()9 and in 
1870 taujiht in the i)ublic school at Watcrvillc, Kan. He "was elected 
snperinlendont of public instruction in Washington County in 1872 and 
} ajjain in 1874, serving four years, after which he took up farniine: and 
retired from active "work in 18'J7. They were living, I'JOl, at Barnes, Kan. 

Children, boru, a at Wethersiield; b, c at Waterville: — 

a. Aktuuu-Hkiu'.kut, boru Apr. 4, 1SG2. 

b., born Sept. 9, 1877. 

c. Ikma-Ella, born Sept. 25, 1883. 

b. Ihma-Kowkna, born Eeb. IG, 1810; married June 1, 1864, at Wethersflcld, 

Harrison, son of Williani-H. and Harriet (iJallou) Doane of Wethersiield; 
born Jan. '2><, 1837, at Sharon, Pa.; died Apr. 24, 1^90, at Delavan, Wis. 
He was a iihotoirrapher and druiririst. He was educated in Pike Acoiieniy 
and Alfred University. He was a ))rivate in Co. A, 3rd N. Y. Vol. Cavalrv, 
durinir ttie Civil war. Mrs. Doane was living, 1901, at Delavan. They 
had no children. 

c. Ei.t.a-Ann, born July 17, 1844; married Dec. 29, 1869, at Pembroke, N. Y., 

l'hilii)-Conrad, sou of Ernst-Jacob and Christina-Catherine Young of 
Germany: born June2J, 1814, in Germany. He served for three years 
during the Civil Avar as sergeant in Co. P,, 100th N. Y. Vol. Infantry'. He 
removed i.-om Genesee Co., S.Y., to Washinuton Co., Kan., in March, 
i.'-70, and has lived lliere since, havlni: been en^jaued in farmine, from 
Aviiich lie retired several years ago. He has served in school, township 
and county ollices. Mr. and Mrs. Young were living, 1901, at Barnes, 
Kan. They have had no children. 

bdak ca. Aktimas-Boiks, son of Spencer (Beulak, Shubael, 
EihodnU John, CormUnsi) and Oipha (Boies) Waldo; born Nov. 17, 
1823, at Tinmoutli, Vt. ; died Jan. 1, 1892, at New York City. He 

' Uecoiilsof Iiitz-TtieiCoa (l>o:iiiu) M.iin \^lidakaca]. 


urmlimlod a1 llie University of Voimont. Ifil2, studied law nt Gran- 
ville, N. Y., was admitted to the bar at Albany in 18-17 and ininie- 
liiately went to Port Henry, Essex Co., N. Y., where he began the 
praftiee of law and where he passed his whole life. In 18G7 he 
fiinnod a partnership with Franklin-P. Tobey and in 1879 the finn 
name was Waldo, Tobey & G rover, with olHces in New York City. 
S<Kin after the building of the Whitehall & Plattsburgh Railroad, for 
which his firm was counsel, H.-M. lieckwith was admitted as partner, 
and after the death of Senator Tobey, the firm became Waldo, Grover 
& Reck with, by the admission of Marcus-D. Grover. Jan. 1, 188G, it 
was Waldo, Grover & McLaughlin, and, by the retirement of ]\Jr. 
Grover, a year later, Waldo & McLaughlin. Mr. Waldo was for many 
years attorney for several important firms at Port Henry ; for two or 
three terms he was district attorney. He was a member of the com- 
mittee appointed by Gov. Hill to revise the Judiciary Act and was on 
the democratic electoral tickets of 1876 and 1888. He was also a 
member of the Lateral Canal Commission. He was a man very highly 
esteemed for his personal and professional qualities, kind of heart and 
l)enevolent to the poor. He never married.^ 

bdak cb. LomNG-SrEXCER, son of Spencer (Beulah, SJa'hael, 
Edicard, John, CornpliasJ and Orpha (Boies) Waldo; born Apr. 5, 
182.'*, at Tinmouth, Vt. ; died Feb. lU, 18S2, at Brandon, Vt.^ He 
removed to ^Vallingford, Vt., and later to Danb}', Vt., and settled at 
the Borough, in the marble business. He was engaged for a uuudjer 
of years in mercantile business in Danby and also in Wallingford. In 
18G2 he w^as employed as agent of the Western Vermont Marble Co., 
the business of which he conducted until 18G8, when he became lessee 
of the works. Mr. Waldo was a gentleman of ability, fine taste and 
gijod business habits and a worthy and highly esteemed citizen. ^ He 
afterwards removed to Brandon, and lived there until his deatli. 

He married, Nov. 11, 18G3, at Wallingford, Livonia-E., daughter 
of Hilan and Bethia (Button) Shaw of Wallingford; born Nov. G, 
18o;i, at Wallingford; died Jan. 25, 189i>, at Brandon.'' 

Child of Loriug-Speucer and Livonia-E. (Shaw) Waldo. Born at 
Danby, Vt. : — 

bdak cha. Wim.iam-Lorixg, boru Dec. 17, 18Gj; living, 1899, at Wallingford, 

' K;imily Hilile ami Rfconl'" of lloinor-ll.ayw.ird ^V^lll<) [Inlakci]. ' Ibid. 
* " liUtury of Dauby, Vt.," p. "^1. * WaUinglorU Uecorcls: Family Ketords. 


bdak CC- Wu.mam-Justus, sou of Spencer (Bculah^ Slmbady 
Edicard, John, Cornelius) and Orplia (Boies) Wuldo; born June 3, 
1828, at Tinuiouth, Vt. ; died May 29, 1805, ut Wallingford, VtJ 
He lived at Tinmouth until aliout 1857, when he removed to Walling- 
ford and became a merchant. 

He married, April 20, 1853, at Wallingford,^ Ann-Kliza, daughter 
of Lincoln and Esther (ITulett) Andrews of Wallingford ; born Dec. 
1, 1833, at Wallingford; living, 1809, at Fitchburg, Masa., with her 
son, Artemas-Boies. She married (2), Oct. 14, 1873, at Wallingford, 
Ethelbert-Orlando, son of Hosea and Freelove (Whitehorn) P2ddy, 
who was then a dentist living at Wallingford and a widower, and who 
died 189G at Wallingford. Mr. Waldo and three children are buiied 
at Wallingford. 

Children of William-Justus and Aun-Eliza (Andrews) Waldo. 
Born, a-c at Tinmouth; d-f at Wallingford, Vt. :— 3 

bdnk cca. Fiiank, born Sept. 5, 1S:.3; died Sept. 30, 18r>7, at WallinE^ford. 

bdak cch. Ai.bk.kt-Wili.iam, l)orn Dec. 1, 1854; died Apr. 2."., 187C, at Brook- 
lyn, N. y., unmarried. 

bdak ccc. Je.ssik-Anx, i)orn July 27, 1856. 

bdak ccd. Jknnik-Emz.v, born May 3, 1858; married Oct. 20, 1881, at Walliiis- 
ford. Jolui-Brown, son of Cliaiies and Eliza-A. (Brown) GriniU'H of 
Mystic, Conn.; born July 7, IS.'.O, at Stoninfjton, Conn. He graduated at 
Brown University, 1873, and at the Albany (N. Y.) I,aw Scliool, l!s7r>, foul 
for a time practiced law, but wa.s, 1800, bookkeeper for Eaton, Cole & 
Buruhani, at Brid,i;ci)ort, Coiui. They were livinfj at Bridgeport. They 
have no children.'' 

bdak cce. Marv-Lokaink, born May 20, 38G2; died June 11, 1879, at "Wal- 

bdak ccf. Autkmas-Boiks, born May 3, 1805. lie is a restaurant keeper, 
living, 18'.i0, at Fitcliburg, Mass. He married. April 7, 1801, at Fitchbiirir, 
Margaret-Lauretta, daughter of John and Mary-Ann (Degnau) Doyle of 
Nashua, N. IL; born July 27, 1808, at Nashua; living, lHt>y.^ They have 
no children. 

bdak ce. Jank-Ori-iia, daughter of Spencer (Beidah, Shuhael, 
Edi'.'cird, John^ Conielins) a.ui\ Orpha (Boies) Waldo; born Jan. 5, 
1831, at Tinmouth, Vt. She married, Sept. 25, 1856, at Tinmouth, 
Adouijah-Daniol, son of Daniel Ford of Cornwall, Vt. ; born Jan. 7, 
1821, at Cornwall; died :\rch. 29, 1887, at Punxsutawuey, Pa. lie 
was a merchant. His widoM' was living, 1899, at Asbury Park, N. Y. 
i\Ir. Ford was at first engaged in mercantile business and then, for 

1 llci' of Homer- Hi_vu:ir<t Wiildo [li'hrl:rl]. ' W.-illingfonl nccord.s. 
« ramilj lUbli- iif .Mrs. WiUiain-Justiis ( Aiidiews) I'Mdy : WaUiiigforil Records : Grave- 
stonos :it WalliiiKford. ' Kt-corils of .Jolin-ltrowii (iriiinell. 
» lU'Oords of Mrs.;;:irin-I,auritt;i (Doylo) Waldo. 


f n nmnbor of years, held a position in llie Controller's ofllcc in New 

I York City, lie v/as later engaged in coal business. ^ 

I Cliildren of AdonijaL-Daniel and Jane-Orpha (Waldo) Ford. 

I Horn, a, b at Brooklyn, N. Y. ; c at Ithaca, N. Y. : — 

I (I. .Tknnik-Boiks, boru Nov. 21, ISfiO; living, nninarried, 1900. 

I /(. VV', born Sept. 25, 1SG3. lie is in advertising business; living, 1000, 

f Hi Hiiiralo, N. Y., unmarried. 

I c. Wii.i.iAM-SPFNcr.R, born .Tan. 30, 18G5. He is a bookkeeper ; living, 1900, 

I at Asbiiry Park, unmarried. 

I bdak ch. Josei'ihsk-Stkykks, daughter of Spencer ( Beulah, 

[ Sliuhad, Echvard^ John^ Cornelius) Vixy({ Mahala (Stevens) Waldo; 

I horn Jan. 6, 1837, at Tinmouth, Vt. ; living, 1899, at Danville, la. 

\ Siie married, Dec. 21, 1874, at Wallingfoid, Vt., Samuel, son of 

I Samson and Ruth (Taylor) Allen of Tinmouth; born Oct. 10, 1838, 

I at Tinmouth; died Sept. 14, 1898, at Danville. He removed to 

i Oberlin, O., with his father, when he was fourteen years old, and was, 

ifor a time, engaged with his father in ship-building. He removed to 
Missouri and became a farmer at Nevv Florence, Mo. He married 

I (1), 18G0, at Klyria, O., Mary-R.Hekok, who died Aug. 29, 1872, at 

V Now Florence, and by whom he had two children, — Lamson and 

\ Catharine, 2 

f Children of Samuel and Josephine-Stevens (Vfaldo) Allen. Born 

I at Waco, Mo. : — 

I Idtk cha. Mary-Louise, born Oct. 25, 1881; living, 1893, unmarried. 

I bdak ci. Homeu-Hayward, son of Spencer (Beulah, SJnibael^ 

I Edward, John, Cornelius) and Mahala (Stevens) Waldo; born May 

£ 21, 1838, at Tinmouth, Vt. He is a farmer, living, 1899, at 

f Wallingford, Vt., having removed thither from Tinmouth in 18G8. He 

J luurried, Aug. 15, 1871, at Wallingford, =^ Mary-Elisabeth, daughter of 

F Joshua ( PhineasJ and Mary (Parmely) Fletcher of Saratoga Springs, 

I N. Y. ; born July 16, 1845, at Saratoga Springs. "^ 

\ Cliildren of Horaer-Hayward and Mary-Elisabeth (Fletcher) Waldo, 

i Born at Wallingford, Vt. :— 

I Iddk- cia. A SON, unnamed, born Aug. G, 1872; died Aug. 17, 1872. 

F f'dfik cib. IIomkr-Fletciier, born May 21, 1875; living, 1899, unmarried. 

J f'dnk cic. ]\ouEKT-LoRiNc;, born July 23, ISSO; living, 1899, unmarried. He is 

[ a clerk in the Vermont Marble Company's ollicc at Proctor, Vt. 

f I'iaf: cid. A daughteu, unnamed, born Jan. 25, 1887; died Feb. 7, 1887. 



' Kfoonla of Mrs. J;ino-Orpha (Waldo) Ford. 

» Kccoids of Mrs. Jo8ep]iine-Steveud (Waldo) Allen. » Walling:ford Records. 

* Uecord.s of Hoiaer-llaj ward Waldo. 

:; I 

^5^ WALDO GF.NEALOGY. [bdakcj 

bdak Cj. ISIrlissa-Ann-, (laiii^ditor of Spencor (Beulah, ShuMfl, 
Edward, John, Conieh'u.t J ain\ .Maliala (Stevens) Waldo; born July 
28, 1839, at Tinmouth, Vt. She inarriod, Nov. 24, 18G8, at Walliug- 
ford, Vt.,1 Arlluir- Walker, son of Lemuel and Adeline (Capron) 
Hathaway of Tinmouth; born Nov. 2G, 1837, at Tinmouth. He 
served three years during the Civil wai- as 2d Lieutenant in Co. B, 9th 
Vermont Volunteers. At the time of his marriage he was livintf at 
High Hill, iMo. They were livin-;, 1899, at Belle Plaiue, la. Hels a 
farmer. - 

Children of Arthur- \ralker and Melissa-Ann (Waldo) Hathaway. 
Born at High Hill, Mo. :— 

hdakcja. Authui'.-W., horn Jan. fi, 1S70; died Sept. 12, 1870. 

hdak cjb. LouiSK-W.vLDo. l)orn Oct. ir>, 1871; living, 1S99, unmarried. 

bdak cjc. HoMKK, born Jnly 3, 187S; diud July 20. 1879. 

bdbaba. Anxa, daughter of John-Elderkin ( Zachnrlah, Ed- 
ward, Edward, John, Corneh'us } and Beulah (Foster) Waldo; born 
Mch. 16, 1784, at Canterbury, Conn. ;3 died Aug. 11, 1852. .She 
married, July 31, 1808," David, sou of Sylvanus (SyhKoms, Joseph) 
and Huldah (Lake) Holly of Whitehall, N. Y. ; born Jan. 27, 178C, 
at Whit<2hall; died Apr. 8, 1804, at Warsaw, N. Y.^ He and his 
brother Sylvanus changed their names to Hawley after their removal to 
Warsaw; the rest of the family retain the old spelling. 

Children of David and Anna (W.aldo) Hawley. Born, a at White- 
hall, N. Y. ; c-g at Warsaw, N. Y. :— ^ 

a. IIur.oAn-LAKH, horn July ft, 1812; livini;, 1808. She married, May 2, 18;"!" 
at Warsaw, Ilinun, son of Hnfusand Kehcrca CiJacon) Jordan oi' Murinh', 
N. Y.; horn Feh. 22, I80U, at .Moriah; died July 12, 1889, at Gainesville,' 
N. Y. lie lived at Gainesville and was a farmer.' 

Ghildren, l)orn at Gainesville: — 

a. LuciA-A., boru Aug. 19, ]H?.5; died Sept. 12, 1888. 

b. lIuKi;s, born Mch. 22, 18:^8; died Ang. 2G, 18C2. 

c. ])AVii>-llAwr.KY, l)orn May 18, 1849; died Nov. 2, 1819. 

d. Davio-Stai'.ij, born Jan. 19, 18r>| ; President of Stanford Uni- 


e. Mauv, born Apr. 13, IS.VJ. .She married Edward-Junius Edwards. 

6. Amkma-Anx, born May 24, 18I;>. She married, Nov. 1, 1S39, Geor"-e 
Ensign, lie was a farmer, living at Gainesville, N. Y. ' '^ 

» W.illiii^rfuril laionl.s. = Reconl.s of .Mrs. Mcliss.i-Ann ( Wahtu) Hathaway. 

» C.uitiTl)nry IJ(-c..i(Ls. ■• " W:il.i..s in Aiii.Ti.a." p. .-il ; •• Foster Ceiir-alogy," says UoC. 

» •' CiMiealOicy." i>. 1X1. ' //'/'f : " Wal.L.s in America." pp. 5I-53. 

' HocoriJs nf Eilwanls [InllmOaae]. 


Children, born at Gainesville, probably: — 

a. riiiLO, born Aug. 18, 1840. 

b. Eli/.a-A., born June 2, 18<2. 

c. OuvEK, born Aug. 17, 18H. 

c. David Wat-DO, born Dec. 3, 1S17; died Feb. 18, 1K87, at Gainesville. N. Y. 

lie married, .Mch. 31, ISlt;, Julia-Sainantiia, daughter of John and 
Michael ( ?) (Sykes) Bro\vn of Gainesville; born Feb. 10, 1828, at Gaines- 
ville. His %vil"l, dated Scj)t. 28, 1887, names Avife Julia-S. and all the 

Children : — ' ■ " -■ . 

a. Elvas-David, born Jan. 10, 1847. 

b. ANDr.6-J., born June 21, 1S4S. 

c. May, born Aug. 19, 1851. 

d. Hr,XKY-B., born Jan. 31, 1856. 

e. CoiiA-B. 

d. SAKAH-DiANTnA, bom .Alay 24, 1820; died May 24, 1885, at Gainesville, 

N. Y. She married, Feb. 5, ls45, at Warsa^v, Samuel-Benjamin, son of 
Samuel and Elizabeth (Crawford) Farr of Gainesville; born at West 
Sparta, N. Y. ; died May 26, 1885, at Gainesville. 

Children :— 

a. Fi.ouKNCE-B., born Apr. 22, 1847. 

b. Ei,i)Ei5KiN-F., born Sept. 2, 1848. . .^ 

c. Co}iNELiA-M., born Sept. 5, 1840. 

d. JoHN-D., bornNov. 14, 1852. 

c. WiLi.iAM-JoSKrfi, born Oct. 3, 1822; died Mch. 3, 1888, at Gidnesville, 
N. Y. He married, Jan. I, 1S56, at Wetheistleld, N. Y., Almira-Catharine, 
daughter of Rodolphus-W. aud Ailelia-M. (Tainter) Ilewett of Wethers- 
lield; born Oct. 28, 1833, at Wetherslield ; died Aug. 23, 1892, at Gaines- 

Child .— 
a. Almira, born Feb. 11, 1858. 

f. BKTSKV-BnuLAH, bom Mch. 22, 1827; living, 1890, unmarried. 

g. John-Syi.vanus, born Oct. 5, 1830; died Jan. 12, 1893, at Warsa-\v. He 

married, Oct. 3, 1855, at Gainesville, N. Y., Sophia-Melinda, daughter of 
EUis-Lawton and Melinda- Adams (Lamb) Luther of Gainesville; born 
Oct. 20, 1835, at Gainesville; living, ISOi). 

a. Tida-Anna, born Mch. 13, 1857. ' /-» . ■ 

bdba bb. Mary, daughter of Jolin-Elderkin ( Zachariah, Ed- 
ii:an(, Eda-ard, John, Curiiclix(s) and Beiihih (Foster) Waldo: born 
Oct. 25, 1785, at Canterbury, Couu. ; died Feb. 18, 18o8, proV)ably at 
Canterbury. She married, Apr. 8, 1812, at Canterbury, Warren, 
son of Jonathan and INIary Wheeler of Canterbury; born J)ee. 15, 
1781, at Canterbury; died Oct. 5, 18G2, probably at Canterbury. ^ 
He was a farmer and lived at Canterbury. He was fust married to 

' Siiriniiiitc's K«ooi(l.s, Wyoiniui; Co., N. Y., vol. xv., p. ^01. 

' Canterbury Keconls : Family Bibloof Mis. Etta-Wiiltums ( Wheeler) PiUinp [bdhabbac] . 

560 WALDO GENEALOGY. [bdbabb 

Miss Soyniour, by wliom he had two children: — Caroline, who mar- 
ried Augustus Woodward, Scjjt. 17, 1829; and Nancy-S., who married 
Mr. Harris. The will of Jonathan Wheeler of Canterbury, dated 
July IJ, 1796, probated Aug. 2, 1796, names — wife Mary; eldest 
son Elisha ; and other seven children; viz. Mary, Amy, Jonathan, 
Warren, William, Calvin and Sarah. i The will of " Wnrrcn Wheeler 
of Canterbury," dated Aug. 9, 18G2, probated Oct. 9, 18G2, names— 
" three daughters now living," Caroline Woodward, Nancy-S. Harris, 
and Bculah-M. Mathewsou; and sons William-W. and Addison. ^ 

Children of Warren and Mary (Waldo) Wheeler. Born at Canter- 
bury, Conn. : — ^ 

a. William-Waldo, born Jau. 9, 18i;3; died Feb. 8, 1888, at Dauielsoii, Conn. 

lie was a farmer, and always a strong Adventist. He lived at Canterbury 
and Dauielson. He married (l),Sept. 11, 1836, Elizabctb-S. Darby, of 
■whom nothing has been learned. Slie died .Time 9, 1838, without clul- 
dren. He married (2), Apr. IG, 18r>.">, at East Woodstock, Conn., Eliza- 
beth-Hutchinson Turkington, parentage unknown. She -was born July 
29, 1M32, in England, aud^dicd Apr. 15, '"189-1, at Dauielson. 

Children, born at Danielson : — 
a. WiLLiAM-Tiri;KL\-GTOX, born Mch. 15, 1857. ' ', ,,/.;. 

h. Mauy-E., born May 0, 1860; died Aug. 31, 18G3. 
c. Etta-Williams, born Dec. 9, 18G1. 

b. Mahiktta, born Aug. 7, 1814; died Nov. 20, 1834. She married, Aug. 4, 

1833, Hiram Bennett, of -whom nothing has been learned. They had no 

c. Haklow, born Feb. 20, 181C.; died Mch. 9, 1819. 

d. Bkhlah-M., born Aug. 18, 1818; died Apr, 28, 1892, at Worcester, Mass.* 

She married, June 22, 1S;U, at Canterbury, = Samuel-Gordon, son of 
Caleb and Pheloe (.Mitchell) .Mathewsou of Coventry, R. I. ; born June, 
1808; died Oct. 20, 1S03, at Worcester. « He was a Second Advent min- 
ister, and lived for some time at New Hartford, Conn., but later at 
Worcester. They liad no children. 
c. Adpison. tjorn Oct. 15, 1827; died since 1895 at Hartford, Conu., unmar- 
ried. He was a school teacher, and later a farmer, and always a strong 

bdba be Zachariah, son of John-Elderkin (Zachariah, Ed- 
ward, Edward, John, Cornelius) and Beulah (Foster) Waldo; born 
Nov. 3, 17S7, at Hampton, Conn.,'' bapt. Sept. 5, 179U, at Canterbury 
(Conn.) Church ; died, ibite unknown, probably in New York State. He 
was a private at New L(judon, Conn., under James Clarke, Jr., June 
3, 1813, to July M, ]Slo.^ In 1817 he was living at Whitehall, 
N. Y. Sept. 2G, 1817, Zacliariali Waldo and Laura, his wife, both 

» I'laiiifioki, Conn., I'roliate Ueconls, vol. I, p. C12. 

' Cantciliuiy I'robate Uecouls, vol. iii., p. 278. ' I'amily Uible. 

* Woicistor Records. * Caiitcibury KecorcLs. ^ Worcester Kecorils. 

' Hampton Kecorils. • " Connecticut in the War of 1812." 

Hj»:5AUKj REVHNTil r.KN?:KATION. of!l 

of Wliitohall, couvcyed lo Allio Hide of Cuiiteiluiry, Conn., one uii- 
(lividod part of bixlccn acres of land in Cantcrluiry, " sot in the ilis- 
tiibiition of the estate of Asa Cleavcland to Miss Lidia Phelps." ' 
He married (1), Get. 11, 1811, at Leiianoii, Conn.,- Laura, daughler 
of Elijah (Jo!^i'ph^ JoscjJi, Jncoh, Gtortje) and Lydia (('leveland) 
Phelps of Lebanon, see bdhfh ; born Oct. 26, 179-1, at Lebanon; died 
lMi2. He married (2), June, 1814, but uothijig has been learned of 
his second wife. 3 

Children of Zachariah and Laura (Phelps) Waldo: — 
bdba bca. John, boru Apr. 30, 1812. 

hdhn bcb. EiiKNKzi:u, born Feb. 15, 1817; died Apr. G, 1840, iiniuarried. 
bdba bcc. WiLi.i.\M, boru Dec. 18, 1819. 
bdba bed. Amanda, born Feb. 26, 1821. 

bdba bcc. Louisa, born Feb. 15,1824; married, Dec. 18, 184G, Hugh , 

a farmer, 
bdba bcf. Jumettk, born May 13, 1827. 

Child of Zachariah Waldo, by second wife: — 
bdba baj. Mary-Mklixda, born Aiir. 28, 1846. ,,. 

bdba bf. Amelia, daughter of John-Eldeikin (Zachariah, Ed- 
ward, Edivard, John, Cornelius) and Ikulah (Foster) Waldo; born 
July 28, 17'J'i, at Hamjjton, Conn.,'^ bapt. Sept. G, 1705, at Canterbury 
(Conn.) Church; died Apr. 2-i, 1S6S, at Gainesville, Wyoming Co., 
N. Y. She married, Oct. 1, 1815, at "Whitehall, N. Y., Sylvauus, 
son of Sylvanus (Sylcaiius, Jo^epli) and Mar}' (Birdsall) Holly of 
Whitehall; boru Mch. 22, 17Uo, atWhilehall; died Mch. 19, 186'J, 
at Gainesville. = He was half-brother of David Holly, who married 
Amelia's sister Anna. He and his brother David changed their 
names to Hawley after their removal to Warsaw, N. Y. He settled 
in Warsaw in 181 G or 17, and removed to Gainesville, where he lived 
until his death. He was a farmer and carpenter. Mrs. Hawley was 
a weaver of figured linens, coverlids and plain cloths, and assisted in 
the support of the family, as her husband was, for many years, 
alUicted with asthma. ^ 

Children of Sylvauus and Amelia (Waldo) Hawley. Born, a at 
Whitehall; b-g at Warsaw; h-l at Gainesville, N. Y. : — 
<'. Beui.ah-A.. boru Jan. 24, 1810; died 8cpt. 3, 1887, at Tallmadge, Mich. 

' Caiitcrhiiiy Dcols, vol. xvi., ji. 675. 

M\'f:ucr'.s JIss. in Conn. Historical Society's Library; "Waldos in America," p. 64, 
».iys Oct., 1810, at Hebron, N. Y.; " I'liclps Family," voL ii., p. 13-17, says July 4, isl'J. 
•■' " Waldos in Anii'rica," pp. 54-6G. * Hampton Keoords. 
' (Jravcstonc at Wai.-aw sa\s Mch. V2. 
" lU'cord.s of iMrs. Ella-Jane (Hawley) Crussctt [Itdhabjj'b]. 



Shf ninrriod (l).Oct. H, 1S:!5. Mr. Hatch. She married (2), Cboster 
M.itlicr, Mho ^vns a farmer livitijj at Cliulou, la. She married (i<), Mr. 
Ik-ardsley, and (4), Mr. Ralph. She had no children. 

b. Maiiy, born Jan. 21, 1818; died Jan. 20, 1852, at Kuchestcr, N. Y. She 

married, Jnly 4, 1K3!), at Gainesville, Iliraiu Smith. He was a lawyer, 
and long .survived his wife. They lived mostly at Kochester. 

Child :— 
, , a. SiGNKSAMA, born Apr. 30, 1840. ("Waldos in America," p. 50; 
not recorded by Mrs. Crossett.) 

c. Wk.ltha, born .Mch. 2, 1820; died Feb., 1898, at Bnflalo, N. Y. She mar- 

ried, Sept. ;>, 1S44, at Gainesville, Lawrence IMix of Farmersville, N. Y.; 
■ died Felj. 'J3, IbDG, at Tallmad^c, Mich. He was a farmer. They lived 
mostly at Warsaw, but he removed to Tallraadge just before his death. 
He was a private in the Civil war. 

Children : — 

a. Alick, born Aug. 20, 1845. 

b. Vioi.A, born May, 1848. 

c. Flokkn'ce, born Nov. 1, 1850. 

d. Velma, born July, 1855. 

€. Mauy, born Jan. 29, 1858; died Jan. 12, 1883. 

d. Sylvanus, born May 18, 1821 ; died Jan. 13, 1803, at Wyoming, N. Y. lie 

married (1), Oct. 20, 1845, at Gainesville, Alsina-P., daughter of Hiram 
and rhilinda Chalfee of South Warsaw, N. Y.; died Oct. 5, 1870, at 
Gainesville. He married (2), JIary (Ames) Hawley, widow of his 
brother, Seth-Birdsall. He was a cabinet-maker and lived at Gainesville, 
Kockglen and Wyoming. 

Children :— 

a. Hamlix-S., born Oct. 19, 184(3; died Aug. 30, 1851. 
' •■ b. MoKKisETT, born Feb. 11, 1848. 

c. Fkankun-Dkxtkk, born JLiy 27, 1851. 

d. Clayton, born Oct. 14, 18G0. 

c. Amklia, born Jan. 29, 1823; living, 1901, in Iowa. She married, Oct. 13, 
1842, at Gainesville, Ha Fuller. Hi- was a farmer livin:: at South War- 
saw, N. Y., Init removed to AVinona, Minn.; later to Minneapolis, and 
finally to Iowa. 

Children:— ,^ 

a CLAUI.SSA, I born Aug. 27. 1845. 

I c. JosEi>u-H., born Nov. 18, 1846. 

d. Viola, born Oct. 28, 1854. 

/. JoiLV-AVALno, born Feb. (!, 1825; died Sept, 3, 1889, at Warsaw. He 
married, Sept. 13, 1849, at Gainesville, Juliette, daughter of Warren and 
Lucy (I'atterson) Thorpe of Gainesville; born Jan. 1, 1831, at Gaines- 
ville; died Nov. 23, 1892, at Warsaw. They lived at Warsaw. He was a 

Children, born, a, b at Gainesville ; c, d at Warsaw : — 

a. Wakkkn'-Waldo, born Mch. 30, 1851. 

b. Ella-Jaxk, born Mch. 21, 1853. 

c. CAKi<ir,-.\.MKLiA, born Dec. 28, 1857. 

d. LucY-LoJtA, born Mch. 10, 1864. ' " " 


g. Mai:vin-F, horn May 2, 1S27; livin;;, HiOl, at Warsnvr. TIo married CI"), 
May n, 1851 , at Wetlicrslield, N. V., I.\K-y, dtuiirlitiT of I'iiilaiuler and 
Ann (Dalryniide) Foster of Sackett's Harbor, N. Y.; born Oct. 2s, 1S".:5, 
at Snckett's Harbor; died Oct. 2, 18K1, at Gainesville. He married (2), 
Mch. 2S, \w2, at Ciainesville, Marcia Butler, by wlioru lie had no children. 
Slie died Auu. 7, IbTi , at ^^v•. and he married (;5),0ct. 2il, l^'.'S, Mrs. 
Jemima (Lake) x\mcs, \vidow of Barney Ames. She died May 2G, 1900, 

at Castile, N. Y. Mr. Hawlcv was a farmer, but is now retired. i 

Children, by first wife, born at Gainesville: — i •' 

a. Maky-Ann. boi-n Feb. IG, 1852; died Nov. 17. 1873. , j 

h. Coua-Annick, born Oct. 17, 18G5. ■ . i 

h Salt.y-.Taxe, born May 18, 1829; died Auij. 30, 1830.' | 

J. Si'.Tir-BiuDSALi., born Sept. 30, 1831 ; died Oct. 10, isG.'J, at Uo( helle. 111. He ' 

resided at South Warsaw, N. Y., and laier at IJoclielle. Hi; was a farmer. 1 

He married, Mch. 28, 185."), at Perry, N. Y., .Mary .\mes of Ferry; born j 

Frb., 18;-)6; died June 10. 181)11, aired CO years, -i months.* She married (2), ; 

Sylvaniis Ilawley {hO.habfd], brother oi" her first htiaband. 

Child, born at Rochelle : — 

a. Willis, born Apr. 21, 1859. 

j. Sarah-Jank, born Apr. 9. 1835 ("Waldos in America" says Apr. 10) ; died 
Sept. 2G, 1878, in Michigan. She married, Jan. 28, 185G, Joseph-Enderby 
Walls. He was a merchant, livintj in southern Hlinois. (•''Waldos in 
America" says that he was a miller, livinji at Comanche, Clinton Co., la. ; 
probably meaning Camauche.) 

Children: — 
a. Cora. . - 

h. Harky. • , ., . 

c. Pkarl. 

k. Ellkn-Eliza, born Oct. 2, 1838; liviiiir, 1901, at Tallmadgo, Mich. She 
married. May 12, 1859, at Gainesville, Eleazer-Washingtrm, son of David- 
Kilburn and Fhebe (Farker) Smith of Wetherslicld, N. Y.\ born Sept. 
19, 183a, at Eagle, N. Y'.; living, 1901. He is a farmer. 

Children, born a, b at Wethersfleld ; c-e at Tallmadge : — 

a. Velma-Ellen, born Oct. 16, 1860. 

b. Mansor-M., born Sept. 12, 1862. 

c. Melvin-Sylvaxus, born June 21, 1865. 

d. KiLP.URN-DuANE, bom June 17, 1872; died Mch. 20, 1879. 

e. Edxa-Viola, born Jan. 3, 1882. 

I. CAU(iL!NH-Di:sinE, oorn Feb. 8, 1841; married Feb. 4, 186?, at Gaines- 
ville, Dexter-V/hite, son of Washington and llannah-Soi)hia (Tisd.ale) 
Butler of Wethersfleld, N. Y. ; born Oct. 12, Ls36, at Sheldon, N. Y. 
They were living, 1901, at HermiUiSie, Wyoming Co., N. Y. He is a 
farmer. He is a brother of her brother Marvin's second wife. 

Children, born, a at Wethersfleld; b at AYar-saw; c at Fortageville, 
N. Y. ; d-h at Gainesville : — 

a. Le.n'Ora-Makciia, born Apr. 4, 1863, 

h. Geougk-Di:xteu, born Nov. 11, 1866. 

c. DwiGHT-TiSDALE, bom Dec. 8, 1868. 

d. V/aldo-Sylvanus, born Jan. 16, 1870. 

• " >Val(los In Auierica " Bays Aug. 7. '^ Giavestoiie .it \\ arsaw. 

5G1 WAI.DO GENKALOOY. [hdbabf 

e. Bci.A-SormA, born Apr. 27, 1873. 

/. Makvin-Fkanklin, born Sept. 19, 1875. 

g. I5i:i;t-Si:tii, born .Mcli. uO, 1877. 

h. J \Y-W A^iiiSGTOS, born Oct. 7, 1880. ' 

bdba bg. IU-fis, sou of John-Eldcrkin (Zarhariah, EdicanU 
Edward^ John, CorneUas) aud Ik^ulali (Foster) Waldo; born Fob. 
IG, 17it7, at Hampton, Conn.; ' died Jan. 8, 1802, at Canterbury, 
Conn.- He Mas a farmer and lived at Canierbury. He wa.s admitted 
to the Church in Westminster parish, Canterbury, Nov. 13, 1816. 
He was chosen highway surveyor, 1825; grand juror, 1825, 43, 4G, 
48, 5(J, 51; hayward, 182G-33, 40, 42, 45; fence viewer, 1837, 
53; mendjer of board of relief, 1S39; tithingmau, 1842—43; col- 
lector, 185C-57. 

He married (1), Mch. 20, 1823, at Canterbury, Harriet, daughter 
of Sylvanus and Clarissa (Moore) Shepard of Canterbury; born Jidy 
17, 1801, at Woodstock, Conn.; die<l May 19, 1844, at Canterbury.^ 

Mr. Waldo married (2), Nov., 1844,'' probably at Canterbury. 
Fanny, daughter of Joseph and Sybil (Baldwu^, Farnham of Canter- 
bury; born Sept. 21, 1804, at Canterbury; died Oct. 19, 18G1, at 
Canterbury, of consumption.^ The will of Joseph Farnham of Can- 
terbury, dated Mch. 11, 1859, nanies — " daughter Fanny Waldo, wife 
of Kufus Waldo." 6 

Kufus Waldo, his two wives and his sons George and Edwiu are 
buried side by side in the South Cemetery at Canterbur}'. 

Children of Rufus and Harriet (Shepard) Waldo. Rorn at Canter- 
bury, Conn. : "^ ■ ' -! \-. 

bdba bga., born Feb. IG, 1824. 

hdha hfjh. A CHILI), born Feb. 'A, 1825; died same day. (Not recorded.) 
bdba bgc. .loux, born Mch. 25, 1820. 
bdba bgd. SiMox-Siuci'Aim, born Feb. 15, 1828. 
bdba bgc. IIaimukt, born Dec. HO, 1829, bapt. Anp:. 29, 1830. 
bdba bgf. SAitAii, born Oct. 25, 183], Ijapt. Ane;. 30, 1832. ' '"' 

hdbah'iii. F.DWiN', born Mch. Ifi, 1834; dit-d Sept. 8, 18(10, nnniarricd. "He 
•was a devont man, loved and honored hy all -who knew him." His grave- 
, stone at Cantcrbnvy reads as follows : — 

J " Edwin I Son of | Rnfus & | Harriet "Waldo | died | Sept. 
■ 8, 18G0 I Aged 2C, yrs. | lie left his home in the East to per- 

' H:iiiii>t<'i! Ucrords. - C'lntcibury Kocords. /'. ' 

» n,id.: Kaiiiily IJilile of Mis. .M.u y ( Waldo) Witter {bdbabgj]. „•,, .■ 

* Kci'urds of Siiiioii-.siieiKird Waldo [iHHiuUijd^. 

' Caiitcrliury Kr-cords; CiravcHloiie .says dieil Oct. 9. 

• t'antt'rlmry I'loliato KeoDiils, vol. iii., i>. f>2. 

' Caiili.'ilpiiry Ut'conl.s: Family Hil'le of .Mi'^. Mary ( Waldo) Witter : (iiavestones at Can- 
tcrliuiy : IJajiti-sms fioui ('aiil.'rldity Cliuii-li Ui.'cuids. 



form I liis (Inlics at the West and wliilo on liis journey | he 
look passage on board tlic ill fated Lady El^in | and was drowned 
in Lake Micliii<an | Jesus Wept." 

bdba bgh. Claiossa-Siikpaud, horn Feb. 13, 183G, bapt. Sept. 18, 1830. 

bdha b<ji. Gkokgk, born Nov. 20, 1839; died Sept. 18, 1811. 

bdba bgj. Maxy, born May 19, 1844; (Family Bible says May 12). 

bdba bi. Sktm-Harden, son of Jolin-EMerkin (Zdcharinh, Ed- 
ward, Edvxird, John, Co rneJi as) and Beulali (Foster) Waldo; born 
Oct. 4, 1.S02, .It Hampton, Conn.;' died Oct. 30, 1890, at Gcncsoo, 
111., after a brief illness, baviiii:; retained his faculties to the last. In 
1825, he taught for a fev\' months in the summer at Franklin Academy, 
Andover, Mass. He graduated at Amlierst College, 1831, among the 
best students of a class of sixty, and at Andover Theological Semi- 
nary, 1834. In 1834-35 he was principal of Obcrlin College, and was 
afterwards called to the pulpit and was a preacher in various places in 
the West: Mansfield, O., 1835-36; Ravenna, O., 183G; Kinsman, 
O., 183G; lecturer at the academy at Farmington, 0., 183G-37; 
ordained by Woburu Association, Mass., Aug. 6, 1839; Farmington, 
0., 1837-42; Ashtabula, O 1842-45; Dover, 0., Bellevue, 0., to 
1854; Genesee, 111., 1854-57; Vienna, 111., 1859-G0.2 lu 18G1 he 
became principal of a select school at Geneseo, and passed the 
remainder of his life there, continuing to teach until his death, preach- 
ing occasionally^, but having no fixed charge. In his eightieth year he 
began the publication of a new method of studying English grammar, 
which has been highly thought of. 

He married (1), Apr. 11, 1834, probably at Andover, Abiah, 
daughter of Moody (Thomas, Samuel, Samuel, John) and Dolly 
(Farnham) Spoft'ord of North Andover, Mass. ; born Oct. 31, 1803, at 
Andover, died Nov. 15, 1881, at Geneseo. ^ 

He m.arried (2), Mch. 23, 1882, at Geneseo, Mrs. Amelia-Spencer, 
daughter of Orra and Sophronia (Phelps) Clark of Albion, N. Y., and 
widow of Eri-Allen Green of Gaines, N. Y., whom she married Aug., 
1857, and who died Apr. 17, 1879 at Charlotte, Mich. She was born 
Sept. 30, 1822, at Albion, and was living, 1901, at Rochest<-^r, N. Y.* 
Though twice married, Mr. Waldo never had a child. 

bdbabj. Enoch- Wight, son of John-Elderkiu (Zacharinh, Ed- 
loard, Edvxird, Jolm, Cornelius) and Beulah (Foster) Waldo; born 

' Hampton Records. ' Catalogue Amlover Theological Seminary. 

""Histoiy of Antlover," i>. 54G: "N. K. Hist. & Cicn. Kcf^ister," vola. viii., p. 335; ix., 
1>. 06: '• Sii.jDfiird Ccnpalofry," p. 80. ■* liuoor<l.s of .^lis. Amelia-Speucer Waldo. 

566 WALDO GENEALOGY. [udbabj 

Jnly 14, 180'), at iranipton, Conn.;' .litMl Meh. 2, 1877, at Canter- 
bury, Conu. He was for the of his life a farmer, living; on 
the old home farm in Waldo district at Waldo Four Corners, Canter- 
bury, lie taught .school there for a number of years, and was elected 
to many town olliccs, — hayward, 1827-28, 56; titiiing-man, 1830, 
31, 33, 40-42, 44, 4b; highway surveyor, 1834; fence-viewer, 
1835,39,43; member of board of relief, 1837; grand juror, 1837, 
43, 48-50, 54, 5G; constable, 1844; collector, 1849; assessor, 
1851, 57; .school visitor, ISoG; and representative, 1855. He was 
admitted to the church at Westminster, Nov. 2, 1828, and was 
deacon of that church for many years. He was a member of the 
State militia, and once nearly lost his life at a general training by the 
premature discharge of a field-piece. A .strong republican in politics 
and a staunch patriot, delighting in the history of the Revolution, he 
had no patience with Southern sympathizers in the late war of the 
Kebellion. He was of massive form, though of average height, of 
oven temper and strong character and just in all his dealings. His 
memory was very retentive, and he was fond of enforcing a point by 
scriptural quotations. Young and old delighted in his anecdotes and 
stories. In the absence of the pastor he would frequently lead the 
service and preach a sermon. For some time before his death he 
resided at Wauregan, Conn., and his death is said to have oecun-ed 
there, but it is recorded in the records of Westminster parish. 

He married, Oct. 6, 1831, at Canterbury, ^ Sophronia, daughter of 
Jauies and Sarah (Downing) Bingham of Canterbury; born Apr. 27, 
1809, at Canterbury; died Dec. 15, 1883, at Canterbury, of heart 
disease. 3 

I\Ir. and Mrs. Waldo are buried in the Waldo Cemetery at Canter- 
bury. Their gravestones read as follows : — 

" Dea I Enocli W. Waldo | died | Rtarch 2, 1877 | aped 71 )'ears 7 
mo8 & 19 days." 

" Soplironia B. | wife of Dea. Enoch W.Waldo 1 died Dec. 15, 1883 | 
ap^ed 73 yrs. 7 nios. | & 18 days." " . -> ■ 

Children of Enoch-Wight and Sophronia (Bingham) Waldo. Born 
at Canterljury, Conu. : — '* 
bdba bja., born Sept. 3, 1832, bapt. Oct. 5, 1834. 

' H.iinpton Itecorils. * Caiiterlmry Hecorda; Westminster Church Records say Oct. lo. 
» Canterbury Kecords. 

* " Waldos ill Anioric-i," i>i>. C;i-CO: Westiiiiuflter Church Kueords : Gravestones at Can- 
terbury: C.-iiiterbury Ufcords. 


bdhahjh. Amkua-Ann, born Dec. 23, 1833, bai)t. Oct. 5, 1834; died Aug. 9, 

1839, ajrcd 5 yrs., 9 mos. 
bdba bjc. MARir.TTA, born Mny 7, 1835, bapt. Aiipc. 3, 1839. 
hdha hjd. Sktii-IIakukn, boru Nov. 21, 1837, biipt. Aiii^. 3, 1839; died .\iig. 5, 

183'J, aged 2 yrs. Wcslniiiister Cburcli Kccords say died Au;;. 7. 
hdha hk. SorHKONrA-EnzABKTH, born May 15, 1840, bapt. Sept. 17, 1843; 

died July 11, 1857, aged 17 years. Westminster Church Records say died 

July 10. 
bdba bjf. LuciNDA, born Sept. 15, 1844. 
bdba hjg. f:>;ocn- Wight, born Nov. 25, 1S48, bapt. Sept. 24, 1850; died July 

10, 1SG3, aged 14 years, 7 months, 
bdba bjh. Adaliza, born June 22, 1851, bapt. Sept., 1851. 

bdba bk. Sakaii-Foster, daughter of John-Elclcrkin ( Zachariah^ 
Edward, Edioard^ John^ Cornelius) and Beulah (Foster) Waldo; 
born Jan. 31, 1808, at Hampton, Conn. ;^ died June 14, 1889, at 
Gencseo, 111. Her early school trainiiig was acquired in Canterbury, 
Conn., to which town her parents removed when she was three years 
old. In early life she evinced a love for books and became an earnest 
student. In her nineteenth year, after her public profession of relij^iou, 
when she joined the Westminster Church, Sept. 2, 1828, led by an 
intense desire for a higher education, she left home and attended an 
acaden)y in eastern Nev/ York under Prof. Salem Town. Receiving, 
after a few months, a certificate of extraordinary merit in scholarship, 
she went to Amherst, Mass., and there studied the classics under her 
brother, who was then a student, and attended lectures by Prof. 
Hitchcock. About 1832 she took charge of the female department of 
Fort Covington Academy, N. Y., of which Prof. Daniel Branch was 
principal. About a year after her marriage to Prof. Branch, they 
resigned their charge and removed to Oberlin, 0., where, after several 
terms of stud}' and leaching, she received the degree of A.M. from 
Oberlin College. Later, she and her husband took charge, successive- 
ly', of the Farmiugton Academy; the Geauga Seminary, Geauga Co., 
O. ; the academy in Prairie City, 111. ; and finally of McDonough 
Normal and Scientific College, McDonough Co., 111. They then 
settled in Clierokce Co., Kan., where, in 1884, they were engaged in 

She married, Feb. 26, 1831, at Fort Covington, N. Y., Daniel 
Branch of Worthington, Mass. He was a graduate of Union College, 
class of 1832, and at one time superintendent of public schools in 
Iowa City, la.^ 

' llixinptou Koconls. ' " Waldos iii Amcriiu," y, 

■'■, . ' ■■ i . 

568 WALDO GENEALOGY. ' [bdhabk 

Children of Daiiul and Sarah-Foster (Waldo) Branch. Born, a at 
Farniiny;ton, O. ; h at Clicsti'i', O. : — 

a. JouN-IIo\VAi;i>, born May ]", 1838; living, I'JOl, at South Omaha, Nch. 
Ho is niarriod. 

h. ELiiiu-r.ur.KriT, born Nov. I"), 18i8; living', 1001, at C)nialja, Neb. lie niur- 
ricci, May 13, 1873, at Maion;.'o, la., Alta-loiio, (lausrbter of Hemiis and 
Eli/abeUi-A. (I'.arnes) ItatelKV of Marengo; born .\n<?. 1, 18o3, at Mareu- 
go. fic M'a.s euL'ajred in banUin;: business at lo^va City and Marcn;;o and 
at Fairmont, Nd)., until A])ril, 1^82, ■when he removed to Omaha, where he 
has since lived, being general agent for the Eijuitable Life Icsurauce 
Company of Iowa.' 

Children, born at Fairmont:— 

a. Gkrticudk, born June G, 1875. 

b. "Waldk.v-Bukk, born Dec. 5, 1870; died June 7, 1000, at Ogden, 


bdba ca. Mosks, sou of Zachariah ( Zachariah, EdvKird, Ed- 
ward, John, Cornelius) and .Joanna (Butterfield) Waldo; born Sept. 
16, 1800, at Canterbury, Conn. ;= died Feb. 6, 1888, at Brooklyn, 
Conn. 3 lie was a farmer, living at Canterbury and Brooklyn, to 
which latter town he removed, perhaps about 1852, for, Nov. 16, 
1852, Phebo Taylor of Brooklyn conveyed to Mary Waldo, his wife, 
an estate in Brooklyn."* No previous land purchase in Brooklyn by 
Moses Waldo is on record, but, Nov. 18, 1858, he bought an estate in 
Brooklyn of Adams White. ^ He married, Apr. 1, 1824,^ Mary-Ann 
Taylor; born 1805; died Sept. 30, 1880, at Brooklyn, aged seventy- 
five years. '^ Her father is said to have lived in Rhode Island. She 
was, perhaps, sister of Phebe Taylor and Capt. Havilah Taylor, 
whose graves are beside and in front of hers in the Witter Burying 
Ground, Brooklyn, and who were boru in 1798 and 1796, respectively. 
Both Mr. and Mrs. Waldo are buried at Brooklyn in the Witter 
Burying Ground. .. , . . 

Children of Closes and Mary-Ann (Taylor) Waldo. Born at Can- 
terbury, Conn., probably : — ,, ;,i. , 

bdba caa. S.\iiAn-Louisi:, boru 182G. 

bdl'U cab. A daugh ri:}:, born Feb., 1828; died May 7, 1828, of fits." 
bdba cac. 1Ii:ni;y-Ci,av, boru June 3. 1820; died Oct. 13, 1852,^ aged 23 years, 
4 months, 10 days, at Brooklyn, Conn.'*' lie was an iroucaster, and was 

' Kcconls of KHhu-Burritt liraiich. ' Canterbury Keconls. 

' Jdooklyn Keeords; JUs gr.-ivcjtui:e says Feb. 5. ♦ JJrooklyii Deeds, vol. xi., j). 26G. 

' Jliid., vol, xii., \>. 4iiti. » " W.-iUlos in America," p. 71. ' Gravestone. 

• Record.^ of Westminster Church. 

» " WaliliM In America," \>. ?.', says born June, 1828; diefl Oct. 12, 1852. . , , ■ 

•" Brooklyn liecords. 



foreman of the fomKlry of A. C. Barstow & Co. of Providence, R. I. 
His niouiimcnt in the Wilier Burying Ground, Brooklyn, is thus in- 
scribed : — 

" Erected 1 as a memento of regard | by the Mechanics in the 
I Foundry Estal)lishmcut of | A. C. Barstow &, Co. Providence, 
B. I. I where the deceased was engaged as foreman." • ' . \ 
He was never married. 

bdba cb. Elizabktu, daughter of Zachariah (ZacJiarlah, Ed- 
ivard, Edicard, John, Cornelius) and Joanna (15utterficld) "Waldo; 
J)orn May 21, 1«U2, at Canterbury, Conn. ; died May 7, 18SG, at 
Mansfield, Conn. She married, Apr. U, 1830, at Canterbury, Evan, 
son of Z.-Koswell Parish of Canterbury; born Dec. 26, 180G, at 
Canterbury; died Apr. 15, 1885, at Mansfield, aged 78 years, 3 
months, 20 days.' He was living at Canterbury when niained, and 
was at first a Methodist preacher, but became an Adventist and re- 
moved to Pennsylvania and Ohio. They returned to Connecticut and 
lived at Mansfield until their deaths. They are both buried in the 
Waldo Cemetery at Canterbury, but without gravestones. On return- 
ing to Connecticut Mr. Parish became a farmer. Oct. 8, 1844, Evan 
Parish and Betsey Parish, his wife, of Harford, Susquehanna Co., 
Pa., conveyed to Hiram "Waldo land in Canterbury, which belonged 
to her late father, Zachariah Waldo, ^ 

Child of Evan and Elizabeth (Yf aldo) Parish :— 3 
a. ViKGiL-WoiiTHixGTON, boru June 12, 1842; died Mch. 19, 1843. 

bdba CO. Hiuam, sou of Zachariah (Zachariah^ Edward, Ed- 
loard, John, Cornelius) and Joanna (Butterfield) Waldo; born Aug. 
12, 1803, at Canterbury, Conn.; died July 5, 18G6, at Canterbury of 
cancer in the stomach."* He was a farmer and lived at Canterbury. 
He Avas an original abolitionist, but took little interest in politics, 
though in early life he held various town offices; elector, 1828; high- 
way surveyor, 1829, '40; grand juror, 1834-35; assessor, 1837, '39; 
member of board of relief, 1842; selectman, 1843-44; hayward, 1851. 

He married, Oct. 21, 1845, at Pomfret, Conn., Nancy, daughter of 
Abel and Sally (Brown) Dresser of Pomfret; born Jan. 16, 1812, at 
Pomfret, bapt. Oct. 20, 1814, at First Church, Pomfret; died Mch. 
27, 1880, at Canterbury of pneumonia. ^ 

' Canterbury Records : Mansfield Records. - Canterbury Deeds, vol. xxili., p. 508. 
' " M'aldos in Aujcrita," p. 72. * Cantcrbiny Records: Gravestone. 

■■■ronifret Records: Canterbury Records : Gravestoue; "Chandler Family," p. IM, 
oiiuncouBly calls bjin Horace ■\S'.tldo. 


• i • \ ' . -I 

570 WALDO GENEALOGY. [bdbacc 

Mr. and Mrs. Wuldo are buried iu the Waldo burying-ground at 
Canterbury, their gravestones being inscribed as follows : — 

" Hiram Waldo \ Departed this life | July 5, 1866 | aged 62 
yrs. 10 mos. | & 23 days." 

"Nancy Dresser | wife of | Hiram Waldo | Died Mar. 27, 
18S0 I aged 68 years." 

Children of Hiram and Nancy (Dresser) Waldo.' Born at Canter- 
bury, Conn. : — 

bdba cca., born Dec. 23, 1849. 

bdba cdj. Wkxd.vl-Dkkssi;!:, born ])ec. 16, 1852; livinR. 1897, at North rialto, 
Neb. He is a farmer, has been married, and has had a child, now dead. 

bdba cd. Ahkl, son of Zachariah ( Zachariah^ Edward, Edvmrd, 
Juhn, Cornelius) and Joanna (Butterfield) Waldo; born Dec. IH, 
1801, at Canterbury, Conn. ;~ died Oct. 13, 1875, at Brooklyn, Conn., 
of paralysis. 3 He owned a valuable farm in Waldo district, Canttu-- 
bury, which was not sold until after his death, but he removed to 
Brooklyn in 1844, and resided there until he died. Feb. 24, 1844, 
*'Abel Waldo of Canterbury" bought an estate in Brooklyn, and 
INIay 25, 1S44, Hiram Waldo of Canterbury sold 66 acres of land 
in Brooklyn to "Abel Waldo of Brooklyn.'"* His will, dated Feb. 
4, 1875, probated Oct. 30, 1875, names — wife, Betsey; and children, 
Edward, Francis, Banvard, Charles, Chandler, Sidney-R. and 
Henry. Edward and Cliarles, executors. ^ 

He married, Oct. 5, 1843,^ Mrs. Betsey Miller, daughter of Thomas 
(2Viomas, John, Pldlip) and Huldah (Keen) Rounsevillc of New 
Bedford, Mass.; born IMch. 24, 1813, at New Bedford;'' died June 
8, 187G, at Brooklyn of spinal meningitis.^ By her first husband, 
Thomas Miller of New Bedford, she had a sou, George-Washington 
INIiller, who married Sarah-Louise Waldo, see bdbacaa. 

Mr. and I\Irs. Waldo are buried in the Waldo burying-ground, 
Canterbury. Their gravestones are thus inscribed : — 

"Abel Waldo | after 70 years of Earth life | Gone to the Spirit 
land I Oct. 4, 1875." 

" Our Mother | went to the Spirit home | in the Summer land 
I Jnne 12, 1876." 

Footstoue: "Betsey Waldo." 

' Canteiliury Ueconls. 'Family Kecords. ^ Rrooklyii Records; Gravestone says Oct. 4. 
* Brooklyn Deeds, vol. viii., pj). 172, 183. ^ nrooklyn Probate Records, vol. iv., p. 200. 
" " Waldos in America," p. 72. 

' " Coiitributioiis 15i')t;r:ii)hii;il, (leiiealojziical and Uislorical," by E. E. I'eirce, p. 279. 
"Brooklyn Records; Gravestone says June 12. 


Chililreii of Aliel am\ Ri-tsoy (Kounsevillc) Waldo. Born at Brook- 
lyn, Conn. : — ' ' ■ : . • * 

hdhn rdn. EowAr.o, born Anir. .".0, 1844; livins;, 1R07, at Brooklyn, a farm 
laborer. Ho married, Dec. L'l, ]8!t(), at Williniantif. foiin.,- Jeimie-Maria, 
daiigliter of Aloiizo ami Harriet (Foril ) CVjlbiini of Hamilton, Cdiiii. ; 
born Oct. 11, 1802. at Hampton; died iMch. 20, 181)0, at Brooklyn.^ Tliey 
had no children. 

bdba cdb. pHAXCrs, born Jan. 14, 184fi. 

bdba cdc. Banvakd, horn Au^^. ?,Q, 1847. 

hdha cdd. CiiAULns, born An^^ 21, 184!i; died Jan. 24, 1878, at St. Paul, Minn., 

hdha cde., born Jan. 13, 1851; living, ]S[»7, at Brooklyn, a farm 
I laborer. He married Mrs. Achsah (Converse) Staples. They have uo 


hdha cdf. SiDNKY-KiciiMONP, born Feb. 14, 1852; died Nov. 15, 1881, at 
Brooklyn, unmarried.'' He was a farmer. 

bdha cdrj. Hknry-Ci.ay. He Mas livinir, 1897, at "\Vaiire£;an, Conn., wliere he 
was then postmaster. He inarried, Oct. 24, 1891, at Providence, R. I.,« 
Nellie Hall. He was then called of Norwich, Conn. No children. 

hdba cdh. A daughter, born Feb. 12, lt<59;' died young. 

■ , ' *i ■ , ■ 

bdba ce. Ansox, son of Zacliariah ( Zachariah, Edivanl, Edicard, 
John, Cornelius) and Joanna (Butterfield) Waldo; born June 12, 
180G, at Canterbury, Conn. ; died Oct. 2, 18S2, at New Milford, Pa., 
whither be removed when young. He was a farmer. He married, 
Apr. 10, 1845, at Harford, Pa., Jane, daughter of Samuel and Betsey 
(McFall) Leach of New Milford; born Apr. 1, 1826, at New Mil- 
ford; living, 1901, at New Milford, with sou Samuel. ^ 

Children of Anson and Jane (Leach) Waldo. Born at New Mil- 
ford, Pa. :— 

bdba cea. Samukl, born May 21, 1S4C; livinir, 1901, unmarried, at New Mil- 

bdba ceb. Albert, born Apr. 7, 1854. 

bdba crc. Anna, born Dec. 12, 1858; married, Oct. 31, 1877, at New Milford, 
William, sou of Lancaster and Eliza-Aun (Kichardsou) Jennings of New 
Milford; born Oct. 28, 185.S, at New Milford. They were living, 1901, 
at New Milf(jrd. He is a farmer. He has Ijeeu school director^for six 
years, judge of elections, and overseer of the poor. They have had no 

bdba cf. AsEN.\TH, daughter of Zachariah (Zachariah, Edward, 
Edicard, ,h>hn, Cornelius) and Joanna (Ikittorfield) Waldo; born 

' Ueconis of K<Uvard WaUlo [bdbocda]: " Waltios in America," pp. 7'_'-7a. 
' Wiiiilliain, Cipiin., Kcconls. ^ Hiooklyii Records. 

• liraveoloue in Waldo Oiiietery, Canterbury. - Brooklyn Ktcords. 

* Frovidence Recoril3. '• Urooklyii Records. « Records of Mi's. Ansou Waldo. 
•Records of Mrs. Anna (Waldo) Jeniiinjrs. 

y'2 WALDO GENEALOGY. [bdbacf 

Mel). 14, ISOS, at Cantorhury, Conn. ; i .lied Oct. 3, 18S7, at Brook- 
lyn, Conn. 2 Shn married, May lo, 1836, at Canterbury,^ Apollos, 
son of Apollos (Job, Jlenry, Joseph, John, John) and Silence (Kicli- 
mond) Kiclnnond of Taunton, Mass.; born Dec. 2^5, 1811, at Taun- 
ton; died Dec. 28, 1881, at Moosup, Conn.'' He was, for many 
years, a successful iron-founder at Providence, R. I., and Norwich. 
Conu., but lived, after 1850, at Brooklyn. In the latter part of his 
life he was unfortunate in business, and lost the greater part of his 

Children of Apollos and Asenath (Waldo) Richmond.^ Born at 
Providence, R. I. : — 

a. Samsox-Guay, horn Mch. 7, 18?.7; died Mch. 8, 1873, at Rochester, N. Y. 
lie was CDgaired in the iron business and lived at Providence, Norwich. 
Conn.,!ind IJrooklyn, Conn. He married, Apr. 4, 1859, at Proyidoiice,* 
llarriet-Kliza, daii<,'lncr of Ileiiry-Lamson (Ehpnezcr) and Meliitahle 
(Allen) Welisler of Providence; born Feb. 3, 18?.1», at Providence;^ died 
Dec. 27, 18,st, at Brooklyn." She married (2), Mch. IG, 1879, at Brook- 
lyn, James-R. Wliitconib of Brooklyn a.s his second wife. Mr. Whit- 
comb was born aljout 1S05 at Bolton, Mass., and was a physician living 
at Brooklyn.* 

Children, boru, a, h at Providence; c at Norwich :— 

a. Fkank-Waldo, born Feb. 28, 1860. 

b. HAnnv-SAMSON, born Aug. 8, 18G2. 

c. IIei.kx-Ai,my, born May 17, 1873. 

h. Hiram-Waldo, boru wSept. 22, 1840; died Jan. 13, 1874, at San Francisco, 
Cal. Ho was a manufacturer and lived at Brooklyn and Norwich, Conn., 
and at Providence. He served as quartermaster, with the rank of lieu- 
tenant, in the 18th Connecticut Volunteers during the Civil war. He 
married, May 27, 1>^G3, at Brooklyn, Lucv-GriOin, daughter of Hezekiah 
and Hannah (Warren) Hammond of Brooklyn; born Sept. IS, 1838, at 
Hampton, Conn.; died Feb. 27, 1870, at Aiken, S. C" 

Child, born at Brooklyn :— ' ^ 

a. Hikam-Warukn, born Dec. 29, 1873. 

f. Hahkison-Waup. twin of, born Sept. 22, 1840; died Jnly 
23, 1878, at Poland Springs, Me." He served as quartermaster, witli 
rank of lieutenant, in the 11th Connecticut Volunteers, for eighteen 
months during the Civil war. He was a manufacturer of sewing silk, 
and lived at Providence, R. I., Brooklyn, Conn., and San Francisco, Cal. 
He njarried, May 14, 18tl8, at Providence, Amelia-Sophia, daughter of John- 
Adams and Lucretia (Cady) Foster of Providence; born at Providence. 
Child, born at Brooklyn :— 
a. GuACK, born Feb. 3, 18G9. i-<r.' 

> Family lieconls. » Urooklyn Records; Gravestone at Brooklyn says Oct. ?A. 

» Canterbury Kecorils: AVestminstcr Church Kecorila. '. '. 

* " Hirhiiiiina raiiiily," p. L'lK; Cravestonc at Urooklyn. 

» ller.iuls of Mrs. (Kiolnuon.l) Alniy [I.Oharftl]. 6 Providence Records. 

' IbUf. » Ur.x.klyn Kenord!<: Gravestones at Hrookljn. » Brooklyn Uecords. 

»« Jirooklyii Uecords : Gru^ estou« at Urooklyn. " Ihid. 


(}. Ilr.i.KN-Asi-NATii, born July 20, 1848; inarricd, Sept. 27, ISHfi, at Brooklyn, 
Conn., Cliarlcs-'J'iilhot, son oif Sam.son and Eliza (Talbot) Almy of i'rovi- 
(Icnce; born Di-c. 22, 1841, at rrovidcncc; died Sept. 8, 1S02, at 
Providence. He was a cotton manufacturer livins; at I'rovidenoe. At 
tlie outbreak of the Civil ■\var he oiilislcd for three mouths as private in 
Co. 1"), 1st Rliode Islfttid Infantry, and served four niontlis. Mrs. Almy 
^vas, ISO'J, registrar of the Ilbode Island State liourd of Health, living at 

Child, born at Moosup, Conn. : — 
a. Samsox, boru Aug. 12, 1870. 

bdba ea. Ouadiaii-Parlsii, son of Ebenczer (Zachariah, Ed- 
w(ird, Edward^ John, Cornelius) and Cynthia (Parish) Waldo; boru 
Junes, 1800, at Canterbury, Conn.;> died Mch. 2, 1888, at Hart- 
ford, Conn. He was admitted to the churcli in Westminster Society, 
Canterbury, Nov. 13, 1816, with liis brother, Loren-Pinckney, and 
his cousin, Ruf us Waldo [^bdbalgly bathe and his brother withdrew 
from the church Jul}' 3, 1826, and were excommunicated.- He re- 
moved to Tolland, Conn., and lived there until his death. Previous to 
1836 he was in business with Charles-T. Cooley, imder the name of 
Cooley & Waldo, keeping a "country store," but in 1836 the}' were 
obliged to make an assignment.^ 

He man-ied, Mch. 31, 1826, at Brooklyn, Conn.,'' Eliza, daughter 
of John (Benadani^ Benadam, Benadani^ Benadam, John, John) and 
Bridget (Palmer) Gallup of Brooklyn; 5 born July 10, 1804, at 
Brooklyn; died Dec. 29, 1878, at Tolland. ^ The will of John Gal- 
lup, dated July 23, 1849, names — daughter " Eliza Waldo wife of 
Obadiah-P. Waldo." ' 

Mr. and Mrs. Waldo and their daughter are buried in the East Cem- 
etery at Tolland. The following are the inscriptions on their grave- 
stones : — 

"Obadiah P. Waldo | Born in Cauterbnry, Cl. | June 8, 1800 
I Died at Hartford, Ct. | March 2, 1888 | a:. 87 Yrs. 8 Mo's. 
& 23 IVys." 

"i;iiza G. I "Wife of \ Obediah P. Waldo | Born in Brooklyn, 
Ct. I July 10, 1801 I Died In Tolland Ct. | Dec. 29, 1878 | je 
74 Y'rs. C Mo's. & 19 D'ys." 

"Emily B. Waldo | Wife of ] J. Henry Straight | Died 
I May 19, 18SG." 

Mr. Waldo died intestate. The petition for administration on his 

> C.iiiterlmrj- Iteconls, no luitldle name liciiifr piven. * Records of Westminster Church. 

'Tollaml l'ii)l>ate Uecords. « Hrooklyn Records. "^ " Galluji l'".iinily," p. IOC. 

* KriK>kl>n Records: Tolland Records. ' Brooklyn Frobrite Records, vol. ii., p. 14C. 

574 WALDO GENEALOfiY. [bpuaka 

eslnte, Mr-li. 10, 18S8, says: " Obadiuli P. Waldo of Tolland dit-tl 
jMcIi. 2, 1.S.S8, Icaviiiij as his only hcir-at-hnv Kii;,>(MU'-Loi'eiJ Waldo of 
(not known) Now Yoik, a <;rand.sou of tin; deceased, whose only sur- 
viving parent i.s Klizabeth-H. Waldo." ' 

Ciiildrcn of Obadiali-Pari^ih and Eliza (Galliip) Waldo.^ Horn at 
Tolland, Conn. : — 

bdba eaa. EitKNr./.KU-GALi,UP. horn Oct. 15, 1833. 

hdbaeah. Emu.y-Bai.dwin, born Apr. 10, ISHG; died May 19, 188G, at Tol- 
land, probably. She mnrrk-'d. May 22. bS.jO, at Tolland, Joseph-Henry, 
son of Joseph and Kniolinc (TilUniiliast) Slrai<:ht of Tolland; boru \\\</.. 
31, 1840, at East llanijdon, Conn. They had no children. 

bdba eb. Loki.x-I^incknky, son of Ebenezer (Zachariah, Ed- 
toanl, Edioard, John, Cornelius) and Cynthia (Parish) Waldo; born 
Feb. 2, 1802, at Canlerhury, Conn. •,=> died Sept. 8, 1881, at Hartfoi'd, 
Conn. His ednoation, so far as it was obtained from schools, was 
completed when he was fourteen 3'ears of age, thereafter, until he was 
twenty-one, he taught school every winter, devoting the rest of his 
time to labor on the farm in support of the family, then dependent, 
owing to his father's loss of reason, U])0u his brotlier and himself for 
support. During this period he applied himself, in every leisure hour, 
to study and so mastered the higher branches of mathematics and 
acquired a good knowledge of Latin. Hedge's Logic he studied in 
the field, in the brief intervals of rest from his labor. When twenty- 
one j^ears of age he left home with nothing but the clothes be wore, 
and entered upon the study of law with his uncle, John Parish, at 
Tolland, Conn., and was admitted to the bar by the county court 
of Tolland County in September, 1825, and soon after removed to 
Somers, Conn., and began the practice of his profession. He w^as 
postmaster at Somers for two years, and one of the superintendents 
of ))ublic schools. He returned to Tolland in 1830, and resided there 
until 1SG3 when he removed to Hartford, where he continued to reside 
ujjtil his death. He was elected to represent the town of Tolland in 
the general asseml)ly of Connecticut 1832, '33, '34, '39, '47 and '48. 
In 1833, he was clerk of the house of representatives. He was a mem- 
ber of the board of visitors of common schools iu Tolland, of the 
board of commissioners of common schools of Connecticut, and 
chairman of the comn)ittee of education in the house of representa- 
tives. The cause of common-school education found in him, at all 
times, an ardent friend and a wise counsellor. He was attorney for 

* T'^numi I'robato llecoiil.s. • ToUauil Kcconls. •> Cautcrbury Kecords. 

■ - htJKiii,, 

..^ ■ f^>f.ji-.^. 

LOIIKX 1*IX(K\KY A\'aLI)(). 

bdbakb] seventh GENEllATION. 575 

the State for ToII.'iikI County from 1837 to '40, and was judge of 
probate for the district of Tolland in 1812 and '43. In 1847, he was 
unanimously chosen by tiie legislature as a member of the committee 
to revise the statutes, and in 18G4 was again appointed to a similar 
committee. In 1819, he was elected to represent his district in the 
thirty-first congress of the United States and was made chairman of 
the committee on Revolutionary pensions. Defeated for a second term, 
he was soon ai"»poiiitcd commissioner of the school fund of Connecti- 
cut. During the administration of President Pierce he was appointed 
commissioner of pensions at Washington, in which office he continued 
until elected judge of the superior court of Connecticut for a term of 
eight years, at the expiration of which term, about 1863, he removed 
to Hartford, where he practiced his ])rofession, at first, in partnership 
with his son-in-law, Alvau-Pinnc}' Hyde, and later in the firm of 
Waldo, Hubbard & Hyde. He was much interested in historical and 
genealogical studies, and wrote a history of Tolland which is highly 
valued for its completeness and accuracy. He gathered much material 
for the genealogy of the Waldo family, which was used in the prepara- 
tion of " Waldos in America," and has been of great value in the 
present work. In politics he was a democrat. Educated in the Cal- 
vinistic faith he joined the church at Westminster, Nov. 13, 1816, 
with his brother, Obadiah-Parish, but later study leading him to reject 
some tenets of the orthodox faith, he withdrew from that church, and, 
Juljf 3, 1826, both he and his brother were excommunicated. He 
became a consenative Unitarian, and, after removing to Hartford, 
was a constant and devout attendant at the South Congregational 
Church in that city.* 

He married, Nov. 22, 1825, at Tolland, ^ Frances-Elizabeth, daughter 
of William (Charlea) and Elizabeth (Avery) Eldredge of Tolland ; l;orn 
Dec. 10, 1806, at New London, Conn. ;3 died Mch. 29, 1874, at 
Hartford. Her paternal grandfather, Charles P^ldredge, was severely 
wounded in the massacre at Fort Griswold, Sept. 6, 1781, and her 
maternal grandfather, Capt. Elijah Avery, was killed in the same 

Children of Loren-Pinckuey and Frances-P^lizabeth (Eldredge) 
Waldo. Rorn at Tolland, Conn. : — ■* 

bdba eba. Ebknkzek-Eldekkin, born Mch. 9, 1827; died Mch. 19, J833, at 

' For full biociapiiy and estimates of his charactci , sec " Memorial of Loreu-Pinckuey 
Waldo," Hartfont, 18.?1. - Tollaiifl ller-ords. s New Loiulou Records. 

* lUrlhs of b-(l only recorded at Tolland. 

* Birth from Family Kecords; Death from Tollaud Records and Gravestone. 


bdba ebb. F»\N(Ks-I<:i.i/,Ani/iii, born Mch. 21, 1831. •••;»' -i 

bdba ebc. LonKN-I'iN'OCNKV, born Mch. 2t, 183-i. 
bdba ebd. Cymuia-Paulina, born Ocl. 25, 1836. 

bdba ec EI.anxah-Badgkr, daughter of Ebenczor ( Zachariahy 
Edicard, Ediro.rd, Joh)i, Cornelius) atid Cynthia (Parish) Waldo; 
born May IG, 1807, at Canterbury, Conn. ;' died July 8, 18GG, at 
Ilaitfoid, Conn.- She married, Oct. 2, 18o2, at Canterbury, ^ Alonzo- 
Jiowen, .son of Reuben (Samnal^ Seth, Ehenczer, Ja.])het, Samuel) 
and Lovisa (l^ussell) Chapin of Soniers, Conn.; born Meh. 10, 1808, 
at Somers ; died July 9, 18.j8, at Hartford. He read law with his 
brother-in-law, Lorcn-Pinckne}- "NValdo, and was admitted to the bar 
in ISol. He commenced ijractice at Wallin;;;ford, where he was living 
when married, and was esteemed as a lawyer of considerable promise. 
He relinquished his profession, however, and studied theology, took 
deacon's orders iu 1838, and was admitted to the priesthood in 1839. 
He was for many years editor and publisher of the Chronicle of 
the Church. He was rector of the Episcopal Church at Westhaven, 
Conn., for eleven years, and of St. Luke's Churcli, Glastonbury, 
Conn., for five years. He resigned his charge in 1855 and removed 
to Hartford, vrhere he became editor of the Calendar till his death. ^ 

Children of Alonzo-I>owen and Hannah-Badger (Waldo) Chapin: — 

a. Ai.oxzu-BowKX, boru Nov. 20, 1834; died Jan. 24, 1835. 

b. Chaui-ks-Waldo, born Anj?. 27, 18:30; died Oct. 7, 1839. 

c. Josf.rH-BoswoRTH, boru June 5, 1843; died at Sj'racuse, N. Y., uumarried. 

lie was a bookseller, and lived at Hartford. 

bdba fa. Susanna, daughter of Samuel (Zo.chariaJi., Edward, 
Edv:ard, John, Cornelius) and Margaret (Gallup) Waldo; born Dec. 
8, 1802, at Canterbury, Conn. ;5 died July 13, 1825, at Canterbury.*^ 
She married, Aug. 29, 1822, Alvin- William, sou of William (Isaac 
Johu, John, John, John) and Amy (Gallup) Gallup of Voluntown, 
Conn.; born Dec. 31, 1803, at Voluntown; died Apr. 2, 1879, at 
Plainfleld, Conn. He was a physician and lived, first, at West Green- 
wch, R. I., but removed to Plainfield. He married (2), Sept. 7, 
1828, Lydia Tilliughast, who died Mch. 6, 1832, and he married (3), 
Feb. 4, 1839, Sally Spalding.' 

1 " Waliliis in Auicric.i," p. 82. ' Family Keconis. 

' Canterluiry Recorils; '• Waldos in America" says Sej)t. 17. 

• " Chapin Geneak)jiy," p. 144. ' C.iuterbury liecords. 

' Itecords of 'Weatiiiiuster Churcli, Caiitcrhury. ' " Gallup Family," p. 82. 


i: 'I 


Children of Alvin-William aud Susanna (Waldo) Gallup. Horn at 
Cantcrl)Liry, Conn., probably: — 

a. Mkkcy-Makia, horn Oct. 1, 1823. She married. June, 1847, Zcphaniali 

Ihown of Ilojtkinlon. R. I. They resided at West Green\vich, K. I., 
Avhcre she was living la 1874. They had no cliildren. 

b. Si'sanna-Wamx), ivnii July 4, 1H25; died prohahly before Mch. 28, 18.".4, 

tlie date of licr irrandiiiother Waldo's %vill. Slic married, Sept. 17, IxVd, 
at Vohmtonn, Conn.,' Nathan-Leland, son of Daniel (Ahicuinh, Amariah, 
Daniel, Samurl, Thomas ) and Ketuv.ih (Gallup) Stanton of Norwich, 
Conn.; born Feb. 24, 1818, at Voluntown; died May 14, 1848, at Volun- 

Children, born at Voluutown : — 

a. Nathan-Lei-and, born Aug. 9, 1844. 

b. Slisan-Skkenk, born Sept. 3, 1846. 

bdba fb. Mercv, daughter of Samuel ( ZacharioJi, Echvardy 
Edward, John, Cornelius) and Margaret (Gallup) Waldo; born 
Mch. 29, 1K04, at Canterbury, Conn., probably; died Dec. U, 1885, 
at Coventry, Conn. She married, Jan. 6, 1833, at Griswold, Conn., 
Gideon-Gicene, sou of Benjamin and Eunice (Greene) Tillinghast of 
West Greenwich, R. I.; born Mch. 27, 1810, at West Greenwich; 
died Apr. 4, 184-1, at Griswold. He was a farmer. They lived at 
Griswold and are buried in Patchogue Cemetery at Griswold. ^ 

Children of Gideon-Greene and Mercy (Waldo) Tilliugha.5t. Born 
at Griswold, Conn. : — 

a. Susan, born Aug. 6, 1834; died Mch. 9, 1839, at Griswold. 

b. AxGKr.iNK, born Jan. 30, 1836; married Apr. 3, 18G0.*at JeAvett City, Conn., 

Warren-David, son of Timothy and Lucrelia (Batchelder) Fislie of Hol- 
liston, Mass.; born Aug. 18, 1830, at Holliston. He is a farmer. They 
were living, 1898, at Coventry, Conn. 

Children, born at Coventry : — i '■. 

a. George-Waldo, born Nov. 5, 18G2. \ 

b. Edwakd-Evekktt, born June 30, 1865. 

; c. Carkie-Etta, born Sept. 22, 1867; died Aug. 24, 1869. 
d. Bertie-Gkant, born Jan. 3, 1873. 

c. Caroline, born June 16, 1837; died Sept. 8, 1865, at Griswold, unmarried. 

d. George-Frankllv. born Dec. 31, I83S ; married Dec. 27, 1877, at Griswold, 

Kose, daughter of Nathaniel-Brown and Julia (Palmer) Wilcox of Gris- 
wold; born Mch. 16, 16J2, at Canterbury, Conn, lie i.s a farmer. They 
were living, 1897, at Canterbury.* 

Children, born, a at Griswold ; 6, c at Canterbury : — 

a. Andrew-Franklin, born Feb. 1, 1879. • .. 

b. Edwin-Nath.vniei., born Oct. 23, 1881. ';.• ..',).•.■ 

c. Annie-Rose, born May 29, 18S9. 

' Cauterliniy Records. ' '* Stanton Family, " pp. 515, 626. 

' Itt'corrls of Mis. Aiipoline (Till!iij;lia8t) Fiske [hdha/Ohy. Griswold Records; Graye- 
stoncs. ♦ " Fislie Goiienli)i:y," p. 611', 5i.iy.s Apr. 4. 
' Records of Goorge-Fraiikliu Tilliugliast. < » »r.- i ■ . , 

73. • • -v • - • 


578 WALDO GENEALOGY. [bdbakb 

e. Ki>-\viN, born Oct. 3, 18-tO; died Sept. 20, 1860, at Gl■is^vold, unniarriod. 

/. Bi:i,iNn.\, born Mcli. 21, 181o; died Dec. 23, isr,.i, at Griswold, iinm.Trried. 

*;. Gii>i;(<n-Gii.i;i:i:t, born Anij. 12, 18^4. He taiiLrhl school for a time alGris- 
wold, was a book ajicnt for fourteen ycar.«;, and in 18f)S a storekeeper and 
fruit ffro\ver at Vermm, Conii. He has i)ecn po.stnia.-^ter at Vernon since 
Oct., l^.S'.); has been assessor for ten years; menibor of the scliool coni- 
niiltee for six years; justice of the peace: and from 1892-90 Mas deputy 
state coiiimis^iioiior of peach (Hchards. He married. Sept. I, 1x79, at 

" • Volmitdwn. Conn., Sarah-Beri.-isa, dauiihter of Lsa;ic and olive (Parks) 
I Gallup of riaiutield, Coun.; b<.)rn Mch. 10, 1844, at VoU^nto^vn ; living, 

Children, born at Vernon : — 
a. Claka-Bkhissa, born July 24, 1880. 
6. Floha, born Apr. 5, 1882; died Sept. 4, 1882. 
'■' c. Akthuk-Gideon, born Aug. 2, 1883. 

d. Hi:i,kn-Makv, born Sept. 19, 1885. 
c. Waldo-Evehktt, born June 4, 1887. 

bdbc CC Lois, daughter of Nathan (Nalhan^ Edward, Edward, 
John, Cornelius) auci Lois (Spalding) Waldo; born Oct. 19, 1812, at 
Willianistown, Vt. ; died Atig. 22, 1840, at Clareniont, N. IL She 
married, Nov. 7, 1838, Jeremiah, son of Jeremiah and Jane (.Stro- 
bridge) Paul; born June 17, 1808, al Taunton, Mass.; died July 10, 
1873, at Clarernunt. lie was a shoemaker and lived at Claremout. 
He married (2), Oct. 20, 18-12, at South Woodstock, Vt., Betsey, 
daughter of John and Folly (Darling) F'ullerlon of South Woodstock; 
born June 15, 1810, at South Woodstock; died Jan. 15, 1898, at 
Clareraont. By his second wife he had four cluldrcn ; viz.: — Mary- 
Jane, born Aug. 12, 1844, died Nov. 1, 1846; Lois-Melissa, born 
Jan. 24, 1846, died Apr. 22, 1855; Juliette-Elizabeth, born Jan. 14, 
1848; George-Washington, born Aug. 17, 1850. Jeremiah and Lois 
(Waldo) Paul had no children.- 

bdbc cd. Nathan, son of Nathan (Nathan, Ed^vard, Edn-ard, 
John, CorneUn!^) and Lois (Spalding) Waldo; born Oct. 19, 1812, at 
WilHamslown, Vt., ^ twin of his sister Lois; died July 21, 1874, at 
Clarcmont, Minn.'^ lie removed, soon after his marriage, to Clare- 
mout, N. H., where he remained until about 1855, when he removed 
to Clarcmont, Minn. In deeds, dated June 8, 1833, he is called of 
Cornish, N. II.; Sept. 19, 1837, of Clarcmont, N. H. ; June 2, 1855, 
of Claremout, N. H. ; Mch. 4, 1856, of Clarcmont, Miun.^ He was 

' Kccorils of Gidcon-Oilbert TillinKli,-\.*t. ■ ., ,, ,. . ,•.,.- m 

» Kecnrd.s of Mrs. JuIictte-Kliz.-il)Cth ( I'aiil) Tliornton. 

» Records of Rev. Sumiicr-Gilbert Wood [bdbcjhc] ; " Delano Family " says Feb. 19. 

* Jbid. 

' Sullivan County, >'. H., Deeds, vols, x., p. 4ol; xxii., p. 17G; Ixii., pp. 15, 300. 


:i Oflimer and pjunttr iind InhT a iMetliodisL ministor. His parents 

being of pinilan stamp, liis training ^Yas of tbc struiglitest sort and 

his early habits wore formed for bfe. He never used to])acco in any } 

form or a drop of ak'ob(j]ic liquor. He had the eapacity to excel in ; 

any department, whether as mechanic or public s])eaker. At Clarc- 

mont be was moderator of the town meetings in 1845, '49, '52 and 

'oi. He was captain of the Cornish Fusileers, and was justice of the j 

peace at Clareinont, Minn.' 

He married (1), Oct. 8, 1833, at Cornish, N. H., Arvilla-Kendall, 
daughter of Waterman (Philip, Philip, Jonathan, John, John, Ed- 
ward) and Betsey (Stevens) Spalding of Plaiufield, N. H. ; born Feb. 
22, 1810, at Plaiufield; died May 8, 1858, at Claremont, Minn. 2 He 
married (2), Apr. 2, 1.SC5, Fanny, daughter of Frederick and Cynthia 
(Pixley) Delano of Eeekmantown, N. Y. ; born Oct. 25, 1818, at Mis- 
sisquoi Ray, Can., and widow of Guy AVilcox, whom slie married 
Nov. 30, 1834, and who died Aug. 20, 1843. By her first husband 
she had three children; viz. :— Cynthia-Fisk, born June 8, 1837; 
Celia-Aurelia, born Feb. 7, 1840; Josephine-Bonaparte, born Sept. 
29, 1842. After Mr. Waldo's death she married (3), May 6, 1880, 
Horace Bagley and lived at Brownville, Neb.3 

Children of Nathan and Arvilla-Kendall (Spalding) Waldo. Born, a 

at Cornish, N. H. ; b-g at Claremont, N. H. ; h at Claremont, Minn. :— ^ 

Idhc rda. Owkn-Wixteiiiop, born Oct. H, 1834. He weui West witli his 
parents and lived at Claroraont and Wasioja, Minn., beiuij justice of the 
peace and s(i])ervisor at tlie latter town. He returned to the East and 
settled in the town of Hartland, Vt., where he was liviuq in 1X09. He was 
the first constalile of the town. He i.s a Master Mascin and member of 
the A^ermont Comniandery, No. 4, Knights Templar. He married, Oct. 5, 
1863, at Boston, Mass., Frances-Minerva, daughter of William and Rachel 
(Stevens) Walker of Hartland; born July 18, 182S, at Hartland. They 
have no children.' 

bdbc cdb. Nathan- Watkrman, born Dec. 31, Is.^G. 

hdbc cdc. Edwai:d-Wallace, born Feb. 14, 1841; died Aug. 15, 1819, at 
Claremont, N. H. 

hdhr. aid. Fkancis-Stkvkxs, born Mch. 21, 1844; died Aug. 12, 1849, at Clare- 
mont, N. H. 

bdbc ode. Lois-Akabklla, born Feb. 9, 1850. 

bdbc cdf. AR\^LLA-S^ALl)rxG, born Apr. 0, 1852. 

hdhcrdfj. Cakiiih-Anx, born Nov., Is53; died Feb., 1854, aged 3 ranuths, at 

Claremont, N. II. 
bdbc cdh. Eugknk, born May 8, 1658. 

' Hei'onls of Owen- W iiitlintp WaUlo [//(//>«c<;a], and Niithaii- Watenuau Waldo {Idiacdb] : 
' History of Ctilcliiont, N. }!.," jt. :J05. 
' " SpaldiMjj .Mcniurial," ji. i';)8. ^ " Delano Family," p. 529. 

♦ Uecords of Uwcn- Wmthiop and Xatlian-Waterman Waldo. 

* Keconis of Owen-Winthroii Waldo. 



bdbc ma. LoKi-.NZf), son of Wilkes (Nathdu, Eihmrd, Edward, 
John, Cornelius) aud Meliitabel-Day (Carlet^n) Waldo; born Get. 
17, 1812, at Grange, N. II. ;> died Get. 31, 189H, at Wardbill, 
Ilaverbill, Mass. IIo niairiod, Apr. 9, 1835, Martlia-.lauo, daughter 
of Bezaloel and Mary (Richardson) Carleton of Bradford, Muss.; 
born Feb. 2, 1815, at Bradford; died May M, 1885, at Bradford. 
]\lr. Waldo was a fanner and lived at l^radford.^ 

Children of Lorenzo and Martha-.lane (Carleton) Waldo. Born at 
Bradford, Mass. : — 

bdbc man. Antoixktti';, boru May 22, 1835; died June 19, 1M42. 
bdbcmah. llKuni:KT-ALi)KN, boru Mch. 9?,, 1843; livinir, 1809, unmarried, 
bdbc mac. IIaklan-Pagi:, born Ang. 20, 1844. 

bdbc mb. Horatio, son of Wilkes (Nathan, Edward, Edivard, 
John, Cornelius) and Mehitabel-Day (Carleton) Waldo; born Jan. 
22, 1815, at Canterl>nry, Conn.^ When but a small boy he removed, 
with his mother, to Fairhaven, Mass. At the age of eighteen years 
he went on a whaling voyage as ship's cooper, on the ship " Marcus," 
commanded by Capt. Gbed Sherman. He returned in March, 1837, 
and went to school at Atkinson, N. H., where he studied surveying. 
In September, 1837, he went to Cincinnati, G., and thence to Vevay, 
Ind., whcie he was ajipointed county surveyor. He united with the 
Congregational Church at Vevay, and was superintendent of the Sun- 
day-school. In 1815 he removed to Dubuque, la., where he was 
deputy government surveyor for ten years. In 1855 he removed to 
Kansas and was one of the pioneer settlers at Leavenworth, and 
was afterwards a merchant at Wyandotte, now Kansas City, Kan. 
He removed to Louisiana in 1870, remained there a short time, and 
then went across the Gulf of Mexico to Texas, where he lived fifteen 
years, near Sherman. He then removed to Arkansas City, Kan., 
where ho lived until the death of his wife in 1895, and since then has 
been living with his children. 

He married (1), May 1, 1839, at Vevay, Ann-Eliza, daughter of 
James-G. and Elizabeth (Easton) Conway of Morristown, N. J. ; born 
Oct. 30, 1807, at Morristown; died Apr. 1, 1850, at Dubuque, where 
she is buried. Her father, who was born at Liverpool, Eng., came 
to America at the age of twenty-one and settled, first, at Baltimore, 
Md. Mr. Waldo married (2), Dec. 12, 1850, at Dubuque, Susan- 

' Or;ui|.;e Ueconl.s. 

» " Uicli.iiilsoii >," p. 850: Records of Harltui-I'age Waldo [bdOrinac]. 

* Orange, N. 11., Records. 



Johnson, (laughter of Patrick and Elizabeth (Johnson) Smith of !» 

Diibuquo; bora F.b. S, 1832, at Bellevuc, 111.; died Aug. 28, 181).'), !j 

at Arkansas City, whore she is Iniiied. She possessed a ver^' clear, t 

sweet voice in song, which some of her children inherit.^ |j 

Children of Horatio and Ann-p]liza (Conway) Waldo. Born, a-c [ 

at Vevay, Ind. ; cZ, e at Dubuque, la. : — ^ j 

bdbc mba. JIakia, boni June 18, 1840. _ j. 

bdbc mbb. Hkttik, boru Mch. 7, 1842. " |. 

bdbc mbc. Mahy-Editii, born Feb. 20, 1«44. j 

bdbc mhd. noRATio, born Oct. 25, 1848; died Aug. 21, 1849, at Dubuque. ^ j 
bdbc mbe. IIokatio, born Nov. C, 18')!. 

Cliildren of Horatio and Susan-Johnson (Smith) Waldo. Born, / i 

at Dubuque, la. ; f/, k at Leavenworth, Kan. ; h-j at Wyandotte, Kan. ; ; 

I at Sherman, Tex. : — 

bdhcmhf. GKOUGf>MAPEniA. born Jan. 5, 1854; died Nov. .".0, 1880, at 
Os.awatoinie, Kau. He was of medium hei,y:ht, with brown hair and 
light blue eyes. Desiring to become a pattern-nifiker, be wori^ed for 
some time in a foundry at Leavenworth, and it is supposed that tlie 
dust there seriously atl'ected his lungs, and was the primary cause of 
his death from lung" fever. He lived at Osawatoraie after his marriage, 
being engineer in a .sawmill for a while, and, later, working in a nursery. 
He married, June, 1880, at Osawatomie, Emma Taylor; living, lfi'J9. 
They had no children. 

bdbc mbg. Wilijam-Cauleton, born July 15, 183G. 

bdbc mbh., born Feb. 24, 1858. 

bdbc mbi. Fhancis-Asoury, boru Oct. 2, 1859. 

hdhc mhj. FANNiF.-BKLL,born JuneO, 1802; died Mch. 9, 18G7, at Leavenworth. 

bdbc mbk. Lai-u.^-Day, boru Aug. 10, 18G7. 

bdbc nibl. Edward, born Apr. 11, 1873. ■ . 

bdfi db. Julia, daughter of Lemuel (Henry, Befhnel, Edward, 
JoJin, Cornelius) Rud Sarah (Marshall) Waldo; born Sept. 4, 1828, 
at Coventry, Conn.; died Nov. 2, 1897, at Hartford, Conn. She 
married, Apr. 3, 1858, at Rockville, Conn., Benjamin-Burr, son of 
Henry Stearns of Victory, Vt. ; boru Oct. IC, 1819, at Victory; died 
Sept. 29, 1871, at Lafayette, Wis., aged 52 years, 11 months, 20 
d.ays. He was a cloth-dyer, and lived at Torrington, Rockville, Nor- 
wich and Putnam, Conn. He went West on account of his health. - 

Children of Benjamin-Burr and Julia (Waldo) Stearns. Boru at 

Rockville, Conn. : — 

a. Jknnik-Eudora, boru Dec. 9, 18C1; married, June 30, 1881, at South Wil- 
lington, Conn., Minard-Smith, son of William and Electia-Ann (Winans) 

> Kecords of Mrs. Mary-Kdith (Waldo) Mcl^ughliu [bdbcvibc]. 

» Records anil Family Hiblo of Wolcott Waldo [Ul/idd], and of Lena-May Neil [bdfidbaa]. 

582 WAl.DO GENEALOGY. [bpfidb 

Neil of Waterlniry, rDiiii. ; horn Mcli. 17, 1S5H, at Fislikill, N. Y. They 
were liviiifj, 181i«, at Waterhiiry. lU- is ;i piK-ker in llie clock-works. 

Cliililren, born, a at South Willini^ton, Conn. ; h, c &l Walerbury :— 

a. Lkna-Mav, born Nov. 28, 1882. 

b. Ii>A-EsTKM,A, born ])ec. 11, 188r>. 

c. RAYMOND-WAr.po, bom Jan. Ifi, 188S. 

bdfi dc Wii.LiA^t, son of Lemuel (ITenn/^ Bethuel, Echoard, 
John, Cornelius) and Sarah (Marshall) Waldo; born Oct. 5, 1829, 
at Coventry, Conn.; died Jan. 16, 1890, at Willington, Conn., of 
apoplexy. I He was a fanner and lived at Willington. Me married, 
Sejit. 15, 1850, at Willington, Celin<la, daughter of William and 
Bethany (Gotf) Shaffer of Willington; born Dec. 28, 1831, at Willing- 
ton ; =^ living, 1898, at Hartford, Conn., with her daughter. ^ 

Children of William and Celinda (Shaffer) Waldo. Born, a at 
Willington, Conn. ; b at Manchester, Conn. : — 
bdfi dca. .Tknnik-May, born .Tan. 17, 1801. 

lnl!i deb. William-Francis, horn June 25, 1872; livinp;, 1898, at Hartford, 
Conn., nnuiarrietl. He is a telegraph operator. 

bdfi dd. Woi.cOTT, son of Lemuel (Henry, Betlracl, Edward, 
John, CorneUus) and Sarah (Marshall) Waldo; born May 2C, 1833, 
at Coventry, Conn. He married (1), May G, 18C1, at Tolland, 
Conn., Julia-Ann, daughter of Hiram (Jahez, Joseph, TJiomas, Heze- 
kiah, Simon, Andrew, Andrew) and Alniira (Baxter) Newcomb of 
Tolland; born Mch. 13, 1845, at Tolland. They were divorced in 
1883, and he married (2), Feb. IG, 1885, at Tolland, Annie, daugh- 
ter of Patrick and Delia (Wilson) Gallagher (Galligan in town rec- 
ords) of Hartford, Conn.; born June 2, 185G, at Hartford. He has 
no children by his second wife. They were living, 1898, at Tolland, 
where he is a small farmer and has charge of the court house. His 
first wife married (2), Horace Partlo of Stafford Springs, Conn., and 
was living there, 1898, with her children.'* 

Children of Wolcott and Julia-Ann (Newcomb) Waldo. Born at 
Tolland, Conn. : — 

bdjiihla. EiT.KNK, born July Ifi, 18G2; livinp:, 18'J8, at Staflbrd SpriuE;3, 

(^onn., unmarried, 
bdfi ddb.'.v, born Dec. 10, 1803. (Newcomb Family says Dec. 19.) 
bilji dtlc. Li/ziK-J, born Feb. 14, 1800; unmarried, 1898. 
bdji d(U. Husk, born Apr. G, IKC8; unmarried, 1898. 
bdfi dde. liKin-Liciis, born Jan. 28, 1871. 

» WilUtij;toii Utvonls. > IhhI. ' P.LOonis of Mrs. WDliam Waldo. 

* lU>coidb ot Woicotl Waldo; Tolland Uecorus : " Newcuiub Family," p. 333. 

. -ill. 1.1'.) 

I . ; >cj 

.-. ■/ 1 

^ Hi : 

bdfkda] seventh GExVERATION. 583 

bdfi (Idf. Lkkoy-C, born Dec. 0, 1875; living, 1898, unmarried. 
bdfiddg. Editii-M., boru Oct. 13, 1877; unmarried, 1898. 

bcifi dg. IIir.DAHD, son of Lornucl (Ihnvy^ BeUmeJ, Edicard, 
John, Cornelius) and Sanib (Marshall) Waldo; born Sept. 30, 1800, I 

at Coventry, Conn. He is a joiner, and has lived at Tliompsonville ^ 

and Bridgeport, Conn., New York City, and elsewhere. He was i 

living, 18*J8, at Naubuc, Glastonbury, Conu. He married, Feb. 0, | 

18G9, at Glastonbury, Mary-Ann, daughter of Enos and Abigail- j 

Holmes (Whaples) Porter of Glastonbury; born Oct. 23, 1838, at 
Glastonbury; living, 18<J8.i 

Child of Hubbard and Mary-Ann (Porter) Waldo. Born at 

Bridgeport, Conn. : — 

hdft drja. IIakold-Buhk, born June 7,1871; living;, 1898, at Naubuc, Coun., 
unmarried. He is foreman of the East Hartford Weekly Gazclte. 

bdfk da. Mauy-Maiua, daughter of Alvin (Ezra, BetJmel, Ed- 
ward, John, Cornclins) and Nancy (Butler) Waldo; born Dec 5, 
1S2G, at Bennington, N. Y. She married, Oct. 18, 1848, at Chardon, 
Geauga Co., 0., Cyril, son of Jonathan and Clarissa (Scarl) Vv^ilson 
of Northampton, Summit Co., 0.; born 1826, at Shalersville, 0.; 
died May 9, 1881, at New Bethlehem, Pa. He was a Methodist 
minister, and preached in various towns in Ohio and Pennsylvania 
until his death. His widow was living, 1898, at Lindsey, Jefferson 
Co., Pa., with her daughter Clara-Cornelia .^ 

Children of Cyril and Mary-Maria (Waldo) Wilson. Born, a, h at 
Northampton, 0. ; c, d at Ellsworth, O. : — 

a. Mary-Ursula, born Oct. 30, 1851. She married, May 29, 1888, at Punxsu- 

tawncy, Fa., Millard-Fillmore, son of John and Ann (Jones) Sraathers of 
Kingsold, Pa.; born Sept. 8, 185;!, at Oliver, Pa. He is a farmer. They 
were living, 1898, at Ringgold. 

': Child:— ■ '•■^ :• 

a. "Wilson, born May 29, 1889; died same day. 

b. P^lla-Makia, born July 27, 1853. She married, Sept. 10, 1874, at Suninicr- 

villc. Pa., Gilbert-Dawson, son of Gilbert-Buchanon and Emaline (Daw- 
eon) Walker of P.azetta, O. ; born Apr. 18, 1852. at ]?a/etta. He is a 
Metiiodist minister. They were living, 18ys, at North Washington. Pa. 
They have no children of their own, but have an adopted son, Carl-J)avis. 

c. Eva!,ink-Coi:dklia, born July 19, 1858. She married, Dec. 7, 1892, at 

(;iaysvllle. Pa., Sanmel-Stcfly, son of Isaac-Cochranc and Luanna (Steffy) 
Jordan of Oliver, Pa.; boru May 24, 184G, at Oliver. He is a farmer. 
They were living, 1898, at Oliveburg, Pa. 

> Keiortls of Harold -lUur Waldo [lnljUftja]. 
' Ilecords of Mrs. Mary-Maria (Waldo) Wilson. 

-) ■; , -yh . --'. 


584: WALDO GENEALOGY. [bdfkda 

Child :— 
a. KuTH-WiL-SON, boru June 27. ISOfi. 
d. Ci.ARA-CoKNKMA, bom .Tilly 19, 1858, twin of Evalinf.-Cornklia ; living, 
1898, unmarried, willi hrr inotlicr at Lindscy. 

bdfk db. r.\MKLA-iAlALViNA, (lauglitcr of Alvhi (Ezra, Bcfhuel, 
Edward, John, Cornelius) and Nancy (lUitlcr) Waldo; born Oct. 15, 
1830, at IJcnningtwu, N. Y. ; died Dec. ol, 1878, at Northampton, 
Summit Co., O. She married, May 1, 1850, at Rainbridge, 0., 
Jacob, sou of Samuel and Maria (Lily) Hart of Northumberland Co., 
Pa., and of Wayne and Summit Counties, O. ; born Sept. 9, 1818, 
in Northumberland Co.; died Dec. 9, 188o, at Northampton. He 
was a farmer and carpenter, and lived at Northampton. ' 

Children of Jacob and ramcla-Malvina (Waldo) Hart. Born at 
Northampton, O. : — 

a. Wilrkkt-Jacob, born Feb. L'5, 185' ; living, 1898, uuraarried. He is a 


b. KossKTTA-EvKUNK, Ijom Oct. 4, 1852. She married, Feb. 29, 1880, at Cuya- 

hoga Falls, ()., Frank Coe of Peninsula, O. ; born Mch., 1854, at Peninsula, 
where Ibcy were living in 189S. lie is a farmer. 

Children, born, a, e at Peninsula; b-d at Northampton :— 

a. MiLDitED-LuELLA, bom May 5, 1881. ^■ 

i h. LiiA'-Ei.oiSE, boru May 1, 1883. 

c. Mahkl-Olivk, born Apr. 0, 1886; died Sept. 7, 1888. 

d. jK8t-iE-FKRN, born Oct. 13, 1890. 

e. Fuank-Haut, born May 17, 1892, 

c. Oksino-Waldo, born July 25, 1851; living, 1898, at Cleveland, O., unmar- 

ried. He is a farmer. 

d. Fhkokku'-Alvin, born Sept. (.i, 1857; living, 1898. He is a farmer. He 

married, Sept., 1SS5, at St. Louis, Mich., Alice, daughter of Solomon and 
Viola (AVood) Lenard of Coe, Isabella Co., Mich.; bora May 13, le61. 

Children : — 
a. Wii.bkut-Mkrl, born July 2, 1887. 
h. Maky-Mu.diu'.I), born June 8, 1889. 

e. Lucius-Ai.nKuris. born May 17, 1859; living, 1898. He is a farmer. He 

married, Nov. 28, 1S8S, at Northampton, Mr.s. P^mnia (Keck) McConnell, 
daughter of Aaron and Elizabeth (Eck) Keck of Northampton, born Feb. 
17, \i>m. 

Child .— 
a. Li.oyd-Ll-cius, boru July 22, 1890. 

f. Bf.htiia-Luella, born Feb. 24, 1861; living, 1898, at Northampton, unmar- 


g. K)cn.\ui>-.\i;TiuTn, born .May 11, 1863. He is a carpenter and contractor, 

living, 1>98, at Cleveland, O. He married, .\pr. 2, {KH~t , Elizabeth-Sara, 
daughter of Jor^en and Mario-Veronica (Miller) Petersen of Peninsula, 
O. ; born Nov. 22, 1864, at I'eninsula. 

« Records of Orsino-Waldo Hart [bd/lulOc]. 


Cbildrcn, born, a at Nortliampton ; b at Cleveland : — 

o. Richakd-Waldo, boru June V2, 1889. 

6. Ina-Epith. born Sept. 18, 1801. 
h. Lilv-Maria, born Ang. 12, 1SG5; died Nov. 0, 1884, unmarried. 
i. A SON, died Sept. 4, 18G8. 
j. Ina-Eloisk, born Oct. 24, 18G9. 
A-. E.Miiy-DwiGHT, born May 6, 1872; died Ang. 15, 1875. 

bdfk do. Lucius-Hull, sou of Alviu (Ezra, Bcthvel, Edvxirdy 
John, Cornelius) and Nanc}' (Butler) Waldo; boru Aug. 27, 1832, 
at Attica, N. Y. He was taken by his father to I'ainbridge, Geauga 
Co., 0., iu 1838. At the age of twenty-four he went to Tuscola Co., 
Mich., where he remained until 1867 when he went to Delaware Co., la. 
He i-eturned to Michigan in 1889 and was living, 1898, at Akron, 
Mich. He has been a farmer, but is now retired from business. At 
the age of twenty-one he became a member of the Methodist Episco- 
pal Church and was, for thirteen years, superintendent of the Sunday- 
school and, for several yoars, class leader, and held other important 
offices in the Church. He married (1), Aug. 27, 18G0, at Earlvillc, 
Delaware Co., la., Martha, daughter of Horace and Parmelia (Trow- 
bridge) Merry of Earlvihe ; born Dec. 15, 1838, iu Summit Co., O- ; 
died Jan. 18, 1889, at Earlville. He married (2), Mch. 6, 1890, 
at Akron, Mrs. Orlina (McDowell) Linn, daughter of Abram- 
Jacksou and Sarah-Ann (Miller) McDowell of Salem, Mercer Co., 
Pa. ; born Dec. 25, 1842, at Salem. She was the widow of John- 
Armstrong Linn of Espyville, Pa., who died Oct. 29, 1884, at 

Children of Lucius-Hull and Martha (Merry) Waldo. Born, a at 
Akron, Mich. ; b-d at Earlville, la. : — 
bdfk dca. Carrie-Eltzauktii, born Oct. 7, 18G1. 
bdfk deb. HoiiACK-ALViN, born July 18, 18G3. 

bdfk dec. Lucius-IIknry, born Sept. 17, 18G7; living, 1898, nmuarried, 

bdfkdcd. Pakmklia-Mahtha, boru May 17, 1873; died Apr. 30, 1882, at Earl- 

bdfk dd. William-Butler, son of Alvin (Ezra, Bethuel, Ed- 
ward, John, Cornel ills) aud Nancy (Butler) Waldo; boru Nov. 7, 
1835, at Attica, N. Y. He lived for a time at Akron, Mich., and was 
by occupation a carpenter . He was living, 1898, at Hartley, la., and 
was engaged in horticulture. He married, July 17, 18G3, at Bay City, 

' liecorils of IjUcius-IiuU W,aJtlo. 


586 WALDO GENEALOGY. [bdfkdd 

Mifh., Piimolia-Ircue, daui^liter of Geoiy;e and IMaiy-Ann (Barker) 
Hryant of Akron; born June 25, 1840; living, 181J8.1 

Children of Willium-HuUcr and ramelia-Ircnc (Bryant) Waldo. 
Born at Akron, Mich. : — , • 

bdfk dda. Bkhtha-Imkni:, born .Time 15, 1864. 
bdfk ddb. Wim.i.s-Eugknk, born May 24, 18GG. 
bdfk ddc. EicANK-Lucius, born Mcli. 22, 18(J8. 
bdfk ddd. Tri:ssik-Pami:ma, boru Feb. 2, 1872. 
bd/k ddc. KALrn-E.MEUsoN, burn July 14, 1874. 

bdfk de. Jank-Eunice, daughter of Alvin (Ezra, BethneU Ed- 
ward, John, CorneUns) and Nancy (Butler) Waldo; born Feb. 26, 
1838, at Bennington, N. Y. ; living, 1900, at Akron, Mich. She 
married Jan. 14, 1859, at Akron, Emery-D., son of David-S. and 
Mary-A. (Ferreu) Cook of Kendall, N. Y. ; born Jan. 21, 1835, at 
Kendall; living, 1900, at Akrou, where he owns and works one of the 
largest improved farms in the State of Michigan. He has been for 
forty years justice of the peace.- 

(children of P>mcry-D. and Jane-Eunice (Waldo) Cook. Born, a-d 
at Akron, Mich. ; c, /at Columbia, Tuscola Co., Mich. : — 

a. Emkry-E., born Jan. 7, isni. 

b., born Nov. 0, 1802. 

c. \Vii,i4i:kt-IL\uky, born July 4, 18G5 or '66; living, I'JOO, at Akron. He was 

educated at the International Business Collef:;e at SaginaAv, Mich. ; was 
postniaslcr of Akron, 1888-92; Avas elected register of deeds for Tuscola 
County, 1890, and re-elecied in 1898. He is a dealer in hardware, imple- 
ments and re;d estate. He married, Dec. 2.D, 1880, at Akron, I'liila-D., 
daughter of William-D. and Cliarlotte (Hovey) Streeter of Akron; born 
June 8, 1864, at Fairgrovo, iNlich. ; living, iOOO. No children. 

d. DocK-Li'cius, born Aug. 27, 1869; living, 1900, at Akron. He was for a 

while cniraged in farming, but is now in tlie hardware business with his 
brother Wilbert-Harry. He is sujicrvisor of Akrou township. He mar- 
ried July 1, 1893, at Uniouville, Mich., Elva-Edith, daughter of Andrew 
and Charlotte (Delmugc) Austin of Akron; born Dec, 1874, in Canada; 
living, 1900. 

Children, born, a at Saginaw, AHch. ; b at Akron: — / ,v, 

a. Eveki:st-Dakki:l, born Feb. 10, 1895. •_, ..i i . ' 

b. Okai.-May, born July 16, 1898. 

c. Ai)A-Br,ianA, born Jan. 15, 1872; living, 1900, at Akrou; married June 20, 
1891, at Caro, Mich., Clarence-Decker, son of Able and Mary (Decker) 
Hovey of Akron; born Aug. 29, 1872, at Wisner, Mich.; living, 1900. 
lie is engaged in railroading. 

Child, born at Akron : — ' 

a. Clinton-Waldo, born Sept. 19, 1894. 

' Records of Williain-Butlor Waldu. 2 Uecoiils of Mrs. Jane-Euuice (Waldo) Cook. 

' 1 , -•: I »< 

bdfkfa] seventh generation. 587 

/. Carhik TA^tKi-TA, born Sept. 22, 1S7.T; liviiiir, lOOO, at Akron. Rlio mar- 
ried, May 1, IMt"), at (\'iro, Mich., IJoherL-Siieiie, sfni of Janie.>< ami Kiiiily 

(Skene) Kennedy of Centrelou, Ont. ; horn Nov. 22, LSO."., at Il.'ddimand, i 

Out. lie is a farmer, livini,', I'.ifiO, at Akron, on a farm of ten acres. ? 

He left home whf-n li fleeii years old and \sent to Lel.'Uid, 111., where lie 'l 

worked in a dnm; store foi' tAvo years, then for a year he workeil on a ; 

farm in New York State and then went to Akron, where he has lived 1 

since. | 

Children, born at Akron : — 

a. Emkuv-J., l)oru Feb. 2, 1S9G; died Feb. 27, 189G. * ' 

b. Jknxik-A., born Feb. 20, 1S97. 

c. Mai{y-A., born Jnly 14, 1^598. 
a. Blytiik, born Feb. 21, 1900. 

bdfk dg. Elizabeth-Evelina, daughter of Alvin (Ezra, Bctlmel, 
Eihcard^ John, Cornelius) and Nancy (Sutler) Waldo; born Sept. 
2], 1844, al Bainl)ri<1ge, Geauga Co., 0. She rnanied, July 5, 1S74, 
at Uniouville, Wieh., Stephen, son of George and Ann-Eliza (Ward) 
Frent of Akron, ]\Iieh. ; born May 3, 1839, at Sterling, N. Y. Mr. 
Freut enlisted in August, 18G4, as private in Co. C, lS4th Regiment 
New York Volunteers, and was discharged in July, 1805. He went 
to Michigan with his father's family and has since lived there. He is 
a farmer. They were living, 1898, at Akron. ^ 

Children of Stephen and Elizabeth-Evelina (Waldo) Frent. Born 
at Akron, I\Iich. : — 

o. Budd-Waldo, born l\Ich. 24, 1877. 
b., born Aug. 7, 1885. 

bdfk fa. Frederick, son of Sanford-Emerson (Ezra, BethueJ, 
Echcarcl, John, Cornelius) and Wealthy-Maria (Spencer) "Waldo; 
born Jan. 4, 1836, at Ellingtou, Conn. ; ^ died Dec. 23, 1898, at 
South Manchester, Conn., of cancer of the throat, "highly respected 
for his sturdy, rugged manhood, his honesty, integrity and geueral 
uprightness." 3 He enlisted Aug. 6, 1862, as wagoner in Company 
H, IGth Regiment Connecticut Volunteers, and served until June 20, 
1866. He was taken prisoner at Plymouth, N. C, Apr. 20, 1864, 
and was imprisoned at Andersonville until September and then at 
Florence, S. C, until ]\rch. 2, 186.5, when he was paroled. He was a 
millwright at South Manchester for the last thirty-five years of his life. 
He married, Feb. 21, 1858, at South Manchester, Jemima-Stecle, 
daughter of Jefferson and IMary (Wakefield) Luce of Enfield, Conn. ; 
born June 29, 1836, at Enfield; died Dec. 4, 1891, at Manchester. "* 

' Recoiil.s of Mr3. Kliz-ihetli-EveUiia ( WaMn) Freut. ' Kllingtoii Records. 
» MaiuUeater Xe>rs, Dec. 30, 1898. « Records of FreUeiick Waldo. 


Children of Frodrtick and Jeuiiin:i-Steele (Luco) Waldo. Boin 
at South Manchester, Conn. : — ■ 
bdfk faa. IlKKi»KKT-Kri;K.NK, born June T., 18C0. 
hdfkfab. AKTUiii-lIr.NKY, born Oct. 23, 1802; died Fob. C, 1887, .it South 

Mancliostcr, umnarriod. lie a machinist, 
bdfk fac. MAt:Y-Ai,iCK, born Apr. 25, 1S07. , ;. ' 

bdfk ff. CKi.iA-.SoriiiA, daughter of Sanford-Emersou (Ezra^ 
BethueU Edicanl, John^ Cornelius) and Weallliy-Maria (Spencer) 
Waldo; born Dec. 30, ISiG, at Ellington, Conn.;^ died Doc. 15, 
1H78, at ^klancliostor, Conn. She married, July 2, 1873, at South 
Manchester, Conn., Lewis-Henry, .«;on of James-Curtis and Racliel 
(Stone) Scranton of Madison, Conn. ; born Jan. 6, lSo4, at Killing- 
worth, Conn. lie was living, 1898, at Hartford, Conn., where he 
was foreman in a paper-mill. Ho married (2), Feb. 22, 1882, at 
Manchester, his fust wife's sistor, Harriet-Jerusha \^hdfkfe^ ; born 
Sept. 12, ISll, at Ellington; died June M, 1884, at Manchester.^ He 
had no children by his second wife.^ 

Children of Lewis-Henry and Celia-Sophia (Waldo) Scranton. 

Born at Manchester, Conn. : — 

a. Wilruk-Lkwis, born Nov. 9, 1874; livni<?, 1900. at Hartford, Conn. He is 
a truvellinu salesman in the paper business. He married, June C, 1899, 
at Hartford, Grace, daughter of Ed\vard-L., and Kevila-Isabelle (Tlionip- 
son) Davis. 

Child :— 
a. WiiXARD-KKXNEin, horn May, 1900. 

6. CKi.iA-Fi.ORnNCK, born Nov. 14, 1878; living, 1898, unmarried, at Hart- 
ford, Conn. She is a stenographer. 

bdf 1 bb. Otis-Silas, son of Otis (Frederick^ BeOiuel, Edtcard, 
John, Cornpliufi) and Sarah (Smith) Waldo; born Jan. 2, 1829, at 
Vevay, Ind. ; died May 18, 1899, at Vcvay, where he had always 
lived. He was a merchant. He married, Oct. 5, 1858, at Cincinnati, 
O., Hester- Ann, daughter of Charles and Dorothy (Boyd) Golden- 
burg of Vevay; born at Vevay.'' 

Children of Otis-Silas and Hester-Ann (Goldenburg) Waldo. Born 
at \'evay, Ind. : — 

bdjl hba. AxxA-DoiiA. born Au-i. 21, 1809; died Oct. 1, 1877, at Vevay. 

hjjl hl,h., born Dec. 22, 18(10; died Dec. 19, 18(12, at Vevay. 

Inlft hbr. Lii.lik-Mav, born Nov. 22, 18G2; married David-T. Ward. Both are 

• KlUiif^toii U''('or<Is. ' Gravc^toiio at Klliiit^ton. 

' Reconls of Mrs. Kiiiily-I):irt(W.ililo) Curtis [//(///;/«/]. ••' ' > '^ 

« Uecordd of Frederick-Jeremiah Waldo \^bdjll>c]. 


) '' 


bdfl hb(L CiiAiu,)-.s-OTis-Sir.AS, horn Fell. 5, Ifiilo. 

biljl bbe. Ki>-\viN-G<)i,i>i:N)5L;iUr, horn Sept. 20, 1SG7. 

bd/llhf. Maugik, born Oct. 4, 1870; died Ocl. 5, 1870, at Vcvay. 

biljl hJiij. May-Ei,i,a, born Dec. 3, 1873; livini,'. 1902, nt Vevny, nunmrried. 

bdfl be. Frkdkuick-Jere.miaii, sou of Otis (Frcderirlc^ Bethucl, 
Edward., John., ComeUus) aiul Sarah (Smith) Waldo; born Jan. 25, 
1S31, at Vevay, Ind. He married, Doc. 15, 1S52, at Cincinnati, O., 
Martha-Jane, daugliter of Benjamin and Margaret (Lawrence) Egels- 
ton of Covington, Ky. ; l)oi-n May 31, 1831, at Latonia Springs, Ky. 
They are living, lt)02, at Risingsun, Ind. Mr. Wahlo is proprietor 
and editor of the Ttist'ng Sun Recorder, a weekly newspaper of general 
circulation in Risingsun, in Ohio County and in the surrounding 

Children of Fredcricic- Jeremiah and Martha- Jane (Egelston) 
Waldo. Horn at Veva}-, Tud. : — 

bdfl ben., born Nov. 20, 1853; unmarried, 1902. 
bdflbcb. Joux-Frkdkuick, born Mch. 21, 1S5C; died July 3, 1888, at Mont- 
gomery, Ala. 

bdfl hcc. Martha, born Jan. 5, IS.oS. She married, Jan. 12, 1808, at Ri.'^insjsun, 
Emerson-Bennett, son of John-Stran<re and Mariah (lleei)) Kockafellar 
of Brookville, Ind.; born Jan. 3, 1858, at Cedar Grove, Ind. They are 
living, 1902, at Risingsun. He is a tinner. 

bdn bed. Id, born Mch. 21, ISHO. 

bdfl bee. Wii.i.iam-White, born Mch. 4, 18G4. 

bdfl bcf. May, born Oct. 15, 18G6; died Nov. 19, 18G7. 

bdflbcfj. OxiS-BLKDSOE, born Feb. 22, 1809. He married, Oct. 2G, 1900, at 
Vevay, Mary, daughter of George- Welby and Reljccca (Culbertson) Van 
Felt of Vevay; born Feb. 7, 1875, at ^ioorefield, Ind. They are living, 
1902, at Ghent, Ky. He is a newspaper publisher. 

bdfl bch. SARAn, born Aug. 27, 1871 ; living, 1902, unmarried. 

bdfl bci. MARGAiiET-EGiir.sTON, born Aug. IC, 1874; died same day. 

bdfl bcj. Jkssir, born Dec. 16, 1875. 

bdia do. Henry, son of David-Ripley (Cyprian, Zacheus, Ed- 
ward, John, Cornelh(.<i ) am} Deborah (Clark) Waldo; born Feb. 18, 
1805, at Hudson, N. Y. ; died Mch. 12, 188S, at Hudson of apoplexy 
and is there buried. Of a roving nature and fond of adventure, he 
ran away to sea at the age of fifteen and pursued a sailor's life until 
he was forty years of ago. His adventures were many and thrilling; 
the rescue by him with four others of his crew, he being then a mate, 
of the captain, his wife and three children, and the crew of an English 
brig in the midst of a frightful gale, was properly acknowledged by 
the British Board of Admiralty by presenting Waldo and his crew 

» Reconls of Erederick-Jereiuiali Waklo. 


with £'100. For two rl;iyo. niid tliroo niLrlils, at anollifr timo, ho and 
seven coiiipanioiis, wrecked in the Athtnlic Ocean, sat on the laffrail 
of their ship with the sea constantly washin^^ over them awaiting 
death, from which they were finally saved hy a passing vessel. 

He rose to be captain of the ship " Orbit," ])ut, soon after, retired, 
married and settled at Hudson where, for a while, he engaged in mer- 
cantile pursnits until the gold fever in California led him and fifty-four 
others to form a company to sail for the land of gold. A vessel, the 
bark " Monsam," was purchased and Waldo was elected its captain 
and treasuicr of the company. They had a prosperous voyage to 
San Francisco, where the company disbanded. Waldo remained in 
California eighteen months, was elected associate judge of Eldorado 
County, opened the first court there and was prominently identified 
with that county. Poor health, however, induced him to return to 
the East. Soon after his return to Hudson, he was elected sheriff of 
Columbia County, N. Y., being the only republican on the ticket who 
was elected. June 23, 1S70, he was appointed inspector of customs 
at New York City. 

He married, Feb. 10, 1845, at Hudson probably, Sarah, daughter 
of John and Maria (Webb) Heath of Hudson; born Dec. A, J 822, at 
Hudson; died July 25, IS'JO, at Hudson.' 

Children of Henry and Sarah (Heath) Waldo. Born at Hudson, 
N. Y. :— 

bdia dca. Jank-Ei.iza, born Mcli. 17, 184G. 

hdia deb. Gkokge-Cj.akk, horn Mch. 5, 1848; died Dec. 30, 1809, at Mount 
Vernon, N. Y.'^ " When he was eii^hteen years old he entered r, business 
college, and after a short course of instruction set out for New York 
City. He was tlrst employed with Rail, Black & Co., jewellers, but after 
a while secured a place in the old Equitable Saviiii^s Bank, at 'i' 
and Sixth-ave. Mr. Waldo was soon made secretary of the bank, and 
served in that capacity while John DcWitt was president. Mr. DeWitt a 
few years later was made president of the Excelsior Bank and merited 
the E(piitable into the ncAv institution, t:ikir)<i: Mr. Waldo with hinfas 
secretary. At the death of President lleWitt Mr. Waldo succeeded him 
as president, and was at that time, it is said, the youniiest bank pre.sident 
in the State, being less than thirty-one years old. He carried tlie institu- 
tion through several panics with succes.s. Mr. Waldo enjoyed the repu- 
tation of lieing a slnewd fuiancier, and was associated Avith a number of 
business enterprises. II<'. was interested in a numlier of insurance com- 
panies and was a member of the Mrm of E. L. Post & Co., oil merchants 
at 10 Peck Slij) until that firm dissolved in 1X97. He was a member of a 
Masonic lodge and of the .Maidiattan, Democratic, Phoenix and Larchmont- 
Yacht Clubs." ^ He has lived in New York Citv, Brooklvn. Grand View 
and Mount Vernon. He married, Oct. 10, bS74, at Wallinu'rurd, Conn., 
Florence-Adelaide Post of Westl)rook, Conn. Her mothcr'was a Bush- 
iiell. They had no children, but adopted a son, Willard-Clark AValdo. 

'" in Ainoiii-a," pi). 131-133: Reeonl.s of Mrs. J.-xne-Eliza (Waldo) Huilaon 
H'lliailvu]. ' Ac w lurk Kienhi'j I'ost, Dec. HO, ISOO. ^ >fe\ notice. 


bdia drc. Dnr.ORAii, born Fob. 27, 1857. She married, Dec. 11, 1895, at Mount 
Vernon, N. Y., baron von Grave; born Sc|)l. 
1, 1858, at Riresbom, near Gerolstcin, Prussia. He is the son of P'ricd- 
ricli-Wilhelm-Mortinicr baron von Grave by his wife Friederica-Rosalia 
Knair, and is descended from one of the okl military families of Prussia. 
He married (Ij, Gabriclle-Dalton Sweet; born July 4, 1^(13; died July 1.''., 
180;'., at Wallinaford, C^onn., by whom he had two children. .Mr. Von 
Grave was educated at the rrnssian military academy and became a lieu- 
tenant in the Pnissian army, hut, after the Tiirco-.Austrian war in which lie 
was wounded, he devoted himself to study of the (hie arts, atteudiTiij;, for 
this j)urpose, the L'uiversity at Bonn and the IJoyal Academy at Munich. 
After extensive travels he opened a stuilio at Munich, and liis llrst picture, 
" Hunting Scene," now adorns the private royal callcry of Bavaria. 
Comin;; to Ameriea on a visit, he decided to remain here and opened a 
studio in New York. He soon became interested in industrial art and has 
devoted liimself entirely to that branch of his profession. He was in 
1890 in charire of the art department of H. L. Judd &Co., at their factory 
in Wallinsrford, Conn. He has no children by his second wife.' 

bdia dcd. H.^riukt, born Nov. 10, 18C0. 

bdic ac. Ckch., sou of Lyuian (John, Zacheua, EfJward, John, 
Cornelius) and Abigail (Smith) Waldo; born Mcb. 18, 1804, at 
]'>biie«ton, N. Y. ; died at Portage, N. Y. He lived at Portage, 
wliere be was a manufacturer of chairs, but removed to Litchfield, 
Hillsdale Co., Mich., where he was living in 1875. He married, Feb. 
12, 1821t, at Portage, Cornelia, daughter of Whiting and Eunice 
(Winchester) Smith of Pawlet, Vt. ; born May 15, 1808, at Pawlet.2 

Children of Cecil and Cornelia (Smith) Waldo. Boru at Portage, 
N. Y. :— 

bdic (tea. Emmali-nk, born Feb. 10, 18;U ; died Feb. 20, 1831. 

bdic acb. Maky-Jani:, born .\ug. 29, 1882. '" ,. 

bdic ace. SAUAii-ArGUSTA, born July 3, 1830. 

bdic acd. BunDKTT-SMiTii, born June 25, 1840. 

bdic ace. ELMinA-DKLriiKNK, born Oct. 3, 1844; died Apr. 5, 1874, at Litch- 

lield, Midi., unmarried. 
bdic acf. EuGEXE-HAiiVKV, born May 15, 1847. 

bdic ad. Horatio-Nelsox, son of Lyman (John, Zacheus, Ed- 
v.ard, John, Cornelius) and Abigail (Smith) ^\''aldo ; boru Feb. 21, 
l^OG. at Edmeston, N. Y. ; died Sept. 18, 1805, at Arcade, N. Y. 
He lived near Portageville, N. Y., where he was engaged in the wool- 
carding and Avool-dressing business and in the manufacture of woolens. 
He married, Oct. 8, 1829, at China, Genesee Co., N. Y., now 
Aicade, Wyoming Co., Eunice, daughter of Samuel and Polly 
(Hardy) Upham of Arcade; born Apr. 2, 1815, at Rushford, Alle- 
gany Co., N. Y. ; died Feb. 8, 1899, at Arcade.3 -x...-'^, „. ,• ,. 

• Ufoords of Lothav-AlcxaiKler-Mortiiner vun Grave. 
' " WaM(.^ ill .VmLTioa," p.bT: Uecoid.s ol Uuv. Milton Walilo [hdhb!]. 
» Kcords of Almira-Tiacy ( Walilo) Hitchcock [bdicade]; Kuv. Miltou Waldo [hdicld]; 
C'harJcs-Kdward 'NVaUlo [bdadaJjaa]. 

592 WALDO GENEALOGY. [bdicad 

ChildnMi of Honiliu-Nclson and Eunice (Upham) Waldo. Born at 
Arcade, N. Y. : — 

bdic ada. Si.mkon-Smit}?, horn Nov. 8, 1832. 

bdic adb. Sa.mi'kl-Uimiam, boru Oct. 16, IS^U. 

bdic adc. Kunick-Louisa, boru May 13, 1837. 

bdic add. L()Vkj{i:tt-Hokatiu, boru Mch. 30, 1841. 

bdic ad n. Ai,mika-Tkacy, born Sept. 2, I8J3; livin;:, 18'J0, at Arcade. She 
married, Sept. IT), 1867, at Arcade, Charlcs-Oranize, .son of Orange and 
Mercy (Brown) HiLclicock of Arcade; born July 3, 1841, at Arcade; 
died Mch. 2, 1884, at Arcade. He was a merchant. No children. 

bdic adf. CiiAKLKS-Touuy, boru Dec. 12, 1847. 

bdic ag. JoHN-L, son of Lyman (John, Zacheus, Edward, 
John, Corncliusj and Abigail (Smith) Waldo; born Apr. 16, 1811, 
at Edincston, N. Y. ; died Sept. 7, 1894, at Portageville, N. Y., on 
the old ^Valdo farm. He learned chair-making of his brother Cecil, 
lived at Newark Valley, X. Y., but later removed to Portageville and 
lived with his father. He married, Mch. 28, 1837, at Berkshire, 
N. Y., Mary, daught<3r of Josiah and Lucy (Leonard) liall of Berk- 
shire; born July 9, 1815, at Berkshire ; died May 13, 1887, at Port- 

Child of Johu-L and Mary (Ball) Waldo. Boru at Portageville, 
N. Y.: - 
bdic aga. Fk.anxks-Collixs, born May 11, 1842. 

bdic ah. Estiip:i:, daughter of Lymau (John, Zacheus, Edward, 
John, Cornelius J and Abigail (Smith) Waldo; boru Dec. 1, 1812, 
at Edmeston, N. Y. She married, Feb. 14, 1838, at West Newark, 
N. Y., Herbert, sou of William (Vinton, William, William, Stephen, 
Sanmel) aud Millie (Capron) Richardsou of Attleboro, Mass. ; born 
Mch. 20, 1810, at Attleboro; died Dec. 28, 1883,2 at West Newark. 
His widow removed to Attleboro in 1883, and was living there, 1898.3 

Children of Herbert aud Esther (Waldo) Richardson, Born at 
West Newark, N. Y. : — 

a. Mauv-Hklkn, born Dec. 5, 1842; married, Feb. 28, 1871, at West Newark, 
Albion-TIastincs, son of Lymau aud Lucia-Experiencc (Ila.'^tinir.s) Wat- 
kins; horn June 20, iyi.j. They lived at West Newark until 1873, when 
they removed to AtUeltoro, Mass., where they were living in 1SD9. lie 
has been a farmer and hotel keeper. They have no children.* 

» Iteconls of Rev. .Milton Waldo [bdicbl], ami Mrs. Frances-CoUius (Waldo) Di^hop 
■ " lli.stuiical Gazftteor of Tiopa County " says l)orn Feb. 13, 1811 ; died 1882. 
' Kccorda of Mrs. K.sther (Waldo) Uidianlson. 
* Uocord.s of Mrs. Mary-Helen (Richardson) Watkins. 


/) Fj:ki)-Wai,i>o, born Fob. Ifl, \y.\r>. Ik- iimrriod (1), Feb. IG, 1870, al New- 
ark Valley, N'. V., Mary-Eli/ahelli, daiiLciiler of Saimiel-SmiLh CJd/ulj and 
Jenislia (Harmon) Watson of Newark Valley; born Sept. 3, Im4L', at 
Newark Valley: dicil Jnly 17, l.s;i5, at Owetco, N. Y. lie married (2), 
June 24, IsjC, at Owejxo, I'iiebe-Caroline Watson, sister of his tirst wife; 
boru Sept. 27, I8}-1, at Newark Valley; livini:, i:»01. Mr. Kiehardson 
was a farmer and travelling salesman until IS'.tu, living at Newark Val- 
ley, where he .served as supervisor from 18'.'2-!)1. He was cleeled couniy 
clerk in IMM, and a;iain in ls;)7 and TJUU. He removed to Owej,'o in 18Do, 
and was residing there iu 1901.' 

Children, by first wife, born at Newark Valley:— 
"■ I Twin uoy.?, born Jan. 2G, 1878; died within a few days. 

c. Gkojjoe-Wat.sox, born Meti. 18, 1879; died Feb. 27, 1881. 

d. Sl'san-Emklink, born Nov. 17, 1881. 

e. Samukl-IIkkbeut, born Sept. 14, 1883; died Dec. 30, 1888. 

bdic aj., son of L^'inau (John, Zacheics, E'hrarrJ, 
John, Cornelius) and Abigail (Sniitli) Waldo; boru Apr. 9, 1815, 
at Edmeston. N. Y. ; died July 9, 1879, at West Troy, N. Y. He 
had no middle name, but adoi)lcd the initial "B" to distinguish him- 
self from his father. He is, however, sometimes called " Lyman- 
Biles." He graduated at Hamilton College, 1811, then attended 
the Auburn, N. Y., Theological School, was admitted into the 
Presbyterian minibtry, and was actively connected with that min- 
istry until 18G3. He was settled at Huron, Centerville and Eaton, 
N. Y. In 18G3, his health no longer permitting him to continue his 
ministerial duties, he became a member of the Homoeopathic iMcdical 
College of Cleveland, 0., and practiced his new profession at Adams and 
Oswego, N. Y., and afterwards resided with his sou at West Troy 
until his death, being an invalid most of the time. He was a mem- 
ber of the Troy Presbytery, the State Medical Society, and the 
Homoiopathic Medical Society of northern New York. 

He man-ied, July 8, 1847, Mary-Smith, daughter of Philip and 
Lucy (Douglas) McEntee of Whitestown, Oneida Co., N. Y. ; born 
Sept. 23, 1821, at Whitestown; died Oct. 21, 1891, at Troy, N. Y.2 

Children of Lyman-B and I\[ary-Smith (^IcEntce) Waldo. Born, , 

a, c at ^\''hitcstown, N. Y. ; h at Centerville, N. Y. ; d at IMorrisvillc, li 

N. Y.:— i 

bdic aja. ALin:uT-Bui:GESS, born May 9, 1845; died Feb. 23, 1854. '" ' "' 
bdic ajb. LANsiNG-IIowAiin, boru Sept. 13, 1852. lie has been known since 
early manhood as " IIowakd-Lansing." 

' Kecorils of Krotloiick- Waldo RicIiardsDii. 

» Uecorils of L;iiisin,:;-JIowanl Waldu [bdicajO]: " bonj;las Genealogy," i>. 'iOi 


591 WALDO GKNEALOGY. [mi>icaj 

bdir.aji:. MKinw.iM-Drr.os, l.oni \\vj.. '.), IH.".'",; living, \x'Jl , at Clarks Mills, 
N. Y., uiiiiinriiod. He coniniciiccd practici; as a cieiilist at Lnn.-:iiijj:burg, 
N. Y.. in 1877, hut abaiuloiu'd lliat profession and bt'canic a farmer. 

hdic ajd. Lii.i.ii;, born Si'pt. 30, ISOl ; livings lb97, at Troy, N. Y., unmar- 
ried. Slic is a school leaclicr. " Douglas Geuealo'jy," p. 202, calls her 
" Lillian." 

bdic ak. Geokgk-Fhkdeuick, sou of Lyman (John, Zacheiis, 
EdfoanU John, Cornclin.'iJ and Abigail (Smith) Waldo; born Apr. 
17, 1817,' at Edmcstou, N. Y., probably; died Apr. 21, 1891, at 
Wavt'ily, N. Y. He was a druggist and lived at Waverly. He 
married, Oct. o, IS.'J.S, at Newark Valley, N. Y., Hauuah, daughter 
of William and IMillie (Capron) Richardson of Attleboro, Mass.; 
born Sept. 13, 181:3, at Attleboro. She was living, 1898, at Waver- 
ly. Mr. Waldo was, for many years, an elder in the Prcsl)yterian 

Childi-cn of George-Frederick and Hannah (Ivichardsou) Waldo. 
Born, a at Kushford, N. Y. ; b, c at Vanettcn, N. Y. ; cZ-/at Fac- 
toryville, N. Y. : — 

bdic aka. Apklaidk-Loulsa, born l\Ich. 22, 1841; married Louis-Talcott 
Waldo. See hdii/cd. 

hdicakb. Amelia-Elizakkth, born Oct. IS, 18i4 ; died Feb. 16, 1846, at Van- 

bdic akc. CuAULKS-Fr.EDKKiCK, born Apr. G, 1847; died July 12, 1840, at Fac- 

bdic akd. Wu-liam-Elukjit, born IMcli. 14, 1S51; died Jan. 31, 1853, at West 
Newark, N. Y. 

bdic ake. Chakluttk-Ehzabktu, born Apr. 21, 1853. 

bdic akf. FitANK-lIicnALDSON, born .Tau. 31, 185G. 

bdic al. Ar-iGAiL-SMiTii, daughter of Lyman (John, Zacheus, 
EiJv.ard^ John, Cornelius) and Abigail (Smith) Waldo; boru July 6, 
1820, at Berkshire, Tioga Co., N. Y. ; living, 1899, at ^Varren Center, 
Pa. She married (1), Meh. 4, 181G, at Candor, N. Y., ^Villiam, son 
of Levi and Hannah (Brown) Delaud of West Newark, N. Y. ; died 
Nov. 17, 1857, at Fairport, N. Y. He was a boatman on the Erie 
Canal, and later a mauufacturer r)f saleratus. She married (2), Feb. 
8, 18G0, at Maine, liroouie Co., N. Y., Stiles, son of Timothy and 
Martha (Peck) McCoy of West Newark; boru Feb. 2, 1820, in 
Otsego Co., N. v.; died May 5, 1897, :it West Newark. He was a 
farmer. 3 

« KtTonis of Mrs. (".eoipe-Frcvltrick Wahio sny 1816. 

- Rucorils ol' .Mrs. c;eorg;e-l"re(lfrii'k Wiililo. 

' ItecorUa of Mrs. Alii^;ail-.Suiitli ( Wnlilo) McCoy. 

I * v. 


Cliildron of William and AMuail-Sniilli (Waldo) Dclaiid. Born, 
a, b, (I at Fail-port, N. Y. ; c at Wecdsport, N. Y. : — . i 

a. ITAKKiiM-T.orisF,, born .\n<x. ao, 1848. She innrriet] (1), Jan. 20, ISOS, at 

Newark Valley, N. Y., Ainf)s, son of Jcsso uiid Iliirrict (^iJntf.s) Brooks 
of Maine, N. Y. ITo was a farnif-r, livinir nl Maine. SIk.- married (2), 
Auix. 8, 1S72, Iluliert-IUanvoisin, .'^on of liev. Jolin and Jane (Corkinan) 
Iveson of WakofiuUl, Entcland; liorn July 1, 18:58, at West. Grolon, Yoiup- 
kins Co., N. Y. He was formerly a teachei- but later a fain)er, livinir, 
1899, at Warren Center, Pa.' 

Children, by first husband, born, a at Maine; h at West Newark:— 
a. Gi.KXNiK. born Dec. 2, 1S08. 
■■ ' b. Albert, born May 2G, 1870. 

By second hnsband, born at Warren Center: — 

c. J.\NK, born July 9, 1873. 

d. Willia.m-Dki-.vnd, born Mch. 29, 1874; died Sept. in, 1887. 

e. M.\Ky-Ai>Ki,LK, born Feb. 19, 1887. 

b. Mauion-.^dklli:, born Jan. 5, 1851. She married, ^Tch. 27. 1877, at Wel- 

tonville, N. Y., Jasjier, son of Daniel-Wheeler and Emma (Walkins) 
Robertson of Pike, N. Y. ; born Feb. 28, 18;")], at Pike. Mr. Pvobertson 
was bronprht up on_ a farm and worked at farmintr nntil 1884, toacliimr 
school during the winters. He was postmaster of Pike from 1885 to 
1889. Has been enicaged in high school work since 1SS7. lie was for 
three years professor of mathematics and Latin in JMke Seminary, for 
two years principal o'i the High School in Perry, O., ami for sevenvcars 
principal of the commeroial de!>artment of the Plattsburgh, N. Y.,'Hi2:h 
School, lie received the deurcc of l-.achelor of Philosophy at Alfred 
University in June, 1897. They were livinir, 1899, at Plallsbnrgh, N. Y. 
No children.' 

c. Amcf-Apaline, born Apr. 19, 1853. She married, Nov. 28, 1877. at Owego, 

Tioya Co., N. Y., Olis-Elisha, son of Elisha-Ivcs and Mary (UH'ord) 
Bradley of Union, Broome Co., N. Y.; born Oct. 2, 18.12. at Union. Pie 
is a farmer. They were living, 1899, at Binghamton, N. Y.^ 

Cliildren, born at Owego : — 

a. Katk-Peaki., born Oct. 4, 1S78. 

b. Mauy-Abby, born Dec. G, 1879. 

d. EvA-IsAB?:r,LE, born Jan. 21, 185G. She married, July 2, 1874, at Warren, 

Pa., Wallon-ITenry, son of Abel-Franklin and BetsV-v (Johnson) Galpiu 
of Weltouville, N. Y.; born Dec. 10, 1852, at Fairfield, N. Y. They were 
living, J 901, at Clifton, Okla. He is a farmer.^ 

Children, born, a-r at Wcltouvillc; /at Rnshville, Neb.; g at Cokeville, 
Wy. ; h at J^nlton, Kan. : — 

a. L\A, born Dec. 10, 187G. 

b. Lf.ox-Victoi:, lioru Feb. 15, 1879; died May 24, 1880. 

c. Cakl-IIaukoi.I), born Mch. 28, 1881. 

d. Mahiox-.Vdf.i.i., born Jnly 2, 1883. 

e. 0i:ix-ViCT0i{, born Jan. 25, 188G. 

/. Ai.iCE-LouiSK, born Nov. 14, 1889. ^ '" ■'• • i • . 

g. Fkank-Simkox, born Jnne 15, 1893. V , 

h. Br.TSKY-ISABKi.LA, bom Nov. 3, 189C. 

' RecorUs of lliitHTt-lJfaiui.iain Iveson. - Ta'corits of Mr.s. .Miirion Adille UolnaUon. 
» Rcconta of Mrs. Aliee-A.hilinc l?ra<ney. « Records of Mrs. Kx-i-lsahollp (lalpin. 

59G WALDO GP:NEA1-()(;Y. [bdicba 

bdic ba. Kf-nssklaku-John, sou of John (John^ Z(tcJiens, Ed- 
ward, John, Cornelius) uiid I'olly (Kicli) Waldo; l)orn Jnn. 2G, 1799, 
at Clicrry Vallej', N. Y.; diod Mch. 28, 1870, at Berkshire, N. Y. 
lie lived with liis grandfatlicr Rich at Cherry Valley until sixteen years 
old, and then went to live with his father at Beikshire, now Newark 
Valley, N. Y. He was a farmer, and cleared the farm on which he 
lived of its native He married, June 13, 1822, at Berkshire, 
Eunice-Parsons, ilanuhler of Levi and Electa (Lyman) Brand) of 
Richmond, Mass.; born Mch. 1, 1800, at Richmond; died Jan. 24, 
1875, at Berkshire.^ 

Children of Rensselacr-John and Eunice-Pursons (Branch) ^Valdo. 
Born at Berkshire, N. Y. : — . ■ • ; ; • ■ 

hdic ban. Er.i/.AUKTH-.Joxr.s, born Apr. 1, 1824; died May 15, 1842, unmarried. 

bdicbab. Koi;kkt-Emmkt, horu Dec. 21, 1S27; died Sept. 20, 1.89:^, at Berk- 
shire. II<^ was a fanner, liviuij at Berk:>bire. He married, Dec. 31, 
1852, at Preston. N. Y., lC^^tber-Salin^l Nicbolson; born Nov. 22, 1825; 
died Oct. 2'J, Ibilo, at Berksliire. No children. 

bdicbac. M.Miv-EnzARKrn, born Sept. 29, 1831; died Dec. 14, 1807, at Berk- | 

shire. She married (1), Oct. la, lb53, at Berksliire, Wasliiui^lon Harris. j 

He was a farmer, livinir at Berksliire, wliere he died Eel). 25, 1885, ac;ed j 

5G years. She raanied (2), Welliuiitou Harris, a nephew of her lirst ; 

husliand. He was killed by an explosion. She \iad no children by either 

bdic bb. Orson, son of John (Jolin^ Zachevs, Edward, John, 
Cornelius) and Betsey (Clark) Waldo; born Mch. 17, 1802, at Ed- 
meston, N. Y''. ; died Dec. 24, 1871, at IMoravia, N. Y., and is buried 
at Newark Valley, N. Y'. Soon after his marriage he went with his 
family to Portage, N. Y., where he engaged in business, which he 
finally abandoned on account of ill health, and returned to Tioga 
Count}-, of which and Tompkins and Cayuga Counties he was a resi- 
dent until his death. He was a millwright of much repute, and built 
the great bridge over tlie Susquehanna River at Hoopers Valley, N. Y'. 
He married, Sept. 23, 182.'), his cousin Lydia \_hdicab'], daughter of 
Lyman and Abigail (Smith) Waldo of Portageville, N. Y'. ; born ^lay 
25, 1802, at Edmeston; died Jlay 4, 1883, at Wyalusing, Bradford 
Co., ]^a. Li early life she taught scliool for several terms with 
considerable success. She was a devoutly religious Avoman and a 
member of the Congregational Church in Berkshire, N. Y"., now 
Newark ^'alle3', and is buried there l^eside her husband. 

> Kccords of Kov. Milton Waklo [bdicb!]. 


Children of Orson nnd Lydin (Waldo) W.-ddo.' P.oru, a, b at 
rorlaj^e, N. Y. ; r, d at Newark Valley, N. Y. : — 

bdic bba. Li'Cirs-Ai.-NiA, born Nov. 21, 1827. . ,.•: 

bdic bbb. AuTHot-TArrAN, born Feb. 24, bS32. 
bdic bbc. liKGiNAi.n-rrKiu'.K, born Oct. 5, IS.".!"). 
bdic bbd. Hkk«kkt-Eugknk, born Aug. 20, 18;19. 

bdic be. Polly, daughter of John (John, Zarheus, Edtrard, 
Jo/ni, Corneltufi) and Betsey (Chirk) Waldo; born Jan. 2, 180-1, at 
Edineston, N. Y. ; died May 22, 1S41, at Newark Valley, N. Y. 
She married, Feb. IG, 1824, at Newark Valley, Elijah, son of Josoj-ih 
and Lucy (Hall) Belcher of Newark Valley ; 2 born June 15, 1800, at 
Preston, Conn. ; 3 died Dec. 11, 1872,-i at Newark Valley. He wa.s 
at first in the wool-carding business, then took up lumbering and tan- 
ning, but finally settled at Newark Valley and became a painter. ^ lie 
married (2), Deliverance Church; born Apr. 25, 1814; died Mcli. 11, 
1844, by whom he had two children : a son, born July 13, 1842, died 
Aug. 12, 1842; Adelbert-C, born June 22, 1843, died Nov. 20, 
18(31. c He married (3), Catharine-S. Quackenbush; born Sept. 8, 
1819; died May IG, 1877."? 

Children of Elijah and Polly (Waldo) Belcher. ^ Born at Newark 
Valley, N. Y. : — 

a. A i^os, born Jan. 7, 1828; died unuaiued. 

h. Sr.-^AN, born Feb. 1«, 1829; married May 23, 1871, ,it Ilarmonv, Pa., Edwin- 
Yale, son of Diodatus (Asahel) and Emily (Bement) Koyce'of Berl^shire, 
N. y. Tliey went to Iowa. 

Child, born at Aplingtou, la. :— 

a. Edwin-Elijah, born Sept. 24, 1872; died same day. 

c. EDWiN-DKwrrT, horn Feb. 27, 1830; died Jnly r>, 1830. 

d. Edwin-Dwkuit, born Aug. 2, 1831. He went to Appleton, Wis. He was 

never married. 

c. A DAiiGHTKR, bom Aug., 18.34; died unnamed. 
/. DkWitt-Clinton, born Sept. 10, 183G; died Mch. 28, 1837. 
</. Jank-Bi;owx, born July 4, 1838; died Aug. 24, 1S7G, at Aplingtou, la., 

A. Joiix-Waldo, born Jan. 12. 1841; Hviu^, 1808, at Newark Valley, N. Y. 
He i.s a painter. He married. July 18, 1.S72, at Owego, N. Y., Mary-.Vnn, 
daughter of Michael and Mary (Fitzgerald) Kyan of Owego; boni .Mch.' 
10, 1S4G, at OwcLCO. 


' Records of Uev. Milton W.aldo [iHJUUy, tind Howaril-Lausiiig W.1I1I0 [InUcajh]. 

' lU'i-onls of Hcv. Milton Waldo [hdirU!]. 

' Treston Records. * Gravestone at Newark Valley. 

' Reeonts of Rev. }\Iiltou >\'aldo [bdichl]. » Gravestones at Newark Valley. ' Jbld. 

' Records of Rev. Jlillon AValdo. 

598 WALDO GENEALOGY. [buicb. 

Children, born at Newark Vallo^' : — 
a. Adelbkut-Evkkktt, born Oct 20, 1873. 
6. Edna-May, born Oct. 12, 1^75. 

c. Haury-Elijah, born May 7, 1877. 

d. Bessie-Tkkkssa, bora Oct. 27, 1878. -'' '•'■'': ' ' 

e. Robp:rt-Waldo, boru Mch. 14, 1883. ! , f 

bdic bd. Emma, daughter of John (John, Zacheus, Edminl. 
John, Cornelins) and Betsey (Clark) Waldo; born Feb. 6, ISOG, a: 
Edmestou, N. Y. ; died Feb. 11, 1880, at Newark Valley, N. Y. Sh,' 
married Jan. 4, 1827, at Newark Valley, JuUus-Hopkin.s, son of 
Phineas (Moses, Samuel, Savuiel, John, Edii-ard) and Sarah (Royt-f) 
Spaulding of Newark Valley; born Aug. 13, 1805, at New IMarlhoni, 
Mass.; died Dec. 18, 188G, at Newark Valley, where he had livul. 
He was a miller of flour all his life.' 

("hildren of Julius Hopkins and Elmma (Waldo) Spaulding. liurii 
at Newark Valley, N. Y. : — 

a. A SOX, born Nov. 22, 1^27. 

6. Martha, born Mch. 5, 1829; dieci Nov. 30, IsGi, at Newark Valley; mir 
ried Jan. 7, 1858, at Newark Valley, William-Henry Davey. 

Child, born at Newark Valley : — 

a. Chakles-Hrnry, born Nov. 14, I8G4 ; living, 1898, at Newark 

c. A SOX, born Nov. 17, 1839. . ■'■ ~ 

bdic bf. Clark, son of John (John, Zacheus, Edioard, Join, 
Cornelius) and Betsey (Clark) Waldo ; born May 19, 1810, at Edin.>- 
ton, N. Y. ; died May 18, 1853,2 ^t President, Venango Co., Pa. Il 
married, Dec. 1, 1831 at Berkshire, now Newark Valley, N. ^ - 
Harriet, daughter of Joseph and Lucy (Hall) Belcher of Berkshin: 
born Sept. 3, 1812, at Berkshire; died Aug. lu, 1895, at Grove City. 
Mercer Co., Pa. They lived at Newark Valley, but removed to Ptiin 
sylvauia after 1840, and settled first at Burlington and later at Pro- • 
dent. Mrs. Waldo married (2), Nov. 10, Ls57, at President, RoIkt; 
Hyner; born Nov. 7, 1813, at Jersey Shore, Lycoming Co., V'^' 
died Feb. 2, 188G, at Vineland, N- J.^ 

Children of Clark and Harriet (Belcher) Waldo. Born, a-d at 
Newark Valley, N. Y. ; e at Burlington, Pa. ; /, y at President, Pa. ■" 

bdic bfa. Li;cy-Maria, born Oct. 27, 1832. 
bdic bfb. Pharf.z-Gekden, born Oct. 25, 1835. 

' Family Bible of Charles- Henry Davey [hiriclxlha ] : " Spaulding Memorial," p. 

* Rev. Milton WaUlu [Odicl-I] says 1^51. 

» Kecordd of rUarez-Gercleu Waldo [bdicli/O], 

,i.'<\ / • -':;;; ■ci/ 


f !.f.' : 

V ■ 

m.icui] SEVKN']'iI GENERATION. ' 509 

bdic bfc. Dr.WiTT-BKi.CHKi:, born Mch. 9, 1837. ,.- ^ .. 

bdic bfd. Ei>GAK, born Jan. 21), 1840. 

bdic bfe. roi.r.Y-Kicii, born Fob. 10, 1843. <\ 

bdic bff. .MAi:Y-Eu7,Ai5ETir, born July 2, 184G. jj 

bdic bfg. IIai:kikt, born Aug. 15, 1851. <' 



bdic bg. Lyman-Llewellyn, son of John (Jolni, ZachcAis, Ed- 'j' 

vxird, John, Cornelius) and Betsey (Clark) Waldo; born Feb. 6, -; 

1S12, at Edmcston, N. Y. ; died ISGS (?), at Spriiigficld, Mo. He *' 
was a painter and turner, living first at Newark Valley, N. Y., but ^ ; 

later removed to Union, N. Y., Pittsburg, Pa., Klizabcthtown, Ivy., I 
Muncic, Jnd., and llnally to Missouri, lie married, June, ISoG, at 

Newark Valley, Grace-Ann, daughter of Timothy and Polly [or j 

Phebe] (Bradley) Andrus of North Haven, Conn., and after 18.115 of *j 

Newark Valley; born Oct. 14, 1812, at North Haven probably; died i 

Mch. 25, 181)7, at Muncie.i j 

Children of Lyman-Llewellyn and Grace-Ann (Andrus) AValdo. 
Born, a, Z* at Newark Valley, N. Y. ; c at Pittsburg, Pa. ; d at f^liza- 
bethlown, Ky. ; e at Muncie, Ind. : — 

bdic br/a. Cuakles-Stanley, died young. 

bdicb<jb. Oeive-Augusta, born Apr. 2'J, 1840; married Apr. 1, 18G0, at 

ftluncie, G.-W. CoAving of ilnncic. They removed to Washinj^tou, i 

D. C., and the marriiige proving unhappy tliey separated. She Avas at i 

one time employed in the Pension Office. No children. i 

bdic bgc. William-Fexx, born Sept. 28, 1845. '{ 

bdic ftijd. IIenuy-Ci.ay. lie was in the U. S. Army during the war of the '! 

Kebellion and Avas afterwards employed in the armory at Indianapolis, '! 

lud. He married at Muncie, Nannie Bell. y, 

bdic bge. Katy'-Beli., born Nov. 17, 1853. *! 

bdic bg/. A CHILD, died young. . »} 

bdic bgri. A ciULP, died young. ^ . • i .^ ■ ■ , <. , 

bdic bi. Aebert-Gallatix, son of John (John, Zachcns, Ed- 
ward, John, Cornelius) and Betsey (Clark) Waldo; born Aug. 2, | 

1815, at Berkshire, now Newark Valley, N. Y. ; died May 4, 1873, 
at Milwaukee, Wis. He learned the millwright trade under bis brother 
Olson, but later became a machinist at Ithaca, N. Y. His health i 

failing, he went to Wisconsin to live with his brother Charles, and ' 

liuaily settled at Milwaukee, where he became foreman for Seville & 
Decker, manufacturers of machinery, lie married May 17, lS4r), at 
Marcellus, N. Y., Saraii-Diana, daughter of Alvah and Phenia (Law- 
rence) Kennedy of Marcellus; born June 14, 1S19, at Marcellus. 
She was living, 18iiS, at Milwaukee with her daughter.^ . 

> KLM-orrls of Ucjv. Milton Waldo [lulirhl]; The family recoriJs arc destroyed. 
» Kccords of LowLs-Clark Waldo [bdicbic],:\niii)i Rev. Milton Waldo Ibdich^. 





Children of All)L'it-(;all:ilii\ :iiid S;irali-I)i:ma (Kennedy) Waldo. 
Botn, a-e at Ithaca, N. Y. ; / at IMihvaukee, Wis. : — 

bJic bia. CnAUi,ivS-I?i:Ki-,i», burn July 21, 18t7. 

hdic lib. JonN-KKNXKDV, l)orn M;iy 20, ISID; died June 30, 1849. 

bdic bic. Lktitia-Ei.izabkth, boru Dec. 7, 1850. 

hdic bid. Joii.v-Mii-TON, born .Vpr. 10, lHo3; died Aug. 21, 1853. 

bdic bie. Lhwis-Claiik, boru Aug. 12, 1H54. 

bdicbif. LucY-AxroiNHTTE, Ijorn May IG, 18C0; died Dec. 2G, 1801, at 

bdic bk. Chakles, son of John (John, Zacheas^ Edward, John, 
Cornelius) and R-tsey (Clark) Waldo; born Doc. IG, 1819, at Berk- 
shire, now Newark Valley, N. Y. He learned the millwright busi- 
ness under liis lirother Orson, but devoted himself to wood-working 
and became a sicillod pattern-maker. He removed to Wisconsin and 
was employed, under his brother, Albert-Gallatiu, by Seville & 
Decker at Milwaukee. In 1897 he removed to California, and was 
living, 1898, near San Jose willi his son, Charles-Frederick. He 
married, Jan. 20, 1818, at Oakgrove, Wis., Antoinette, daughter of 
Abner-Parmclee and Lucy (Butler) Phelps of Oakgrove ; born Jan. 
3, 1832, at Bergen, Genesee Co., N. Y.^ 

Children of Charles and Ant(;inetto (Phelps) Waldo. Boru, a, b 
at Kingston, Wis. ; c at Waupun, Wis. : — 

bdic bka. CaAiiLi:s-FKi:i)i;KiCK, born July 5, 1849. 

bdic hkh. Jknxv-Lisi.k, lioni .luly i?5, 1851; died Feb. 22, 1872, at Milwaukee, 

bdic bkc., boru Oct. G, 1856. 

bdic bl. Milton, son of John (John,, Edward, John, 
Cornelius) and Betsey (Clark) Waldo; born Aug. 28, 1822, at Ik-rk- 
shire, now Newark ^'alley, N. Y. He graduated at HamiUx)n Col- 
lege, 18-18, and at Auburn Theological Seminary, 1852. He received 
the degree of 1). D. from ILunilton College, 1868. He became a 
Presbyterian clergyman, and was first settled at Spencer, N. Y'. He 
then went to Utica, N. Y'., in the em{)loy of the American Tract 
Society, and thence to New Orleans, La., where he organized the 
southwest branch of that society. He then became pastor success- 
ively at Lawrence, 111., Lacon, 111., and at Hornells\'ilIe, N. Y., re- 
maiinng at the last named place from 1861 to 1872. He then went 
to Hudson, N. Y., Phelps. N. Y., and Watkins, N. Y""., successively, 
as pastor, and thence to Florida on Home Mission work. His son 

' Utcuias of Charles Wahli. and Mrs. Kiiiina-EsteUa ( W.iUlo) Clauseu [bdicbkc]. 

,'. A. 

poicca] seventh generation. 601 

entering Amherst College in 1881, he retired from active work, re- 
moved to Amherst, Mass., and was living there in 1899. 

lie married, Sept. 6, 1855, at Auburn, N. Y., Maria-Lansing, 
daughter of Jolin-llcrring and Hester- Vanderlluyden (Alien) Hard- 
cnbergh of Aulnira ; born Dec. 29. 1829, at Auburn; living, 1899.1 

Children of Milton and IMaria-Lansing (llardenbergh) Waldo. 

Born, ft at Auburn, N. Y. ; h at ITornellsvillc, N. Y. : — 

bdicbla. IIk.len-Coknkua, boru Au^. C, 1856; died Sept. 27, 1871, at Ilor- 

bdic bib. Eowaud-IIardenuergh, boru Mch. 5, 186G. 

bdic Ca. IIokatio, son of Horatio (John, Zackeus, Edioard, 
John, Cornelii's) and Margaret (Foote) Waldo; born Jtch. 27, 
1800, at Jewett City, Conu. ; died Nov. 19, 1863, at New Britain, 
Conn. 2 He studied with his fatlier, and entered the sophomore class 
of Amherst College in 1822, graduating in 1825. For five j'ears he 
taught a classical school in New York City and studied theology, but 
feeble health prevented his entering the ministry. He then taught for 
five years in a private family in South Carolina, and was, later, home 
missionary and colporteur in Indiana. He then settled in New 
Britain, Conn., in 1838, and there passed the rest of his life in 
teaching, being assisted by bis wife, who was a lady of superior in- 
telligence and culture. He was appointed, July 9, 18-12, superinton- 
dent of the Sunday-school of the South Congregational Church of 
Nev.' Britain. 

He married, I\Iay 11, 1832, at New Britain, ^ Nancy, daughter of 
Al)ijah and Cliloc (Hotchkiss) Smitli of New Britain; born Jan. 12, 
1801,4 at New Britain; died June 17, 1858, at New Britain. ^ She 
was, before her marriage, editress of Tlie She2')her(hss of New 
Britain, a bi-weekly periodical v.-hich was published by a company 
of "village girls" in 1831 and continued until June, 1832.^ 

Children of Horatio and Nancy (Smith) Waldo.'' Born, a at New 
York City; 6, c at Schoharie, N. Y. ; d, e at New Britain, Conn. : — 

bdic caa. LouiSE-BiXGnAM, born Apr. 15, 1833. 

bdic cab. IIelten, born 1835; died 1835. 

bdic cac. Ellen, boru 1836; died 1837 at Schoharie. ' . 

' Records of Milton W.ildo. . / 

' " Dwitrlit (Jciic.-ilotry "; Amherst CoUcgc Biographical Record says died Nov. 17. 

" New Britain Records. 

* " Historj- of First Cliurch, New Britain"; Newtoa-Skiiincr W.ildo [hdiccad] says 1802. 

« ///!(/. 6 .. Jiibtory of New Britain," jip. W.. ■.'r>4. 

' Jlecords of Nowtoa-Skinucr Waldo; " Dwi;;ht Genealogy." 


tiOL^ WALDO GEXf:ALOGY. [bdicca 

hdic cad. Nkwton-Skinnkk, born Oct. 17, 183.S; livinir, ISO^, at Baltic Conn., 
\\v inarric'il. Mc^li. 11, 180.S, Mrs. Lydia fLackl) Ihill. (Iniii;litcr of Festiis 
!iiu! liiil)y (Ladd) Laild of Franklin, Conn., and uidow of Silas Hal! of 
Spriiyn*', (jonn. She Avas born MvA\. 17, 1!S2S, at Franklin.' 

bdic cae. JosKriUNic-?\lAi;G.uu<;T, born Feb. L'3, 1H12. 

bdic cb. John, son of Horalio (JoJui, Zocheus. Edioard, John 
Corn'h'n.s ) iim\ Fruncos ("Wliilney) Waldo; born Aug. 10, 1811, at 
Gri.swokl, Coiiii. ; - died Dec. 1, 18G8, at Boston, Mas.s., of spasmodic 
iislhina.^ lie Ava.s Ijuiied at Wiucbester, Mass. Uc was, for sev- 
eral years, purcbasing agent of the American Board of Commission- 
ers for Foreign Missions, with oflice in the Mission House at Boston, 
and lived at l^oston froin 1852 until his death. 

He married, Apr. 12, 1840, Eunice, daughter of Austin and Almira 
(Scott) Flint of Dalton, Mass.; born Apr. 12, 1818, at St. Johns- 
bury, Vt. ; died Aug. 21, 187.5, at Boston, aged o7 years, 4 months, 
12 days, of gangrene of the foot, after an illness of three weeks, 
and was buried at Cedar Grove Cemetery.'' Mr. Waldo lived at Dal- 
ton and Springfield, Mass., before moving to Boston. He was, at 
one time, superintendent of the Phillips Church Sunday-school at 
Boston. ^ 

Children of John and Eunice (Flint) Waldo. Born, a at Dalton, 
IMass. ; b at Spriuglield, Mass. ; c at South Boston, Mass. : — 

bdic cha. Laujia-Woop, born May 17, 1814; died Aug. 27, 1845, at Dalton. 

bdic ebb. Sakau, born Anu:. 10, 1850. 

hdicchr. Austin-Klgknr, born (,)ct. 23, 1854; died Dec. 9, 1854, at South 

Boston, a,i,'cd 1 month, 17 days.^ His sister says, born Nov. 3, 1854; 

died Dec. 10, 1854. Ilis gravestone at Dalton says "died Dec. 10, 1854, 

aged 1 mo. 7 days." 

bdic CC DwiGiiT, son of Horatio (John^ Zacheus^ Edicard, 
John, Cornelius J and Frances (Whitney) W^aldo; born Nov. 26^ 
1814, at Griswold, Conn. ; ' died Feb. 2, 1887, at Newark Valley, 
N. Y. He was ti farmer living at Newark Valley. He married (I), 
Nov. o, 1S41, at Portageville, N. Y., Julia, daughter of Josiah 
(JosiaJi, John) and Lucy (Leonard) Ball of Berkshire, N. Y. ; born 
Jan. 2i, LSlo, at Berkshire; died Jan. 20, 1843, at Portageville. 
She had no children. He married (2), Jan. 1, 1845, at Berkshire, 
Juliette, daughter of Isaac (Jared, Thomas, Saviuel, Eh'aJcivi, Mat- 

• Franklin Ki'forils. -' (Jriswold Kei;i)rds. ^ IJo.stun llecords. *Ilii<l. 
"•'Dwi-lit (loiit-alot^y": Ut-.'^nlsof Mrs. Sariih ( Waldo) liice [hdicrOb]. 

• Dos tun Keconls. "Griswold Itecords. 


tfn'as) :ui(l Nancy (Loonnrd) Hitclicoek of Horksliiro; bovn Dee. IS, 
1817; living, 1898, at Newark Valley.' 

Children of Dwiglit and Juliette (Hitchcock) Waldo. Rorn, a, c 

at Porlageville, N. Y. ; h, d at Newark Valley, N. Y, : — 

bdir.cra., born June 24, ISIS; died Sept. 2, 1849, at Portaire- 

bdic ccb. Wii.LiAM-DwiciiT, born Jan. n, 1852. Fkank-Wiiii M;v, born May 28, 1S53; died Feb. 28, 1854, at Porl- 

bdic ccd. CAKHIK-Lori-SA, l)orn Auij. C, 1855. 

bdic cd. .Sarah, daughter of Horatio (John, Zadieus, Edirard, 
John, Cornelius) and Frances (Whitney) Waldo; born Juue 7, 181S, 
at Griswold, Conu. ;- died July 27, 1878, at Ilornellsville, N. Y. She 
graduated at IMt. Ilolyoke Seminary, 1841. She married, Oct. 11, 
1848, at Portage, N. Y., Elmon-D, son of Hervey {OliverJ and Sarah 
(Smith) Smith of North Haven, Conn.; born Nov. 5, 1817, at North 
Uaven, probably; living, 1898, at Horuellsville. They lived at Port- 
age until May, 1863, wheu they removed to Hornell.sville. He wa.s a 
farmer and manufacturer of bricks. ^ 

Child of Elmon-U and Sarah (Waldo) Smith. Boru at Portage, 
N. Y. :— 

a. FHANCKS-WniTXKY, born Feb. 19, 1850; living, 1898, at Horuellsville, with 
her father, unmarried. 

bdic ce. Francks, daughter of Horatio (John, Zacheas, Eda-aid, 
John, Cornelins) and Frances (\\'hituey) Waldo; born June 24, 18:^0, 
at Griswold, Conn. ; "• living, 18'J8, at Lafayette, Jud. She graduated 
at Mt. Holyoke Seminary, 1843. She married, May 28, 1848, at 
I'ortageville, N. Y., James-Cowdrey, son of Daniel and Ilephzibah 
((-'owdrey; Smith of New York City; born Apr. 2, 1817, at New York 
City; died Apr. 24, 1895, at Lafayette. About 184G his name was 
changed by the Indiana Legislature to James-Smith Cowdrey. He 
studied medicine at New York and Cincinnati, O,, and graduated at 
Cincinnati Medical College in 1845 or '46. He established himself at 
Lafayette in 184G as a practicing physician, aud became eminently 
successful in his piufession.^ 

'" Hitchcock Genealojiy," p. 14: ReeoiiLs of Carrie-Louisa (Waldo) Ball [bdicccd]: 
" l»\vijxlit (!eiioalot;y." -(Jri.swohl [{ecorils. 

'" Whitney Family in Comiecticiit," vol. i., ]>. 25'J: " l»wi;^lit Genealogy " : Faujily 
Keoonls. * CiriiwoUl liecorils. 

' lletorils of Mrs. Frauci^s ( WuMo) Cowibey : " J)\viglit Ut-neuloj^y." 

G04 WALDO GENKALOOy. fitniccK 

Cliiklivn of Jamcs-Siiiith :uul Frances (Waldo) Cowdrey. Born at 

Lafayette, Ind. : — ., 

a., born Sept. 27, 1849; died Dec. 19, 1849. 

h. Fkancks-Coiinklia, horn J;in. 3, ]s:.l ; livinir, 1898, at Lafavellc, -vvilb her 
nioUier. She ni.nrried. May 7, 1S73, at Lafayelti!, Djivid-Elijah, sou of 
Jaiues-.McLanahan and Naney-Amics CaklAvell of Kentucky; born .^pr. 
23, 1811, in Kentucky; tlied t)ct. 24, Is'.M, at Ivcxinirtoii, Ky. He t^radii- 
atcd at McKendree CoUci^e, Lo])anon, 111., ]8r.3; LL.15., 18*14. lie prac- 
ticed law in Indianapolis, and became editoi' of The Industrial lii^view. 
They bad no children. 

c. RoiiKKT-IlAi.i,, born Oct. 1, 18;")2. He was apprenticed to the drnt( business 

in Lafayette, but removed to Chicago, 111., in 1872, graduated from the 
Chicago College of Pharmacy in 1875, and Avas iuimediatelv elected one 
of the trustees, and put in charge of the editorial work of the Pharma- 
cist and Chemist, the ollicial organ of the college. He remained in this 
position for live years, -when lie established the printing tlrrn of Cowdrey 
& Clark. Always interested in political (|uestions, though never active iii 
politics, he became an ardei;t advocate of the docii-ines of Henry George 
and Dr. Mcniynn;and, in 1687, joined the Land and Labor Club of Chicag7), 
was, for three consecutive years, elected its president, and became a 
conspicuous leader in its discussions. In 1888, lie was nominated by the 
United Labor Parly, in convention at Cincinnati, 0., as its candidate for 
President of the United States. In presenting his name for nomination. 
Dr. McGlynn said of him: " He is a teacher of the doctrine that even 
the author of Progress and Poverty might well be proud of; strong in 
logic, quick to grasp an idea and clear in expression. His generosity to 
an opponent in debate is a constant reminder of Abraham Lincoln. Cool 
and self-possessed, with a perfect knowledge of liis subject, his quick and 
apt response to questions from his audiences have rarely been equalled. 
Ilis power in debate lies chiefly in his keeping clearly "in mind and in 
speech the subject he aims to impress upon his audience." Mr. Cowdrey 
has for many years conducted a successful business and has a iiigh repu- 
tation. He is the author of two novels,—" Foiled bv a Lawver,"'^and " A 
Tramp in Society." " Ir, appearance lie is rather "thin of 'face, but his 
clear-cut features, animated expression and keen blue eyes all tend to light 
up his countenance with an expression of positive intellectuality. Light 
auburn hair crowns a high forehead, while a full sweepinij moustache 
fails to hide a chin that shows lii'mness as well as friendliness to his 
fellow man." He married, Dec. 15, 1875, at Chicago. Ella-Louise, dauo-h- 
ter of Horatio and Louise-Susan (Brown) Hitchcock of Chica-o; born 
in Chicago.' " 

Children, born at Chicago:— 

a. Fredi-ijick-Manmxg, born Aug. 13, 1877. . 

b. Waltku-IIitciicock. born Dec. 19, 1878. 

c. Alick-Louisk, born Aug. 29, 1880. 

d. KoiiKKT-HrrcHCOCiv, born Dec. 31, 1893. 

d. Hi:i-n7.inA}i-LoL].SK, born Nov. 27, 1854; died Aug. 27, 1855, at Lafjiyettc. 
€. .lAMK.s-llK.Nuy, bom Feb. 17, 1857; living, 1898, at Minneapolis, Minn. 

unmarried. He is an ornamental painter. 
/. Ki.i.A-WiiirNKv, born Aug. 28, 1800. She married, Mch. 30. 1897 at Lafay- 
ette, Walter-Clarence, son of and Marj-Puth (Stou't) 
^^lckersham of Plue Island, 111.; born Oct. 2, 1870, at Hhie Island He 
IS a mechanical engineer. They were living, 1898, at Western Sprin-s, 
111. ' *^ ' 

"•Cowdrey r.-iniily": IlL'ci.rd.s of lloheit-Hall C-iwiliey. 

i,i>icck] seventh generation. 605 

Cliikl, horn at Western Spiings: — ■ i . 

a. Fkancks-Ruth, born Jan. 8, 189S. 

bdic cf. Ii.AKi:iKT-Li;vvis, daughter of Horatio (John, Zarhexs, 
Kihi-iinl^ JdIih, CririieJiKsJ and Frances (Whitney) Waldo; born May 
11, 1S22, at. Ch-iswohl, Conn. ;' died Jan. 2, l.S'.)3, at Ottawa, 111. Slie 
grnduaU'd at i\It. Ilolvokc Seminary, ISlf). She married, Jan. li), 
IS 18, at I'ortage, iV. Y., William-Stockton, son of Samuel and Mar- 
garet-Keith (Mann) McXair of Sparta, Livingston Co., N. Y. ; born 
Feb. IG, 1815, at Sparta; died Sept. 19, 1893, at Morris, 111. He 
^vas a farmer, living at Ottawa. ^ 

Children of William-Stockton and Harriet-Lewis (Waldo) McNair. 
Horn at Ottawa, 111. :— 

a. M.MtriiA-JAXK, born Nov. 19, 1848; died July 27, 1849. 

b. Cn milks-Kkitii, born Oct. 2, 1S50; died Ant;-. 10, 1859. 

r. Lauka-Ekaxck.s, born Jan. 17, \8')?>; livini,', 1899, at Chicaiio, 111., niniiar- 

<?. NKi.iJK-FKunr.KiCA, born Jan. 1, 185G; livina;, 1899, at Chicago, 111., unmar- 

c. Danikl-Walpo, born Apr. 21, 185S; died May 23, lAGl. 

/. DwiouT-LiNCOLN, born Aw^. 20, 18(J0. He married, Apr. 8, 1880, at 
(:tiica,'i;o, 111., Lncy-K. Boynton of Chicago. They lived at St. Paul, 
Minn., nntil 1897; afterwards at Chicago. 

Child, born at St. Paul: — 

a. Fraxcks-Dwight, born July 1, 1893. 

(/. MAiiOAUKr-Liiwi-s, born Sept. 8, 18G2. She married, June 20, 1889, at 
OltaM-a, Charles-Campbell, son of Lcman-Ackloy and Sarali-Dewiing 
( Wliittlescy) Warner of Frceport, 111.; bor)i Sept. 19, 1857, at Erecporl. 
He graduated at Beloit College, .lune 29, 1881 ; A.M., 1884; giadiiated at 
Chii'Hgo Theological .Seminary, Apr. 23, 18S4; was ordained at Lasalle, 
111., Feb. 24, 1885. He was pa^-'tor of the Congregational Church at 
Lasalle, Oct., 1884, to May, 1888; Alton, HI., Congregational Church, 
May 1, 1SS8, to Apr. 1, 1891 ; Morris, 111., Congregational Church, Apr. 1, 
1891, to .May 1, 1895; Presbyterian Church at Florence, Col., Sept. 1, 
1895, to May 1, 1898; and has been pastor of the Congregational Church 
at MoHticello, la., since June 1, 1898. 

Children, born at Morris : — ■. •■ 

a. Ciik-stku-McNaiii, born July 15, 1892. 

b. MAKGAiiET-WnrrxKV, born Feb. 4, 1895. 

A. Ki.iZAHK,TH-Bucic.MiN-sri:i{, born May 23, I8G5; living, 1899, at Florence, 
Col. She married, Sept. 5, 1894, at Morris, 111., Albert-Spaulding, son of 
Albert and Elizabeth (Dewey) Osborn of Colton, N. Y. ; l)oni July 8, 
18(',(;, at Colton. 'J'hey were divorced Sept. G, 1899. He was a ranchman 
at Florence, and disa"p!>oared Oct. 23, 1895. Mrs. Osborn marrieii (2), 
Feb. 5, 1901, at Florence, Lorenzo-lJasilou, sou of Ornar and Sarah- 

' Oris wold ItecorJs. 

• '• li\vit,'lit (JtMicalogy ": Keconls of Margaret-Ldwifl (McNair) "Warner [bdicr/rf]; and 
Kli'.ibctli-lUKkminHter (McXair) Osborn [bdicc/h]. 



EHzahoUi (Kninoy) Pjirk ; l)orn SejU. 17, l^HO, in MoiitgomcTy Co., Ala., 
Bear Crawforilvillc.' 

Child, 1)5' husband, born al Florence: — 
a. 1Ia1{RIKTte-Waldo, born Apr. 11, 189G. 

bdic eg. Maiioaket, daughter of Ilonilio (John^ Zacheu!^, Ed- 

wanU John^ CorneIiu.<;) and Frances (Whitney) Waldo; boin Oct. 

2H, 1S24, at Oriswold, Conn.;- died Nov. 30, ISSS, at Mt. Morris, 

N. Y. She graduated at Mt. llolyoke Seminary, 1845. Slie married, 

Sept. 2G, 1K48, at Portageville, N. Y., Lorin-Jcsse, son of Jesse and 

I'atty (Howard) Ames [hdcalii'] of Royalton, Vt. ; born July 12, 

181.'), at South I\i>yalton; died May ri, 1891, at Mt. Morris. ;ie was 

educated at Koyalton Academy, and studied medicine at Geneva 

Medical College, where he took his degree, 1843, and immediately 

settled at Mt. Morris and connnenced a practice which he continued 

up to his last illness. ^ 

" Dr. Ames was, for nearly half a century, a very prominent physician in 
the county in which he lived, havinii a wide practice, and heinc: called often 
in consultation. He was held in his;!) esteem by liis fellow-jiractitioners, and 
was beloved by his patients. 1I« hekl many prominent positions. For alumt 
twelve years he was one of the coroners o( Livingston Co. From 187?> to '77 
lie was postmaster at Mt. Morris. For many years he was one of the most 
e/licient members of the Board of Education, and was secretary of the Ceme- 
tery Association and of the Boanl of Ti'aile, and a medical examiner of the 
Pension Board at the time of his deatli. In politics he Avas a republican, and 
an early and steady abolitionist. In !mC4 lie was, for several months, st.a- 
tioned in the City I'oint Hospital, by ajipointmeut of the Christian Commis- 
sion. He was a member of the Mt. Morris Presbyterian Church, actinj; as 
trustee and rulini^ elder. He was, for many years, a v/riter for the press, 
his articles beiuir ahvays pertinent and of hia;h order. In stature he Avas 
of medium size, well propoitioned and erect. His uianner was courteous and 
■.gentlemanly. He was of a domestic and hosi)iiable disposition, au atleetion- 
ato husband and father, and a true friend."* 

Children of Lorin-Jesse and Margaret (Waldo) Ames.^ Born at 
Mt. Morris, N. Y. :— 

a. .\i.iCK-Loi,'isi:, born Sept. 14, lRi9; livin;;, 1808, unmarried. 

b. MAirrn.v-Lii-LH'.Ki., born July 3, 1853; livini?, 1898, unmarried. 

r. Howako-Walpo, born .Tan. l.^i, IS.'iG; liviuij, 1898, at Chicasro, 111. He is 
in real estate business. He married, Dec. 11, is'JO, at St. Louis, Mo., 
Klleii-Welister, daughter of Barney-liii^rlow and .lane ( Richardson) Boyn- 
lon of Milwaukee, Wis.; born Jidy 14, 18t;o, at Milwaukee. 

Children, born, a at St. Paul, Minn. ; b at Chica^jo : — 

a. IIi;Li'..v-MAKGAUKrri:, born Mch. 31, 1892. 

b., born Apr. 3, 1894. 

' lleLuiils ot ('huile.s-lOilwaril Waldo [luliulahaa]. ' GrLswold Records. 
» t)f Mi<s Hariict-Jiiiigliaia Aiu<-s {Inlicc^/]. 

* MfiiiDi ial by llou.ud St-yuiour liuforo tlio Liviiiiiston County Historical .Society. 

• Ui'coiJ.-) of ,\lart!iu-Lillibi;l Aiueti [^t/kc;;/']: " I>wit;lit Genealogy." 

,„)ickk] seventh generation. CU7 

d. Hr-NKY-I)\vuiiiT, born Nov. 11, 18r.7; livin;;, 1808, at Chicago, III. lie is 
ndviTtisiiii: iiiMiia^or for Norton Tirothcrs. lie iiKirrieil, Sci>l. 13, 18S8, at 
Evanston, 111., Mar.v-Taliii:i2:o, danL.'liLer of Stephen and Mary (Talniai,'c) 
Mershou of N.J.; born Mcli. 31, 18G1, at East llanipton, 
N. Y. 

Child, born at Chicago :— 

a. Mary-Dwigiit, born May 14, 1890. 

r. Makgakkt-Wiiitn-ky, born Oct. 7, 1859; died Jan. 20, 1882, at Mt. Morris, 
N. Y., unmarried. 

f. Hai:ku;t-]5inoj{am, born Anir. 7, 1861 ; living, 1S98, unmarried. 

g. Fi:ancks-BU(JKMin.sti.:i{, born Apr. 25, 1865; living, 1808, unmarried. 

bdic do. Maktix-Bliss, son of Joseph (John, Zacheus, Edtrard, 
John, Cornelius J i\nd Mary (Waldo) Waldo; born Aug. 9, 1811, at 
l?orkshirc, N. YJ He lived at Portagevillc, N. Y., and later at 
Altona, KuoxCo., 111. He was married. His wife's name was Lucy. ^ 

Children of Martin-Bliss and Lucy Waldo: — 

hdic dca. Mary. 

bdic deb. JuusoN. 

IkUc dec. Martin, died at Audersonville during the Civil war. 

bdic dcd. Abby'. 

bdic eb- Cklia, daughter of Eraslus (John, Zticheus, Edward, 
John, Cornelius) and Polly (Graves) Waldo; born Apr. 18, 181o, 
at Kdmeston, N. Y., probably. She married 8amuel-L. Gordon of 
Hornellsville, N. Y.^ Mrs. Celia (Waldo) Gordon probably died 
before her father, as she is not named in his will, dated Aug. 10, 1863. 

Children of Samuel-L. and Celia (Waldo) Gordon: — 

a. CKLiA-ArousTA ; married Mile.s-W., son of William-M. and Mary Ilawlcy 
of llorncilsviUe, X. Y., from whom she was afterwards divorced. lie is 
a lawyer, living, 1901, at HoruoUsvillc. 

«. Irving ; Avas in busines.s at Indianapolis, Ind. 
I. IIkkhkkt, named in Erastus Waldo's will. 
c. Irving, named in Erastus Waldo's will. i- i ;" . 

bdic ee. Lucius- A, son of Erastus (John, Zacheus, Edv:ard, John, 
Corneliu.'iJ and Folly (Graves) Waldo; l)orn Oct. 25, 1825, at Kd- 
meston, N. YJ He started in business as a merchant at the age 
of twenty- four in Allegany Co., N. Y"., where he remained two 

' " nLstoiital (Jazetteur of Tiij<;u ("oiinty, X. Y.," \>. 2'.'T. 

' UocMtds of Rev. Milton Walilo [^«^/i</</]: see p. 389. • ''"' 

> !'.crnr.i.s of liov. Miltou Waldo [h'lichl]. 

* "Jlistoiy of SleubLMi County, N. Y.," says Oct. 24. . r . 

608 WAT.DO CEN'EALOGY. [phickk 

years, and tlii'ii wi'iit to Canistro, N. Y., whero for twenty-five 
years lit- carried on a general inereliandise business, including that of 
hiMihcr and staves. He was, in 18'J(j, conductin;^ a farm of 163 acres, 
and hunberinji;. He was, for tlirce tenns, supervisor of Canisteo, 
was first president of the village aftt-r its incorporation, and held that 
oHice for three terms. He was county clerk in 1818. He is a mem- 
ber of llie Masonic fraternit}' and a Knight Templar. ^ 

He married (1), Mch. 5, 1851, at Edmeston, Emmelinc-Maria, 
daughter of Schuyler and Sylvia Southwortli of Burlington, N. Y. ; 
born at Burlington; died Apr. 21, 1880, at Canisteo, probably. He 
married (2), May 24, 1882, at Prattslnngh, N. Y., Jennie, daughter 
of Grandus and Cornelia (Swartz) Lewis of Prattsburgh; born Sept. 
C, 18-18, at Prattsburgh. 2 

Child of Lucius-A and Jennie (Lewis) Waldo, liorn at Canisteo, 
N. Y. :— 
bdic eea. Lucius-A, born Mch. 30, 1883. 

bdic ef. Danikl-Dawlev, son of Erastus (John, Zacheus, Ed- 
tvard,John, Cornelius) and Hannah (Dawley) Waldo; born May 8, 
1837, at Edmeston, N. Y. ; died Aug. 17, 1879, at Prattsburgh, 
N. Y. He was educated at Alfred University, Alfred, N. Y., and 
became a lawyer. He lived at Prattsburgh, where he practiced his 
profession. He was justice of the peace for many j-ears, and judge 
of the Court of Sessions for Steuben County. He married (1), 
Mary-M. Davis of Louisville, Ky. ; born at Louisville; died Jan. 17, 
18G1, at Prattsburgh. 3 He married (2), at Prattsburgh, Hannah- 
Maria, daughter of Grandus and Cornelia (Swartz) Lewis of Pratts- 
burgh; born Jan. 1, 1831, at Prattsburgh; died May 25, 1896, at 

Child of Daniel-Dawley and Mary-M. (Davis) Waldo. Born at 
Prattsburgh, N. Y. :— 
bdic cj'a. IIai:vky-I)avis, born Jau. A, 18(11 ; liviuij, 1001, at Prattsburgh. 

Children of Daniel-Dawley and .Hannah-Maria (Lewis) Waldo. 
Born at Prattsburgh, N. Y. :— 

b'Uc,/!.. Lrcn:s-A. born Feb. 22. ISCC. He is a lawyer iu New York City, 

bdic <fc. Mary-M, born Aug. 30, 1870. Is a graduate of Elniira Female Col- 
lege. Is unmarried. 

' " ni.^t<>ry of Slcubcn County," p. 91. » Htconis of Kev. Levi-ray Walflo [bdadalia]. 

• riravc-'tone. 

* lU-cor<ls of riiirpucf-Aliiatlici Wal.Io [bdarihh], Huv. Levi-Fay Waldo [btladaba'i, ami 
of Liu'iu3-A Waldo [b'lirr/b]. 

r. ! r 


'1 l< 

"I'li-ADi SEVEXTii rii:xi;i;ATi()X. fioii 

bdif aa. Samii-i.-Wiutk, son of Levi (Zarlirus, Zachois, E'f- 
,r„n},JoIin, Cnnu'Iins) and II;iiniah (Wliitc) Wahlu; born Nov 7, 
1800, at Hebron, Conn. ; 1 died Oct. 20. ],Si;J, at Portland, Conn. '-^ 
He was a mason and lived at Portland. Ik- married, Nov. 1, I.Sol, at 
I'ortland, Julia-Pelton, daughter of iJanid and .^lary (Pelton) Shei.- 
anl of Portland; born Apr. 27, KSi;3, at Portland; died Feb. 2.,i, 
at Marlboro, Conn., aged 50 years, 9 months, o days. She is buried 
in liiirriss Hill Cemetery, Hebron. 3 

Child of Samucl-^Vhite and Julia-Pelton (Shei)ard) Waldo. Born 
at Portland, Conn. : — 
bdif aaa. Mauv, born Jau. 27, 1840. ' 

bdif ac. Ciiaki.ks-Weslky, son of Levi ( Zndteu^i, ZacliPus, Ed- 
wanJ, John, Corndixs) und Hannnii (White) Waldo; born Oct. 10, 
bSn, at Hebron, Conn. ; ^ died Oet. 0, 1890, at Baltimore, Md. He 
was a house carpenter and lived at Baltimore. He married (1), Feb. 
n, 1810, at Baltimore, Elizabeth-Isabelia Freeman of Baltimore; born 
1821; died Dec. 19, 1879, at Baltimore. He married (2), 1S80, at 
Baltimore, Mrs. Charlotte West of New Jersey, who survives him.^ 

Children of Charles- Wesley and Elizabeth-Isabella (Freeman) 
Waldo. Born at Baltimore, Md. :— ,, ,. ,, 

bdif aca. Susax-Emily, boru Dec. 19, 1840. 
bdif acb. Mary-Anx, boru Feb. 23, 1849. 
hdifacc. Ciiaulks-Wkslhy, boru Jan. 1, 18.53; died Mcli, 31, 1853. 

fxli/acd. Ei.iZAi.Kxn-I.SAUKL, born Sept. 4, 1853; livin-. 18;>8, at Baltimore 
uujuarrieu. ' 

Mi/«cc. Almira-Vijjgim.v, born Aup;. 19, I85G; died Feb. 20, 185S. 

hdifdcf. llANXAH-WiuTK, bom Sept. 7, 18(J0; livin-, 1898, al EalLiniore 
unuiarned. " 

bdif ad. Emily, daughter of Levi (Zocheiis, Zachens, E(hro,rl. 
John, Cornelius) and Hannah (\Vhite) Waldo; boru Nov. o, ISKJ, 
••d Hebron, Conn.; died at Allegheny, Pa. She married, Apr. 3,' 
'^^51, at Hebron, Thomas Mayuard.^ 

Ciiildren of Thomas and Emily (Waldo) Maynard. Born at 
Hebron, Conn., probably:— 

''■ ^Vn?"■^^T^''V' '^''^Feb. 28, 1832; died Au-. 12, 1883, at MiddletOAvn, 
«.oun., Avhere he had lived, lie Avas a traveiliui,' sale.smau. lie married, 

I lU-hrou Uecords; Kecorcls of Mrs. Kaoch-GeorRe Waldo [hrti;\,f] say 1805. 
^ <.ravfi.tO!io .-It Buni.«s Hill Cemetery, Hebron, wliicli c.ill.s him .T-ed 38 
^ K-.,-..r.l8 or 3Ir^. M.iry (Waldo) Hall [h'/ij,,,,,,]: Marll.on. Kfocrdd. 
Hebioa Kc' ■ family J!jl,hi and Kc coi ds. « Hol>ruu Uecords 


■; : h' 

(^lf> WALIK) GENEALOny. [nmvAU 

Mny 5, 185'.t, at Hartford, Coiiii., Mary-Klizahctli, tlaiii^litor of Nalliaii- 
Wordsuorth and Mary-Williains (Wilcox) I^ooinis of Hartford; boru 
Apr. 27, IS.'.H, at Hartford; living, WJ'J, at Taunton, Mass.' 

Child, horn at Hartford :— 
a. Wai.oo-Lixcoln, born .June 25, 18G5. 

b. Katk-A. Slio lir.s been tAvici- married. Her first husband Avas a Mr. Class. 

The name of lier second luisljaud is unknown. She Avas liviu-^, 18!.i)S, at 
Alle-hcny, J'a. 

c. Am)i:k\v-J., born Apr. L'7, 1^34; died at Hartford, Couu. He married and 

had a dangliler. 

d. JosEvn, died at Cape ToAvu, South Africa. He married and had children. 

bdif ae. JosEm, sou of Levi (Zavhcus, Zacheus, Edward, John, 
Cornelius) aud Hannah (White) Waldo; born Apr. 1, 1816, at 
Jlehron, Conn.;^ died July 8, 18GG, at Hamilton, N. C. He 
removed to North Carolina, when twentj'-oue years old and lived at 
Hamiltuu. He was a "speculator." He married, INIay 27, ISoT, at 
or near Willianiston, N. C, Caroline-Catherine, daughter of Thomas 
and Mary (WLiMcy) Yarrell of Williamston ; born Jan. J, 1818, at 
Williamslou; died Oct. 15, 18GS, at Hamilton. 3 

Children of Joseph and Caroline-Catherine (Yarrell) ^Valdo. Born 
at Hamilton, N. C. : — 
bdif aea. JosEPn-TnoMAS, born Apr. 20, 1830. 

hdifaeb. JIaky-Cathkuixk, born Dec. 18, 1840; died Jan. 16, 18G7, at Hamil- 
ton, unmarried. 

bdif aec. Susax-E^ima, born May 13, 1843. 

bdifaed. Ramuf.l-Pkauck, born Mch. 15, 1845. 

bdif ace. Aloxzo-Lucius-Amasa, boru Feb. 21, 1847; died July 21, 1848. 

bdifaef. JuLius-GiLBEUT, boru Jan. 1, IS 10; died Jan. 5, 18fi0. 

bdif aeg. Lucy-Ella, boru Dec. 14, 1851. 

bdifueh. Eunkst-Cakli-nius, boru Feb. 2, 1855; died July 22, 18G2. 

bdif af. Exocii-Gkouge, son of Levi (Zachens, Zachcus, Ed- 
ward, Jolin. Cornelius) and Hannah (White) Waldo; born June 2, 
1819, at Hel)ron, Conn.; died Aug. 24, 18G1, at Hebron. He was a 
mason and builder aud passed his whole life at Hebron. He is buried 
in ]5urriss Hill Cemetery, Hebron, with his two children, Susaii-Ella 
and Willie-Weathersbce. He married, Nov. IG, 1842, at Gilead, 
South Hebron, Conn., Emma-Elizabeth, daughter of William aud 
Eunice-Way (.Afiner) Latham of Gilead; born Eeb. 10, 1822, at 
Gilead; living, 1898, at Rockyhill, Conn., with her dauf^hter Cora- 

' Ui-conls of Mrs. Mary-Eliz.-ibeth Mayn.nrcl. » Hebron Records. 

' Records of W:ildo [hr'ijnc:]. 

« Hebron Records: Records of Mrs. Eiiocli-Cieor-e W^ildo. 


Childron of lMU)eIi-Goorire ami Kinmii-Hlizahoth (Lulhain) Wuklo. 

Hoiii at Hebron, Conn. : — 

lulif afa. LoitrN-APoMMius, born Mch. 14, 1844. 

bdif afb. FiiANCi.s-Gii.i.Ksni;, born Feb. 20, 1845. 

h.lifnf'-. Ritsan-Em.a, l)orn Oct. 2.'., 1840; diod Xwz- 20, 1^00. 

bdifiifd. KMiLy-lsAiiKi.i.A, liorn May 7, 1848 (Hebron Accords say ^lay 8) ; 
died Aiii;. 14, lt«r)4, at llaniilton. N. C. 

bdif afe. Cai:los-Joskph, born Jan. 10, is.^O. (Hebron Kec-ords say Jan. 29.) 

Inlir'KjT. WiLi.iK-WKATHicnsBKK, boni Scpt. 29, isr>l ; died Sept. 0, 185:^, aiced 1 
yi-ar, 11 months. C days. 

hdifnl'tj. Coua-Bakfj:, born Feb. 4, b'ioT; married June 30, 1891, at Hebron. 
Justin, son of Juhu-Henry and Jernsba-Ann ((Uirtis) Hoilister of South 
Glastonbury, Conn.; born Oct. IC, IstO, at Soutli Glastonbury. Tiiey 
were living, 1S9S, at liockyhill. Conn. No children. He is a farmer 
and nurse. 

bdif ba. Joski'hixf.-Ei.iza, daugliler of S.^mucl-Lovett ( Znchens, 
Zarhruf:, Echcarcl., John^ Cornelius) and Joscjjliine-Kliza (Wood) 
W.'.lilo; born Apr. 30, 1.S09, at New York City (?), died July 25, l8Gi, 
al New Orleans, La. She married (1), 1803, I.saac Uttlefield. wlio 
dieil 1834, at Bo.slon, Mas-s. (?). He was a shoe merchant at Boston. 
.She married (2), Jan., 1S37, Nathan, son of Joshua .nnd Mary (Hen- 
lield) Goodale of Salem, Mass.; born Sept. 19, 1792, at Salem; died 
Oft. 29, 1872, at New Orleans. He married (1), Ann-Eliza Walton 
of Philadelphia, who died Feb. 14, 1834, at New Orleans, and by 
whom he had no children. 

Mr. Goodale was at one time a wealthy sugar refiner at New 
Orleans, but lost his property during the Civil war. He was a mem- 
l)er of the First Presbyterian Church in New Oi'leans and later was 
member, elder and trustee of the Laf.ayette Presb3'terian Church 
llure. His pastor. Rev. Dr. T.-K. Markham, wrote an obituary 
notice of him which may be found in the South Western Pre.-ihy- 
t<rinn. His portrait was in possession, 1900, of INIrs. Tobias-L.-P. 
I/imson of Lowell, iSLass.' 

Child of Isaac and Josephiue-Eliza (Waldo) Littleficld : — 
". llKMox-rAnMLKr, born Sept., 1834. 

Children of Natlian and Josephine-Eliza (Waldo) Goodale. Born 
al New Orleans, La. : — ''•'• 

'-• J'iski-uink-Waiah), born Nov. 1, 1837; died Nov. 21, 189.3, at New Orleans, 

*■• M.\i;Y-Hr.NKii',Li>, l)orn 1839; died yonnij. 

'/. .Mai:y Gkkkx, born Dec. 29, l.s41; living, 1900, at Goldman P. O., 
I'.'irish, La., wlierc she is eufjaged in te.aciiinji;. .She married, Sept. 2, 

'■• I'iikPiiii^ (icncaloj;y." 

(j|]2 WAM)0 GENEAl.OGV. [jidiiha 

isOU, rit. Ne-vv Orkaus, WiHirun-CiiininiiiL's, son of "Richard-Heiuy Wilde 
of riooriiia; horn IM'O, in (Icorj^'ia; died Nov. :'., l.^OO, at llo-fhiU, Miss. 
He ^vas, like bis (lisliiit^uislicd fallier, a poet, >vriter and man of Ictlers. 
Ho was a niajor-m-ricriil in the ('onfedorato army, and lost liis forlnm; in 
the Civil Avaf. After the Mar he bccanui a professor of I>atin and Greek. 
]{y his tirst -wife, a firanddanijhter of Gon. 'Wilkinson of lievohitionary 
fan)e, he hod three dan;:hters, — \'irf;inia-Wilkiuson, Emily, and Cclia. 
No ehildren l)y second ■wife. 

e. LucKKTi.v-LovKrr, boru Feb. 13, 1813; died May 5, 18C:i, nnmarrlcd. 

/. Nathan, born !K4r>; died aged llfleen months. 

g. Anxik-Lamtsox, born 1817; died April, 1854. 

h. Ki.iZADETH-TowxK, bom 1849; died Sept. 3, 1853. 

J. Nathan, born Sept. 19, 1851. 

bdif bb. Jii.ia-Ann, daughter of Samuel-Lovctt (Zdclieits, Zn- 
cheiis, Eddxird, John, Cornelius) and Joscpliine-Kli/a (Wood) 
AValdo; born .lune SO, 1^10, at New York City;' died July 29, 1S73, 
at Tensas Parish, La. She married, Nov. 27, 18o7, at New Orleans, 
La., William, 4Du-oL.4V411iftra-Tmd Elizrt '(Hill) Walton of New York; 
born H^)7, in New Jersey; died Feb. 20, 1819, at New Orleans, 
Avhere lie had lived. He was a merchant in New Orleans of high 
standing. After his death, Mrs. Walton became a teacher to support 
herself and family.* 

Children of William ami Julia- Ann (Waldo) Walton. Born, a at 

Philadeli)liia, Pa. ; h-d at New Orleans, La. : — 

«. Jci.ia-IIh.l, born \\\^. 3, 1830;, 18f»;>, at Sicily Island, La. She mar- 
ried, Meli. 17. 1800, at Bayou Lafonrche, La., Thomas-lJecket, son of 
Sturties and Frances-Elizabeth (Ivempe) Spraejnc of Natchez, Miss.; born 
Feb. IG, !8;f5, at Xatcliez. lie is a teacher. lie is first cousin of ^Irs. 
Jotlcrson Davis, their mothers beina: sisters. 

Children, born, a at Natclicz; b at Tensas Parish, La. :— 
a. MAP.GARHT-GuAUAMr., born July 5, 1874. 
h. Eurni-WAi.TOX, boru Oct. 23, 187G. 

b. Artkmox-Hii.i., l.Kjrn Nov. 2."., 1810; died Feb. 4, 1841, at New Orleans. 

c. Ai.iu-.i:r-\VAi DO, boru Feb. 2n, 1812; died Apr. 23, 1865, in the military 

prison, at Alton, 111. lie was a soldier in tiie fourth Louisiana battalion 
of the Confeth^rate army. 
d Au(u\sta-Lki.twicu, born ,\\\\>;. 2U, 1843; <licd June G, 18^5, at Sicily 
Island, La., uuuiarried. 

bdifbg. Claua, daughter of Samnel-Lovctt (Zachev.s, Zachevs, 
Edtrard, John, Corurh'ns ) and Delivcianec (Mapes) Waldo; born 
Nov. 4, 1K29, at New York City; died Dec. 24, 18G1, at New York. 
She marrieil, Sejjt. 9, 185 1, at New Yorlc, Charles, sou of William 
ami Isali.41:i (Wells) Sullivan of New York; born .Sept. ii, 1823, at 

' " Wal.l..>; in Aiiioricr* ": I'nniily I'.il.lo of llowaiil ^^':llllo [hdiflili]. 
' K»-roMl.s <.t .Mrs. ,)uU:i-Hin ( WiiIIdii) Sjira^'iu- [lullfbha]. 




^Villiam Delaplaine Walton 
who_ married Julia Ann, 
was son of Joseph Walton 
and Elizabeth Stephenson 
of HoY-ark N,J, and 
Nev7 Orleans, La, 

Joseph Walton v^as son of 
Capt,].':ark Walton and Ann of 
lAorris CO. N.J. 

Elizabeth was daughter of 
C apt. John Stephenson and 
Rachel Binien of Llorristo'.vn 

I'argaret Sprague married 
Adonno Vane Smith, 

Edith W. Sprague married 

Harry Burr DeWitt and - ■' ' ^' '; 

Has tliree children, i 

Margaret Grahame ^ 

Harry Burr \ 

Sprague , ■ " j 

Walton Family Bible, I 

Emma Lee. Ws.lton " 



Niw York; died Fol). 10, 1902, at Yoiikcrs, N. Y. Tlioy lived nt 
New York. Mr. Sullivun was :i mcrcliant.' 

ChiliUeu of Charles and Clara (Waldo) Sullivan. Rorn at New 

York, N. Y.:— 

a. ri..\itA-WAi.i)0. 

^. CiiAKi.r.s-FiiANK, born Sei>t. 4, 18.54. He married, Apr. 22, 1.S84, Lily- 
Warren, tiiiiinhtcr of Natlianiol-Bcrry and Anu.-lia-Mabel (Hatliawuy) 
Hayt of Ncwlnir.nh, N. Y.; born Oct. 2, 1^58, at Newburgh. 

Children : — 

a, Natalik, born May 3, 188.5; died May 12, 1900. 

b. Wauren, born Oct. IG, 1889. 

c. IsAHKLLA, born Mcli. 17, 1857; livinc;;, 1902, unmarried. 

(.'. Hi-.LKN, born Apr. 11, 1859; died Jan. 4, 1892, at Great Barrington, Mass. 

e. Joirx-MKDAY, born Apr, 25, 18G1 ; died 18G1. 

bdifbh. Howard, son of Samuel-Lovett (Zachejis, Zachens, 
Edward, John, Cornelhis) and Deliverance (Mapes) Waldo; born 
May 12, 1832, at New York City; living, 1902, at Campbell Hall, 
Orange Co., N. Y. His name appears in the New York directories 
from ISGO to '87; as a merchant in Maiden Lane until 1879, and 
after that at 141 Grand St. He was a manufacturer of and dealer 
in military goods.- 

He married, June 8, 1859, at New Yoi'k, Isabelle, daughter of 
James-Clark and Temperance (Miller) Hoe of New Y'ork; born 
Apr. 4, 1S38, at New Y^ork ; died Jan. 3, 1894. 3 The will of 
James-Clark Hoc of New Y'ork, dated July 10, 1880, probated 
Oct. 4, 1880, names — wife Temperance-M. Hoe; daughter Isabelle 
Waldo; granddaughter Virginia Waldo; and ''such other children as 
my said daughter may have born to her after the date hereof"; three 
sons, William-A., Georgc-E., and John-M. Hoe; grandson Howard- 
L. ^ValJ,v.,; grandsons, James-Clark H<.>e and William-Alfred Hoe; 
and gi\es to Howard Waldo and his wife Isal)elle, five of " the ten 
pictures or paintings by old masters known as the Waldo collection.'"* 

Cliildren of Howard and Isabelle (Hoe) Waldo. Born at New 
Vork City : — 

I'difl.ha. IIowARi>-LovKTT, bom Feb. 19. 18G0; married his cousin, Clara- 
Wnldo Sullivan. 

' K<< .)nl8 of aii8S May Saufonl [h-Ufitla]. 

' Hw ii;iiiie uiiiicars in New York Diruntory, ISi'.ii-ni, as in liiisiiioss at 4 Maiden Lane, 
li"ii><- l-.'s, •(til .St. ; lSf.5-t;'J, at 10 M.iiilcn Lane, house, Kil W. li^il St. ; 1870, no Imsiness ^iven ; 
1>7I, n.ini'' not in dircctury ; l:4T'-'-70, in f.ancy goods business 19 Maiilcn Lane, rcsiileiiet; as 
iH'fure; 1S7K, IK) Iiu!>ine3.s; 1:^79-87, in arms ))usincss 141 Crand St., same residence. 

» Hecnrds of Howard Waldo. 

' SMrri.^:at.''s Udiee, New York, Hi-cord of \\ ills, vol. ec., j). 1J2. J • ■ 

614 WALDO OEXKALOGV. [Hon.itii 

hdiflhh. liANDor.i'H, (lied, aijed iiiiu>tc(^n niMiiths. 
bdifbhc. VinniNiA, liorii Dec. 31, 180;5. 

bdif bi. Hki.f.x, d;iugl)1or of Saimiol-Lovett (Zachei'S, ZocJteiia, 
Edmtnl, John, Cornelins) and Drlivorance (Mapcs) Waklo ; born 
May 17, 1«35, at New York, N. Y. ; died Feb. 19, 1881, at Fairfield, 
Conn. She married, June 25, 18.07, at Now York, Albert-Wortliing- 
ton, sou of John and Mar}' (Worlliington) Sanford of .Marcellus, 
N. Y. ; born Aug. 22, 1811, at New York; died Nov. 6, 1893, at 
Fairfield. While in active life he was a merchant at New Orleans, La. 
They lived at New Orleans, New York and Fairfield.' 

Children of Albert-Worthington and Helen (^Valdo) Sanford. 
Born, a at New Orleans, La. ; h at New York, N. Y. : — 
a. May, boru Apr. 10, 185S; livinsj, 11)02, unmarried. 

h. Cx.aua-Waldo. born Apr. 23, 1SG5; died Dec. 13, 1801, nt Wellcslcy Iliil^;, 
Mass., nniuarried. 

bdifgC. LLcnETi.\-KiN-<:.«uuuv, daughter of Zaclieus (ZacheKs, 
Zachens, Edivard , Jolin, C'or/?fVi«s^ and Charlotte (Ayer) Waldo; born 
July 23, 1820, at Windham, Conn. \~ died Mch. 25, 1881, atSprague, 
Conn. 3 She married, Apr. 4, 1SG5, at Scotland, Conn.,'* William, 
son of Fcstus (Aimer, David, Samvel, Daniel) and Ruby (Ladd) 
Ladd of Franklin, Conn.; born Feb. 4, 1810, at Franklin ;S died 
Nov. 19, 1898, atSprague. 

" The funeral of William Ladd of Sprague took place from his 
lesidence on Pautipaug Hill, Tuesday, 22d, Rev. H.E. Hart, pastor of 
Franklin Congregational Church, oliiciating. The interment was in 
Franklin Cemetery. Mr. Ladd, who was a resident of the hill for 
m.'iny years, and had always followed the vocation of farming, owned 
a number of farms. He represented the town in the Legislature in 
1891, and was the oldest member in the House." ^ 

"In the death of William Ladd of Sprague, one of its oldest citi- 
zens, the connnunity has lost a good man of no ordinary character. 
He was of the purest integrity, rarely found, and the soul of honor. 
He was ever benevolent, and his deeds of charity, done in a quiet 
way, were unknown to the outside world. The poor and needy found 
in him a refuge. His fine character was best refiectcd in his home 
life, which was very happy. One among thousands for lil)erality, he 
gave a true, loving devotion to his family. Uniformly cheerful', his 
daily presence gave sunshine to all within his household. The great 
liereavement is irreparable to his sorrowing companion who survives 

' Koconlsof Miss M.-»y S.inford [^//(•//-("((.]. » Win<lliaiu Keconls. , .^ 

» Ki.mily Hil)le of Ur. ICL.lj.h WnUU^ [h,tl/,jca]. ♦ Sc.jtl.ind Uecortls. 

' KiaiikUn Kecords: " Laii.l Family," p. 112. <^ llail.furd Wcikly Times, Nov. 28, 1898. 

/ ( ■. > 


iiI)II-ok] SP:VKN'1'H GENKKATION. 615 

him. ' The memory of the just is blessed. They rest from their 
laltors, but thi'ir works sluill follow them.'" ' 

He married (2), Oct. 2G, 1885, Mrs. Louise-Bingliam (Waldo) 
.lackson, daughter of Horatio and Nancy (Smith) AValdo, and widow 
of Johu-Kobert Jackson of Hartford, Conn., see bdiccaa. She was 
living, 189 'J, at Baltic, Conn. Mr. Ladd had no children by either 
wife. • . 

bdif ge. IvOgf.k-Wili,ia:m.s, son of Zacheus (Zacheus^ Zachens, 
Edward^ John, Cornelius) and Hannah-Wright (Williams) Waldo ; 
born Apr. 10, 1834, at Windham, Conn. ; ^ died Apr. 2, 1808, at 
New York City. He was a cotton-broker in New York, and lived 
at Brooklyn. He married, Jan. 2, 18G0, at Morrisauia, N. Y., 
Charlotte-Bethia, daughter of William and Mary-Ann (Tuttle) Gagcr 
of Orange, N. J. ; bornDcc. 22, 1836, at New York; died, 1899, at 
New York. 3 

Children of Roger- Williams and Charlotte-Bethia (Gager) Waldo. 
Born, a at Scotland, Conn. ; b at Andover, Conn. ; c at Sj)eonk, 
N. Y. ; d, e at Brooklyn, N. Y. ; — 

bdif gea. Ralph, born Sept. 24, 1860. 

bdif geb. Ruc;i:r-Howaiid, born Aug. i, 1862. 

bdif gee. RoBEKT-BuiiNS, born Dec. 12, 1865. 

I'dif fjrd. Haury-Williams, born Sept. 20, 1868 ; died July 20, 1860, at Speouk. 

Inlif fjee. Axxi>Wii>i.iams, born Dec. 30, 1870; living, 1800, unmarried. 

bdif gf . Julia-Williams, daughter of Zacheus (Zachevs, Zach- 
eus, Eda-ard, John, Cornelius) and Hannah- Wright (Williams) 
Waldo; burn Oct. 4, 1839, at Windham, Conn.;'' died Jan. 10, 
1871, at Cortland, N. Y. She married, Feb. 15, 1864, at Windham, ^ 
Judson-Galusha, son of Jason and P^sther (Waldo) Gager of Cort- 
land [/x/(/'(/f7] ; born Mch. 27, 1817, at P>anklin, Conn. ; ^ living, 
1899, at Cortland. He is a farmer. 

Child of Judson-Galusha and Julia-Williams (Waldo) Gager. 
Born at Cortland, N. Y. : — 

n. .III. lA-lliNTiXGTON, horn .\pr. 13, 1866; nmrried, Nov. 18, 18S5, at Cort- 
land, .Tcronie-Ang(!ll, son of Tiioinns and Elizabeth (Gilbert) lIoU of Rad- 
ner.shiro, Eng. ; born Oct. 18, I5G2, at Lincklaen, N. Y. They were 
living, 1809, at Cortland, lie is a farmer.' 

' Ihirtjnni n'tckhj Tiwc-i, Dec. 1?, l>*r>8. » Wiufiham Roconls. 

^ KecDnls of Or. RaljiJi WaMo [hdifyen]. * WiiuUiam Kecords. » Family Bible. 

" Kraiikliii Hccords. ' Uccords of Mrs. Julia-Huutingtou (Gaper) HolL 

' i.M!-'., 

^JG WALDO t; ION i: A LOGY. [bdikof 

CliiUlrcMi, Ixnii al Cortlaiul : — 

a. Jui)St)N-fJAi;K.ii, horn Mch. II, 1887. 

h. RKNA-E8Tiir.K-WAiJ>o, born Aug. 30, ISDt. 

bdig ca. Mauia-Belchkk, duughler of Joscpli-'J'alcott (Joseph, 
Zachciix, Edward, John, Coriiclius) and IMaria (Rolchtr) Waldo; 
boni Feb. M, 1S:)0, at Berkshire, N. Y. ; living, 1898, at Bath, 
N. Y., with her son. She inarricd. May 17, 18i8, at Berk.shire, 
Franli-IIallani, son of Jared and ^lary (?) (Allen) Gould of Nanti- 
coke, N. Y. ; horn Nov., 1816 or 1818, ^ at Binghamton, N. Y. ; died 
Nov., 188)), at Keteliuniville, N. Y. They lived at Berkshire, now 
Newark Valley, and at Ehnira, N. Y. Mr. Gould was a dry goods 
merchant at the time of his marriage, but, later, followed various 
avocations. During the Civil war he enlisted, Nov. 1, 18G1, at Bing- 
hamton, and was quartermaster-sergeant for two years or more. He 
was promoted to be first lieutenant, and served until the end of the 
war in the 16th Independent l^attery, N. Y. Volunteers. IJis commis- 
sion was dated July 20, 1863, and he was discharged Nov. 27, 1861.' 

Cliildren of Frank-IIallam and Maria-Belcher (Waldo) Gould. 
Born, a at Berkshire, N. Y. ; 6, c at Elmira, N. Y. : — 

a. Talcott- Waldo, born Feb. 13, 1851; living, 1808, at Bath, untnarried. 

He is a plumber. 

b. Wuaav.-Allks, bora Aug. 10, 185i; died Feb. 14, 1S57, at Ehnira. 

c. Sgsik-Eloisk, boru Dec. G, ISGO; died Oct. 4, 18G3, at Maine, N. Y. 

bdig cb. Coknklia-Elizabetii, daughter of Joseph-Talcott (Jo- 
seph, Zachev.s, Edward, John, Cornelius) and Hannah-Burbank 
(Belcher) Waldo; born Jan. 6, 1835, at Berkshire, N. Y. ; died Apr. 
10, 186;-5, at Berkshire. She married, Sept. 22, 1858, at Berkshire, 
John-Lewis, son of Jolm-B. and Amanda (Leonard) Ixoyce of Berk- 
shiie; burn at Berkshire; died about 1892 at Ottawa, 111. lie had a 
second wife, by whom he had no children."' 

Child of John- Lewis aud Cornelia-Elizabeth (Waldo) Royce. 

Born at l^erkshire, N. Y. : — 

a., bora Apr. H, ISGo; married, Jan. 21, 1885, at Berkshire, 
E(iw;<rd-O\von, sou of Edward-IIczekiali and Mary-Sophia (BalH El- 
drectge of Borksihire; born Aug. 21, 1861, at Slatcrville, N. Y. They 
were living, I'.tOl, at Owogo, N. V. He is cashier of Uic Owego National 
Bank. He lias been county treasurer since Jan. 1, 18;)7. 

• He called himself forty-one yeiirs old in 1S04, but Mrs. Gould s;iys this is an ciror. 
> UeconLs of Mrs. Mnri.i-lJeK'lier ( W.ildo) Gould. 

' KtH'ords of Kfv. Milton Wald') [b'licM],Aml Mrs. Cornelia-Wiildo (Royce) lildredge 




Oiildrcn, born, a, b at Berkshire; c, d at 0\vtj^o:— , . , i 

a. Ansa-\Vam>o, born July 2r., 1888; died Mch. 7, 1S05. , ;^ 

b. EuzAHKTU, born July 3, 1802. 

c. Frank-Waldo, born Oct. 2«, 1897. 

d. MAitGKKY-BALL, bom May 27. 1900. 

bdig cd. Loiis-Taixott. son of Josfph-Tnlcott (JofiepJi, ZnrJi- 
ens, E(hi:ard^ John, Cornelius) nnd Ilannah-Tkirhap.k (Belcher) 
Waldo; born Apr. S, 1839, at licrkshire, N. Y. He was, ISOs, a 
"caterer" and manufacturer of ice-cream, etc., living at Elmira, 
X. Y. He married (1), Nov. 10, 18G2, at Factory ville, N. Y., Ade- 
laide-Louisa, daughter of George-Frederick and Hannah (Richardson) 
Waldo of Wavcrly, N. Y. [hdicaknr\\ born Mch. 22, 1841, at Rush- 
ford, N. Y.; died May 27, 1870, at Klmira. He married (2), Feb. 
30, 1872, at Rome, Pa., IClizabeth Coolbaugh, adopted daughter of 
Iliraui-L. and Hnnnah-Eliza INIann of Rome; born jMch. 15, 18-18, at 
Rome. Mr. Waldo has had no children.^ 

bdig eg. ELi.TAn-BKLCHEn, son of Joseph -Talcott (Jn^epli^ 
Zncheus^ Edicard, John, Cornelius) and Hannah-Burbank (Belcher) 
Waldo; born Jan. 13, 1848, at Berkshire, N. Y. ; living, 1901, at Berk- 
shire. He is a railroad agent and a dealer in produce. He married, 
Sept. 21, 1870, at Berkshire, Elizabeth, daughter of Anson and Caro- 
line (Moore) Ball of Berkshire; born Aug. 17, 1849, at Berkshire; 
living, 1901.-^ 

Children of Elijah-Belcher and Elizabeth (Ball) Waldo. Born at 
Berkshire, N. Y. :— - 

fidifj cfja. JosEPii-TALCoTT, born May 27, 1872; died Mcb. 21, 1875. 

l'<ii(j c</b. Lol'IS-Tai.cott, born Au;^. 18, 187'1. 

I'ditj C-/C. Ansox-Ball, born Jan. 12, 1876: died Mch. 23, 1877. 

bdii be. Danikl, Son of Daniel (Daniel, Zachcns, Edward, John, 
Viirnelius) and Susan-Ann (Martin) Waldo; born Sept. 14, 18oG, at 
Iselin, N. J. ; died June 24, 1893, at Brooklyn, N. Y., of pneumonia. 
He commenced his studies at the T. H. Norris Seminary, Wood- 
bridge, N. J., and entered at Rutgers College, class of 1877, but 
did not graduate. He studied mctlicine under Dr. H.-H. James of 
li;di\vay, N. J., with whom he afterwards practiced, and at the Col- 
lege of Physicians and Surgeons, New York, where he received the 
<legree of M.D. in 1878. He finally removed to Brooklyn, N. Y., 

' liLconts of Mrs. Louis-Talott Waldo. = ItecorcU of KUjali-Ki.UlKi Waldo. 


618 WALDO GENEALOGY. [iu>iii5C 

:iii(l built up a fine practice. " lie was of an luiii.sually amiable dis- 
position, cultured manners and agreeable conversation." He is buried 
in ]'A-eiji,reen Cemetery. 

lie married, May 27, 18.SG, at Brooklyn, Anna-(..'ecilia, daughter of 
Tliomas-F. and Maria (McManus) Ilogan of New York; born June 
22, ISGG, at New York. She married (2), Mch. 20, IS'JT, at Brook- 
lyn, Chirencc-OsA\ald Seunc ; born Oct. 19, 1873, at Sandusky, O., by 
whom she has one child : Silvia-Kebccca, born Apr. 6, 18'J-S. They 
wore living, 1899, at Brooklyn. He is cashier of the " Drug Club," 
New York City.i j 

Children of Daniel and Anna-Cecilia CHogan) Waldo. Born at ; 
Brooklyn, N. Y. :— 

bdii bca. Eiiilken-M.vktin, boru June 29, 1887. 

hdiibch. Fanxy-Etta, ") boru July 20, 1880; ( tUcd June 30, 1890. 

bdii bcc. F^<)RK^XE-CKCIMA, ) ^ • -^ • > -j^ died Jul}' 1, 1890. 

bdii bed. Daxikl-Judson, boru Oct. 0, 1801. 
bdii bee. VniGiMA-Ci>AKK, boru Apr. 20, 1803. 

, «. ' ■ " ■ 

bdik ea. Kichaud-Ebknezkk, son of Charles-Backus fEhcnezer, 
Zachcas, Edward, John., Cor)iclh(s) and Mary-Jane- Wyatt (Bennett) 
Waldo; born July 1, 1834, at Heart Castle, Va. ; died Feb. 24, 1873, 
at Centralia, 111. Ho attended college at Springfield, 111. During the 
Civil war he enlisted as private in Co. A, 8Sth Regiment Illinois 
Infantry and served for iJiree years. He rose to be brevet lieutenant. 
He was in many engagements and was at one time left on the battle 
Held as dead. He never fully recovered from this wound. He became | 

a farmer and lived at Petersburg, Champaign, Centralia and Anna in j 

the Stale of Illinois. He married, Dec. 23, 1858, at Anna, Kebecca- 
Jane, daughter of Kcv. Daniel and Rebecca (Chapman) Spcucc of j 

Jonesboro, 111. ; boru Mch. 29, 1835, at Jonesboro. She married (2), 
jNIay 22, 1S7G, Isham-Cotton Taylor, l>y whom she had one child: 
Gertrude- Waldo, born July 22, 1878; died Sept. 12, 1881. Mr. and 
Mrs. Taylor were living, 1898.2 ,^^^ ^ , ,, . . 

Children of Richard-Ebenezcr and Rcbecca-Jauc (Spcnce) Waldo. 
Born, a-c at Anna, 111. ; d-g at Centralia, 111. : — 

bdik- can. Ukutiia-Eunice, born Dec. 25, 1850; died Sept. • 26, 1874, at 

bdik- cab. Li'cy-Ellinor, born Apr. 15, 18G1 ; living, 1800, .it BeiiLou, 111., 

bdik cac. RiciiAiiD-CAiutOLL, boru Fel). 22, 1SG3 ; died vSept. 14, 1864, at Anna, 
bdik ead. Stkli.v-Makv, boru Dec. 18, 1866. 

' Uuuortls of Mrs. Aiiua-Cucilia Suuuo. ' Rocords of Lucy-EUinor Waldo [bdikcab]. 

y. I : 


hdik eae. Chai{L()ttk-Si'i;nck, born Apr. 2^, IKf.S; livinic. \'<'y-K iinm:inii'd. 

InJik inf. Ji:ssn;-Di:K>i.sKK, boni Doc. 11, isG'j; inarric-ii Apr. 2h, ]>!i7, :il r.cii- 
t«»n, 111., Kthvin-Jdliii, son of Fxhvin aud Lonisu-.lano ((i;i_v) Koscnornns 
of Kankakee, Hi.; Ixtni .Tan. fi, 1870, at Chohunse, 111. lie j,'radnat<j(l. l.sii;;, 
al the UniverMily of Mlcliiiian, Ann Arbor. He is a civil enirinctr, livintr, 
isii'j, al Chica;:o, 111., and is a UKinbor of the linn of Ilosoncrans & Molt. 
They have a duni^hler, born in ISIKS.' 

hdik eag. IticuAKU-ltALPn, born Jan. 31, 1872; died Nov. M, 1872, atCcnlralia. 

bdik eb. Willlvm-Gile-S, son of Cliarles-Backus (Ehenczer, 
Zucheus, Edivard, John, CoraeJhifi) aud Mary-Jane- Wyatt (Iknnctt) 
Waldo; born Mcb. •22, 1837, at Petersburg, 111. He was educated in 
the common schools. Being in Texas wlien that .State seceded, he 
enlisted in the Southern army and served as private and non-commis- 
sioned oilicer in that ai-niy for four years until the close of the Avar. 
He settled at Lutosville, I\Io., where he was a contractor and builder, 
hilt removed later to St. Louis, Mo. Since 1884 he has been in the 
railway mail service. He married, Feb. 18, 1878, at Elkton, Ky., 
Mary-Elizabeth, daughter of James and Margaret-E. (Roevos) Hum- 
j)hreys of Elkton; born June 4, 1849, at Elkton. They were living, 
1898, at St. Louis. 2 ,. 

Children of William-Giles and Mary-Elizabeth (Humphreys) Waldo. 
Born, a at Lutesville, i\Io. ; 6, c at St. Louis, Mo. : — 

hdik e.ha. Chaklks-Wiixiam, born Sept. 17, 18»2. 
hdik ebh. Bertha-May, born Oct. 24, 188G. 
hdik ebc. Hakkv-Bexnett, born Sept. 22, 1888. 

bdik ee. Joiin-Benkett, son of Charles-Backus (Eboiic-jer, 
Zaclieus, Edu-ard, John, Cornelius) and Mary-Jane-Wyatt (Bennett) 
Waldo; born Apr. 15, 1847, at Petersburg, 111. He married, Apr. 
12, 18.SS, at Paris, Tex., Lelia-Catherine, daughter of Charles-Henry 
ami Susan (Ihadbury) Bassano of Paris, formerlj' of Birmingham, 
England; born July 2, 18G4, al Paris. They were living, 1898, at 
Dublin, Tex. Mr. Waldo is a cotton buyer, doing a large business. ^ 

Children of John-Bennett and Lelia-Catherine (Bassano) Waldo. 
Horn, a at Gatesville, Tex. ; h-d at Gainesville, Tex. : — 
hdik eea. iMAKV-ViianxiA, born Aug. 20, 1889. 
hdik ecb. Anna-Ci-kmkn'tink, born An^. 20, 1891. 
hdik cec. Lucv-GKKTUCDi:, born Mch. 12, 1893. ' ' ' 

hdik ted. JoHN-C'HAKi.KS, bom .May 19, 1895. 

' RecorUs of Lucy-Klliuor Wiiltio [IxliLruO]. » Uecords ol Williani-Ciiles Waklo. 
'Kt'cords »)f Johii-neuiiett W.-ildo. 

620 WALDO GENEALOGY. [bdikkh 

bdik ch- Cr.EMKNT-DKVOTiuN, soti of Cliarles-Iiackiis (Ebexezpr, 
Znrht'iis, EdiranU Jf'hn^ Co ni I'li ua ) aud Mnyyr,lt\ue.-\Vyiiit (Bennett) 
W:iKI(>; born Nov. 2-2, LSf),';, at Havana, 111. lU; was etUicated in tlie 
public .scliool.s of Illinois. He went to Texas in I\Iarch, 1877, and 
has been in the cotton business in Texas and Oklahoma for the past 
eii^htcen years. lie was living, 1898, at Shawnee, Okla, He mar- 
ried (I), Feb. 1-S, 1885, at I'aris, 'J>x., Jennie-IIiekman, daughtei- of 
Abnim and ^Fary-Ann (Kobinson) Dolman of Faris ; boi-n May 12, 
18C3, at l^iviu^ston, Ala. ; died Dec. 14, 1895, at Paris. He married 
(2), Afay 19, 1898, at Kansas City, Mo., Olive, daughter of Dr. 
John-Gix and Susan (Howeii) P^essinger of Earlsboro, Okla.; born 
Feb. 8, 187G, at Morganlield, Ky. ; living, 1898.' 

Child of Clement-Devotion and .Jennie-Hickman (Dolman) Waldo. 
Born at Paris, Tex. : — 
bdik eha. Ci.icment-Hekm.^x, born Nov. 15, 1888. 

bdik fh. P^LLA-ScsAXNAH, daughter of Louis (Ebenezer^ ZacJiens, 
Edirard, iJoIin^ Cornelius) and Alice-Susanna (Baldwin) Waldo; 
born P>b. 19, 1849, at Peru, 111.; died Aug. 14, 1888, at Lincoln, 
Neb. She married, June 24, 1875, at Peru, William-Henry, sou of 
George-Austin and Susan (Dragoo) Bryan of Boise City, Ida.; born 
Dec. 7, 1850, in Brown Co., 0. He is a mechanic, living, 1900, at 
Lincoln, Neb.- 

Childrcn of William-Henry and KUa-Susannah (Waldo) Bryan. 
Boru, a-d at Peru, 111. ; e in Greene Co., la. ; /at Galva, Kau. : — 

a. Louis-Waldo, born Jnue 4, ISTC; died Nov. 4, 1881, at Peru. 

b. Leuoy-Ci.ikford, born Oct. 29, 1877. 

c. Ai.icf.-Flokkxce, born Nov. 12, 1879. 
(?. Eu.A-St:SAN, born Sept. 18, 18S2. 

e. Jkxxik-Bi:i,i,k, born Mcb. 25, 1885. 
/. Bkutiia-Lulu, born Mcb. 8, 1887. 

bdik ib. Gkougk-PvRxest, son of George (Ebenezer, Zacheus, 
Edtrord, Joltn^ Cornelius) and Sarah-Ellen (Jagger) Waldo; boru 
Jan. 11, 1851, at Brooklyn, N. Y. He was a student at Cornell 
University, 1808-70, but did not graduate. He studied law with 
i\lr. Wells, 1878-74; was admitted to the bar at Poughkeepsie, 
N. Y., ]May 11, 187G, and was admitted to the bar of Nebraska, 
Jan. 2G, IS.sO. He lived at Ulysses, Neb., 1883-89, and practiced 


' lUKonls of Clemeiit-Devutiou Waldo. » liecoiiis of William-Henry Bryan. 

n i^ ' i:^^^ 


^^■^,.■^7'ggg .l!^ ' .-'^^ « . ^ WWWI^fi&t.-J f jawj 

^ - r 



JIKJ 1 .-?i^ ' ---^ 




•i'li I '/■■■' 




■ 'W 


V •7*. c5.*. --i 



his piofession tluMe. Wliilt^ there lie was diivetor of the Ul3'sse.s 
lliiih School, lie roliirned to New York City in 1890, and be- 
came a member of the law firm of Well.s, Waldo 6c .Snedecker. lie 
is livill,:,^ 1902, at Brooklyn, N. Y. He married, May 11, 1896, at 
'I'alhdiassee, Fla., FIora-Abijah, daughter of John-Alexander and 
Mary ('I'urman) Henderson of Tulhdiassee ; born Mch. 27, 18G3, at 
Tampa, Fla. Mr. Waldo is a rejjultliean in jwlitics, has been a mem- 
ber of the Republioan County Committee and the Brooklyn Young 
KeiJiibliean Club. lie was a member of the Assembly in 189(5. lu 
1900, lie was apjiointed commissioner of records in Brooklyn.' 

Children of George-Ernest and Fhjra-Abijah (Henderson) Waldo. 
Born at Brooklyn, N. Y. : — 

I'dik- ila. Jons-HKNnEKSON, boru Sept. 11, 1897. 
Idik- ibh. Okokgk-Eknest, born Feb. 25, 1899. 

bdik id. Gkkai.d, son of George (Ebenezer^ Zacheiis, Edward^ 
Johuy Cornelius J and Sarah-Ellen (Jagger) Waldo; born Feb. 9, 
1855, at Scotland, Conn. He is a farmer, living, 19U0, at Scotland, 
in the old house built by his great-great-grandfather, Edward Waldo. 
He graduated at Cornell University, 1882, taking the degree B.Ag. 
He married, Feb. 18, I8H5, at Brooklyn, N. Y., Mary-Eliza, daughter 
of George-Francis and Margaret (Van Antwerp) Thomas of Brooklyn; 
born July 10, 1855, at Toledo, O.^ 

Children of Gerald and Mar^^-Eliza (Thomas) Waldo. Boru at 
Scotland, Conn. : — 

bdik ida. Ruru-FANsn.\w, born Dec. 8, 1885. 

bdik idb. KicNXKTH, born Jan. 23, 1890.=* - • ■ 

bdik idc. KussKi.L, boru Mch. 2, 189) .* ■■-■',■■.■. 

bdik ie. Makgaret-Mabellk, daughter of George (Ebenezer, 
Zacheus, Edward, John, Cornelius) and Sarah-Ellen (Jagger) Waldo; 
born Sept. 2, 1857, at Scotland, Conn. She married, Feb. 1, 1877, 
at Scotland,^ George-Cyrus, son of George-Francis and Margaret 
(Van Antwerp) Tliomas of Brooklyn, N. Y. ; born i^Iay 21, 18-11, at 
Cincinnati, 0. They were living in 1900. He was a brass manu- 
facturer. He married (1), Aug. 27, 18G7, at Bristol, Conn., Fannie- 
Augusta, daughter of Beujaraiu-B. and Almira-S. (Hutchins) Lewis; 
boru Oct. 9, 18-15; died Dec. 7, 1875, at Montclair, N. J. By 

' Hcimits of (!eoree-Kri;e3t WaUlo. ' Iteconls of Oeialit Waldo. 

» Ki.oriJiil at ScutlanU as born 1889. • ReoorUeil at Scotlaiul as born 1890. 

' Scotland Kecords. 

G22 '■' W.ALDO GEN'KALOGV, [bdikik 

lior ho li;i(l threo oliildioii : IIoloii-Lewis, Clara and Oeor^e- 

C^hildren of George-Cynis and iMargaret-Mfibelle (Waldo) Thomas. 
Born, a at Montolair, N. J. ; b at Scotland, Conn. ; c, d at Waterbur}', 
Conn. ; e at l<'latbush, N. Y. : — • . . . ' ; , , 

rt. Waldo, born Feb. 11, 1879. 

b. Makoakkt, born Sept. 3, 1880. 

c., born July 4, 1884. 
(I. DoROTHKA, born Oct. 0, 18S5. 
e. Cyha, born Nov. 24, 1892. 

bdik if. Jessie, daughter of George (Ebenezer, Zacheus, Ed- 
7vard, Johiu Cornplius) and Sarah-Kllen (.Tagger) Waldo; born June 
2;^, 18.59, at Scotland, Conn. She was a student at Cornell University, 
1881-83, and became a stenographer in New York City. She married, 
Dee. 24, 1898, at Brooklyn, N. Y'"., George- Alexander, son of James 
and Laura (Davenport) Orrock of Dorchester, INfass. ; born July 3, 
18G7,2 at Dorchester. They were living, 1899, at Brooklyn, N. Y. 
He is an electrical engineer. 3 

bdik ig. Ellex-Mklvixk, daughter of George (Ehenezer^ Zacheus, \ 

Edward, John, Cornelius) and Sarah-Ellen (Jagger) Waldo; born i 

Feb. 25, 1801, at Scotland, Conn. She married, Mch. 26, 188o, at 
Scotland, Kalph-Albert, son of Jefferson-liurns and Helen (Towle) 
Weston of Beatrice, Neb.; born Aug. 18, 18G1, at Beatrice. He is 
engaged in coal business and mining. They lived at Ulysses, Neb., 
until July, 1887, then at Alliance, Neb., until December, 1889, then 
at Newcastle, Wyo., until November, 1893, then at Beatrice, where 
they were living in 1899,'* 

Children of Ralph- Albert and Ellen-Melvine (Waldo) Weston. 
Born, a at Alliance, Neb. ; h-d at Newcastle, Wyo. ; e at Beatrice, 
Neb. :— 

o. Hklkx, born Anpj. 20, 1888. 

h. Jr.KFKicsoN-BuiLXS, bom 14, 1890; died Aug. 5, 1891, at Newcastle. 

c. Elizahkth-Lo.vgfki.low, born Oct. 4, 1891. 

(?., born Nov. 5, 1892. 

e. Sakau-Kknt, Ijorn Nov. 8, 1895. ' ''• ' ' ' 


bdik ih. IUuert-Devotiox, son of George (Ebenezer, Zacheus, •■ 

Edward, John, Cornelius) and Sarah-Ellen (Jagger) Waldo; born . 


• Family liecunlri. » Oorchester Keconls; F.araily Ueconlrt say July 4. 

* lU'ooriis (if Miss Genevieve Waldo [bdikic]. * Records of ilrs. Ellen-SIelviue Westou. 


Feb. 3, 18GI3, at Seothuul, Coini. lie uiarried, Oct. 1, 1885, at 
Ulysses, Neli., Agues, daughter of James and Margaret (Nicliol) 
Murray of Hamilton, O. ; born Aug. 13, 1863, at Hamilton. They 
were living, 1899, at Omaha, Neb. He is a lawyer.' 

Children of Hubert-Devotion and Agnes (Murray) Waldo. Born, 
a-c at Ulysses, Neb. ; d at Hubbard, Ore. : — 

^ffjA- iVta. Kali'ii-Ernest, born July 28, 188G. j, , 

bdi/c ihb. Mahgakkt, born Aug. 29, 1888. 
hdik ihc. Ag.nes-Mukkay, born June 14, 1890. 
bdik ihd. IIurekt-Devotion, born Apr. 20, 1892. 

bdil ba. Hohace, son of Horace (Ozuis, Zacheus, Edivard, John, 
CorveUus) and Sarah-Catheriuc (Hazzard) Waldo; born Oct. 18, 
1833, at IMoomingdale, N. Y. ; died Feb. 7, 1S9S, at Tuxedo Park, 
N. y. He was in business with his father from 1853 to '55 in New 
York City, and a member of the firm of Waldo, Berry & Co., from 
1855 to 'Gi. From 18G5 to '71 he was in the brokerage business 
by himself ; in the latter year he went to South Carolina and became a 
rice planter near Yorkville, 8. C. He returned to New York in 1881 
and made his home at Staten Island, and later at Tuxedo Park. " lie 
was one of the most popular members of the Tuxedo colony. He had 
lived with his family at Tuxedo for a number of years, and, while 
not a man of great wealth, was in comfortable circumstances. 
Al)out seven years ago it became necessary for Mr. Waldo to undergo 
a surgical operation to arrest disease. The toe of his right foot was 
first cut off, then the foot itself, and finall}' the right leg at the hip. 
For upward of a j'ear following the last operation Mr. Waldo was in 
good health, when suddenly the left leg also became affected, and had 
to be amputated at the hip. Notwithstanding this affliction, Mr. 
Waldo retained to the last the good spirits and good temper which 
made him popular. He Avas an expert whip, and had always been 
fond of driving fast horses. Only the day prior to his last illness he 
spout the afternoon driving about the club grounds." ^ 

He married, Mch. 25, 1857, at New York City, Julia-Isabella, 
daughter of Thomas and ]\Iargaret-Lawrance (Ireland) Lawrance of 
New York; born Mch. 15, 1833, at New York; died July 31, 1898, 
at Tuxedo Park. 3 .. . ...i 

' Uecords of Hubert-Devotion WiiUlo. ^ Xew York Trihunc, Feb. 0, 1S9S. ., ;•, ;■ j, a 
' KecoiUs of Mis. ConieU.T. ( W.iMo) Joucs [bJilbab]. 

f / ■> 

624 WALDO (;KNRAL0(;Y. [bdilba 

Children uf Horace ami Julia-Isabolla (Lawianoe) Waldo. Born, 
a-c at New York City ; '/, c at New Brighton, N. Y. : — 
}>,W hun. .Ii-i.ia-Lawij.v.n-ci-, born Jan. PO, IS")?; livings 1808, uninnrried. 
bdil bab. Cohnki.ia, born Nov. 11, 1859. 

hdil bar. MAnoAUKT-LAWKANXK, born Oct. 14, IftfiS; living, 180«, nnmarricd. 
hdil had. Hokace, born .\[)r. 27, 1805; living, 18'J8, unmarried. 
hdil hac. Lawiiance, l)orn Feb. 8, 1808; died Apr. 25, 1879, at New Yorli. 

bdil bb. FifANCLS- William, son of Horace (Ozkis, Zocheus, E>1- 
vjard, John^ Cornelius) and Sarab-Cathcriiic (Hazzanl) Waldo; 
born Oct. 8, 1830, at Bloomingdale, N. Y. ; died Sept. 13, 1878, at 
New York City. He went to Maryland, and for a few years was a 
planter, bnt at the outbreak of the Civil war he returned to New York, 
and went into the stock brokerage business in connection with his 
brother Horace. He remained in this business until the famous 
" Black Friday" of 1873, wheu he failed, and, after that, had no busi- 
ness. He married ( 1 ), Oct. a, 1858, at New Y'ork, Rosalie, daughter of 
Morgan-Lewis and Catherine (Manning) Livingstone of New Y'ork ; 
born June 26, 1835, at New York; died Feb. 8, 1874, at New York. 
He married (2), June (or .July) 1876, at New York, Gertrude, 
daughter of Bernard (?) and Sarah (Post ?) Rhinclaudcr. She was 
living, 18'J8, at New Y'ork City.^ 

Children of Francis- NVilliam and Rosalie (Livingstone) Waldo. 

Born, o at Newport, K. I. ; h at New Y'ork City: — 

bdil bha. Kosalik-Livingstonk, born Aug. 13, 1859; living, 1899, nntnarricd. 

bdil hhh. KATur.RiNivLiviNc.sTON'K, bom Dec. 28, 18^3; married, May 5, IS87, 
nt New York, Preble, son of Edgar ( Williavi, William, William, Willinm, 
Ehcnrzcr, 3Innass-'h, Hobrrt j and M;iry-Agne.-< (Treble) Tucker of Brook- 
lyn, N. Y. ; born C)et. ;^1 , IHfiO, at Bo.slou, .Mass. He is a great ureat- 
grand>-on of Commodore Edward Preble. He attended the University of 
Viriiiiiia for two years, slndied law, and Avas admitted to the bar in New 
York about 1882. lie lias held no ]niblic ofbcc, but has been identified 
uitli all movements for good government. They were living, 1899, in 
NeAV York City. They have no children.' 

Child of Francis-William and Gertrude (Rhinelandor) Waldo. 
Born at New York City : — 
bdil hhc. HmNELANDEK, bofu May 24, 1877; living, 1899, unmarried. 

bdil CC AiJABELLA-IiODiSE, daughter of Frederick-Augustus 
(Q-^ias, Zachcus^ Edicanl, John, CornfUns) and Arabella-Howard 
(Lawrence) Waldo; born June 3, 1841, at Cinciunati, O. ; married, 

' Hcc-ords of Mrs. K.-itheriiic-Uviii^zstone (AVaklo) Tucker [hdilhhh]. 

' Rcrorils of Mrs. Kalhcrine-Liviiig.stone (Waldo) Tucker: " Tucker Family," p. 2C2: 
" I'reble Family," p. ViS. . 


Aug. 7, IS^G, at (.'inciiMiiiti, GiHirGjo-lMcliinpsoy, son of William- 
Arnold and Mary (Stewart) Ilstick of Hlooniiii^biiti;;, C). ; horn Feb. 
ir», 1843, at lilooiningliing. He was a soldier in the Civil war. 
They were livin<:, Jby«, at Washington C. 11., Fayette Co., O. lie 

is a wool dealer.^ ■', • ■ "■■ 

Children of Georgc-iMcJimpsey and Arahclla-Louisc (Waldo) 
Ustick. Horn, a, b at Blooniingburg, (). ; c at Washington C. H., 
0. :— ^ 

a. Fi.oKK.NCK-SruAivr, l)orn Apr. 19, 1871; unmarried, 18'.»0. 

b. Anna-Louisk, born Mcli. 4, 1874. 

c. Laavkknce-Waldo, boru ]Mch. 14, 1881. • • • '^ . 

bdil ce. Leonard, son of Frederick-Augustus (Ozias, Zacheus, 
Edioard, JoJtn, Cornelius) aiid Frances (Leonard) Waldo; born May 
4, 1853, at Cincinnati, 0. He received the degrees of S. 1\. at 
Marietta, 1872; A. M. at Marietta, 1877; S. D. at Harvard, 1879; 
A. M. at Yale, 1880. In 1874 he went to llobart Town, Tasmania, 
with the U. S. Transit of Venus ICxpedition. as assistant astronomer. 
From 1875 to '80 he was assistant at the Harvard University ol^serv- 
atory, and from 1880 to '87 was connected with the Yale University 
obscrvatoi-y. Since 1887 he has been engaged in engineering and 
metallurgical work. He was living, 1S99, at Bridgeport, Conn. 

He married (1), Mch. 15, 1875, at Philadeli)hia, Pa., Dora, daugh- 
ter of Robert-Stuart and Martha (Wliite) Fnllerton ; borji 1855 at 
Agra, India; died Feb. 19, 1886, at jSew Haven, Conn. Her father 
was a missionary to northern India, and died there. Mr. Waldo mar- 
ried (2), July 19, 1887, at New York City, Ada-Louise, daughter of 
Alfrcd-S. and Aune-Martindale (Sanford) Purdy of New York.- 

Children of Leonard and Dora (Fnllerton) Waldo. Born, a at 

Philadelphir,, Pa. ; b at Cambridge, ISIass. ; cat New Haven, Conn. : — 

bdil cea. Edith, born Dec. 31, 1875; married, Apr. 17, 1900, Ke\ . Williani-D. 
IJeacli of New Haven, Conn. 

bdil ceb. Fi'llkhton-Leonard, born Apr. 5, 1877; living, 1899, unmarried. 

A. E., Harvard University, 1898. 
bdil cec. DoKOTHY, boru Nov. IS, 1885. 

Children of Leonard and Ada-Louise (Purdy) Waldo. Born, d at 
Waterbury, Conn. ; e at Bridgeport, Conn. : — 

bdil ctd. .V.VNK-HANixn.rH, born .June 30, 1SS8. 
bdil cee. Ruth-Mautindai.k, born Jan. 19, 1890. 

' Heoonls of Mrs. Arat)ella-I/) (WaMo) I'stick. 
' Ui-couls of Kullertou-Leonunl Wixhio IbdilccO]. 



bdil cf- Fkank, son of Frfderick-Aumistns (Ozids, Zadieus^ 
Eihi'ard^ John., C' i rn cH ti s ) -dUil Fi;uici\s (Leonard) Waklo ; born Nov. 
4, l^lo7, ;it Cincinnati, 0.; living, 1900, at CJainbridgc, Mass. lie 
graduated at Marietta College, 187S, and received the degree of Ph.D. 
in 1888. lie was assistant at the Harvard University Astronomical 
Obficrvatory, 187^-81; has been post-graduate student at Harvard; 
instructor in astronomy in the Harvard Annex and professor in the 
U. jS. Signal Service Bureau. He has written many memoirs and 
aiticles on scientilic topics and is the author of "Modern Meteo- 
rology " in the London Contemporary Science Series, 1895, and of 
"Elementary iMeteorology," 1896. He has lived at Cincinnati, 0., 
"Washington, I). C, and Princeton, N. J. In 1882 and '83 he was 
living in Europe. He is a connoisseur of violins. He is a member 
of the Washington Philosophical Society and the Austrian and Ger- 
man jNIeteorological Societies. He married, Sept. 13, 1881, at Cam- 
bridge, Sarah-]\Laria, daughter of Isaac-James and Mary-Ann (Dun- 
ham) Jaques of Cambridge; born ,Iun. 14, 18G0, at Camlnudge.^ 

Children of Frank and Sarah-Maria (Jaqucs) Waldo. Born, o. at 
Washington, D. C. ; b at Fort Myer, Va. : — 

bdil cfa. Mary-Fkanxks, born July 23, 1882. 
bdil cfb. FKP:i>Eiuc-JAyUES, boru Sept. 1, ISSi. 

bdjf bb. INLvTiLDA, daughter of Gamaliel (John, John, Erhvard, 
John, Cornelius) and Nancy (Bartlett) Waldo; born Sept. 9, 1814, 
near Clarksburgh, W. Va. ; died Se\)i. 2, 1891, at Warsaw, Ind. She 
married, Apr. 10, 1815, at Plerceton, Ind., John McNeil of Ohio; 
born Dec. 16, 1804, in Ohio; died 18.05, at Pierceton. He was a 
farmer. They lived at Pierceton.^ 

Children of John and Matilda (Waldo) McNeil. Born at Pierce- 
ton, Ind. : — 

a. Ki.i.KN, !)orn Jan. 20, 1816; died Anp. 9, 1872, at Warsa-vv, Ind. She mar- 
ried Oct. J, 1870, at I'ierceton, Juiiii-Woolson, sou of John-Mincli and 
Kiith (Cook) Van Dj'ke of Warsaw; born Sept. 12, 1840, at Burlington, 
Ind. He is a farmer, living, IB'JO, at Warsaw. He married (2), his first 
■wife's sister Jennie. 

Child, born at Warsaw: — 
a. A UAUGHTKU, boru Aug. 9, 1872; died same day. 
6. A SOX, l)oin Dec. 20, 184fi; died Jan. 20, 1847, unnamed. 
c. JicNNiK, born Nov. 1.'), 1«48; married Mch. 27, 1879, at I'ierceton, John- 
Woolsou, son of Jolm-Minch and Ruth (Cook) Van Dyke of Warsaw, 
,, Ind.; born Sejit. 12, 1^40, at Burlington, Ind. His first wife Avas her 

" Koconls ol rnink Waldo. • Kecords of Mrs. Jeiinio (McNeil) Van Dyke [bdj/biic]. 

' ■' ■ ■, I 


sistor Ellen. Tlicy ■wore living, 1890, nt Wnrsaw. He is a fjuiiiei. 
They hnve no cliiklren. 

d. Nancy, bora July 18, 1850; died Apr. 3, 1884, al Piercoton, Ind. She 

married, ISGS. John DoAvns. His niolhei's name ^vas Tireslone. He is a 
farmer, living, 1899, at rierceton. 

Children, born at rierceton : — 

a. ExnEL-MAunr., born Aug. 9, 18C9. 

b. UAunY-CLAVVK, I born Julv 23, 1872. .•. , 

^d. Bkssik-Mahki,, born Mch. 22, 1884. • ' .' > 

e. LrciN'DA, born Apr. 8, 1852; died Apr. 14, 1872, at Piorceton. She mar- 

ried, 1870, at Piercetou, Thomas-Zephaniah, son of John-F. and Mary 
(Menzie) Babcock of Winllcld, la.; born Nov. 2C, ]s47, in Knox Co., O. ; 
died Jnne 17, l^r»9, at Fort Wayne. Ind. He enlisted in 1802 in the 125th 
Ohio Volunteer Infantry and served until the eloso of the war. He was 
severely wounded. May 9, 1804, at Kocky Face Uidiie, Va. He was a 
locomotive engineer. He married a second ■vvifc by whom he had two 
rliildren : Vera, born Aug., 1881; Bessie, born Aug. 17, 1882. He had no 
ohlldreu by his first wife. 

/. KouKRT, born Sept. 23, 1853; died Dec. 24, 1891, at La Crosse, Wis. 

g. IlAKiUKT, born Mch. 23, 1855; died Oct. 21, 1855, at Piercetou. 

bdjf bd.^N, son of Gamaliel (John, Johi, Edward, John, 
Cornelius) and Nancy (Bartlett) Waldo; born Jan. 28, 1818, near 
Clarksbnrgh, W. Va. ; died Nov. 22, 1898, at Greenwood, Dodcb-idge 
Co., W . Va., where lie had passed his Jife. He was a farmer. He 
served in the Civil war for three years as a private in Co. E, Gth 
Virginia Regiment. He married, Sept. 30, 1841, in Tyler Co., W. 
Va., jNIary, daughter of Foster and Nellie (Prichard) ^Villiams of 
Holbrook, W. Va. ; born Feb, 25, 1826, in Harrison Co., W. Va. ; 
died Mch. o, 1899, at Greenwood. ^ 

Children of Hickman and Mary (Williams) Waldo. Born, a-c 
near Holbrook, W. Va. ; d-l at Greenwood, W. Va. : — 

hdjfl.da. Sl-sax-Jank, horn Feb. 29, 1844; married June 18, 1872, Jolm-M. 

hdjfhdh. Nkwton-Gamauhl, born Oct. 11, 1845; married Mch. 11, 1875, 
llosetta Bond. 

bdjf bdc. FosTKit-Wii.iJAMS, born June 22, 1818. "' ' ' '■ 

hdlfhdd. P'kaxcis-Maiui'N, l)orn June 4, 1850; married Nov. 14, 1872, Gabri- 
el! a Dotson. 

Idjfhdc. SARAn-EMZAnHTH, born .Afch. 13, 1852; married Feb. 14, 1875, Wil- 
fred-!), Collins. 

bdjf bdf. Jonx-EnwAun, born Sept. IG, 1853. 

ldxfhd<j. Jasi'kkFknton, born Jan. 1, 1850; married Dec. 23, 18sO, Anna 

i'dxfhdh. SYLVKSTEn-UAUTLETT, bom Dcc. 15, 1857; married Dec. 20, 1896, 
Hannah Gray. 

' UecoiiU of Johii-l'Mwanl \Val(l.> [bilJfUl/]. 


hdxfh,li. .I.\.Mr>-Wuoi>s, horn Sept. 17, 18G0; married Feb. 7, 1804, Avic-L. 

bdjfhdj. Ai.ici-.-Vi.\NNA, horn Jan. 3), 1803; married ]1cc. 25, 1891, Josephs. 

hajfUilk. TFiOM.\s-G):ANr, born Oct. M, IRGf.; died Mcli. 14, 1880, at Green- 

bdjfhdl. Gr.oijGK-lIiCKMAN, hom Nov. 2f), 18G7; livin^^, 1898, unmarried. 

bdjf be. Emily, (Liughtor of Gamaliel (Johii„ John, Ed'vard, 
John, CorneUn^) :irul Nancy (Bartlett) Waldo; born Oct. 20, 1819, 
near Clarksbur^Mi, W. Va. ; died May 3, 1873, at Silverlake, Ind. 
She inarriod (1), Dec. 5, 18ii, at Piorceton, Ind., or perhaps at 
Greenwood, W. Va., Henry-II. Soincrville. He was a school teacher. 
They had no children. She married (2), Oct. IH, 18-lG, Joel Rhine; 
born Feb. 18, 1812, in Pennsylvania; died May 20, 1899, at Monnd 
City, 111. He was a farmer. • 

Children of Joel and Emily (Waldo) Rhine. Boru at Larwill, 
Whitley Co., Ind. :— 

fl., born Sci>t. 9, 1848; livinj^ 1900, at Monnd City, 111. lie is 
eu<i;H<red in lumber bu.siness as a travellinij sale:>man. He married (1), 
Apr. 22, 1809, at Silverlake, Ind., Emma-Amelia, daujjliter of Elia.s and 
Marv-Ann (Freeman) McClure of Silverlake: born Sept. G, I8.jO, at 

•; : Silverlake; died Jan. 31, 1879, at Silverlake. lie married (2). Oct. 15, 
1890, at Mound City, :\rrs. Eliza-Ann (Hunter) Porter, daughter of Elijah- 
Louis and Saiali-Ann (Kale) Hunter of Virginia; born Feb. 15, ISGO, in 
Greenbriar ("ounty, W. Va. She was widow of William-David Porter; 
born Jan. 8, 1854, in Illinois; died Feb. 5, 1883, at San Antonio, Tex. 

Children, by first wife, horn at Silverlake: — 
«. ZoKA, born June 2, 1870. 
h. Elias, born 1872; died 1873. 

h. Wn.soN-DAvn)S0N', born Oct. 15, 1848; died Nov. 2, 1877, at Cara]ibell, 
Neb. He was a farmer and lived at Campbell. He married, Oct. 30, 18C7, 
at Silverlake, Ind., Catli:iriue-M., damchlcr of Jercuiiah and Hannali- 
lleliecca (Shawl) Miller of Baltimore, Md.: born Mch. 23, 1847, at Tilhn, 
<). She married (2), Apr. 29, 1879, at Hastings, Neb., Johu-E., son of 
Joel and Naney (Holycross) Barney of New York, N. Y. ; born Oct. 23, 
1S51, in Whitley Co.," Ind. They were living, 1900, at Sedro Woolley, 

Children, born, (I, c, (Z at Silverlake; h at Columbus, lud. ; eat Camp- 
bell :- 
«. JoiiN-J, born Sept. 1, 18C8. 

b. Wii.sox. born Jan. 10, 1870; died Oct. 10, 1870. 

c. AL»F.i;rus, -I f 

J . > born July 25, 1871; <■,■-, t^ , „„ ,c,~o 

d. Ai.vkhhin, I •' ' \ died Feb. 20, 1872. 

c EKNKsi-Noi'.MAr,, born June 30, 1875. 
c. Joki.-Camai.iki., born Apr. 2G, 1S5I ; livini^s 1900, at Mound City, 111 , 
where he is enuaiicd in grocery and provision business. He lived at 
Silverlake until In74, then near Campbell, Neb., until 1881; after that at 

' Iveeordd of Juliu-Wi.ldo Rliiiie [OdjfUi.t.'^ 

' ■: ' ' v/ 


Mound City. IIo nifirried, Dec. 24, J872, at WarsfiAv, Iiul., Florence- 
Antoinette, dauLclitcr of llamilton-.letterson and Mart^ret-Anu fSniitli) 
Conner of Woostor, O. ; born June 12, 1S53, at Wooster. No children.' 

d. Aman1)-E., born Jan. 28. IS.'iS; died Sept. 27, 1854, at Larwill. 

e. Wh.i.iam-Phii'ps, horn Mch. 21, 1855; died I\Iay 4, lt<5G, at Larwill. 
/. MAXWKLL-ELur.inis, born Oct. G, 1857; died Feb. 18, 1859, at Larwill. 

(/. Maiiy-Ei.lkx, born Ai>r. .".0,1800; died Anj?. 15, 1897, at P.urn.side, Ky. 
She married, .Ani:. 19, 1885, at "War.saw, Ind., Alexander-BroAvn, son of 
Gcorpe-Thonia.s and Ann-Scott (Brown) Massey of Virginia; born Oct. 
15, I8.'i9, at Hrownsvilie, Fa. He wa.s livinii, 1900, at Burnside, and wa.s 
on^?\j;;cd in railroad and steamboat transportation.' 

Children, born, n at Greenwood, Ky. ; b, c at Burnside : — 

a. Emily-Scott, born Oct. 19, 1880. 

b. Kknnktii-Waldo, born May 2. 1890. 

c. Alkxandhu-Bkowx, born Apr. 28, 1894. 

bdjf bf. Baktlktt, sou of Gamaliel (John, John, Edward, Johti, 
Cornelius) and Nancy (Bartlett) Waldo; born June 2G, 1821, near 
Clarksbnrgh, W. Va. ; died Feb. 2, 1889, at Tollgate, W. Va. He 
was a farmer and lived in Doddrid2,c Co., W. Va., until 1888, when 
his family removed to Clarksburgh, and he went to Grantsville, W. 
Va., to live with his son James. He served for three years during 
the Civil war in the Union army, being a private in Co. E, 6th 
Virginia Cavalry. He married, July 14, 1842, in Doddridge C'o., 
Jane, daughter of James and Elizabeth (BarneU) Gray of Preston 
Co., W Va. ; born I\Iay 14, 1823, in Preston Co. ; living, 1899, at 
Clarksburgh. 3 

Children of Bartlett and Jane (Gray) Waldo. Born in Doddridge 
Co.,W. Va. :— 

bdjf bfa. AL\uy-Eli7.ahktu, born June 12, 1844. 

bdjf bfb. RACHKf.-EMiLY, t)orn Oct. 17, 184G. 

bdjf life. MAnGAUi:T-JAXK, born May G, 1848; died Apr., 1851. 

bdjfbfd. Louisa, born Jan. 1, 1851 ; died in Autumn of 1852. , ,. , 

bdjf bfe. Jamrs-Tiiomas, born Jnne 8, 1854. 

bdxfbiT. Sara-Ekmixik, born Mch. 1, 1857; living, 1899, unmarried, at Clarks- 

bdjf bfg. Arthur, born Sept. 26, 1858. 

hdjfhfh. AucK, horn Mch. 23, 18C0; died Mch. 13, 189G, at Clarksburgh, un- 

bdjfhf.. ViCTOKiA, born July 5, 1802; living, 1899, at Clarksburgh, unmar- 

I'djfhfj. Laukin, born July 9, 1SG5; living, 1^99, at Clarksburgh, unmarried. 

bdjfbg. Pnu'i'S, son of Gamaliel (John, JoJin, Edward, John, 
Cornelius) and Nancy (I^artletl) Waldo; born Sept. 1, 1822, near 

' Records of Jot-I-Gauialiel lUiiiie. ' Records of Alexauiler-ltrown M?£sey. 
' Refolds of Mra. liartUU Waldo. 

^'■^^ WALDO GENEALOGY. [bdjkhg 

Chirksbur^vh, w. Va.; (Vk-iI Dec 22, 1898, at Wacoiista, Mich, lie 
was a farmer and liveil at Greenwood, W. Va., but removed to 
Piereeton, Ind., and later to Michigan, and lived, successively, at 
Stanton, McBrides and Waconsta. 

He married (1), Feb. 1, l84o, at Pierceton, Sarah Moore; born 
Oct. 30, 182'>, at Pierceton; died Mch. 28, 18o3, at Pierceton. 
He married (2), Feb. 17, 18G7, at Pierceton, Mrs. Leah (Vanness) 
liibler, daughter of George and Sarali (P>rittin) Vanness of Wooster, 
Ind.; born May 13, 1836, at Tirtin, O. ; living, lSi)9, at Wacousta. 
She was widow of John l^ibler of Pierceton; born Sept. 6, 1828, in 
Nelson township, Fairfield Co., I\licli. ; died Sept. 2(5, 18C4, at 
Pierceton; by whom she had four children.' 

Ciiildren of Phipps and Sarah (Moore) Waldo. Born at Pierceton, 
Ind. :— 

hdjfhija. Enos-F., born Jan. 14, 1840; died Apr. 24, 1847. 
bdjf bgb. M''ii.LiAM-MoOKK, horn .luly 2'J, 1847. 

hdjflxjc. IMiNr:uvA-J.\XK,, boru ,Tuiie 1, 1850; died Apr. 23, 1888, at Grand- 

led^e, Mich., nnniarried. 
bdjf bgd. Makv- Elizabeth, born ilch. 18. 1853. 

Children of Phipps and Leah (Vanness) Waldo. Born at Mc- 
Brides, Mich. : — 

bdjf bge. Johx-Gamaliei„ born Feb. 12, 18C8. 
hdjflnif. .Jkdediaii, born Sept. 25, 1870; liviiis;, 1899, unmarried. 
biljfbijy. Liurik-May, born Oct. 19, 1872; living, 1899, unmarried. 
hdj/hyh. IIenry-IIakkison, born Apr. 8, ls75; livinir, 1899, unmarried. 
hdjfhiji. Bartlett, born Nov. 22, 1877; living, 1899, unmarried. 

bdjfbh. Amy-B., daughter of Gamaliel (John, John, Edtvard, 
John, Corn ell US J and Nancy (Bartlctt) Waldo; born Jan. lo, 182ii, 
near Clarksburgli, W. Va. ; died Feb. 10, 1876, at Grovertown, Ind. 
She married, Mch. 11, 1817, John-T., son of Washington Robinson 
who emigrated from Virginia to Kosciusko Co., Ind.; born Dec. 18, 
182.') ; died Sept. 9, 1870, near Grovertown. They lived in Kosciusko 
County. He was a farmer.- 

Children of Jolni-T. and Amy-B. (Waldo) Robinson. Born, a-d 
at Warsaw, Ind. ; p-h at Atwood, Ind. : — 

a. Jami:.s-A.-1)., born Ang. 14, 1848; living, 1899, at Knox, Stark Co., lud. 

He ni;irrir!d, Midi. 24, 1S72, Aniia-L. I'letchcr. 

b. Wir.r.iAM-ILcKMAN, born Oct. 3, 1850; living, 1899, at Atwood. He is a 

f.'irmer. He married, Nov. 15, 1870, at Cluuette, Kosciusko Co., lud., 

» UucoiU.s of .^lisa> Waldo [/^(/ji//>(/;y]. , 

» Records of WiUiiim-lliiUuiau Robiusoa [^(0/M^]. 

\ ■■'^■.;/ .I / :■ • !'■; u 7/ 

r^]/. .!'?'.)■ ■.',■'-*.■ 

■vo ;,;,.>' , ■ ' 

01. d 

{'• ! 


Palatba-Ann, dau[;htcr of Tolivcr-G. and Lncinda (Woods) I'arks of 
Cliiiictlc; born Jan. 25, 1859, at Monoquct, Kosciusko Co., Ind. 

Childroii, born, a at Grovcrtown ; b at Moiioquet; c at ALwood :— 

a. L.wvuenck-Oklando, born Jan. IG, 1878. 

b. Ci.AKKN'CK-JoKi,, born P'cb. 20, 188C. 

c. Clara-Do viK, born Sept. 20, 1896. 

c. Gamai.iki.-Waldo, born xMch. 5, lKr>2\ livjn;:, 1890, at Pllkhart, Ind. He 

is in the j;roccry business. Ifc married, Mcb. 24, 1886, at Hamlet, Ind., 
Mary-Ann, daugliler of Scth and Elizabeth (Crider) Troycr of Elkliart.' 

Children, born, a iu Stark Co.; b, e at Elkhart; c, d iu Lagrange 
Co., Ind. :— ! 

a. Dora, born Feb. 8, 18S7. . 

b. Della, born July 11, 1889. 

c. Otis,-* j^^j.,, q^^ j^ jggg 

d. Oris, 1 

e. Oly, boru Sept. 11, 1891. 

d. Gkougk-Washixgton, boru Feb. 20, 1854; livin<;, 1899, at Chica.i^o, 111. 

lie is married. 

e. 'Rvtu-Savausa, born Aiir. 7, 1856; married, July 28, 1873, at Laketon, 

Berrien Co., Mich., David-James, son of Thomas-J. and Mary-Jane 
Fletcher of Indianapolis, Ind.; boru July 26, 18."il, at Indianapolis. They 
were living, 1899, at Indianapolis. He is a machinist.^ 

Children, born, a, b at Plymoulh, Ind. ; c-c iu Stark Co., Ind. : — 

a. Laura-Etta, born Apr. 29, 1874; died Jan. 10, 1888. 

b. HoMKR-Eixis, born May 28, 1876. 

c. Bkrtha-Estei-la, born Apr. 27. 1880. 

d. Ersky-Oi.kky, born May 20, 1885. 

e. Maky'-Amy, born June 4, 1887. 

/. Charlks-T., born Feb. 10, 1S5S; living, 1899, at Los Angeles, Cal. He is 

0. John-David, born June 26, 1S60; living, 1899, at Los Angeles, Cal. He 

married, Dec. 15. 18S6, at Glendale. Cal., Jennie-Lea, daughter of Snm- 

uel-Everctt and Helcn-S. (Harris) Chase of Glcndalc; boru June 19, 1870, 

at Ivochcster, N. Y. He is a commission ruerchaut.-* 

Children, born at Los Angeles, Cal. : — 

a. IIklen-Amy, born Nov. 12, 1887. 

b. Everett- Waldo, born Jan. 4, 1892. 

c. Jennie-Kuth, born Mch. 10, 1896. 

h. Aragay, born Nov. 11, 1862; living, 1899, at EngleAvood, South Chicago, 
111. She married George Gilmore. ; •' .V'-*r 

bdjf bj. Elizabeth-Hi'Siiek, (laughter of Gamaliel (John, John, 
Edn.-arfl, John, Cornelius) nxu} Xancy (Bartlett) Waldo; born Apr. 
30, 1821», near Chuk.sbiirgh, W. Va. ; died Dec. 13, 1.S93, at Lamoni, 
la. vSlie married, Sept. 3, ISoO,'* probably in Indiana, Alexander, 

• Uecorils of Gamaliel-WaUlo Robinson. ^ Records of Mrs. Ruth-Sabrina I'letcher. 

* Records of John-David Roblusou. * Some records say Dec. 16, 1850. 

\ , '. , . 




'•" . 




032 w.\iT)0 r,?:M:Ai.orTY. [dd.tfb.t 

sou of John McXfil; bom Nov. 29, 182'J ; died May 21, 1870, at 
I):ivis City, la. IIo was a fanner and stock dealer.' 

(.'Iiihhvn of Alfxandiu- and l']lizabelh-IIubIior (Waldo) BIcNeil. 
Horn, f(.-e in Indiana, probably; f-j in Decatur Co., la. : — 
u. David-TinviIv, born July 17, 1851. He is married. 
Child :- 
a. Essie. 
b W. -Scott, born Sept. IG, 1853; died Nov. 14, \8'>o. 

c. .IonN-WiLUAM-H.\i:insoN, born June 2G, 1S.t7 ; died July 28, 1S93, at Ellston, 
la. He married, Apr. 10, 1S75, at Leon, la., Sade, daughter of James and 
Cln-i.'^tianna (Lee) .Milner of St.. Cluirles, la.; born Ai>r. 30, 1818, at New 
Comerstown, O. She was living, 1900, at Crcstoa, la. They lived at 
Lamoni, la., and Ellston.'' 

Children, born, a at Derby, la. ; b-e at Lamoni; /at PJlston: — 
a. Guy, born Dec. 4, 1876. 

MAKGAr.KTK, born Sept. 9, 1878; died July 27, 1879, at Laniooi. 
Anna-Lorai.vk, born Mch. 3, 1881. 
Lloyd, horn Mch. 16. 1882, 
Lizzie-Madkline, born Sept. 24, 1883. 
Harky, born Dec. 13, lh91. 

(I. Nancy-Vkiu.inha, born Auir. 8, 18.'>9; died May 21, 1893, at Lamoni. la. 
She married, Sept. 10, 1875, at Andover, Harrison C<j., Mo., Stdomon- 
Oscar, son of William and Sarah-Ann (Depcty) Ollicer of Lamoni; born 
]\[ch. 21, 1854, at Madison, lud. He is a farmer, living at I'luchili, 
Mitchell Co., Kan.' 

Children, born, a at Andover; b at Davis City, la. : — 

a. GKKTiiUDK, born July 11, 1876. 

b. Maud, born .\pr. 25, 1880. 

e. Gkokgk-.Mo.nrok, born May 6, 1861; drowned Mch. 23, 1892, at Baton 

Kouge, La., unmarried. 

f. Makv-P3i.m;n, horn June 20, 1863. She married, Sept. 17, 1876, at Andover, 

iSto., Martin-Miller, son of Aaron and Lucinda (MilltT) Turpen of Tleas- 
anton, la.; born Aug. 19, 1853, at Pleasauton. He is a minister. They 
are living, 1902, at I'leasanton.* 

Children, born, a, b, e at Lamoni, la.; c at Tleasauton; d at Keighley, 
Kan. : — 

a. Gland, born July 7, 1878. 

b. Claua, born Jan. 20, 1881. .. .. 

c. Stephen, born May 2, 1883. 

d. Geouge, born Nov. 10, 1886. 
c. David, born June 30, 1889. 

g. SAr.An-CAUOUNK, born July 6, 1865. She married, Nov. 15, 1885, at D.ivi.s 

C'ity, la., William-.\]va, son of Andrew-Jackson and Julia-Anna (Port- 
rum) Lasloy of Lamoni, la. ; born Sept. 29, 1862, at Sclma, la. They are 
living, 1902, at Lamoni.^ 


• Records of Fonk-Wilbert McXeil [b'lj/liJij]. » Records of Mrs. Sade McNeil. 

• Reconis of Solomnn-0.-;car unicor. * Records of Mrs. Mary-p:ilen (McNeil) Turpen. 
» Records of Sarah-Caroline (McNeil) Lasley. 




Cliildren, born, a at l);ivis City ; 6 at Laiiioni :— :,)',. 

a. Avm.STix, born Nov. 3, ISSO. 

b. LiTTLKSON. born Jan. 20, I'JOO; diet! Jan. 30, 1900. 
h. A.-G., l>orn June 8, 18C7; died same day. 

t. \ViLLAitr)-l':nwiN, Itorn Apr. 24, ISM; livin.:,', unmarried, lOOn. 

j. FKANK-Wii,nKUT, born Oct. 22, I8"'0. He married, Doc. 25, 18!)1, at Davis 
City, la., Anna-Irene, dan2;titer of Isaac-l'erry aiul Francc> (I'arton) 
IJa^irerly of l.ninoni, la. ; born Oct. 3, 1875, at Palmer, III. They were 
livinji;, I'.'OO, at rriucetou, Mo. 


a. Alf.xandeu, born Nov. 4, 1895. 

bdjg ad. LicrA-x\NN-KENi.nucK, daufrlitcr of John- Abbot (Daniel, 
John, Edirard, John, Corndixi^) and Jane (Brown) Waldo; burn 
May 11, 1825, at Hebron, N. Y. She married, July 23, 18.".0, at 
Wyoming, N. Y., George Olmsted of Schodack, N. Y. ; born Feb. 
21, 1823, at Scliodack; died Dec. 15, 1804, at Elyria, O. He was a 
lawyer and lived at Elyria, where his widow was residing in I'JOl.i 

Children of George and Lucia- Anu-Kcudrick (Waldo) Olmsted. 
Horn, (I at Clyde, N.Y. ; 6, c at Elyria, O. : — 
n. Fannik-J.^nk, born May 20, 1851 ; livin;]r, 1901, unmarried. 
h. BruTox-PicRCY, bora Oct. 7, 1855. He married, July 13, 188('., at Toledo, 
O., Jennie, dau;j;htcr of John and Sarah (-Reed) AlcLaiu; born at Har- 
mony, 0. They were living, 1901, at Cleveland, O. He is engaged in the 
hardware business. 

Children, born at Cleveland :^- 
«. IIklkn-Rked, born July 12, 1888. 

b. IlAnoLD-McL.vix, born Mch. 28, 1891. 

c. Mary-Eijz\, born Oct. 27, 1858. She married, Jan. 14, 1897, at Elyria, 
Jacob-Orville, son of Valentinc-Scvicr and Mary-Elizabeth (Easterly) 
Lotspcich of Knoxville, Tenn.; born July 31, 1851, in Greene County, 
Tenn. He is a wholesale grocer. They were living, 1901, at Knoxville. 
They have no children. - 

bdji db. Narcissa, daughter of Daniel (Jedediah, John, Ed- 
vmrd, John, Cornelius ) and ^le\hu\ii-Wa\ton (Lnnsford) Waldo; born 
Sept. 18, 1820, in .^lissouri ; died Dec. 12, 188S, at Salem, Ore. She 
went to Oregon with her father, and passed the rest of her life there. 
She married, Sept., 18GG, at Salem, James-Charles, son of John 
Brown of Yorkshire, England; born Mch. 9, 1837, at Woodbridge, 
Can. ; living, 1890, at Salem. He is a merchant.^ 

' Records of Mrs. Luci;i-Anu-Kemlrick Ohiistoil. 
■ ReoonU of .Mr.-i. M.iry-l'Jizi (Olmsted) I.otsppicli. 
■^ Recor<l3 of OeoriJic-GlauvLlle lSiowii[bdjl(l/)ii]. 


,■,., \ 

} 1 

G'M WAL]JO GENEALOGY. . [hdjidu 

Cliilclron of Jamcb-Chailes aud (Waldo) Brown. Born at 
Salcni, Ore. : — 

a. jKi)Ki)i.\n-JAMKS, born Au^. CO, ]SC,r>- died Feb. 23, 1SC7, at S;ik'in. 

b. GKor.CK-Gr.ANViLi.K, boni Mcli. 2'>, ]8(;8; livitii,', 1n!1'.), at Salcra. He is an 

accouiilaiit and as.sistant clerk in the State Land Department. He passed 
tlirec years in the University of Oregon. He nian-ied, ?ilcli. 10, IkOI, at 
Los AiV'eles, Cal.. Kutli, dau;ihter of David-Wade and Anna (Leitli) Mat- 
tlie-\vs of Salem; born Awj;. 1, isiJ'J, at ^Lasou, lU. No children. 

c. Josici-niXK-WALDO, born Nov. 3, 1S7.3. She married, Nov. 20, 18t)C, at 

()akland, Cal., Franci.s->Tartin, son of Frank and Mary-Celia (Conoliy; 
Cerini of Oakland; born Mch. 2G, 1873, at Oakland. They were living, 
l8'.i'J, at Oakland. He is a cnstom-housc broker. ; 

Child, born at Oakland : — , .• , ' c 

a. Nakcissa-]\L\ry, boru Feb, 2-1, 1898. i • 

bdji df. Joiin-Brkckknkidge, son of Daniel (Jededidh, Jo/m, | 

Edjvard, John, Cornelius) and Mclinda- Walton (Lunsford) Waldo; ■} 

born Oct. G, 1844, at Waldo Hills, Ore. He graduated from Willa- ] 

mette University, 1863; was admitted to the bar, 1870;- was elected | 

judge of the supreme court, 1880, but, on account of asthma, he retired I 

in 1886, and has since lived a quiet country life. He served as member 1 

of the Oregon Legislature in 1889, and was instrumental in having j 

over four millions of acres set aside as the " Cascade Mountain Forest 5 


Reservation." He married, Oct. 8, 1S77, at Portland, Ore., Clara, | 

daughter of Orlando and Phebe (Jackson) Humason of The Dalles, | 

Ore. ; born :\Iay 23, 1858, at The Dalles. They were living, 1899, at I 

Waldo Hills on his father's original claim. ^ i 

Children of John-Breckenridge and Clara (Humason) Waldo. 
Born, a at Portland, Ore. ; b at Salem, Ore. : — 
bdji dfa. Hk.i.ex, born July IG, 1883; died Nov. 3, 1883, at Salem. 
bdji djlj. Emm, born Sept. 23, 1884. 

bdji eb. Olive, daughter of David (Jcdediah, John, Edward, 
John, L'orndins) and Eliz;i-Jane (Norris) Waldo; born July :.^3, 
18.51, at lndei)endence, SIo. She married, Dec. 14, 1869, at Inde- 
pendence, William-Campbell, son of Levi and Margaret (Campl)ell) 
Hinckle of Parkville, Mo. ; born Nov. 13, 1847, at St. Louis, Mo. 
They were living, 1899, at Westport, Mo. He is a farmer.- : 

Children of William-Campbell and Olive (Waldo) Hinckle. Born 
at Independence, Mo. : — 
a. ^LvKY-EI.IZAlu■:T^, boru Sept. 19, 1871; living, 1899, unmarried. 

' IJcrorils of Mrs. .)nIin-Bieckenriil;;e WaMo. 

' Kcii)ril.s of .Ml.'*. Lulu-Elizabeth ( Waldo) .Sloan [brijlcc]. 

.. 7 v- 


h. Lui.A-Li:i-, horn Mch. s. iK?"); niarriod, Apr. 7, 18;>7, in .Tncksrin Co., Mo., 
J;une.s•lJ;lvi.'^, son of .lanics-Datiii;! and Kli/.ahol li-.M:iy (Davis; Ciisenvary 
of IndciKMiilence; born Se'pl. 2, isTl. jit huleiicndence. Tliey were living, 
is;il), ;it Weslport, Mo. lie is a farmer. 

c. li;.MA, born Nov. 9, 187(1; living, 1809, unmarried. 

d. David- Waluo, born Sept. 13, 1878; living;, 1809, nnmarried. 
r. Fi.(tKKNcic-OLn'K, born July 24, lSf<3. 

/. ]5aijv, born Feb. 21, 18S7; died Aug. 23, 1887. 

bdji ec. David, .son of David (Jedediah^ John, Edivard, Johv, 
Cornelius) and Eliza-Jane (Norris) Waldo; born June 2], li<53, at 
Indi*i)endenco, i\Io. lie married, Oct. 3, 1882, at Westport, Mo., 
Jessie, danghter of Andn; v.- Jackson and Eliza (Durham) I'.aker of 
Kansas City, Mo. ; born Apr. 10, 1864. They were living, 1899, at 
Ivansas City. He is engaged in breeding and raising fine horses. He 
was a member of the class of 1871-72 at Washington and Lee Uni- 
versity J 

Children of David and Jessie (Baker) Waldo : — 
hdji pca. ISABKM.A, born Apr. 17, 1884. 

hdji ccb. Jkdp:diaii, !)oru Dec. 1, 1885, at Independence, AIo. 
haji ecr.. William, born :\Icb. 5, 1887. 
bdji ecd. Olive, born Oct., 1888; died June 7, 1889, in Jackson Co., Mo. 

bdji ed. Minne, daughter of David (Jedediah, John, Edward, 
John, CorneJins) and Eliza-Jane (.N'onis) Waldo; born Sept. 23, 
1856, at Independence, :\Io. ; graduated at the Presbyterian Female 
College, Independence, in 1874. She married. Nov. 23, 1881, at 
Cliarleston, W. Va., Eugene-Francis, son of Charles and Elizabeth- 
Ann (Snowdon) Hill of Upper Marlboro, i\rd. ; born Jan. 27, 184.'), 
•It Upper Marlboro. They were living, 1899, at Kansas City, Mo. 
He is engaged in fai'ming and real estate business. - 

Children of Eugene-Francis and :\Iinne (Waldo) Hill. Burn, a 
:it Washington, I). C. ; b in Prince George Co., Md. : — 
it. 1{alph-Waldo, born \\\^. 20, 1882. 
l>. LuLA-EuGKNiA, born Feb. 4, 1834. ■ ■. . , 

bdji ee. Lulu-Elizabktu, daughter of David (Jcdediah, John, 
Kdtoard, John, Cornelius) and Eliza-Jane (Norris) Waldo; born 
Mch. 8, 18C0, at Independence, .Mo. ; graduatetl at Woodland College, 
Independence, 1877. She married, Dec. 31, 1885, in Prince George 
Co., Md., William-Marshall, son of John-Otterkirk and Frances- 

' KecorUs of Mrs. Lulu-Klizabetli (Waldo) Sloau [Odjicc]. ' Ibut. 


0.36 .^ s WALDO GKNEALOGY. [itn.iiKK 

JMar.sIiall ( IIiociUmi) Sloan of Pcnnsj-lvonia ; born Jan. 20, 18j9, at 
Kcokiilc, la. They were livinp:, 1S99, at Kansas City, Mo. He is 
suporiiitendciit of stivcts.^ 

Cliildri'ii of Williani-]Marshall and Lnlu-Elizal)Olh (Waldo) Sl(,>an. 
Born at Kansas City, Mo. : — 

«. .Agnks-Cmkiox, born July 21, 1888. 

b. Ai,i>iN-r.-LoG.\N, born Jau. 20, 1890. 

c. Jon.v-KKNNKTir, born June 23, 1892. . . 

d. Waluo-Duuglas, born Aug. 9, 1897. 

bdji ia. Jedediah, son of Calvin (Jedediah, John, Edvnnl, Johu, | 

Conu'Jin-i) and Matilda (Odcneal) AValdo; born Sept. 11, 1.S39, at I 

Osceola, Mo.; died Nov. 7, ]S9G, at St. Louis, Mo. He read law in J 

the office of bis cousin, Waldo-Porter Johnson [bdjich'], and was ? 

admitted to the bar of Missouri just before the outbreak of the Civil ^ 

war, when he joined the 9th Missouri Infantry, C. S. A. (Col. R.-M. | 

Musser), in Gen. Price's army. He was made adjutant of his reij;i- .| 

ment. with the rank of lieutenant. Later he was promoted to a cap- | 

taincy, continuing to act as adjutant, and just before the close of the i 

war was made assistant adjutant-general, with the rank of major. ] 

He received his parole at Shreveport, La., and made his way to i 

Texas, finally settling at Houston, where lie took a position in the ; 

local freight office of the Houston and Texas Central Kailroad. 
About a year after entering the service of that company be was made 
local agent at Houston, from whicb position he was promoted, a few 
3'ears later, to the general freight and passenger agency of the same 
line, and subsequently to the vice-presidency, which position he re- 
signed in isSo to take that of chairman of the Texas Traffic Associa- 
tion. That l)ody being disorganized in 1889 b}- an act of the Texas 
Legislature, he was made general traflic manager of the Missouri, 
Jvansa- and Texas Railway Company, with headquarters at St. Louis, 
and after a short time was elected first vice-president of the same 
coui]»atiy. He resigned that office in 1893, and on account of ill 
health letired from business for a few years. In 1895 he was elected 
president of the C4alvoston, Laporte and Houston Railroad, with 
lieadijuarters .at Houston, and in ls9G took the position of vice- 
chairiiian of the Southwestern Traffic Association, with headquarters 
at St. Louis, which office he held at the time of his death. He died 
at the Southern Hotel, St, Louis, of pneumonia, after a few days' 

» lic^i.i.b uf Mrs. Liilu-KUzabeth (Waldo) Sloan. 


]h- niarrictl, Jan. 2;>, 1873, al Iluiitiiiylon, Loni;- Island, X. Y., 
M!\iy-Virgini:i, (Iniighler of Abralumi-M. and Mary- Fiances (Rather) 
r.enlry of Houston, Texas; born Dec. 0, 1818, at Houston; living, 

Cliildien of Jedediah and Mary-Virginia (Gentry) Waldo. Born 
at Houston, Tex. : — 

Idjiiaa. Qf.ntuy, horn Sept. 26, 1S74; living, 1901, at Austin, Tex., unmar- 
ried. He is aclinic general freight and i»asseiiLccr aj^ent of the Austin and 
Northwestern llailroad. 

Wji" Jrt//. Wii.MKH, born Jan. 21, 187G. •' ''* - 

Inlji inc. Cora, born Mob. 2, 1877. ' ' i 

hdji iud. Mary, born Oct. 11, 1878. 

hdji iae. LuLA, born Mcb. 8, 1880. 

hdji iaf. ViHGixiA, born Nov. 8, 1881. 

bdji ib. Mary-Odeneal, daughter of Calvin (Jedediah, Johv, 
Edirard, John, Cornelius) and Matilda (Odencal) Waldo; born 
Dec. 27, 18-40, in St. Clair Co., Mo. She married, Mch. 2, 1S7C, in 
Henry Co., Mo., Mason-Fewel, son of William-Tandy and Mary 
(Cooper) Perry of Henry Co.; born Feb. 13, lS-i7, in Henry Co. 
Tlicy were living, 1890, at Culver, Bates Co., Mo. Mr. Perry is a 
farmer, and frequently holds township and school oflices.- 

Children of Mason-Fewel and .Mary-Odeneal (Waldo) Perry. 
Born, a, b in Henry Co., Mo. ; c, rf in Bates Co., Mo. : — 

«. Lul.A-^^ATIM>A, born Feb. 9, 1877. 

f), Anoukw-Masox, born Dec. 21, 1878; died Dec. 22, 1878. 

c. Hattii:-May. born Jan. 12, 18S0. 

«i. William- Waldo, born Nov. 1, 1881. 

bdji kb. Mary-Seeden, daughter of William (Jedediah, John, 
Edivard, John, Cornelius) and F"lizabelh-Ely (Vaill) Waldo; born 
July 14, 1837, in Hates Co., Mo. She became a mute from the effects 
of scarlet fever, and was carefully educated and trained at home and 
at the Illinois Institute for the Deaf and Dumb at Jacksonville, 111., 
from which she graduated, after a shorter stay than is usual, in 1855. 
She married, June 10, 18G7, at Jacksonville, Charles-IIarrisou, sou of 
Simon (Roger, Thomas) and Rebecca-Jane (Kemp) Laughlin of 
Quincy, 111. ; born June 26, 1S3G, at Quincy. He graduated from the 
Illinois Institute for the Deaf and Dumb in 1855, and taught iu the 

• Records of Gently Walilo [I'djiiaa]. 

' Records of Mrs. M:iry-Odeneal (WiiUlo) I'erry. 


638 WALDO GENEALOGY. [bdjikb 

same institution from 18.56 to '73. After living some j'ears in IVxa., 
he removed to Illinois, where he was, in 189!), engaged in farmin"-. 

Mr. Laughlin's great-grandfather, Thomas Laughlin, was born in 
England in 1735 and emigrated to Virginia, where he married a Jliss 
Madison, a relative of President Madison's family. They both died 
in Virginia. Their son Roger settled first in Kentucky, and after- 
wards in Illinois, where he died in 184.5. ^ 

Children of Charles-Hanison and Mary-Selden (Waldo) Laughlin. 
Born, a at Jacksonville, 111. ; b at San Antonio, Tex. : — 

a. Waldo, born Oct. 2, 1868. 

b. Ely, born Jan. 16, 1875. 

bdji lb. Henry-Lixx, son of Lawrence-Ludlow (Jedediah, John, 
Edward, John, Cornelius) and Mary-Elizabeth (Cantrill) Waldo; 
born Jan. 6, 1844. He was living, 1899, at Santa Fe, N. Mex. He 
has been chief justice of New Mexico. He married, Oct. 4, 1870, 
Lucy-Maria Mills; born 184.5, in Kentucky. ^ 

Children of Henry-Linn and Lucy-Maria (Mills) Waldo. Born, a 
at Kansas City, Mo. ; 6, c at Santa Fe, N. Mex. : — 
bdji Iba. Ja-Mes-Farlky, born Nov. 30, 1S72; died June 14, 1876, at Sauta Yd. 
bdji Ibb. Hknky-Linx, born Mch., 1875; died 1890, at riiillips Academy, Exe- 
ter, N. H., from the effects of a fall iu the gymnasium. 
bdji Ibc. A DAUGHTKR, bom Apr. 18, 1878. 

bdji mc. IsAAC-CoPLANP, son of Isaac-Copland (Jedediah, John, 
Edioard, John, Cornelius) and Elizabeth (Goft) Waldo; born Fel). 
14, 1845, at Bridgeport, W. Va. ; living, 1902, at Clarksburgh, 
W. Va. He has passed most of his life in Weston, W. Va., being 
engaged in hotel business. He married, Jan. 16, 1867, at Weston, 
Elizabeth-Ann, daughter of W.-G.-T. and Maria-V. (Hereford) Camp 
of Lewis Co., W. Va. ; born Oct. 6, 1845, at Weston. They have 
been separated since 1892. She is living, 1902, at Baltimore, Md., 
with her son.-' 

Child of Isaac-Copland and Elizabeth-Ann (Camp) Waldo. Born 
at Hinton, W. Va. : — 

bdjimca. Isaac-William, born May 21, 1874; living, 1902, at Baltimore, un- 
married. He is chief clerk of car service department of BalLiuiore i 
Ohio Uailroad Company. 

» Records of MLss Asenatli-Porter Waldo {biljika]. 
• Records of Charles-KdwarU Walilo [bdadabaa]. 
» Records of Isaac- William Waldo ibdjlnuia}. 

Tz-cj i :x, < 


caga ca. Joski'H-Pktki:, soil of Joseph-Peter (JosejJi, Joseph^ 
Cornelias, Corndius, Cornelius) and Ararainta (Waring) Waldo; 
l)orn i\[ch. 22, 1828, at Dublin, Ireland; died Dec 31, 1803, at South 
Ivensiiigton, London, England. He received the degree of M. A. at 
Trinity College, Dublin, about 1819 or '50. He was a minister of the 
Established Church and incumbent of St. Stephen's, Kensington. 
He married, July 7 (or 8). 1857, at All Souls Church, London, 
Eniily-Grace-Maria, daughter of Capt. Samuel and Dorothea (Ken- 
nedy) Price, R. N., of Saint John's Wood, London; born, date not 
learned, at Cultra, Ireland; died June 11, 18C7, at Hammersmith, 

Children of Joseph-Peter and Emily-Gracc-Maria (Price) Waldo. 
Born at Ilampstead, iMig, : — 

cuga caa. A sox, bovii Sept., 1858; died same day. 

caga cab. Emily-Ghaci:-Makia, born Nov. 3, 1859; living, 1897, at Loudon, 

caga car. 3\lAHy-AuAMiNTA-SuSAN, born May 31, 1861 ; living, 1897, at London, 


caga da. Henry, son of Henry (Joseph, Joseph^ Cornelius, Cor- 
nelivs, Cornelius) and VMza (Stickland) Waldo; born Apr. 1, 1846, 
at Bristol, Eng. In 1897 he was a physician, living at Bristol, in the 
Parish of Clifton. He married, Apr. 25, 1878, at Clifton Parish 
Clun-ch, Cecilia-Einily-Elizabeth, daughter of Richard and Mary 
(Fothcrgill) Waters, Esqr., of Tredegar, Co. Monmouth, Wales. ^ 

(-hildren of Henry and Cccilia-Emily-Elizabcth (Waters) V^'aldo. 
Born at Ihistol, Eng. : — 

caga dna. Henkv-Ckcil, l)oru Mch. 10, 1879. 
caga dab. EinvAmj-riiTKiJ, born July 22, 1881. 
caga dac. .Mauy-Emjly-Ikenk, l)orn Apr. 28, 1883. 
caga dad. VioLKT-EDrrn, born Jan. 6, IS8G. 
caga due. Dokotiiy-Hovk, born Jan. 10, 1891. 

caga dc. Emily, daughter of Henry (Joseph, Joseph, Cornelius, 
Cornelins, Cornelius) and Eliza (Stickland) Waldo; born June 12, 
18l'j, at Bristol, Eng.; living, 1807, at Oporto, Portugal. She mar- 
ried, Nov. 15, 1877, at Clifton Parish, Eng., Charles-Henry, son of 
Charles and Agues Coverley of Oporto; born Apr. 13, 1847, at 
Oporto. He was iu 1897 a merchant, living at Oporto. ^ . 

' (if Miss Aniiuiiita-Kinmii W'a]i\o[ca>jach]. = Kecoriis ul' Mrs. Henry W;iUlo. 
* Itecorils of JVIrs. lleury Waldo Icagada]. 

0' .■ , 

O'lO -'. AVALDO (JHNKALOOy. ' [rADAi.c 

CliilditMi of CharU's-nt'iirv and Emily (Waldo) Coverlcy. Born, 
a-<l at Oporto, Port. ; e at Clifton, KivJ,. : — 

a. Aiick-Mahv, Itorn Dec. 0, 1878. 

I). Katiii,i;k,x-Emii.y, born Mch. 17, 1880. 

r. Mi;i:ir.r,-WALUO, born July 2d, 188L'; died Jan. 24, 1880, at Oporto. 

d., born An^. 2'J, 188t. 

c. KvA-Gi.AUYt., boru Oct. 2'.), JSS7; died Oct. 24, 1888, at Oporto. 

dhae ca. William-Lkavkns, .son of Ralph (ZacJw.rinh, Joimfknu, 
Zdchariah, Daniel, CorneUna) and Pamelia (Wheat) Waldo; born 
Jan. «, 1830, at Koyalton, Vt. ; ' living, IS'JS, at Hethcl, Vt. He is 
a farmer. He enli.sted in 1862 in Co. A, Ifith Vermont Infantry for 
nine months and .served until after the battle of Gettysburg. He was 
company cook, fie married, July 4, '^'Si^Qi, at Woodstock, Vt.,- 
Matilda-EUen, dauglitcr of Nye and Hannah (Thatcher) Holmes of 
Royalton ; born Feb. 4, 1836, at Pomfret, Vt. She was living iu 1898. 

Children of William-Leavens and Matilda-Ellen (Holmes) Waldo. 

liorn at Bethel, Vt. :— 3 

dlvH'. caa. Kalph-Wakkkn, boru Sept. 15, 1SG8; died Sept. 29, 1885, at Betliel. 

dhae cab., boru Apr. 28, 18G0. 

dhaccac. Gkokgk, born Awj.. 18, 1870; married Dec. 3, 1893, at Rochester, 
Vt., Nina-lNTarifi. dnnphtcr of Gideon-Washintrton and Maria-Oryslia 
(Richardson) Anirell of Rochester; born July 21, 1871, at Rochester. 
lie is a farmer. Tlicy were living, 1898, at Bethel.'' 

dhae cb. Emma-L<)uisa, daughter of Ralph (Zacharkih, Jona- 
than, Zarhan'ah. Daniel, Cornelius) and Pamelia (Wheat) Waldo; ^ 
born Aug. 27, 1831, at Royaltou, Vt. ; ^ died Jan. 20, 1899, at i 
Stoughton. Mass., of Bright's di-scase. She married, Sept. 14, 18.52, -. 
at Stoughton, George-Hodges, son of Ephraim and P>liza (Wales) ] 
Curtis of Stoughton; born Nov. 16, 1826, at Stoughton; died there 
Jan. 24, 1895. He was a carpenter. They lived at Stoughton. ^ 

Children of George-Hodges and Emma- Louisa (AValdo) Curtis. 

l^orn at ."stoughton, Mass. : — 

a. IIkstku-Louisa. bou Sept. 21. 1853; married May 29, 188,5, at Stousrhton, 
Isaac-Frankliu, r-on of Marlin and Mary (Drake) Gay of Sto>ii:hton; 
born !\lch. 4, I8.'>4. at, r.rocktou, Mas.-^. They were livini;-, 1899. at 
Stoui^hlon. lie is a huckster of fruit and vegetables. 

Child, born at Stougiiton : — 
a. Fkkddif-Maktin, born Jan. 29, 1886; died Mch. 10, 1893. 

' Uoy.-ilton Rotmils; " Walilns in America," says Jan. 1. ' Woodstock Uecoiils. 

* <7, li from HciIicI Records; e from ramil.v Ueeords. 

♦ Kocords of Mrs. Charles-Francis Waldo [dliaccc]. '- Koyalton Records. 
*Kccordsof Mrs. Emma-Louisa (Waldo) Curtb. 


h. Haki-an-Wkslky, l>oni May 5, 18r)5. He is a car|ieritcr, liviiii:. 18'.I8. at 
C'anloii, .Mass. He married, \\)V. 22, 1K78, aL Sloii^iilfni, .Mary-Hall, 
daii^Iiter of .\rulioiiy and Klizaiiclli (Tour) Furiiald of reiiil)rol<e, Me.; 
born Jan. 30, 185.">, at Fcint)roke; died Dec. 18, 1S'J7, at Canton, Mass. 

Childreu, boru at Canton : — 

a. Pkkcv-Gkant, boru .\pr. 8, 1887; died Jnly, 1889. 

b. Wiixis-W.vLKs, born Sept. 8, 1889; died aged 5 months. 

c., boru Dec. 27, 1800. 

d. Nkllik-Louisa, born Sept. 13, 1892. 

c. GKor.r.K-rAi.MKR, boru Dec. 16, 1856. He is a cari)onl('r, liviu;r, 1898, at 

StouL'litoii. He married, Oct. 25, 1880, at Barnard, Vt., .\delia-.)osei)liinc, 
danu'liler of lluinplirey and Cordelia (Tliaclier) Wheclock of Barnard; 
born Aug. 18, 1859, at Barnard; living, 1898. 

Child, boru at Sloiightou : — 

a. Bessik-L.avekn, born Apr. 22, 1884. 

d. Maky-W.vlpo, born June 25, 1859; living, 1898, at Stoughtou, unmarried. 

e. Clinton-Mkhkill, liorn Sept. 17, 1861 ; married June 10, 1886, at Dedham, 

Mass.. Carrie-Eliy,al)eth, daughter of William and Mary (Hodgkiiis) Eel- 
lows of "Wedneslniry, England, and Cainluidge, Mass.: boru Mch. 18, 
1859, at Cambridge." They were living, 1898, at Canton, Mass. He is a 

Childreu : — 

a., boru June 5, 1891. 

b. Lauha-Beatkice, born Aug. 12, 18.)3. 

c. William-Eellows, boru Mch. 11, 1896. 

/. HouKUT-rAUSONS, born Apr. 11, 1871; died Apr. 24, 1892, at Stoughtou, 

dhao CC Charles-Francis, son of Ralph (Zachariah, JoitatJian,- _ 
Zachariah, Daniel, Cornelius) and Pamclia (Wheat) Waldo; born 
Oct. 11, 1833, at Royaltou, Vt. ; i living, 1898, at Royaltou, a 
prosperous fanner owning a farm of over three hundred acres. He 
married, Mch. 22, 18G0, at Royaltou, Fannie-Maria, daughter of Mark 
and Sarah-Louise (Harris) Bowen of Royaltou; boru Nov. 14, 18-41.2 

Childreu of Charles-Francis and Fannie-Maria (Bowen) Waldo. i 

Born at Royalton, Vt. : — 

dhac cca. Nkllie-Fannhc, boru May U, 18G2; died Sept. 7, 1863, at Royaltou.' 
dhae ccb. Edwakd-Cuaules, born Aug. 29, 1864.* 
dhae ccc.{ENX'e, born Jan. 18, 1867. 

dliae cd. ]Marie-Antoinette, daughter of Ralph (Zachariah, 
Jonathan, Zachariah, Daniel, Cornelius) and Pamelia (Wheat) 
Waldo; born Jan. 7, 1836, at Royalton, Vt. ; died Feb. 1, 1880, at 

' Uuyalton llocordf; ; •' 'VValiln.s in America," tajs Oct. 1. 

- liccunts of .Mrs. Faiuiic-ilai i.i (IJoweu) Waldu. = Rovaltoii Records. * lOid. 



Rnyalton, of " licarl disease." i She married (by Rev. A. F. Bnllard), 
May 1], l.S,")G. at Koyallou, Chester-Thomas, son of Thomas and 
Clara (Moseley) Clark of Bethel, Vt. ; born May 11, 1S22, at Bethel ; 
living, 180S, at Royallon. He is a fanner. He married (2), Jan. 
29, 1883, at Royalton, Sarah-Francelia, daughter of Elisha and ]\lary 
(Davis) Howard of Royalton; born Jan. IS, 1818, at Potsdam, 
N. Y. ; died June 27, 188-1, at Royalton. 2 

Children of Chester-Thomas ami Marie-Autoinetlc (Waldo) Clark. 

Born, a at Bethel, ^'t. ; 6, c at Royalton, Vt. : — 

o. Lrz/jK, boru Mch. 2G, 1858; died Jau. '26, 186G, at Koyaltou, aj,'ed 7 years, 
10 months.-' 

b. Fhank-Wai.po, born Jan. 4, 1862; livintr, 189S, at IManclRstcr, N. H. He 

is employed in a meat market. He mairifd, Jan. 22, 188S (by Kcv. Moses 
Kidder of "Woodstock, Vt.), Mrs. Jennie-Cora (Dean) Pliclps, dau^liLer 
of Simeon-raiil and Sarah (Killroy) IJcan of P.arnard, Vt. ; born Sept. 
1, 18r>'J, at Barnard. Her first husband was Cliuton-Heath Phelps. No 

c. CHAKLKS-HKKHKKr, born Mch. 31, 1867; livings 1898, at Jioyalton, with his 

fatlicr. He married, Oct. i, 1889, at Waterbiiry, Conn., Eva-Luciuda, 
tlan^htcr of William-Klton and Emcliue (Barnes) Todd of "Waterbury; 
born July 30, 1870, at Waterbury.* 

Children, born, a at Manchester, N. H. ; b at Royalton : — 

a. Makik-A>,toini5ttk, born Aug. 17, 1890. 

b. Aktiic'r-Edwin, born June 12, 1897. 

dhae ce. Joseph- Warren, son of Ralph (Zachariah, Jonathan, 
Zachariah, Daniel^ Cornelius) and Pamelia (Wheat) Waldo; born 
Apr. 20, 1838, at Royalton, Vt. He is a well-to-do farmer and 
miller, living in 1898, at South Royalton, Vt. He enlisted in 1862 for 
nine months, and was commissioned second lieutenant, in Co. A, 16th 
Regiment Vermont Infantry. He served until after the battle of 
Getty.sburg. He married, Dec. 20, 1863, at Royalton, Janet-Maria, 
daughter of Charles and Sarah (Greene) Woodworth of Royalton ; 
born July 26, 1846, at Royalton.^ 

Children of Joseph- Warren and Janet-Maria (Woodworth) Waldo. 

Born at Royalton, Vt. : — 

dhae cea. JoSErn-IlKXKV, born Oct. 15, 1864. 

dhnrch. MiNNiF,-Dc)UA, born Nov. 19, 1S(',6. She married, Anj?. 3, 1896, nt 
Weslhaven, Conn., Frederic-Smith, .-idnptcd son of Smith and Nellie-F. 
(P.iiniinirham) Pentieldof New Haven, Conn.; l)orn Oct. 13, 1870, at New 
Haven; died Oct. 20, 1896. He Avas foreman in the clock works at New 

• Gi.-\vfstotif at Uoyalton says 18S1. 

' Uoyaltoii Keconls: Gravestones at Royalton: Records of Chester-Tliomas Clark. 

s Royalton Records. * Royalton Records: Records of Mrs. Fraiik-Waldu Clark. 

" Records of Cliarles-Uerbei t Clark. 

" Koyaltou Records: Records of Joseph- Warren Waldo. 


Hrivcn. He was nu iuvetorato cisiarcttp sniokor, ^vllirh much atrectod ITm 
lic'.'iltli, anil lie cotiiniiltr'tl sniciile by sliooliiii^ himself on Ixtard of one of 
llic Nen' Haven steamboats, hnt t'svo months after his maniaj^e. No 
chiltli on. 

iVtiv err. Bkn.iamin'-Fhan'klix, born Dec. 5. 18G9; nnniarried, I80S. 

dhiii cid. NKTTiK-r.vMi-.r.A. born Nov. 12, 1S71. She married, Anir 1^, 1R04, 
at Royalton, IIerbert-( 'handler, son of William-Heiiry-IIarrison anil .Sarah 
(I'acie) Sarsjentof Sonth Koyalton; born July ;;0, ls71, at .South Itoyalton. 
lie is a l)ntcher. They were liviui^, 18'.H, at Royaltou. No children. 

dhac ccc. SAMi-Ki.-Ausnx, born Jar^.. 27, 1883. 

dhae erf. D.iNlP:L-PKARi., born Nov. 4, 1885. 

dliue cpy. A dai.'ghtei:, born and died May 21, 18S9. 

dhae cf. INlARY-EuzAnETn, daughter of Ralph (Zachariah, Jona- 
Ihnn, Zachariah, Dnniel, Cornelius) and Painelia (Wheat) "Waldo; 
horn Oct. 12, 1889, at Royaltou, Vt. ; liviug, 1S97, at Orleans, Mass., 
nith her son. She married (by David-W. Cowdre}', J. P.), Apr. 18, 
1802, at Ro3'alton,^ Nicholas-.Severance, son of Thomas aud Lucinda 
(Ilsley) Vesper of Avon, N. Y. ; born Apr. 27, 1822, at Avon; died 
Dec. 29, 1883, at Royaltou, " of pneumonia aud diabetes." He was 
a farmer and lived at Ro3'alton.- 

Children of Nicholas-Severance aud Mary-Elizabeth (Waldo) Ves- 
per. Born at Royaltou, Vt. : — 

a. A SOX, born Jan. 23, 1863; died within tiiree weeks. 

b. EnwAUD-EvKKKTT, bom Apr. 1, 18G4. He was living, 1897, at Orleans, 

Mass., unmarried. 

dhae ch. George- Washington, .son of Ralph (Zachan'ah, Jona- 
thna^ Z'ichariah, Daniel, Cornelias) aud Pamelia (Wlicat) Waldo; 
born Dec. 23, 1843, at Royaltou, Vt.=* In 1862 he enlisted in Co. A, 
IGth Re;j,"imeut Vermont Volunteers as private aud served until dis- 
charged in 1SG3 at Biattleboro, Vt. He was wounded at the battle of 
Gettysburg. He removed to Fennville, Mich., in 18G8, and was 
living there in 1898. He is a farmer. He married, Aug. 13, 1870, at 
Saugatuck, Mich., Mary-Frances, daughter of Henry aud Alice (Sted- 
mau) Green of Saugatuck; born 1850, at Lockport, N. Y. ; living, 

Children of George- Washington aud Mary-Frances (Green) Waldo. 
Born at Saugatuck, .Midi. : — 

dhae cha. Fr.oKA-Ai.iCE, born Oct. 2C,, 1872. 

dhiii' chh. lIi:xuY-P., born June 17, 1870; died Feb. 8, 1877. 

dhae chc. ANxivrrK-Fu.vNCK.s, born Mcli. 9, 1878. 

dhup did. BKinuA-BK.r.i., born Jan. IG, 1880; died Sept. 1, 1883, at Saui^atuck. 

' lloyaUon Kecords. » It/iil.: Keconls of Mrs. Mary-EUzalieth (WalUo) Ve3i>er. 
' KoyaUoii Hi-coiils. ♦ KhcdkIh uf George- Wa.shiiigiDn WaUlo. 

644 WAT. DO GENEALOCIY. [diiakci 

dhae ci. Kicuard-Ukmjy, son of Kalpli ( Zadiariah, Jonathan, 
Zachariah, Daniel, Corna/ins!) niul l^aiiu'lin (Wfioat) Waldo; horn 
Mch. 27, l.Slo, at Koyalton, Vt. He enlisted in I8G4 in the ;5d 
Vennont I lattery for three years. He removed to California, living' 
first at Santa Cruz and later at Fort Bragg, Mendocino Co. He is a 
constahle. He married, July 4, 1880, at Santa Cruz, Martha-Eliza- 
beth, daughter of Richard and Elizabeth (Williams) Lair of Santa 
Cruz; born at Snnta Cruz. They were living, 1899, at Fort Bragg.' 

Children of Kichard-Henry and Martha-Elizabeth (Lair) Waldo. 
Born, a-d at Santa Cruz, Cal. ; e,/at Fort Bragg, Cal. : — 

dhae cia. Jknxik-Adkua, born June lf>, 1881. 

dhar cih. Ci..\)ia-Ei-lkn, born Nov. 7, 1882. 

dhae cic. Wai.tkk-Wai.ks, ])orn Sept. 19, 1884. 

dlian chl. P.i-.NjAMiN'-Fr.AN'KLiN*, born Mch. 2, 188G. 

d/iae cie. .Albkkt-IIkxry, born June 10, 1888. < 

<7/<rtc c(/". Pka};l-Pamkua, born Nov. 13, 180G. ... 

dhae ck. Flora-Adklia, daughter of Ralph (Ziichart'ah, Jona- 
than, Zachariah, Daniel, Cornelius) and Pamelia (Wheat) "Waldo; 
born Oct. 29, 1851, at Royalton, Vt. ; living, 1898, at Gaysville, 
Vt, She married, Aug. 2, 1868, at Royalton, AIphonso-Nichols, son 
of John and Edc-Charlotte (Fowler) Dunbar of Nashua, N. H. ; 
born Mch. 8, 18 i7, at Nashua. He was a farmer, living at Roches- \ 
tcr, Vt., at the time of his marriage, but later became a Second \ 
Advent preacher. He and his wife separated, and nothing has been 
heard of him since 1891, when he was in Ohio.- 

Children of AIphonso-Nichols and Flora-Adelia (Waldo) Dunbar. 

Born, a at Orange, Mass. ; b at St. Johnsbur^', Vt. ; c at Birmingham, 

O. ; d at Nevada, O. :— 

o. WiLUs-Ei'GENK, born Nov. 20, 1871. He is a freight agent, livinpr, 1898, 
at Sliaron, Vt. He enlisted May 13, 1S9S, in Co. F, 1st Vermont Volun- 
teer Kcgiment. He married, Feb. 11, 1897, at Hartford, Vt., Ella-Mary, 
daughter of Charles-Williard and Ella-Jones (Drown) Morey of Wyo- 
ming; born Feb. 11, 1878, at Littleton, N. H. 

Child, born at Sharon: — ,,, . . .,. . 

a. Ma1!Y-Bkllk, born Aug. 31, 1897. 

h. Ni:Li.n:-MArr), born Sept. 29, 1875. She married, Nov. 4, 1890, at Bethel, 
Vt., Beni-Vern, son of Francis-W. and Fannie (Haven) Johnson ; liorii 
Nov. 17, 1878, at Benson, Vt. He is a tailor, living, lS9s, at Brandon, Vt. 
He enlisted May 7, 1898, in Co. C, 1st Vermont Volunteer Keginieut. 

c. Ar.NK.s-Ercir.i.i:, born May 13, 1884. 

d. Ekkik-Mahkl, born Julv 17, 1887. 

» Utcordsof Iliclianl-Henry Wiil.lo. K>- ■<• ? ' !'<>* 

' UecuiU.s or Mrs.;i-Ailuli:i ( Wuliio) I)uiU);ir. ••'■•• 

miakdh] SEVKNTH generation. 645 

dhae cl. Jfnnif.-Adki.l, tlauohter of Ralph (Zacharinh, Jona- 
th((n, Zarlntridh, Daniel, Comeliuji) and Pamelia (Wheat) Waldo; 
born Doc. 13, 1855, at Koyalton, Vt. ; living, 1.S98, at Koyalton. 
She married (1), Mch. M, 1878, at Bethel, Vt., Frank-DeForok, son 
of Abiel and Fannie (Bryant) Bailey of Chelsea, Vt. ; born Jan. 30, 
1853, at Chelsea; died Oct. 3, 1SS8, at Bethel. He was a fanner, 
living at Betiiel. She married (2), May 1, 1891, at Bethel, Edwin- 
Knssell, son of Dana and Jeaimette (layman) Bigelow of Royalton ; 
born June 22, 1855, at Royalton. He is a fanner, living, 1898, at 
Royalton. 1 

Child of Frank-DcForcst and Jennie- Adell (Waldo) Bailey. Born 
at Bethel, Vt. :— 

a. Fhank'-Waldo, born Aug. 12, 1887; died May 20, 1894, at Bethel. 

dhae db. ELizABETH-Ajinox, daughter of Jonathan ( Zachariah, 
Jonathan, Zachariah, Daniel, Cornelius) (Gold- 
smith) Waldo; born ^Mch. 11, 1831, at Andover, Mas.s. ; living, 
189S, at Peabody, Mass. She married (1), Nov. 27, 185G, at An- 
dover, her cousin John, sou of Joljn (liohert) and Clarissa (Gold- 
smith) Wilson of Danvers, .^lass. ; born Oct. 13, 1832, in that part 
of Danvers which is now Peabody; died July 17, 1867, at Peabody. 
He was a fanner. She married (2), Feb. 26, 1872, at Peabody, Eras- 
tus, son of Jonathan and Mary (Moullou) Ward of Newburyport, 
Mass.; born Jan. 20, 1822, at Freedom, N. H. He is a farmer, 
living, 1898, at Peabody. He served four years in the Sth New 
Hampshire Regiment during the Civil war, and was honoral)ly dis- 
charged. 2 

Children of John and Elizabeth-Abbot (Waldo) Wilson. Born at 
Pe.abody, Mass. : — 

n. Cu.uiLES-rAi.MKR. hom Dec. 3, 1857; died Dec. 10, 1857. 

h. J(tii.\-BiiAiNAi;i), born Fol). 11, 18nO; triadualed at Harvard University, 
isst, and at Newton TheoIo;,ncal Seminarv, 1887. He is a BapUst cler^y- 
nian, living, ]8'j9, at Dorclioster, .Mass.' lie married, Oct. 24, 18114. at 
Deenns:, Me., Anua-Ma])el, dau.gliter of Isaiah and PiOsiua-Snow fWat- 
kms) Elder of Deering; born Nov. 21, 1SG8, at Windham, Mc. : iivin"-, 
1899.=' " 


a. Jonx-BiiAiNARn, born Oct. 2, 1895. 

f. Eijicoi-.KiCK-Wii.UAM, l)orn June 12, ISfil ; died same day. 

d. Annv-FHAXCKS, born Jan. 10, 1803; living, 18it9, inunarried, at Andover. 

" IC'-yalton Rerorils: Bethel Recordi: Family Records. 

'AmIov.T Records: Record, of iMrs. tliz.\betli-Al)l,ot W:ird : " Joseidi Coiivers of Bed- 
l"rd," J, p. 51, W : " Felton F.imily," j.. 8u. ' Itocords of Jolni-Biaiuard Wilson. 



f. Mai:y-An(;, l)orn Auij. 28, ISftl ; livhiir. \A[)<^, nmuarrird, at AiuIdmt. 
/. IvMMA-LttciNA, horn .Jul}' 1, IKC?; ilicil Mcli. ?,, I.s71, :iL lV;il>oily. 

(.'Iiildren of Eraslus ami Elizal)('th-Abl)ot (Waklo) Ward. Born 
at l'oa])()(ly, Mass. : — 

(J. KiJWiN-At:r.i;sri s, born Scpl. 24, 1872 ; livini!;, 1899, unmarried, at Andovcr. 

A. Ki,i,i':\-A(iNi:.s, horn Nov. 19, 187-1. She in:irriod, Dec. 1'.), ISOt, at Dor- 
elu'ster, Mass., Artliiir-Ceonre, son of (leorire-Fnincis ;nul Nunry-Krunffs 
(l',ra\) Brown of Qnincy, Mass.; liorn Aui,'. 21, 1870, :it Vineyard Havm, 
Mass. He is a carpenter. They were livins;, is',)!), at Danvers, Atass.' 

Cliildren : — 

a. MAiu:r.-AGN'KS, horn Sept. 22, 1S95. 
h. GKOKr.K-FKANcis, horn Dec. 27, 189G. 
c. Kogkk-Stuakt, born Jan. 5, 1899. 

dhae dd. Ahi'.v-Coubin, daugliter of Jonathan (Zarhariah, Jon- 
athan^ Zachariah. Daniel^ Cornelius) and Locina-Converse (Gold- 
smitli) Waldo; born May 28, 1S;>9, at Andover, Mass.; living, 1807, 
at Andover. She married, May 10, 1862, at Andover, Charles- 
Frank, son of Samuel and Emily (Kiinball) Rnsscll of Haverhill, 
Mass.; born at Haverhill; died Nov. 1, 1870, at Dallas, Tex.^ 

Children of Charles-Frank and Abby-Corbin (Waldo) Russell. 
l>orn, a at Beverly, Mass. ; b at Marl>lehead, Mass. : — 

«. CnAHLKS-FKANCis, born Feb. 14, IBfi.".; died Dec. 31, 18G4, at Marblchead. 
b. JoHN-llF.NKV, born Jan. 19, 18G4 ; died Dec. 19, 1SG4, at Marblehead. 

dhae de. Clara- Wilson, daughter of Jonathan (Zachariah, 
Jonathan, Zachariah, Daniel, Cornelius) and Locina-Converse 
(Goldsmith) Waldo; born Jan. 10, 1842, at Andover, Mass. ; living, 
1898, at Marblehead, Mass. She married (1), Dec. 19, 18G2, at 
IMarblebead, Thonias-Felton, sou of John and i\Iary (Felton) Roun- 
dcy of Marblehead; born Apr. 2, 1837, at Marblehead; died there 
Sept. 4, 18G4. He was a shoemaker and lived at ^Marblehead. They 
had no children. She married (2), K\)V. G, 18GG, at INlarblehead, < 

William-Hooper, son of William and Eliza-Ann (Garney) Frost of 
Marblehead; born Oct. 1, 18;57, at Marblehead. He is a ferryman 
and fisherman, living, 1M98, at iSIarblehead. He enlisted Nov. 28, 
18G1, in tiie United States Navy as ordinary seaman, and was made, 
successively, coxswain of the gig, boatswain's mate, and quartermas- 
ter. He served until March 28, 18G1, when he was honorably dis- 
charged, being attached during all the time to the ''James S. Cham- 
bers," which was in the eastern gulf blockading squadron. ^ 

> Records of Mrs. Klk'ii-Af^iies (Waul) lirown. 
' Itecoula ot Mis. Abby-Ci.rbiii ( WnUlu) Ku.s^^ell. 
* Records of .Mi-s. Clur;i- Wilson ( Walilo) 


Childicn of Williain-IIoopcr and Clara-Wilson (Waldo) Frost. 
Horn at Marlilohcad, Mass. : — 

a. ('r-AJiA-HooiTU, born Scjit. n, 18(17; fliod Feb. 20, 1877, sU 

^. Wii.MAM-Airrnui!, born Sept. G, ISCO. He is a shoemaker, liviiie;, 1^08, at 
Mart.Iehcnd. He married, Oct. 22, 1880, at .Mari)Iehead, Etta-May, daiit,'h- 
tcr of Isaac-Cushon and Ivvdia (Stanley) Atkins of Marblehead ; born Jlec. 
I, 18(il, at Marblehead.' 

Child, born at >[arblchead : — 
a. Aktuur- Waldo, born Apr. 2, 1800. 

c. Ja-mk.s Fiikkto, born Aug. 24, 1871. lie is a policeman, liviii!.'. 1898, at Mar- 

l)leliead. He marrifd, June 4, IHDfJ, at Marblehead, Kdilh-Aun-rhattcr- 
toii, dau;,'hter of George and Theresa (Chatterton) WariiiL; of Yorkshire, 
Enu;huid, and .Marlileliead, Mass.; born Feb. 21, 1871, in Yorkshire. She 
came to America iu 1881 with her parents.* 

Child, born at Marblehead : — 
a. Gladys- Wii,soN, born Sept. G, 1897. 

d. Eliza-Anx, born Dec. 10, 1873; living, 189S, at Marblehead, unmarried. 

e. Mauy-Ellen, born (,)ct. 31, 187G; living, 1808, at Marblehead, unnaari'icd. 
/. Amn'-FitANCES, born July 12, 1883; living, 1808, at Marblehead, unmarried. 

dhae ea. Sarah-Joskphink. daughter of Sullivan (Zachariah, 
Jonathan^ Zachario.h, Daniel, ConipJiHs) and Harriet (Stanley) 
Waldo; born Oct. 9, 18:^1, at Royalton, Vt. ; livino-, 1898, at Koy- 
allon with her daughter, Mrs. Shattuck. She married, Apr. 9, 1861, 
at Royalton, Thomas, sou of Thomas and Lucinda (llsley) Vesper of 
Avon, N. Y. ; born Moh., 1820, at Avon; died Jan. 21, 1893, at 
Royalton. He was a farmer at Royalton. ^ 

Children of Thomas and Sarah-Josephine (Waldo) Vesper. Born 

at Royalton, Vt. : — 

a., born May 24, 18G2. (Mrs. Thomas Vesper says 
Aug. 24.) She married, Dec. 8, 1882, at Koyalton, Charles-Edward, son 
of Samuel and Kose llogers of Brunswick, Vt. ; born June 10, 1801, at 
Brunswick. They Avere living, 1808, at Royalton. He works at farming.* 

Children, born at Royalton : — 

a. ILvRRn'.T-LoriSR, born Mch. 15, 1884. 

b. RoBEnr-TnoMAS, born Aj>r. 7, 1886. 

c. Sauah-Estflla, born July 18, 1880. 

d. Flokence-Gi.adys, born May 31, 1894. 

e. A SON, born and died May 20, 1807. 

'>. Wn.i.iAM-TnoMAS, born Jan. 15, 18G4. Tic is a farmer, livino:. 1808, at Royal- 
ton. He married, Jan. 17, 1803, at West Lebanon, N. H., Gerty-Marion, 
daughter of IIarris(jn and Julia-Ann (Barney) Dewey of Royalton; born 
Apr. 3, 18G4, at Royalton.* 

' RecurUs of Mrs. Williain-Ailliiir Frost. - Itocirds of Mrs. James-Freet^J Frost. 
■^ KiiyaltDn Ueoonls: Ki'cords of Mrs. .S;u•al^-Jo^st'l>lline ( Waldo) Vesper. 
* Heords of .Mr.s. Sarali-Aiina-EstelUi K(j';ers. 
' Uccords of Mrs. William-TliomaB Vcsiiur. 

G-4S '■ WALDO GKNEALOCtY. [i>haf,ka 

Cliildrc'ii, iKjrii al IJoyalLoii : — 

a. Hakkisox-Dkwkv, 1h>iu Mch. 10, 1801. » 

b. Ons-BAHXi;v, boru Nov. 28, 1897. 

c. Fj{ank-Ai.!'.i:kt, born May 10, 1SG7. lie is a faiiiuT, liviu-;, 1898, at Roysil- 

ton, uniiKirrioil. 
(I. Mykon, boru .Ian. 15, 1870. CMr.«. Tlionias Vesper says Apr. .30. In the 

town rocord.s he is called William-J.) lie was living, 1898, at Hoyalton, 

e. F/rrA-MAi;iA, born Sept. 15, 1873; married, July .31, 1807, at Bctliel, Vt., 

Noruian-Krcdcric, son of Oliver and Ruth (Luce) Sliattiick of Royalton; 

born Mch. 5, 1871, at Uoynlton.' He is a farm laborer, employed by 

Joseph-Warren Waldo [dhaccel. They were living at Hoyalton, 1898. 

No children. 

dhae eb. Wili.akd-Guekn, son of Sullivan (Zar.hariah, Jona- 
than, Zachariah, Daniel, Cornelius) and Roxana (Green) Waldo; 
burn Aiiii. 27, 183G, at Koyalton, Vt. ; living, 1808, at East Brook- 
field, Vt. Me is a farmer. In 1862 he enlisted in Co. A, IGth Ver- 
mont Infantry for nine months and served nntil after the battle of 
Gettysburg. He again enlisted as private in the 8th Vermont Infantry 
and served nntil the close of tlic war. He married (1), June 12, 
18.")0, at East Brookfield, Laura-Ann, daughter of Kathan-C. and 
Sarah-Elizabeth (Campbell) Green of Roxbury, Vt. ; born 1840 at 
Roxbury; died I^Iay 17, 187.5, at Brookfield, Vt. He married (2), 
Juno 15, 1S78, at East Brookfield, Mrs. Sarah-Jane (Green) Abbot, 
a half sister of his first wife, being daughter of Nathan Green by his 
first wife whose name has not been learned. Mrs. Waldo's first hus- 
band was Calvin Abbot of Bethel, Vt. The date of her birth has not 
been learned. She died Dec. 23, 1883, at East Brookfield. Mr. 
Waldo had no children by his second wife.^ 

Children of Willard-Green and Laura-Aim (Green) Waldo. Born, 

a, h at Royalton, Vt. ; c at East Brookfield, Vt. : — 

dhae eba. Euzauktii-Gerthudk, boru Mch. 30, 18G0. ' '■' 

dhae ebb. Katk-Lok.tta, born Jan. 13, 18G2. 

(Viae rbc. Ada-May, boru Sept. 18, 1874. (Iler name is so recorded, bill the 
family call her Addie-May.) She married, Dec. 25, 189.">, at Chelsea, 
Vt., William-IIonry, son of John-Austin and I'ermclia-Smith (Webber) 
Lincoln; born Apr. 5, 1850, at Chelsea. lie is a laborer. They were 
liviuf , 1898, at East Brookfield. They have no children.' 

clliao ed. Paul-Dh.lingua.m, son of Sullivan ( Zachariah, Jo)in- 
than, Z((chariah, Daniel, Cornelius) and Roxana (Green) Waldo; 
born Apr. 24, 1810, at Royal Lon, Vt. ; ■» living, 1898, at Randolph, 

• Hoyalton Ufconts. 

' Uoy.iltuii UecorcLs: ICast Brookfielil Uecorils: Kecorils of Willartl-Grecii W.aklo. 

' llccurd* of Johu- William Greeuleaf [dhaccba]. * Royalton Records. 


Vt., in feeble health. He has generally been known unly by his 
second nanie. He enlisted, Sei)t., 18G1, us private in Co. E, -Jnd 
Vermont Infantry, and served nntil the following J nnc, when he was 
discharged, sick. He was drafted in Jnly, 1863, and served as private 
in Co. K, 6th Vermont Infantry, until the end of the war. He was 
wounded at the battle of Cold Harbor. He married, May 26, 1.S6S, 
at Hoyalton, Eraraa-Kliza, daughter of Oliver and Mary (Grecu) 
Davenport of Williamstown, Vt. ; born Nov. 24, 1848, at "Williams- 

Children of Paul-T3illiugham and Emina-]^:iiza (Davenport) Waldo. 

IJorn, a-c at Koyalton, Vt. ; d-f at Brookfiold, Vt. :—- 

dhae eda. Luxa-May, Ijorn Sept. 13, 1809. 

dhac cdb., born Aug. 9, 1870; married Ana:. I. 1897, at Lan- 
cnslcr, N. II., Artluir-Carlton, son of Carlton and (Slat-kj Slack 
of Chelsea, Vt ; born Jidy '22, 18(^(>, at Clit'lse;i. He i.s a farmer. They 
were living, l^9><, at Randolph, Vt. Tliey have no children. 

dhaecdc. Maud-Bknkdict, born Dec. 26, 1879. Unmarried, 1898. 

dhae cdd. SAUAn-.TosEPniNP,, born Mch. 2G, 1883. 

dhae edc. Claua-Eoxana, born Feb 28, 188.5. 

dhac cdf. Royal-Normax, born Feb. 10, 1888. 

dhae ef. Albert-Mervil, sou of Sullivan (Zachnriah, Jona- 
than, Zacharhih, Daniel, Cornelius) and Roxana (Green) Waldo; 
born May o, 1845, at Koyalton, Vt.3 He is a farmer, living, 18D8, at 
Royalton. He enlisted in 1864 in the 3rd Vermont Battery and 
served until the end of the war. He married, Nov. 7, 1869, at Bethel, 
Vt., Elsie-Angela, daughter of Charles-Philip and Elvira (Churchill) 
Howard of Barnard, Vt. ; born Nov. 7, 1849, at Barnard. "^ 

Children of Albert-Mervil and Elsie-Angela (Howard) Waldo. 
Born, a-/, h-J at Koyalton, Vt. ; g at Bethel, Vt. :— ^ 

dhac cfa. JoiiN-H., born Oct. 15, 1870; died soon. (Not recorded in Family 

dhacffb. ALnKHT-SuLUVAN, born Jan. 9, 1872; living, 1898, at Royalton, 
unmarried. He is a farmer. 

dhac rfc. .Ioun-Orlando, l)orn Jnly 13, 1874; married Dec. 2.5, 1895, at Bel- 
lows Falls, Vt., Nollie-Alice, daughter of Heurv-Charles and Emma- 
Inathy (Pronty) Howard of Bellows Falls; born July 21, 187(], at Belhjws 
Falls. They were living, 1898, at Bellows Falls. He is a hack driver.* 
They have no children. 

dhae cfd. EsruKK-ELviiiA, boru Feb. 2G, 1877. 

dhac efe. A son, boru and died Mch. 7, 1879. 

' Ucconl.s of Mrs. r.iul-l)illiii;:ham Waldo. 

' /', c from Uiiyaltoii Uecirda : / from Kast IJrookfield Records. ' Royalton Records. 
* Rcoords of AUicrt-Mervil W.ildo. -Royalton Itecords: IJeUiel Records. 
"Records of Jnha-Orlaudo Waldo. 



dhaerff. Chaui-es-Jamks, liom Oct. 27, 1880; mim.irricd, 1808. 

dhac ef'i. Kva-Ef-sik. born Sept. 10, 1883. 

ilhuc I'jh. \ViLi,iAM-P>UGENE, boru July 13, 188G. 

dhae <\n. Lkk-1>kyant, born Dec. 4, I8b8. } 

dhae cjj. Doha, born Nov. 10, 1892. 

dhae eg. Truman-Ransom, sou of Sullivan (Zncharinh, Jona- 
than, Zdchdriah. Daniel, Cornelius) and Koxana (Gieeu) Waldo; 
born Dee. G, 1817, at Royallon, Vt. He is a fanner, living, 18'J8, at 
Royalton. He married, Deo. 6, 187G, at Royalton (by Rev. S.-A. 
Parker of IjCihel), Sarah-Elizabeth, daughter of Nathan and Cynthia 
(Baxter) Sabin of Richmond, Vt., and widow of Peter Jones of 
Royalton, whom she married at Stowe, Vt. She was born June 20, 
1852, at Richmond. Peter Jones was son of John and Roxie Jones. 
He had no children.^ 

Children of Truman-Ransom and Sarah-Elizabeth (Sabin) Waldo. 
Rorn at Royalton, Vt. : — 

dhar ffja. Dudlky-Denisox, born Oct. 3, 1877. His uame is called Dtdlky-C. 

V^' ill the towu records, lie was living, 1808, at Maucliester, N. H., 

dhae cyh. Guovek-Clkveland, born Sept. 6, 1886. 

dhae ha. Slsax-Angelina, daughter of John (Zachariah, Jona- 
thci.ti, Zachariah, Daniel, Cornelius) and Ivuth (Shepard) Waldo; 
born Oct. 19, 1834. at Royalton, Vt. ; 2 died Dec. 2, 1886, at Villers 
sous Preiiy, a village near Nancy, France. She married, 3Iarch, 
l8/i8, at Monroe, Wis., Victor de Frontgous, Esq. ; boru Feb. 23, 
1823, at Metz, Province of Lorraine, France (now Germany) ; died 
Feb. 2, 1889, at Nancy. He was a large landholder and mill owner 
at Fontoy, a village not far from Metz. He was son of Joseph- Victor 
de Frontgous b}- his wife, Marie-Ad^le-INIangeot-Blouet de Camilly of 
Metz and F'ontoy. Joseph- Victor de Frontgous was a captain of 
Hussars under Napoleon and served Avith the greatest distinction. He 
was wounded many times, was finally obliged to leave the army, and 
was decorated with the medal of the Legion of Honor and with that 
of St. I.<mis. He belonged to a family of Montauban, where he was 
born, his mother being daughter of Count Violette d'Aignan, a colonel 
of Louis XV. 3 

Children of Victor and Susau-Angelina (Waldo) de Frontgous. 

• UiiyaU'Ti H.^i-oids: Records of Triiiii.Tn-R.Tnsoiii Waldo. - IloyaUon Records. 
» Ri'fords of Mdllc. Kllen de FionlgouB [dliaeltua]. 

I. \/..-^ ■ M .' .-' 


IJoni, a al Sheboycraii, Wis. ; ^, c at ^Milwaukee, Wis. ; d-i at Fontoy, 
Ger. : — 

a. Ki.i.KN, horn Jan. 2. ISfjO; livintr, unmarried, 1899. 

b. Kpith, born Feb. 9, 18(11 ; died Mcli. H, 1879, at Fontoy. 

c. John, born 1SC2 or 'CS; died .i^eil n few days. 

d. M.viiY-Eu.sK, born Anj;. 31, ISf.t; living, 1899, unmarried. 

e. Li'ciKNNK-Jr.ANNK, bom Jan. 13, 18G<;. She married, An^., 189-1, George 

Knmplitlicn of Nancy, France. They -vverc living. 1899, near I'aris. 

Child :— 

a. Ei.i.KX, born 1896. 

f. .Tusia-H-MAKiK-ViCTOii, born Apr. 7, 1808. He married, July, 1888, Mdlle. 

Louise liertin. 

Children : — 

a. GnnMAiNi:, born 1890. 

h. AMfniHfc (^a son), born 1895. 

g. Aiifti.K-MAiaK, boru Apr. 14, 1870; living. 1899, unmarried. 

h. Vicrou-MAiuK-EuoT'Ann, born June 23, 1874; living, 1899, unmarried. 
t. (^i.kmkntink-Etienktth, born Jan. 21, 1S78; living, 1899, unmarried. 

dhae hb. Ei.lkk-Amanda, daughter of John ( Zacharlah^ Jona- 
than, Zachariah, Daniel, Cornelius) and Ruth (Shepard) Waldo; 
born Aug. 22, 1836, at RoyaUon, Vt.' She went West with her 
father and married, April, 1855, at Monroe, Wis., Nelson, son of 
John and Pamela (Hunt) IMcrrill ; born at Poland Center, N. Y. He 
is a farmer. They were living, 1899, at Forsyth, Mo.^ 

Children of Nelson and Ellen-Amanda (Waldo) Memll. Born at 

Monroe, Wis. : — •■ . 

«. Ipa-May, born Oct. 19, 1S5C, living, 1900, at Dickens, Mo. She married, 
Dec. 29, lt<Sl, at Taney City, Mo.T Thomas riiilllps, parentage unknown; 
born at Ncwburg, Phelps Co., Mo.; died Aug. 28, lb91, at Taney City. 
He was a lieutenant in the Confederate army during the Civil war. He 
was a farmer, and lived at Taney City.' 

Children, born at Taney City :— 
«. Hkrbekt-Vkknon, born Oct. 12, 1884. 

b. MAiii:L, born Feb. 13, 1889. . • 
/'. CouiNNA, born Sept. 11, 1859; died Feb. 22, 18C0, at Monroe. 

c. CuUA-LoiTisr., horn Mch. 15, 1801. Unmarried, 1899. 

d. Euiru-PKKCY, born Aug. 15, 18G5; died Oct. 10, 18G5, at Corydon, la. 

dhae hd. John-Shkpaud, son of Jolm (Zachariah^ Jonathan, 
ZiK-hnriah, Daniel, Cornolins) and Ruth (Shepard) Waldo; born 
Aug. 2U, IMIO, at Ruvalton, Vt.'' He removed to Monroe, ^Vis., with 

' Hoyulloii r.ecorils. ' Ktoonlri of .Mrs. Klleu-Aiuuiida ( Wiildo) .Merrill. 
• llfcorJs of Mm. Itia-May I'hillips. • lioy.iltou iiecorUa. 

I . ' til- -. I 

if .:,,:' 

C52 , , WALDO GENEALOGY. [dhakud 

his i):uonts. He onlislo(l Apr. 20, ISOl, in the 3rd Wisconsin Infan- 
try and served until July 18, 18G5. In 18GG-G7 lie was in the Fenian 
outbreak. In 18G9 he was, for six montlis, with the Cuban revulu- 
tionisls. In 1870-71 he served on the general staff of the Brazilian 
army. lie lived for a while at Rockford, III., but was residing, iDDn, 
at Polk City, la. lie has been justice of the peace antl mayor of 
Tolk City. He has taught school, been engaged in general merch;in- 
disc bu.siness and insurance, and is now running a small farm. In 
politics he is an ardent democrat. He married, Nov. 9, Ls93, at 
Savaimah, Mo., Ophelia-Elizabeth, daughter of .loel-Horatio and Mary- 
Klizabeth (Coffman) Goodale of Marathon Co., Wis.; born Jan. o, 
1859, at l.awnridge, lll.i 

Children of John-Sliepard and Ophelia-Elizabeth (Goodale) Waldo. 
Born, a at Eldron, Wis. ; i, c at Polk City, la. : — 

dhae hda. Lucikx-Hauold, horn July 31, 1894. 

(Ihac hdb. Ruth, ])orii Sept. 27, 18',V!, 

ditae hdc. Ellk.n-Oi'UKLIa, born Fel). lo, 1898. 

dhae kc- .loANXA-JosEPiuxK, daughter of Joseph- Warren (Zach- 
ariah, Jonathan, Zachariah, Daniel, Cornelhis) and Mandana (Rob- 
erts) Waldo; born Apr. 1, 1857, at Royalton, Vt. ; living, 1898, at 
Royalton, wilii her parents. She married, Dec. 24, 1874, at Bethel, 
Vt., Isaac-l'^hlridge, son of Ebenezer-Fales (Ebenezer, Jedediah, 
Nathaniel, Timoflnj, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas) and Betsey-Jane 
(Luce) Pierce of Royalton and Bethel; born May 9, 1850, at Royal- 
toii ;- died Mch. 25, 1898, at Royalton. ^ He was a teamster, and 
lived at R(\Y;ilton. Having no children, they adopted, Dec. 1, 188G, 
a daughter, Lena-Ann, who was born Apr. 9, 1884. ■* 

Child of Isaac-Eldridge and Joanna-Josepliine (Waldo) Pierce. 
Born at Royalton, Vt. : — 
a A DAUGHTiiu, boru and died Jan. 8, 1893. 

dhal aa. Sahah-Boxham, dangliter of Benjamin (Joseph- Warren, 
Jonathan, Zachariah, Daniel, Cornelius) and 8arah-S. (Lipscomb) 
Wahlo; born Aug. 2, 1842, at Edgefield Court House, S. C. ; living, 
1898, at Ocala, Fla. She married, Dec. 8, 18G1, at Columbia, S. C, 
Jf)hn-]\Iarshall, sou of Edmund and Mary-Anna (^Nlayner) Martin of 
Beaufort, 8. C. ; born Mch. IS, 18.32, at Beaufort. He was, 189.S, 
postmaster at Ocala. '' 

' Ueciirils of Johii-.ShoparU ^\'.iUlo. ' " I'ieice Ueiicalopy," p. 249. 

^ Gravostono at llu>alton. * Records of Jospph-Wairen Waldo [d/iaek]. 

* iCecoids of Mrs. Sarah-Uonluim (Waldo) Martin. 


(Miildri'ii of J<)lltl-Ma^^lulll and Sarali-Bonhani (Waldo) Martin. 

]iorn, a, c at Ocala, Kla. ; b at Cljarlottcsvillc, Va. : — 

a. Rakaii-Wamm), boru Ans- 23, ISfifJ. She Tiiarried, May 19, Ift87, at Ocal.i, 
William-Nathan, son of Francis-Xehciiiiali ( .Xath((n, LciiiHtl, Joseph, 
Sdiiniol, Jonathan, FJdvardj and Frances-Aniolia (Bull) Ban^s of New 
York City; horn Mch. .".l, 18.".y, at yon!<ers, N. Y. Tiiey Avere livinfr, 

1897, at cicala.' 

Cliililron : — , i 

a. John-Mahsiiam,, born Jan. r,, 1889; died Mch. 7, 1889. 
h. Francks-Amklia, born Dec. n, 1890. 

h. WAnnKN-WAi.DO, born .Inly 28, 18G8; irradnatcd at University of Virginia, 
IS!i4. He was, 1898. a lawyer at Ocala, nnniarried. 

c. Maky-Anna, born Moh. 4, 1870. She married, Oct. 7, )89G, at Ocala, 
Albert-Hiram, son of Samuel and Kate (Sanford) ]iird.sey; born Jan. 7, 
18C3, at Fayelteville, N. C. He is a mercantile broker. They were liviuf^j, 

1898. at Ocala. No children. 

dhal ac. Joseph- Wauken, son of Benjamin ( Jo sejih- Warren^ 
Jotialhan, Zac/iariah^ Daniel, CorneUus) and Sarah-S. (Lipscomb) 
Waldo; born Dec. 20, 18-15, at Newberry, S. C. ; died ]\Ich. 31, 1873, 
at Ocala, Fla. He wa.s a private in Co. C, 1st Florida Cavalr}-, 
during the Civil war. He married, Nov. 29, 1870, at Millwood, 
Marion Co., Fla., Cornelia-Jessie, daughter of Samuel-Hamilton and 
Mary (Dantzler) Owens of South Carolina; born Feb. 4, 1818, at 
Winnsboro, S. C. She wa.s living, 1898, at Orange Lake, Marion 
Co., Fla.2 

ChiUben of Joseph- Warren and Cornelia-Jessie (Owens) Waldo. 
Rom in Marion Co., Fla. : — 

dhal aca. Mary-Owkn'S, boru Sept. 3, 1871. 

dhal ach. Anxik-Lvles, boru July 12, 1873, at Orange Lake ; unmarried, 1898. 

dhal ad. Susax-Lipscomb, daughter of Benjamin (Joseph- War- 
ren, Jonathan,, Zachariah, Daniel, Cornelius) and Sarah-S. (Lips- 
comb) Waldo; born Nov. 24, 1851, in Madison Co., Fla.; living, 
1898, at Atlanta, Ga. She married, July 16, 1873, at Charleston, 
S. C, Thomas-Suraptor, son of Rhydon-Grisby and Sarah (Smith) 
Mays of Orange Mills, Fla.; born Dec. 11, 1842, at Edgefield Court 
House, S. C. ; died Feb. 29, 1880, at Orange Mills. 3 

Children of Thomas-Sumpter and Susan-Lipscomb (Waldo) Mays. 

Born, a at Thomasville, Ga. ; b, c at Orange Mills, Fla. : — 

a. Li7CV-Li:k, born Apr. 22, 1674. She married. Oct. 8, 1890, at Atlanta, 
Ga., Ector-Brooks, son of Abijah-Bogi^s and Aun-Sophrouia (Brooks) 

' " Hrin{;s F.amily," p. 254. ' Rccorils of Mrs. Joseph- Warren W.ildo. 
• Ueconla of Mrs. ausan-Liiiscoiiib ( Walilo) Mays. 

w i!': .-MV:!. 


LfiUiaiii of Tctmcssec; J)orn Jiiiu- [), lRr,4. in ^foi!l;s Co., Tcnn lie Avns 
iu IH'JS aUaclied to ihe GeodcLic Survey, Wrishin<^t()ii, 1"). C. 

Cbikl, born at Kiikwood, G;i. : — 
a. Ann!:-Lam.\k, born May 15, 18'J6. 

b. Annik-Lamak, born Mch. 22, 1870; uninnrried, 1808. 

c. TiiOMAS-ScMPiKK, boru Nov. 24, 1879; unmarried, 1808. 

dhal af. Ai.bigkxce-Lamar, son of Benjnmin (Joaeph- Warren, 
Jouidhaa, Znchariah, Daniel, Cornelius) aud Sarab-S. (Lipscomb) 
Waldo; born Dec. 25, 1855. at EdgeRekl Conrt House, S. C. ; living, 
1899, at Atlanta, Ga., wlierc he is engaged in insnrance business. 
He married, Feb. 17, 18SJ, at Atlanta, Annie-May, daughter of 
Mjijor William-Franklin and Nancy-Jane (Martin) Slaton of Atlanta; 
born May G, 1861, at Auburn, Ala.i 

Children of Albigence-Lamar and Annie-May (Slatou) Waldo. 
IJorn at Atlanta, Ga. : — 

dhal afa. Sauah-Slatox, born Feb. 2.3, 1882. 
dhal afb. Nancy-.Tank, born Aug. IC, 1883. 
dhal ofc. Anmk-May, boru Feb. 2, 1885. 
dhal afd. Katukkine, born June 17, 1887. 
dhal afe. Nki.l-Owkxs, boru Mch. 13, 1890. 
dhal aff. Albigi:nce-Lamau, boru ]Mch. 6, 1900. 

dhdh ca. Aaron-Putnam, son of Charles-Christopher (Godfrey, 
Daniel, Zachariah, Daniel, Cornelius) ami Ruth (Seymour) Waldo; 
born Dec. 2-1, 1833, at Union, N. Y. He is a merchant. He mar- 
ried, Feb. 5, 18G1, at Holly, Mich., Harriet-M, daughter of John 
and Mehilable (Wentehousc) Wincgar of Fovvlcrville, Mich.; born 
July 1, 183G, at Kendall, N. Y.2 

Children of Aaron-Putnam and Harriet-M (Winegar) Waldo. 
Born, a-d at Holly, Mich. ; e at Brighton, Midi. : — 
dhdh caa. Katk-Camilla, born Aua;. 10, 18G2. 
dhdh cab. Dkll-Junk, born Mch. 23, 18G4. 

dhdh cac. Chaki.ks-Ei.mork, born Apr. 12, 18CG; livins;, 1901, unmarried, at 
Poutiac, Mich. 

dhdh cad. KL-rn-LouiSK, born Apr. 27, 18C9; died Jan. 4, 1878, at Holly. 

dhdh cue. Auuy-Stevens, boru June 10. 1873; died Jan. 7, 1878, at Holly. 

dhig ad. CAROLiNE-ArGLSXA, daughter of Elisha-Hurlbut (Albi- 
gence, AWiijencn, Znchariah, Daniel, Cornelius) and Caroline (Mc- 
Allister) Waldo; boru Aug. 22, 1852, at Seneca Falls, N. Y. She 

» Kpconts of AHjiRuiioe-Lauiar W:il.lo. 
. ' KecorOa of Cliaiios-Khuore WalUo [li/tifAau'J. ■• •••<•■... i.. ■• 

? ■' 'l 


niarriid, May 18, 1877, at Seneca Falls, Sidiioy-Willis, son of Edney 
and Margaret (Stiucr) Smith of Waterloo, N. Y. ; born Feb. 23, 
KSoo, at Waterloo. He is a mail-carrier. Tliey were living, 1808, at 
Seneca Falls. ^ 

Children of Sidney-Willis and Caroline- Augusta (Waldo) Smith. 
liorn, a at Waterloo, N. Y. ; b at Seneca Falls, N. Y. : — 

a., boru May Ifi, 1879. 
h. Wilmam-Garfikld, born July 20, 1881. 

dhig ba. Maktin-Luthkk, sou of James-Frederick (Albiyence, 
Albir/encc, Zacharinh, Daniel, CorrieliusJ and Augusta (McAllister) 
Waldo; boru Sept. 18, 1843, at Rochester, N. Y. He enlisted Sept. 
It), 18Go, as corporal in Co. K, 1st New York Veteran Cavalry, for 
three years. He served under Generals Sigel, Hunter aud Sheridan 
in the Shenandoah Valley, Va., and was wounded July 3, 1864, at 
Lcetown, W. Va., in the right thigh, by a canister shot. He was 
discharged July 20, 18G5, at Charleston, W. Va. He is a nickel-plater 
by trade. He married, Oct. 5, 1868, at Marshall, Mich., Eliza, 
daughter of Barney and Eliza (LcClair) P)rady of Ireland and Port 
Hope, Can. ; born Aug. 15, 1847, at Port Hope. They were living, 
1900, at Seneca Falls, N. Y.2 

Children of Martin-Luther and Eliza (Brady) Waldo. Born, a at 
Jonesvillc, Mich. ; 6, c at Brampton, Out. : — 

dhig I'd, I. F^A^•CES-MAKI^:-McAI.LISTKl:, tiorn .liine 9, 1873; married, May 20, 
1900, at Seneca Falls, N. Y.. Oren-Alcxaiidcr, sou of Ambrose" and 
I^rmiiia (Smith) Coous of Seneca Falls ; l)orn Mch. 20, 187.;, at Seneca 
Falls. He graduated at Cornell Universilv, aud received the degree of 
LL. B. .Tune 7, 1807, and is now practicing his profession. They were 
living. 1900, at Seneca Falls. 

dhig bah. Frank, born Jau. 19, 1877. .'. • 

dhig lac. "Willia.m, born Jan. 29, 1879. 

dhig bb. FKKDEincK-AuGusTus, SOU of James-Frcdcrick ( Albi- 
'jfnce, Albirjcnce, Zachariahy Daniel, and Augusta (McAl- 
lister) Waldo; boru Apr. 2h, 1851, at Rochester, JS. Y. He is a 
printer. lie married, July 1, 1875, at Brampton, Out., Lcmira, 
daughter of John-Henry and Margaret (Crozier) Lewis of Streets- 
ville, Out. ; born Oct. 11, 1857, at Streetsville. They were living, 
1898, at Seneca Falls, N. Y.3 ,.,... 

' Ucconls of E(lw.inl-Erastr.s Waldo [(lhiffc'\. ' Recci tis of Martiii-Lutlier Waldo. 
' Records of Edward-Ernstus WhKIo [dhi'jc]. 

(^>^C' WALDO r.KNEALOGY. [dhigri, 

Child of Frc(lciick-Angii,stus aud Lcmira (Lewis) Waldo. Born 
at Seneca Fulls, X. Y. : — 

dhig bba. MAictiAUET-AuGUSTA, l)orn July 3, 1877. 

Idbc ba. CiiAKLKs-FousTEU, sou of Cliarlcs-Fredcrick (Jona- 
than^ Jonafhd.iL, Jonathan, Jonathan, Cornelius) and Sarah-Vose 
(Forster) Waldo; born Apr. 18, 1818, at Charlestowu, Mass.; died 
July 31, 1889, at Fordhara, N. Y. He became a dry goods mer- 
chant in Boston, being a member of the firm of Keegan (Patrick), 
Townc (W. li.) & Waldo in 18-12; of Towue & Waldo, 1813; of 
Towuc, Waldo & Co. (A. Sumner), in 1844-15; of Waldo, Noyes 
(James-S.) it Co. (Benjamin F. White, Jr., William B. Stevens ad- 
mitted in 1848), in 184G-48; and thereafter by himself. He lived in 
Newton, Mass., in 1848, and thereafter until 1852, when he became 
a merchant in New York at 1G7 Broadway, living at Brooklyn until 
1855, when he went to ICngland and remained there until 1879, ' being 
called in his aunt Catharine's will of Dec. 22, 1859, ''of Manchester, 
Fug." (Seep. 464). In 1879 he returned to America and resided in 
New York City until about the time of his death. Sept, 23, 1889, 
administration on the estate of " Charles-Forster Waldo, late of New 
York, N. Y., who died July 31, 1889, intestate, leaving a widow 
Sophia-B. Waldo of Brooklyn, N. Y., and daughter, Sarah-E. Waldo," 
was granted to the daughter.- 

He married, June 24, 1844, at Charlestown, Mass., Sophia-Briggs, 
daughter of Robert-Ball (Thoma,-i, Thomas, Peter, John, John) and 
Sarah (Barker) Edes of Charlestown; born May 2, 1820, at Charles- 
town; died June 12, 1892, at Concord, IMass.^ 

Children of Charles-Forster and Sophia-Briggs (Edes) Waldo. 
Born, a at Boston, Mass. ; b at Newton, Mass. ; c at Bloomfield, 
N. J. :— 

hlhc hnn. Sauah-Eixkn. born, Auf?. 27, 1845; living, 1897, at Brooklyn, N. Y., 

Idbc hah. 8()rnTA-Ei>i„s, born Au^. 20, 1847; died Ang. 25, 1847, " a't. 5 days," 
at Newlon.* 

Idbc hac. Maky-Edks, born May 22, 1852, at Bloomfield, N. J.; died Nov. 12, 
lt^r,)i, at .Manchester, Eng.* 

' H<i'-t<ii\ am! New Vi>rk Directoiios. 

> SiilTolk Co., M.'is.'^., I'lobato Uwonls, vol. dcxxiii., p. 471. 

» " (ifiioalotiif.s A; Kstatcs of Chaik-stowii," vol. i., p. 3J3: Kecords of Miss Sarah-Ellon 
WaM.) lli/l.rh,,,,]. 

* Ni'wioM Kftord.s; some family records call her Sophia-Briggs, and sayBlie died Aug.Zi. 

* Charlestown, Ma88., Kecords. 

Ti ,* 


Idbc bb. Sarah-Emily, daiig;!itor of C'liailcs-Frederick (Jona- 
than^ Jonathan, Jonathan, Jonathan, Corticlius) and 8aruli-\' 
(Forstcr) Waltlo; 1)oiii Nov. 30, 1819, at Cliarlosknvii, IMass. ;' iliod 
Jan. 9, 18.')] , at Cliarloslowii. She married, Aug. 1-S, 18-18, at Ccn-fu, 
Ionian Islands, John York, ^iiosc father was an Englishman and 
whose mother was a Greek. He was born Jan. 15, 1816, at Corfu, 
and died July 22, 1876, at Washington, D. C. 

" Snrnli-Einil)' Waldo early distiniruishcd herself as a scholar of quick per- 
ceplion, clearness of thought aud readiness to coiniiiunieate her iileas to 
otliers. When sixteen years of aije she joined a ditVerent denomination from 
that in which she had hoeu educated, beconiinir an ardent J5;i[ilist. At seven- 
fcf'n, she took a i)rivale school in ]>oston, where she taught witii gre.'it success 
till she decided to become a missionary to Greece. 'J'hc scat of tlic Mission 
was at Corfu, the capital of the Ionian Islands. She sailed with ^li'. and 
Mrs. Arnold as passen<;ers on the Brig " Patapsco," Capt. Bearse. fmrn Boston 
for Corfu, Jan. I, 181i. Seven years she taught in Corfu aud Athens. At 
Corfu she met ^\v. John York, a native of Corfu l)Ut living in Zante, where 
he ]iad long had charge of a flourishing school. On the IStii of August, !s4s, 
siie was united in marriage to Mr. York at the Lord High Commissioner's 
r;dace by Kev. Mr. Vr'arner, civil chaplain of Corfu, and left the following 
day for Zante, where as wife of a native teacher and liead of a family she 
passed two happy and useful years. Their school was very prosperous, and 
their i)upils fondly attached, but as Protestants they were looked upon with 
susjiiciou. Engaged in an arduous but most intercstintr work, precisely lliat 
for which she had gone abroad, the education of Greek youth, they labored 
against much jirejudice aud opposition. They excited the ennuty of the 
l)riests, and, in June, 1850, an article appeared in the Zante papers, urging 
that an examination be made of the girls' schools, esi)ecially In religion ; an in- 
direct intluencc wa^ felt and their school was reduced one-half. The national 
feeling -was growing ever stronger in these islands and the dislike to every- 
thing English, government, education, religion, everything that characterized 
the nation whom they regarded as tyrannizing over them, becanm a deep-rooted 
feeling, strengthened l)y the political events every day occurring. The English 
policy towarcfs the islands exasperated the feelings of the inhabitants and 
made them bent on luiion with Greece. This bore strongly on the Yorks, as an 
apostate from the church was reirarded as a traitor; theii" house was attacked 
and they were ol)liged to leave Zante. They sailed for Corfu, Sept. 21. 1850. 
At Vienna their little boy Mas taken ill, but. since after medical advice he 
seemed much better, they pursued their v. ay to Dresden, where the cliild grew 
rajiidly Morsc and died on the 20th of October. He was laid in the Lutheran 
Cemetery, near other little ones who, like him, had diett in a strange laud. 
At Ihuklerslield, lOug., they met her brother, who accompanied them to Liver- 
pool, where they took passage for Boston, arriving Nov. K!, 1850. After his 
wife's death Mr. York went to ]5rown University for stutly, and rcturnimr to 
Charlestown was elected teacher of the Charlestown Eemale Seminary. 
Olitaining a position in the Treasury Department at Washini^ton he removed 
to that city and resided there until his death. On July 22, ISTTi, wheu driving 
into the city from the country, part of the carriage broke, which frightened 
the horse so that he ran against a lamp-post, which being imperfect, broke 
and fell on Mr. York's head, killing him instantly. He was buried at Oster- 
villc, Mass." ' 

He married (2), July 18, 1854, at Osterville, Julia, daughter of 
(Jeorgc and riielhi Hinckley, who was boru Aug. 20, 1823, and was 

' Charlestown Kecoids. • lioeonls of Mi.'ss I'hehe-Messiugcr Waldo [Idbcb'j], 


n.'^iR ^yALl)o (;i:niv\logy. rii'itfim 

living,, 1807, at Washington, with Ijim- diuiglitcr. By Iicr he Lad tluoe 
cliildrcn : G('Oi-j:t, Eniily-Walilo :uid llfrbcrt.' 

Cliildivii of Julin :uid Saiali-Emily (Waldo) York. Born, a at 
Zaiito, Ionian Isli-s; b at Charlcstown, Ma^s. : — 

0. GK()r.(';K-WALi>o, born Oct. II, 1819; died Oct. 20, ]8.j0, at Dresden, Gor. 
b. Sai:.vii-E.mily, boru Jan. 6, 1851 ; died Sept. 22, 1851, at Charlcstowu.' 

Idbc cb. Maky-Jaxe, daughter of Charles-Frederick (Jonathan, 
JotuitJain, Junotlian, Jonathan, Cornelius) and (Forsler) 
Waldo; born Jan. 2, 1822, at Charle.stowu, JNIass. ; died Aug. 11, 
18'Jl,at Salem, Mass. She married, INIay 11, l.sH,at Charlestown, 
Augustus-Joseph, son of Samuel and Deborah (iSIcNutt) Archer of 
Nova Scotia; born July l-i, 1810, at Salem; died May 11, IS'JS, 
at Salem. 3 

Children of Augustus-Joseph a)ul Mary-Jane (Waldo) Archer. 
Born at Salem, Mass. : — 

a., born Mch. 7. 1842; living, 1900, at Jamaica Plain, Mass. 

She married, June 7, 188?., Maltliias-Donman Koss, wliose first wife was 
lier cousin. I\fary-Swift Waldo. See Idbufe. 

b. Esmly-Waldo, born Apr. 6, 1844; livinj^, 1900, at Salem, unmarried. 

c. Agnks-1)i;uokah. boru July 1, 134G; died Nov. 30, 1852, at Salem. 

d. !\rAi!Y-WAM)o, born Sept. 1, 1S48; livini;, 1900, at Salem. She married, 

Jiuie 1, 1870, nl Salem, Cliarles-Henry, son of Joseph-Merrill and Laura 
(ra;;ie) Doe of Cliarlestown ; born Nov. 2."., ISMs, at ( liarlestown ; died 
Au^. 15, 19i..0, at St. John, N. 1>. He was for many years cdltor;iiid chief 
proprietor of the Worcester Evcnimj GfUttlc, and lived until 18'J8 at 
Worcester, Mass., Avhcu, his health failing, he was obli;:;ed to retire from 
active business. 

Children, born at Worcester : — 

o. Ilr.Niiv-WAr.DO, born Apr. 11, 1871. 
!. h. Maky-A);cukk, boru June 17, 1873. 

c. .\i,KXAXDi;u-WAi)SWOKru, boru Aug. 21, 1875. 

e. CHAKi,Ks-Fi;i:nKKicK, l»nrn Mch. (!, 1851; livini,', 1900, at Salem. He had 

his name chani;ed, Mch. 19, 1872, by the Massachusetts Lejiislature to Akcukk. He lived for a time at Worcester, 
.Mass. He married, Au<j. 29, 187.-., at Salem, ^ Annie-Laurie, daiu^hter of 
William-Henry and Klizabelh (Manning) IMoore of Salem; boru Oct. 1, 
I 1857, nt Salem; living, 1900. 

I Children : — 

,.,. a. C^UAr.i.KS-AuGUSTUS, boru Apr. 24, 187C. i • • - 

,,,,, b. liKi.F.N-LoiusK, boru May 28, 1878. ,i:. i- <■ 

c. Ei.iZAnr,TH-WALr)0, born Mch. 23, 1883. 

' H'-conls of MLsR riiphe-Messingei Waldo [7,lhrh;/]. 

' C'linrK'stown Rocortls. in which slie i,.>c.;ak!a Kiiiily-CalluirinB. 

' Cli.Tilo.stuwn !(ei:onls: Koconls of Mrs. Mary- Waldo (Arclicr) Doe [Idbcbcd]. 

* baloiu Uei'Ki'ds. 

i.niKTDj RFA'KX'J'II GEN KRATloN. G;')lt 

f. Ai>A-L()UisK, honi Ropl. T., !■<"..'.; tlifd .I:in. 1:'., isTO, uninarriod. 

(/. (Ji:«)i;i:K-.\ro[-^rrs, horn Xov. I, is.'.'.); liviiur, I'JOO. IIo I'.nirried, Doc. 12, 
is'.i:., Alici'-M:inil, danirlilor of Gii.'!t:ivns-Qniiicy and Annie-Maria (Wells) 
(,'laik(: of Wells, .Mc. ; born Ucl. 27, ISG'.i, at \Vi;lls; living, 1900. 

a., born Apr. 18, 1807. 

Idbc fb. llr.NnY-.SiDNiiV, son of Honry-Sin-i])?on (Jonathnv, Jnna- 
(li((ii, JuiiafJtau, Jonathan^ Coradhis) and Cntharinc-Ivicliiinlsou 
(Adau) \V:iKlo; horn Jan. 8, ].S19, at Hoston, ; died Nov. I'J, 
lsG.">, at Nowfon, Mass., of internal ahscess. He was a merchant in 
IJoston, living there and at West Koxbnry nntil aljout ISa-i, when he 
removed to Newton Center, where ])e resided nntil he died.' 

He married. Ang. 3, 1817, at Boston,- iMnma-Lincoln, daugliter of 
Calvin and Sarah (Lincoln) Haven of Boston; born Jan. 17, 18"24, 
at Boston; living, 1898, at Brookline, iMass. She married (2), 
Dec 15, 18G4, at Newton, James, son of Jolm and Abigail (Chad- 
bourne) Edmond of Portland, Me.; l)orn 18:?1. at f\^rtland. He had 
l)een previously married, and was in iSCi a merchant living in 

Children of Henry-Sidney and Emma-Lincoln (Haven) Waldo. 
Born, a at Boston, Mass. ; h-d at West lioxbur^', Mass. : — 

Idbc fba. Joun-Adax, born July 10, 1.S4S. 

Idbc fbb. Ch.\klks-Sii>N'KY, born July 27, 1851. 

Idhc fbc. LixcoLX, born Oct. ]d, 1853; died Doc 11, 189G, at Rockport, Me. 
He wont into business as clerk for his brollier Jolin-.\dan in 1871 and "was 
admitted a parlncr in 187-t, tlie lirni name boinLT Waldo Brothers His 
brother Cliarles-Sidney was admiilcd in 1875 and in the followins: year 
Jobu-Adan retired. Lincoln retired in 187s and in 1881 removed to Colo- 
rado.'' lie married, June 12, 1882, at Denver, Col., .\lice, dauiihter of 
John-1'rentice and Sara-Klizabelii (Curtis) Farrar of New Yorl; City: 
born June C, 1854, at New York; Uviu<;, 18'J9, at Denver. No children.'' 

Idhcfhd. Ci.Ai;KNCK-n.\vi:N, born Apr. 1, 1S5G; living, 1900, at Brookliue, 
Mass., uumarriod. 

Idbc fd. Fr.^ncf.s-Walkkr, daughter of Henry-Simpson (Jona- 
th<i}i^ Jonathan, Jonathan, Jonathan, Cornelius) and Catharine- 
Richardson (Adan) Waldo; born July 16, 1825, at Boston, Mass.; 
living at Cambridge, Mass. She married, Aug. 30, 1848, at Jamaica 
Plain, Mass.*^ (l)y Kcv. William-I\L Rogers of Jamaica Plain), John- 
Ludlow, son of Ogden and Lydia (Ludlow) Ko-;s of Cincinnati, O. ; 

' bi Newton Re<'(jr(l.s he is ciillfii " lleiiry-LiuiL',', son of Hem y-L. .md Cuthei iiie-E.-R. 
V.'aklo." 2 i'.(,..;toii llecortls s:iy An^^ .TO. 
•Newton Ue<' l$osloii Koeoids: Ueconis of Jol)n-.\.l;in Wulilo [//./.<•///<( )• 
« liostoii Diieetories. ' Kecoiiljj of -Mr.s. Alice Walilo. 
* Uostoii Itecortl.s; Kaiuily Ueoonls say AiS{r. iS. 

CCA) WAl.DO GENEALOGY. [i-dhcku 

born Di'c. 2;3, ISIG, near Cinciiuiati ; died Deo. 4, 1884, at Cam- 

Children of Jdlin-Ludlow and Frances-Wall^er (Waldo) Ross: — 

a. JoiiN-LrDi-ow, horn July, 18H); died same d.i}'. 

h. KiTrn;-Ai)A\, July II, 1.S50; died 1852. 

c. Di:NMAN'-WAr.!)0, born Jnii. 10, 18.53; liviu^r, 1897, at Pambridse, Mass., 

uiini.arrii'd. He ^raduatL'd .tl. Hiirvaril C<jlle<^e, 1875, I'h.l). aud A.M., 

I88G; Follow Aiuerican Academy.' 

Idbc fe. Mauv-Swikt, dau2;liter of Ileury-Sinipson (Jonafhnn, 
Joudtha/i, Jonathan^ Jonathciiu Cornolins) and Catliariue-Richurd.son 
(Adan) Waldo; born Jan. 2o, 1828, at Boston, IMass. ; died Meb. 2;'), 
ISGS, at K()xl)iuy, Mass. She marrie.l, He\)t. 1, 1847 (by Rev. Wil- 
liam-M. Roarers), at Jamaica Plain, Mass., Matthias-Denman, son of 
Ogden and Lydia (Ludlo\s-) Ross of Cincinnati, 0.; born Nov. 1, 
1819, near Cincinnati; died Sept. 14, 1892, at Jamaica Plain. At 
the time of his marriage he was called of Lowell, Mass. He married 
(2), June 7, 1883, Caroline-Emily, daughter of Augustus-Joseph and 
Mary-Jane (Waldo) Archer of Salem, ■Mass. [l(Ihbhca'\; born Mch. 
7, 1842, at Salom ; living, 1899. He had no children by his second 
wife. Mr. ^oss was engaged in the thread and twine business in 
Roston, being a member of the firm of Ross, Pearce & Co. He lived 
in Roxbury, near Jam.aica Plain. ^ 

Children of Mattiiias-Dennian and Mary-Swift (Waldo) Ross: — 

a., born July II, 1850; died Dec. 27, 1898, at Bostou, IMass. 
He lived at Hoston. He mari'icd. Apr. 29, ISSl, at Bostou, Ellon, daugh- 
ter of Franklin and vSarali-Aiin (Curtis) Haven of Boston; born Mch. 5, 
1849, at 15oston; living, 1900, at Boston. 

Child :— 

rt. Fkanki.ix-ITaven, born July 19, 188.'). 
h. iMAKV-CATitAiaxK, born June 1.", 185:^.; died May U, 18.'>4. 
r. .Mauv-Aixvn, born Feb. 2."), 1855; died May 5, 1872. 

il. Jt)UV-HAMii.T(»N, born May 19, 1800; livins:, 1898, at Jamaica Plain, M.hss. 
He niarrii'd, June 2, 1SS5. at CopcnhaG:en. Denmark, Catharine-Marie- 
Emllio. da'.i^htor of rcter-Fredcrik-Carl-Kmil and Constance-Marie 
(Fri.^eh) Salicaih of Denmark, M. D. aud Kni2;lit of Dambro";; born 
M.ay 20, 1802, in Denmark; living, 1898. 

n. Constanck-Mahy, born Mch. 12, 188G. 
f>. TnowAi.D-SALTCATn, born Nov. 2:], 1887. 
c. Hakomi-Sai.icath, horn Feb. 25, 1891. 
<•. HKNi'.v-Fr.ANcis, born >ray 22, J8G2; living, 1898, at J.amaica Plain. 

' Family Itooonls. » }I:irv:tril Cat.iloguc. •< Itostoii Kcconla: r:uiiilv Kecortls. 


bdaa iad. Lyman-Mix, son of Jolm ( SdiiivcU SaiiiucU Shnhdd, 
Kdicard, John, Cornelius) and Lucy (Mix) WiiMo; born Apr., 1828, 
:il Klemii.g, Cayuga Co., N. Y. ; killed Oct. 19, 18G-1, at the battle of 
Cedar Creek, Va. He was a private in Co. T. 0th New York Heavy 
Artillery. By trade he was a carpenter. He lived at Auburn, N. Y. 
His will, dated Sept. 5, 1SG2, recorded Mch. 8, 18G5, names — wife 
Susan-A. Waldo and wife's mother, Julia-A. Thorne of Chatham, 
N. Y. The petition for its probate recites that he died on oi- about 
Oct. 19, ISGl, leavinjj; as heirs, John Waldo, his father, of Fleming, ' 
and Susan-A. Waldo, his widow. ^ 

He married, June 12, 185G, at Chatham, N. Y., Susan-.Abigail, 
daughter of William-Kipper and Julia (Adee) Thorne of Chatham, 
and widow of Marcus Gunn of Chatham, whom she married, INIch. 28, 
1850, at Chatham, and who died Feb. 4, 1854, at Chatham, without 
children. She was born Feb. 10, 1832, at Chatham, and was living, 
1901, at Old Chatham. 2 They had no children. 

bdab bda. Amaxda-Melvina, daughter of Eber (" Joseph^ SJm- 
liuel, ShuhaeU Edward, John, Cor)ieUus) and Olive (Sprague) Waldo; 
born Aug. IG, 1820, at Willoughl^y, O.;^ died Sept. If), 1897, at 
Wahmtgrove, Ari. She married, June 12, 1845, at St. Charles, 
Kane Co., 111., Eli-Pierce, sou of Resolved and Nancj' (I»owen) 

Children of Eli-Pierce and Amauda-Melvina (Waldo) Water- 
man : — 

a. Svi.vkstkr-Mkad, boni Oct. 7, 1S4G. 

l>- Nancy-Ouvk, horn Feb., IStS; married A.-.^. Moore. Tliey were living, 

IS'JS, at Waliuitj^rove, Ari. 
<•. Bowun'-Rksolved, born Apr. 17, 1849. 

bdab bdb. Asel-Swazkt, son of Eber (Joseph, Shubael, Shu- 
Ixiel, Edward, John, Cornelias) and Olive (Sprague) Waldo; born 

' SurrofiCiite's Kecords, Auburn, N. Y., vol. Q, j>. 197. 

' Kecimls of Mrs. .Susan-Abitjail (Thome) Walilo. 

' Kcf'onls of Kiiiley-lliraui .MeNutt [IjilalAidec] say Aup;. 18. 

* Reoaras of .Mrs. Olive-Kliicabelh ( WaUlo) liluir [bihiibdbc]. 

CG2 WALDO GF.NEALOGY. [bdaiwumi 

Uet. 21, 1S22, at Willoughl.y, O. ; living, 1898, at^L', 
Mo. lie is a fannor. He inunieil (1), Feb. 1, 1840, at IleiiriL-lla, 
Loiaine Co., O.,' Autelia-Angcline, daughter of Gifleon and JCliza- 
beth (Winclioll) i\lc-NuU of Oxford, Wis. [hfJah^ihn'] ] l)orn Sept. IC, 
1837, at Kirtlaiid, O. ; died June 22, 1884, at Fairview, Caldwell Co., 
Mo. lie married (2), Nov., 1885, at King.ston, Mo., Mrs. Amy 
(JMiares) Gideon, daughter of Joel and I'^ilen (Laird) Phares. 
She died Mch., 1887. He married (3), .^Ich., 189(1, Mrs. Melissa 
(IMinres) Kezarice, daughter of Samuel and Sarah (.Marshall) I^haiX'S.- 

Children of Asel-Swazey and Aurelia-Augeliue (McNutt) Waldo: — 
luhth hiU'd. TiiKoDoiiK-GiDKON, boni Jiilv 2, 1.S47; died Sept. G, lSr<0. 
bdab bdbb. LorisK-Mix-atVA. born Aui;-. 1, IS.'jO. 
bdab bdbc. 0:.i\ k-]^i,i/.ai'..'.tii, horn Apr. l;^, ISuli. 

bdab bdd. Ci.ahissa-Amv. daughter of Fix r (Joseph^ SJinboeK 
t^huhael, EfUrard, John, Cornelius) and Olive (Sprague) Waldo; 
born Apr. 24, 1827, at Willoughl>y, O. ; died Apr. 8, 1882, at Doug- 
las, Wis. She uiari'ied, June 12, 1845, at St. Charles, 111., Case, 
sou of Luther and Elizabeth Ruudel of Ruudeltowu, Pa. ; born Jan. 
11, 1814, in New York State; died Nov. 3, 189G, at Douglas. lie 
was a carpenter and farmer, liviiig in Illinois until 1852, when he re- 
iuoved t(j Douglas, where he and his wife passed the remainder of 
their lives. iMr. Rundel was one of the first settlers in Douglas."' 

Children of Case and Clarissa-Amy (\yaldo) Rundel. Born, a-d 

at Franklinvillo, 111. ; c-h at Douglas, Wis. : — 

a. Mai.vina, born Mch. 4, 1846; married, Sept. 21, I8C4, al Portfisre, Wis., 

David-Cliarlc'S, son of .-Varon and (Conklin) Brown of Mcadvilif. 

Pa.; l)orn .Ian. If), 1S37, at New Vork Cily; died An^;. 17, IS'Jil, at 
Douglas, lie was a farmer at Douglas, where his widow Avas living 
in laoo. 

Ciiildren, born at Dous;Ias : — 
a. Horace-Jay, born Aug. 2.^, 18C0. 

h. AuTHru-GuY, born Apr. 21, 1871 ; died Sept., 1S72, at Donijlas. 
c. Ci-aiia-Amy, born .Aiiii;. 20, 1S74. 

/-. LuTUKK, born Apr. .3. 1847. lie was livinir, 1000, at Ilriirtisvllle, Wis. H<" 
miirricd. .Iniif II, 18r,0, at Bii^sprinii, Wis., Saiali, tl;iui;litfr of Seth and 
Knmuirilla (lV-ri;ins) Parker; iiorn .\iii;. ;^.0, I'.'i".*, in Ciittaraii-rns Co., 
N. Y. Tiiev removed to Aurora, 111., tlie year they were married, .ind 
lived there niilii issi, wlien they removed to Marqnctte Co., Wis. Mr. 
Pimdel is a larnicr.* 

' Iteo.onls of Kiiile.v-nii:iin McXiitt l/nlaliO'lcc] s.ay Feb. 8, 1«47. 
' Reconls of .Mrs. OUve-Eliz.'iljetli ( Waldo) Jilair [UhtObdOc]. 
3 U.H-orils of .Mrs. .M.Uvina (lUuidil ; lirowii [l;(aUb:(da\. 
* Uecorild of Lutlici JUiuUel. 

Hr.AHiiPK] ■ KFOllTIF gi':np:i{ation. 

Children, born, n, h at Aurora; c in MarqncLtc County:— " ' ' 

a. Sylvkstkis, horn Maj- fi, 1870. 
h. Clty-Aj.kkkd, born Aii;i. G, 1882. 
c. EKKA-.AfAY, born June 5, 1885. •.'.... ... 

f. Ei.KH, 'K,rn Nov. 5 Ik-18; livin-, inoo, at T^rcokonrid-c, Mo. rio married 
M^W. '•?' •::V^'="'^'"-i"^^ I'l.. Sarah-A., danj^htcr of Adam and Eliza- 
beth (lves.sler) Go.ssncr of Napcrville; born An-. 21, 18(;;3, at Lisle 111 
He isa farmer. No children.' . at j^i. il, lu. 

d. HiKAM, born May 5, ISM. Ho married, 1875, in Illinois, Mis.s Ella Barnes 
h^^n^from S^^'^^^ ^^^^^ ''''''' '^ ^^'^« "'--^^- --' '- '— '-" 
Child : — 
n. La UK A- Etta, died a few years ajjo. 

f. JosKrjfiNK, born Ang;. 5, 1853; died Oct. 5, ]«CS, at Don-das 

Dec., 188J (or Jan., 1881). at TackM-ankee, Wi.^., Mrs. Marthu W-ddo 
^vhoafUT^^•a.ds ma.ried Mr. Kennedy, and wa.s living, 1900, at Im.V- ke' 
llVn.ed P^''^""-'^'''>' «f ^^li-- ^^^•■^Itlo. her llrst husband, has not been 

g. OnLANi.o, born June I, 1857; livin-, 1900, at Mont-omerv, 111 He is a 

farmer and tonmstcr. He married, May i;^, IS^O, at Aurora, 111 V ice 
tm-n,'-!' t"-^'lfi- ^•'■y^eremiah and Sarah-Emeline (Arnold) Whitford of 
Aurora; born Sept. 2r,, 1851), at Aurora.^ i<iuiu oi 

Chiklren, born at Auiora : — 

a. Edwin-C, born Oct. 15, 1887. 

b. Waueen-Dewain, boru Sept. i; 1880. 

c. Lauranck-IIikam, born Sept. 20, 189L 

d. GKouGK-ARxnuK, born Oct. 3, 1803. 

e. ICtuel-Angdline, born M;iy 8, 1S95. 
/. Eaul-Cask, boru Oct. 13, 1807. 

A. I<>;tki.i.a-Ouvk, horn Sept. 11, ]8(;2; married, .Jan. 22 1x8" at Don.d«« 
C.eorse. son of Frank and Kalherine (McClousky) MeKanna'of SuiuTim-' 

Children, born, a, c at Dougla.s; b at MontcUo, Wis. :— 

a. Fkank, boru Oct. 8, 1883. 

b., horn Jan. 21, 188G. 

c. Cask-Beuxaud, born Sept. 11, 1888. 

> . ' . ■- 

bdab bde. Minkkva, daughter of P:bcr (Joseph, Shuhn.'l Shu- 
'•"/, E.hrard, John, Cornelias) and Olive (Sprague) Waldo; born 
•'uiy lb, 1820, at Willongbby, O. ; died Feb. 7, LSiK, at Oxford, 
^\is. She married, Nov. 17, l.s.-.O, at Rloundville, Wis., Hiram, 
^on of Gideon and Elizabeth (^Vinchell) RtcNutt of Kirtland o' 
V'dah.jhh]- boru Nov. 30, 1S20, at Kirtland; died May 22, l«ua, at 

' U^conls of Eher Uun.lel. -' liecor.Is of Orlando Uun.lel. 
Kccor.13 of Mrs. Eatella-Olive ( Riin.ic!) .McKamia. 

fi64 WALDO GENEALOr.Y. [iiiMiinDK 

Oxford. lie was a farmer. They lived at Moundvillc and Ox- 

Children of Hiraui and iMiuerva (Waldo) McNutt. Born at Mound- 
ville, Wis. : — 

a. GiPKoN-, born "Slch. 2"), 1X52; living, 1900, at Porta;je. Wis. He was 

formerly a farmer, but Avas in HiOO a dealer in live stock. He married, 
Mch. 20, \bl7, at I'orta-re, Annie, dantrhtcr of MaUhcw-Thoina.s aii'l 
p:mma (Smith) Mason of Briggsville, Wis.; bora Dec. 18, 185H, at Fort 
Winnebago, Wis. 

Cbild, born at Moundvillc :— 
a. Mkrxa-Thkil, born Feb. 4, 1885. 

b. MAKtA-Mi.\Ki:vA, born July 3, ISofi; livin;;, 1900, at Packwankce, Wis. 

Sbe married, Oct. 31, 1891, at Oxford, Wis., Frcd-Coiu-tney, sf)n of 
Lyman and Sarah (Sheldon) Hart of Facknaukcc; born Oct. 10, 18G2, at 
Vackwaukec. He is a farmer, living, 1900, at I'ackwaukee. 
r. P'lM.KY-Hui.AM born July I''. ISCO. He is a farmer and breeder of race 
horses at '• Heil Ribbon Stable." three miles south of Oxford Villa:xe, 
Wis. Ho married, July 21, 188:1, at Oxford, Dora-Almedia, daughter of 
Thomas-.Martin and Nr.ncy-Adclia (Corson) Luce of Oxford; born Nov. 
24, ISoO, at Columbia, VanBuren Co., Mich. 

( Children, born at Oxford :— 

a., born Feb. 27, 1885. 

b. DoKA-MiXKRVA, born Jan. 24, 1890. 

c. Angklixk-Elizauktii, born Aug. 8, 1891. 
(I. Jkffeuson-Fixlkv, born Aug. C, 1896. 

bdab bdg. Jo.SErn, son of E1)er (Joseph, Shuhad, Sloihael, 
Edic'inl, John, Cornelias) and Olive (Sprague) Waldo; born Jul}' 
29, 183o, at Willoughby, O. He is a fanner. He married, July 1, 
is6-i, at Douglas, Wis., Marlha-Janc, daughter of Robert and Amanda 
(Cady) Me.Millen of Stevens Point, Wis. ; born Aug. ;3, 1815, in 
Walwortli Co., Wis. They were living, l'.)00, at Foxlake, Wis.2 

Children of Joseph and Marlha-Janc (^McMilleu) Waldo Born at 

Douglas, Wis. : — 

bdab bdga., liorn July 3, 1800. 

hdabhd-jh. MiNKKVA-LouiSA, bom Nov. 14, 1808; died Mch. 28, 1870, at 

hdah Inhjc. .\sel-Kay, born .Vug. 11, 1872. He is a farmer, living, 1900. at 

Foxlake, Wis., unmarried. 
bdab Ixh/d. AninAX, born Julv 29, 1«77; married Cora Gallagher and was 

living, 1900, at Breckenri(ige, Mo. 

bdab daa. Racmkl-Svlvia, daughter of Orin (Calvin, ShnhaeU 
Shuhael, Edtcard, John, Cornelius) and Mayo-Elizabeth (Whitney) 

< Uei'onls of Finlt' McNiitt yKlnhbdcc] 
• Records of Albert-di.y W.iklo [hdahbdoa]. 


Waldo; born Feb. 12, 1829, at Edinboro, Eric Co., Pa.; living, 
1898, in Wisconsin. She married, June 5. 1851, at Couneaut, Ash- 
tabula Co., O., William-H. Pansier; born Oct. 1, 1826, in Ohio; died 
May 6, 1864, ■while a private in Co. G, 32d Ilegimcnt Wisconsin 
Volunteers. He was a farmer.' 

Children of William-H. and Kachel-Sylvia (Waldo) Fansler. Born, 
a, b at Conneaut, O. ; c-e in Wisconsin: — 

a. Eucius-Ohin, born Apr. L'O, 1852. 

b., born Oct. 9, 1854. 

c. Ekwis-Solomox, born May 9, 1857. 

d. Lafv-Kmzabkth, born Aiij^. 2, 1850. 
c. Eliza-Acal, boru Feb. 28, 1861. 

bdab eba. Lovina-Church, daughter of Jonathan- Haskell 
(Jiu-am^ Shubcel, Shubad, Edward, John, Comeliufi) and Lovina- 
Church ((.'aldwell) Waldo; born Dec. 8, 1823, at Champion, N. Y. ; 
married Aug. 28, 1853, at Grandledge, I\Iich., Hiram Kathbun.^ 

Children of Hiram and Loviua-Church (Waldo) Kathbuu. Born, 

0, b, f?, c at Grandledge, Mich. ; c at Bath, Mich. : — 

a. Maky-Lovin'a, born Oct. 13, 1854; married, 1889, at Lansing, Mich., 
Hcurj-Avery French. They were living, 1901, at Lansing. 

Child, born at Lansing : — 

a. KuTH-EsTi-LLE, bom Jan. 28, 1891. 

h. Sakah-Antoinettk, born Jan. 7, 1855; died Nov. 10, 1857, at Lansing, 

c. Carolinic-Estelle, born Mch. 14, 1860; died Sept. 17, 1887, at Lansing, 


d. Lauha-Janette, born Oct. 13, 18G1 ; married, 1897, at Lansing, Mich., 

Frank Feabody. 

Child, born in California : — 
a. Rathbun, born 1899. 

e. UiKAM, born Dec. ix, 1865; died 1898. at Lansing, Mich. He married, in 

Canada, Edith . They had three children, the youngest named 

C. IhUAM. 


bdab ebb. Jonathan-Haskell, son of .lonathan-Ha.skell (Jarmn, 
Slixbad, Shubad, Edicard, John, Cornelius) and Lovina-Church 
(Caldwell) Waldo; born May 28, 1825. at Cbami)ion, N. Y. ; died 
Nov., 1900, at Topeka, Kan. He married, Oct. 28, 1818, at Grand- 
ledge, Mich., Susan Ogden.^ 

' Ivfcordb of Mrs. RHch»>l-Syh u" (WaMo) Kaiisler; Slic rejiorts that she has twelve 
KrainU'hilflren, but pivfs no furthiT recor'is. 
' Kacords of Mms lleiuia Fitznerald [bdaUbhd]. ^ Ibid. 

84 y 

^'66 WALDO GENEALOGY. [bdabebb 

Children of .Touathan-IIaskcll and Susan (Ogden) Waldo. IJorn, 

('., b at GinndledL^o, Mich. ; c at Ionia, Micb. : — 

bda') rliba. Maktin. born June 21, 1850; niJirried in Kansas, and has a 
dau;:hler :-- 

a. Ci-aua-EDxNMCy, born Sopt. 18, 1880, at Dover, Kau. 
h(fab cbfih., born 1854. 
bihib cbbc. EiXA, born ISGB. She i.s married. 

bdab ebc- Lkonakd-Powkrs, son of Jonalluin-IIaskell (Jaram, 
Shubael, iSli'thael, Edicard, John, CcrneliHs) and Lwvina-Church 
(Caldwell) Waldo; born Oct. 28, 182G, at Champion, N. Y. ; livin*r, 
1901, at Grandledge, Mich. Me married (1), June 17, 1848, at 
Grandledge, Maria, daughter of Eliphalet and Laviua (Nichols) 
Cheency of Ogdensbiirg, N. Y. ; born 1821, at Ogdcnsburg ; died 
Nov., 1849, at Grandledge, without children. He married (2), June 
24, 1851, at Grandledge, Maliuda, daughter of Trumau-AValker and 
Betsey (Mitchell) Nichols of Grandledge; born Nov. 20, 18.33, at 
Ijondon, Out. 

Mr. Waldo moved to Grandledge from Lagrange, O., when t\Yenty 
years old and has lived there ever since. He i.s a farmer.^ 

Children of Leonard-Powers and Malinda (Nichols) Waldo. Born 
at Grandledge, Mich. : — 

bdab cbca. DuKAX-MruHAV, born July 8, 1S52. 

bdab ebcb. Eva-Marik, born July G, 1858. 

bdab ebcc. Chahles-Wf.sley, born Apr. 4, 18(15. 

bdab ebd. Silas, son of .Tonathan-IIaskell (Jaram, Shufjod, 
SJiubaely Erhoard, John, Cornelins) and Lovina-Church (Caldwell) 
Waldo; born Jan. 9, 1829, at Champion, N. Y. ; died Oct. 30, 1898, 
at Grandledge, Mich. He married, Feb. 14, 1849, at Lagrange, O., 
Mehitable, daughter of Return and Susan (Hay ward) Taber of Ellery, 
Chautauqua Co., N. Y. ; born at Ellery. 2 

Children of Silas and Mehitable (Taber) Waldo. Born at Grand- 
ledge, Mich. : — 

bdab ebda. Slsax-Lovixa, born July 9, 1S51. 

bdab vhdb. Makia, born Oct. 17, 1852; died Oct. 18, 1856, at Graudledpe. 
bdab ebdc. Coi'knki.-J, born Sept. 8, 1853. 

bdab ebe. diARLKS-EmviN, son of Jonathan-Haskell (Jaram, 
Sliid'ael, /Shubael, Ediard, John, Cornelius) and Lovina-Church 

' Kf'corda of L'^oiiaril-l'dwcrs Waldo. 

• Records of Mrs. Susaii-Lovina (Waldo) J uUson [6fia6ei>d(j]. ■• . 1 


(C:iI<l\voIl) Wnltlt); lioni Nov. 2'^, l.s;>l, ;it C'!i;iiiii)ii>ii, N. Y. ; living, 
lilOl. at (Tr:iii(11e(lg(', Midi, lie inanicd. Nov. lU, lS5r), at Gnuid- 
lodLio, Harriet- Ann, daughter uf Kobert tind Rachel Pointer; l»orn . 

Oct. 27, 1837.> ■ ) 

C'liildreii of Chnrlcs-Edwin nnd Ilnrriet-Ann (Pointer) Waldo. ] 

Horn, o, c at Grandledge, Midi. ; b at Dewitt, Mich. : — 

txjiih chea. Ei,VA-E.STELLi:, linrii Oct.. 27, ]«.")(!; du-d at Dewitt. 

bdab ebeb. Fijanu-Dwigiit, born Sept. H, 1KG4. 

bdab ebec. Gkutkiide-Estkllk, born Oct. 2, 18fiG. 

bdab ebf. Majou-Andri':, son of Jonatlian-Haskell (Jaram, 
SInibael, Sh^ibad, EdiCdvch John, CornelinsJ and Lovina-Church 
(CaMwdl) Waldo; born Mch. 19, 1834, at Lagrange, O. lie has 
always been a farmer, but is now retired and living at Lan.sing, IMich. 
He has been generally known as " AM)KKW^" He married, Mch. 10, 
185G, at Delta, Eaton Co., Mich., Elizabeth, daughter of Rev. James 
and Annis (Nichols) Nixon of Oneida, Eaton Co., Mich.; born May 
19, 1839, at Oneida; living, 1901.2 

Children of Jlajor Andre and Elizabeth (Nixon) AValdo. Born, a 
at Oneida, INIich. ; b at Grandledge, I\Iich. : — 

bdab ebfa. Alva-Nixon, born Aug. 2, 1857. 
bdab ebfb. Makelle-Annis, born June 2G, 18G7. 

bdab ebg. Isaac-Royal, son of Jonatlian-Haskell fjr/ /•«??(, Shx- 
bael, tSJmbapl, Edvxtrd, John, Cornelius) and Lovina-Church (Cald- 
well) Waldo; born Aug. 31, 1839, at Lagrange, 0. ; living, 1901, at 
Peldiug, Mich. He married (1), July 1, 18G1, at Charlotte, Mich., 
Martha-Emerette, daughter of Henry Quale of Eaton Co., Midi. ; 
born at Java, N. Y. ; died Aug., 1865, in Eaton Co. He married 
(2), Sept. 30, 1867, at Muskegon, IMich., Adelia-E., daughter of 
Jefferson and Lorenda (Hrouson) Johnson of Greene Co., N. Y. ; 
born at Fitchville, Huron Co., O. ; living, 1901.3 

Children of Isaac-Royal and Martha-Emerette (Quale) Waldo. 
Rorn at Grandledge, Mich. : — 

hdah thya. Ai.ici:, born Feb. 19, isr,3; died Sept., 18C4. 

hilah f.hgb. Maktiia-Emeukttk, born May 31, 1805; unmarried, 1901. 

ChiUhen of Isaac-Royal and Adelia-E. (Johnson) Waldo. Born, 
c, t^ place not learned ; e-y at Greenville, Mich. : — 
hdiib ehgc. FuKD-Ai.usON, born Auj;. 8, 18C8; died Apr. IG, 1880. 

' Uecoiils of Mrs. Gerf ""le-Estelle (Wiildo) Xen [Oilahrlicc]. 

' IJeeords of Miss Julia-Belle Wuldo [ti(Uibeb/aO]. • Kecouls of Isaac-Royul Waldo. 


hduh ehtjil. 1Ikkhi-.i;t-IIaskk.i.i., horn May If, IS71. He married, Apr. IH, I90u. 

ttt Lansiiitr, Mich., Mrs. Maiul Jackson of Lyonn, Midi. 
hdah ehge. Haui.kv-Mayi.and, horn June ;30, 1870; died Apr. 2:5, 1880. 
hdah e.hiif. Lui.ANO-LiiKi.L, horn Meh. l.'l, 1881. 
bdab ebgy. llAY-llA.Mir/roN, horn Ang. H, 1888. 

bdab ebh. EM.KN-DrDKMA, daughter of Joiuitliaii-HaskpU (Ja- 
ravi, Slndxiel, SltHbael, Edirard, JoJni, Complins) ami Loviua-Chunh 
(Caldwell) Waldo; born Sept. 1, 1813, at Lagranoe, O. She mar- 
ried, Jan. 10, 1871, at Grandlcdge, Mich., Adelbert-Eldred, son of 
Reuben and Florinda (Eldrcd) Fitzgerald of Bellevue, Mich. ; born 
May 10, 1817, at Bellevue. They were living, 1901, at Bellevue. Ho 
is proprietor of the " Walnut Kidge Poultr}' Farm." • 

Children of Adelbert-Eldred and EUen-Didema (Waldo) Fitzgerald. 
Born at Bellevue, Mich. : — 

a. Fkkd-Waldo, born Mjiy 20, 1872. He married, Dec. 27, 1S'J9, at Bellevue, 
Bertha, ilanghter of Lewis and Ella (Griflin) Simon of Bellevne; horn 
Auij. 30, 187r>, at Bellevue. They were living, 1901, at Bellevne. He is a 
dry goods clerk. 

h. Guy-Eldhkd, horn Nov. 25, 1873. He married, Apr. 21, 1897, at Bellevne, 
Etta, dauijbter of John and Mary (Smith) Markham of Bellevue; horn 

; July 15, 1875, at Owasso, Mich. They live at Bellevue. He is a grain buyer. 

Child, born at Bellevne :— 
a. Noldixk-Mary, born Mch. 19, 1898. 

c. Ei.i/.A, born Aug. 26, 1875. 

d. Hkhma, born Aug. 23, 187G. 

bdab eca. 8us.a.\, daughter of Sliubael (Jaram^ Shubael, SJiu- 
baely Edivard, John, CorneUnsJ and Phoebe-Delana (Caldwell) 1 
Waldo; born Jan. IG, 1.S28, at Champion, N. Y. ; died Mch. 28, | 
]80o, at Greatbend, N. Y. She married, Oct. 15, L848, at Fowler, ] 
N. Y., Isaac, son of Arba and Susan (Clintsman) Gates of Hermon, j 
N. Y. ; born at Hermon ; died May 30, 1852, in California. They 
lived at Greatbend. lie was a farmer. ^ 

Child of Isaac and Susan (Waldo) Gates. Born at Hermon, 

N. Y.:— ,„ j,,n ■■:... . 

a. Em,kn-M., born Nov. 3, 1849; died at Carthage, N. Y. She married, at 
Haileshoro, N. Y., Erwin-M., son of Moses-Lawrence and Lavina Merrill 
of Champion, N. Y. ; born Oct. IG, l><3(j, at Antwerp, X. Y. ; died Sejit. 
10, I'.iOl, at Carth:i'j;e. .Mr. Merrill was a captain tluring the (^ivil war, 
and servetl under Major-(ieneral William-IL Shafter. He was a druggist 
and lived at Carthage. 

Child, born at Carthage: — 

a. Bay-Waldo, horn Jan. 28, 1878. 

> Keoorils of Miss Himiiki FitzgeraM [UJahehlnl]. 

' iCocurds of Mrs. Lucy-June (Waldo) Rich \_bd(ii>ece]. 



bdab ecc. Licv-Jank, daughtor of Sliulcu'l (Jamm, Shnliad, 
Sliiibdel, A'dicard, John, CorncUns) niul I'lioebo-Dokuia (C^nldwL'Il) 
Waldo; born Jiiiip 15, 1834, at Fowlta-, N. Y. ; married, May ^'J, 
ISoO, at Ilailesboro, N. Y., Sidney-Dustin, son of Josiah-S. and 
Eliza (Goodale) Rich of Ilailosboro ; born Nov. 1, ISHl, at Ilailes- 
boro. They are living, 1902, at Ilailesboro, where Mr. Ivieli is a 
hotel keeper and proprietor of the Ilailesboro House. He served for 
three years a.'^ orderly-sergeant in the Civil war, enlisting in 18C1. 
Mr. Kieh is a de.=;eendant in the fifth generation from Mrs. Hannah 
Duston, ^Yho was eai)tiired by the Indians at Haverhill, ^Nlass., Mch. 
15, 1097.' 

Child of Sidney-Dustin and Lucy- Jane (Waldo) Rich. Born at 

Hailesbo.-o, N. Y. : — 

«. Ei.iza-Altur.x, born Mob. 7, 1857; married, Oct. 15, 1884, at, TIaileslxjro, 
Frtul-Noniiaii, sou of Hiram-WcHhicrtou and Olive (White) Killjuni of 
Copunhaiieii, N. Y.; born Mch. 5, It.'-O, at Copeuhageu. They are llvin,i.c> 
rJ02, at Copenhagen. Be is a farmer. No children. 

bdab ecd., daughter of Shubael (Jaram, 
xShiibael, Shubael, Edward, John, Corndius) and Phoebe-Delana 
(Caldwell) Waldo; born Oct. 2, 18i9, at Fowler, N. Y. ; died Mch. 
2, 1S90, at Gouverneur, N. Y. She married, Aug. IG, I8G6, at 
Kichville, N. Y., Lorenzo, sou of Jason and Jane (Crawford) Smith 
of Gouverneur; born Sept. 10, 1810, at Gouverneur ; died at Gouver- 
neur. They lived at Gouverneur. He was a hardware merchant. 
Mr. Smith enlisted Oct. 2, 1861, in Co. I, 92d Regiment, New York 
Volunteers, and was discharged May 23, 1H62, on account of sick- 
ness. He re-enlisted July 27, 1803, in Co. H, 20th New York Volun- 
teers, and was discharged July 31, 1865.- 

Childreu of Lorenzo and Diadema-Delana (Waldo) Smith. Born 
at Gouverneur, N. Y. : — 

«. Gkack-D., born Jan. 23, 1875; died Anj;. 27, 1875. 

/'. K()v-\V.\i.i)o, liorn Sept. 11, 187G; married, Oct. 5, 189n, at Gonverneur, 

Mando, daushtcr of Vincent-Holmes Bootli of Gouverneur; born Aujj. 

22, 187G, at Gouverneur. Tliey are livini^, rJ02, at Gouverneur. He is a 

hardware merchant. 

Child, born at Gouverneur :— 
a. Lort:n7.o-Stkui,ing, born Oct. 9, 185t8. 
c. Eva- I)., born Jan. G, 188-i; died Sept. H, 18.sG. 

> Uecorils of Mr.^. Lucy-Jane ( W.ildo) Rioli. 
* Ut-curUs of Kc.y-\VaU\o Smith [b'labci-db]. 

,1 I 


» Rcoonls of Stany- Morton Tlioniley [bdah/rha]. 
' Ketouls of .Mis. NaiK-y-l?.'ll Stuber. 

^70 1;.,, . / '"^ WALDO GENEALOGY. rJ^fAHFCit 

bdab fcb. MvucAUKT-IioxAXA, (l;uioIiter of .]o(liitli:in-r.r:iY ^.^7///- 
bael, ShuhucJ, Sliulxinl, E'lirard, John, CJonwliur; ) aud'Sawcy'llo^anuix 
(N(nvl:iml) Waldo; boin Oct. 21, IH.n, in Franklin Co., O. ; livin;.^, 
KS'Ja, at Wo(xl\Y;u-d, la. 81ie marriod (I), Apr. 1, 1850, at Clintr.n, 
ill., Ifenr}', son of Reuben and Anna (Penn) Tliornlcy of Cincinnati. 
O. ; bom Nov. 3, 1827, at Cincinnati ; died Fel). 10, 18.'»3, at Xenia, la. 
The}' lived at Xeuia. lie was a farmer. Siie married (2), Oct. 10, 
IHGO, William-Henry, son of William-Holmes and Frances (]\Iarion) 
Harlow of Woodward; born l^ec. 4, 1838, at New York City; die.l 
May 28, ISOl, at Woodward. He was a farmer. They lived at 
Xenia and Woodward. ^ 

Children of Henry and Margaret-Roxana (Waldo) Thornley. Horn j 
at X^nia, la. : — I 

ti. Stacv-Mouton, horn Feb. 19, IS.")!. lie has lived for th<- last tweuty-two | 
yoars at Terry, Dallas Co., la., where he was, in 189'J, a merchant, lie j 
Tiiarricd, June 20, 187.0, at Lincoln, I'olk Co., la., Mary-Josephine, dMuj,-^!!- \ 
tcr of Miles and Charlotte (llichardson) .Stanford of Polk Co.; born Oct. 
21, IHoO, ill Polk Co. She was liviii<i, ISdO. 

Children, born, a at Xenia; h, c at Perry: — 

' a. Fred-Stanfokd, born ,\pr. 15, 1S77. 

b. IMabui.-Claue, born Oct. 9, IbSO. 

c. CnAKLoTTK-MAnOAKET, bom Jane 22, 1892. 

b. Gkokgk-TTkxry, born Apr. 17, 1853. He is a merchant, living, ]>'99, at 

Chariton, la. He married, Nov. 8, 1882, at Woodward, la., I^Itiriou, 
daughter of llngh-D. and Jane-Anu (Wooster) McColl of Woodward; 
boru Sept. 4, 1850, at Caledonia, Livini^ston Co., N. Y.; living, l.s99. 

Children, boru, a at Woodward ; /*, c at Chariton : — n 

a. Jk.\n, born May 28, 1883. 

b. Clauk-Bkll, born Dec. 21, 1x84. 

c. H.vZKL-KATnRiXK, boru June 12, 1889. 

Children of William-Henry and Margaret-Roxaua (Waldo) Har- 
low. Born at Xenia, la. : — 

c. Naxcy-Bkll, born .Aug. 24, ISGI ; married, .May 24,1888, at Woodward, la., 

Brilt. son of .Adam-J. and Susan (.Ardesmouia) Stuber of Woodward; 
born May 22, 1SG7, in Henry Co., 111. They were living, 1899, at Wood- 

Children, horn, a at Granger, la.; b at Woodward: — . j. 

a. Wilmam-IIaulow, born Dec. 3, 1890. 

b. Bkui.a}i-M.\uy, born .Mch. 18, 1898. 

(?. Mai:v, born Nov. 3, 1807: married, Dec. 30, 1895, at Woodward, la., Ivyl. 
son of Rev. J.-M. and Rachel (Taylor) O'Flyuic of Benton, la.; boru 
Mch. 11, 1802, dt Greenlleld. lud. They were living, 1899, at Woodward. 
They have no children. 


bdab fcC- JosEPiifS-AiAMANDKR, son of Jcdutlian-Oray (Shn- 
bad, iShuhacl, Shubael, Edirard, John, Cornelius) and Nancy-Ro- 
sanna (Ncwlaiul) Waldo; born June 11, 1.S33, iu Franklin Co., O. ; 
living, 181)0, at San Jo3(5, Cal. When fifteen years old be removed 
with his parents to Dallas Co., la., and remained there until 189M, since 
which time he lias lived at San Jose. He was firbt a farmer, Ijut later 
became a mercliant. lie was for some years president of the Citizens 
Hank of Perry, la. In 18GI he enlisted as private in the 18th 
Regiment Iowa Infantry; was promoted to be first corporal iu 18G2; 
was wounded at Atlanta, Ga., June 22, 1861, and was discharged 
Nov. 9, 18Gi. 

He married (1), June 10, 1855, iu Davis Co., i\lo., Mary-Boone, 
daugliter of John and Tabitha Godman of Davis Co. ; born Jan. 21, 
1810, in D.n-is Co.; died .Mch. 18, 1872, in Dallas Co., la. He mar- 
ried (2), Nov. 15, 187-1, in Dallas Co., Julia, daughter of Janies-II. 
and Margaret (Spencer) Biggs of Bouton, la. ; born June 19, 185C, 
in Dallas Co. She was living, 1899.' 

Children of Josephus-Alamauder and Mar^^-Boone (Godman) 
Waldo. Born in Dallas Co., la. : — 

bdab fcca. Nancv-Kosalie, burn Jime 5, 1858. ■ ' 

bdab fccb. Chakles-Lkkoy, bora Jan. 22, 18(31. 
bdab fccc. "William-Nokman, born Aug. 10, 1867. 

Children of Josephus-Alamander and Julia (Biggs) Waldo. Born 
in Dallas Co., la. : — 

hdabfccd. KALrn-EMERsoN, born July 17, 1875; living, 1809, nnniarried. Is 

a law student. Went to Manila with the Isl California VoUmtccrs. 
hdabfccc. CiiAULOTTE-BiiONTE, born Dec. 30, 1877; living, 1899, unmarried. 
bdab fee f., born June 7, 1886. 

bdab fed. Willia:m- Wallace:, son of Jeduthan-Gray (ShuhaeJ, 
Shchael, SJinhael, Edicard, John, Cornelius) and Naucy-Hosanna 
(Newland) Waldo; born Nov. 25, 1838, in Franklin County, 0. He 
left Ohio when nine years old and lived in Dallas Co., la., until 1887, 
when he Avent to California, where he has been a farmer, living. 1899, 
at I.akeport, Lake County. In 1861 he enlisted as private in Co. B, 
15th Regiment Iowa Infantry and served for about two j'ears, when he 
was discharged for disability. Late in 1863 he enlisted again, as 
wagoner in the 4'ith Regiment Iowa Volunteers, and served for one 
hundred days. 

He married (1), Nov. 8, 1860, at Xenia, la., Julia-Ann, daughter 

' Itecords of Josei>hus-Alamaudcr Walilo, 

672 WALDO OENEALOGY. [bdaukcd 

of William-lfolmos and Frances (Marion) Harlow of Woodward, h\ ; 
born Oct. 10, ISi;;, at New York City; died Apr. 10, 1887, at Al- 
gona, la. He mani.-d (2), Feb. 27, 1889, at Ukiah, Cal., Lydia, 
daughter of Green and Mary-Ann (Stevenson) Hendricks of Lake- 
port, Cal.; born .Inne 21, 18G2, at Lakeport; living, 18yu.' 

Children of Williain- Wallace and Julia-Ann (Harlow) Waldo, 
liorn, ((, /, tj at Woodward, la. ; b-e at Perry, la. : — 

hdahfrihi. Joun-Nokman, horn Sept. 17, 1SG2; died .Tuly 10, IStJIJ, at Wood- 

bdahfcdb. Nancy-Ros..vnna, l)orn Feb. 22, ISGi; died Oct. 18. 18D0, at Covelo, 
Cal., in'.ni;uried. 

bdab fcdc., born May 23, 18^6. 

hdnh fi-dd. Jkhuthax-Akthur, boru July 27, ISfiS ; living, 180'J, immarricd. William-Wai.tku, boru May 20, 1874; living, ISO'.t, uuinarried. 

bdab fed/. Nki,lie-Mav, born Dec. ID, 187G; Hviuj,'. 1899, unmarried. 

bdabfcdfj. Mauy-Joski-hinh, Ijorn Nov. 24, 1878; living, 1899, uumarried. 

Child of William- Wallace and Lydia (Hendricks) Waldo. Born at 
Lakeport, Cal. : — 
hdabfcdh. Ella-Maui:i^, boru Sept. 4, 1891. 

bdab fdb. Kihanon-Win-cukster, son of Almcron (Shuhncl, 
Sliubael, Shubacl, Ecln-ard, John, Corndins) and Margaret (Mc- 
Laughlin) Waldo; born Aug. 24, 1838, near London, 0. He is a 
farmer, living, 11)00, at Farlin, la. He married, Feb. 9, 1860, at 
Xenia, La., Mary-Ann, daughter of George and Sarah (Allen) Chadd 
of Indiana; born :\[ch. 11, 184-4, in Indiana. ^ 

Children of Elhanon- Winchester and Mary-Ann (Chadd) Waldo. 
Born at Woodward, la. : — 

bdab fdba. Samuel-Wilson, born Nov. 23, 1860. 

bdab fdbb. Sarau-Oi;inda, born Sept. 24, 1862. 

bdab fdbc. -M AHGARKT-AinriLOA, born May 26, 1867. 

bdab fdbd. Gkokgk, born July 22, 1869. 

bdab fdbe. .\lmluon', Ijoni Jan. 6, 1872. 

bdabjdhf. Dkllky, born May 5, 1876. She married, Feb. 15, 1896, at Chnr- 

dan, la., Auiiiu.stu.s Moran. No children. They were living, I'JOl, near 

Clundan. He is a farmer. 
bdnbj'dhfi. Chahlks, horn Mch. ]'>, 1879. Re married, June 3. 1S9S, near 

Farlin, la., Bertha, daii>,' of Wiley and Fanny (Blackburn) Keunct 

of Kal.ston. la.; born near Scrantoa, la. He is a farmer. They were 

liviii-, 1901, near Farlin. No children. 

bdab fdd. Ouill.a, daughter of Almeron (Shxbaef, ShubaeU 
Shnbad, Edward, John, Cornelius) and Margaret (McLaughlin) 

' of Williaui-WalUco Waldo. ' Records of Klhanon-Winchester Waldo. 


>V.iI(lo; born Oct. 21, 181-1, near London, 0. She married, May 24, 
18G3, at Woodward, la., William-Carl, son of Josiah and Nancy 
(Pennington) Bryant of Minburn, la.; born Apr. 21, 1835, at Indi- 
anapolis, Ind.; died Mcli. 22, 1893, at Des IMoines, la., where they 
had lived. He was engaged in real estate business. She is living, 
1902, at Des Moiues.' 

Children of William-Carl and Orilla (^Valdo) Bryant. Born, a-d 
at Woodward, la. ; e-g at Perry, la. : — 

a., born Mch. 14, 18r,4. She married, Aiifj. 31, 1882. at 
Perry, William-Henry, son of Peter and Louisa (WoodAvnrd) DoxHtater; 
l)orn June 7, 1.S59, at Peaverdam, "Wis. Thev are living, 1902, at iMinue- 
apolis, Minn. He is a contractor and builder. • 

Children, born, a, b at Perry ; c at Des Moines, la. :— 
a. Louisa-Hazel, born Feb. 4, 1886. 
f). John-Leuoy, born Jan. 24, 1888; died Feb. 4, 1889. 
c. Clifforo-Pktkr, born Dec. 17, 1890; died Nov. 7, 1895. 
h. JonN-WiNOHrsTER, born Jan. 2, 1800. He married, Oct. 20, 1897, at Des 
Monies, la., Mary-Elizabeth, daughter of Williara-Moore and Nancv-Jane 
(Hoskins) IJoau of Des Moines; born July 13, 18G9, at Des Moines. 
They are liviu;:;, 1902, at Minburn, la. He is a fanner.' 

Children, born, a at Des Moines ; b at Minburn :— 
a. WiLLiAM-EvEKETT, boru Jan. 8, 1899. 
6. Ralph-Leroy, born Nov. II, 1900. 

c. Jokiah-Lekoy, born Mch. 9, 18C9; died May 25, 1892, at Des Moines, la. 

d. LiDA. born May 7, 1873. vShe married, Nov. 13. 1805, at Des Moines, la., 

Wilham-Jessc. son of William-Harper and Mary-Dee (Wells) Carmichael 
of Versailles, Ind. ; born June 29, 1804, at Os-ood, Ind. They are livintr. 
1902, at Gowrie, la. He is a farmer.'' ' 

Child, born at Gowrie: — 

a. Edgau-Bryant, boru July 19, 1899. 

c. Charles-Lohax, born Mch. 13. 1870; livingc. 1002. at Minneapolis, Minn 
He married, Dec. 28, ISOO, at Des ;\Ioines, la., Katlierinc-Louisc, daughter 
of and Geneva (Zelle) lloppec of Des Moines: born 
Dec. 10, 1879, at Adel, Ia.» 

/-, born Sept. 10, 1881 ; unmarried, 1902. 

p. Wilmam-Cakl, born Feb. 28, 1884. 

bdab fed. Esther, daughter of Elhanon (Shuhael, Shubael, 
Shubael, Edward, John, Cornelius) and IMary (Thomas) Waldo; 
born Nov. 11, 1838, iu Franklin Co., 0.; died June 22, 1001, at 
Columbus, O. She married, Dec. 6, 1855, at Columbus, Benjamin 
Hoc; boru May 11, 1831, in Germany; living, 1902. They lived at 

' Records of Mrs. Orilla (AV.ihlo) Hry.aut. 
' Uoc'ords of Mrs. Marpirette-Alma (Hrjaiit) Ooxstater. 

» Uroords of John-Winchester Hryant. « Rccorfls of Mrs. Lvkx ( Uryant) Carmichael. 
• Uecorda of Mr*. Marj^arette-Alma (JJryant) Doxstator IMuO/ilda]. 


674 WALDO GENEALOCrY. [uuabi k.i. 

Wcsl .lollorsoii, 0., until 1HU5, Mr. Hoc bcini; in dry gijods busiucss 
tlicrc for tbirty years prior to that date* 

Children t)f Benjamin and Esther ('»Valdo) Iloe. Born in FrankUn 
Co., 0. :— 

a. KnMUNi>-'\ViNcnKSTEK, borii Apr. 3, 1857; died IMay Ifi, 1857. 

b. NIai!Y-Ettii:, born Jnne 9, 1858; died Apr. 12, 1880, ut Cincinnati, O. 

c. FiiANK-AVAi.DO, born Dec. 11, 1S(;4. He married, Jnly 4, 188!), at Detroit, 

Midi., Mabel, daui^liter of Tiicodoro-Byron and Mary (Cnnninirhani) 
Kello-ws of Columbus, U.; born Dec. 11, 180'J, at West Jeflersoii, O. 
They are livin,:;, 1902, at Columbus. Mr. Iloe is a mercliaudisc l;rol<er. 

Childieii, born at Columbus : — ' ■ 

• a. Mai:oai:I':t-Gkaci:, born Mch. 20, 1892. 

6. Epitii-Fellows, born Oct. 30, 1893. 

bdab fee. Georgi;- Washington, son of P^lhanon (Shubael, Sha- 
bael, Shubael, EdiV(i)'d,John^ Cornelius) and Mary ('J'homas) Waldo; 
l)orn Feb. 1'3, 1811, in Franklin Co., 0. He served in the Civil 
war in Co. H, 133d Regiment and in Co. C, 191st Regiment Ohio 
Volunteers, enlisting in 1864. He married, Apr. 6, 18G2, in Frank- 
lin Co., Sarah, daughter of Joim and Joan (Shepherd) Clark of 
Franklin Co.; born Mch. 12, 181G, in Franklin Co. They lived in 
Franklin Co. until 18'J0 when they removed to Boone Co., Ind., 
whence, in 1001, they removed to Lapel, Ind. He is a farmer. - 

Children of George- Washington and Sarah (Clark) Waldo. Born 1 

in Franklin Co., 0. : — I 

hd'ib feca. Cuaklks, born I\Ich. 13, 1864; livin<;, unmarried, 1901, at Lapel, | 

ind. He is cn{:!;afied in hardware business with his brother Frank. 
bdubfceh. Louktta, born Sept. 19, 18CG. 
bdnhffcc. Minnie, born Dee. 19, 18GS. 
bdnb feed. Frank, born Nov. 29, 1873; nnuiarried, 1901. 
bdab fere. Eddih, born Jan. 29, 1878; died 18S3, in Franklin Co. 

bdad aba. Levi-Fay, son of Jes>^c (Jesse, Jesse, Shubael, Ed- 
irard, John, Cornelius) and Mary (Fay) Waldo; born Jan. 28, 1817, 
at Pulteney, N. Y. ; living, 1900, at ("anon City, Col. He graduated 
at Union College, receiving the degree of A. B. in 184U. He then 
studied for the ministry at Union Theological Seininaiy, New York 
City, where he graduated in 184.1. He was first settled over a Con- 
gregational Church at Poughkeepsie, N. Y., where he was ordained 
July 0, 1814, and thence was called, INIay 2, 1854, to the Union Con- 
gregational Church of North BrookGcld, Mass., with a salary of SSOO. 

» lU'coiila of rrauk-Waldo llt>e [bdab/edc]. ' Records of Frank Waldo [bdah/ccd] 

kdaoaca] EIGII'I'H C.KNKKATION. 676 

lie ^va^^ <lismissf'(l, at his own ivqiitst, June 1."., \R')C). Wliile nl 
Nortli Brookfiold he is said to liavo made l)ut little use of manuscript, 
and to have been a ver}- acceptable preaclior.' From ISoG to 1«72 he 
was pastor in several towns in Illinois, ami after that in Michigan. 
In ISSlhcMas preaching for the ("ongregational Church at Shelb}', 
IMich. lie retired several years since from active work. He is much 
interested in genealoirical studies and his family records have been of 
much assistance in the present work. He married (1), Aug. 22, 1814, 
at Keene, N. H., J.ucy-Elizabeth, daughter of Calvin (Holland, Jo- 
soph. Gcrshom, Ge.rshora, John) and Sophia (Dickey) Fay of Pratts- 
burgh, N. Y. ; born Nov. 17, 1816, at Prattslnirgh ; died Mch. 3. 
1857, at Frankfort, Mich. He married (2), July 2o, 1878, at Lamont, 
Ottawa Co., Mich., Silence-Paddock, daughter of Kcv. Jehiel-Ilawley 
and IMatilda-Hannah (Barker) Hard of Sardinia, N. Y., and widow 
of Jaraes-P'arman (or Framan) Cady, who died June 18, 1876, at 
Lamont, Mich., and by wh<mi she had ten children. She was born 
Aug. 20, 1829, at Sardinia, N. Y., and died Aug. 9, 1894, at Benton 
Harbor, Micb.^ 

Children of Levi-Fay and Lucy-Elizabeth (Fay) Waldo. Born, 
«, h at Poughkeepsie, N. Y. ; c at Noith Brookfield, ^Mass. : — 
bdad abaa. CHARLI:s-ED^YARD, boru Feb. 28, 184C. 

Ulad uhah. William-IIov»ahd, Ijorn Sept. 17, 1819; died Aur. 7, 1855, at 
North Brooklield. 

bdad abac. Edmund-IIovey, born Sept. 12, 1855. 

bdad aca. Mary-Esther, daughter of Aaron (Jesse, Jesse, 
Shuhael, Edward, John, Cornelius) aud Mary (Davenport) Waldo; 
born Mch. 20, 1824, at Pulteney, N. Y. ; died July 7, l.sDG, at Erie, 
Pa. She married, Dec. 28, 1843, at Pulteney, Philo-Burt, son of 
Wareham and Honor (Demming) Sheldon of Huron, N. Y. ; born 
July 18, 1817, at Huron. He lived in New Y'ork State until 1S7G, 
in which year he removed to I'^rie, where he was living in 1898. 
He is a patent lawyer. ^ 

(Children of Philo-Burt and Mary-Esther (Waldo) Sheldon. Born, 
a at Prattsburgh, N. Y. ; b at Clyde, N. Y. ; c at Geneva, N. Y. :— - 
a. f'nAUi.r.s-lIovKY, born Apr. 2C,, ]8-t7 ; died June 9, 1848, .it Huron, N. Y. 
/'. iMAKV-lk)NoK, hum Apr. 27, 1&50; died Feb. 22, 1875, .it Batavia, N. Y., 

' " History of North IJn.oklieUl," j). -jso. ' Rccortls of Rev. Levi-Kay Waldo. 
' Recorils of John-Uavunport W.ildo Ibdadacc], and Eiluiiiu.l- Wal.lo .Sheldon 

676 WALDO GENEALOGY. [mdadaca 

c. Ei>Mi;xi)-WAr.iK>, born Jan. 28, 1857 ; living, 1809, at Erie, Pa. lie i8 a 
mani)factiiror. lie niarriod, Oct. 12, l.s,s2, al Erie, Marj'-Elizabeth. 
dauu'hter of Williani-IIoswell and Eli/aboth-Wliilcliill (Shirk)' iJavcnport 
of Erie; boru Nov. 28, ISJT, at lOrie; living, IWD'J. 

Children, born at Erie : — i 

a. EuzAnirnr-DAVENVoaT, born Nov. 21, 188.'). 

b. Hkle.v-Dave.npoht, boru Feb. 3, 1808. 

bdad ace JonN-l)AYExror.T, .son of Aaron (Jesse^ Jesse, aSHu- 
bael, Edward, John, Cornelius) and Miuy (Davenport) Waldo; 
born Aug. 23, 1831, at Piiltejicy, N. Y. ; living, 1S99, at Elbert, Col. 
He removed to Durant, la., before 1858, and lived there and in 
Illinois until 1887, when he removed to El])ert. lie is a farmer. He 
married, Sept. 21. 185-1, at Jerusalem, N. Y., Charlotte-Sophia, 
daughter of William and Ann (Wragg) .Stewart of Jerusalem ; l)oru 
Sept. 21, 1834, at Jerusalem; died INIay 30, Uhll, at Elbert. Her 
father, William Stewart, was a sea captain of Scotch birth. Her 
mother, Ann Wragg, was born in England. ^ 

Children of John-Davenport and Charlotte-Sophia (Stewart) Waldo. 
Born, a at Prattsburgh, N. Y. ; h-f at Durant, la. ; g at Quiuey, 
111. :— 

hdad acca. CnAP.LES-AAUOX, born Aiiir- 31, 1855. He is a contractor, living;, 
isOS, at Denver, Col. lie married, Nov. 17, 18S0, at Quincy, 111., Maud- 
Emma, daniirhter of Aniarial-Rnrns and Elizabeth-Boycot (Watson) Mil- 
ler; born Ang. 3, 18C4, at Quincy; livinir, 1808. They have no children.' 

bdad accb. Willi; m-Davenport, born May 23, 1858 ; died Oct. 25, 1858. 

bdad accc. CnARLOTTE-EsruER, horn June 5, 1859. 

bdad accd. John-Hovey, born June 4, 18C0; died Aug. 19, 1860. 

bdad acce. Lucil'S-Otis, born Feb. 1, 1863. 

bdad accf. IIakvey-Stkwakt. born Oct. 9, 1865. lie has lived at Denver, 
Col., since l^So, and is a " speculator." He married, Mch. 9, 1888, at 
Denver, Isahell-Margnerite, daughter of William and Isabell (Gilhnau) 
Casey of Denver; born Apr. 12, 1870, at Fairl)iirv, 111. They were 
divorced July 24, 1894, at Denver. They had no children. 

bdad accg. Map.v-Ap,igail, born Apr. 2, 1871. 

bdad ada. Otis-Harvey, son of Otis (Jesse, Jesse, >%uhael, 
Edirard, John, Cornelius) and Fanny (Cook) W^aldo; born Apr. 1, 
1822, at Prattsburgh, N. Y. ; died Oct. 30, 1874, at Milw.aukec, 
Wis. He entered Union College in 1839, and, though his sight 
failed him in his last year, graduated with honor in 1842. In 1844 
he took the stump for Henry Clay. After the election, his health 
not ])eing good, he left home and studied law with Gen. John- A. 
Quitman at Natchez, Miss., and was admitted to the bar in 1849. 

« Kecc>rd.s of .Tohn-Daveiijiort Waldo. » Kecorcls of Cliarlc3-A;iroii Waldo. 

H r : 


Not jigrecinp; with the political sentiments of the South lie romfA'od to 
Rlilwaukec, Wis., in the autumn of 1849, and began the practice of 
law. He became a prominent citizen of Milwaukee, and was an nn- 
Buceessful candidate for mayor. He was also a candidate for the 
United States senatorship, but was defeated by Hon. Matthew-Hale 
Carpenter. He took an active interest in all public enterprises, was of 
determined energy, and was a most thorough and conscientious lawyer, 
not brilliant, but methodical, and much respected. His private life 
was spotless. He was for many years president and attorney of the 
I\rilwaukee and Northern Kailroad, and to his etiicieucy much of its 
prosperity was due. 

He married, Apr. 20, iS.'iO, at Highland, Mich., Gertrude-Coey- 
mans, daught^^r of Jacob and Mary-Bethiah (Higgins) VanValkeu- 
burgh of Pontiac, Mich. ; born Apr. 4, 1827, at Prattsburgh, N. Y. ; 
living, 1899.1 

Children of Otis-Harvey and Gertrude-Coeymans (VanValken- 
burgh) Waldo. Born at Milwaukee, Wis. : — 

bdad adaa. Minnik-Gkrtkl'dk, born Feb. 1, lt<51. 

bdad adab. Robhrt-VanValkknuukgh, born Aug. .31, 1852. 

bdad adac. Otis-Harvey, boru Nov. 11, 1857. 

Mad adad. Faxxy, born Sept. 28, 1859; died Aug. 4, 1861, at Milwaukee. 

hdad adne. Maky, born July 3, 1802; died Aug. 25, 1SG2. 

bdad add. James-Augcstine, son of Otis (Jesse, Jesse, Shu- 
hael, Edirard, John, Cornelius) and Fanny (Cook) Waldo; born 
July in, 1830, at Prattsburgh, N. Y. He has spent all his life in 
Prattsburgh as a farmer, except four years when he was in mercan- 
tile and grain buying business in Wisconsin. For some years he was 
interested in the improvement of farm stock, particularly horses aud 
cattle, and possessed some fine specimens of each. His wife is much 
interested in high grade butter. He ranks as one of the leading suc- 
cessful farmers of the town, owning the homestead farm of two hun- 
dred acres, and another of one hundred acres. ^ He married, Feb. 17, 
185'), at Bath, N. Y., Margaret- Amelia, daughter of John-Marshall 
and Susan (Bellows) Wheaton of Washington Co., N. Y. ; born 
Dec. IT), 1831, at Seneca Falls, N. Y. They were living, 1900, at 
Prattsburiih.3 j i - ... . . 

' " History of Milw.iukec," ji. COJ: " History of Steuben County, N. Y.," p. 95: Uecords 
of Mrs. Otis-Harvey Waldo. 
' " History of Steuben Comity, N. Y.," pp. 95, 96. 
* Kecords of Ijev. Levi-F.ay W.ildo [Odadaba]. 

G78 WALDO GENEALOGY. [bdaoadd 

Cliildreii of .Tames- Aumistino and Marira ret- Amelia (Wheaton) 
\VaI(lo. Ron), <t at hMjion, Wis. ; b-d at Prattslmr^li, N. Y. : — 

hihiduiUa. Fanny-Cooic, born Nov. 4, Isr.O; married, May IC, I'JOO, at I'r.ilts- 
l)uri;h, CliaiU'S-Wlu-aton, son of I5:irnct and Alice-Maria (WJiealoii) 
Frazoo of rr:Uls))nrirli ; born Dec. 1, 1.S49, at rrallsbui-.i;li. He is a 
mechanic. Tlicy -were livinir, 1000, at Covninc:, Stenbcn Co., X. V. 
Fanny-Cook Waldo, before lier marriage, had attained some repnte arf an 

bdad addb. Anna-May. Ijorn Sept. 19, l>n8. 

hd'ul 'lihlc. Ei.iZAHKTii, born .July 20, IS'C.^. ("Waldos in America" says 
Jnly 25) ; died Feb. 22, IBCi;, at Prattsbnrgh. 

hihtd iKldd. Oris, born Nov. 17, 1.^7fi. lie is in the ;;rocery and market l)nsi- 
ncss at Frattsliurirh. He married, Sept. 17, lOoi, at Prattsbnrgh, I'earl- 
A., danirhter of Sanford Browu of Fratlshnrgh. 

bdad aea. Wuuam-Wilmams, son of Albigence (Jesse, Jesse, 
Sfuibael, Edv.-iird, John, C'or»cZ/?<s^ and Elizabeth (William.s) ^7aldo; 
born May 19, 1825, at Pratt.sburgli, N. Y.; died Fob. 7, ISltl. at 
Prattsburgh. He married, Apr. 18, 1855, at Manitowoc, Wis., Doro- 
tliea-Florinda, dangliter of Mark and Dorothea (Rieker) Wood; born 
.Inly 23, 1828, at Lebanon, Me. They lived at Manitowoc, where the 
widow was living in 1900.' , 

Children of William- Williams and Dorothea-Florinda (Wood) 
Waldo. Born, a-d, /, g at Manitowoc, Wis. ; e at Prattsbiu'gh, 
N. Y. :— 

bdad aeaa. Martha-Elizareth, born Feb. 18, 1850; died Apr. IG, 185G. 
Idrid aeab. William-Wood, born Mch. 19, 1857; died Nov. 30, 18C3. at Tratts- 

bdad aeac. Mahk-Albigknce, born Aug. 1, 1859. 
hdad acad. David-Hknkv, born June IC, ISGl ; died Mch. 8, 18G2, 
hdadacap. Gkougk-Edwakd, born Feb. 8, 1863; graduated at University of 

Wisconsin, 1885. He is a patent lawyer, living, lituO, at C^hicago, 111., 

Idad aenf. Floka-Woop, born Dec. 17, 1805; living, 1900, at Manitowoc, 

bdad aeag. Mary-Eliza1!ETH, born June 17, 1871. 

bdad afc Edmund-Freeman, son of Henry-Hovcy (Jesse, Jesse, 
ShubdeJ, Edward, John, Cornelius ) and Mary (Clary) Waldo; born 
May 23, 1834, at Pi'attsburgh, N. Y. He enlisted in the summer of 
18CI as private in Co. C, 188th New York Infantry, and served until 
the end of the war. He is a farmer and fruit grower, li\ing, 19U(), 
at Dresden, N. Y. He married, Apr. 3, 18G1, at Pulteuey, N. Y., 
Harriet- Ann, daughter of George and Hannah (Clark) Caward of 

' Kecorils of tieorge-Eilwani Waldo [luladaeae]. 


Hopewell, N. Y. ; boiu Apr. 3, 1843, at Hopewell; died Apr. 15, 
1881, at Dresden. 1 

Children of Edmund-Freeman and Harriet-Ann (Caward) Waldo. 

Horn, a, b at Prattsburgh ; c at Pnlleney; d-g at Dresden, N. Y. : — 

bil'id afro. Mai:y-Fi,oiunk, born Jan. 7. 18C2; died June IG, 1887, at Dresden. 

bdnd tifcb. ICt.iZAHKTH. boru Get. 31, 18(53 ; married, Dec. 27, 1887. iit Dre.sdeii, 
Joliii-Mead, son of Willhnn-Danicl and Siis.iiiuali-Ami (Ilarnioii) Frey 
of Milo, N. Y.; born Mcli. 'J, 18G1, at Jlilo. He is a farmer and fruit 
grower. Tliey were living, 1900, at Dresden. No children. 

hdad nfcc. Gkoi'.gk-Cawaiu), boru Feb. 21, ISfio. He is a carpenter, liviiii,', 
1000, at Halls Corners, N. Y. He married, Jan. 11, HtOO, at Hnlls Gorners, 
Mary-Kllcn, drin^'hter of Gcor;:e and Mar^'iiret-Aun (Hippey) Le-rcrwood 
of Halls Corners; boru Sci)t. 24, 18G6, at Halls Corners. 

bdad afcd. Gkktrude-May, born Jinie 6, 1807 j living, 1900, at Dresden, 

bdad afce. En.MUND-FKKKMAN, born Oct. 11, 1871; living, 1900, at Dresden, 

bdnd afcf. Hkkky-Hovky, born Nov. 4, 1874 ; died Apr. 17, 1002, at New 

York City. He %vas a custom-house clerk. 
bdad ufcg. IIattie-JIakgiu, born June 12, 1881 ; died Nov. 1, 1881, at Dresden. 

bdad. afd. Fanme-Emily, daughter of Henrj'-Hovey (Je^se, 
Jesse^ Shubael, Edward, John, Cornelius) and Mary (Clary) Waldo; 
born Aug. 24, 1S37, at Prattsburgh, N. Y. ; died Oct. U, 1867, at 
Albany, Kan. She married, Mch. 8, 18C0, at Prattsburgh, Eli, son 
of Nathan (Nathanid, Nathaniel, Nathaniel, John, John) aud Maria 
((5ee) Bouton of Virgil, N. Y. ; boru Apr. 8, 1833, at Virgil. After 
his first wife's death he removed to Sabetha, Kan., v^here he was living 
in 1900, and where he married (2), Naucy-J. Graham, by whom he has 
a daughter May, born June 5, 187 1.^ 

Children of Eli and Faunie-P^mily (Waldo) Bouton. Born at 
Albany, Kan. : — 

a. KosA, born Dec. 19, I8G0. She -was, 1900, professor of chemistry and 

director of domestic economy in the Nebraska University, Lincoln', Neb. 
She is a line scholar aud eminent in her profession. She is unmarried. 

b., born Jan. 11, 18fi3. He is a fruit grower, living, IDOO, at 

Webster, Te.x. lie married, May 3. 1897, at Pasadena, Tex., Sarith-Jane, 
dauglitcr of John-Francis and Margaret-Isabella (White) Wafer of 
Gr.enville, 111.; born July 5, 18G7, at Greenville ; living, 1900. 

Child, born at Webster : — 

\ a. FANNn>MAKGAUi:r, born Aug. 21, 1899. }; .- .',• ,. 

bdad afe. HAKKn;r-Ni:wELL, daughter of Henry-Hovey (./cstse, 
Jesse, Shnbael, Edward, John, Cornelius) and Mary (Clary) Waldo; 

» Uecords of Rev. I>?vi-F;i}- Waldo [h'hi'ltiha]. 

' Ibid. : '• Boughtoii-Bouton Genealogy," pp. G7, 68. 


born June 17, ]8i0, at Prattsburgb, N. Y. ; died Nov. 8, 1887, at 
Dros.lcn, N. Y. She married, Dec. 5, 1861, at Prattsburgb, Nathan, 
son of George and Hannah (Clark) Caward of Ilopfiwell, N. Y. ; 
born Sept. 17, 1831, at Seneca, N. Y. ; died Mch. 30, 1891, at Dres- 
den, where they had lived for some years. i 

Children of Nathan and Harriet-Newell (Waldo) Caward. Born, 
a at Pulteuey, N. Y. ; 6, c at Dresden, N. Y. :— 

a. Fannv-M\y, born Dec. 24, 18G3; died Aug. 14, 1865, at Dresden. 

b. CAUiar.-llEBFX'CA, born Dec. 27, 1865; died Jan. 10, 1877, at Dresden. 

c. Lucius-Frkdkkic, born Sept. 25, 1874. He was, I'JOO, station a-^ent and 

telegraph operator at Kajjan, Harlan Co., Neb. He niairied Sept IR 
UIOO, at Halls Corners, N. Y.. Edith-Mand, dau-htcr of Charles-Cortland 
and Ida-Ehzabeth Caward of Ontario Co., N. Y. ; born Mch. 26, 1878, at 
Stanley, N. Y, 

bdad afg. IMary-Clary, daughter of Henry-Hovey (Jesse, Jesse, 
Shiibael, Edward, John, Cornelius) and Mary (Clary) Waldo; born 
Jan. 20, 1845, at Pr.attsburgh, N. Y. ; married, Nov. 6, 1879, at 
Prattsburgb, Richard, son of Joseph and Margaret (Williams) Edgett 
of Howard, N. Y. ; born Aug. 2, 184G, at Howard. They were both 
living, 1900, at Howard. He is a farmer.^ 

Child of Richard and Mary-Clary (Waldo) Edgett. Born at 
Prattsburgb, N. Y. :— 
a. KiCHAKD, born Nov. 8, 1880. 

bdad afi. Clari.ssa-Survina, daughter of Henry-Hovey (Jesse, 
Jesse, Shubael, Edward, John, Cornelms) and Surviua (Caple) 
Waldo ; born July 12, 18-49, at Prattsburgb, N. Y. ; married, May 25, 
1871, at Prattsburgb, Martin-Harvey, son of David-A. and Maria 
(Smitli) Lare; born July 9, 1848, at Italy, Yates Co., N. Y. They 
were living, 1900, at Prattsburgb. He is a farmer and fruit grou-cr.3 

Child of Martin-Harvey and Clarissa-Surviua (Waldo) Lare. Born 
at Jerusalem, N. Y. : — 

a. IIku«kut-Waldo, born Nov. 6, 1872; unmarried, 1900. He is a jeweler, 
living at Scrantou, Pa. 

bdad afl., daughter of Henry-Hovey (Jesse, 
Jesse, Shnbael, Edward, John, Cornelius) and Survina (Caple) 
Waldo; born Oct. 9, 18-09, at Prattsburgb, N. Y. ; married, Aug. 20, 
1884, at Prattsburgb, Charles-Graham, son of Daniel-Hatch' and 

' Uccortls of Rev. Levi-Fay Waldo [bdarlaba]. ' Ibid. 
* Records of Ch.irlus-Kdwara W.iUlo [bdadabna]. 

lU.ADAiic] EIGHTH GKNKi;A'nON. 681 

Kincline (Graliarn) Edwards of Pr;ittsburgli ; l)oni P^cb. 25, IHGO, at 
rrattsburgh. Tbcy were living, 1900, at rruttsbiirgh. He is a 

Children of Charles-Graham and Emma-Alniira (Waldo) Edwards. 

Born at Prattsburgh, N. Y. : — 

a. Gkoiigk-Dan'ikl, born May 13, ISSfi. 

h.,| born Aug. 5, 1888. 
c. Anna-Claka., } 

bdad afm. Nellik-Lottie, daughter of Henry-Hovey (Jesse, 
Jesse, Shubaely Edward, John, Cornelius) and Survina (Caple) 
Waldo; born Dec. IG, 1862, at Prattsburgh, N. Y. ; married (1), 
Nov. 4, 1880, at Prattsburgh, Philenion-Ayres, sou of Lester and 
Mary-.Tauc (Perkins) Chissoni of Benton, N. Y. ; born Aug. 29, 
18.07, at Benton; died Apr. 13, 1891, at Benton. She married (2), 
Feb. 15, 1S93, at Prattsburgh, Orren-Brooks, son of Waterman and 
Ella-Khoda (Brooks) Smith of Prattsburgh; born Mch. ^(S, 1862, at 
Prattsburgh. They were living, 1900, at Prattsburgh. He is a farmer." 

Child of Philemon-Ayres and Nellie-Lottie (Waldo) Chissom. 
Born at Benton. N. Y. : — 
a. Glenn-Llstkr, boru Nov. 14, 1882. 

bdad ahc., sou of Charles (Jesse, Jesse, 
ShubacI, Edicard, John, Cornelius) and Elizabeth-Elvira (Parinelee) 
Waldo; born Feb. 16, 1835, at Prattsburgh, N. Y. ; died Aug. 6, 
1898, at ^Midland, Mich., vrhcre he had lived. He was a farmer and 
lumberman. He married (1), Apr. 5, 1SG3, at Pinerun, Mich.> 
Catherine-I\[ary, daughter of George and Ann-Eliza (Herrick) Le- 
fevre of Pinerun; burn ]\Iay 26, 1843, at Hayfield, Pa. ; died Mch. 
27, 1883, at 3Iidland. He married (2), Apr. 29, 1884, at Midland, 
Mrs. Sally-Ann Anderson, daughter of Isaac-James and Mary-Eliza 
(Davis) Lo.see of Springfield, Oakland Co., Mich., and widow of 
•hunes-Wesley Anderson of Fenton, i\Iich., who died July 2G, 1875. 
She was born July 24, 1843, at Springfield, and died June 6, 1899, 
at Midland. He had no children by his second wife.-' 

Children of David-Parmelee and Catherine-Mary (Lefcvrc) Waldo, 
l^orn, a-c at Vienna, .Mich. ; (/-/at Midland, ^lich. : — 
bdad ahca. Eli, a -Amelia, born Jiilj' 2G, 18C5. 

'H.M-onls of Chaili's-E'hvar>l W;il(io [l.'hfUihnu]. ' II, h/. 
' Uecordii of Liu'ius-Edwaril \\'a.U\o[Odailahcr]. 


^^^ WALDO GENEALOGY. [iu>ai.aiic 

bdadahch. Aj-ruKD-HAitMON, born May 20, 1807; died Anj;. 25, isr,8, at 

hdiid ,ihiT. Gkdkgiana, ijorn Ani;. 2(1, ISOf); ijjccl May 10, 1S72, at Midland. 
bdad nhcd. Thkhon'-I'akmklkk, horn .May 29, 1873; died iK-c. 12, 1893, at 
Midland, unmarried. 

bdad ahre. Lucirs-KDWAiU), horn Apr. l-l, 1877; living, 1809, at Midland. 

He i.s a dairyman and is unmarried. 
hdud dhrf. IvATic-LiUKVKK, boru Mch. J, 1882; died (Jet. 28, 1882. 

bdad ahd. William-Albigkkce, sou of Charles (Jesse, Jesse, 
Shubdcl, Edieard, John, Cornelius) and Elizabolli-P^lviru (Parnieloo) 
Waldo; born June 2i), ISoS, at Prattsburgb, N. Y. ; died Nov. 23, 
1001, at Prattsburgb, where he had lived. Fie was a farmer. In tlic 
summer of 1861, he enlisted as private in Co. H, 189th New York 
Infantry, and served until the end of tlie war, when he was honorary 
discharged. He married, Dec. IH, 18GG, at Addison, N. Y., Gcr- 
trude-Lydia, daughter of David- Fairman and Mary- Beach (Lawrence) 
Judson of Prattsburgb; boru Sept. 12, 181G, at Prattsburgb. ' 

Child of William-Albigence and Gertrude-Lydia (Judson) Waldo. 
Born at Prattsburgb, N. Y.: — 

hdad ohda. GRACK-LAWKr.xcK, horn Mch. 0, 1870; died Jan. 8, 189.5, at Wood- 
hull, N. Y. She married, Sept. 6, 1804, at rraltsl)nrgh, .Jose|)h-Van- 
A^ranken, son of Richard and Susannah (Stoddard) Lewis of Prails- 
hur<:h; horn Fch. 15, 1870, at Trattshurirh; died Mcli. 0, 189.5, at Rcrueu, 
N. Y. He was a graduate of Syracuse University, received the dei^rce of 
M. D., and settled at WuodhuU for the practice of his profession. 

bdad ahe. Theron-Linsley, son of Charles (Jesse, Jesse, SIiu- 
h<i<!, Ed,rnrd, John, Corneh'asJ and Klizabeth-EIvira (Parmelee) 
Waldo; l)orn Dec. 2, 1831), at Prattsburgb, N. Y. ; living, 1898, at 
Barrc Center, N. Y. He graduated at Union Theological Semiuary, 
1866, was ordained a Presb3'terian minister Apr. 15, 1868, and has 
]>een settled at the following places: CaiTollton, Jlich., 1866-67; 
Midland, Mich., 1867-68; St. Charles, iMicb., 1868-69; Big Rapids, 
Mich., 1869-70; Manchester, Mich., 1871-73; Pulteuey, N. Y., 
1873-76; Painted Post, N. Y., 1876-81 ; .Stonechurcb, N. Y., 1881- 
86; East Pembroke, N. Y., 1886-91; Barre Center, N. Y., 1895-99.- 
From 1891 to 1895 he retired temporarily from active work on account 
of poor health, an<l resided at Prattsburgb, N. Y., during that time. 

He married (1), Oct. 20, 1869, at Tecumseh, Mich., Delia-Eli/.a, 
daughter of Sanniel-Gilbert and Julia-Ann (Corwin) Conkling of 
Paisin, Mich., and widow of Rev. William-B. Ileudryx, who died 

« Uecoids of Tlu'ion-I.iiibley W'aMo [h,r.i,I,,hc]. 
' CataloKue of Union Tlieological Seminary. 

jiDAD.uiG] KIGITTII OKXEKATION. . ; , , 4^3 

.hinc '2\, 1S(;7. Sli(^ \v:i-^ boi'ii Sept. 1 .'T. 1S12, at Raisin, ami <liod 
.Ian. IG, 1873, at .Maiiclioster, ^Jich. lie nuinletl (2), Oct. 27, 
l.S8(!, Mrs. Anna (lirown) Jack.son, daughter of William and Caro- 
line (Coo})er) Brov.n of Cliaui{)]ain, N. Y. ; born Nov. 13, 184S, at 
Clianiplain; living-, ISH!), Slio was the widow of Ain.' 
.lackson^of Buffalo, N. Y.> 

Children of Tiieron-J^insley and r)eh'a-Kliza (Conkliiig) Waldo, 
liorn, a at Big liapids, Mich. ; b at Manchester, ]Mich. : — 

bilail (ihca. Ctiari.ks-Saimt'ki,, born Jan. 30, 1671 ; graduated at Princeton Uiii- 
vrr.sily. 1895; a law student at Prattsbnriili, N. Y., I8D9, and was aduiitttd 
to practice at Trail -^burgh July, 1900. He is unmarried. 

htJnJ iihrh. Jkssk-C"onklin(;, liorn Ang. 11, ]>12; irradiiated at Syracuse Medi- 
cal College, 1897. lie is now, 1902, practicing medicine at Ilnlbnrton, N. Y. 
lie married at Gaines, N. Y., Lena-M., ilaugliter of George-W. and 
Georgia- A. (Maus(icld) Hewitt. 

Children of Thcron-Liusley and Anna (Brown) Waldo. Bora at 
East Peinliroke, N. Y. : — 

hdud ah(C. Thkhon-Lix8LKY, born Sept. 24, 1887. 
bdnd ahed. Flukenok, born May 2, lSsi9. 

bdad ahg. Geouge-Hau.mox, son of Charles (Je^ise^ Jesse^ Shu- 
haeU Edicard, John., GonieUus) and Elizabeth-P^lvira (Pannelee) 
Waldo; born May 10, 1S4-1, at Prattsburgh, N. Y. ; living, 189S, at 
Detroit, Mich. He enlisted during the Civil war in Co. C, ISMth 
Regiment, New York Infantr}', and was a sergeant. He participated 
in the capture of Richmond and of Gen. Lee's army. He has been a 
farmer, inventor, lumberman, engineer and contractor, and has lived 
at Clifton, W. Va., Clare, Mich., Pittsburg, Pa., and Detroit, Mich. 
From 1895 to '97 he was state representative from the first district 
of Detroit, and was chairman of the committee on taxation and a 
member of the committee on School of jNIines in the Upper Peninsula. 
He intri'duced a bill into the Legislature granting equal suffrage to 
women, and oljtained for it a large majority in the House. lu 1882 
he introduced the first road machine into Michigan. 

He married, June 18, 18G9, at Detroit, Georgiana, daughter of 
George and Ann-Kli/a (Herrick) Lefevre of Meadville, Pa. ; boru 
Apr. 14, 1849, at Meadville; living, 1898.'- 

Children of George - Harmon and Georgiana (Lefevre) Waldo. 

Born at Clare, Mich. : — 

bdnd ah (ja. Ai>ki.k-Ei.i/.a.1'.i;th, born July 19, 1873. In 1895 she was clerk of 
a special committee ol' the State Legislature; has been ])resideut for two 

' Rt<-oiils of TLtTon-I.iiisley \\'aUlo. 

* itvcords of Geortte-nuruiou Wuldo: " ileirii-k (Jenealogy," p. 9S. 

684 WALDO GENEALOGY. [ui>auaiig 

years of tlic Yonnp People's Socicly of Chrislian Kiidcavor of tlioTbonip- 
Bon Presbyterian ("Inircli of Detroit, and -was a delegate to the Christian 
Eiuleavor convention at New York. Siio is an active Sunday-school 
woiker and teacher. Slie married, Oct. 28, IDOl, at Detroit, Jauies-.lohn, 
son of Peter and Anna (Miller) Gier of Detroit; born July 5, 1873, at 
bdncl iihi/h. Gkok'ik-Chaklks, born .Vui:. 30, 1877. He Avas educated in the 
Detroit schools, and had nearly linished a course in the l")etroit Law 
College v.hen he enlisted, May, 18'J8, as tlrst lieutenant in the Detroit 
Life Guards, of which company he had been for several years a uicnil)er, 
for sei'vice in the Spanish war. lie was promoted to be adjutant, and, 
at Camp Alger, was made personal aide on Gen. IL-M. Dullield's staff. 
On arrival at Santiaii^o, June 29, 1898, he Avas detailed to command his 
old company, Co. M, 33d Michii^an Lifantry, durini; the battles at San- 
tiaj^o, and later a company of sharpshooters. lie had the honor of re- 
turning^ his comi)any to Detroit without the loss of a single man, either 
by battle or sickness. He married, Peb. 20, lUOi, P'lcnna, daughter of 
Alfred-Stephen and Ulenna-IIarriet (Bradley) Goodman. 

bdad ahi. Ela-iha-Adklia, daughter of Charles (Jesi^e, Jes!<e^ 
ShuhaeU Edward, John, Cornelius) and Elizabeth-Elvira (Parmelec) 
Waldo; born Aug. 1, 1851, at Prattsburgh, N. Y. She was educated 
at Franklin Acadeni}', Prattsburgh, and taught schools for several 
years in Now York and Michigan. She married, Dec. 26, 1876, at 
Princeton, Ind., Adam- Jonas, son of John and Mary (Rupert) Snoke 
of Trumbull Co., 0.; born May 17, 1839, at Champion, O. ; died 
Nov. 23, 1900, at Seattle, Wash. He was superintendent of schools 
at Mount Vernon, Ind., and held the same. oUice at Princeton, Ind., 
for sixteen years. He removed to Seattle, Wash., in 1800, and for 
four years had charge of the schools there. He then removed to 
Puyallup, Wash. Mr. Snoke being in frail health, having had a 
stroke of paralysis, June 28, 1898, he and his wife passed the winter 
of 1899 in the Sandwich Islands.' 

Children of Adam-Jonas and Elvira-Adelia (Waldo) Snoke. Born 
at Princeton, Ind. : — 

a. Johx-Wai.po, born Mch. 13, 1878. Tie enlisted May 2, 1898, in Co. B, 1st 
Hegiment Washington Volunteers, and was in the liospital corps at 
Manila. lie was mustered out Nov. 1, 1899. 

h. Kui'KUT-rKKCY, boru Nov. 7, 1883. 

bdad ajg. Couxelius-Jasper, son of Edmund-Freeman (Jesse, 
Jesse, Shubael, Edivard, John, Cornel ins) and Sarah-I'lizabelh 
(Holmes) Waldo; born Apr. 21, 1858, at Palmyra, Wis. He is a 
painter, living, 1900, at Ionia, i\Iich. He married, Jan. 28, 1893, at 
Viekeryville, Mich., Helen-Wallace, daughter of William-Henry and 

' Uci;oril8 of Mis. Klvira-A(kli:i (Waldo) Snoke. 

■ ft): 

< • ! ;. ■.'/ 


C.itnline-ll. (Kej'cs) Lawrence of Orleans, Ionia Co., I\Iicli. ; born 
Sei)t. 1, 18GS, at Orleans.' 

Ciiildren of Cornelins-Jasper and Ilelen-Wallaee (Lawrence) Waldo. 
Horn, (' at Ionia. Mich. ; b, c at Grand IJapids, Mich. : — 

tnlad itjrja. KuTii-liosKTiir, horu Aiifj. 23, 1893; died Oct,. 1, 1803, ;it louia. 
Inhul ajgh. >[Ani,K-Lucii.i:, horn Apr. 27, l.^Do; died Dec. 2G, lht)G, at Grand 

bdad ajgc. Eksteu-Fhkkman, born Oct. 23, 189C. 

bdad ajh. Edmund-Fkeeman, son of Edmnnd-Frceuian (^.7V?.s,se, 
Jesse, Sliubael, Edicard, Joloi, Corndius) and Eliza (Boss) 
Waldo; born Sept. 15, 1861, at Jefferson, Wis. He was educated 
at Amherst College and Michigan University. He was living, 1900, 
at Birmingham, Mich., where he was superintendent of schools and 
conductor of the Institute. He married, Aug. 26, 1885, at lilanchai'd, 
Mich., Nettie, daughter of John-William and Eliza (Stocnm) Barker 
of Kockford, Mich.; born Aug. 1, 1866, at Rockford.^ 

Children of Edmund-Freeman and Nettie (Barker) AValdo. liorn, 
a at Three Rivers, Mich. ; 6, c at Harbor Springs, Mich. : — 

bdad ajha. Lulu-Evaxgklin'k, born June 8, 1887. 
bdad ajhh. IIauold-AVilliahd, horn Jan. 21, 1890. 
bdad (ijhc. Lucilk-Imogkn, born Sept. 2, 1891. 

bdad ajj. Alfred-Frederick, son of Edmund-Freeman (Jesse, 
Jesse, iShubacl, Edward, John, Cornelius) and Eliza (Boss) Waldo; 
boin Jan. 6, 1870, at Linden, Jlich. He received the degree of A. B. 
at Lake Forest College, 1891; took a posi-graduate course at Prince- 
ton University and received the degree of A. M. in 1890. He gradu- 
ated at Princeton Theological Seminary, 1897, and was that year 
settled as pastor of the First Presl)yterian Church at Havre dc Grace, 
M<L, where he was living in 1900. He married, July 14, 1897, at 
Detroit, Mich., Josephine-Myers, daughter of Alexander-Phelps and 
Annie (Myers) Hodges of Detroit; born Feb. 8, 1871, at Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 3 

Child of Alfred-Frederick and Josephine-Myers (Hodges) Waldo. 
Born at Havre de Grace, Md. : — 
bd<td ajja. Jo.sEViiiNK-HoDGKs, l)orn Jan. 1, lUOO. 

> Records of Rev. Levi-F.iy Walilo [MaUat^u]. 

' Rurorils of JOdiuuml-Kri-fiiuin W.iUlo. 

' Ri'Ci>ra.s of Ki;v. AlfreU-l''recterick W.ilUo. 

68C , WALDO GENEALOGY. [bdadboa 

bdad bca. Lai-ha-Ann, diumhter of Slmliacl (Xathnn, Jpssip, 
Shubaet, Edirard, John, Cornelius) and .Mary (Scott) WuKlo; l)orn 
July a (or.*^]), 1810, at P.atavia, N. Y. ; died Aug. 21, 18r>3, at 
Meridian, Mich. She married, Apr. 2, 1835, at Dawes Corners, 
N. Y., Luther Olmsted; l)orn Feb. 20, 1808; died Mob. 5, ISfr?, at 
Tecuniseli. Mich. His parents are thought to have conic from Ver- 
mont. He was a cooper b}- trade. They lived at Tecumseh.' 

Children of Luther and Laura- Ann (Waldo) Olmsted. Born at 

TecumseU, Mich. : — 

a. Lkm-is-Edwin, liorn Feb. 3, ls:i7; died Sept. 5. 1802, a.i rontiac, Midi. He 
married, Aui;. 23, LStlO. at TLcumsoh, Cyntbia-Maria, daimbter of Liikn 
and Mary-.Viin (Nibbick) SpntVord; born J)ec. t;. 184.S; died Dec. 21, I8^u, 
at Bay City, .Mich. Her father was a Sontlierner. .^^^. Ohn.-^ted Avas a 
mechanic, and lived at F5ay City.^ 

Children :— 

a., born June 15, ]8f,8. 

b. Gi;r.nNSKV-Li;K, born June 18, 1871. 

c. WiLLMOT, born Mch. 27, 1873; died Apr. 29, 1S7C. 

h. L(,)viNA-ScoTT, born Sept. 2C, 1S39; died Dec 25, 1898; married Jp.uies- 
Erancis Smiley. See bdadbla. 

c. FicEDKRiCK-DwiGUT, born Dec. 31, 1841; died Sept. 17, 1842. 

d., born Auir. 3U, 1S4.j; living, 1901, at Williamston, Mich. 

He married, July 4, 1871, at Willianislon, ^Ioli!e-Abi^ail, dautrUtt-r of Dr. 
Thomas and Florence-lvebecca (Anthony) Hamilton of Lagro, Ind.; born 
at Lagro. Mr. Olmsted is a miller. 

Children, born at Williamston : — 

a. James-IIamilton, born Jan. 10, 1874. 

b. Fkedkiiick-Rosr, born Feb. 3, 1877. 

c. Slsik-Floy, born Oct. 25, 1679. 

d. Kuru-^LiY, born Jan. 14, 1888. 

bdad bcb. Floi^ktte, daughter of Shubael (XotJuin, Jesse, Slni- 
bael, Edicdrd, Jolni, Cornelias) and Mary (Scott) Waldo; born May 
2;'), 1817, at liatavia, X. Y.; died Jan. 17, 1885, at Williamston, 
Mich. She married, Aug. 29, 1813, at Dansville, Mich., Alanson, 
son of Alanson and Agnes (McFarland) Watkins of Vermont; born 
in Vermont. lie was a hardware merchant.^ 

Children of Alanson and Florette (Waldo) Watkins. Born at Ann 

Arbor, Mich. : — 

o. Makv-.\, born Nov. 22, 1845. She married, Feb. 2, 1879, at Williams- 
ton, Mich., George-Goodwin Whi[)i)le; b )rn at New York City. His 
mother's name was Mary l\ice. They are living, 1902, at Williamston. 
He is a commission broker. They have no children. 

• UecorUs of .Mi.-.. .Murj -l-'iaiiccs (Smiley) Hilchcnek [bdadhiab]. 

' Kucords of Mrs. Miiia-Siiolford (OliusieJ) Selnjiiierlioru [Odadlicaaa], 

' Uccoiils of .Mis. M;iry-A^;iics ( Wiitkiiis; \\ liipple lOdadOiou]. 


b. CiiAur.F.s-Bi.iNX, born Nov. "J, 184'i; died July 10, 1K71, at Jackson, Midi. 
Ho married. Oct. ], ISim, at J:ick.son, Clara, danirhler of John and Per- 
niclin (Buil;<ss) Gardner of New York; born Oct. 24, 1849, at Battle 
Crcok, Mich. 

Children, Ijnru at Lansing, Mich.: — 
o. Katk-G.\){I>ni:r, born Mcli. 30, 1869. 
b. Cjiakles-Bl'RT, born June 27, 1870. 

bdad bcc Charles-Scott, son of Shn}rdc\ ( Xathan, Jease, SJiu- 
l)(U'I, Edirurd, John, Cornelius) and I\Iary (Scott) Waldo; born Apr. 
25, 1819, at Batavia, N. Y. ; died Feb. 14, 1870, at Williainston, 
Mich. He married, Mch. 28, 1854, Laura- A. Rockwood.' 

Children of Charlcs-Scott and Laura-A. (Kockwood) Waldo: — 

bdnd bccu. Dwigiit-A., born Dec. 13, It^Sl ; living, 1885, at Maple Kapids. 

Mich. He married Lilian Abbot. 
bdad bccb. Jason, boru Nov., 18G0. (Some records say Mch., 18G3.) 

bdad bcG. Mary-Jane, daticfhter of Shubael (Nathan, Jesne, 
Shuh'iel, Edtcard, John, Cornelius J and Mary (Scott) Waldo; born 
June 15, 1822, at Batavia, N. Y. ; died Feb. 7, 1850, at Lansing, 
Mich. She married, Dec. 2o, 1812, Hiram-Horton, sou of Oliver- 
Mortiju and Anna (Horton) Smith of Brandon, Vt. ; born Dec. 9, 
1.S09, at Malone, N. Y. ; died May 15, 1898, at Jackson, Mich. 
They lived at Lansing. Mr. Smith was a merchant and banker, and 
was president of several railways in ^Michigan." 

Children of Iliram-Hortou and ^lary-Jane (Waldo) Smith. Born, 
a place unknown; b at Mason, Mich. ; d, e at Lansing, Mich. : — 

a. Joiin-Henky, bom Dec. 21, 1843; died Oct., 1844. 

b. Hknkv-Howaud, born Ang. 2G, 1845. He married, Oct. 8, 1873, at Mnir, 

i\Iich., Emma Gould; born Dec. 12, 185L 

Children, born at Jackson, Mich. :— 

a. Florenxe-Gould, born May 6, 1879. 

b. Makv-Kate, born Feb. 2G, 1882. • 

c. Ketii-Emma, boru Aug. 20, 1883. 

c Fkeo, born Jan. 22. 1847; died Mch. 14, 1848. 

d. DwuiUT-ScoTT, born Jnne 5, 1849; died Nov. 2'5, 1897, at Jackson, Mich. 

He married (I), Lizzie Ford. He married (2), Apr. (?) 1883, Zoo Mari- 


Child, by second wife, born at Jackson : — 
a. rArTV-MARi.\TEs, born Apr. 13, 1884, 

c. Kate, born Jan. 4, 1852 ; living, 1901, at Jackson, Mich. She married, Jan. 

11, 1875, at Jackson, Kobert-.Morris, son of Edward-Herbert and Eliza 

' Kycorils of Mr.s. .Tamos-Warreii W.iUId [l>'hiilhr<7]. 
' Records of Mrs. Kate (Smitli) Newman [^(/«c//;ccf J. 


(lil'txNvioli) Newman of Clieltcnliam, Enc;., New York City, U. S. A., and 
Eloiii, Ont. lie wns horn A\i2C. 1, 1830, at CbeUcuhain. TLcy were 
living, I'JOl, al Jackson. He is a civil engineer. 

Children, boru at Jackson : — 

a. Fuancks-Maky, boru Oct. 21, 1875. 

b. Alick-IIokton, born Nov. 15, 187C. 

bdad bcf. Jkuomk-Bonafakte, son of Sbubaol (Nathan, Jesse, 
kSliuhitd, Edirard. John, Cornelius) and Mary (Scott) Waldo; born 
May 20, 1825, at Batavia, N. Y. ; died May 18, 1880, at Williams- 
ton, INIicIi., -svliere he had lived, lie married (1), Sept. 21, 1819, at 
Willianiston, Sarah-CorneHa, daughter of William (Jeremiah, Jere- 
miah, Isaac, Edicard, John, Edward) and Lucy-Evlyn (Gould) 
Spalding of Dansville, Mich.; born Apr. I'J, 1831, at Wells, N. Y. ; 
died Jan. -i, 185^, at William.ston. He married (2), Dec. 23, 1854, 
at Mason, IMieh., Emma-Eliza, daughter of William and Lucy-Evlyn 
(Gould) Si^nlding, and sister of his first wife; born Nov. 3, 1839, 
at Wells; died May 11, 1863, at Williamston. He married (3), 
Aug. 21, 1863, at Grasslake, .AEich., Margaret- Pollen Lindsay. They 
were divorced June 27, 1872, and she afterwards married a Mr. = 

Lyon. Ho married (4), July 25, 1872, at Williamston probably, ' 

Mrs. Lona-M. (Daggett) Carey. Her first husband was Henr}' 
Carey, whom she married, Aug., 1864, and from whom she was 
divorced Jan., 1872. Mr. Waldo had no children by his second and 
fourth wives. He was a farmer, 1818-53, and kept a general store 
from 1S53 till his death. He was also interested in real estate and 
coal mines.' 

Children of Jerome-Bonnparte and Sarah-Cornelia (Spalding) 
Waldo. ]?oru at Williamston, Mich. : — 

hdadhrfit. Scott, born Apr. 27,1850. He was livint:, 1901, at Williamston, 
where bo was cngaiccd in real estate bnsiness. lie married, Jan. 15. 18H7, 
at Ilowell, Mich., Lydia-Miranda, danghtcr of William and Marsaret- 
Pcrmclia (Dolph) Earl of Howell; borri Feb. 2, 1850, at Howell; living, 
1001. They have no children.' 

bdad hcfh. Mahv, born Oct. 21, 1851; married (1), Feb. 11, 18fi8, at Williams- 
ton, Franklin-r. >Shuart;. They separated ,lan. 1, 1871, and were divorced 
two years later. She married (2), Noy. 2, 1887, at Conncil Bluffs. la.. 
Herlicrt-lJournc, son of Harvey and Elizabeth-Bartlett (P.onruc) Calkins 
of Peoria, 111.; horn Jan. 4, 1800, at Teoria. They Avcre livin:::, 1001, at 
.M;iplewi)()d, St. Louis Co., Mo. He is jiieneral ai^ent for the Wells-Farco 
Express Co. Before her second marriai^e Mrs. Calkins was a steno;;ra- 
pher. Since 1805 she has been actively enijaircd in the work of i)reven- 
tion of cruelty to animals. She is president of the Golden Chain Chil- 
dren's Humane Society, and is "a fearless friend of those who cannot 

' Rcconls of ^ns. Jairifs-Warrt!! ^Val(lo {bdadbcg]: " Siialtiiiip Memorial," p. 253: Mich. 
Kcports, vols, xlvii., ii. TAC; lii., p. 04; S. C, xi., N. W. Uep., 3CG; xvii., N. W. Rep., 710. 
^ liccorils of t>Lott \V:iIdo. 

nMAi.Hci] EinilTII GKNERATIOX. fi>^0 

ppoftk for llifTiiSf^ves, and an aLriircs,>.ivt', uriiclciilk'ss fuu uf wlio 
uldise llii-'m." .She has hail no cliildreii.' 

Children of Jerome- Donaparte and MiU'iraret-Ellen (Lindsay) 
Waldo. Born at Williamston, Mich. : — ~ 

hdnd hcfr. Bahy, horn Nov. 5, lyiU. 

bdnd hcfd. Jki'-ome-IJonapautk,, born Sept. '.'5, 18fi5; died Mch. 16, 18G0. 

hdadhcfc. Emma-E., born Feb. 7, ISGO; died Feb. 8, 18G9. 

bdad beg. Jamks-Wak);kn, son of Shubael (Xuthoji, Jesse, 
Slnihael. EdicariJ, John, CorneUus) and Mar}' (Scott) Waldo; Ijorn 
.hinc 17, 1827,3 at Batavia, N. Y. ; died Sept. 24, 1874, at Williams- 
ton, Midi. He lived at Williamston, where he held many olllces of 
trust. He was master of the Masonic lodj^e for many years, and 
held that position at the time of his death. He was a merchant and 
real estate dealer. He was a lifelong democrat, and was nominee for 
Congress when he died. He married, Apr. 20. 1852, at Tecumsch, 
Mich., Ann-Elizabeth, danghter of George- AVashington and Nancy- 
Waterman (Larned) Pennock of Tecumseh ; born Oct. 2, 18,35, at 
Chatham, Can. She was living, TJOO, at Lansing, Mich.'' 

Children of James- Warren and Ann-Elizabeth (Pennock) Waldo, 
liorn, a at Locke, Mich. ; 6-/ at Williamston, Mich. : — 

bdad bcga. Mary-Jake, born Dec 31,1855. 

hdadhcfih. Mixa-Bkm,, born Sept. 2, 18G0; living, 1900,^unraurried. 

bdad bcgc. Lizzik-Penxock, born Dec. 23, 18G2. 

bdad bcgd. Fi>okkxce-Katr, born Sept. 13, 18G6. 

hdiidbcfjc. Mary-Devuj>k, boru Feb. 11, I860; died May 4, 1872, at Wil- 

hdadbcf/f. Edna-Flokette, boru Jan. 17,1872; died July 31, 1000, at Lan- 

sinj?. ■ I 

bdad bci. Deborah-Olive, daughter of Sbubacl (Nathan, Jesse, 
Shubael, Edivard, John, Cornelius) and Mary (Scott) Waldo; born 
Oct. 23, 1831, at Batavia, N. Y. ; died Nov. 3, 1898, at VIcksbnrg, 
i\Iich. She married, .July 4, 1849, at Dansville, Mich., John, son of ! 

William and Margaret (Lobdell) Tom})kins of Allegany Co., N. Y. ; \[ 

born Sept. 28, 1823, in Allegany Co.; died May 18, 1895, at Cas- !' 

sopolis, Mich. 

Mr. Tompkins removed with his parents, when quite young, to j 

IJvingston Co., Mich., and from there to Williamston, Mich., where r 

he remained until 1854, when he removed to Lansing, INIich., and 

' Rocords of Mrs. Mary ( Wahln) CaUciiis. 

' Keconls of M.iy-Fninccs ( Wnldo) Allison [hdn'Ibcih']. 

" Mrs. , lames- Warren N\'al<l'> s:<y.s June 18. 

* Keconls of .Mrs. Jamcs-Warreu Waldo. £ 

87 i 

fiOO WALDO GENEALOGY. ,bi>abbci 

enga!io(l in the foiimhy business, which he successfully conducted 
until ISGf), when ho removed to Mason, .Midi., and conducted a mcr- 
eanlilo bn^iness for four years. In 1870 he returned to Williaraston, 
where he eni:a;j:ed in general mercantile, produce and wool business 
until LS^G, Aviien he removed to Cassopolis, and, in company with his 
son I'^runk, was interested in general produce and wool business fur 
live years, lie then removed to \'icksbarg, continuing in the same 
business until his death, lie was a devoted husband and father, of a 
iiighly moral character, strictly honest in his dealings, and universally 
popular among the farmers with whom he had business transactions.' 

Cliildren of John and Deborah-Olive (Waldo) Tompkins. Born, ti 
at Williamslon, Mich. ; ?), c at Lansing, Mich. : — 

a. FRANic-Lt;cius, horn June 25, 1850; living, 1901, uumarried. 

/'. May-Fiiancks, born Jan. 11, ls",,S; married, Feb. 11, 1800, at Cassopolis, | 

Mich., Christopher, son of William tmr1 rhcl)e (Dunning) .\llison of | 

Norllieast, Pa.; horn Sept. 21, is-io, at Blackberry, 111. They were, 
living, 1901, at Cassopolis. He is a newspaper publisher. 

Children, born at Cassopolis: — 

a. Waldo-William, born Jan. 8, 1891. 

b. Kate, born Feb. 19, 1893. 

c. Jlkomk-Waldo, born Oct. 27, ISGL'; married, Jan. 20, 188t, at Williainston, 
Jessie Hoxie. 

bdad bcj. Lvciax-Jackson, son of Shubael (Nathan, Jesse, 
Shabael, Edionrd, John, Cornelius) and Mary (Scott) Waldo; born 
-luly 1, 1835, at Batavia, N. Y. ; died Feb. 27, 1879, at Williamston, 
Mich., where he had lived. He married, Jan. '22, 1857, at Leroy, 
Mich., Laura, daughtei- of Daniel and Hannah -Jane (Tompkins) 
Jcssop of Dansville, I^lich. ; born July 27, 1811, at Genoa, .Mich. 
Mr. Waldo wa.s a farmer. He had musical tastes and was a very 
good violinist. 2 

Children of Lncian-Jackson and Laura (Jessop) Waldo. Born at 
Williamston, I\Iich. : — 

hdadhrhi. Fi:ank-T)i:los, born Sept. 13, 18C0; died Sept. 2, 18G1. 

hdndbrjh. Fi.i.a-Doua, born Auir. 21, 18(;3; living, 1900, at Cassopolis, I\Iich., 

unmarried. She is a school teacher, 
bdad bcjc. Siiike-Danikl, born Nov., 1SG8. 

bdad bda. !\Iary-Anx, daughter of ICl)er (Nathan, Jesse, Shu- 
bael, Edi'.ard, John, CorneUv.s) and Anna (Daw) Waldo; born Sept. 
21, 1818, at Elba, N. Y. ; died Jan. 10, 1864, at Elba. She married. 

• Ki^cords of Mis. M:iy-I'iaii(.e,s ( W;ihlu) Allison [hdadhciii], 
« RecorUi of Kll.a-Doia Waldo [hdadbcjb]. 

huadhda] eighth GENEHATION. G91 

Oct. 2<;, isll, at Klha, Alvah-Newiiuin, son of Silas and I'olly 
(Drake) I?iillo(-k of Cairo, N. Y.; born Apr. 8, 1819, at Cairo; died 
May 11, 181)0, at Oakfuld, N. Y. IIi' was a carpenter and joiner. 
They lived at Elba.i 

Childrou of Alvali-Ncwman and Mary-Ann (Waldo) Bullock. 
Horn at p:iba, N. Y. :— 

a., horn An^. 3, 1842; innrriod. Fob. 25, 1S02, at IJatavia, 

N. Y., SlieUlou-Cook, son of Menzic-Hfiynor and Aiiiarilla (Wairt-ii ) 
'J'lipper of Tolland, Conn. ; born Apr. IH, ix;^.7, at Elba, N. Y. He is n 
f:irnier and carpcMiler. They ^vere liviiiii-, JsC'f», at Elba.^ 

Children, born, a at Bertreu, N. Y. ; I>-d, f, q at Elba, N. Y. ; e at Rarrci 
N. Y. ; h-j at Indian Falls, N. Y'. :— 

n. Mary-C<)i:ui:i.ia, born Ang. 1. ISn.S; died Awj,. 24, 18G5, at Elba. 
h. MiNNiK-CouxELiA, bom Ans. 28, ISfio. 

c. CiiAULHs-AuGUSTUs, boru June 27, 18G7. 

d. Faxny-Pkki.ixa, born Feb. 14, 18Git. ,. 

e. Hakiiy-Daw, born Nov. U), 1871 ; died Autj. 'M, 1873, at Elba. 
/. Anx-Eliza, !)orn June 29, 1873. 

g. Fkaxk-Waloo, born Sept. 13, 1875. 

h. HoMKK-EuGEXE, boru Oct. 14, 1877. 

1. Susif.-May, boru Nov. 15, 1880. ' 

j. IIaruy-Nkwmax, born Oct. 2G, 1883. 

b. Ai.vah-Lkvant, born Nov. 18, 1844; livinir, IHOI, at Rochester, N. Y. He 

married. May HK 18.s4, at Oaklield, N. Y., Amelia-Hannah, dauixhter of 
Frederick and Julia (Bauer) Niver>iairor Livonia, X. Y.; l)oru Sept. J5, 
185G, at HaiuniiMjdsport, N. Y. ; liviun, 1901. Her parents were German 
and inmn<:ratcd to America about 1850. .Mr. Bullock is a carpenter a^id 
machinist by trade. He lived at Oakfield until l.vyo, wheu he removed to 
Rochester.^ , 

Child, boru at Oaklleld : — 

a. Gejitkudk-Amki-ia, born Feb. 22, 1885. 

c. Rn.AS-EBKU, born Sept. 19, 1847; living, 1899, unmarried. 

d. Fekmna-Ami-.i.ia, born Sept. 11, 1850; living, 1901, at Ratavia, N. Y. She 

married, Feb. 2n, 1882, at Elba, Frank-All)ert, son of Wilbur-Curtis and 
Delia (Tupper) Moreau of Elba: born Nov. 3, 1849, at Alabama, N. Y.; 
died Dec. 22, l^'.»5, at Batuvia. He lived at Balavia and was in cement 
walk business. She wa^s his second wife. His lirst wife was Josepliine 
Foster, by whom he had one cliikl,— Albert-Foster. No children by second 

e. TloMKij-DwiGHT, born Sept. 11, 1^54; living, 1899, at Oakfield, N. Y. He 

is a clerk in a gt^neral store. He married, Dec. 19, 18^8, at Oakticld, 
Dora-Amanda, daui,'hti_r of Andrew-.lackson and Aurelia-Orline (Jones) 
Britlon of Oaktleid ; born Jan. 30, 18G7, at Stafford, Geuesee Co., N. Y. ; 
living, 1899.^ 

Children, born at Oakfield : — 

a. Kahl-Alva, born Nov. 21, 1889. 

b. Hei.i-.x-Pkui.ixa, born June 20, 1897. 

' KecurO.s of llouier-l>u\v Wuldo {UluOlnlc]. "■ Uecords of Mrs. LMura-Waldo Tapper. 
» Records of Mrd. AIvali-Levant HuUock. < Itecords of Jlns. I'uriiua-Amelia Woieau. 
' Uecords ol Hoiuer-Uwi.^lit lUillock. 

■' • ; If 

1 . .-. 
;! > 

692 WALDO GENEALOGY. [udauhla 

/. FKANK-Ei-cr.NK, honi Ocl. 19, l,S5fi ; nuirriod, Mny 31, 1884, al lialavia, 
N. Y., Llln-lliihliih, (l;uii,'htor of Jolin-SmiUi and Abiirail (Miiii,'iic') HaUI- 
•\vin of l'a>a(loiia, Cal. ; born Feb. 2(5, l^oi;, al East Oian^'e, N. J. Tliey 
Avere liviiij^, IImio, at Hroolciyu, N. Y. He is a clerk. Tlic.y liavc no 

(/. Makv-Axn, born Awg. 20, Ih.'O; living, 1899, unmarried. 

bdad bdb. Cokxki.ia, daughter of Eber (Nathco^, Jesse, Shvhnel, 
Eda-ard, John, Cornelius J nud Anna (Daw) Waldo; born Jan. 4, 
1823, at Elba, N. Y. ; dit-d .Ian. 8, 1.S82, ai Battle Creek, Mich. She 
married, Nov. 12, 1844, at l<:iba, Darwin-Dennian, son of Stephen 
Buck of Lancaster, Pa.; born Sept. 24, 1821, in Vermont; died Dec. 
24, 1894, at Battle Creek. He was a carpenter and joiner. In 18;j() 
he removed to Battle Creek and was a member of the firm of Buck & 
Hoyt for over twenty-five years. ^ 

Children of Darwin-Deuuian and Cornelia (Waldo) Buck. Born, 
a at Batavia, N. Y. ; b at Battle Creek, Mich. : — 

a., born Aiij;. 0, 1845. She married, at Batde Creek, Thomas 


b. Cyj{kn'l:.s-Gunx, born Dec. 7, 1840 lie lived at Chicago, 111. He married, 

at Battle Creek, Nellie Spragiie. 

bdad bdc. IIomkr-Daw, son of Eber (N'athan, Jesse, Shvhael, 
Edv-ard, John, ComeUnsJ and Anna (Daw) Waldo; born July 7, 
1827, at Elba, N. Y. ; living, 1898, at West Barre, Orleans Co., 
N. Y. For the past fifteen years he has been in the hardware trade ; 
previous to tliat he was a farmer. He married (1), Mch. 14, 1849, at 
Elba, Mary-Jane, daughter of John and Anna (Lloyd) Knicker- 
bocker of Batavia, N. Y. ; born Mch. 8, 1827, at Elba; died Mch. 
22, 18G7, at Oakfield, N. Y. He married (2), Nov. 2, 1867, at Elba, 
Lucy-Ann, daughter of Lonson and Polly (Gibbous) Cole of Barre, 
N. Y. ; born Jan. 9, 1832, at Barre; living, 1898.3 

Children of Homer-Daw and Mary-Jane (Knickerbocker) Waldo. 
Born, a, b at Elba, N. Y. ; c at Oakfield, N. Y. :— 

bdad bdca. ErxiCK-AxN, born Dec. 2C, 1850. 

bdadbdcb. Dwigut-DkFoukst, born Sept. 12, 1S57; living, 1898, unmarried. 

bdail Ida:. .Vi.kkkt-Ho.mkk, born Sept. 23, 18C4; living, 1898, unmarried. 

Children of Homer-Daw and Lucy-Ann (Cole) Waldo. Born at 
Banc, N. Y. :— 

bdad bdcd. Mack-Colk, boru .\ng. 13, 1871; living, 1898, unmarried. 
bdad bdce. 11akky-I)aw, l)orn Sept. 21, 1873; living, 1898, mnnarried. 

• KeconU of riaiik-Kugcne JJullock. - KecortU of Huiuer-JJaw Waldo [Inludbdc]. 
» Ibid. 


bclad bfa. Lokkn/.o-Dwioht, son of ITinim {Xnt/i<i,i, Jcsso., 
Shnlmd, Eihiuird^ John, CnrnelinsJ and Diilccna (Foster) Waldo; 
l.oni Oct. 2, 1.S19, at Kl])a, N. Y. ; dii;d Jnly 12, 18S,8, at Rockford, 
III. He became a "Disciple" or Canipltellite minister, and lived 
at Rockford for many years. He married (1), June 2, 1.S16, at 
Bennington, N. Y., Kmily, daughter of Jason and Lucy (Rillings) 
Richards of Hallston, N. Y. ; born Nov. 12, 1820, at Hallston; 
died May 1, J.SoT, at Rockford. He married (2), June 2, l.S:,,9, at 
Rockford. Ada, daughter of William and Mary-Ann (l^rady) Becket 
of Ontario, Can. ; born Feb. 15, 1831, at Pel.hanu Out. ; living, 1S'J8.' 

Children of Loreuzo-Dwight and Fmily (Richards) Waldo. Horn 
at Rockford, III. :— 

hdadhfaa. Lucy-Dui.cixa, born Aug. i, 1S48; living, 1898, immfivried. 

hdad hfiili. JASON-KicnAiU)S, born Apr. 25, 1850; died Aug. 8, 1851. 

hdfid hfar. IJif.i.ixGS-KicnAito.s, born Nov. 2G, 1851 ; lived at IJockfdrd and was 
a hook inercluint. He married, :\Iay 27, 1878, Fannie-Xelson, daii^diLer of 
Amos-Thomas and Laura (Nelson) Kro-\vn of Cleveland, N. Y. ; born Jan. 
22, 18.'.3, at Cleveland. They have no children. 

Idad hfnd. Mihanda-Eliza, born Sept. 6, 185.S; died Aug. 30, 1855. 

bdad bfae. IIknky-Dwight, born Apr. 22, 1857. 

Children of Lorenzo-Dwight and Ada (Becket) Waldo. Boru 
at Rockford, III. :— 

Idud bfuf. iMAitY-BKCKivr, born Dec. 24, 18C0; died .Mch. 18, 1SG9. 
hdadhfag. jENwiK-EDMjr, born June 28, 1862; living, 1898, unmarried. 
hdad Yah. Wn.r.iAM-HAKVKY,> ,,,^,.,^ j^^^,^_ ,.^ ^^,, f died May IG, 1872. 
hdad hjai. Ada-Clakk, i I unmarried, 1898. 

hdad h/itj. Mahkl-Gkiitiiudk, born Aug. 28, 1870; living, 1S9S, unmarried. 

bdad bfc Amasa-Davis, son of Hiram (Xathrm, Je^se, Shubael, 
Echvard, John, CorneliusJ and Dulcena (Foster) Waldo; born June 
o, 1823, at Elba, N. Y. ; living, 1899, at Elba. He is a farmer; has 
been deputy-sheriff. He married, Sei)t. 2(1, 1843, at Elba, Mary- Jane, 
daughter of Joseph and Charlotte-Dulcinea (Knowls) Mann of Varys- 
burg, X. Y. ; born May 29, 1825, at Varysburg; living, 1899.''^ 

Children of Amasa-Davis and .Mary-Jane (Maun) Waldo. Born, 
a, c, e, /, h, i at Elba, N. Y. ; b at Rockford, 111. ; cZ, >j at Batavia, 
N. Y. :— 

bdad hfcn. Wii.UAM-S.Mrra, born Apr. ?., 1845; died Jnly IG, 18G7, at Batavia. 
bdad bfcb. JAMr.s-IIowAni), born Sept. 5, 18-lG. 
bdad bfcc. E.mii.y, born Feb. 2, 1849. 

» Recorils of Mrs. Loreiizo-Uwi^lit W.ildo. 

• Records of .Mrs. S.irali ( WaKlo) Jiultl [laUulh/cj]. 


694 WALDO (JKNEALOGY. [huadukc 

bdad bfcd. f'liAKi.r.s-Dwicii r, Ixnn Mcli. 2^, 1H52. 

bdad bfce. J.iu.ian, -v . 

hdiulhfcf. Miham11i:n(;i-.kioi:i., r •>">•" -In no 2.>. ]h53; j^.^^ Dec. 5. 1857. 

bdad bfcg. Sakah, horn Nov. 0, 1859. 

hdaO.bfrh. LAUitA-lM-oiiKTiF., born June 21, 180:3; died Aug. 4, 18(;C, at. Klha. 

hdad !>fci., boni Veh. 2S, 18CC; living, 1809, unmarried. 

bdad bfe. IIiram-IIunokukohi), sou of Iliram (Nathan, .7>.s,s'e, 
ShuhaeU J-Jdivard, John, Cornelius) and Dulcuna (FcsU'r) Waldo; 
horn Nov. 27, 1827, at Elba, N. Y. IIo lived at Koekford, 111., and 
was a booksclkT. He married (1), Apr. 2G. iSoo, at Monroe, Mich., 
Olive-8. True of Lewiston, Me. ; born at Lewistou ; died Aug. 20, 
1855, at Koekford, witliout surviving children. He married (2), 
Dec. 20, 1S58,' at Koekford, Sarah, daughter of Samuel (Olicer) 
and Eliza1)elh-Goodrich (Kin»ourn) Hulett of Byron, N. Y.; born 
May 25, 1835, at IJyrou.- 

Children of lliram-Huugerford and Olive-S. (True) Waldo:— 
1>dad Ifm. A cniLD, died unnamed. 
bdad hfth. A cjni.D, died unnamed. 

Child of liiram-Muugerford and Sarah (Hulett) Waldo. Born at 
Rockford, 111., probably: — 
Mad bfcc. Cj.Ai;A-ELiz.\nKTir, born Sept. .10, 1805; died aged about 5 years. 

bdad bff. Sarah-Altmeda, daughter of Uiram (Nathan, Jesse, 
Shuhael, Edward, John, Corndlus) and Dulceua (Foster) WaKlo; 
born Oct. IG, 1.S30, at Elba, N. Y. ; living, 1899, at Albion, Mich. 
She mairied, Sept. 20, 1819, at Elba, Myron-Richards, son of John 
and Aiuia (Lloyd) Knickerbocker of Batavia, N. Y. ; born May 8, 
1822, at Tine Plains, X. Y. ; died Sept. i^i, 189G, at Albion. They 
removed from Batavia to Albion in 1849. He was a farmer. ^ 

Children of Mynjn- Richards and Sarah-Altheda (Waldo) Knicker- 
bocker, liorn, a at Batavia, N. Y. ; b-e :it All)iou, Mich. :— 

«. -Maky-Dui.cin'a, iiorn Aug. IS, 1850. Slie married, Apr. 22, 1871, at Albion, 
Wiiliaui-A., s.jd of Jacob and Eli/.a (Flumnierfelt) Andertson of Alhion: 
born 1847, in New Jersey. Tliey Avere living, l»y9, at Ali>ion. He is a 

Cliildren, born at Albion : — 
a. Akthuh-E., born May 
h. C'haki,ks-\Vali>o, born July 4, 1879 

a. Akthuh-E., born May 5, 187G. 

• " l>wiglit Gene;ilo};y " sajrf Nov. 19. 

"•Geiie:U..tryoI .Samuel Davi'^," ji. JIT: " Dwi-lit Genealotry ": Records of Charles- 
Edward Waldo [bdadabaa]. 
» lleconls ot .Mi.i. Saruli-AltLied.i ( Waldo) Knickerbocker. 


/;. CiiAi:i,i:s Hii!,\M, hum Au^. 1, IS^:'.; livintr, IS'JO, at All)i'^)n. He is in the 
instir.'iiice biisiucss. He iiinrriod, Oct. 2, 1S7S, ;iL Alhioii, Florn-A., (taiii^h- 
tor of Kiiiory and .Icnnic (Freer) Keller of Battle ('reek, Mich.; born 
ISjG, at NcNvnrk, Is. Y. ; living, Ih'J!). 

Cliildrcn, born at Albion : — 

a. Km(>ry-Li,oyi>, born Mch. 19, 1H80. 

b. Glkxn-C, born Apr. 2, 1SS:3. 

c. CuFroRU-C, born Jan. 30, 18^9. 
f.. Ei,i,A, died a^ed three montlis. 

d. CAi:or.iNK,-Ei.K.ANOi:, born Juno 2, ISfil : dicrl Jiiih' 4, l?<n4. at Albion. She 
married, Xov. 3, JSHD, at Albion, Milford-D., son of Daniel-T. Gallo^vay 
of Dundfc, Mich.; born Jan. 10, 1859, at Dundee; died Ai)r. 7, 1897, at 
Albion. He was a dr^- gooils merchant, living at Alljiou. 

Children, born at Albion : — 

a. Carkie-Elkanok, born Sept. 13, 1888. 

b. Maky-Mai>klixp:, born July 10, 1890. 

r. DwiGiir-WAi-DO, born An^. 17, 1808; living, 1899, at Homer, Mich., unmar- 
ried He is editor and manager of the Homer Index.. 

bdacl bfg. Lal"ua-Ann, sou of Hiram (Nathan^ Jesse, Shuhael, 
Edirard, John, CodicUus ) and Dulcena (Foster) AValdo; born Aug. 
27, 1X32, at Elba, N. Y.; died between l'S.S4 and 189lt,at Springfield, 
111., probably. In 18S1, she was living at Springfield with her daugh- 
ter. She married, Feb. 14, 1854, at Albion, Mich., John-II. Smiley. 
They settled at Burford, Ontario.' 

Children of John-ll. and Laura-Anu (Waldo) Smiley: — 
rt. Chaklks. 
b. Annkttk. 

bdad bfi. Mykon- Levant, son of Ilirnm (Xathnv, Jesse, Shu- 
bacl, Edward, John., CorneUus) and Hannoh-IMaria (Crane) Waldo; 
born Feb. 26, ISoO, at Rockford, 111. He married, Apr. 19, 1877, 
at Kichmond, Kan., Alice-Eldoretta, daughter of Benjamin-Franklin 
and Cara-Anuctte (I'ike) King of Kichmond, and widow of William- 
Henry Comer. She was born Aug. 20, 1848, at Milford, Mass. 
They are living, 1902, at Richmond. Mr. Waldo was engaged during 
early life in farming; later he was employed in the gas-works at 
Janesville, Wis. He removed to Kansas in 1S75, and since then has 
been a farmer and stock-raiser. ^ 

Children of IMyron- Levant and Alice-Eldoretta (King) Waldo. 
Born at Richmond, Kan. : — 

bdad bfia. CHAi:LKS-lIo.Mr,K, lifirn Jan. 14, 1879. 

hdnd bjlb. William, born Nov. 7, 1880 ; died Nov. 22, 1881. 

' " (iencali.iry of .Samuel l">.ivis." ji. Jli: KlcoicIo of Cluule^-Edwaril Waldo IbcUidabaa]. 
' Kfcords of JMyroii-l^viint Waldo. 

696 WALDO GENKALOGY. [bdadcai 

bdacl caa. Hi'I-Da-Caudum:, dau^^hter of I]plu';iiin f Ephrnini, 
Jc.ssr, Shubdi'l, E(lfar(!, Johu^ CoDirlin.sJ and Saruh-Dclight (Con- 
verse) Wtildo; bora Mch. G, 1S12, ut B rid 2:e water, N. Y. ; died 
Sept. ."30, 1810, nl Rridgewater. She married, June 2-1, ISni, at 
I'.iiduewater, Alviu-reler, son of Gershom and Marc}' (llowlaiid) 
Blackinan of Hridgewater ; born Apr. ■!, 1810, at Bridgewatcr ; died 
I\Ieli. 8, ISG'I, at Bridgewater. He was a fanner and lived all liis 
life at BridgewalL-r. He niairied (2), Mch. IG, 1812, at Bridgewaln-, 
Ills first wife's sister, Ilarriet-lCnieline [^fjdadco.b^, who was livini:;, 
18l)U, at Bridgewater. He had no children by his second \Yife.' 

Children of Alvin-Peter and Hulda-Caroliue (Waldo) Blackmail. 
Born at r»ridgewater, N. Y. : — 

a. Sakah-Evemne, ])orii July, 1838; died Sept. 28, 18.S8.' 

b. William- Wisii, born Aug. 17, 1839; died May 22, 1840.^ 

bdad cac. KrnRAiM-DuiMOfK, son of P'phraini fEphi-afm, Jesse, 
ShubaeU Edi'jard, John, Cornelius ) and Sarah-Delight (Converse) 
Waldo; born July 0, 1817, at Bridgewatcr, N. Y. ; died Sept. 4, 
1S88, at Bridgewater. Me was a euriienter and lived at Bridgewater. 
He married, Mch. 19, 1840, at Bridgewater, Orissa, daughter of 
Able and Nancy (Anew) Clark of l^ridgewater ; born Dec. 18, ISIM, 
at Bridgewater; li\ing, 1899. at ?.larshalltowu, Ja. She was a widow 
when she married Mr. Waldo, having married (1), Sept. 10, 1840, 
Francis Johnson, who died Jan. 2.5, 1844, of smallpox."^ 

Feb. 1, 1843, Ephraim-Dimmock Waldo purchased of his jiarents, 
Ephraim and Sally Waldo of Bridgewater, the farm on wjiich they 
were then residing.^'' 

Children of Ephraim-Dimmock and Orissa (Clark) Waldo. Born 
at liridgcwatcr, N. Y. : — 

bdad cnca Fidklia-C.miolink, horn Fob. 12, 1847. She married, Se[)l. H, 1x74, 
at Bi klLTewnler, Jaiiics-Laiiriiu', son of James-Laurine and An;:eliiif 
(Sloiiiies) Fliiskell of IlainilLon, N. Y. ; born Fob. 1.'^. 1.S4.S, at. Rome, 
N. Y. He is a commission merchant. Tliey were livini;, IS'Jd, at Mar- 
slialllowii, la. No thiidrcn. 

bdad each. Wn,n.\:\i-WisK, l)orn Oct. 1, ]S4s; died May 27, 1x94, at Marsli.all- 
lown, la., wliere he had resi(ied. Re was a niereliant. Ho mari'icd, 
Sept. tl, Harnet, Vt., Kv.i-I5elie, daii^liter of Etlwin-Brooks and 
Margaret (Wallace) Clement of liarnet; born Apr. 23, 1855, at Barnet. 
She was living, 1899, at Marshalllown. No children. 

' Records of Williiun-Wellin^cton l>l;ickinan [Ijdfidcacli]. 

' (iravcstoiie at IJi i'lprcwatrr. ' Jhiil. 

< Utuords of Williaiii-Wellinctoii IJtukin.iii [h/hidcacO], auil Kead ANaUlo [hdadccr]. 

* Oiieida County, N. Y., Deeds, vol. cvii., p. 473. 


Iliad cacc. IIattie-Minnik, boni Nov. 10, 1857; died Nov. fi, 1809, at Hiklge- 

bdad cad. f^rNiCE-AnKLiNic, dangliter of Ephraira (Ephmhn, 
Jc', /Shabcel, Kilvdrd, JoJui^ Cornelius) and Sarali-J^elight (Con- 
verse) Waldo; lioru Jan. 12, 1820, at Bridgowater, N. Y. ; living, 
r.)01, at Uridgcwalcr with her sou. She married, Sept. 28, 1818, at 
BridgeAvatcr, Thomas, son of Thomas and Ann (Westland) Parkin- 
son of Wainlleet, Lincolnshire, Kug. ; born Aug. 5, 1813, at Wain- 
llcct; immigrated to America about 184:7, and died Aug. G, 18'J'J, at 
IWidgcwater. He -was a farmer and lived at Bridgcwater. By trade 
he was a tailor.^ 

Children of Thomas and Eunice-Adeline (Waldo) Parkinson. 
Born at Bridgewater, N. Y. : — 

n. Waldo, boru Apr. 19, 1850; died May 22, 1808, at Bridgewater, uiininr- 

h. TnoMAS-WKSTLANP, bofii Nov. 9, 1852. Hois ;i fariiipr; living, 1901, at 
Bridgewater. He married, Mcli. 29, ISTtJ, at Bridgewater, Catherine, 
daii;rhter of Evan-Williams and Eleanor (Koberis) Roberts of Bridi^e- 
watcr; boru June 18, 1853, at Bridi;cwater. Her parents emigrated from 
Wales about 1850. 

Children, born at Bridgewater : — 

a. Clahkn-ck- Willi AM, boru Apr. 19, 1878. 

b. Floyp-Walpo, boru Jan. 1, 1886. 

bdad cae. Saraii-Angeline, daughter of Ephraim (Ephraim, 
Je.Hse^ Shubael, Edicard^ John, Cornelius) and Sarah-Delight (Con- 
verse) Waldo; born July 17, 1822, at Bridgewater, N. Y. ; died 
Mch. 4, 1898, at Watervillc, N. Y. She married, Feb. 22, 1841, at 
Bridgewater, William- Wise, son of Gershom and Marcy (Howland) 
Blackmau of Bridgewater; born Apr. 30, 1819, at Bridgewater; 
died June 27, 1885, at Waterville. He was a dentist. They lived at 
Bridgewater until 18G0, when they removed to Waterville and lived 
there until their deaths. - 

Children of William- Wise and Sarah-Angelinc (Waldo) Blackmau. 
liorn at Bridgewater. N. Y. : — 

a. P:mma-Makia, born Nov. 2G, 1843; married, Oct. C, 1^G3, at Waterville, 
N. Y., George-Washingtou, .«on of George and I'liza (Deuuer) Bailey of 
Waterville; born Sept. 5, 18'12, at Chipi)e"\va Bay, N. Y. He is a physi- 
cian. They lived for a few years after their marriage at Waterville, and 
then removed to Elizabetii, N. .J., where they were residing in 1899. 

Children, born, a at Waterville; b-c at Elizabeth : — 
fl. GKOiiGE-FKAN'cis, born Aug. 2t, 18G5; died Aug. 6, 18GC. 

' Ucconls of Mrs. Kunioe-Adeliue (Waldo) Parkinson. 
' Kccoriis of WiUiaiii-Wtlliiigton IJhickiuau {bdadcacb], 

G98 V WALDO GKXEALOGY. [k!)ai>c.ak 

b. FRKDKKiCK-lvANPOLni, hom Oct. 2r., 1870. 

c. Ci-AKF.NX'K, boru Sept. 4, 1873; died Sept. 12, 1873. 
rf.,rH-WAi,i>o, born Dec. 27, 1874. 

c., horn May 2, lK7t;. 

b. 'Wu.i.iAM-WK.M.iNGTrj.v, boiTi May 25, 1X50. lie is a physiciau; living, 
lsO!t. at Rrooklyti. N. Y. He inanicd, Sept. 1-t. 1887, at riiiladclphia, 
I'a., I^oraCoates, dau^litcr of Isaac and Kliiior-Siiiitli (Coates_) Jackson 
of U'e.stgrovc, Fa.; i;oru Se[it. 30, 1855, at Wcslijrove. 

Children, boru at Brooklyn: — 

a. Kenneth, \)ovn Jan. 10, 18Sy ; died Ai)r. 15, 1889, at riiiladelpliia. 

b. EuNOii, born Mch. 23, 1802. 

c. AVilliam-Jackson, boru May 25, 1893. 

bdad cea. Foiuiyce-L.^throp, son of Volney (EjiJiraiiii, Jesse, 
Shiibncl, Eihodnl, John, ConteVus) and Julia (Koad) Vvaldo; horn 
Dec. 22, 1825, at liurritt's Rapids, Onl. ; living-, r.tU2, at Crystal, N. 
Dak. lie is a farmer and horticultiu'st. lie lived at liurritt's Rapids 
until Apr. 6, 1881, Avlien he removed to North Dakota, first scttJin^^ at 
Drayton. He has held various public positions, lie was, for a ninn- 
her of years, teacher in the public schools, and has been public .school 
superintendent. Fie was twice a})pointed auditor for the county of 
Carleton, Ont. In 1873 he was commissioned justice of the peace, 
which oflice he lield until he went to Dakota. He has been Sunday- 
school superintendent and liiblc class teacher for nearly forty-five 
years, and is now, rj02, deacon of the Baptist Church at Crystal. 
He married, Sept. 14, 1853, nt Oxford, Ont., Maria-Amelia, daughter 
of Richard and Mercy (Buell) Bolton of Oxford; born May 9, 1.S21, 
at Oxford. 

Richard Bolton immigrated to Ontario about 1818 from near Gary, 
CO. Wexford, Ireland. His wife, Mercy, was daughter of Bemslee 
and Lois (Sherwood) Buell who removed from Hebron, Conn., to 
Brockville, Ont., about 1785. She was a cousin of Sir William-Buell 
Richards, who was chief justice o'i Canada and deputy-governor 
during the absence of the Earl of Dufferiu, in 1877.' 

Children of Fordyce-Latbrop and 3Iaria- Amelia (Bolton) Wald(.i. 
Born at Burritt's Rapids, Ont. : — 

bdad ceaa. IIklkn-Amkf.ia, born Nov. 23, 1854. 
bdad ceab. Saijah-Emma, born July U!, 1856. 
bdad ceac. Wiluam-Albigkncg, born June 10, 1858. 
bdad cead. Maria-Jane, born Feb. It, 18G0. 
bdad ceae. IvICHaud-Volney, born Ai)r. 1, 18G2. 

' KecorJs of I-'orityce-L:itlii(Jii WalUo. 


EKtIITH gknkkation. C'.nt 

bdad ceaf. SAMrEL-FoKUVCK, born May 5, ls<;4. 

Ami an adoptoil dauijjhtcr, 
bdad cra'j., born July ?>, 1877 ; died Nov. 8, 1897, at Drayton. 

bdad cec. Rkad, son of Volney (Ephraim, Je.fiie, Shubael, 
Edirunl, JiJin, Cornelius) and Jiilifi (Kciul) Waldo; born May 1.'), 
182:i, at {^urritt's Kaijids, Out.; livinp:, 1899, at Drayton, N. Dak. 
He lived at Burritt's Kapids luUi! April, ls81,\vlien he removed to 
Nortli Dakota. He is a farmer. He married, Feb. 23, 1853, at 
Wolfe. rd, Ont., Lucretia, daughter of Robert and Olive- Alice (Tuttle) 
Putnam of Wolford ; born May 14, 1825, at Cornwall, Out.; living, 
1899. Mr. Waldo was at tirst a carpenter and builder.' 

Children of Read and Lucretia (Putnam) Waldo. Born at Burritt's 
Rapids, Ont. : — 

bdad ceca. Jui.ia-Louisa, born Jan. IG, 1854. 
bdad cecb. Olive-Anna, born Jan. 28, 1850. 

bdad cecc. VoLNKV-SAMri:i-, born Apr. 7, 1858. . . 

bdad cecd. Jank-Ajjp.i.ia, born Oct. 7, 1859. 

bdad cce. Lucretia-Kdnkss, born Sept. J8, 1861 ; living, 1899, unmarried, 
bdad cecf. RonmiT-ruTNAM, born Jan. 24, 1863. 
bdad cecg. Claka-Eunick, boru Jan. 21, 1865. 
bdad cech. Annie-Maria, born Oct. 15, 1808. 

bdad ced. Jane, daughter of Volney (Ephraim^ Jesse, Sliithael, 
EiJiranl, John, Cornel iv.'^) and 3 uVia (Read) Waldo; born Dec. 18, 
1834, at Burritt's Rapids, Ont. She married, Apr. 9, ISGO, at Bur- 
ritt's Rapids, Thomas, son of John and Isabella (Huston) Thompson 
of Newtown Gore, County Leitrim. Ireland; born Feb. 23, 1829, at 
Newtown Gore. Thomas Thompson served from 1852 to '56 in the 
Royal Irish Constabulary. He immigrated to Canada in 1858, and 
served as captain in the 30th Wellington Regiment from 1866 until 
18'.i0 when he retired. He is a merchant. Mr. and JMrs. Thompson 
were living, 1899, at Meaford, Ont.^ 

Children of Thomas and Jane (Waldo) Thompson. Born at 
Holliu, Ont. : — 

a. Foijuyck-Latukop, born Feb. 5, 1861. He was, Isgo, station accent for the 
Can.'ulian Pacific liailroad, living at Bollon, Ont. lie is unmarried. 

l>. Wii.r.iAM-JunN, born Jan. 24, 1862. He -was in 1899, -with his brotlier, 
Tlionias-Shafto, keei)inir a general store at Sault St.»'. Marie Out., under 
the name of Thompson ^^c t'o. During the Nortli-West relu-Uion, 1885-86, 
he was alt.'iched to C romi'any. Infantry. In 1891, he was captain in the 
9Gth Alirona Hltles. He "vvas elected inavor of Sault Sle. Marie in \><96. 

» Kecoids of Kfiiil Waldo. ' Hecovils of Mrs. Jvme ( W;ilili)) Tliomiiaou. 


lie inarriod, Apr. 27, 1887, at Meaford, Out., Emina-Maria, daiij^liter of 
John and Jane (Graham) Dnnkin of Inj2;lewond, Out.; born July G, 1H5I), 
at Sinicoe, Ont. ; living, 18110. 

Children, born, a at lloUiii ; h-r at SauU Stc. Marie : — 
a. JonN-BtJKN'ABY, boru Mch. 10, 1888. 
h. Editu-Jank, boru May 18, 1891. 

c., born Au^;, 9, 1893. 

d. Thomas-Ci.ivk, born July 8, 1895. 

e. Katiilkkx, born Jan. 11, 1899. 

c. IlKDLKY-ViCAr.s, born Dec. 13, 18(13. lie cradnated at Trinity Collcfje, 

Toronto; A. B., 1889 ; A. M., 1891. He Avas ordained as deacon and priest 
of the AuLMican Church, 1.^91, and was in 1H99 rector at Shanty Bay, Out. 
He married, Sept. 18, 1893, atElora, Ont., Fanny-Mary, daughter of Juhii- 
Kobertson and Harriet (Biggar) Wissley of Salem, Ont ; born Feb. 5i5, 
1870, at Salem; living, 1899. 

Children, born at Newmarket, Out. : — 

a. Hkdlky-Rkn, born Aug. 9, 1896. 

b. Joiin-Wai.oo, born Mch. 2, 1898. 

d. Ei.dox-Hkxrv, born Sept. 25, 1805. He went West some years ago, and 

his present residence is nnkuown. 

e. Fukdkuick-Jamks, born Aug. 15, 1SG7; living, 1S99, at Toronto, Out., 

where he is employed in Mason & Rich's piano factory. He is unmarried. 
/. AN.viK-Gi;i;i'Huni', born Sept. 28, 1809; living, 1899, unmarried. She is a 

nurse in the I. 11. S. Ilosjiital at Brantford, Ont. 
g. TiiOMAS-SiiAFTO, born May 29, 1871 ; living, 1899, at Sanlt Ste. Marie, Ont., 

unmarried. He is in business with his brother, William-John. 
h. Jaxk-Isakem.a, born Feb. 25, 1875; living, 1899, unmarried. 
i. Juua-IIklen, born Sept. 25, 1870; living, 1899, unmarried. 
j. BKATRiCK-A.ArKi.iA, bom Apr. 10, 1878; living, 1899, unmarried. 

bdad cee. Sami-el, son of Volney (E-phraim, Jesse^ JShuhael, 
Edicanly JoJia, OonicUus) and Julia (Ixcad) Waldo; born May 19, 
1837, at Burritt's Rapids, Ont. ; died Aug. 9, 1894, at Teeswater, Ont. 
lie taught school for three years at Perth, Ont., then attended McGill 
University at Montreal for two years, and ])ecame a merchant at 
Teeswater. He acted as scout at the time of the Fenian Invasion of 
Canada. lie was a justice of the peace. " Mr. Waldo was greatly 
esteemed by all in the community, being a man of most kindly 
nature. He was at one time postmaster, magistrate and held other 
municipal honors."' He married, Dec. 19, 18GG, at Puslinch, Wel- 
lington Co., Ont., Anne, daughter of Neil and Mary (MoKenzie) 
IMcLean of Inverness, Scotland; born July 4, 1840, at Keauly, Inver- 
ness Shire, Scotland; living, 1899, at Teeswater.- 

' (Uieliih, Out., Weekly Mercury ami Adrerliscr. 
' Ueoonls of Volney-Keatl WulOo [Cdudceec]. 

BDAi.coB] EIGHTH GKNRKATION. ..■■,,.. 701 

Cliildren of Samuel and Anne (McLean) Waldo. Horn at Tees- 
water, Oat. : — 

bdadccen. Mai;y, born Mch. 27, 18GS; died >rch. 20, I8C9. 

bdad cceh. Juua, hoin Dec. 5, 18G9 ; died Nov. 28, 189], at Teeswater, un- 

bdadc.fcc. Voi.nky-Rkad, born Jnly 18, 1872; living, 1809, at Tcpswater. He 
is a incrclianl. lie is a graduate of the Teeswater lli^b School. He is 
senior captain of tl\e 32d Hattalion ]'>n:ce Infantry of active militia of 
Canada. He married; Oct. 17, 189'J, at Teeswater, JElcanora, dau.Lrhter of 
Kubert-E. Little of Teeswater. 

bdad ceed. Nkil-McLkax, boru Sci^t. G, 1875; livinii;, 1899, unmarried. 

hdad cccc. AXNIK, i)orn June 23, 1877; died Aui:;. 3, 1878. 

lidad ceef. John-Kai.i'h, born Aug. 4, 1879; livint,', 1«99. unmarried. 

hdad cceij. Cathkkike, born Nov. 2, 1883; died ^'ov. 22, I8S3. 

bdad Cga. Jamks, son of Robert (Ephraim^ Jesse, Shxibaol^ 
Edicard, John, Cornelius) and Eflie-Philura (Brown) Waldo; born 
Mch. 27, 1835, at Bridgewater, N. Y. ; died Mch. 27, 1864, at South 
Columbia, N. Y., where he had lived. He was a farmer and ran a 
clover mill. lie married, at Mohawk, N. Y., Nanc}-, daughter of 
Danforth and Lois (Getman) Van Alstine of Columbia; born Jan. 
30, 1847, at Columbia. She married (2), Feb. 27, 1883, Thadeus 
Getman of Little Falls, N. Y., proprietor of the "Getman House" at 
that place. ^ 

Children of James and Nancy (Van Alstine) Waldo. Born at 
Columbia, N. Y. : — 

bdad Cijaa. Fii.lmoiik, born Jan. 15, ISoG; died Apr. 3, 1858. 

hdad c'juh. Ai>a, born Aug. 11, 1859; married, Aug. 30, 1875, at Frankfort, 
Herkimer Co., N. Y., Byron, son of Harvey and Elizabeth (Cristman) 
Getman of Columbia; born ls57, at CohunlMa. He is a brother of Thad- 
eus Getman, her stepfather. They were liviug, 1901, at Little Falls, 
N. Y. He is a chemist. No children. 

bdad Cgb. Dwight, son of Robert (Ephraim, Jesse, Shnhaely 
Edward, John, Cornelius) and P^tlic-Philura (Brown) Waldo; born 
Apr. 18, 1837, at Bridgewater, N. Y. ; living, 1901, at Iliou, N. Y., 
where he was employed by the Reminglon Arms Co. lie married, ^fch. 
2, I8r)4, at Utica, N. Y., Mary-Jane, daughter of James and Eliza 
(Myers) Allen of Seward, N. Y. ; born May 7, 1843, at Seward; 
living, 1901.2 

Child of Dwight and Mary-Jane (Allen) Waldo. Born at Ilion, 
N. Y. :— 
bdad cgba. Chakle.s-Dwigiit, born July 15, 18G5. 

' Uecoidd of Mrs. Naucy Gttmau. '^ Uecorila ol Mrd. Dwight WaKlo. , , ;• >'< 

702 WALDO GENIvVLOGY. [rdaococ 

bdad CgC Chaki.ks, s(»n of IJobcit ( E/ihraini^ Jefisc, A'^hnhael, 
Edndnl, John, Coniclins) atid Elliii-l'iiiliua (Bfown) Waldo; born 
Fel). 2S, IHIO, :it Goniuui Flal^5, N. Y.; married, Oct. 5, 18CI, at 
Witoka, Miim., iAIari^aret, dauj^diter of Solomon and Susan (Ilitts) 
Youiijj,- of Ilerkimor Co., N. Y. ; born Feb. 1, 18-15, in Herkimer Co. 
Tliey are living, 1902, at Witoka. He is a farmer.^ 

Chililrcn of Charles and iMargaret (Young) Waldo. Born at 
Witoka, Minn. : — 

biltttl cijra. Ei)-\VAKD, born July 7, ]8G9; married, Mch. 21, 1891, Mary Cluintlior. 
hdad C'ich. Jay, boru Nov. 22, 1872; married, Dec. 2-t, 1897, at Spring Valley, 

Minn., Delia Lockwood. 
hdad cfjcc. Aui>ii:-May, born July 1, 187r»; married, Apr. 15, 1895, at Fountain 

City, Wis., Clarence Harkness. 
bdad ccKd. Chahi,es-V., born Sept. 3, 1886. 

bdad faa. Mary-Fmklink, daughter of Roger fZacheus^ Je^ise, 
AShuhdel, Edward, John, Cornelius) and Clarissa (Johnson) Waldo; 
born Veh. 1, 1S20, at Manstield, Conn.- She married, Apr. 4, 1843, 
at Fort Ivoyal, Ky., Dr. Sanuiel-Ketehinn, son of Jeremiah aud Lydia 
(Ketehum) Page of Hanover, N. H. ; born May 7, 1810, at FTanover; 
died Dec. 23, 1893, at Champaign, 111., where they had lived. He 
was a physician. 3 I 

Children of Sanmel-Ketchura aud Mary-Emeliue (Waldo) Page. 

Horn, a-c at Port Royal, Ky. ; d at Champaign, 111. : — 

«. DkWii t-WaU)0, born May 3, 1844; married, Apr. 4, 1871, in Cbampaii^n 
Co., 111., Mary-Juliel, daugbter of Albern and Nancy-Carnaban (Alford) 
'{amsjiy of Ciiampai^n Co.; born Aug. 24, 1848, at New Wasbiuiftou, 
;iearlield Co., I'a. iler I'atber wa.s a Seotchman. Mr. aud Mrs. I'aiie 
-re livin^r, 1902. at Kvanston, 111. He i.s interested in patents and is 
inventor of tlie " Page Horse Hitcb." 

Children, born at Champaign : — 

a. Auck-Makta, born ^lay 9, 1872. 

b. MiNNU':-EMi;r.iN'K,, born Aug. 20, 1875. 

c. SAMrKL-AusKKX, boru Apr. •_'(!, 1878. 

d. Maijv, born Mch. 19, 18S1. 

f. Fkankik-DkWitt, born Apr. 9, 188:^; died June I, 1884. 

/. EvA-Bi-.Li.K, born Aug. 20, 1885. 

b. Ai.uK-JosKi'iiiNK, born Dec. 3, 184G; married, .July 10, 18Gfi, at Champaign, 
Bi iijamiu-U, sou of Stepben-Voorbees and Eliza-.Vnn (Mundy) Minor of 

L'.di, X. v.; boin Oct. 20, , at Lodi. Tbey lived at Kllingbain, lib. 

uulil alter 1882 and ibeu removed to Indianapolis, "wliere tbey are now, 
1902, livnig. He is a grain merchant. 

Children, born, «-/at Klllngbam; y at Indianapolis:- 
a. GKoiUiK-PAi^.i:, born Aug. 15, 1808; died Nov. 5, 1885. 

» Kcciird^ of Cliarlt-s \\':il(l<). - MaiisfU-IU llccuiils. 

• Records of xMrs. Alico-Josephiue (Page) Minor [Ulud/aaOj : " Slafter Memorial," p. !*• 

iuukkfa] eighth GENEHATION. 703 

/;. EnGKNK-VoouiFKKs, born Sept. 5, 1872. 

c., born Dec. 5, 1874. 

d. MAKV-JosF.rniNK, boru Mch. 27, 187S. 
c. Hknjamin-15, l)oni Oct. 10, 1880. 

/. Samukl-Eaiu,, born Dec. 2tJ, 1882. ' • • ' • 

(J. Fkkoik, born Nov. 22, 1888; dicti Dec. 14, 188:t. 

c. C.vLViN-SAMUKr.-HKKnKKT, bom Dec. 10, 1»S53; niiiriied, at St. Jose()li, 111., 

Evn-Letha, (hiUL'litcr of Williiiin-Fletcher and Anj^eline (FreeiiKin) Yates 
of Canada; born at Oirden, 111. Tbuy are llvint^, I!t(i2, at Dcs Moines, 
la. He is president of the C S. Tai^e Mfii. Co., makers of the raa;c 
cheniieal fire cnirines. Tic was educates! at the University of Illinnis, bnt 
did not •graduate, and %vas a schoolteacher for many years. No children. 

d. VicroK-N()iiTt»N', born June 0, 1800; ma.rricd, Jnnc 3, 189 I, at Clianipai;rn, 

Alice-Law, dau^^hter of John-Alien and Mary-Jane (.McAdams) .Major of 
Mattoon, 111.; born May I'J, I80:j, at Siironrney, la. They are liviir^, 
1002, at Chaniiiai^n. He was graduated, Mch. 28, 188!», at the North- 
western CoUeue of Dental Surgery with the degree of D.D.H., and has 
since been in the practice of his profession. No children. 

bdad fae. IIknriktta-Adeua, daughter of Roger (Zacheiif!, 
Jesse, Shubnel, Eihranl, John, Cornelius) and Clarissa (John.son) 
Waldo; born May 12, 1827, at Mansfield, Conn, (she is called Ilarriet- 
Adelia in Mansfield Records); died Mch. 12, 1899, at Mansfield.' 
She married, Feb. C, 1S.').5, at Port Royal, Ky., Alpheus-Bell, son of 
John and Sarah-E. Dawkins of Port Royal; born July 4, 18o0, at 
Port Royal. The marriage proved unhappy and they separated. He 
kept a general store at Port Royal.- 

Children of Alphens-Bell and Ilenrietta-Adelia (Waldo) Dawkins. 

Born at Port Royal, Ky. : — 

rt. Cai-vin-Mattoon, born Oct. 1, 18.">0: living, 1901, at T?oston, He is 
a liookkeeper for F.owker Fertilizer Co. He married, Sept., 189'.), at Bos- 
ton, Jda-Adella, daughter of Lucian-Honaparte and Mary-Jane (Stills) 
Clark of Willington, Conn.; born Feb. 15, 180G, at Willington.^ They 
liave no children. 

b. MAUY-r.i:i.i,K, born July 8, 1801; married, Oct. 13, 1881, at Willington, 
Conn., Edward, soil of David-L. and Caroliue-E. (Perry) Pearl of Wil- 
lington; boru Mrli. 10, 1818, at Alt>auy, N. Y. They were living, 1901, 
in Mansfield, near the Willington line. Mr. Pearl was, until recently, a 
clerk at Merrow, Conn., and South Willington, but is now engaged in 
tea business. They have no children. 

bdad ffa. Kmii.v-Jani:, daughter of Dwighl ( Zachens,, 
Shvbwl, Eibcard, John, Cornclins) and ICmily (Allen) Waldo; born 
at iMausficld, Conn. ; died Aug. 17, 1873, at StalTord Springs, Conn. 
She married, June 30, 1851, at Tolland, Conn., Austin, .sou of Leon- 
ard and Lydia (Saunders) Purdon of Stafford Spritigs ; horn Fel). 8, 

> Maiisliclil Kecords. 

» " SlafUT .Meiunrial," |i. M: Kecords of iMrs. M.iry-BeUe (Dawkins) Pearl {bthiclfncb]. 

* AyiUiii^^ton Jlecords. 



1821, :it St.ilTord Springs; died May 17, 1891, at Stafford Sprin-s, 
wlunv. he had livud. lie was a dyer and manufacturer. At the time 
of his inarriacjc. he was living at Somcrsville, Conn." 

Cliild of Austin and Emily-Jane (Waldo) Hurdon. Horn at Glas- 
tonbury, Conn. : — 

a. K.Mii.Y-rsAiii;r., horn 14, 18."..^; married, ALiv 2(!, 1877, at Staft'ord 
S|)riii::s, C.Oim., Gcon,fc, sou of Aldcii and Siisau Howes. They wore 
livin.i,', 1890, at S|)iiiiL;neld, .'\Lis.s. He is a clerlv. 

Child, l)oru at Stafford Siiriugs :— 

a. Rali-ji-Wai-do, itorn July 22, 1888. 

bdad ffb. IlAKurEX- Amelia, daughter of Dwight ( Zachcim, 
Jesse, Shubael, Edivard, John, Coraelins) and Emily (Allen) Waldo; 
born 1833 at Glastonbury, Conn.; died Oct. IG, ISCS, at Tolland, 
Conn., of cou.sumption.'- She married, Nov. 2, 18o.5, Don-Ferdinand, 
son of Justin (Jolni, Zchnlon, Zebuloii, John, Israel, Samuel, John) 
and Mary (Isham) Lathrop of Tolland; born Oct. 18, 1832, at North 
Coventry, Conn. ; died at Coventry. He was living in 1877 at South 
Coventry, where he was treasurer of the I^Iillbrook Woolen Company 
and of the Wilbraham Carpet Company. He married (2), Dec. 2, 
18G1, Marietta, daughter of John Fuller of Stafford, Conn., by whom 
he had a daughter, .Ahuy-Fullcr ; born May 13, 1873, at Covcntry.3 

Child of Don-Fenlinand and Harriet-Amelia (Waldo) Lathrop. 
Born at I>ridge|)ort, Conn. : — 

a. William-Waldo, born Apr. 7, lRf.2; died Sept., 1S07, at Stafford, f;onn. 
He was a drn-i,nst. Ilis widow, Mrs. Harriet Lathrop, was liviii", isos 
at South Maaclicster, Conn. 

'. lad ffd. Rltii-P:lizaiu;tii, daughter of Dwight (Zachens, 
Jesse, Shnbael, Edward, John, Cornelius) and Emily (Allen) Waldo; 
born June 26, 1837, at Willinglon, Conn.; died Nov. 2G, IS'Ji, 
at Stafford, Conn.^ She married, Jan. 1, 18G4, at Providence, R. I.,- 
Andrew, son of Lucius-IIeber and Almeda (Converse) Whiton of 
Stafford; born Dec. 30, 1838, at Stafford. He was a farmer in early 
life, but iu 1897 was a grocer, living at Stafford Springs, Conn. He 
married (2), May 20. 189G, Anna Allen of North Kingston, K. 1.6 

Child of Andrew and Kuth-Flizabeth (Waldo) Whitou. Born at 
Stafford Springs, Conn. : — 

a. A DAUGHTKu, born Oct. IS, 1804; died .same day, unnamed. (Erroneonsly 
recorded in town records as born Oct. G.) 

' Tollaml Marriago Ileconls: Uecords of Mrs. Kmi!y-Is:»l)el (lUirdon) Howes \h,l„f>(raa]. 
' Tollan-i Jicconls. ' " I^atUroii Family," j.. 297. ♦ Records of Mr. Andrew Whiton. 
' I'rovidfucc Records. ' Records of Mr. Andrew Whiton. 



bdad fia. Amklia-Mott, daughter of Slmbacl ( Zachens^ Jesse, 
Shtibael, Efhcard, John, Cornelius) and Marthji-Brookhonsc (Has- 
kell) Waldo; born Feb. 7, 1838, at Thoiiiaston, Me. ; living. 1808, 
at Thomaston. She married, Nov. 28, 1855, at Tboniaston. Kdwiu- 
Adains, son of Georgo and Susanna (Norwood) Robinson of Thom- 
aston ; l)orn Dee. 31, 1824, at Thomaston; died Nov. 23, 180'1, at 
'i'homastoii. He was a master mariner, as was his father.' 

"Cajit. Edwin-A. Kobiiison, president of the Thomaston Nationnl Bank, 
died at liis home, Gleason street, Thomaston, Thin-sday aljont 10.30 A. M., 
after a sickness of several months from kidney trouble. The funeral was 
held at the home yesterday afternoon at t^Yo, Kev. W. A. Ncwcomhe of the 
Baptist Church and liev. Clayton Boothby of the Consrrei^ational Church 
ofliciatinp:. The fioral offerinjjs Avere very beautiful. Amoncr the testimonials 
^vas a l)eautiful floral anchor from the officers of the Thomriston National 

]5ank At the age of twelve he shipped as cabin boy in ship 

'Talleyrand,' and by hard work and ability soon rose to the position of 
cnptain. His first command was a bark. lie afterwards ^vas captain of 
ships 'Mackinaw.' 'Frank Flint,' and ' A. ]). Snow.' He was in China in 
the 'Flint' at the time of the war between England and China. Tiie 
•Snow' was built for Capt. Robinson and Capt. William Willey, one Koin;; 
in her one year, and the other the next. Capt. Hobinson's last voyage was 
in the 'Snow' to San Francisco. After retiriiii:: from the sea he devoted 
himself to the cure of his property interests and the welfare of his family, 
who ever found in him a thoughtful, considerate and indulgent husband and 
parent. About a year aijo he was chosen president of the Thomaston Bank. 

He had hm;; l)ceu a director, and lie fullilled the duties of his 

new position with the ability and faithfulness that characterized all his life. 
He was for a number of years deacon of the Congref^ational Church of 
Thomaston, was a consistent Christian in whom none could find a flaw, and 
died with the respect of the community and the afl'cctiou and regard of all 
who knew him."* 

While in command of the "Flint," Capt. Robinson was employed 
by the English government in transporting troops from Madras to the 
Gulf of Pe-chi-li, and after the war back to Madras, being in the 
service one year. Mrs. Robinson was with him during this time. 
The ship "Alfred I). Snow" was built at Thomaston, and was one 
of the finest ships in the American merchant marine service. She 
was 282 feet long, 42 feet, 3 inches beam, and 29 feet, 3 inches depth 
of hold, her registered tonnage being 2075 tons. 

Children of Edwin- Adams and Amelia-Mott (Waldo) Robinson. ^ 
Horn at Thomaston, Me. : — 

n. EDnir.-SrinsoK, born Dec. 17, 1857; died Mch. 20, 1858, at Thomaston. 

/'. NKTriK-NoiavooD, born Dec. 5, 18(13; married, June 30, 1887, at Thomas- 
ton, Wallace-Edward, son of John-Edward and Elizabeth-Whittakcr 
(Randall) Mason of Kearsargc Village, N. 11.; born June 24, ISGl, at 
Kearsarge Village. They were living, 18'J8, at Leominster, Mass., where 
he was principal of the liigh .school. 

' Kccords of Mrs. Aiueli.i-Mott (Waldo) Kobinson. 

' Oliilnary notice from Tlunuastoii newbiLiper. 

' Ueconb of Mi>. Aiueli.i-.Mott ( W'alilo) Kobiusou. 


706 WALDO GENEALOGY. [bdadpu 

Cliildrcn:— • , , ' 

a. HAK()LO-Eri,iOT, born Sept. 13, 188S. 

b. DoNAi-o-KoiUNSON, bopii Mch. 28, 1831. 

c. Wai.i.ack-Kdwakd, born Feb. 9, 1894. 

c. M.uma-Omwiiinm:, born Mch. 21, bSG.". ; married, Jan. 21, 1891 , at Thomas- 

ton, Waltcr-Copchuid, son of IIonry-Lynian and Hebccca-rorter (fopc- 
land) Hryant of Brockton, Mas.s.; horn Oct. 8, 18G7. They M-erc livinj;, 
I8'.)8, at Brockton. He is in real estate business. 

Children, born at Brockton : — 

a. Wai,do-Kuiun.son, born Oct. 6, 18'J2. 

b. MiLDKKD-CoPKLAND, boru Mch. 7, I89G. 

d. Hj.anxhh-Waldo, born Aug. 11, 18G7; living, 1808, uuniarriod. 
c. Eddik, born Apr. 15, 1878; died Sept. 9, 1878, at Thomaston. 

bdad fib. F'keijeuick-Dwigiit, son of Shubael (Zncheas^ Jesse, 
Shnbacl, Edirard, John, CoDich'usJ and jMartha-r) (Has- 
kell) ^Valdo; born Mch. 27, 1843, at Thornaston, Mc. ; living, 1898, 
at Thomaston. He was quartermaster in the navy during the Civil 
war, and was in the first boat which went up to Savannah, and wae 
with the fleet when it went into Charleston harbor. He has been cap- 
lain of American merchant vessels, sailing mostly between San Fran- 
cisco and China and Japan. 

He married (1), Aug. 19, 1873, at Warren, Me., P^mtna-Adela, 
daughter of Bernard and Sarah (fj'ncoln) Dillingham of Warren; 
born Apr. 2-4, ISio, at Warren; died July 24, 1893, at sea. He 
married (2), Jan. 21. 1895, at Amherst, Mass., Mary-Lincoln, 
daughter of Guilford-Snow and Anu-Sarah-Lincoln (Dillingham) 
Newcomb of Westboro, Mass.; born Aug. 14, 1861, at Kingston, 
Mass.; living, 1888.1 

Children of Frederick-Dwight and Emma-Adela (Dillingham) 
Waldo. Born, a. at Warren, IMe. ; b, c at Thomaston, Mc. : — 

bdadjlha. RAi.rH-DwiCHT, born July 21, 1874; living, 1898, unmarried. 
bdadfihh. Edith-Franck.s, born July 27, 1879; died Aug. 2fi, 1879. 
bdndjlbc. FKr,i)p:KiCK-BEHXARi), born Sei)t. 10, 1885. 

bdad fie Martha, daughter of Shubael (Zacheus, Jesse, Shu- 
bael, Erhrard, John, Cornelius) and Martha-Brookhouse (Haskell) 
Waldo; born June 29. 184.5, at Thomaston, Me. She married, Nov. 
5, 18G6, at Thomaston, Frederick-Eugene, son of Lcvi-Bliss and 
Catherine (Webb) Gillchrest of Thomaston; boru Jan. 5, 1847, at 
Thomaston. They were living, 1898, at Thomaston. He is a mer- 
chaut.2 ,., „ _ , . .. 

' Kci'ords of FrcfU'rick-Dwi^rht W.ildo. 

• Jiecords of Mrs. Amelia-Mott (AVahlo) Robiusou [bdadfia]. 


CliiUlri-n of Froderick-f^uj^oDC and Maitlui (Waldo) Gillcbrest. 
Horn at Tboniaston, Me. : — 

a., horn Feb. 10, 1808. Tic married, Oct. 22, 1.S96, at Tlioina.'^loji, 

Adola-.Miiy, dauuhter of William and Mary-.VdclMidc (Woodcock) f':itl;nid 
of 'J'hom.islon ; horn May 2,'i, Ibr.t;, at Tlioniaston. Tlicy •\verc livini:, 
IK'JH, at Hayonne, N. J. lie i.s -vvilli W. H. Grace & Co., New York City. 
No cliildrcn. 

b. CATHi;iMNK-WKi5n, born Dec. ]3, 1871. She married, June 2, 1897, at 

Thoniastoii, Josoph-Davis, son of Warren and Ennna-Lsadore (Tales) 
Tyler of Tlioniaston; boi n Nov. 2;"), 1871, at Tliomaston. Tliey were 
living, 1898, at Tlioinastou. He is in the dry pood.s business. No chil- 

c. Ethkl-Ann, born Mcli. 15, 187G; living, 1898, unmarried. 

d. Walik.-Rtktson, born Apr. 10, 1883; living, 1898. 

bdad fid. Makia, daughter of Shubael ( Zacheus^ Jesse, Shnhael. 
Edirard, John^ CorrieUns) aud I\Iartha-]^rookhouse (Haskell) Waldo; 
liorn Jan. 18, 1S49, at Tboniaston, Me. She married, Feb. 14, 1870, 
at Tlioniaston, Ednuind-Wcbb, son of Christopher and J\Iarian-^^'al- 
laee (Webb) Prince of Thoniaslon ; born Mch. 19, 1847, at Thomas- 
ton. They were living, 1898. lie was at one time a merchant at 
Tlioniaston, but removed to Florida and became owner of a large 
orange grove. He was in 1898 captain of a steamer at M^'ers, Fla.' 

Children of P^dmund-Wcbb and Maria (Waldo) Prince. Boin at 
Thomaston, Me. : — 

a., born Sept. 20, 1872. lie married, Apr. IS, 1898, at Thoina.s- 

ton, Alida-Dodge, daughter of Charles and P>muia (Hyler) Wliilncy of 
Thomaston; born Jan. 14, 1878, at Thomaston; died July 4, J89S, at 
Thomaston. He was in i><9S a marine engineer. 

b. HATTiK-CoLLrr, born Aug. 22, 1875. She married, June 10, 189^, at 

Thoma,stou, Kalph-Gilman, son of Cliarles and Emma (Hyler) Whitney 
of Thomaston; born Dec. 24, 1870, at Thonia.-^tuii. They were living, 
1898, at Thomaston. He is a druggist. 

Children : — 

a. Bkhnick-Marian, born Fell. 21, 189C. 

b. Donald-Phinck, born Jan. 5, 1898. 

c. Mauian-Isabklla, born Sept. 30, 1879; died Mch. 23, 1887, at Thomaston. 

bdad fie. Annie-Stuart, daugliter of Shubael (Zacheus, Jesse, 
Shubael, Edward, John, Cornelius) and INIartha-Brockhouse (Haskell) 
Waldo; born Mch. 20, 18C0, at Thomaston. She married, Sei)t. 9, 
1885, at Thomaston, Hcu'bert-Mayhew, son of Sabin and Abbie 
(Swett) Lord of Rockland, Me.; born Dec. G, 1859, at Rockland. 
He graduated at Colby University, 1884. He was editor of the 
liockland Courier-Gazette until appoiutetl by Mi". Dingley to be clerk 

' ReuoidB of Mrs. AiUL-liu-Mott ( Wahio) Kobinsuu [Odailjia j. 


of the \\'ays find Means CoininiUeo of the nf)nsc of Kt'presentiiUves, 
wliich oflice he held through the ofjth and .OGth Congresses. In Jinie, 
1898, he was appointed by the President pa3'ma.ster of U. S. Vohui- 
teers with tlie rani; of major, and with the expectation of being sent 
to tlie l^liilippine Ishinds. His residence is at Rockland.* 

Children of Hcrbert-Mayhew and Annie-Stuart (Waldo) Lord. 
Born at Rockland, I\Ie. : — 

a. Stuart-Waldo, born Auj;. 9, 188(); dii.'d Feb. 19, 18S8. 

b. Kkxxkth-Phinci:, born Dec. 11, 1888. 

c. Rutu-Mayhew, born May 20, 1890. 

bdad fka. CuAitLES-DwiGHT, son of Zacheus (Zacheus, Jesse, 
Shulael, Edward, John, Corneliv.sJ and Sarah-Clark (Dickenson) 
AValdo; born Nov. 17, 1841, at Portland, Conn. ; died Aug. 21, 1887, 
at Denison, Tex., of typhoid fever. He removed from Connecticut 
lo Burlingame, Kan., and was a merchant there until about 1884, v/hen 
he became a conductor on a railroad. He married, Aug. 4, 1862, at 
Portland, Abby-Eiizabeth, daughter of David and l?etsey-Maria 
(Taylor) Shepard of Portland; born June 10, 1844, at Portland; 
living, 1898, at Burlingame, Kan.- 

Children of Cliarlcs-Dwight and Abby-Elizabeth (Shepard) Waldo. 
Born at Burlingame, Kan. : — 

hdadfkaa. Cora-Amklia, born Apr. G, I8C3; died May 10, 18G4. 
bdadfkaJt. Charlks-Hknry, born Aii^- 19. 18G5; died Anj^. 1(5, 18G9. 
hdadfkac. Flora-Sukpard, l)orn Apr. 24, 18G8; died Sept. 10, 1870. 
hdadfkad. Frank-Lekov, born Oct. 23, IBGi); died Sept. 3, 1870. 
hdncfkae. Cakhik-Louisk, born May 21, 1871 ; died Feb. 2, 1897, unmarried. 
hdadfkaf. Minwh'.-Rkllk, born Apr. 8, 1873; living, 1898, unmarried. 
hdadfkarj. Gkdrgk-Lyoxs, boru Aug. 22, 1875; living, 1893, unmarried. 

bdad fkb. AVilmam-Osborn, son of Zacheus (Zacheus, Jesse, 
Shuhael, Ed'i-ard, John, Cornelius) and Sarah-Clark (Dickenson) 
W.aldo; l)orn Mch. 11, 1844, at Portland, Conn.; died Nov. 5, 1885, 
at Willimantic, Conn., of asthma. ^ He lived for a time at Mansfield 
Hollow, Mansfield, Conn., where he was "rougher" in a spool shop. ] 

He removed to Norfolk, Conn., and thence to Willim.antic, where he 
was employed as night watchman at the Willimantic Linen AVorks 
until his death. He married (1), May C, 1871, at Mansfield,* Mary-.T. 
Morton of Tolland, Conn.; born 1847, at South Windsor, Conn.'' 

» Roeoiils of Mrs. Anielia-.Mott (Waliio) Ui.biusou [Ixhnljia]. 

» Hooonls of Oeorgo-Lyons Waldo {hdadfka'j]: r.imily liible of Loroy Waldo [hdadfkt]. 

^ Williuiantio llecords. « .MaiistiiMd Ueconl.-;. ''Ibid. ■ . .■. .•-, 

hdadgaa] eighth GENKliA'rroN. 700 

'I'liOY wore (livorcod about IS.s'O, niul she died .Inly 2r», 1885, at Tol- 
land.' He married (2), Nov. IG,, at Willimanfu^^ Fraiices- 
.hiiie, daughter of Jiiliu.s and Adeliiie-Kleela (Marsh) Cable of New 
I'reston, Conn., and widow of Josiaii Friend who died at Koanokc, 
Va. She was born Apr. 3, 1817, at New Preston, and was living, 
1897, at Willimantic, being employed in the linen mills. ^ 

Child of William-Osborn and Mary- J. (]\Iorton) "Waldo. Born 
at Tolland, Conn. : — "< 
Ixhulfkha. \ SON, born July 13, 1872; dioil July 14. 1872. 

Children of William-Osborn and Frances-Jane (Cable) AValdo.^ 
liorn at Willimantic, Conn. : — 
hdmlfklih. Eai!i.-Wkkstkr, born Mch. 13, 1882. 
hdadfkhc. Flokenxh-Editu, horn July 20, 1883. 

bdad fkd. Wilbur-Fiskk, son of Zacheus fZacheus, Jesf^e, Shu- 
had, Edicard, John, ConudiKs) and Sarah-Clark (Dickenson) Waldo; 
born .\oY. 2, IS 17, at Portland, Conn. He lived first at South 
Willington, Conn., then at Mansfield Hollow, Mansfield, Conn., and 
later at Providence, R. I. Since 188s he has lived at Tolland, Conn. 
He has always been employed in the thread business. He married, 
Jan. 11, 1871, at Mansfield, 6 Martha- Maria, daughter of Baker 
and Rosetta (Webster) Hale of Ware, Mass.; born Oct. 1, 1818, at 
Windham, Conn,; living, 1898.' 

Children of Wilbur-Fiske and Martha-Maria (Hale) Waldo. Born 
a, b at South Willington, Conn. ; c at Tolland, Conn. : — 

bdadfkda. HAnRV-DiciCKNSON, born Jan. 30, 1875; living, 1898, unmarried. 
hdadfkdh. .MAUr.f.-PKAUi-, born xMch. 30, 1880; unmarried, 1h98. 
Idadfkdc. Roy-Kknxkth, born May 25, 1S95. 

Jkssik-Ukll, daufihlor of Mrs. Waldo's brother George, born June 9, 1887, 
has been brought up by the Waldos, and thoutcli not yet legally adopted, is 
called Jkssik-Bei.l Waldo. 

bdad gaa. Elizabeth, daughter of William-Besley (Charles, 
Jesse, Shubael, Edward, John, Cornelius) and Jane-Ann (Bruce) 
Waldo; born Apr. 3, 1835, at lirooklyn, N. Y. ; living, 1898, at 
Philadelphia, Pa. She married, May 14, 18G2, at Fishkill, N. Y., 
Gilbert-Tennent, son of John-Tennent (John, John, Richard, Rich- 
ard, Richard) and Ann (Wikoff) Woodhull of Monmouth Co., N. J.; 
born Feb. 18, 1827, at Manalapan, iMonmoulii Co.; died Feb. 11, 

* ToUaiul llecords. ' Willimantic Uecnnls. » Ueconls of .Mrs. Waldo. 

* ToUaiul Kocords. » Reooids of yUi. William-Odboru Waldo. 

" Maiiblk'ld Records; Mrs. Waldo says Jan. 12. ' Records of Mrs. Wilbur-Fiske Waldo. 

710 WALDO GENEALOGY. [bi>adgaa 

1898, at Lincoln University, Ta., and was buried at Oxford, Pa. He 
graduated at the CoUeue of New .Tersey, l-'^o'J, and at I'lineeton Tlieo- 
loijjieal Seminary, 1855. He was tutor, for a while, at Princeton 
University and became stated supply of the churches at Mays Landint; 
and Tnckahoe, N. J. He was ordained pastor of the Presbyterian 
Church at Fishkill Landing, N. Y., Nov. 10, 1857, and remained 
there until LsG?, when he was appointed professor of Greek and Latin 
at Lincoln University.* 

" He was a well-informed and sound theologian, an educator of hijch order, 
a faitliful pustor, and an excellent preacher. He was a good specimen of the 
ministers of the generation now rapidly passing away, dignified, courteous, 

and whose character, teaching and conduct ahvays won reverence and love. i 

His sermons were models of horailetical arran£ement, full of clear doctrine, | 

with cainest practical apjilication. For several years he seldom preached, j 

save in the chnpel of the University, but there was ahvays listened to with J 

attention and pleasure. The students all testify to his ability and faithfulness 1 

in the class roou). He, in a peculiar manner, conil)ined gentleness Avith great a 

firmness. His convictions of truth and duty wore founded on careful study J 

of God's word and were expressed modestly yet with unshaken firmness, jiro- | 

ducing no antagonism, but winninir confidence. His childlike and loving faith ; 

sustained him iovfully during his last illness." ^ J 

Children of Gilbert-Tenneut and Elizabeth (Waldo) Woodhull.3 | 

Born, a-c at Fishkill, N. Y. ; rf-/at Lincoln University, Pa. : — ^ 

fa. Jennik.- Waldo, born June 1, 18G3; married, Sept. 17, 1889, at Lincoln \ 

University, William-.Ashburner, son of Thomas-Ware and Anna-Cushing 
(AshburnerJ_Cattell of Lincoln University; born June Ifi, 18Ci3, at 
rrinceton, N. J. They were living, IS'JS, at Richmond Hill, L. I. He is 
a civil engineer. 

Children, born, a at Long Island City; h, c at Richmond Hill : — 
a. GiLBEHT-WoonnuLi., born Nov. 17, 1891. 
6. Anna-Ashburnku, born Nov. 29, 1893. 
c. Dorothy, born May 7, 1896. 

b. FRKOEHrcK-WncoFK, born Mch. 16, 18C5; living, 1898, unmarried. He is a 

skilled machinist, studying, in 1898, mechanical engineering. 

c. ANNiK-BiiucE, born Apr. 29, 18C7; unmarried, 1898. 

d. Makia-Comks, born June 1, 1871; unmarried, 1898. 

e. Gilbehta-Elizaukth, born Fel). 3, l.s7."); unmarried, 1898. 
/. Ci.u'i'OKD-WiNFnED. bom Dec. 9, 1876; died Nov. 25, 1880. 

bdad gab. John-Bruce, son of William-Besley (Charles, ,Tesse, 

ShulKtel, Edicard^ John, Cornelius) and Jane-Ann (Bruce) Waldo; i 

born June 2, 184G, at .lohnsville, N. Y., on the farm where he was I 

jiving in 1898, and which beloiiged to his father, who inherited it from \ 

his grandfather, William Lesley. The farm contains 150 acres. Mr. j 

» ReoonUof Mi-s. ElizabetU ( Waldo) WoodliuU. 
' Frouj an ubituary nocici' in 'DiC I'nshyUrinn. 
* Kecords ot Mrs. KHzabeih (, Waldo) Woodliull, 

!■ ■ 1 t.; ..■■• t 


Waldo is a fruit grower. lie marrieil, Jan. 16, 1872, at Johnsville, 
Helen, daughter of James and Helen-Ann (White) Hrett of Johns- 
ville; born Feb. 9. 18iG, at Johnsville; died there Oct. 11, 1890. i 

Children of John-Bruce and Helen (Brett) Waldo. Born at Johns- 
ville, N. Y. :— 

bdndiiahn. Jank-Ann, born Oct. 30, 1872; died Dec. 14, 1«72. 
bdad gabb. Wn.MAM-lJr.ucK, born Nov. 23, 1873; unmarried, 1898. 
bdnd ijahc. Lkwis-Honvkli,, born Mch. .5, 1S77; unmarried, 1S08. 
bdad gabd. James-Bkkit, born Apr. 21, 1878; died May 30, 18'J3. 
bdnd gabe. John-Moffatt, born May 3, 1879. 
bdad gab/. Ouvkk-Whitb, born May 20, 1S80. 
bdad gabg. Elizabkth-Woodhull, born Jan. 1, 1882. 
bdnd gabh. Helkx-Ank, born Jan. 27, 1883. 

bdae aaa. William-Olney, son of Jonathan (Jonathan, Jona- 
than, Shubael, Eduxird, John, CorneUas) and Mary (Gluey) Waldo; 
born Mch. 10, 1813, at Western, N. Y. ; died Apr. 30, 1850, at South 
Champion, N. Y. He was a farmer and lived at South Champion. 
He married, Mch. 8, 1843, at Martinsburg, N. Y., Jane-Maria, 
daughter of Luke and Almira (Couk) Searl of South Rutland, N. Y. ; 
born Apr. 20, 1821 ; died Mch. 6, 1864, at South Champion, aged 
42 years, 10 months and 14 days. They are both buried at South 
Champion. 2 

Children of William-Olney and Jane-Maria (Searl) Waldo. Born 
at .South Champion, N. Y. : — 
bdae aaaa. Jay-Wili.iam, born Oct. 25, 1840. 

bdacaaab. Rr-nKCCA-jANE, born Jan. 11, 1850; married Charles- Johnson 
Waldo [bdaeifa]. 

bdae aab. Allen, son of Jonathan (Jonathan, Jonathan, Shu- 
boel, Edicard, John, Cornelius) and Mary (Oluey) Waldo; born Oct. 
25, 1814, at Western, N. Y. ; died July 29, 1878, at Rutland, Jeffer- 
son Co., N. Y., where he had passed his life. He was a farmer. He 
married, A}ir. 4, 1S43, at Rutland, Celinda-Harris, daughter of Lay- 
ton and Sophisa (Tiffany) Fields of Tylersville, N, Y.; born Sept. 9, 
1820, at Adams, N. Y. ; died Oct. 6, 1877, at South Rutland, N. Y. 
Her father, Lay ton Fields, was a soldier in the war of 1812.^ ISlr. 
and Mrs. Waldo are buried in the cemetery at South Champion, N. Y. 

• R«'cor(ls of .lohn-Kruce Waldo: " Bartow Family," p. 213. 

> Records of Theodore "Waldo [bdaeaad]; Jay- Williaiu Waldo [bdacaaaa]: Gravestones 
at Soutli ('hainpion. 

'Records of Mrs. Mary-Orinda (WaMo) Libby [b'faeaabd], and Elon-Smith Waldo 
[bdacaabc]: Theodore Waldo's Family Bible [hda.caad]. 

712 WALDO GENEALOGY. [bdakaar 

Ciiildi-t'ii of Allen and Cc^linda-Harrls (Fields) Waldo. Born at 
South IJutlaud, X. Y.: — 

bdae (Xdha. Fkank-Allkn. Ailiiiinistratioii on his estate was granted Aii^. 7, 
187D, to Ucleu-1{. Waldo of llutlruul.' 

hdnr an'-h. Wu.i.iam-Aliski'.t. When last hoard from he was at Manitoii, Col. 

bdae aabc. Ilr.KiiKitT-.MYKi:?!, born May G, 1851. 

bdae aabd. Maiiy-Ouinda, born .Vpr. 7, 1850. 

hilar nahr. Klon-S.mitm, born Mch. II, 1802. Ilf; removed in 1883 from N'cw 
York State to Wisconsin and Avas living, 18'.»'J, at Mihvaiikee. He i.s a 
salesman for Georue-S. Eastman, a coal merchant. He married, Dec. L'l, 
18.S7, at Mihvanlcee, Klora-Virtrinia, dancjhtcr of Richard-.Vlcxander an(i 
Eliza-Jane (Wood) Bailey of Richmond, Va. ; born June 18, 1805, at 
Belleville, III.; living, ISOL*. They have no children." 

bdae aac Mary-Olnkv, daughter of Jonathan (Jonathan,, Jon- 
atJuin, Shubael, Edward, John, Cornelias) and Mary (Olney) Waldo; 
born May 26, 1819,^ at Western, N. Y. ; died Jan. 25, 18o'J, at 
Champion, N. Y". She married, Mch. 8, 1813, at Rutland, N. \ ., 
Elam, son of James and Anna (Waldo) Brown [Ijdaeha'] of South 
Champion, X. Y.\ born Dec. 13, 1.S02, at Bridgewater, X. Y. ; died 
Aug. 26, 1881, at Greig, X. Y". Tlaey lived at Champion. He was a 
farmer and dealer in live stock. Elam Brown married (2), Agnes- 
Emily, daughter of P^lam and Olive (Prentice) Pease; born 180S; 
died May 18, 1868, at Champion, by whom he had no children. Mr. 
Brown and his two wives are buried in the South Champion cemetery.'* 

Children of P^lam and Mary-Olney (Waldo) Brown. Born at 
Champion, X"^. Y. : — 

a. Jo.nathax-Waldo, born Sept. C, 1814; died Atip:. 6, 1883, at Evans Mills, 
Jeflerson Co., N. Y. lie Avas a cheese-maker. He married, l^ec. 23, I8('i9, 
at Antwerp, N. Y., Mar2:aret, da\i;;hter of Adam and Margaret (Robin- 
son) Orniiston of Wiina, N. Y. ; born Jnly 30, 1844, at Wilna. She 
married (2), A{)r. 1, 1881 (?), Erastus-W. Cross, and Avas living, i;»01, at 
Philadelphia, N. Y.* 

Child, born at Wilna : — 

a. FoRitKST-Ei.AM, born Sei)t. 29, 1870. 

h., born Jnne 20, 1840; living, 1901, at Watertown, N. Y. He 
is a mannfactnrer of Avagons and carriages. He married, Feb. 4, 180K, 
at Rutland, N. Y., Cornelia, daughter of .-Vlansinsi and Betsey (Hovey) 
Rose of WatcrtoAvu; born Sept. 7, 1840, at Champion, N. Y. No 

> Surrogate's Uecorris, Jefferson Co., Vol. 11, p. 425. ' Records of Eloii-Smitli AValdo. 
• Cliark's-Kl.Ain Urown {Ijilncnvh] says born 1817. 

♦Keconls of .Mrs. EUa-EHza (AVaMo) Hodge [bdafd'icc]: Charles-Elam Brown 
[hrlnrmtcb]: )'aniily lUble of Theodort* AValdo [ftf^tcitaf]: Gravestowes. 
» Uecords of .Airs. Mar^;aret (Ormistoii) Cross. 

hdakadhJ eighth GKNEUATION. 713 

bdae aad. Tiif.odoiuc, son of Jonathan (Jovathaa, JniiatlnDi, 
Sliubacl, Edward, John, Corneliu.t) and I\Iary (Olney) Waldo; 
born Jan. 8, 1821, at Western, N. Y. ; living, 18'.i8, at Soutli Cliain- 
pion, N. Y. He is a farmer, lie married (1), Dec. 2"), ISlo 
(Family Bible snys Dec. 24), at Pinckney, Lewis Co., N. Y., Ciiar- 
lotte, daughter of Luke and Almira (Cook) Searl of Riitlaml, Lewi.s 
Co., X. Y. ; born Apr. 10, 1826, at Lowville, Lewis Co., N. Y. ; died 
Nov. 20, 1867, at South Champion, where she is buried. lie married 
(2), Mch. 25, 1809, at Pamelia, N. Y., Mrs. Betsey (Otis) llolcoinb, 
daughter of Asa and Rebecca (Dudley) Otis of Pamelia, and widow 
of Marvin liolcomb who died Nov. 2, ISoS, in Mississippi of yellow 
fever. ^ 

Children of Theodore and Charlotte (Searl) NValdo. Born at South 
Champion, N. Y.: — 

hdac aada. Mahy, born May 9, )8-17; died Jan. 8, 1871, at Champion, unn^ar- 

ried. She is buried at "SoiUh Clutnipion. 
bdae aadb. David, born June 1, ISi'J. 

bdae aae. BIouTniER, son of Jonathan (Jonathan, Jonufhan, 
Shi'bad, Edirard, John, Corneliu.<iJ and Mary (Olney) Waldo; born 
Jan. 8, 1821, at Western, N. Y. ; died Mch. 12, 1888, at East 
Watcrtown, X. Y., where he had lived. He was a farmer. He was 
a member of the Methodist P^piscopal Church. He married, May 9, j 

18-i4,2 at Champion, N. Y., Eliza-Abigail, daughter of Joseph ( Wil- 
liam, Elijah, WiUiam, William, William, William..) and Eachel | 
(Lewis) Twining of South Champion; born Feb. 4, 1825, at Cham- I 
pion. She was living, 19()1, at Copenhagen, N. Y. Mr. Waldo and \ 
three children are l)uried in the cemetery at Soutli Champion. ^ 

Children of Mortimer and Eliza-Abigail (Twining) Waldo. Born, 
a. b at Harrisburg, N. Y. ; c at Champion, N. Y. ; d at Pinckney, 
N.Y.:_ i 

lidae aaea. Jamks-Hknky, born Oct. 21, 1S47; died Jan. L'4, ISIH. i 

hdar oAieb. Fi.oka-Eijza, born Jan. 11, 1850; died Aug. Id, 1851, at Champion. j 

bdae aaec. P^lla-Eliza, born Oct. 4, 1S52. I 

bdae ancd. Charlks-Moktimeh, born Oct. 20, 18(11; died Ang. 24, 1887, at 
Watcrtown, N. Y., immarricd. 

bdae adb. l^rcv, daughter of Thomas-Mattison (Jonathan, Jon- 
athan, Shidjael, Edward, John, Cornelius) and Esther (Heckwith) 

■ IJeconls of Theodore Waldo. | 

' Kaiiiily liihlo of ■ni-wMlore Wal'lo [b'i"rrt,,,l] savs April, 1844. j 

' Kecords of Mrs. EiUi-Kliza ( Waldo) Hod-e [Odaraacc] : " Twiuiu;: Family," p. IIC. 


714 WALDO GENEALOGY. [kdakai.h 

Waldo; burn Mch. lo, 1821, at Wosteni, N. Y. ; living, 1901, at 
KoMio, N. Y. She married, Mch. Ifi, lHi2, at Western, John, son 
of Ashel and Sarah (Olney) Cannicliael of Western; born Nov. '60, 
1817, at We:,tern ; died Nov. 10, 1900, at Western. He was a farmer. 
They lived on Cannicliael Hill, Western.' 

Child of John and Lucy (Waldo) Carmichael. Born at West- 
ern, N. Y. : — 

a. CuAULKs. horu Oct. 29, 1854. He studied law at Home, and is now prac- 
ticin'4 liis profession in that city. He married, Dec. 25, ISi'D, at ]\ome, 
Aniiic-Louisu, daviiihlcr of William and Marparet (Schallfr; F.ahler of 
Jloinc; born Apr. 5, 1807, at Rome; living, IDOl. William Bahler is a 
German by birth. No children.' 

bdae a,clc. Alfred, son of Thomas-Mattison {, Jonathan, Jona- 
than,, Ed'uard, John, Cornelius) and P>sthcr (Beckwith) 
Waldo; born Apr. 16, 1826, at Western, N. Y. ; living, 1901, at 
Western, lie is a farmer. lie married, Dec. 12, 1849, Angeline, 
daughter of James and Eva (Frank) Rogers of Montgomery ('c, 
N. Y. ; born Aug. 29, 1825, in Montgomery Co. ; living, 1901.3 

Children of Alfred and Angeline (Rogers) Waldo. Born at West- 
ern, N. Y. : — 

bdae adca. Lauija-Kozklina, born Sept. 20, 1850. 
bdae adcb. Ja.mics-1vOC.kks, born Oct. 21, 1851. 

bdae add. Ann-P^liza, daughter of Thomas-Mattison (Jona- 
than, Jonathan, Shubael, Echoanl, John, Cornelius) and Estlier 
(Beckwith) Waldo; born Oct. 5, 1830, at Western, N. Y. ; living, 
1901, at Rome, N. Y. She married, Oct. 10, 1849, at Western, 
Jerome-Bonaparte, son of John and Jane (LeClair) Wiggins of 
Western; born Oct. 26, 1826, at Western; died Mch. 5, 1896, at 
Rome. He was a farmer at Western until about 1867, when he re- 
moved to Rome and became an undertaker.'* 

Children of Jeroine-Bonaj^artc and Ann-Eliza (Waldo) Wiggins. 
Born at Western, N. Y. : — 

a. LoriSA->L\uiA, born Nov. 4, 1850; livinrr, lOOl. at Wasluntrtoii, R. I. She 
married, Mch. 17, 18S1, at lioine, N. Y., John-Aiitliony Chacc; died ^Lay 
15, lOuO, at Wa.^liingloD. He was a farmer, storekeeper and postmaster. 
No children. 

' Records of .Mrs. Lucy (Waldo) Carmichael. 

' Records of Mrs. Annie-Louisii C;i.iiiiicli:iel. ' Records of Alfred Waldo. 

♦ Roconis of Mr8. Ann-Eliza ( Waldo) Wiggins. 


i . ; ; i 

iidakaka] eighth GENERATION. 71.') 

l>. JoHN-TiioMAS, l)orn .Inly 13, l.'<r.r>; liviii;,', )90I, at Komr, N Y. Ho is nn 
iiiult; ]lo inanieil. May 20, is;)l. at Uomc, Di'iil.aniia, danirlitor of 
Soldiiioii-IIohiies and Ann (Sniilli) Wliouler of Home; born Jnne 27, 
18!:-2, at Biilfalo; iivini,', l'.»01. No children. 

c. Esifii;i!-.lANK, born Doc. 21, 183S. She married, Nov., ]H7><, at Roin<', 
U'illard-Hyde, son of Daiiiol-Bahhvin and Sarah-rornolia (Borliani) 
Prince of Itoine; horn Fel)., \S'>5, at Home. They live at Konie. He i.s 
in the nndertakiu^ business with M'r. John-Thomas Wiggins. 

Children, bora at Rome: — 
a. Anna-Loiiisk, born 1S79, 
h. Eva-May, born 1880. ' ; ' ' ; ■ 

c. Daniul-Jkuumk-Wiggins, born 1887; died Au<r. 1, 1891. 

d. Waldo-Wiggins, born 1896. 

bdae adf. Gkoroe, son of Thomas-lMattison fJonatJiaa, Jona- 
than. Slmbael, Edirard^ John, Cornelhis) and Esthor (Beokwitli) 
WnKlo ; Iiorn July oO, 1836, at Western, N. Y. ; married, Feb. 13. ]S.'»9, 
at Carthage, N. Y., Patia-Jane, daughter of and Eliza (Van 
Antwerp) Slye of Diana, Lewis Co., N. Y. ; born Feb. 11, 1840, at 
Diana. Tliey were living, 1899, at South Champion. He is a farmer.' 

Children of George and Patia-Jane (Slye) Waldo. iJorn, a, c at 
Champion, N. Y. ; b at Rutland, N. Y. :— 

bdae adfa., born Feb. 7, 18G2. 

bdae adfb. Otis-Thoma.'?, born Aug. 1, 1803. 

bddP adfc. Dora-BkliJ', born May 19, 1809; married, Mch. 3, 1892, at AVater- 

town, N. Y., Wyar Barr. He is a painter. They were living, 1901, at 

Carthage, N. Y. Slie is his second wife. 

bdae ajb. Jonathan-Jay, son of David-Jonathan (Jonathan, 
Jonathan, Shuhael, Edward, John, Cornelius) and Diana-Harriet 
(White) Waldo; born June 13, 1811, at Floyd, N. Y. IJe lived at 
first at Westernville, N. Y., where he was a farmer; later he removed 
to Cliieago, 111., where he was living in 1900. He is a newsdealer 
and stationer. He married, Jan. 4, 1869, at Delta, Oneida Co., 
N. Y., Mary- Alice, daughter of John and Hester-Ann (Gill) Tiusley 
of Boonville, N. Y. ; born Jan. 19, 1846, at Boonville ; living, 1900.'-' 

Child of Jonathan-Jay and Mary-Alice (Tinsley) Waldo. Born at 
Boonville, N. Y. : — 
hdae ajba. David-Tinslky, born June 29, 1S75; living, 1900, unmarried. 

bdae aka. Calista-Diaxa, daughter of Isaiah-Asa (Jonathan, , 

Jonathan, Shuhael, Edward, John, Cornelius) an(\ Lucy-Burt (Ohiey) j 

• Records of Otis-Tlioina'< W.iMo Ibdcicad/h]. ' Keuonis of ,)i)ii;itlmn-J:iy Wal.lo. I 

716 WALDO GKNEALOOY. [hdaraka 

Waldo; boni An,^^. 12, l,s:)7, at North We^loni, \. Y. ; liviupf, UiOO, 
at Gravesoud, N. Y., hoiDii: employed as a matron in the Tonihs 

prison in New York Oity. 8lic married, May 1, 18.')S, at North West- | 

ern, Edward, ion of Jay and Lucinda (Harris) Olney of North j 

Western, date of his birth and death unknown. He was a farmi'r. 3 

They lived at Manehester. la. Mr. and Mrs. Olnoy separated about ^ 

1875; since then she has lived in New York City and at Brooklyn.' • 

Children of Edward and Calista-Diana (Waldo) Olney. Born at 1 

Manehester, la. : — 4 

a. Waldo, born Feb. 28, 18C2; married, Jan. 12, 1889, at Graveseiid, N. Y., ^ 

Adeliue Kreyer ; bora at Gravesend. lie is a horse trainer. 

Child:— . 

a. Grohgk, born Nov. 12, 1S90. 
h. May, born May 1, 1804; died Pel,-. 22, 1800, at Manchester. 

c. ILnkius. born Jan. 18, isfiD ; died Nov. 18, 1804, at Brooklyn, N. Y., un- 


d. Mahy, born Nov. 1, 1871 ; died Jnne20, 1875, at Sarat02;a Springs, N. Y. 

bdae akc. ^Iarv-Brill, daughter of Isaiah- Asa (Jonathan^ 
Jonathan., Slnihad, EdicavL John, Cornelius) and Lucy- Burt (Olney) 
Waldo; born Nov. 19, 1S40, at North Western, N. Y. ; living, 1900, 
at South Kiciiland, N. Y. She married, Nov. 19, lSt)2, at Western, 
N. Y'., Orauge-Hayden, son of Otis and Betiiilda (Ilayden) White of 
Western; born Sept. G, 1837, at Western. Thej' lived at Western 
until 18C.0, when they removed to South Richland. He is a farmer. ~ 

Children of Orauge-Hayden and Mary-Brill (Waldo) White. P.oi'u 
at South Richland, N. Y'. : — 

a. Fkko-Otis, born Sept. 4, ISC')-, died Jan. 17, 188", at Sonlh Richland. 

t>. Fkank-Wamx), born Nov. G, 1808. lie is a farmer and catUe dealer, liv- 
illl,^ 1900, at Fernwood, N. Y. He married, Dee. 14, 1892, at Richland, 
lda-.M:iy, i!:iu^iiter of (leorijc-IIcnry and Adalaide-Vietmia (Staples) 
Kilick ol Fernwood; born Ang. 19, ltl70, at South Richland. 

'I • : Child, born at Fernwood : — •' '■ '• '••'' ' '*• '' 

a. 1Ia);oli)-IIaydkn, born Ang. 18, 1896. 

c. Gkokgk-IIaydkn, boru Am?. 9, 1871. He is a drn,!]j2;ist, livim?, 1900, at 
I'nlaski, N. Y. lie miirried, Sept. 10, 1890, at Fnlnski, Lotta-Joues, 
«hui;^liter of William-Marcellns and Mary-Elleu (Junes) Stowell <•! 
Pulaski ; born Jan. 28, 1878. at Constantia, N. Y. 

' Child, born at Tulaski : — 

a. Lki.a-Makgarkt, boru Oct. 12, 1899. 

> Records of Mr.s. Caliit.i-Diaiia (Walilo) Olney, 
' UecDuls of Mrs. Maiy-lWiU (Waldo) White. 


bdae akd. Sai:aii-Lucv, (laiijj,iitor of Isaiah-Asa ( JonaOinv , 
Jn, I, if 1,11 II, Shnbael, Edicard, John, Cornelius) and Lucy-I^urt (Olnoy) 
Wal.lo; born Mcli. 1, 1843, at North ^Vestcrn, N. Y.; living, 1900, 
at Haconhill, Sarato<.^'^ Co., N. Y. vSlie inarriod, Feb. 18, 1862, at 
Nortli Western, Lewis-Preserved, son of Steplien-Olney and Rebecca 
(Salisbury) Hurt of Baeonhill ; born July 4, 1839, at Baoonhill. lie 
was in 1900 a retired farmer, living at Baeonhill.' 

Child of Lewis-Preserved and Sarah-Luc}' (Waldo) Burl. Born at 
Haconhill, N. Y. :— 
a. .Toiln-Waloo, horn Fob. 14, 1875; diinl Jan. 2, 1881, at North Western. 

bdae ako. Jami:>-Olney, eon of Isnxah- Asia, (Jonathayi, Jonathan, 
Shnbael, Edivard, John, Cornelius) and Lucy-Burt (Olney) Waldo; 
boru Sept. 24, ISlf),"- at North Western, N. Y. He is a fanner, liv- 
ing, 18'.)9, at North Western. lie married, Oct. 15, l.^'G7, at South 
Champion, N. Y., Eniogene-Cornelia, daughter of Alfred- Watson 
(WilUaiii, William. Elijah, William, WilUam, William, William) 
and flenette (Fargo) Twining of South Champion; born Dec. 12, 
18r>l, at South Champion. 3 

('hild of James-Olney and Emogene-Cornelia (Twining) Waldo, 
iiorn at North Western, N. Y". : — 
bdae akea. Ai.ick-Bukt, born Oct. 19, 1870. 

bdae ama. Haumox, son of Ira (Jonathan, Jonathan, Shnhai'l ^ 
Edward, John, Cornelius) and Peggy (Hlasier) Waldo; born July 
20, 1813, at Western, N. Y. ; died Aug. 13, 1885, at Dewitt, Neb. 
He served for four years during the Civil war in Co. H, 4th Iowa 
Cavalry, and was engaged in the battles of Belmont, Pea Ridge, siege 
of Corinth, Fort Donelson, Big Black River, siege of Vicksburg, 
Franklin, Jackson, Nashville, Missionary Ridge, Selma, Atlanta, 
Crierson's Raid, and in Sherman's March to the Sea. lie removed to 
Nebraska, lived in Lincoln and Dewitt, and was a blacksmith and 
liveryman. He married, Sept. 5, 18GG, at Williamsburg, la., I\laria- 
Jaue, daughter of Arthur and Nancy (.Merritt) Carmicliael of Wil- 
liamsburg; born Feb. 21, 1847, in Marion Co., O. ; died Oct. 24, 
1893, at Dewitt.'' 

' Itecoriis of .Mrs. SmhiIi Lucy (W.tI.Io) Durt. 
M'uuiily nible of Heiiry-l'.fckwitli Wakio Ibdaead't] s.T.ys 1845. 
' Kecoiils of James-Olney WaUlo: " Twiiiiiip; F.iiuily," p. IC'_'. 
* Ueconls of .Mrs. .Saruli-.Tane ( Walilo) Dunluir [Oclarainh]. 

718 ^ WALDO GENEALOGY. [udakama 

(Jliildrcn of Harmon aixl Maria-. lane (Carniicliacl) Waldo. Hnin, 
a at \\'illiainsl)iir<i;, la.; /; at Lincoln, Nc'l». ; c at Swan, Neb.; d-i 
at Dcwitt, Neb. : — 

lidac aman. Ai.ta-Ion'a, born July 7, 18G7; died Dec. 2;$, 1874, lit Dowitt. 

bdae amab. SARAH-KLiZAr.ivni, born May 9, 1«G9. 

bJae amac. Wii,LAi;i)-Fin:ni;Kicic, born Sept. 13, 1871. 

bdae amad., born Oct. 8, 1873. 

bdae amae. Gly-Hamiltox, born ^Lay 17, 1876. 

hdae amaf. Edith-May, born May 2i, 1878; died Jnly, 1878, at De^vitt. 

bdaeamag. RL^ky-Lkxa, born Jan. 19, I8S0; unmarried, 1900. 

bdae amah. Clifk-Foiid, born Sept. 13, 1882. 

bdae amai. ITakmon-Orval, born Aug. 21, 1885. 

bdae amb. iSAUAH-jAXE. daughter of Ira (Jonadtcu), Jona- 
than, Shiibael, Edicard, John, CorneUns) and Peggy (Hlasior) j 
Waldo; born Feb. 16, 1815, at Western, N. Y. ; living, 1900, at j 
I)es Moiues, Ta. She inarried, July 7, 1861, at Nebraska City, i 
Neb., John-J, son of ^Martin and Hannah (Brill) Dunbar of North | 
Western, N. Y. ; born Oct. 21, 1839. at North Western ; died May 18, | 
1896, at Strattou, Neb. They lived at Beatrice and Lincoln, Neb. | 
He was a stockman. ' i 

Children of John-J and Sarah-Jane (Waldo) Dunbar. Born, a 
at North Western, N. Y. ; h, c at Beatrice, Neb. ; d at Swan, Neb. ; 
e at Lincoln, Neb. ; /at Steele City, Neb. : — 

o. Ida-Luklla, born Oct. 6, 18C3; died Sept. 22, 18C4, at Fairbury, Neb. 

b. Gkorge-Russkl, born June 13, 18G5; died Mch. 17, 1806, at Beatrice. 

c. Willahd-Fkepkric, born Nov. 30, 18G0; died Jan. 20, 18G7, at Beatrice. 

d. Bkrt-Ashi.ey, born >Liy 2, 1868; living, 1900, at Des Moines, la. 

e. FuAXK, born Sept. 23, I8G9; died Oct. 14, 1870, at Swan. 
/. Maud-Alsta, born Apr. 19, 187G; living, 1900, at Des Moines, la. She j 

married. May 18, 1894, at Des Moines, Adam-ITarrison, son of Jacob- i 

Darst and Victoria (Clarke) Licklider of Fairlield, Neb.; born Dec. 19, j 

1H70, at Newliaven, lud. He is an express messenger, living, 1900, at | 

Des Moines, la. | 

Children, born at Des Moines : — 
a. Lucy-La VEUK, born Jnly 19, 1895. 
, 6. Edna-Laverxe, born Nov. C, 189G. 

bdae amc Arden-Convers, son of Ira (Jonathan, Jonathan, l 
Shuhael, Edward, John, Corndius) and Peggy (Blasier) Waldo; born | 
July 8, 1849, at Western, N. Y.; died Ai)r. 7, 1892, at McCook, Neb. 
At the age of twelve years he ran awa}' from home and joined bis 

> Reconls of .Mrs. .Saiali-Janc ( WaUto) Diiubiir. 

iU)AK,AMn] Klfill'l'H GENKIIATION. 719 

f.-illicr, who was tlicii en^^agcd iu the Indian wars in the Northwest. 
Later in life he hecune a surveyor and helped survey the lines for 
some of the first railroads in Nebraska ; he afterwards enga^^ed in 
farming and stock-raising, in which he was very successful until his 
health failed in 1890; he then sought to regain his health by travel for 
two years, but without avail. lie married, Dec. 5, 1873, at Wilber, 
Neb., Eliza-Clintonia, daughter of Alleu-Grilfith and Amauda-Aurelia 
(\Vycofr; Carton of Vinton, la.; born Jan. 15, 185C, at Vinton. 
She was living, 1900, at Sheridan, Wyo.^ 

Children of Arden-Convers and Eliza-Clintonia (Carton) Waldo. 
Borji, a-c at Dewitt, Neb. ; d at IMcCook, Neb. : — 

hddcamca. Myktlk, born May 15, 1875; died Feb. 18, 187G, at Dewitt. 
bdae amcb. VEU.v-GrwVCK, boru Auij. 20, 1876. 

bdae (nncc. WiM-ARi>-AnnKN, born Jan. 5, 1879; liviu-:;;, 1900, at Sheridan, 
Wyo. He is enira^red iu dry goods business. He is unmarried. He en- 
listed in 1898 in 2d Kej^t. U. S. Vol. Cavalry, and served six months. 

bdae amcd. Waunkta-Maudk, boru Feb. 3, 1890; died Oct. 9, 1890, at McCook. 

bdae amd. Rekktt, daughter of Ira (Jonathan^ Jonathan^ 
ShuUiel, Edicard^ John^ Cornelius) and Peggy (Blasier) Waldo; 
born June 4, 1852, at Western, N. Y. ; died Sept. 25, 1886, at Dewitt, 
Neb. She married, Dec. 1, 1868, at Beatrice, Neb., Thomas-Uridge, 
son of John and Sarah (Seatou) Whiffeu of Kewanee, 111. ; boru 
Sept. 5, 1847, at Utica, N. Y. ; living, 1900, at Dewitt. He is a 
blacksmith. During the Civil war he served as a private in Co. A, 
124th Illinois Vol. Infantry.'-^ 

Children of Thomas-Uridge and Kcnett (Waldo) Whiffeu. Boru, 
a at York Center, la. ; b at Swan, Neb. ; c at Beatrice, Neb. ; d-i at 
Dewitt, Neb. : — 

a. Joiix-Ii{A, born Oct. 14, 1800; livini,s 1900, at Horlon, Kan. He married, 

Jan. 1, 1^90, at Dewitt, Emma-Dell, daughter of llarry-J. and Alzora 
(Mills) Miller of Iloiton; born Nov. 2, 1874, at Bcllflowcr, McLeau Co., 
111. ivir. WhilTen is a clerk iu a grocery store. 

Children, boru, a at Dewitt; b, c at Ilorton : — 

a. llAKRY-TnoMAS, !)oru INIcli. 1, 1892. 

b. Uiudgk-Glkn, born Apr. 8, 1895. 

c. rAUL-AuTiK, born June 27, 1898. 

b. Noka-Mait), born F-ib. 7, 1871; living, unmarried, 1900. 

c. MAKV-GKUTKunE, bom May 15,1873; married Feb. 15, ls92, at Dewitt, 

Jaeob-F.dward. .son of Georirc and Mary (Grant) Carey of Somer.sctstiirc, 
Eng. ; born July lo, 1863, in Somersetshire. He lias been a farmer, but 
is at present a lumberman, living, 1900, at Clay Center, Kan. 

' RecDnis of -Mrs. Kliza-Clintonia Waldo. '' liLCords of Thoinas-Uridt;*' 'Whifl'en. 

720 WALDO CiKNEALOGY. ["I'^kami: 

I C'liiklroii, born nt Dcwitt: — 

a. Ci:cii,-Eaul, born Auij. 20, 1802. 

b. TuoMAS-CiKonGK, born ])ec. 18, 1803. 
d r'nAUM-.s-VKUNoN. born Mcli. 27, 1875; unin.irriecl, 1000. 
c. Um.vm-W'makk, born Ann;. 27, 1877; died Aug. 17, 1882, at Dewitt. 
f. Ki>NA-Ki,iZAni;Tii, born Nov. 21, 1878; niarriod, ^ln.y 5, 1807, at, Drwitr, 

Fr.'ink-raris, son of Jolin-Kiccc and Mar^arol-Jain; (Bi^'trs) Steele of 
().■^ceoIa, Mo.; born .Jnne 14, isC), at Marysville, I\Io. He is a Inmliennaii. 
TlniV were iivini,', 1000, at lUoci^, Neb. No children in 1000. 
(I. Nkttik-.May, born Jnne 13, 18.S1; married, Oct. ."•, 1S08, at Dewilt, .Inles- 
.AnLcnst, son of Lc-wis-Fierre and Aline-Marie Sire of France; born at 
Blaniont, Doub.s, France. He is a hiinbcrnian. They were liviiiij, I!mj(j, 
at IJrocls, Neb. 

Child, born at Brock :— 
rt. IlAimy-GLKN, born July 25, 1809. 
h. EsTHKK, born May 5, 1884; died Ang. 8, 1884, at Dcwitt. 
J. Ona-Ghack, born July 14, 1885. "^ 

bdae amf. Ei.mixa-Susan, daughter of Ira (Jonathan, JotiafJum, 
ShidjaeJ, Edicard, John, Cornelius) ami Eliza (Kemlc}') Waldf) ; 
born Oct. 4, 180'), near Iowa City, la.; married, Mcb. 17, 1885, at 
McC'ook, Neb., Johu-p]d\vard, son of Dr. George- Edward and Martha 
(HalUntine) Bragg of Chicago, 111,; born Dec. 10, 1850, at Bruns- 
wick, Mo. They have lived at Lincoln, McCook and Wavcrly, Neb., 
and in 1900 were living at Chicago. He wa.s at the time of his mar- 
riage in the grain business, but in 1000 was inspector for the Western 
Weighing Association. • 

Children of John-Edward and I'^lmina-Susan (Waldo) Bragg. Born 
at Waverly, Neb. : — 

«■ ^^^'^'^'' I born Jan. 10, 1800:/ '^'""^ ^'■^'- ^O- ^^"^^^ ^' ^'^''^^^"o. 
b. Leah, J I died Sept. 12, 1800, at ^Yaverly. 

bdae CCa. Cakounk, daughter of Samuel (Gcrshom, Jonathnn, 3 

f^hulxiel. Ed'ixo-d, John, Cornelius) tind'Miuorya (Bates) Waldo; born 1 

Oct. 12, I.SIG, at Perry, N. Y. ; died Sept. 27, 1887, at Jamestown, \ 

N. Y. She married, Dec. 1, 1812,- at Perry, David-IIanied, son of I 

Jesse Gil)Son of Edinboro, Pa,; born IMch. 10, 1.S19, at Edinboro; | 

died Sept. 22, 1895, at New York City. He Avas a farmer and dairy- \ 

man and passed most of his life in western New York State. His 
father is said to have been an emigrant from the north of Ireland. '' 

Children of David-Harned and Caroline (Waldo) Gibson: — 
«. Li.ovd-Samckl, born Dec. 17, 1844, atEdinl)oro, Fa. He has lived for the 

• KLM.'dnls of Mrs. lOlmiiia-Su.'^aii (Waldo) BraKR- 
» JJihleof Joliii-ll.iinilton Waldo Jxiaicrl]. 
■'* Uei-ords of Lloyd-Samucl GiV'Sou [bdarccaa]. 


p;ist Uvcnty-six years in JaIncslo^vn, N. Y. Is a painter by trade, but 
lias done missionary and cvan'iclical worl<. Has never married. 

h. Lucii-.N-IIr.MtY, born May 27, 1847; died Jan. 29, 18o9, at Perry. N. Y. 

c. Fi.(ii:r.NCi>MAY, born May 17, 1852; died Feb. 2, 1859, at Terry, N. Y. 

bdae ccb. IJf.tskv-Anxa, duughter of Samuel (Gershom^ Jmia- 
(Ji((ii, Sldibarl, Edirnrd, John^ CmiieUvs) and ^Minerva (Bates) 
Waldo; born Doc. 17, 1818, at Perry, N. Y. ; died Feb., IDOO, at 
East lIulTalo, N. Y. She married, Feb. 14, 1841, at Perry, Neliomiab- 
Paiialoe, sou of Isaac aud I'olly (?) (Kapalee) Osborn of Perry; 
died Oct. G, 1901, at East Buffalo. He was a fanner and lived at 
Perry and aftorv.ards in Wisconsin, but later returned to New York 
State, They had live or six children at least. ^ 

Children of Nehcmiali - Rapalee and Betsey- Anna (Waldo) 
Osborn : — 

«. Fked-Bykox, Hviuir, 1001, at Buflalo, N. Y. 
b. Linnius-Samuel, living, 1901, in Tennsylvauia. 

bdae CCd. Ed^vix-Palmi-k, sou of Samno] (Gershom, tTonathan, 
Shuhael, Echrard, John., Cornelivs) aud Minerva (Bates) "Waldo; 
boru Nov. 10, 1S23, at Perry, N. Y. ; living, 1890, at Columbus, Wis. 
He is a carpenter. He married Julia-Ann, daughter of Philip-James 
Booth; boru July 27, 1820, at Rome, N. Y. ; died Nov. 12, 1877, at 
Columbus. 2 

Children of Edwin-Palmer aud Julia-Ann (Booth) Waldo. Born, 
a at Sullivan, Wis. ; h at Eichmoud, Wis. ; c-e at Calimus, W^is. : — 

bdae ccda. Cuaiu-Ottk-Elizabeth, born June 22, 184G. 

bdae ccdh. Hanxau-Mixkhva, boi-u Aug. 28, 1848; graduated at Wayland 
Academy, Beaver Dam, AYis. Unmarried, 1899. 

bdae cede. Ameua-Fixette, 1 j^q^.^ q,,^ jj 1350- i ^^'^^^^ '^"^'- '^'^' ^''^^* 
Id'ie ccdd. Adei.ia-Jaxette, J " ' ^ ' I died Aug. 23, 1852. 

bdae cede. Ai,iu:rt-Samuel, born July 27, 1856. 

bdae cce. Calvix-Calkixs, sou of Samuel (GersJiom, Jonathan, 
SliuhaeU Edirard, John., Cornelius) and JNlercy (Calkins) "Waldo; 
born Jan. IG, 1829, at Perry, N. Y. ; living, 1899, at Bcebe, Ark. 
He served for five years in the Uuiou army during the Civil war in an 
Indiana regiment. He was at one time a teacher aud later a fruit 
grower. He married (1), Feb. 3, 18.jG, at Jeffersonville, Clark Co., 
Ind., Poll^'-Jaue, daughter of Abraham and Cornelia (Halsey) Ray- 
mond of Austerlitz, Columbia Co., N. Y. ; born Oct. 9, 182-3, at 

' Records of John-lI.amiUoii \N aldo [bdacccl]. ' Kecoids of Edwin-l'aluier Waldo. 


722 WALDO GENEALOGY. [bdakcck 

Cliathaiii, N. Y. ; died Juno 15, 18G5, at Ulica, Clark Co., Iiid. She 
was a graduate of Troy Seminary, Troy, N. Y. lie married (2), 
June 15, 1873, at Salem, lu., IClvira, daui!;hter of Jolm-Greeii aiul 
Mary (Goodsem) Garretson of Salem; liorii Aug. IG, 1835, at Sar- 
dinia, O. ; died June 9, 1882,' at Salem.2 

Children of Culvin-Calkins and Pully-Janc (Raymon<l) AValdo. 
r)i)rn, a at Jeffersouville, Ind.; b, c at Utica, Ind. ; d at Lexington, 
Ind. :— , , 

lilac ccen. Wnj-iASi-RAYMONO, boru Feb. 12, 1857; married, at Lcnuox, S. 

Dak., Dclla-M. Hoard, 
bdae cceb. CouxKr.iA-MiNr.RV.v, boru Nov. 22, 1858. 
bdac ccec. Samvkl, boru Oct. 22, ISGO; died Sept. 12, 18G4, at Utlca. 
bdae cced. AuiiAiiAM-EAYMOND, boru Dec. 23, 18G2. 

Children of Calvin-Calkins and Elvira (Garretson) Waldo. Born 
at Council Bluffs, la, : — 

bdae ccee. GnACE-GAurarrsox, boru Juuc 12, 1871; Uviuij, ISf'O, at Rochester, 

N. Y., unmarried. 
bdae ccef. Fkaxk-Siiubakl, boru Feb. 10, 187G; living, 1899, at Washingtou, 

D. C, unmarried. 

bdae CCf. ]\riNi:KVA-SELiKA, daughter of Samuel ( Geraliom^ 
Jonathan, ShubaeJ, Edward, Jolin^ Cornelius) and Mercy (Calkins) 
Waldo; born Mch. 20, 1831, at Perry, N. Y. ; married, Dec. 9, 
1S5G, at PciT}', Josepli, son of Joseph and Lydia (Austin) Cooper of 
Java Village, N. Y. ; born Feb. 27, 1834, at Holland, N. Y. They 
were living, 1899, at Perry, He is a farmer. 3 

Children of Josepli and Minerva-Sclina (Waldo) Cooper. Ijorn at 
Java Village, N. Y. : — 

o. Lydia-Fkhmklia, born Nov. 2, 1858; married, Sept. 24, I87S, at Java Vil- 
lage, Ilenry-Iiobert, sou of George and Hanuali (Britton) Howard of 
Java; boru Aug. 2S, 185C, at Biruiinghani, Kng. The}- were living, 18'J'J, 
at Ferry, N. Y. He is a farmer. 

Children, born, a at Java ; h at Ferry : — 

a. nAUiiv-JosicPii, boru Aug. 28, 1879. 

b. liour-RT-JosKrii, boru Mch. 11, 1883. 

b. Elmkh-Waldo, boru May 8, 18G0; married, Nov. 21. 1887, at Perry, N. Y., 
Ella-Frances, daughter of .Amos and Eopliemia (Spink) Otis of Ferry; 
born Fob. 2G, 18G5, at Ferry. They were living, Ks9'J, at Terry. He is a 

' Uecords of Gr:K-o-(;;irretson W'ahlo sny died June 3. 

M:coords of .Mrs. Conielin-Minerva (Waltlo) Head [iHlttccceh], Frank-Slmlt.icl WaUln 
[h-lnerrrf], and (;racf-(;airi'ts'>n Wahlo Uiilnm-fr]. 
' Uecords of Mn. .Minerva-8elina (Waldo) Cooper. 



Children, born at rerry :— 
a. Guv, born Nov. II, 1800. 
h. Esrin:i;, born Teb. 2G, 1897. 

bdae CCg. Eukice-Peumelia, duugblcr of Samuel (GeraJiom, 
Jonathan. Shnhael, Edirard, John, Cornelius) and Mercy (Calkins) 
Waklo; born An-. IG, 1832, at Perry, N. Y. ; died Feb. 22, 18G7, 
at Utica, Ind. She married, June 23, l8o6, at Utica, Moses-Hinkle, 
son of Zachariah and Denehy (Jennings) Tyler of Jefferson Co., 
Ky. ; born Feb. o, 182-1, in Jefferson Co.; died Dec. 3, 1896, at 
Utica. They lived at Utica, whore he was engaged in business as a 
merchant and superintendent of lime works. He was four times mar- 
ried, first, in Kentucky to Mary-Ellen Yeager; second, to Miss 
Waldo; third, June 29, 1800, at Penick, Ky., to S.-Kate Penick; 
fourth, Aug. 5, 1884^, to Annie-Laura McClintoek.i 

Children of ^Moses-Hinkle and Kunice-Permclia (Waldo) Tyler. 
Born at Utica, Ind. : — 

a. Waltkk-AY., born May 7, 1858; died June 19, 18,")8. 

b. EDi>n>M., born Ang. 20, 1859 ; died July 25, 18G0. 

c. Mixkrva-Manota, born Oct. 9, 1800; died Nov. 11, 1889. at Worthington, 

Ky. Slie niavried, Oct. 11, 18ii2, at Utica, Harry-Hamilton, sou of 
"\Villiani-Mont2-oinevy and Mariha-Wasliington (Paierson) Sims of Utica; 
born Feb. 13, 1660, at Utica. He graduated at Indiana University, 1881. 
They lived at Jefferson viUe, Ind., until April, 1885, Mben they removed to 
Penick, Marion Co., Ky., Avliere they lived until February. 1889, when 
they removed to Louisville, and in the following I^Iay again removed 
to "WorthiniTton, where Islr. Sims was living in 1899. He was a mer- 
chant at .lellersonville, a farmer at Fenick. and again a merchant at 
"Worthington. He married (2), Oct. :U, 1895, Ida Skinner.* 

Children, born, a at Jefferson ville; b, c at Penick; d at Worthington :— 
a. Edxa-Tyler, born May 17, 188-1 ; died Aug. 29, 1884. 
6. Charlks-Cai.dweel, born Juno 22, 1885; died June 28, 1885. 

c. Flora-Kate, born Mch. 6, 1887; died Oct. 31, 1888. 

d. Maxetta, born Oct. 8, 1889; died same day. 

d. Horatio, died young. 

c. Samtel-Burto-v, died young. 

/. Jonx, born Feb., 18G7; died young. 

bdae CCh. Daniel-Samuel, son of Samuel (Gershom, Jonathan, 
Shuhael, Edward, John, Cornelius) and ?i[ercy (Calkins) Waldo; 
born Jan. 23, 1836, at Perry, X. Y. He married, Jan. 28, 1855, at 
Hillsdale, Mich., Julia-Ann, daughter of Jacob (Stephen, Step/ien, 
Samuel, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas) and Cynthia (P.rightman) Ik'ue- 

• Uecortls of B.-W. Tyler, Cliarlestown, ImL 

' Uecord-s of E.-W. Tyler and n;irry-ir:iiiiiltoii .Sims. 

^24 WALDO GENP:AL0GY. [nDAKflii 

diet of Greenville, X. Y. ; born June C, 182G,' ut Greenville. She 
was widow of Dr. Edward-]-^. Gardner of Hartford, Conn., whom she. 
married, Dee. C, 1810, and who died Sept, 12, 1852, at Nevada City, 
Cal. Mr. and >\Ir.s. Waldo were living, 1001, at Canton, S. Dak., 
liavini,^ previously lived at Marshall, Burroak and Jonesville, Mieh., 
lie is a farmer, lie has lived at Canton since 1865.2 

Children of Daniel-Samuel and Julia-Ann (Benedict) Waldo. Born, 
a at Marshall, Mich. ; b, c at Burroak, Mich. ; (Z, e at Jonesville, 
Mich. :— 

bdae ccha.]}\yn:L, horn Nov. 5, ISr),"). He is a commercial Irav- 
cUcr, livinir. iriOl, jit Kslaiiiazoo, Mich. He married. June 21», 1887, at 
Wasepi, -Midi., Clari!)el-,}eaiiolte, dauixhtcr of Roland and CUirinda-Aiin 
(Connor) Raniard of ^[endon, Midi.; born Jidy 17, 18G1.', at Wasciu ; 
living, IDOL Tliey have no diildrcn.-* 

bdae cchb. Fuf.d-Cai.vix, liorn Feb. 15, 1856; unmarried, 1001. 
bd'ifi rrhc. Inez-Julia, born Apr. 22, Isr.S; died Sept. 23, 1877, at Sioux Falls, 
S. Dak. 

bdae cchd. BLAxcnK-rKit^ricLiA, born Sept. 20, 13(12; married. May 4, 1880, 
Coruelius-B. Koiniedy. He is a lawyer. 

Children : — 
\,a. ]Mn,r,A]:D-BnYAXT. 

b. Ykhnk. 

c. Bi:xjAMi.\. 

bdae cche. JKNNn-.-GAnPXKK, born July ''22, 1804; married, Sept, 13, IBS"). 
Joliii-E. Millie, a stockman. 

Children : — 

a. Onica-Julia. 

b. Maision. 

c. Blanchk. 

bdae CCJ- MERCY-rilAnrA, dany,htor of Samuel (Gershom^ Jona- 
than, Shuhael, Edvxird, John, ConieUns) and Mercy (Calkins) 
Waldo; born Dec. 2, 1839, at Perry, N. Y. ; married, July 22, 1865, 
at Perry, Samuel, son of Joseph and Lydia (Austin) Cooper of Java, 
N. Y. ; born July 31, 1836, at Java Yillage. He served during the 
Civil war as private in Co. D, 15th Regiment, Illinois Volunteers. 
They were living, 1899, at Delevan, X. Y. He is a travelling sales- 

Child of Samuel and Mercy-Maria (Waldo) Cooper. Born at Java 
Village, N. Y. :— 
a. Jknnik-Kstkli.f,, born Oct. 15, 1875; nviug, 1893, unmarried. 

> " nciicilict r,cncalo;iy," p. 2S, s.ays " born Juno 9, 1S23, ami married Dec, 185C." 

' Ueconls of Daiiiel-.Saiuuel Waldo. ' lloc:<nds of Clarence-Daniel Waldo. | 

* Kccords of Mrs. Murcy-.Maria ( Waldo) Cooper. 


bdae CCk. Lni.v-EM, (l;ui:4hter of Saimicl (GersJion, Jona- 
than, ShuhitoU Edirard, John^ Coniclins) ami Ivsthcr (Ilainillou) 
Waldo; born r\>l). 19, 18aU, at rorr^', N.Y.; married, Mch. 17, 
1.S74, allViiy, Kicbard-IIorace, son of Erastus and Cyulbia (C'olniau) 
Cotton of Spiintificld, N, Y. ; born July 14, 1850, at Si)riiigfield. 
'i'liey were living, 18'>)9, at Perry, lie is a locomotive engineer.^ 

Children of liiehard-IIoracc and Lucia-Em (Waldo) Cotton. 
IJorn at Ferry, N. Y. : — 

a. Lr.ovi>-W.\i.i)0, born Mch. 17, 1S7.'; died Aug. 25, ISOS, at Perr.v, ■where he 

li:id lived, lie 'svas a butcher. He married, July 5, 1SI)7, at Attica, N. Y., 
Grace-Luetta, datightor of Matthe\v and Haniiah-Dcli.zht (Adams) Miller 
of Hinsdale, N. YT; born July IS, 1874, at Portville, N. Y. No children. 

b. Ekk-1Iamii,ton, horn Oct. i>, 1877. He enlisted in the hand of the 3;;d 

Ke;ziment, Michiu'au Vobuiteers, Apr. 2*), isys, heing tlien a student in 
Ann Arbor Medical College. lie Avas present at the battles of Siljoney 
and San Juan Hill, and Avas discharged l)ec. 30, 1898. 

c. Mauy-Esthkr, born Feb. 2G, ISSO. 

bdae CCl. Johx-Hamiltox, son of .Samuel (Gershom, Jonathan^ 
ShithaeU Edivard, John, Cornelius) and Esther (Hamilton) Waldo; 
born Mch. 10, 1852, at Perr}^ N. Y". He is a farmer, living, 1901, 
at Perry. He married, Apr. 17, 1878, at Allegany, N. Y''., Ella- 
Clarissa, daughter of Hemau-Goodspced and Louisa-Cornelia (Eaton) 
Thomson of Allegan}'; boru June 14, 1850, at Otto, N. Y. ; living, 

Children of John-Hamilton and Ella-Clarissa (Thomson) Waldo. 
Born, a, h, d at Perry, N. Y. ; c at Castile, N. Y. : — 

hdne ccla. Ina-Wilhki.mina, born July 17, 1880. 
bdae cclb. Samuel-IIkman, born Dec. 30, 1S82. 
hdac cclc. GEOKGiA-MAnLKAU, born Feb. 8, 1886. 
bdae ccld. Etiikl-Louisk, boru Mch. 8, 1889. 

bdae chb. Hklen-Emily, daughter of Hclim (Gersliom^ Jona- 
than, Slndjad^ Edward^ John, Cornelius) and Emily (Ivichardson) 
Waldo; born Oct. 5, 183G, at Attica, N. Y. She married, Apr. 29, 
1858, at r>lyria, 0., Jcsse-ilorton, son of Jesse and Lucretia (Sea- 
bury; Calkins of Ridgeville, O. ; born July 23, 1828, at Waterbury, 
Vt. ; died Nov. 23, 1893, at Dexter, Mich. He was a travelling agent 
for pianos and organs. They lived at Dexter. Mrs. Calkins was 
living, 1901, at St. Cloud, Minn. 3 

> Ueounls of .Tulin-IIaiiiiUoi! Waldo [h-h,rrr>]. ' lOid. 
* Kfcnls of Mrs. Ililcii-Kmily ( WuUlo) CaUOiis. 

72G - WALDO GKXKALOGr. [bdakciiu 

Childivn of Jcssc-Mortoii and Ilelen-Kmily (Waldo) Calkins. j 

norn, a at Suuarridgc, 0. : h at Grafton, O. ; c, d at Rlaldcn, Out.; | 

e,/ut Aiiihcrsthurj;, Ont. ; rj at Dexter, Mich. : — \ 

a. Wi.VNiri;Kn-S.\KAii. born Fd). 21, 18r.:1. She married, Oct. 7, ISSO, at ] 

Dcxtor, Aiidrew-Caiiip, sdii of Andrew and Olive (I)eanj Hoht.'rtson of ', 

Mnsslllon, O. ; horn May 'J2, 1845, at Massillon. They are living, 1002, at 
St. Cloud, Minn. lie is a lauyer. 

Child :— 

ff. MiLnr.ED-AMY, born Nov. 17, 1890. 
h. Ai.TA-K.MiLv, born Mcb. 18, 18C1 ; died Oct. 11, IRSfi, at Dexter, nnniarricd. 

f. .iKssiiK-LiTcuKTiA, born Dec. r., 18C2. Slie married. Sept. 23, ISsO, at Wol)- | 

ster, Midi., Charles-Luther, son of William-Edward and Sally-Ann i 

(Williams) Hatch of Webster; born July 13, 1H57. He is a farmer. | 

They Avere living, IDOl, at Gaylord, Mich.' I 

Children, born, a at Webster; b at Dexter; c-l at Elmira, Mich. :— 

a. Spknckk-Waldo, born Aug. 19, 18S2. 

6. Bkrtraxd-Ciiaklks, born Oct. 14, 1883; died Oct. C, 1895. 

c. Alta-Doka, born June 4, 1885. 

d. WixruKP, born June 13, 1S89. 

e. Clakkxcic-Ci.yde, born Feb. 7, 1891 ; died Sept. 20, 1891. 
/. IIauold-Hauiusox, born Nov. IG, 1892. 
g. Willia.m-Edward, born Aug. 5, 1894; died Sept, 17, 1894. 
h. Wii.liam-Edwaru, born Oct. 25, 1895. 
i. CuARLKS-LuTiiER, born Dec. 28, 189C; died Nov. 8, 1897. 
j. Jessie, born Feb. 3, 189S. 
k. Waiiuen-Burpetti:, born May 21, 1899. 
I. Helex-Emilv, born i:)ec. 3, 1901. 

d. ITelim-Waldo, born Jan. 23, 18G5; died Oct. 24, 18G5, at M.alden, Ont. 

c. Nellie-Susannah, born Dec. 12, 18G6; died Dec. 20, 18G7, at Aniherstburg. 

/. Harriet-Mai:ia, born Nov. 1, 18G8; died Sept. 26, 188G, at Elmira, Mich. 

g. Hali-ixk-Morton, born Dec. 27, 1S71. He married, May 20, 1897, at Dex- 

ter, .\nna-Iva, daughter of Isaac-Phineas and ;\Iary (Blakesly) Savory 
of Dexter; born Jan. 20, 1877, at Lima, Mich. They are living, 1902, at 
Dexter. He is a printer. 

Child :— 
«. Karl-Savery, born Feb. 25, 1898. 

bdae chc. MATrLn.\-jANE, daughter of Ilelira (Gerslwm^ Jona- 
than^ Shubael, Edvanl, Jolin., Cornelius) and Emily (Richardson) . | 

^Yaldo; born Dec. 23, 1844, at Delavau, Wis. She married, Jan. 17, j 

1872, at Elyria, 0., Freeman, son of Ezra and Emily (Wetlierel) 1 

Osbnn of Pavonia, 0.; born Apr. 14, 1843, at Pavonia. They were « 

living, I'.tOl, at Elyria. He is a farmer. He has held the ollice of * 

justice of the peace for twelve yeur.s. lie served for three years in \ 

' Kecoiilrt of Mrs. Jessie-Lucretia ll.itoh. 

ddakiia] eighth generation. 727* 

llie Civil ^v:u• of 18(>1. JMatikla-Junc ^Yas educated in the Young 
Ladies' Instilulc of Granville, O,' 

Cliildrou of Freonian and Malilda-Jane (AValdo) 0.sbun. Born at 
Tavonia, 0. : — 

a. Pahkic-Waldo, boru July 2, 1873. He ranrried, May 20, 1896, at Chcrry- 

?:rovc, 0., Myrtle-Centennia, d:\u2;hror of Hezekiah and Kohecca (Myers) 
Kohler of Mansliekl, 0.; born Jan. 21, 1870, at MansrieUl. They "-were 
living, 1901, at Manstleld. He is a rural mail carrier. No children. 

b. Caiu.-IIamilton, boru Mch. 6, 1875; unmarried, 1901. 

c. Mauy.- Dorothy, born Dec. 23, 1880; unmarried, 1901. 

bdae cjb. Damfx-Calkins, son of Calvin (GersJiom, Jonathan, 
Shubacl^ Edicard, John, Cornelius) and Polly-Ann (Calkins) Waldo; 
bom Mch. 23, 1843, at Cussewago, Pa. He is a dair^- farmer, living, 
1901, at Cussewago. He married (1), Sept. 23, 1863, at Cussewago, 
Clara-Ophelia, daughter of Ira (Hubbard, Benjamin, Benjamin^ 
John, John) and Polly (Dutcher) Randall of Lorraine, N. Y. ; boru 
July 7, 18-16, at Lorraine; died Feb. 28, 1872, at Cussewago. He 
married (2), I')ec. 1, 1872, at Cussewago, Lucinda-Perliua Wiard; 
born Apr. 29, 1845, at Spring, Pa.'-^ 

Children of Daniel-Calkins and Clara-Ophelia (Randall) Waldo. 
Born at Cussewago, Pa. : — 

bdac cjba. Mary-Etfie, born July 4, 18fi6. Slie married, Sept. 7, 1884, at 
Edinboro, Pa., Manning, son of Manning-T. and Julia-Ann (Stelle) Free- 
man of CusscAvago; born Oct. 20, 16G1, at Cussewago. He is a farmer. 
They have no children. 

bdae cjbb. Olara-Elvireta, boru Mch. 11. I8G8. 

bdac cjbc. Calvin-Gehsiiom, born Dec. 20, 18G9. He married, Sept. 27, 1804, 
at Venango, Pa., Vinnie-E., daughter of James-Wanton and Mary-Jane 
(Culberson) Torry of Venango. They have no children. 

bdac cjbd. A daugutkr, boru Feb. 23, 1872; died Mch. .3, 1872. 

Children of Dauiel-Cnlkins and Lucinda-Perlina (Wiard) Waldo. 
Born at Cussewago, Pa. : — 

bdac cjhe. Alukr-Smith, born Nov. 19, 1873; died Feb. 23, 1875. 

bdac cjbf. MAiiKLLK-Emni, boru May 17, 1877; unmarried, 1901. 

bdnccjbg. Ai.ick-Aukili.a, born May 2, 1879; unmarried, 1901. 

bdaccjbh. Moroan'-Damkl, born July 7, 1880; unmarried, 1901. 

bdae cjbi. Lucia-Marcia, boru Jan. 17, 1S'>'2 ; unmarried, 1901. 

bdae ifa. Chahlks-Johxsox, son of Allen (Abiafher, Jonathan, 
tSJaibaely Edward, John, Cornelius) and Harriet-Minerva (Oaks) 

1 Records of Mrs. MatiUl.i-Janc ( Waklo) Osbnii. 

' IJccords of I):iniel-C:ilkins Waldo: " Kaiulall Genealogy," p. 233, but the latter makes 
ecvcral errors which are here corrected. 


728 WALDO GENEALOGY. [hdakifa 

Waldo; born Auu;. 12, 18iS, at South Chaini)ion, N. Y. He -was 
living, 1800, at Chicago, 111., where he was einiiloycd in Viles & IJob- 
biiis's packing house. lie married (1), Sept. 25. 18GS, at I'utlaiid, 
N. Y., Ixcbecca-Jaue, daugliter of Williani-Olncy and Jane-Maria 
(Searl) AValdo llnhtoaaah'} of South Champion; born Jan. 11, L^oO, 
at South Champion: died Apr. 28, ISTo, at Rutland. lie married 
(2), Lucy Gee of Springlake, .Mich.' i , . ... 

Child of Charles-Johnson and Rebecca- Jane (Waldo) Waldo. 

Born at Rutland, N. Y. :— 

bdaeifan. Ali.kx-AYili.iam, born Oct. 2, 1S70; liviui,% 1001, at Cliicai^o, un- 

Child of Charlcs-Jolinson and Lucy (Gee) Waldo: — 

hdae ifah. Grace. 

bdae ifb. Edgau-O-Mcs, son of Allen (Abiather, Jonathan, 
Shnbael, Ed"-ard, John, Cornelius) and Harriet-Miuer\-a (Oaks) 
Waldo; born Apr. IC, 1862, at South Rutland, Jefferson Co., N, Y. ; 
living, 1000, at Chicago, 111., where he Avas general cashier for Viles & 
Robbins, packers. He married, Jan. 26, 1S8G, at Chicago, Caroline- 
Frances, daughter of Elias-Joseph and Mary (Niles) Dunn of Bloom- 
ingtou, 111. ; born Oct. 4, LSG2, at Bloomington ; living, 1900. Her 
father was au Englishman of Somersetshire, Eng., her mother was 
from County Clare, Ireland. - 

Children of Edgar-Oaks and Caroline-Frances (Dunn) Waldo. 
Born at Chicago, 111. : — 

hdae ifha. Ojun-Dunn, born Nov. 2-1-, 1886. 
bdae ifbb. ]\L\.uy-Lilliax, boru Sept. 14, 1888. 

bdae ilia. Gkrsiiom-Henkv, son of Orange-Gershom (Ahiafher, 
Jonathan, Shubael, Edicard, John, Cornelius:) and Barbera-l^llen 
(Zollcr) Waldo; born Aug. 7, 1819, at Hammond, N. Y. ; living, 
1899, at Cincinnati, 0. He is superintendent of car service on the 
(,'inciunati, Hamilton & Dayton Railroad. He married, Sept. 28, 
1875, at Norwood, N.Y., Elizabeth-Ellis, daughter of Jason-Miles 
and Esther-Chase (Ellis) Kendrick of West Stockholm, N. Y. ; born 
July 21, 1855, at West Stockholm; living, 1899.3 

Children of Gershom-Henry and Elizabeth-Ellis (Kendrick) Waldo. 
Born, a-c at Norwood, N. Y. ; d-g at Detroit, Mich. : — 
hdae ihaa., born Sept. 24, 1S77. 

» Rpconls of Jay-WiUiriin V,';aM') [/«/'70((rt"ff ] : Giavcstonc at South Champion. 
' Kccords of Lilgaf-Ci.iks W.iklo. •• lU'corils of CkTsh'-'iu-lIiniy Waldo. 


bdne, ihnh. AncK-EsTHi;u-BAiUiK)<.\, Ijorii July 2lt, lH7'.t; died Dec. 17, 1.^70, at 

bdac ihac. Lkn'a-.\siii,i-.y, born June 21, 1S81 ; died Apr. 7, I.S-.2, at Norwood. 
hihic ihnd., born Sci)t. 8, 1883. 
hdnc ihnc. IIowAun-CLKr.AND, born Oct. 28, 1886. 
bdac ihaf. Jkssik-Mak, born Dec. 17, 1889. 
bdac ihuij. Lk-Stkk-IIakoi.d, boru July 23, 1893. 

bdae ihb. Cr.AUKNCE-AHiATUEU, son of Orange-Gcrshoin (Ahm- 
thei\ Jonathan^ Shii.bael, Edward, John, ConifliusJ and Barb'jra- 
Ellcn (Zollcr) Waldo; born Jan. 21, 1852, at Hammond, N. Y. He 
f^radualed at Wcsleyau University, INIiddlotown, Conn.; A. !>., 1875; 
A. M., 1877. He received the degree of Ph.D. at Sj'racuse Univer- 
sity, 1803; was president of Indiana College Association, 1890; 
president of Indiana xVcadeniy of Science, 1808; secretary' North 
Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools, 1898; author 
of Manual of Descriptive Geometry, published, 1888, by Heath & 
C'O. ; editor of proceedings of Indiana Academy of Science, 1891, 
'92, '95-97. He has lectured extensively in Indiana, and, to some 
extent, in other States. He spent one year at the Universities of 
Munich and Leipzig, and has spent four summers in P^uropean travel. 
In 1875-76 he was teacher of natural science in Drew Female Sem- 
inary, Carmel, N. Y. ; 1876-77 teacher of natural science in Newark 
Conference (Centenar}') Collegiate Institute, Hackettstown, X. J. ; 
1877-81, tutor of mathematics and registrar at Wcsleyau University; 
1881, teacher of mathematics in Newark Conference Collegiate In- 
stitute; 1883-91, professor of mathematics at Rose Polytechnic 
Institute, Terre Haute, Ind., and in 1883-86 and 1888-89 was acting 
president of tluit institute; 1891-95, professor of mathematics at 
DePauw University, Greeucastlc, Ind. ; 1895-90, head professor of 
mathematics at Purdue University, Lafayette, Ind. He married, Aug. 
2, 1881, at Stamford, Conn., Abby- Wright, daughter of Levi-Wright 
and Julia-Goddard (Child) Allen of South Hadley, Mass.; born Jan. 
24, 1856, at South Hadley; living, 1899. ' 

Child of Clarence- Abiathcr and Abby-Wright (Allen) Waldo. Born 
at South Hadley, Mass. : — 
bdae ihha. Ai.ici:-Goui>akd, boru Dec. 15, 1882. 

bdae ihd. CnAULKS-GiLUKia-, sou of Orange-Gershom (Abiathcr, 
Jonathan, Shubae.l, JEdicard, John, Corndhis) and Barbera-Ellen 
(Zoller) Waldo; born May 11, 1857, at Hammond, N, X. He has 

• Kfcortls of Clarouce-Abiathor Waldo: AVesloyan Alumni llecords. 


730 WALDO GENEALOGY. [hdakiiid 

lived at Hostoii, Mass., ami in Michigan and Ohio, and was, in 180H, 
general manager of the Cincinnati, Hamilton & Daj'ton Railroad, 
Avith ollicos at Cincinnati. lie lives at Wyoming, 0. He married, 
Oct. 10, 18.S8, at Detroit, Mich., Kvelyn-Klizabeth, danghter of 
Williani-Ciillcn and Mary-Augusta (Standish) Colburn of Detroit; 
born Sept. 17, 18G5,at Birmingham, Mich.; living, 1898. ^ 

Cliildren of Charles-Gilbert and Evelyn-Elizabeth (Colburn) Waldo. 

IJorn, (' at Detroit, Mich. ; b at Wyoming, 0. : — 

bdae ihda. CnAiiLKS-GiLiucKT, born Dec. 7, 1889. 
hclae ihdb. Bahdara-Stakdish, born Mch. 21, 1891. 

bdae ijb. M.vry-Adull, daughter of Morris- Abiather (Abiofhar, 
Jonalhan, Shubacl, Edward, John, Cornelius) and Annc-Eliza (Ap- 
pleton) Wnldo; born Sept. 25, 1858, at Winneconne, Wis.; married, 
Oct. 8, 1879, at Greenbay, Wis., James-Leandcr, son of Daniel- 
Delos and Dianthia (Allen) Henderson of Buffalo, N. Y. ; born Dec. 
17, 1851, at Akron, N. Y. They were living, 1899, at Greenbay, 
Wis. He is a master painter emi)loyed by the Greenbay & Westerii 
Railroad Co.^ 

Children of James- Leander and Mar3'-AdeU (Waldo) Henderson. 
Born at Greenl)ay, Wis. : — 

o. Anna-Lauua, born Mch. 11, 1881. 

b. Amce-Diantiiia, l)oru Mch. 25, 1885. 

c. KuTH-AoKi.K, born Maj- 24, 1890. 

d. Hklkn-Walho, born Mch. 15, 1894. 

bdag aca. Charles-Whitney, son of Elijah (Elijah, Edirard, 
Shnbad, Edirard, John, Cornelius) and Lnretta (Hinds) Waldo; 
born Feb. 15, 1816, at Walpole, N. H.; died Apr. 30, 1891, at 
Keeue, N. H. He lived for a few years at Marlow, N. H., a short 
time at Chesterfield, N. H., and at Avon, N. Y., and for the rest of 
liis life at Keeue. He was a blacksmith. He married, May 13, 18-13, 
at Springfield, Vt., Harriet- Amanda, daughter of Marcus and Anna 
(Locke) Ricliardson of Stoddard, N. H. ; born Mch. 2, 1818, at 
Stv)ddard. She was living, 1899, at Keene.^ 

Children of Charles-Whitney and Harriet-Amanda (Richardson) 
Waldo. Born, a, b at Marlow, N. H. ; c at Chesterfield, N. H. ; d-f 
at Keene, N. H. ; g, h at Avon, N. Y. : — 
bdag acaa., boru Apr. 22, 1844. 

> Kecoiils of ChaiKs-(Jilbert Wuldo. = Kucorils of Mrs. M.iry-Ackll (Waldo) nenderson. 
^ i:ccords of Mrs. Cliarleo- Whitney WalUo. 

KnA(iAi>c] ETPrirj'H GENF-ltATION. 731 

bdag acab. Ei.i.a-Makia, I>oni Sei)l. S, lis45. 

hdag acac Chahi.ks-Wiutnky, horn Apr. 25, 184S; living, 1899, at Keciie, 

nnniarrieil. He is a Ijhicksinith. 
bdag acad. IIai:i:ikt-Klvh:a, born Mch. 3, 1850. 
bdag acae. AxNA-LunKTTA, l)orn June 21, 1852. 

Infny acuf. GKOr.GK-ALBKiir, horn Scjit. 21, 1855: died Jan. 0, 1873, at Keeue. 
Ixhiy octtij. Em,kn-C()1:)>i:i.ia, ))()! n Sept. 13, 185.S ; living, 1899, at Keene, nn- 


hilngarah. Fkank'-Clauknck, born Aug. 13, IsOO; died Aug. 17, 1S80, at 
Keeue, unmarried. 

bdag adb. Makia, dauiihtor of Snnuicl (Elijah,, Edward, 8hn- 
hael. Edirard, John, Cornelius) ?L\u\ Orplia (Walker) Waldo; born 
May 12, 1821, at Acworth, N. H.; died July 7, 1852, at Coiiucil 
liliilTs, la. She married at Walpolc, N. H., Leonard Buckminster. 
'I'bey lived at Walpole until about ISol. when they went to Iowa with 
her father's family and settled at Council liluffs.' 

Children of Leonard and Maria (Waldo) Euckmiuster. Born at 
Walpole, N. H. :— 

a. HAKinicr-I.MOGKNE, born 1S47; died Jnly C, 1852, at Council Blnfts. 

b. Samukl, Ijorn 1849; living, 1900, at Gordon, Neb. 

bdag adc. Asa-Pkruv, son of Samuel (Elijah, Edivard, Shn- 
bael, Edwdrdy John, Cornelius) and Orpha (Walker) Waldo; born 
Apr. 6, 1823, at Acworth, N. H. ; died Feb. 5, 1883, at Crescent, 
la. He was a blacksmith, and passed most of his life at Crescent, but 
lived eight 3'ears at Baraboo, Wis., and five years at Florence, Neb. 
He married, Nov. 8, 1849, at Westminster, Vt., in the West Parish, 
Mar^'-Ann, daughter of George-Washington and Mary (Randall) 
Allen of Wardsboro, Vt. ; born Deo. 24, 1829, at North Wardsboro. 
She was living, 1899, at South Vernon, Vt., with her daughter Helen. 2 

Children of Asa-Perry and Mary-Ann (Allen) Waldo. Born, a at 
Keene, N. H. ; 6 at Carterville, la. ; c, d at Baraboo, Wis. ; e at 
Council Bluffs, la. ; / at Florence, Neb. : — 

being (idea. Floha-Anx, born July 11, 1851: died June 11, 1852, at St. Joseph, 

bclaij udcb. ISAiiKL, l»orn Apr. 7, 1853; died Aug., 1853. 
bdag adcc. IIelkx-Maiua, born Oct. 9, 1854. 
bdag adcd. OurjiA, born Feb. 17, 1859. 

bdag adce. EowiN'-rKKKV, born Sept. 17, 16i;3; died Oct. IG, ]8G4, at Council 

bdag adc/. Cordkua, born Oct. 2C, 18G9; died Oct. 14, 1878, at Crescent. 

' Uecord3 of Mrs. Kosmnoiul- Walker ( Waldo) Uuldard [bdayade]. 
' Ueconis of Mitj. Asa-l'eny Waldo. 


bdag add. SAMn;i,-FKANKiJN, son of Saimicl (Elijah, Edward, 
SJmbael, Edicard, John, Corndlus) niid Orpha (Walker) WuMo ; 1 
born .Inly 13, 1825, at Langilon, N. .11. ; died Nov. 21, 1807, at Car- | 
son, la. He Mas a manufacturer of Avoolens in New Hainpsliiro. 1 
Vermont and Wisconsin until 1871, when he removed to Iowa and I 
settled in Carson, where he became a farmer, lie was a man ''of J 
stroni^ convictions, positive in his likes and dislikes, fair and just in 
all his dealings."' He married (1), Dec. 9, 184'J, Harriet Hlanehard 
of Huffalo, N. Y. ; born at Buffalo; died Julj' 11, 1858, at Baraboo, 
Wis. He married (2), j\Irs. I\Iary Alexander, from whom he was 
afterwards divorced. He married (3), Aug. 13, 1871, at Proctorsville, 
Vt., JMrs. Mary Walker, by whom he had no children. ^ 

Children of Samuel-Franklin and Harriet (Blauchard) WaMo. 
Born, ft at Cavendish, Vt. ; h at Proctorsville, Vt. : — 
bdag adda. IlAiunKT-EMOGKNE, born Aug. 13, 1851. 
bdag addb. IlniniAN-FuANKLiN, horn July SO, 1854. 

Child of Samuel-Franklin and Mary (Alexander) Waldo. : — 
hday addc. Charles, born 18G7; living, TJOO, at Earaboo, Wis. 

bdag ade. Rosamond- Walker, daughter of Samuel (Elijah, 
Edward, Shubael, Edicard, John, Cornelius) and Orpba (Walker) 
Waldo; born Mch. 10, 1829, at Langdon, N. H. ; married, Sept. 22, 
1846, at Bellows Falls, Vt., Amos-Rawson, son of Jacob-Powers and 
Luna (Hildreth) Hubbard of Chesterfield, N. H. ; born Jan. 6, 1819, 
at ChesterGeld. He has been a farmer and lived at Chesterfield until 
189G; since then he and his wife have been living at Leominster, 
Mass., with their daughter, Etta-Louise. ^ 

Children of Amos-Rawson and Rosamond- Walker (Waldo) Hub- 
bard. Born at Chesterfield, N. H. :— 

«. Kawsox-Walkkr, born Jan. 27, 1848; died Apr. 8, 1881, at Concord, N. II., 

b. Floka-Axn, ))orn Sept. 3, 1851; died Feb. 3, 1881, at Wcstinorel.ind, N. H- 
Slie married, Nov. 21, 1873, at Westmoreland, Levi-Riuloii, son of Ernstu'; 
and Einiiee (Storrs) Ware of Westmoreland; born Mch. 11, 1845, at 
AVcstmoreland ; died Jnne 14, 18D4, at Westmoreland.'' lie Avas a farmer. 
They lived at Westmoreland. 

Children, born at Westmoreland: — :< 

a. \ DAiGnTKU, born Nov. 10, 187G; died same d:iy. . : 

h. Annisox-LKVi, born Jan. 3, 1881. 

> Carson iiewsi.aper. ■> ncoids of .Mrs. Haniet-EmoKene ( WaMo) rem- [l>,ln>/a<ld'i]- 
' Ui'i'onls of Jlrs. no.-aiiiund- W;dkor (WaMo) Uiibhard. ♦ Wustiuoielaua liecur<.ls. 



c Vi M'.v-M\in\, horn (^ct. 4, isr,:^; dicil Mcli. Hi, 1H7'.). nL (niosterficld. She 
n'rnrk'd Xov. 21, ]^1\, at Chcsu-rlicld, < 'haiies-.Medcntr, son of Oharlcs- 
Miltou and l)ol)()ra!i (Col)lei^'lO Davis of Clu'sieiiifld ; horn Nov. H, 
18-iO, at Chestertield ; living, ]ti'.i'J, at ChesicrfHild. He is a farnuT. 

Cliilcl, born at Chesterfield :— 

a. BuHTOX-CuNTON, born June 7, 1875. 

d Etta-Louis \, horn Nov. IG, ISOO; married, Apr. 17, 1SS2, at f'hestorneld, 
CiiarU'S-riinton, son of Africa and Mary (Blanchard) Hildretli of 
('li''^lorlU-ld; horn Nov. 4, IStft, at Hinsd.ale, N. H. Tliey lived at Clies- 
tcrlield nulil 18SL' and then removed to Littleton. Mass., Mht-re ho kept a 
•uMieral store. In 1801 thev removed to Leominster. Mass., and \\\:vp 
Uviii"- there in 1890. Since 180.'^ Mr. Hildreth lias been a carpenter and 
Imild'er, in ^vhich trade he Avas educated. They have no children.' 

e. LuNA-Bi:r.L, horn Apr. 2."), 1870; livinix, 1809, at Leominster, Mass. She is 
a teacher In the public schools. See hijnijnfe. 

bdag adf. Eli.tah-Dana, son of Samuel (Elijah, Edn-ard, Shu- 
had, Efhoard, John, Cornelius) and Orpha (W-'^^ker) Waldo; born 
Jan. 22, 1832, at Acworth, N. H. ; died Nov. 12, 1869, at Council 
Bluffs, la., where he had passed his life. He was a contractor. He 
married, Dec. 12. 1856, at Council Bluffs, Cordelia, daughter of 
Ef^bert and Sarah ( Ellsworth of Council Bluffs ; born Sept. 
17, 1839, at Peoria, 111. ; living, 1890, at Weiser, Tdaho.^ 

Children of Elijah-Dana and Cordelia (Ellsworth) Waldo. Born at 
Council Bluffs, la. : — 

b'lng ndfa. Egbert-Cuaulks, born Jan. 2G, 1857. 
bdag adfb. Alicf.-Cohdelia, born Feb. 18, 1859; died Mch. 31, 1859. 
hda\j ndfc. Fkank-Byon, born Mch. 13, 18G0; died Jan. 1, 18G4. 
bdag adfd. Eluah-Pekky, born June 2C, 18G5. 
bdag ndfe. WilliaM-IIenuy, born May 20, 1868. 

bdag adh. ORniA-ANN, daughter of Samuel (Elijah, Ed>rard, 
ShubaeL Edward, John, Cornelius) and Orpha (Walker) Waldo; 
born June 11, 1836, at Acworth, N. H. ; died Dec. 19, 1858, at Coun- 
cil Bluff's, la.'' Slie married, Jan. 1. 1852, at Council Bluff's, Henry- 
Clay, son of John (John, Stephen, Aaron, Thomas, Daniel) and 
Mary (Dunham) Forbes of Cook County, 111.; born May 26, 1835, 
in Cook Co. ; died Jan. 2, 1878, at Salt Lake City, Utah. He was a 
farmer and stock-raiser. ]\Ir. Forbes was second lieutenant in Co. 
B, 26th Regiment Iowa Infantry, and served through the Civil war. 
He married (2), 1859, in Nebraska, Esther Seddons, who was born in 
1842 in I^ngland and died in 1878, and by whom he had five children. ^ 

> liecoriis of Cliarlcs-Mcilniir Davis. « Keconls of Mrs. Etla-Louisa (Hulihartl) lliUheth. 
' Uecords of Mrs. Klij;\li-r).iiia W.Uilo. 

« of .Mrs. Rosamond- W.ilker (WaUlo) Hubb.ird [Mngade]; Recordb of Jnuics- 
Whitooiub Kllis [lala-jadha] say died Nov. 18, 1S37. 
» Rucoids of James- Wbitoonib Kllis : " Genealogy," p. 123. 

734 WALDO GENEALOGY. [hdagadii 

Chililrfii of Ilonry-Cl.ay and Oijilia-Anu (Waldo) Forbes. Born, a 
at Baraboo, Wis. ; h at Council BliiiTs, la. : — 

a. Mauy-Mahik. born Sept. 28, 1853; married, Oct. in, 1R70, at Ironhills, la., 

.laiiic's-Wliilcomh, sou of Jesse (.Li.'^fph, Josrph) and Ailsa (Jetler.s) l'",His 
of f>helbyvi!lc, Ky. ; born Nov. 2.", Ist8, at Danville, Ind. They are 
living:, Ht02, at Maqiioketa, La., Avlicre he is proprietor of the " EUisonian 
Institute," ^vhich lie claiins possesses one of the largest private collec- 
tions of relics and curios in tlie ^vorld. Mr. Ellis served two years diuinjr 
the Civil ^var in the Army of the Potomac under Gen. Georire Sykes and 
v.a.s for tlirte years on the plains -with Gen. Cnster. lie Avas a member 
of Co. H. oth II. vS. Infantry, lie has held several civil otllces. lie ■was 
soldiers' relief commissioner four years, justice of tlie jicace four years, 
and president of township school l)();)rd ten years. He is author of " Life 
on the riains," "Personal llccollections of Gen. Custer," "In Byi^onc 
Days," and ' An Early History of Jackson County, Li." He is at present 
commander of \. Vv'. Drips Post No. 74, Department of Iowa, G. A. R. ; 
colonel of the 5th Rc;^iment, Army of Iowa, U. V. U., and first dopniy 
commander, Department of Iowa, U. V. U.' 

Children, born, a at Ironhills; h-i at Maqnoketa : — 

a. Fi.ouKKCK, born Jan. 21, 1872; died Mch. 8, 1H72. 

b. CnAiiLKS-FKANCis, bom Nov. 21, 1873. 

c. Mahy-Fu.vnx'ks, born July 7, 187C: died Aug;. 9, 1880. 
(I. Fi;, born Mch. 12, 1879. 

e., boru Nov. 13, 1881; died Aug. 12, 1895. 

/. Lvi,i;-Bklt.e, boru Oct. G, 18S5. 

g. Jkssik-Vioi.a, born Aug. 24, I88S. 

h. James-Boies, born Oct. 30, 1891 ; died July 20, 1892. 

I. Nellie-Estiiek, boru Aug. 4, 1895. 

b. OupiiA-ViOLA, boru Dec. 9, 1855; died Dec. 9, 1857, at Council Bluffs. 

bdag adi. Charles-Ai:gustu.s, sou of Samuel (Elijah, Edward, 
Shuhael, Edward, John, Cornelius) and Orpha (Walker) Waldo; 
born Nov. 20, 1844, at W^alpole, N. H. He is a farmer, living, 1.S99, 
in Baker Co., Ore. He m.arried, Aug. 14, 1890, at Baker City, Ore., 
Harriet-Amelia, daughter of Daniel and Nancy (Meeker) Sepp of 
New Jersey; born Feb. 14, 1858, in Pennsylvania.- 

Children of Charles-Augustus and Harriet-Amelia (Sepp) Waldo, 
liorn, a in Lane Co., Ore. ; h in Baker Co., Ore. : — 
bdag adia. Oupha, born May IG, 1S91. ' ' •'■':•• ' 

bdag adib. Nan'CV-May, born May 23, 1895. , . •.>,•»•• '. , 

bdag aed. Iuena-Elisabeth, daughter of lieuben (Elijah, 
Edward, Shuhael, Edward, John, Cornelius) and Betsey (Gordon) 
Waldo; born Apr. 14, 1827, at Avon, N. Y. She married, Jan. 12, 
1848, at Avon, Joseph, son of James and Hannali (Kilpatrick) Fore- 
man of Oneida Co., N. Y. ; born Feb. 9, 1821, in Oneida Co.; died 

' ICocor-ld of JaincA- Wliituuiiil) JiUis. * UecortLs of Cliarles-Aupustus Waldo. 


May 13, 1880, al Lima, N. Y. His parents v.-erc English and came i 

to America not long before Josci)li's birlh. He was a mcrcliant tailor, ' 
and lived at Chicago and Creston, 111., and at Lima. Mrs. Foreman 

was living, 1899, al Lima.^ i 

Children of Joseph and Irena-Klisabcth (Waldo) Foreman. Born, ( 

a at Avon, N. Y. ; b, c at Lima, N. Y. : — 

a. An.\-LouiSK, born Nov. 3, 18i^l. Slie married, An<r. 21, 1889, at Lim.a, 

Gcor^e-I5fiiicroft, son of Almon-.MiUer and JcaniieLtc (CrainjjVoa) Gra- 
liam of Lockport, N. Y. ; born Oct. 13, IHGO, at Lock|)ort. 'J'ljoy "vverc 
living, 1899, at Biiflalo, N. Y., where be was iu life insurance business.' 

Children, born at Koclicster, N. Y : — 

a. Edwakd-Foukman, born Sept. 3, 1891. 

b. Iukxe-Jeannktte, born Jnne 22, 1893. 

b. Chakles-Waldo, born May 3, 18G4; died, 1901, at Dallas, Tex. Hcffradii- 

ated at Kochcstcr (N. Y.) University, 188",; ^as secretary of Chelsea, 
Mass., Y. .M. C. A., I8S5-86; taught in North Carolina, lsS(j-87; taui^ht at 
Fort Edward, N. Y., 1887-92; studied in GernKUiy, 1892-93; preached and 
lectured, 1894; taught in Northwestern University, 1894-98. lie was liv- 
ing, 1899, at Stillwater, Okl.i., being pastor of a chui'ch there, but removed 
to Dallas in 1901 to try a cure for consumption, which proved iueillcacious. 
lie married. Sept. 7, 1887, at Lima, ^lary-Elizabeth, daughter of Lewis 
and Louise (Denison) Benedict of Lima; born May 29, 18G5, at I'ittsford, 
N. Y.; living, 1899.^ 

Children, born, a at Fort Edward, N. Y. ; b at Leipzig, Gcr. ; c at 
Cranston, 111. : — 

a. KEXNExn-JosEPH, born Sept. 4, 1891. 
6. Ikena-Louise, born June 10, 1893. 

c. CnAiiLKS- Waldo, born Aug. 4, 1897. 

c. Edwakd-Heuben', born Mch. 9, 1863; living, 1899, at Rochester, N. Y., un- 


bdag aeh. Reuben-Gordon, son of Keuben (Elijah-, Edwarrl., 
Shubael, Edivard, John, Cornell us J and Betsey (Gordon) AValdo ; 
born July 7, 1837, at West Avon, N. Y. ; living, 1901, at Avon. 
He is a carriage builder. He married, Nov., 18G4, at Avon, Mary 
Pjliza, daughter of Madison-Monroe and ^lary (Raymond) Avery of 
Avou and Leroy, N. Y. ; l)orn Nov. 11, 1838, at Avon; living, 
1901."' Mr. Waldo says that his shop is on the site of one built and 
used by his great uncle Jedtithan Waldo [bdagj'], who was in the 
same business. 

Children of Reuben-Gordon and Mary- Eliza (Avery) Waldo. Born 
at Avon, N. Y. : — 

bdag aeha. Louise, born Oct. 28, 18G5; died Nov. 7, 18GG. (Gravestone says 


' Uecorils of Mrs. Irena-Elisabcth ( WaUloj I'orenian. 

' Uecords of Mrs. Ada-liOuise (I'nreiiian) (iratiaiii. 

' Records of Charles-Waldo Foreman. * Family IJilile of Reuben-Gordon Waldo. 

736 WALDO r.KNEALOGY. [Hi.AfiAi.ii 

bdag achb. Fhank, hoin Nov. 7, ISGfi. 

bdaij fttltr,. Minnii:-Ii!;. honi July 29, 18t;8; died Aujr. 8, 188G. 

bdaij aehil. A cmi.n, l)orn and diod .laii. 29, 1870. 

bdng ache. P:mma-S., born Feb. 6, 1871; diud .l:iii. 9, 1873. 

bda(i achf. Maukl, born May 5, 1873; died 1889. 

bdu'j arhff. Chaki-k.s-IIi:nky, born Sept. 20, 1870; uunianied, 1901. • .- ■ 

bdaij achh. Alice-Gaiu'ikld, born Nov. 5, 1880; unmarried, 1901. 

bdag cac. CLAKK-PuKSTrs.s, son of Caleb (Amon, Edimrd^ 
Shubdel, Eihrard, John, Cornelh'.ft) and Sally (Clark) Waldo; born 
June 29, 1K33, at Willuun.stowu, Vt. Mo is a farmer, living, 1000, at 
Williamstown. He married, May 1, IS.VJ, at Willianistown, Rcsett, 
daughter of David and Betsey (Olds) Burnhara of Williamstown; 
born Oct. 28, 1836, at Williamstown. » 

Children of Clark-Prentiss and Rosett (Burnham) Waldo. Born at 

Williamstown, Vt. : — 

bdarf cacn. Fanny-Floiikxck, born Aug. 21, 18C0; died Jan. 19, 1894, at 

Montpclicr, Vt., unmarried, 
bdagcacb. Ei.i.KX-rvOSKTr, born Sept. 2-1, 18G2, 
bdag cacc. lIi-NRy-BuiixHAM, born June 2, 18G9. 

bdag ebb. Makshall-Corvdox, son of Calvin {Anson, Edward, 
Shubael, Edward, John, Cornelius) and Lydia (Martin) Waldo; 
born Apr. 28, 1822, at Williamstown, Vt. ;2 died Mch. 0, 18G1, at 
Chelsea, Vt.,3 of pneumonia, " aged 42 years, 10 months, 20 days," 
which must be an error of the Chelsea Records. He was a farmer and 
lived at Chelsea. He married. May 11 , 18.51 , at Williamstown, l^daria- 
Aznbah, daughter of Thomas and Azubah (Willey) Flint of Wil- 
liamstown ; born May M, 1819, at Williamstown ; died Oct. 9, 1891, 
at Williamstown, " aged 72 years, .5 months, 5 days," ^ which would 
make her born May 4, 1819. 

Childroi of :Mars]iall-Corydon and Maria-Azubah (Flint) Waldo.-"^ 
Born at Chelsea, Vt. :— 

bdarj cbha. Juli.\-Mai!ia, born June 4, 1852; died Oct. 28, 18G5. 
bdng cbhh. Azuisau-Flokkttk, Ijorn Doc. 23, 1853; died Feb. 4, 1854. 
bdaij chhc. ELiZAnKTU-Wit.i.r.Y. born May 19, 1855. Slae married, Oct. 18, 
1879, at Williamstown, Albert-Miller, .>^on of Folcnsby and Bethiali (llar- 
rinuton) Goodrich of MlUianistown ; born June IS, 1854, at Williams- 
town. They were living, 1899, at William.stown. lie is a farmer. They 
have no children, 
bdag cbbd. LuTiiEn-MAUSHALL, born Sept. 11, 1856. 

• licconls of d.-irk-Prenti-ss Waldo: Williamstown Heeoids. = Williamstown Kecorils. 
' C'lK'lst'a Ilocoiils.. ■* Williamstown Ucconts. 
" KeconU of TliomoA-Calviu \Valdo {bdo'jcbbe'^. 

I 1 ■ > ■ ; n 

„i)a<;ci)a] eighth r.KNEliATlON. " 737 

bdag cbbe. Thomas-Calvin, born Sept. 5, 185K. 
bdag cbbf. Olivia-Lvdia, boiu July 22, 18G0. 

bdag cbc Olivia-Kinsman, daughter of Calvin (Aiison, Efhmnh 
Shub((cl, EdwanJ., John, Cornelius) and Lydia (Martin) Waldo; 
burn July 7, 1821, at Williamstown, Vt. >She married, Sept. 2S, 
1847, at Chelsea, Vt., Rufus, son of Jedediah and Zerviah (Cai)man) 
Brown of Sharon, Vt. ; born ]\Ich. 4, 1823, at Sharon. They were 
living, 1900, at Chelsea. He is a farmer.' 

Children of Kufus and Olivia-Kinsman (Waldo) Brown. Born at 

Chelsea, Vt. :— 

o. WiLLLvM- Waldo, born July 31, 1848; livin;;, 1000, unmrvrried. 

h. CoKYDON-MARt^nALL, bom June 10, 1851; livinsjr. 1000, ut Chester, N. H., 
engaged in j^ work. lie married, Apr. 20, 1H87, at JNIancliester, 
N. li., Marjraret-Ann McBain of Canada; born Ai)r., 1855, iu Canada. 
They arc divorced. They had no children. 

c. CAL^^^•-MAl'.TI^•, born June 10, 1>;51. He lived at Chelsea until 18.S1 when 

he went to Dakota, but his licalth failinir he returned to Chelsea in 1S'J4, 
and Avas livincr, 1000, at West Corinth, Vt. He is a farmer. He mar- 
ried, Jan., lH,s3, at Ceuterville, S. Dak., Anna-Luella, daii:rbtcr of Wil- 
liam and Eliza (Hoover) Betchel; born June 30, 18G5, in Dakota; living, 

Children, born, a-c at Lincoln, S. Dak. ; d, e at Chelsea, Vt. : — 

a. Rufus- WiLLLAM, born Apr. 8, 18S7. 

b. Mauy-Eliza, born June 23, 1889. 

c. Charles-Pkiion, born Mch. 22, 1893. 

d. Anxa-Luklla, born Dec. 26, 1894. 

e. Olive-Oj.ivia, born Aug. 26, 1897. 

d. Lydia-Olivia. born May 15, 1851. She married, Nov. 23, 1884, at Chelsea, 

Charles-David, son of Orvis-Elias and Caroline (Barber) Person of Harre, 
Vt. ; born Aug. 15, 1843, at Moretown. Vt. They were living, 1900, at 
Barrc. He is a farmer. They have no children, 
c., born Jan. 2, 185C; living, 1900, at Chelsea, unmarried. 

bdag cda. Royal-Newco.mb, sou of Royal-lkirroughs (Anson, 
Edv.ard, Shubael, Edward, Jolin, Cornelius) and Almira (Newcomb) 
Waldo; born Dec. 4, 1831, at Chelsea, Vt. ; ^ died Apr. 5, 1809, at 
Woodworth, Wis. In 1840, at the age of nine, he went with his 
l)areuts to Kenosha Co., Wis., and thus was one of the early settlers 
in that county. Soon after his marriage he removed to Shelby Co., 
iMo., and settled there on a fine farm of one hundred acres, which he 
was obliged to abandon on the breaking out of the Civil war in 18G1, 
owing to the hostility of his pro-slavery neighbors. He returned to 

' Williain.stowii Kocor'ls: Cliolsea Ueoorils : Ueconls of Mrs. Olivi.a-Kiusman (Waldo) 
trown. ' Chelsea Kecortls; Family Kecords say I)oc. 2, 1S31. 


738 WALDO GENEALOGY. [bdagcda 

Wisconsin and pui'cbased a farm in Pleasant Prairie, where he lived 
until 18G7, ^viien he removed to Wood worth, where lie lived until his 
death, on a farm which he had purchased of Ezckiel Benedict. He 
was by trade a carpenter and joiner, as well as farmer. For more 
than thirty-five years he was a member of the IMethodist Church. lie 
was domestic in liis tastes, and of a sociable and kindly disposition, 
and his intercourse and business relations with his neighbors were 
characterized by strict intcgrily and truth. He was held in high and 
kindly esteem by a large community.' 

He married, Jan. 1, 185G, at Kenosha, Wis., Ellen, daughter of 
James and Mary-Ann (Raddle) Bullamore who emigrated from Eng- 
land to New York State in ISoG, and thence to Wisconsin. She was 
born Sept. 2, 183-1, in England, and was living, 1899. ^ 

Children of Eoyal-Newcomb and Ellen (Bullamore) Waldo. Born 
in Shelby Co., Mo. : — 

hdag cd'ia. CnARLKS-IlKNKY, boru Nov. 22, IfciSG; married, Juuc 16, 1885, Kva 

Stuart of Pleasant Prairie, Wis. He is a farmer, liviuj^, 1899, at Plcasaut, 

bdoff cdab. Willia:>i-Fkankli>', boru Jau. 8, 1859 ; living, 1S99, at Woodworth, 

Wis., uumarried. 
bdar/ cdac. Royal-Ansox, boru May 23, 18G1; died Mch. 27, 1870, at Bristol, 

Kenosha Co., Wi.s. 

bdag cdc. Johx-Fkakklix, son of Royal-Burroughs (Anson, 
Edward^ ShubaeU Edward, John, Cornelius) and Ahnira (Newcomb) 
Waldo; born May IG, 1835, at Chelsea, Vt.^ He is a landscape and 
mariue painter. He studied at the Chicago Academy of Design in 
1871 under its then president, Henry-C. Ford. He has exhibited in 
many of tlie leading exhibitions of the United States, and is a 
member of the Chicago Society of Artists. He was living, 1898, in 
Brookl^-n, N. Y., having resided at Kenosha, Wis., Sumner, Kan., 
Oshkosh, Wis., and Chicago. For many years he has signed his name | 

" J.-FiJANK Waldo." i 

He married (1), Nov. 5, 1859, at Sumner, Atchison Co., Kan., 
Esther-Maria, dauglitcr of Simeon-Harrison and Janctte (Wills) 
Bartholomew of Hartford, Vt. ; born Feb. 18, 1812, at Hartfortl. 
They were divorced in 1890."^ He married (2), May 13, 1890, at 
Chicago, 111., Mrs. Celinda-Ann (Doty) Carter, daughter of Peter- 
Bundy (William, Philip, Elijah, Ellis, Joseph, Edward) and Mercy- 
Ann (Cook) Doty of Conueaut, 0.; born Dec. 19, 1812, at Sheridan, 

' From ;>n obitu.iiy in :iii unknown newsiiajier. ' Rci-orcU of Koyul-XcNvcomb WaUio. 
» ClieLsca Ktcords. ' Rcuonis of Johu-Fiankliu Waldo. 


ClKiiitiiuqiia Co., N. Y. Ilcr lirst liusl)rni(l. from whom she wns (livorced 
:uul by whom she had two children, was Delevan-Knight, sou of 
Frnnkliu-lliibhard and Clarissa (Putney) CarterJ Mr. Waldo lias 
liad no children by liis second wife. 

Children of Jolni-Franklin and Esther-Maria (l^arlholomew ) Waldo.- 
Born, a at Sunincr, Kan.; b at Kenosha, Wis.; c-/ at Oshkosh, 
Wis. :— 

bdag cdca. HAitiusoN-ALCiKinioNr, born Sept. 12, ISHO. 
Id'uj cdcb. Ma)ua-.Ti:anni:tt (called hy lier father NF.rriK-iSrAniF.), born Nov. 

8, 1K63; married William Howard. They were Uving, 18'JS, at Waupaca, 


Mag cdcc. IlALrii-EMKr.sox, born 18CG. 

hda'j cdcd. Edwaud, born Jan. 15, 1871. He is married. 

hdar/ cdcc. Wii.i.iam, born July 24, 1S77; living, 1808, unmarried. 

Iidiuj cdcf. Erank, born Apr. 10, 1883. 

bdag cdf. Franoes-Almira, daughter of Royal-Burroughs (An- 
son, Edicard, Shubael, Edward, John, Cornelius) and Almira 
(Newcomb) Waldo; born Aug. M, 1842, at Kenosha, Wis.; living, 
1898, at Banning, Cal. She married, Jan. 24, 1861, in Shelby Co., 
Mo., at the residence of her brother, lloyal-Newcomb, Jacob, son of 
Anderson and Mary (Williamson) i\Ieadows of Monroe Co., Mo.; 
born Apr. 4, 1836, in Monroe Co. ; died Ang. 31, 1895, at Pittsburg, 
Kan. They lived iu Shelby, Monroe and Barton Counties, IMo. He 
was a mason by trade. ^ 

Children of Jacob and Frances-Almira (Waldo) Meadows. Born, 

fl, h, t7, /, g in Shelby Co., Mo. ; c at Pleasant Prairie, Wis.; e at 

Clarence, IMo. ; h at Woodlawn, Mo. ; i at Lamar, Mo. ; j at Central, 

Mo. :— 

a. Emma-Alick, born Nov. 0, JSGl; living, 1898. She married (1), Doc. 23, 
1880, at lanlha, Barton Co., Mo., Charles-Wilson, son of William-Gerard 
and Sarrtli-liellc (Il:iwkini!;s) Martin of Gainesville, Tex.; born Sept. C, 
1«00, at Woodlawn, Mo.; died Nov. 19, 1888, at Banning, Cal. He was a 
" rancher." She married (2), St'pl. 2, 1897, at lianning, Frank-Marrion, 
son of Francis-Marrion and Marv Butler of lantha, Mo. ; born Aug. 28, 
18GG, at Hannibal, Mo. 

Cliildren, by first husljand, born, a, b at Lamar, Mo.; c, d at Banning, 
Cal. :— 

a. RonKKT-OwKX, born Oct. 31, 1881. 

b. Cauuu>Ma)!EL, born Aug. 28, 1883. 

c. Haruy-Wilson, born Nov. 21, 1885. 

d. Bks.sik-Agnks, born Aug. 24, 1887. 

" Doty Family," p. 812. - Kocord.s of John-Kr.iiiklin Waldo. 
•• Uecords of iMrsi. Kranoes-.Vlmiia ( Waldo) .Meadows. 


b. WlI,I,l.\.^r-l"^A^•K^.I^•, bovii Dec. 12, 18^3; liviiiij, ]R1>8, at Piaiiiiiiii;, Cal. 

He is a He iiiairied, Fob. H». 1890, at IJanniiii:, Alic-o. 
daiii^hter of .lames-.Tohu {\\\(\ .Taiic-Anncttc (Baruus) Irvine of Oklaliuiua, 
Okla.; born Aui:. 27, 18G9, in Butler Co., fa. 

Cliiklrcii, born, a at Banniup^; h at Oklahoma: — 
a. Mi:itmM.-,lAMi:s, born Feb. M, 1892. 
h. Fuank-Lki:, born Apr. 3, 189.5. 

c. .TACoii-HKNi;v, born Sept. 12, isr.o: livin-;, 1(^98, at Moreno, Cal. lie is a 

horticnltnrist. Ho married, June 1. 1890, at BeanniDnt, Cal., Ida, dariiili- 
ter of Daviii-Jesso and Naomi-Ann (Stevens) Ballon of Dantou, Tex. ; 
born Feb. 19, 1873, at Nor borne. Mo. 

Cliildren, bora at Moreno : — 

a. Jkssik-Fuaxces, born Jnlj' G, 1891. 

b. Ci.ahf.nck-Waldo, born Nov. 2G, 1892. 
. c. Eva-Agxks, born Jan. 28, 1895. 

d., born Oct. 2(J, 1890. 

d. CuAia.ES-'WAi.po, born Maj' 8, 18(J8; living, 1898, at Lawrence, Kan. He 

is cnj^aicod in nows]iaj)er business. He married, Sept. 19, 1894, at Fort 
Scott, Kan., Adali, dangliter of Samnel-M. and Alice (Con:;don) Hopl.ins 
of Pittsburg, Kan. ; born Sept. 23, 1875, at Sullivan, Kan.' 

Child, born at Shoals, Ind. : — 
a. DONALD-C, born Oct. 20, 1897. 

c. Royal-Andkk.son, born July 11, 1870; living, 189S. He is a barber. Ho 
married, Oct. 10, 1898, at Denver, Col., Hannah, daughter of Edward and 
Frances (Crelby) Flyn ; born 1870 in Illinois. Iler father was a native 
of Ireland. 

/. Jamks-Chandlf.i:, born May 10, 1873; died Oct. 8, 1894, at Fittsbing, 
Kan., unmarried. 

g. Caiuuk-Lucy, born June C, 1875; died May 29, 1870, in Shelby Co., Mo. 

h. 1\Iauy-Ei,, born Aug. 14, 1877; married, Dec. 25, 1894, at Pittsburg. 
Kan., John, son of William and Klioda CBrazcl) Riley of Eagleville, Har- 
rison Co., Mo.; born 1S09 at PLagleville. They were living, 1898, at 
Pittsburg. He is a zinc smelter.^ 

Children, born at Pittsburg: — 

a. Maudie-Auuie, born Oct. C, 1895. i 

b. Burl-Frankux, born July 10, 1898. 
i. Maul>k-Bell, born Sept. 29, 1S79. 
j. Gkouge-Ruhy, born Dec. 27, 1881. 

bdag cdg. Caroline, daughter of Royal- Burroughs (Ansov., 
Eihcanl^ S/iuhaeU Edicard, John, CorncJivs) ami Abnira (Newcoinb) 
Waldo; born Apr. 8, 1814, at Kenosha, Wis.; Hving, 1890, at 
Brooklyn, N. Y. She married, May 1, 1866 (?), at Westbend, Wis., 
Jacob-E., son of Pcter-G. and Nanoy-C. IMann of Schoharie, N. Y. ; 
born July If), 1831, at Schoharie; died Sept. 20, 188;j, at Gloversville, 
N. Y. lie graduated at Schoharie Academy, and then Avent to West- 
bend and studied law M'ith his uncle, Judge John-E. Mann. He was 

» Kecords of t'liuil<.'.s-\\';iKlo - liec.n ils of Mis. M:u>-EUeu (Meadows) Uiloy. 


admitted lo Uin bar and piactiocd law for several yoars, and later 
j)id)!islied a weekly paper, called the Wcftt Bend Democrat, with 
Cliarles-Kdsvard-Durkee Waldo [l^ihu/rdd']. When the Civil Avar broke 
out he left tlie ollioe in cliarc^c of Juds^e Mann and enlisted as captain 
of Co. G, 2Gtli Wisconsin Volunteers. He served until the end of the 
war, when he again took the editorial chair for a short time until his 
health failed from disease contracted durinij the war. F^or two years 
lie was confined to his bed, and he was obliged to use a wiieel chair for 
fourteen years, until his death.' 

Children of Jacob-E. and C-aroline (Waldo) Mann. Born, a at 

Westbend, Wis. ; b at Clarence, Mo. : — 

a. FRANK-CiiKSTii:ii, boru May li, 18G7. From 18S9 to '97 ho was jrcneral 
nianascr of the National Life Insurauee Company of Vermont at Roches- 
ter, N. Y. lie resigned in l>s07 to .accept a posiiion as executive special 
anient for the ^lutiial Life Insurance Company of New York, A\liich posi- 
tion he held nntil 1809, when he became general aa;ent for llic Equitable 
Insurance Company at Cliicago, 111. From 1S97 lo '99 be lived at GIov- 
ersville, N. Y. lie married, June 11, 1889, at Johnstown, N. Y., Maud, 
daughter of Gcorge-E. and Dora (Nellis) Camm of Johnstown. 

Child, boru at Rochester : — 

a., born Aug. 11, 1894. 

h. Ju.SKvn-MKRRiLL, bom Oct. 29, 18G9; living, 1899, at Brooklyn, N. Y., un- 
married, lie is a jeweler and optician, employed by Frederick Loe.sen & 
Co., Brooklyn. 

bdag cea. Axson-Hoyt, sou of John (Anson, Edicard, Shubael, 
Edward, John, Cornelius) and Olivia (Hoyt) Waldo; born Apr. 2, 
1832, at Randolph, Vt. ; died Dec. 25, 1874, at Chicago, TIL He 
was a printer and editor and lived at Kenosha, Wis., and at Chicago. 
He married. May 6, 1858, at Winona, Minn., Adeline, daughter of 
Alvin and Sophia (Graham) Betts of Kichmond, Mass., and Seneca 
Falls, N. Y.; born June 15, 1837, at Canoga, Seneca Co., N. Y. 
She was living, 1900, at Cliicago. Her father, Alvin Betts, was son 
of Zebulon Betts of Richmond and of Abigail Burt who was descended 
from Hem-y Burt of Springlield, Mass.'^ 

Children of Anson-Hoyt and Adeline (Betts) Waldo. Born, a at 
Frecport, 111. ; b-d at Chicago, 111. : — 

bdnfj ccaa. Lewis-FiU'.d, i)orn Sept. 29, lb.^9; died Aug. 31, 18(11, at Frceport. 
hdag ccab. AuTHUit-BuitN.^iDE, boru Mch. 18, 18G2; living, 1900, at Chicago, 

bdarj ccar. M.vnv-AucK, born Oct. 14, IsnO; died Jnn. o, 1872, at Chicago. 
bdag read. Ror.KKT-CnAULKS, born Oct. 10, 1873; died Oct. 11, 1878, at Chicago. 

> Ileoords of ^Irs. Caroline (Waldo) Maun. 

'Uecoitls of Mrs. Ilek-n-Olivia (WnMo) Hiiniside [Ixlnijcfli]. 

742 WALDO GENEALOGY. [bdaodda 

bdag dda. Thvimh na-Okcitt. duuglilor of Leonard-DrciiU 
(Scnnuel, Edward, ShuhdcJ, Edicurd, John, Cornelius) and Caroline 
(Hooker) Waldo; born Apr. 1.0, 1828, at Cabot, Vt. ; died Doc. no, 
1893, at Deerlodge, Mon. She married (1), Aug. 23, 1851, at 
Ponifrct, Vt., Benjauiin-Franklin, son of Timothy and Abigail (T)al- 
ton) Harding of I'omfret; born Apr. 28, 1824, at Pomfrct; died Dec. \ 

1, 187C, at Needham, Mas.s. They lived first at Bridge"\vater, Vt., | 

and later at Needham. He was a farmer. He enlisted, Aug. G, 18G2, 
as private in Co. F, 101th Regiment Illinois Volunteers and served 
until Aug. 2-t, 1863, vrhen he was discharged at Cane Springs for 
debility. She married (2), Mch. 13, 1878, at Bethel, Vt,,' Dexter- 
Dana, son of James and Lucinda (Towns) Walker of Barnard, Vt. ; 
born June 28, 182G, at Barnard; living, 1899, at Barnard. They had 
no children. He is a farmer.- 

Childj-en of Benjamin-Franklin and Tryphena-Orcutt (Waldo) 
Harding. Born at Bridgewater, Vt. : — 

«. Geohciaxa-Guacf., born May IG, 1852. Slic married, Sept. 18, 1SS7, at, 
Seattle, Wash. Charles-Everett, son of Charles and Olive-Jauc (Stanley) 
Baldwin of Le^vis, la.; born Dec. 4, 1854, at Eddyville, la. They were 
living, 1899, at Cable, !Mou. He is a placer miner. They have no chil- 

h. LAUKA-CAnoi.i.xE, born IVLay 23, 1854; died Aug. 3, 18G2. at Wenona, 111. 

c. Fkank-Weslky, born Apr. 16, 1858; died May 9, 1888, at Bethel. Vt., 
where he h;ul lived. He was a farmer. He married, May 1, 1881. at 
Bethel, Sophia-Kebecca. daughter of Nathnn and Mary-Le/ette (Bliss) 
Parker of Bethel; born Oct.""!?, 1858, at Bethel; living," 1899, at Bethel.^ 

Child, born at Bethel :— 
' a. Nathan-Pakkek, born July 28, 1882. 

bdag ddc. Samuel-S, son of Lconard-Orcutt (Samuel, Edward, 
kShubael, Edward, John, Cornelius) and Caroline (Hooker) Waldo; 
born July 28, 1833, at Cabot, Vt. He removed to Illinois and thence 
to Eldora, la., where he lived for a number of j^ears. From Iowa he 
removed to Seattle, Wash., and thence to Kcdlauds, Cal., where he 
was living in 1899. He was in mercantile business atone time, but 
is at present engaged in improving an orange ranch. He married, 
Dec. 11, 1857, at Lasalle, 111., Martha-Clark, daughter of David and 
Lucy (Clark) Bennett of Parkman, Me.; liorn Aug. 17, 1837, at 
Parkman; living, 1899. '» 

• Barnnnl , Vt., Recoida. 

' Records of S.uimel-S Waldo [hilar/dflr]; and :\Ir<>. Oeorfcinna-Ornco (Ilardliir;) l'.al<Uvin 
[hdiKjililan]. ' necoids of Mrs. l'nink-\Vcbl<^y Harding. « nccords of .Suiiuirl-S Waldo. 

I ■' ' .■ ) .';<j 


Cliiklren of Samiiel-S and Martha-Clark (IJennett) Waldo. 
Horn, a at Wenona, 111.; b at Clicnoa, 111.; c at Rochester, N. Y. ; 
d at Iowa Falls, la. ; e, /at Eldora, la. : — 
bdag ddca. Cakuik-May, born Nov. 2, 1859. 

Idafj ddcb. LiLLiAN-BENNK-rr, born May 29, 18C2 ; died Awi;. 1 , 18C2, at Chcuoa. 
lihtij ddcc. Hkiibkut-Pakkku, born June », 1863; died June 11, 1867. 
Idari ddcd. Maiikl-Lot'isk, born Aucc. -1, 1865 ; died Ocl. 15, 1865, at Iowa Falls. 
bdarj ddce. Dean-Albert, born May 28, 1868; living, 1899, unmarried. 
bdag ddcf. Nouma-Nobi.k, born June 15, 1873. 

bdag ddd. Pakker-Hookek, sou of Leonard-Orcutt (Samvl, 
Edward, Shuhael, Edirard, John, Cornelius) and Caroline (Hooker) 
Waldo; born June 30, 1835, at Peacham, Vt. ; died June 22, 18G4, 
at Washington, D. C, from a wound received in ouc of the battles of 
the Wilderness. He eulisted as private in Co. B, 1st Massachusetts 
Heavy Artillery, and was appointed sergeant, July o, 186 1. He is 
buried at Methuen, Mass., where he had lived. He vras a shoemaker 
by trade. He married, April 13, 1853, at Methuen, Laura-Amand, 
(laughter of Danitl and Marcia (lOmerson) Merrill of ^Methuen ; born 
Mch. 29, 1837, at Methuen; died June 23, 1877, at Methuen. i 

Children of Parker-Hooker and Laura-Amand (Merrill) Waldo. 
Born, h at Peacham, Vt. ; c, (^ at Methuen, Mass. : — 

bdag ddda. Emma,' died yonn?. Her birth is not recorded and she is unknown 
to her brother Frank, who, however, says that there was a child whose 
name he does not know, who died young. 

bdag dddb. Frank, born June 3, 1S56. 

bdarj dddc. Cl.\ka, born June 12, 1858; died .Alch. 19, 1859, at Methuen. 

bdag dddd. Nkllie-Saraii, born Sept. 11, 18G0. 

bdag dde. Maky-Akx-Cmff, daughter of Leonard- Orcutt 
(Samuel, Edvxird, SJiubael, Edirard, John, Cornelius) and Caroline 
(Hooker) Waldo; born Apr. 8, 1837, at Cabot, Vt.^ She married, 
Dec. 4, 1860, at Wenona, 111., William-Ritchie, son of Rufus and 
Sarah (Palmer) Mills of Needham, Mass. ; born Nov. 29, 1832, at 
Needham. They were living, 1899, at Sitka, Alaska. He is a 

Children of William-Ritchie and Mary-Ann-Clufif (Waldo) JNIills. 
Born, a at Wenona, ill. ; b at Needham, Mass. : — 
a. William-Pakkei!, born Feb. 10, 1863; Uving, 1899, at Sitka, Alaska. lie 

' Methuen Records: Records of Frank W.-»ldo [hdac/dtl'lh]. 

' Records of Charles-Kdward Waldo [hrla'l^ihaa]. 

' Records of Saiiuit-l-S Waldo [b-lfojildr]; She herself says Apr. 8, IS3S, at Peacham, Vt. 

* Records of Mrs. Mary-Auu-Clull (Waldo) Mills. 

744 WALDO GKNKALOGV. [im.acjddi- \ 

ni;uric(l. Dec. IS, 1894, ;it San Francisco, CaL, Florcnce-lulith, clau,uhli;r \ 

of Dr. .Jniiics-Lafayctte ( d'corfje -Wnshvujt'ni., Arnoy, Brjijamiii, Joshua, \ 

Samuel. .John) aud Eniily-.Aseiiath (Scoiicld; Cogs-\vcll of San Fraiivisco-, | 

born Mcli. G, 1872, al r.lcjoinlioUl, Cal.' \ 

Cliild, born at Sitka :— 
a. \Vam>o-Cogs\vi:ll, born Sept. 22, 1895. 
b. Lokktia-May, born Apr. 14, 1S72; living, 1899, unmarried. 

bdag ddf. Laura-Hookkk, daughter of Leonard-Orcutt (Snmnd, | 

Edu-ard, Shvhach Edicard, John, CorneJinsJ and Caroline (Hooker) | 

Waldo; Lorn Sept. 15, 183t), nt Cabot, Vt. ; married, July 3, lyGl, al 
Laoon, 111., Sidnty, son of Alvan and JcauL-tte (llarrouu) Drury of 
Barre, Vl. ; born Sept. 16, 1831. at Bane. Tlicy were living, 189'J, 
at Seattle, Wash. He is a fruit grower. ^ 

Children of Sidney and Laura-Hooker (Waldo) Drury. Born, a at 
Freeport, 111. ; b at Needhani, I\ ; c at Eldora, la. : — 

a. Fked-Clixtox, born Sept. 30, 18C2; married, Apr. 5, 1891, Lulu-Claire 

Ivey of Mt. I'leasant, Utali. 


a. KuTii, born Feb. 14, 1892. 

b. DoxALD, born June 13, 1897. 

b., born Sept. 26, 18G8; niarried, Dec. 12, 1897, at Seattle, 

Wash., Lilly Demott. 

Child, born at Seattle :— 
a. Lynn-Bykon, born June 20, 1898. 

c. Ly.nx-Cami:kox, born Feb. 21, 1871; died Aug. 13, 1894, in Alaska, 


bdag dec. Emily, daughter of William-Eaton (Sumuel, Edirard, 
Sliubael, Edicard, John, Cornelins) and Mary (Kimball) Waldo; 
born Feb. 3, 1833, at Potion. P. Q. ; living, 1898, at Barre, Vt. She 
niarried, Feb. 22, I860, al Peachani, Vt., Joshua-Osgood, son of 
David and iMeraba (Woodbury) Morse of Cabot, Vt. ; born Apr. 22, 
1819. al Cabot; died Jan. M, 1889, at Cabot. After his marriage he 
drove the .'^tage between Peachani and Barnet, Vt., a distance of six 
miles ; at the same lime he kept the hotel at Peacham and did some 
farming. In 1809 he moved from Peacham to Cabot, and for several 
years drove the stage between Cabot and Walden, but finally devoted 
bis time to farniintx.^ 

» " Coj:swclls in Aiueiicx," i>. PIO; .Mis. Jlary-A.-C. Mills says slic was bom Jan., 1S73. 
' Reionls of Mr.s. L:iuiTi-llnukL'r (Waldo) Drury. 
' llecorils of Mrs. Emily (Waldo) Morse. 

iii.Adi.r.i-J EIGHTH r.KN'KKA ri()\. 715 

Children of .loslma-Osgooil niul iMiiily (WaMo) .Morse. Born, a, 
h nt roachani, Vl. ; of at Cabot, Vt. : — 

I!. Sakah, horn Apr. 2i', 18Gt; died .May 3, ]Sr,i. 

b. M AKV-Lois, ])()rn Mch. 12, ]iiC,rj- iinirried (1), Sept.. l.">, ISSO, at Danvilks 

VI. , .^^ll!U■d ]"illn;()i-c, sun of Se\moiir .iiid .MaieUa (Allen) Daniels of 
Fairfax, Vt.; hdrn May 13, 18.".:;, at Fairfax; died .Mch. 10. lt^S2, at 
Wheelock, Vt. She married (2), I'"eb. 18, 18-o, at AValden, Vt., Williani- 
Geori^'i!, son of I'aul-Dean and .\hnira (French) Ivniirht of Walden; hmn 
Sept. 7, 18(1."), at \V;Uden. They lived for four or live years at \V'uldi-n, 
removed to Barre, Vt., and thence to llarihvick, Vt., Mlierc they were 
livin,i)j in 189S. lie is a farmer and machinist. She had no children by 
Mr. ])aniels. 

Child, born at "Walden : — 

a. Authuk-Deax, born .Anj^. 1, 1S8G. 

c. Gi:onGK-Ni:i.«nN, born Oct. 11, 1807. He ■\vorl<cd as a farmer for a few 

years, bnt l)eiii!:c slightly lame lie went to Claremont, N. II., wlicre he 
learned the shoe trade. lie removed to Brockton, Mass., where he 
was livinir in ]8;t8. He miirried, Apr. 10, 1,>'1I2, at Abinsrton, Mass., 
Kuth, d:ui!,'liter of Renj;imin-Franklin and Vanelia-Maria (Wood) Parker 
of North ]'rid;iewater, Mass.; born Mch. 4, 1870, at North Bridgewatcr. 
Tliey have no children. 
(I. Bki:t-Jo.suua, born Mch. 2.">, 1870. He removed to Barre, Vt., where he 
was livinsj in 1898. He learned the stonecnttcr's trade at Barre. He 
married, Oct. 23, 1K03, at Barre, Maliel, dangliter of Frank and Loodascia- 
Jeriin (Wheeler) George of Calais, Vt. ; born Apr. IC, 1871, at Calais. 

Child, born at Barre: — 
a. MAUDK-E.Mit.Y, born Aug. C, IS'Jfi; died Mch. 8, 1898. 
e. Fuank-Clive, born May 15, 1873; died Oct, 27, 1874, at Cabot. 
/. Maijei.-Lauua, born Nov. 7, 1876; married, Sept. 28, 1892, EdAvard Homer, 
son of Ozias and Isabelle-Eniily (Scott) Clieever of Barre, Vt. ; born 
Sept. 22, 18."j9, at Walden, Vt. They were living, 1808, at Barre. He is 
a carpenter. 

Children, born at Barre: — 

a. Earl, born July 11, 1895; died Aug. 8, 1896. 

b. Ika-Laukance, born Feb. 4, 1897. 

bdag def. Kr.\smu.s-Darwin, sou of William-Eatou (Saninel, 
Edward, Shubael, Edward, John, Cornelius) and Mary (Kimball) 
Waldo; born Jan. 4, 1845, at Cabot, Vt. ; living, 1900, at Cabot. 
lie is a pension agent, but has been a farmer. He served during one 
session of the Legislature as clerk in the office of the sergeant-at-arms. 
He was a private in Co. D, 1st Vermont Cavalry, from the spring of 
1S(;4, until the end of the war. He married, :Mch. 7, 1S66, at Dan- 
ville, Vt., Mary-Loui^, dauuiitcr of Ira and .Mnry-Gibs (Colnirn) 
Stevens of Danville; born Sept. 30, 1850, at Danville; died Mch. 3, 
1897, at Cabot. 1 

L'ordo of E:-.uinus-L>.ir\viu NValdo. 



CliiMrcii of Krasnms-Darwin and IMary-Louis (Stevens) Waldo. 
Honi, a, h at I'eac'haiii, VI. ; c, d at Cabot, Vt. : — ' 

bdagdefa. EvaJank, ) ,^.^^,,, ^^^^^ ,^^^- f 

b'Pifid'/': Kmma-Jkan, ( Idicd Sept. 20, 1807. 

hda(j th'fc. Wii, mam-Eaton, born Juno 22, 1>^<;S; living:, l.S'J8, at West Dan- 
ville, Vt., and is a member of the tlrni of Waldo & Gops, jrranitc dealers. 
lie married, Nov. 24, b*<D7, at West Danville, ElizabcMi-.Jane, dauglilcr 
of .John :uul Fanny (Karr) McLean of St. Johnsbnry, Vt. 

bdag defd. FuFD-DAitwiN, born Jnly 7, 1870. 

bdu'j dcfe. rEKLY-Conunx, born Sept. 24, 1880; died Mcli. 22, 1881. 

bdag ecb. Mauv-Chase, daughter of Richard (Edv:ard, Ed- 
ward^ Shi/.bad, Edward, John, Conieluis) aud Mary-Aiiu (Chase) 
Waklo; bom Oct. 11, 1838, at Cabot, Vt. ; died Oct. 2o, 1891, at 
Potton, P. Q. She married, Feb. 15, 1854, at Pottou, Albert, son of 
Jesse and Betsey (Bailey) Hardy of Pottou; born Oct. 17, 1829, at 
Potton; died May 9, 1897, at Potton, where they had lived. He was 
a farmer.' 

Children of Albert and Mary-Chase (Waldo) Hardy. Born at 
Potton, P. Q. :— 

a. CiiAiij.KS-NoKMAX, born Jan. 13, 185.5. He is a farmer, living, 1809, at 

PottiKi. He married, Nov. 2('., 187'J, at Troy, Vt., Addie-Grtiut, danirhter 
of William-Harlow and Melissa-Bloomtield (llolmau) Morse of Troy; 
born Jan. 30, ISGl, at Tottou ; living, 1809. 

Children, born at Potton : — 

a. Gladys-Guacia, born Jan. 25, 1886. 

b. HAZEL-jKssnc, horn Sept. 26, 1890. 

c. HAKLOW-Tiiursii, born Dec. 25, 1895. 

b. Ii)a-Emei,ink, born Oct. 11, 1856; died Nov. 11, 1886, at Troy, Vt. She 

married, Dec. 25, 1876, at Troy, Charles-W., son of Samnol-E. and Sarali 
(Trnmpass) Hitchcock of Troy ; born June U, 1854, at Troy. He was, 
in 1899, a farmer at Troy. 

Clnld, born at Troy :— 
«. CoiiA-I., born Apr. 25, 1881 ; died Feb. 19, 188G. 

c. Elt.a A DELIA, born Mch. 18, 1859; married, Nov. 28, 1883, at Newport, 

Vt., Charles-F>phraiin, son of Epbraim and Elisabeth-Gofl' (Amidou) 
Stevens of Danville, r. Q.; l:orn Dec. 8, 1857, at Danville. They have 
lived at Potton, P. Q., North Troy, Vt., aud in 1899 were living at Mor- 
gan, Vt. He is a farmer. 

Children, born, a-c at North Troy ; d, c at Pol ton : — 

a. Ai.beht-Hardy, horn iMay 12, 1885. 

b. Ixa-Bkknice, born July 22, 1SS6. ^ 

c. Laxa-Beulah, born Nov. 12, 1887. 

d., born Apr. 7, ls91. 

e. Vekna-Mary, born Oct. 9, 1895. ' . • ' 

Uecordsof Mrs. Moli.fsa (Wuldo) Hardy [bihirjccl]. 


d. EDWix-Al.r.i'ur. limu Mcli. 7. IsCl. He is n fnnncr, livinir, ISO'.), al, roltoii. 
He iminicd, Mcli. ;>, IS.-.7, nl Nwiili 'I'roy, \'l , ( ^liNnia-Mni y, (iaiiirlitiT of 
Albert and Lydia-Aiui (liariicU) Morse of rivlLoii; horn Kel). l:'., lS(i'.», at, 
I'otton; livinii, is;i9. 

Child, lioni at Potton : — • ■ , , . 

a. Lko-Julian, born J\ine 12, 1SR9. 

f. Candick-Ouktta, horn Nov. 29, \RC,:\; married, Nov. 20, 18S7, at Nortli 
Troy, Vt., Anderson, son of .\doli)hiis and Jnlia-Carolino (Leonaid) 
Bryant of :\Ioira, N. Y. ; born May r.), 1801, at Moira. Tliey Mere llvhiir, 
1000, at Dickinson, N. Y. Adolplnis Jlryant, father of Anderson, was a 
cjnarterinasler durinij the Civil war, and died May 30, I«G2.' 

Children, born, a at Nevsport, Vt. ; b, c at Moir.a : — 

a. ^^ARY-CAllOuxE, born Oct. 11, 1888. . ,, 

b. Candick-Alhertixr, boru Apr. IS, 1890. 

c. Nelson-Andf.ijson, boru Nov. 2, 1S92. 

J. Nklson-Stkvukx. horn July C, isr,7. ]Ie has lived at Tolton, Ne\vport, 
Vt., and Charleston, Vt., and was, in 1899, livinij at Sliellield, Vt. He is 
!i hntter-maker. He married, Oct. 9, 1H89, at Potton, Elvira-.Iane, dauLrh- 
ter of Lorenzo and Amelia-Abiirail i P.rown) Jacobs of Potton ; born Feb. 
T), 18C9, at West Potton; living, 1899. They have no children. 

</. Vkkxox-Poby, born Feb. 8, 1870; living, 1899, at North Troy, Vt. He 
married, .Mch. 10, 1892, at Newport, Vt., Nellie-Alvira, danghler of 
William-Chester and Emily-Alvira (Foster) Hair of Stanbridge, P. Q. ; 
born Nov. 4, 187H, at Stanbridge; living, 1899. Mr. Hardy is employed 
in general work. 

Child, boru at Montgomery, Vt. : — 

a. ALiiKHT-KAY, born May 10, 1894. 

h. Loudox-Bai'.d, born .May 24, 1872; living, ls90,at Potton. He is a farmer. 
He married, Nov. 1.3, 1897, at South Troy, Vt., Emnia-.MIiertie, dauiiiiter 
of Patrick and Frindie-Emcns (llovt) Norton of Bolton, P. Q ; l>orn 
Jnly 11, 1809, at Potton; living, l.s99."' 

Child, boru at Potton : — < 

a. Veua-Esthek, born Jan. 31, 1899. ' 

i. LoxA-EsTi:i.i-, born Sept. 6, 1881; living, 1899, unmarried. 

bdag eco. Gkorgk-Fay, son of Richard (EdicarcU Edirard, 
Shubaely Edicard. Jo}in, GorneUufi) and Mary-Ann (Chase) Waldo; 
born Jan 13, iS-i^, at Cabot, Vt.''^ He lived at Newport, Vt., and 
Troy, Vt., and at Potton, V. Q., until al)out 1894, when he removed to 
Boston, Mass., and went into the grocery bii.sinoss at AlKstou. He 
retired from in 1898, and was living in 1899 at Cambridge, 
Mass. He married, Dec. 24, 18G4, at Newport, Cordelia-So[)hro- 
nia, daughter' of Lewis and Flavilla (Nutting) Davis of Kichford, 
Vt. ; born Dec. 17, 18-10, at Hichford ; living, 1899. ^ 

' llccords of Mrs. Candice-(,)rctta ( llnnly) .V'uterson. M{ecoi-dj< of.Loiulon-Hard Hardy. 
'Uecord.i of ."NIis. .Aleli.vsa (W.iMo) Hiirdy [uihi'jrcd]; JMi. Wiililo suys J.nii. !•!, 1843, at 
Wheelock, Vt. * Uoconls of Gcort^jc-Kay Wiildo. 

748 WALDO GENEALOGY. [ddagkcc 

Lliildii'ii of Gooi-y;o-Kay and ('onlcliu-SopIironia (Davis) Waldo. 
Born, a at Troy, Vt. ; h-r/ at Potton, P. Q. :— 

bdag ecca. Fkank-Emkkson, born Jmu! 10, ]HC,o. 

bilag cccb. Fkicp-Wakukn, born Jan. KJ, 1870; living, 1899, al Albton, Mass., 

ninnnrricd. He is a painter. 
hihig cccr. Ch.vnnik-Lkwis, born Auir- 2n, 1873; living. IS'J!', unmarried, 
bdag eccd. E:\, born Mcli. SO, 1875. 

hdacj cccc. Addik-Luaxa, born Aug. 12, l^Sl; died E<.-b. 10, 189(5, at Bo.'^ton. 
hdnrj cccf. Myi{ti,k-Mav, bom Aug. 17, ISSG. 
bdag ecrjj. Epith-Madgk, born Aug. 20, 1888. 

bdag ecd. Melissa, daughter of Richard (Edirard, Edirard, 
ShubaC'l, EdivarJ, Johii^ Cornelius) nud jMarv-Ann (C'ha.'^e) Waldo; 
bora Mch. 5, 1815, at Derby, Vt. ; married, Oct. 10, 1867, at North 
Tro}', Vt., Ileniy-Alva, sou of Edmoiid and Sarah-Lincoln (lilanch- 
ard) Hardy of North Troy; born Mch. 15, 18 ll, at North Troy; 
died Fel). 1-1, 1897, at North Troy. He was a fanner and lived at 
Potton, P. Q., and afterwards at North Tioy. His widow was living. 
1899, at South Troy. Vt.^ 

Children of Henry- .Viva and iAIclissa (\V'aldo) Hardy. Horn, a. d 

at Potton, P. Q. ; h, c at North Troy, Vt. :— 

o. GK()Ji(iK-Hi:Nj;Y, born Aug. 7, 18C9; married, Dec. 23, 1m9G, Kena-.T.nne. 
daughter of Jc-jluKi-Dexicr and Delia-Sarah (Jiuidick) Randall of Soiiili 
Tro}', Vt.; born Mch. 15, 1881, at Tottou. They were living, 1899, at 
Newport, Vt. lie is a farmer. 

Child, born at Newport: — 
a. A SOX, born Feb. 18, 1898; died same day. 

b. Fj!K1)ki:ick-Mi:lvin, born Mch. 4, 1872; married, Dec. 31, 1893, Sadie- 

Maud, daughter of Cornelius and Nettie (Brock) Ilolcomb of West 
FotLon, F. Q. ; born Apr. U, 187G, at Fotton. They wore living, 1899, at 
North Troy, Vt. He is employed in a box shop. 

Child, born at North Troy :— 
a. A SOX, born July 12, 189C; died July IG, 1S9G. 

c. Claua-Lulu, born Apr. 19, 187G; living, 1899, unmarried. 

d. Ekxkst-Woou, born June 12, 1887. 

bdag fab. A uxer- Weston, sou of John (Abner, Edicard^ Shu- 
hdd, Edirard, John^ Cnrndius) and Dolly (Weston) Waldo; born 
Jan. -22. 18,00, at East Kandolpli, Vt.-' He was sergeant in the 1st 
Wisconsin Heavy Artillery during the Civil war. He was a success- 
fnl lumber merchant at Chicago, but is now retired, ;ind was living. 
1899, at Libertyville, 111., of which city he was then mayor. While 

» Recoid.s of Mrs. Mtlis.<;a( WaUlo) l[ar<ly. 

' lUiiuloljili liuoor(.l.s; Mr. Wuliio sajd Jan. y, ISCU. 


liviiiLT at ChicaG;o ho liold tho oilice of nl'loruum. ilo inarne<l, Mch. 
2;5, 1853, at Salem, .Mn>s., Klizabetli- Applrton, dauglilcr of Charlt'S 
and Mavy-Pearsons (Dolivar) Staiiiford of Salein ; born Sept. 9, 
18:3:3, at Salem; liviii,L2;, b'^^'O-i 

('hiklrcn of Abner- Weston and Elizabeth- A pplet(m (Staniford) 
Waldo. Born, a at Salem, Mass. ; b-d at Uriggsville, Wis. ; c at 
Chicago, 111. : — 

bdag faba. Anxii>Ei,iz.\.iji'.tii, born Dec. 5, IR.'.S. 
bdag fabb. CAnouNE-HAHUis, born Feb. 4, ]S:>C,. 
bdag fabc. Olive-Wi:ston, boru Apr. 24, 18G0. 

Idagfald. NELLIE-Jc^YKTT, born Sept. 10, 18C.G ; died Aug. 31, 18C7, at Chicago, 
bdag fabe. ALimo-"WATEn3, boru Apr. 18, ISGD. 

bdag fac Henkt-Makshall, son of John (Abner, EdicarcL 
ShubaeU Echrarcl, John, Cornelius) and Dolly (Weston) Waldo; 
born July 17, 1832, at East Randolph, Vt. ;2 died Jan. 5, 1891, at 
Janesville, Wis. He was a commercial traveller and a hotel-keeper. 
After leaving Randolph he lived at Briggsville, Jefferson, Janesville, 
Beloit and Watertown in Wisconsin. He married, Dec. 20, 1858, at 
JetYerson, Elizabeth-Agnes, daughter of Joseph and Elutheria (Ncny- 
ton) Blodgett of Randolph, Vt. ; born Mch. 7, 18;)5, at Randolph; 
living, 1^98, at Minneapolis, Minn., \Yith her son John.=^ 

Children of Henry-^NIarshall and Elizabeth-Agnes (Blodgett) Waldo. 
Born, a, b at l^riggsville, Wis. ; c at Jefferson, Wis. : — 
hdnr/facn. Sakah-Goss, born Aug. 3, 18C1 ; died Oct. 24, 18GG. 
hdagfach John-Blopgktt, born Dec. 7, 1SG7; living, 1898, at Minneapolis, 

unmarried, tie is buyer for a jobliing house. 
hdag face Luvic, boru Apr. 8, 1876; living, 1808, at Minneapolis, unmarried. 

lie is a clerk. 

bdag fba. IIenry-Clay, son of Charles (Abner, Edivard, ^'^vi- 
b(iel, Edward, John, Cornelius) and Sarah-Cheeney (Morrison) 
AValdo; born Aug. 1.0, ISiG, at East Randolph, Vt. ; living, 1900, at 
East Randolph. He is a fanner. He married, Feb. 11, 1809, at 
Barre, Vt., NeHie-Aral)ell, daughter of Ira and Mary (Smith) Mor- 
rill of East Randolph; born Mch. 12, 1817, at Randolph.'* 

Children of Henry-Clay and Nellie- Arabell (Morrill) ^.Valdo.^ 

Born at Randolph, Vt. : — 

hdaij fl>a't. MAiiTHA-FiiANCKS, born .Inly IG. 1^72; died Aug. 5, 1874, at Ran- 
dolph, " aged 2 years, 20 days." 

' lU'ooitls of Abncr-Wostoii WaUlo. '- Riuidoljili Kcs-onls: F.iinily Uecords say 1S31. 
> of .Tohn-l'.lot'.Lcett Waldo. « Iteconls of llonry-CI.iy Walilo. 
* Ihifl.: Il.'tndolpli liccoril:^. 

7''>0 • WALDO GKNEALOGY. [kdagi-ha 

luhuj fliiil,., born May ?,(), 1^75. IIo iiKirricil, .Tnn. 12, jsos, at 
liiist H;iii(I<)l|)li, J.tMia-May, diin-hl.T of .lnlni-.M;is(iii ;uh1 ('viil,hi;i-l »a'vis 
(Gould; Ferris of KoxImiiv, Vt. ; Imin Mjiy L^4, 187m, at Koxlniry. 

bdag fbe. FurDKuic-CnANDLKu, soil of Charles (Ahner, EdiccmJ, 
Shnhad. Edtrard, John, Cornelius) and Samh-Clieency (Morrison) 
Waldo; ])orn Dec. H, 1801, at East Kaudolpli, Vt.> He is a faniior, 
living, liiUO, at Chelsea, Vt. He married, Oct. 28, 189G, at Chelsea, 
Celestia-Crnfls, daughter of Daniel-Drew and Maryettc (Scribner) 
Willis of Chelsea; horn Ang. 24, 18G7, at Chelsea; living, 1900. a 

Child of Frederic-Chandler and Celestia-Crafts (Willis) ^Valdo. 
IJorn at Chelsea, Vt. : — 
hdig fhcii. IXA, lioru Oct. 17, 1897. 

bdag fcb. JoiiN-Ar>AMS-I^oinvFi,L, son of George-Angnstns (Ah- 
ner, Edirard, ShnbaeJ, Edicnrd, John, Comelhis) and Almira (iiod- 
well) Waldo; born Jan. IG, 1827, at Metlmen, Mass. ;3 died Sept. 1.0, ] 

1898, at Chicago, ]11. He married, Ang. 2, 1S53, at Carlisle, Mass., ] 

Susan-Mann-Green, daughter of John and Almira-K. Blaisdell of ; 

Thornton, N. H. ; born JFch. 21, 1830, at Tliornton ; di.>d Aug. 12, * 

1895, at Chicago. They lived at Chicago.'' 

Child of John-Adanis-Bodwell and Susan-Mann-Grccn (Blais- 
dell) Waldo. Born at Chicago, 111. :— 

bdagfcJui. .7(>nN-B.\KiiON, born Axijr. 27, 18G0; living, 189R, nt Chicago, un- 
niarriod. He is in l)iisiness with E.-W. Fairchild, under the uTirne nf 
" Waldo-Fairchild Co.," having offices at Ciiicrmo and NeAv York. They 
are publishers of the Chicarjo Ai^parel Gazette and Men's Wear, 

bdag fed. Caiioline-Amelia, daughter of George-Angnstns 
(Ahner, Edward, Shnbael, Edrmrd, John, Cornelius ) and Almirn 
(Bodwell) Waldo; born July 26, 1831, at Methuen, Mass. ;^ died 
Jan. G, 1885, at Imes, Kan. She married, July 4, 1852, at Jefl'crson, ] 

Wis., Quincy-David, son of David and Sarah (Smith) Cole of Berlin, \ 

Vt. ; born June 12, 1822, at Berlin. He is a farmer, living, 1899, at | 

Imes.'' I 

Children of Quincy-David and Caroline- Amelia (Waldo) Cole. 1 

Born, o, b at Jefferson, Wis. ; c at Montpelier, Vt. ; d at Imes, 
Ivan. : — 

a. Ai!Tni;i:-Omxcv. born Apr. 10, 1.^54; livintr, is;)0, at Incnemo, Kau. lie 
IS a fariucr. lie is uiurricd. 

' liaii(lol[i!i Koconls s.iy ,T:m. 11, li^Gl. 

> HecoiMs of lrc.leri, Waldo: Family Hil.Ie. ^ Mctluion Records. 

•Uecoiaaof Jchn-nanv.ii WiiUlo [Ma-j/elm]. ^ Methuen lleronis. 

» ReconLs of Quincy-David Culo. 

iii).\Grci;J EIGHTH GENERATION. 751 

6., born Juno 20, IS.'.T. lie has lived .since 180.7 aL Otlrl^va, 
Kail. He is a fanner lie married, Oct. 20, IJ^ftO, at Ottawa, Eva-Adelia, 
tlniii^'hter of James and iMar\'-J. (Keller) Parkinson of Ottawa; born 
Nov., 18(;i, at Koeklick, W. Va. 'J'liey have no ciiildrcn. 

c. Fi:an'k-L.\.ni>ki!, born Ai)r. 13, 18C2; living, 1S99, at Mt. House, Sierra Co., 

Cal. He is married. 

d. LtXA-Ai.'OKLLi:, born Apr. 2G, 1871; living, 1899, unmarried. 

bdag fee. Juliette-Akba, daup;hlfr of Georgc-Augiistu.s (Abner, 
Edward, Shubad, Edr:ard, John, Cornelius) aud Almira (Bodwell) 
"Waldo; born Mch. 5, 1834, at M(!lluien, Mass.' She married, Jan. 
8, 1853, at Lawrence, Mass., William, son of Jolm-Btisby and Lucy 
(Freeman) Barnes of Lawrence; horn j\rch. 15, 1834, at Orford, 
N. H. They were living, 1897, at Methuen. He is janitor of the 
Metlmcn library. He was a private in Co. A, 1st Massachusetts 
Heavy Artillery in the Civil war.^ 

Children of William and Juliette- Abba (Waldo) Barnes. Born, a, 
b at Methiieu, Mass. ; c, d at Lawrence, Mass. : — 

a. Lucv-Ai;dei,l, born June 14, 1854. Slie married, July 17, 1876, at Law- 

rence, Edward-Woodl)ury, sou of George-Xesmith and Sarah-Ann-Cath- 
crine (Smith) Austin of Lawrence; born July 28, 185G, at Salem, N. II. 
He Avas in the country produce Imsincss until 1897, but is now retired. 
They have no children. 

b. GKor.GE-WiLLiAM, boru ^Ich. :-', 18.'iG; living, 1897, at Methuen. He is a 

painter. He married, Oct. 'Jl, 1891, at Mcthueu, Malvena-Agues, daugh- 
ter of Peter and Marv-Scolasti(jne (Gendreau) Boulav of Koxton Pond, 
P. Q. ; born Nov. 4, 18G4, at St. Pie, P. Q. ; living, 1897. 

Child, born at Methuen : — 

a. Helex-Adelaidk, born Feb. 24, 1896. 

c. Ciiai5Lks-Ali'.ei:t, born Nov. 27, 1857; living, 1897, at Chicago, 111. He is 

a clerk. He married, Feb. 8, 1883, at Kacine, Wis., Kose-K., daught(M' of 
Charles and Janet (Davidson) Schultz of Chicago; boru Aug. 12. 1865, at 
Steward, Lee Co., 111. ; living, 1897. 

Children, born at Chicago:— 

a. Jesse-Haroi.d. boru Nov. 20, 1883. 

b. Clahence-Waldo, born Jan. 31, 1886. 

c. Juliette-Ardell, born Sept. 14, 1894. 

d. Lewis-EuGAR, born Mch. 7, IsGO. He was educated in the public schools 

of i\Tethuen, and has been since :876 in the cotton manufacturing busi- 
ness. He was superintendent of the Kevins Jute Mills of Salem, Mass., 
for one year; siiperinlemlent of the Lawrence Ligliting Co. for one year. 
He was apjwinted su])erintendent of the Methuen Cotton Mills June 17, 
1890. and, .Tan. 1, 1898. was nnide agent of the Methuen Cotton Mills ami 
of the Pemberton Mills of Lawrence, Mass. He was living, 1899, at 
Methuen. He married, .Tan. 22, 1.-90, at Methuen, Carrie-Ellen, da\iirhter 
of Samuel-Monroe and Caroline-.Muicda (Kimball) Pichardsou of Law- 
rence; born Apr. 28, 1856, at Lawrence; living, 1899. They have no 

'.MeLhueii RecorcLs. - Records of William U.nrncs. 


7f)2 WALDO CKXKALOr.Y. • [iu>A(;r(i 

bdag fcf. ]\lAi;v-A7>i-.LAH)K, (.l;iut!,lit(;r of r;cor;io-Aiiji;iisliis fAh- 
n''i\ Eihrnrd, Shi/hncI, Eih'-nrJ^ Jolni, Corhclius) and Ahiiiia 
(Bochvoll) Waldo; born Feb. 20, l.So7, at iletliucn, Mass.; livinii-, 
18*)7, at Chicajxo, 111. She married, Oct. 24, 1858, at .Teffersou, 
>Vis., Kdward-A. Ayers. Mr. and Mrs. Ayers separated about 18G7, 
and nothing is now known of him. lie is ])elievo.d to be dead.' 

Child of Edward-A. and Mary-Adelaide (Waldo) Ayers. Born al 
(^uincy, 111. : — 
a., born July 31, ]8iil; died Dec, 18G1. 

bdag ffc. Samuel-Prentice, sod of Ealiih ( Alnt*"!-^ Ethrtu-fJ. 
Shubarl^ Edward, JoJm. Cornel ins J and Hannah (Belknap) Waldo; 
born May 28. 18-12, at East Kandolph, Vt. lie has been a fiirmer, 
clerk and salesman, and has lived at Kandolpli, \'t., Boston, ]\Iass , 
and Crittenden, N. Y., and in 1898 was living at Buffalo, N. Y., 
retired from business. His name appears in the Boston Directory as 
"clerk," 1868-75. He married, Oct. 1, 18G8, at C"ittenden, 
iMerta-Ann, daiighter of John-Peml)Ci' and P^lecta (Edson) Edson of 
Crittenden; born Dec 2, 184G, at Crittenden.'^' 

Child of Samuel-Prentice and Merta-Ann (Edson) Waldo. Born 
at Crittenden, N. Y. :— 
bdagfca. Don, born Feb. 22, J 883. 

bdag ffd. SnrEOX-RALPii, son of Ralph (Abner, Edicard, Slta- 
bac.l. Edward, John, Comelins) and ll.annah (Belknap) AValdo ; 
born Dec. 22, 18 U, at East Randolph, Vt."^ He is a prosperous 
farmer, living, 1897, at East Randolph. He married, Feb. 23, 1875, 
at Tunbridge, Vt., Abbie-Emily, daughter of Rockwood and Juliana- 
Kingsbury (Howard) Holden of Randolph; born Mch. 12, 1849, at 

Child of Simeon-Ralph and Abbie Emily (Holden) \Valdo. Born 
at ICast Randolith, Vt. : — 
hd<i(/ fda. Dkan, born Oct. o, 1S8G. 

bdag fgb. Li tiieha-Blodgett, daughter of Albro (Abner, Ed- 
rcard, Shubael, Edward, John, Ci>rnelii(s) and P^lmina (St(jne) 
Waldo; born Nov. 1, 1830, at East Randolph, Vt. ; married, Dec. 

' Ifncords of John-n.irroii %V.i1(lo [l><l'ii/j'c''a]. ' Uccorils of Samuul-l'icutice WriMo. 

* l;:in(loli)h Kccord.-j, where his ii.iino is givou .is " Samuel- Rali'h." 

* ll'id.r Jvocoids of SiniL'ou-U.ilph Waldo. 

hpaiiuca] F.KiHTII fJEXEIJATIOX. , 753 

M, 18()7, lit ]\)rl:i2;e, Wis., Jolii\-!\Iariniis, son of AiiMiiius mid 
AiiiKi-Katriiia Schoimaker vi Holland; boru Sept. 27, l.S.)f», at Win- 
loiswyk, ilollaiid. Mr. Schoemaker cainc to America in 1814 with 
his i)ar('nts. He was conimi.ssioned, Aug. 29, 18G2, second li^-utenant 
in Co. C, 23d Regiment, ^Visconsiu Vohmteers, and was mustered 
into service ou Aug. oO. He was colnmib^ioned first lieutenant iu 
the same comitany, Apr. 28, l8Go, and was commissioned captain of 
Co. 1, July 20, 1861. He was jux'sent at the siege of Vicksburg a 
at twelve other battles, and was mustered out of service July 4, 18 , 
at I\Iol)ile, Ala. After the war he becajne a dry goods merchax... at 
Greenbay, Wis., where they were living in 1899.^ 

Children of John-Marinus and Luthera-Blodgctt (Waldo) Schoe- 
maker. Born at Greeubay, Wis. : — 

a. Fkank-Waldo, born Sept. 4, ISfiS; liviiui:, 180;), uiiinarried. 

b. Kathahink-Stone. born June 1?5, 1871; llvini^, 18?'.', unmarried. 

c. Joiin-Alhko, born Oct. 13, 1873; living, 1809, unmarried. 

bdag fib- WiLLis-CiiAKDLER, son of AloDzo (Ahnei\ Edward, 
SJndxiel, Edinurd^ John, Cornelius) and Emuy-Sniith (Cole) Waldo; 
born May 22, 1849,- at Jefferson, Wis. He removed to Superior, 
Wis., in 1883, and was living there in 1899. He is a hardware mer- 
chant, lie married, Oct. 22, 1873, at Foxlakc, Wis., Anua-M., 
daughter of Daniel and Winifred (McMahon) Conau of Superior; 
born at Williugton, Out.^ 

Child of Willis-Chaudler and Anna-M. (Conan) Waldo. Born 
at Jefferson, Wis. : — 

bdagflba. Gkace-Emily, boru July 27, 1883. 

-■'' • ■ ■ ■ ■ . • ' u ■ ■■ • 

bdah bca. Gkorge- Horatio, son of Haschel (RosicelU Daniel, 
ShubaeJ, Edward, John, Cornelius) and IMaria (Wales) Waldo; born 
Dec. 14, 1829, at Mantua, 0. In 1852 he removed to Delaware, O., 
where he was living in 1884. During the Civil war he was chief clerk 
in the United States assistant quartermaster's department at Colum- 
bus, O. He has been a salesman and a merchant. He was a small 
man, weighing about 140 pounds, with blue eyes, brown hair and 
sandy beard. He married, June 14, 1851, at Stowe, 0., Harriet- 

' Kci'orils of Mis. Luthera-Blodgctt (W.-ildo) Schoemaker. 
' riimily Uvfoids; .Mr. WaMo says he was born 18-l.'f. 
Records of WilUs-Chaudlor Waldo. 


754 .^ WALDO GENEALCXiY. [hdaiihca 

Louisa, (lauuhler of Charles and Clarissa-Betsey (Ely) Powers of 
Taberg, N. Y.; l)orn Dec 5, 1820, at Taberg.> 

Children of George-IIoratio and Harrict-Lonisa (Powers) ^\'oldo. 

IJorn at Delaware, O. : — 

bdnh hem. Clakissa-.Mauia, boni Aiii;. 4, 1852; tlicU Nov. 9, 1860, at Dela- 
bdah bcab. Fannir, born July 2U, 1^55; died Aiif;. '6, 1835, at Delaware. 

bdah bcf. Marv-Anne, daughter of Haschel ( Rosicell, JJanie!, 
Shubael, Edirard, John, Cornelius) and Maria (Wales) Waldo; 
born Oct. 7, 1811, at Shalersville, 0. She is a small woman, weigh- 
ing about 96 pounds, with blue eyes and brown hair. She married, 
June 1, 1868, at Kavenna, 0., Henry, sou of Samuel and ].aura 
Lcdyard of Slialersville; born July 15, ISiO, at Shalei'sville. lie is 
a man of medium size, about 5 feet, 10 inches tall, with blue eyes, 
dark hair and beard. He has been a tinsmith by trade and an engineer. 
In 1884, and probably in 1898, he was living at Toledo, 0.- 

Children of Henry and ^lary-Anna (Waldo) Ledyard. Born, a at 
Chatham, O. ; 6, c at Delaware, O. : — 

a. KoswELLENA, bom Mch. 11, ISGO. 
h. Koi.LiN-AKTHrii, born June 22, 1873. 
c. Obai^iah-Walpo, born Oct. 10, 1877. 

bdah beg. Roswell, son of Haschel (liosicell, DanieU Shubacl, 
Edward, John, Cornelius) and Maria (Wales) Waldo; born Jul}' 3, 
1846, at Aurora, O. ; died Oct. 17, 1878, at Cairo, 111., of yellow 
fever. He was about 5 feet, 10 inches in height, Avcighed about 160 
pounds, and had blue eyes, brown hair and sandy beard. He entered 
government employ as a clerk in the U. S. assistant quartermaster's 
department at Columbus, 0., in 1863. In 186-1 he was transferred to I 

the quartermaster-general's department at Washington, D. C, and 
continued in the government service in various departments until Iiis 
death. During his leisure hours he studied medicine and graduated as 
an allopathic i)hysician at the National Medical College, Washiiigton. 
in 1874. He was afterwards assistant physician and surgeon in the 
surgeon-general's department at Washington and at the naval hospital 
at Anna[)oIis, Md. Mch. 3, 1877, he received an appointment as 
surgeon, physician and superintendent of the marine hospital at Caiio, 
111. Upon ibc breaking out of j'ellow fever in the South in 1878, 

' " Dosceri'l.ants of XathaTiicl Ely,*' ii. ■-';■;-!: Uocorils of ClKirles-Eilward Waldo 
[bdadabaa]. - Ueconls of Cliarlus-Eiiwiird Waldo Ibdadabaa]. 

Y i ' , . ■! 

hdaiiuva] EinilTII GENTKUATION. 755 

many people in the stricken districts lied N(iitli, carrying .the jx'.stilonco 
witii tlicm. Sending his family across the Ohio River to Florence 
Station, near Paducah, Ky., for safety, Dr. Waldo remained at his 
post attending to the sufferers as they arrived at Cairo. Finally 
becoming infected himself with the disease, he fell a victim to the 
cause of humanity and died. His family returned to Washington in 
the spring of 1879 and were living there in 189'.). 

He married, Sept. 12, 18G7, at Washington, Mary-Bacon, daughter 
of Henry and Martha (Whitlock) Page of Fauquier Co., Va. ; born 
Sept. 25, 184G, in Fauquier Co. ; living, 1899, at Washington. She 
is a clerk in the Treasury department.' 

Children of Koswell and Mary -Bacon (Page) Waldo. Born, a-d at 
Washington, D. C ; e at Paducah, Ky. : — 

//(?rt/t ftcjfrt. Martha-Bacon, born June 12, 18^8; died Dec. 25, 1871, at 

hdahhcgh. William-Henry, boru Dec. 10, 1871; livhig, l.'^OO, at Washinglon, 

unmarried. He is a drugi^ist. 
bdahhcgc. Lydia-Howahd, born Apr. 5, 1873; living, 1890, at Washington, 

.numarried. She is a " i^indergartner." 
bdah hcgd. Eoswkll, born July 25, 1S75; died Aiir. 12, 1879, at Florence, near 

hdah lege. Gr.oKGK-SKLPEX. born Feb. 3, 1879, a posthumous cliild. He was, 

1899, a clerk in the Agricultural department at Wasliingtou. 

bdall bcTa. William-Sylvester, son of Azel (Eas/rdl, Daniel, 
Shuhael, Edivanl, John, Conielius) and Jaue (McGill) Waldo; born 
1837, at Cincinnati, 0.; died Jan. 20, 1874, at Indianapolis, Ind. 
Although his family supposed him to have never married, he is thought 
to have been the William-S. Waldo who married, June lo, 1859, at 
St. Louis, I\Io., Julia-Isabel, daughter of Mathias and Mira (Morris) 
Po])inson of Ilolden, Johnson Co., Mo.; born June 8, 1840, at 
lloldon. She married (2), Dec. 29, 1884, at Boulder, Col., All)ert, 
.son of Edward and Bertha (Schneider) Ileyn from Saxony, Germany; 
born Nov. 9, 1854, at Sheboygan, Mich.^ 

Child of \\'illiani-SYlvester and Julia-Isabel (Robinson) Waldo. 
Born at St. Louis, Mo. : — 
bdah bdaa. DAiSY-LoniiNA, born Mch. 20, ISfiO. 

bdah bfa. nExny-IlARRisox, son of IIosc.a-Allen (Tloainelh 
DiniieJ, Slmlmo], E'hranJ, .T'Jtn., Cnniclins) and Christiana (Gil- 
jiatriek) Waldo; born June 1, 1841, at Shalersville, O. ; died Jan. 

» Kt.'coids of Mrs. llo.swell \V:iMi>. ,1 

- Ueconb of CliaiU's-Kilwanl WiUdi) [l.duii'ihaa]. ^ee Aiipcndix Xo. 38. 


756 WAI-DO GKNEALOGY. [hd-uiiua 

20, 1883, at Cleveland, 0. lie was a small man, like his father, with 
blue eyes, brown hair and beard. He was a meml)cr of Batter}' A, 
1st Ohio Light Artillery, and served all through the Civil war. lie 
was taken prisoner at Sooc (?) River, Tenn., and held six months, 
Avhen he was exchanged. He was in seventeen battles and innumer- 
able skirmishes, but was never wounded. He married, IMch. 1, 18G7, 
at Cleveland, Martha Nelson.' 

Children of Henry-Harrison and Martha (Nelson) Waldo. Born at 
Cleveland, 0. : — 

bdah hfaa. Roiikkt-Baktlett, born 1880. 
hdnh hfih. A DAUGHTHi:, l)0ru 1882. 

bdah bfb. Joseph- A i.lkn, son of Hosea- Allen (RnsircU^ Daniel, 
Slnihady Edu.'ard, John, Cornelius) and Christiana (Gilpatrick) 
Waldo; born May 17, 18-i3, at Shalersville, O. He enlisted, June 16, 
18G1, in Battery A, 1st Ohio Light Artillery, and was wounded at 
Shiloh or at Pittsburg Landing, and was discharged. He is of aver- ] 

age size, with dark eyes and red hair. He was living, 1898, at Brad- 
ford, McKean Co., Pa. He is a cleik. He married, Jan. 3, 1865, at 
Corry, Pa., Euuice-Cornelia, daughter of An.son and Olive (Allen) 
Johnson of Corry; born at Panama, N. Y. ; died IMch. 1, 1898, at 

Children of Joseph-Allen and Eunice-Cornelia (Johnson) Waldo. 
Born at Corr)% Pa. : — 

bdah bfba. born Xwj,. 21, 1SG7. 

hilah hfhh. Dklijkut-Allkn, bora Aug. G, 1871; living, 1899, at Oil City, Pa., 

bdah dac Mapja-Emily, daughter of Daniel (SJmhael., Daniel^ 
Sh>ih(iol^ Edvard, John, Corneliiia) and Emily (P'ox) AValdo; born 
IVIay 7, 1839, at Meredo.sia, 111.; living, 1899. She married, Feb. 5, 
18G0, at Meredosia, Eugen-Emmanuel-Lorenz, son of Phillip- Jacob 
and jMargaretha (Bouze) Reyland of Kaiserlautern, Prussia; born 
Mch. 25, 18."4, at Kaiserlautern. His father was a Lutlierau minister, 
and was a chaplain in the German army during the Franco-German 
war. !Mr. Reyland is a mercliant, living, 1899, at INIarble, Col., 
having previously lived at IMeredosia, Jacksonville, and Quincy, 111.^ 

' Uec(jras of Charlos-Edw.-inl Wahlo [iil<i(l,il,aa]. 
» Kccumls of Ai)Soii-.«!ecIey Wuldo [l"1nhhfba'\. 

' Uooofds of Mrs. Ma: ia-Kraily (W.ild')) Koylajid, and Frederick-Waldo Reylruid 


(liildrou of Eu^on-l'>miiiaiiuol-I^()roiiz and IMaria-lMiiily (Waldo) 
Heyhmd. lioni, a, c-f :it Mercdosiii, 111. ; b iil Quincy, 111. : — 

a. Ji:i.ia-Fi:anci:s, Ijoiii Jan. 8, 1^01 ; iiianiftl, So|)t. Ifi, 18tT., at Mcredosi.'i, 

(icor^o-Moiiticoim-ry, .sou of Georixc-Wasluiiiclou nnd Eliza ( Mastcrsoii) 
Huniis of I'.lulfs, 111.; horn Dec. IS, 18(J2, at Mercdosia. lie cradnated at 
Illinois CoUeiie in ISSo and for sonic time ■was a teacher in I'eoria, 111. 
Tliey Mere livini;, 1>>'J'.\ at Oak IJalc Eurni, near Bhills. 

Children, born, a at West Haven, Kan.; b at Meredosia: — 
a. IxKZ-Licxoni;, boru June 17, 1887. 
0. Fkkdekick-El'Gen, boru Oct. 8, 1880; died June IG, 1891. 

b. Em..\-Ma»kl, born May 20, 18(54; married, June 29, 1897, at Jacksonville. 

111., William-Lincoln, son of Janics-LoAvr)' and Pamelia-Jane (Bonner) 
GriTiies of San Jacinto, Cal. ; born Juno 0, 1855, at Milton, 111. He is a 
physician, living, 1890, at Sacramento, Cal., but was not permanently 
settled there. No children. 

c. Ci.auick-Emii.y, born Mcli. 9, 1868; married, Oct. 12, 1893, at Jacksonville, 

111., Weare, son of .Alhert-Weare and Coruelia-IIooker (Trask) I'arsons 
of Burlington, la.; born Only 20, 18G4, at Burlington. He is an expert 
electrician and for a number of years Avas employed by the Western 
Electric Company of Chicago. He has no fixed al)Ode. 

Child, born at Rutland. Vt. :— 
a. ErGKN-REYL.-iND, born June IS, 1P95. 

(?. FiJEDKHiCK-WALno, bom Aurj. 5, 1870. He was livinpc- 1900, at Marble, 
Col., and held the oihcc of town clerk. He married, May 18, 1899, at 
Sprinstield, 111., Jessie, daughter of Newark and Mary-Louise (l'ros!--orj 
Lax of Springfield; born Sept. 20, 1874, at Jacksonville, 111. 

Child, born at Marble : — 
0. Evklyn-Lax, born Mch. 30, 1900. 

e. Lovisa-Elkanok, born Oct. 19, 1872; married, Apr. 28, 1897, at Chicago, 

111., Henry-Milton, sou of Matthias-Franklin and Elizabeth -Amanda 
(Graham) .\ndr6 of Meredosia; born June 20, l.-;n8, at INieredosia. He 
is a merchant in partnership with his brother-in-law, Frederick-Waldo 
Reyland, at Marble, Col. No children. 

f. Leila-Etuel, born Sept. 2-i, 1878. Unmarried, 1899. 

bdah dae. Julia-Eveline, daughter of Daniel (Shvhael, Dan- 
iel, Shnbacl, EdirarcU John, Cornelius) .'ind I^rnily (Fox) Waldo; 
born Dec. 25, 1846, at Meredosia, Jll. She married, Sept. 12, I860, 
at Meredosia, Thomas- JelTerson, son of Jesse and Sarah-Hushrod-Lee 
(Cundiff) Ward of Decatur, 111. ; boru Aug. 18, 1837, near Komney, 
Hampshire Co., "W. Va. Mr. Ward enlisted in 1862 as private in the 
116th Illinois Volunteers. lie was taken prisoner in 1863 near Jack- 
son, Miss., and was imi)risoned for eight months on Bell Island. He 
was exchanged just in time to join Gen. Sherman's army in the 
*' March to the Sea." He was awarded a medal for bravery at Vicks- 
burg, and was promoted tu be sergeant-major in 1861. ]\Ir. and Mrs. 
Ward were living, 1900, at Anaconda, Mon.* 

' Uccorils of Mrs. Julia-Eveliiio (Waldo) Ward. 

i ' '„ V 

■^^^ WALDO GENEALOGY. [ri.ahi.ak 1 

Cliildivn of Thoinas-.JolTcrson nnd .Iuli;i-Kvt"lino (Waldo) Ward. j 

Born, a at Decatur, 111.; b at Merodosia, ]11.; c at Falls City, | 

Neb. :— 

a. EuNKsr, born Oct. ",0, ISi'O; nnnifirricd, 1000. 

h. MABKL-GHAcr,, born Mch. 14, 1869. She inarriod, June 10, 1801. at Lyons, 
Kau., Cliil'ord Blair. They live at Lyous. 

Children :— 

a. Donald-Waldo, born 1894. 

b. Julia-Lucille, born 1897. 
c. Danikl-Waldo, born July 7, 1873; unmarried, 1900. 

bdah dbb. Gkorge-Curtis, sou of Josiah-Crosby (Shubnel, 
Daniel, ShubaeJ, Edc-ard, John, Cnrndins) and Klmiua-Ruth (Bal- 
lou) Waldo; boru Mch. 20, 1837, at Lynu, :\Ias3. He graduated at 
Tufts College, 1860, and studied law iu the office of Hon. Andre w-C. 
Lippitt of New London, Conn. He enlisted as private in the first 
company raised in New London for the Civil war, and servt-d tln-ougli 
the campaign of 18G1 iu the 2d Connecticut Volunteers. After his dis- 
charge, being in poor health, he abandoned the law, and, from 18G2 until 
18(17, entered more active business iu New London and Bridgeport, 
Conn. In the latter year he engaged as city editor of the Bridgeport 
Daily Standard. In 1869 he became associate editor of that i>apor 
with Hon. Johu-D. Candce and, later, editor-in-chief and president of 
the Standard Association. He was, for eight years, member of the 
vestry and, for four years, senior warden of Christ Episcopal Church. 
He was Oiie of the founders of the Scientific Society and, for five 
years, its secretary; a founder of the Historical Society and a vice- 
president. He has lield no political oflice, but was for five years a 
member of the l.oard of Kducation ; a member of the building commit- 
tee of the board and of the town in the construction of the now high 
school building; for two years chairman of the Committee on Schools, 
and, for eight yeai-s, chairman of the Shell Fish Commission of Cou- 
necticnt. He was first president of the Eclectic Club ; a vice-president 
of tlie Sea Side Club; and is a member of the Phi Beta Kappa Society. 
Delta Ciiapter of Massachusetts; of the G. A. R. ; of the Army and 
Navy Clui) of Connecticut; and of the 1st Lodge Knights of Pythias. 
He is a connoisseur in art and literature. He built in 1882 a residence 
at Gohleu Hill, Bridgeport, where he is now, 1902, residing. 

He married, Nov. 11, 187-1, at New Orleans, La., Annie, daughter 
of Major Frederick (Dauid-M., Capt. Frederick, Col. James) and] EIGHTH GENERATION. 7r)0 

Matilda (Brooks) Frye of Bridgeport, Conn., and New Orlcaus ; born 
Jan. 1!), 1852, at Bridgeport.' 

Children of George-Curtis and Annie (Frye) \Vald0.2 Born at 
Bridgeport, Conn. : — 

bdah dhba. Selokn-Coxnou, horu Oct. 18, 1875; living, 18D8, uuinarricd. 
bdah dbbb. ]xOS.\lii>, born .■Vug. 8, 1877. 
bdah dhbc., born Feb. 3, 18b3. 
bdah dbbd. Geouge-Ccrxis, born Feb. 2, 1888. 

bdah dca. James-Cctrtis, son of James- Elliott (Shnhael, Dmi- 
icU Shnhael, Edivard, John, CorupUus) and P>eliua-Almira (Cobb) 
Waldo; born Dec. 10, 1835, at Meredosia, 111.; living, 1900, at New- 
Orleans, La., where he has passed most of his life. lie has for more 
than thirty years been connected with the press of New Orleans, and 
has written much under the nom de phivie of "Tim Liukeuwater." 
Tiie magazine Tlie Present Age was edited by him. He married, 
July 19, 1856, at New Orleans, Margaret-Mary, daughter of Samuel 
and Margaret (Agnew) Woods of Cheshire, Eug. ; born Oct. 15, 
1837, at Glenarm, co. Antrim, Ireland; living, 190), at New Or- 
leans. Her mother, Margaret Aguew, was a native of Lucknow. 
Dumfriesshire, Scotland. ^ 

Children of James-Curtis and Margaret-Mary (Woods) Waldo. 
Born, a, d-i at New Orleans, La. ; 6, c at Brooklyn, N. Y. :— 
bdah dcaa. Janky-Cltnkin'GHAM-Agxkw, born May 12, 1857. 
bdah dcab. Evalink-Almuja-Cobb, born Sept. 27, 1858; unmarried, 1900. 
bdah dcac. KATnEUixE-WooDS, born May 17, 1860; unmarried, 1000. 
bdah dead. IlAraiY-JosfPU, born Mob. 19, 1861. 
bdah dcac. James-Cctktis, born Jan. 15, 1864; died Nov. 3, 18G1. 
bdnh drnf. Anxie-Tayj-Ok, born Dec. 10, 1865; died Nov. 16, 1860. 
bdah dc'ig. James-Cuktis, born July 10, 1868; unmarried, 1900. 
bdah dcah. Maugauet-Mauy, born Oct. 18, 1871; died Oct. '24, 1871. 
bdah deal. Benjamis-Tayi.ou, born Dec. 19, 1872; unmarried, 1900. 

bdah deb. Johx-Fowle-Cuoshy, sou of James-Elliott (Shnhccl, 
Daniel, Shuhael, Edtrard, John, Cornelius) and Araminta- Adeline 
(Fowle) Waldo; born Oct. 20, 1855, at Arlington, Mass. He 
received his education in Arlington and New Orleans, La. He was 
admitlcd to tlie bar in June, 1862, and has been in general practice of 
law ever since. He was living, 1900, at New Orleans. He married, 

'"History of Str.itfonl ami Uridg'.'i.ort," vol. ii., pi).8'j;i-6: " Ticlcorinp; Genealogy": 
RecoriKs of Oeorge-Cuvtis Wiililo. 
' lU'Corild of Geort;e-Curtis Waldo. ^ Records of James-Curtis Waldo. 


June 2, ISSG, at Xi;\Y Orleans, Odetto. daui^htur of Justus and I'aul- 
ii!C (L:indri\'uix) Francke of New Orleans; born Apr. 9, 1S5G, at 
New Orleans. Her father was a native of Bremen, Germany.' 

CItildren of Jolm-lMjwIe-Croshy aud Odette (Francke) Waldo. 
r>t>rn at New Orleans, La. : — 

lnlah(l<:'>n. Edwin-Elliott, born May 17, 1887. 
bdah (I'-bb. JonN-riiAXCKi:, born May 29, 1889. 
hd'th il-hc. Odkttk, born \uc^. 3, ISOl. 
bdah dcbd. C-vuKiK-Fowrj:, boru Oct. 18, 18'.)3. • 
bdah dcbc. IvUdolf-IIkxkv, born Sept. 9, 1895. 

bdah hba. Frkd-Fisher, son of Allen (Alien, Daniel, Shnbacl, 
Edirard, John, Cortiellus) and Olive-8. (Locke) Waldo; boru May 
10, 1851, at Lowell, Mass. ;2 died June 11, 1891, at Providence, 
R. L3 He was a bookkeeper by occupation a)id lived at Lowell, 
Lawi'ence and Hoston, I\rass., aud at Providence. He married, Dec. 27, 
187G, at Lowell, Ida-A., daughter of Benjamin and Abigail-R. (Con- 
ner) Hieks of Lancaster, N. H. ; boru June 21, 1854, at Sanborn ton, 
N. H.^ Abigail-R., daughter of Levi (Jeremiah, Benjamin) Conner 
(originally O'Couuer) and wife Miriam Buzzel, mamed, Nov. 19, 
1810, Benjamin Hicks of Lancaster, N. H., and removed to Lowell. 5 

Child of Fred-Fisher and Ida-A. (Hicks) Waldo. Born at Law- 
rence, SLass. : — ^ 

bdah hbaa. Kolkk, Ijorn Feb. 6, 1S78; died Jan. 31, 1879, at Boston, aged 11 
raonf lis, 25 days, and was buried at Lowell. 

bdah hda. PAUMELiA-CrRniKU, daughter of James-Maxwell 
(Allen, Daniel, Shnbael, Edward, John, Cornelius) and Orissa-Gove 
(Currier) Waldo; born Sept. 16, 1854, at Weare, N. H. ; married, 
Jan. 4, 1882, at riLanchoster, N. H., John-Priest, sou of Moses- 
Gcorgc (John, John, John) and Anna (Hadley) Favor of Weare; 
born Sept. 19, 1852, at Weare. He is a farmer aud carpenter. They 
were living, 1901, at South Weare. ^ v 

Children of John-Priest and Parmelia-Curricr (Waldo) Favor. 
Boru at South Weare, N. H. : — 
o., born Jan. 14, 1891. 

> Rt'oonis of James-Cm t is Waldo [ha^hrfca]. » Lowell Records. •" Providence Records. 
* Lowell liccords: Roston R.>cords say she bom at Tiltoii, N. H. 

^" History or S.inborritoii, S. 11.," vol. ii., p. IW; Lowell Records s.iy that Rcnjaraiii 
Jlicks W.16 ;i wlicclwriRht and bnrti at JcITfrsoii, X. II. 
' RosMii ReconU: " W.Udos iu Aiuerica," \>. 49, says horn at Lowell. 
'"History of Weare," p. S44: UecorUa of Mrs. I'aruielia-Currier (Waldo) Favor. 

lu.AKAiu)] KiGiiTH (;i:nkkation. 761 

I,. Mattik.-May, 1m>iii Jiui. IC, 1803. . , 

bdah hdc. Fi;i.i)KKrc-CooLTi>r,E, son of Jnincs-Maxwcll (Aflrn, 
Dnnit:l, Sfnifjuel, Ed'card, Johv., GorneUus) and Orissa-Govo (Cur- 
rier) Waldo; liorn Oct. 13, 18G3, at Now Hostoii, N. H. ; living, 
1001, at South Wcare, N. M. IJe married (1), Jan. l'O, ISSG,' at 
Manebester, N. II., Grace- Mabel, daughter of "\\'illiam-L. and J'rolina 
(Baleh) Otis of Goffstown, N. H. ; born Dec. 13, 1SC6, at Goff.stown ; 
died Jan. 20, 1889, at Weare. He married (2), Nov. 7, 1890, at 
IMancbester, Carrie-Matilda, daughter of Joseph and Maria-Antoinctto 
(Philbrick) Cayes of Plymouth, N. H. ; born Nov. 25, 18G6, at 
Bridgewater, N. H. ; living, 1901. Mr. Waldo is a farmer.^ 

Children of Frederic-Coolidgc and Grace-Mabel (Otis) Waldo. 
Born at South Weare, N. H. :— 

hdah hdca. Aiithuk-Jamks, horn Nov. ("., 18HC; died Mch. 2, 1687. 
bdah hdcb. A cuild, slillboru, Jan. 20, 1889. 

bdak aba- LouEN-CnARLts, son of Allcn-Albigence (Alioi, 
Beulah, Shiibdel. Erhcanl, Johii^ Curueliu.s) and PiioeI.)C-Ann (Vande- 
bogavt) Waldo; born Dec. 11, 1830, at Alexander, N. Y.; died 
Aug. 2, 1858, at Varysburg, N. Y. He lived at Varysburg and kept 
a hotel there. He married Jenny Toplift of Canada. She married 
(2), a Mr. Potter. 3 

Child of Loren-Charles and Jenny (Toplift) V\^ildo :— 

hdaknhaa. EnwAKD-LoHKX. born Dec. 15, IS.'iG; livincr, UK)], probably .it 
ChicaiSO, 111. He is thoughl to be unmarried. He is generally called 
•' Edward- Waknku." 

bdak abd. Violetta-Emma, daughter of Allen- Albigencc (Allen, 
Bcidah^ ShubaeUEdwcml, John, Cornelius) and Phoebe-Ann (Vande- 
bogart) Waldo; born Aug. 23, 1836, at Java, N. Y. ; living, 1901, 
at Buffalo, N. Y., with her daughter. She married, Nov. 10, 18G2, 
at Alexander, N. Y., Jerome Burrows. They lived at Warsaw. He 
was a dentist. They were divorced, and IMrs. Burrows has taken 
her maiden name.'' 

Child of Jerome and Violetta-Emma (Waldo) Ikurows. Born at 
Centerville, N. Y. : — ' ' 

<t. Guace-Waldo, born Mch. 15, 18G4; married, Apr. 5, 1882, at Alexander, 

' " Italcli Faniilks in Aiuciicri " s.iys Feb. 14, 1886. 

' " nah'h E;ai)ili('3 in AuuTica," i>. o'Jr^■. Itucurils; of Fri;ileric-Cooliil:_'e Waldo. 

•' Kccor(J.s of Mis. Viuk'tw-Kiiuna Waldo [hilakaM]. * Ibid. 


762 WAI.DO GENEALOGY. [boakahi) 

N. y., AlhcrtO'ld^ar, son of Sanuicl-Norman and Janc-K. (Loml)ar(.l) 
Vi(:k<'.ry of Daricii Center, N.Y.; born May L'2, 1855, at Darien. Thoy 
Mere living, 1901, al ISnllhlo, N. Y., -willi lie.r mother. He is emiiloyoil at 
the lUiIlalo Snicltiiij; V/orks. 

Child, boru at Alexander : — 
G. Artiiuk-Lek, boru Mch. 20, 1884. 

bdak abe. P^MiLY-PnoEaE, daughter of Alleii-Albigcncc (Allen, 
Beulah, Shubael, Edward, John, Cornell us J and Phoebe- Ann (Vanrte- 
bogart) Waldo; born Aug. 13, 18o8, at Java, N. Y. ; died May IS, 
187-4, at Titusvillc, Pa. She married, ,lan. lo, 1867, at Alexander, 
N. Y., James-Phillips, son of Henry and Catherine (Collins) Thomas 
of Batavia, N. Y. ; born about 1837-38 at Stafford, N. Y. ; living, 
IflOl, at Titusvillc. He was in the oil Ijusiness, but is now retired. 
He was in the army during the Civil war.i 

Child of James-Phillips and Emily-Phocbe (Waldo) Thomas. Boru 
at Alexander, N. Y. : — 
a. Allen-Waldo, born Sept. 23, 1870; died Ang. I'J, 1872. 

bdak abg. Ellen-P^liza, daughter of Allcn-Albigeuce (Allen, 
Bculah^ jShubael, Edivard, John, Cornelius) and Phoebe-Ann (Vandc- 
bogart) Waldo; boru June 27, 1847, at Java, N. Y. ; died Nov. 12, 
1875, at Prescott, Ark. She married, May 1, 1871, at Alexander, 
N. Y., Myron Kent of Illinois, who died at Austin, Tex., where they 
lived. He married a second wife, who was living a few years ago at 
Sipe Springs, Tex.2 

Child of Myron and Ellen-Eliza (Waldo) Kent :— 
a. Allkn, died at Chicago, 111., about a year aud a half old. 

bdak CCC. Jessie-Ann, daughter of William-Justus (Sj^cncer, 
Beulah, Shubael, Edward, John, Cornelius) and Ann-Eliza (An- 
drews) Waldo; born July 27, 185G, at Tinmouth, Vt. ; married, INIay 
15, 1877, at Wallingford, Vt., George-Lyman, sou of Lyman and 
Sophronia (Noyes) Uatcheller of Wallingford; boru Nov. U, 1850, 
at Koxbury, Vt. They were living, 18U9, at Wallingford. He is a 
member of the firm of Bateheller & Sons Co., of Wallingford, manu- 
facturers of agricultural forks. ^ 

» lieconl'' of J.-\me3-l'hiIlii)8 Thomas. 

» Uecorils of .Mrs. Violetta-Emina Wahio [hili<k(ili<l]. 

' Uecord.-j of Mrs. Je,><sie-Ann ( WahlD) Uatcliellcr. 


Chil'lren of Georc;e-Lyinnii and Josaic-Aun (Waldo) Batcbcllor. 
Born at Wallingford, V't. : — 

a. NKLLiK-ISAnKU.K, boru Mch. 17, 1879. 

b. Maky-Waldo, born Dec. 10, 1881. 

bdba bca. John, son of Zachariali fJohn-Elderkin, Zachariah^ 
Eihcard, Edirard, John, Corndivs) and Laura (Phelps) Waldo; 
born Apr. 30, 1812. lie was a wagon-maker. He married, Feb. 3, 
1S3S, Clarissa Collins. » 

Cluldren of John and Clarissa (Collins) ^Valdo : — 
hdha hcna. Edith, born June 9, 1812. 
hdha bcab. Auabklla, born June 24, 18M. 
bdlia bcac. Charles, born Jan. 18, 1847. 

bdba bcc. WiLLiA:\r, son of Zachariab (John-Elderkin, Zach- 
ariah, Edward^ Edward, John, Cornelius) and Laura (Phelps) 
W\aldo; boru Dec. 18, 1819. He was a farmer. He married, Sept., 

Children of William Waldo :— 

bdba bcca. Ebenezer, born June 23, 1850. 
hdl>a bccb. Lauua, born Aug. 15, 1857. 

bdba bed. Amakda, daughter of Zachariah (John-EMcrlin, 
Zachariah, Edicard, Edicard, John, Cornelius) and Laura (Phelps) 
Waldo; born Feb. 2G, 1821. She married, Sept., 1845, Gideon 
Leonard. He was a machinist. ^ 

Children of Gideon and Amanda (Waldo) Leonard : — 

a. Isahkl, born May 1, 1847. 

b. EuNiCK-L., born June 5, 1849. 

c. JoHN-W., boru Maj' 10, 1837. 

bdba bcf. Juliette, daughter of Zachariah ( John-Elderkin^ 
Z'lxhariah, Edward, Edward, John, Cornelius) and Laura (Phelps) 
Waldo; born May 13, 1827. She married, Dec. 3, 1853, Edward 
Faucc. He was a farmer.'' 

Child of Edward and Juliette (Waldo) Fauce: — 
a. William, born July 19, 185G. 

' " Waldos ill Aiueriia," jvp. CA, 55. * " Walilob in America," p. (>:•. ^ lliid. * Ibid. 

764 WALIK) GENKALOGY. [biibaiuia 

bdba bga. iM-DKifKiN, hou of Kufus (Jnhn-EhJcrl-in^ Zachdriah, 
Edivdi-'h J'J'bi'drd, John, Cornelln.^J u^\<\ Ilnrrict (Shcp.ird) Waldo; 
bom Kel). 10, 1821, at Canterbury, Coiiii. ; died Jan. 20, 1900, at 
Canterbury.' He \y:is at one time a merchant iu Norwich, Conn., 
in the grocery business, but was, Sept. 12, 18.01, obliged to make 
an assignment to his creditors.- He returned to Canterbury and 
became a farmer, livinLi; on the old homestead. He married, Nov. 
24., ]S1G,3 at Lisbon, Conn., Harriet, daughter of John and Louisa 
(Katlil)urn) Lyon of Lisbon; born Dec. 3, 182G, at Lisbon; living, 
1897. ILarriet Waldo was recommended to the First Congregational 
Church at Canterbury from the Church at Lisbon, Sept. 4, ISG-l."* 

Chihb-en of Elderkin and Harriet (Lyon) Waldo. Rorn, a at 
Lisbon, Conn. ; b at Canterbury, Conn. : — 

hdhahfj'ta. CiiAnr.i-.s-Eij-)i;KK-i.v, born Dl-c. 24, 1851. He married, Mch. 30, 
1890, at ri.Tintieki, Coun.,^ Siisan-Addic, daii;:;hter of .Tohn-Hcnry and 
Siisaii-ramela (liay) Peck of Canterbury; born Jnne 2, 1.S5M. at CanltT- 
Inny. Tlicy wore livini^, 1S07, at Cai\lcrbury. lie is a farmer. They 
liave no children. 

bdba bgab. llAiimHT-LouiSA, born Sept. 23, 18G0. 

bdba bgc. John, sou of Rufus (John-EIderlv'n, ZachariaJi, Ed- 
ivard^ Edirard, JoJin, Cornelius) and Harriet (Shopard) Waldo; 
born Mch. 25, 182G, at Canterbury, Conn. In early life he taught 
school and was a farmer. In company with his brother Simon he 
established a grocery business at Danielson, Conn., about 1851, and 
has been ver}' successful, tlieir business increasing until they possessed 
the largest wholesale and retail business in Windham County. He 
was living, 1897, at Danielson, where he was one of the leading citizens. 
He has lieen deacon of the Congregational Church for many years. 
He was representative to the General Court in 1885. He married 
(1), I\Ich. 1,1810, at Lisbon, Conn., Lydia, daughter of Elijah and 
Bathshi'ha Uathbone of Lisbon; born May 29, 1820, at Lisbon; died 
July 10, 1895, at Danielson. He married (2), Sept. 16, 1896, at 
Danielson, Isabella-A., daughter of John and Sarah-M. (JMooney) 
Kerr of Ireland; l)orn 1842, at liOndonderry, Ire.; living, 1897.^ 

' faiitorbiiry Hecnrd.s. ' Norwich Proliate Rticorils, vol. xix., p. 3%. 
» Lislioii Church Uecov'.ls say Nov. 4. 
* l.islion t'lmrch Kuoords: Uei.-ords of Kldcrkin Waldo. 
« raiiiily Bihle; Plaiiitk'ld Kecords say Mcli. 1. 

' Lisbon Cluucli Kecoid.s: " Wal<lo3 in America," p. G9: Killin{;ly, Conn., Ucrorda : 
Records of .)olm AN'aldo. 

(. :,\ \ 


Child of John anil Lyilia (Rathliono) Wal<lo. Fiorn at ]):xni('l.-:c)n, 
Conn. : — 
bdba hiicn. Hki.ks-Lypia, l)orn Feb. 2.", 18r.2; died Oct. 3, lSo7. 

bdba bgd. Simon- -SuF.rARn, son of Rufus ( John-El derl-iiu 
Zachariah, EdtcirnL Edaard, John, CorncUns) and ITarriot (Shepanl) 
Waldo; born Feb. 15, 18-i8, at Canterbnry, Conn. He was in early 
life a teacher, but in 1851 he entered into business with his brotlier 
John at Danielson, Clonn., and has lived there since. He married, 
Sept. 17, 1855, at Killingly, Cmm., Jnlia-Ann, daughter of Alva 
and Keziah (Ballon) Aldrieh of Cumberland, 11. I.; born July 10, 
1830, at Cumberland ; living, 1897.1 

Children of Simon-Shepard and Julia-Ann (Aldrieh) \Valdo.~ 
Born at Danielson, Conn. : — 

hdha hgda., born June 30, 1858; died May 30, 18G3. 
bdba bgdb. Edwin-Augustus, born Dec. 4, 1SC3; living, 1S07, unmarried. lie 

was cduc^itcd for the minislrj'. 
hdlabgdc. GEOP.GK-RuiniRTT, born Apr. I!), 18C7; liviii:r, 1897, unmarried. 

He studied art in Paris, and was in IS97 an artist in New York City. 
bdba bgdd. Fukdekic, born Dec. 3, 1871 ; died Aug. 22, 1872. 

bdba bge. Harriet, daughter of Rufus (John- Eld erJcin, Zochn- 
riah, Edvxird, Edward, John, CorneUufi) and Harriet (Shepard) 
Waldo; born Dec. 30, 1829, at Canterbury, Conn. She married, 
Mch. 26, 1854,3 r^^ Danielson, Coini., William, sou of Uzzial and 
Lydia (Irons) Gleason of Webster, Mass.; born May 19, 1829, at 
Webster. They lived until 1858 at Seekonk, R. I., and removed 
thence to Danielson, where they were living in 1897. He is janitor 
of the Congregational Church at Danielson, but was formerly a 

Children of William and Harriet (Waldo) Gleason. Born, a, b at 
Seekonk, K. I. ; c at Danielson, Conn. : — 

a. Sakah-Jane, born July 17, 1855; died Nov. 10, lsr.4, nt Danielson. 

b. Gkougk-ITkn-rv, born Jan. 30, 1858; livinir, 1897, at Washington, D. C, 

unmarried. lie is employed in the grocery business. 

c. Nkli.1i> .May, born June 17, 1804; living, ls97, at Danielson, unmarried. 

bdba bgf. Sarah, daughter of Rufus (John-EIderJcin, Zncha- 
riah, Edward, Edward, John, Cornelius) and Harriet (Shepard) 

> " Rallous in America," p. 1054. ' Ibid. : KilHiigly, Coim., Ueconls. 

• KilUnKly Records suy 1S53. 

« Uecorils of .Mrs. Hurriot (Waldo) C.Ioason: " Wiglit Family," ji. 68. 


Waldo; born Oct. 25, 1831, at CantoiV)ury, Conn.i She married, 
Nov. 22, l.SGO, at Danielsoii, Conn., Waldo-Vinton, son of Jonathan 
and Marcia (Whilakor) Wales of Woonsoelcct, R. I.; born Oct. 21, 
1833, at Hellinghain, R. I. They were living, 1897, at Woonsocket, 
where he was clerk in a dry goods store. '-^ 

Children of Waldo-Vinton and Sarah (Waldo) Wales. Born at 
Woonsocket, R. T. : — 

«. Df.m.ak-I,, horn Aug. 16, 1801 ; died July 30, 1880, at Brooklyn, N. Y 
She married, Dec. 30, 1870, at Woonsocket, Gcrard-Moore-Ammerman, 
adopted son of Amasa and Angiisla (.^toore) Lvon of Brooklyn; born 
Oct. 11. 185S, at Brooklyn; died .Mch. 19, 18.^5, at Brooklyn. His oM-n 
father was Mrs. Lyon's lirst husband, Mr. Animernian. He -vvas enga-'ed 
in the uniljrella business in New York City with his adoptive father. They . 
hved at Brooklyn. l 

Children, born at Brooklyn :— | 

a. Waldo- ViNTOX, born Nov. 8, 1881. j 

b. SxEniEN-CuANDLKi;, born Nov. 18, 1884. I 

b. Sarah-Mikkrva, born Oct. 11, 1870; living, 1893, at Woonsocket, unmnr- « 

ried. She is a school teacher. i 

bdbabgh. Clarissa-Siiepard, daughter of RuhiB (John- Elder- j 
kin, Zachariah, Edward, Edward, John, Cornelius) and Harriet j 
(Shepard) Waldo; born Feb. 13, 1836, at Canterbury, Conn.; mar- j 
ried Nov. 22, 1860, Rodney-Dyer, sou of Arnold and Elleann (.lillson) | 
Cook of Woonsocket, R. I. ; l)oru Feb. 27, 1837, at Cumberland, | 
R.I. They were living, 1899, at Woonsocket. He was in the dry 1 
goods business until about 1871 ; since then he has been a book- 
keeper. ^ I 

Children of Rodney-Dyer and Clarissa-Shcpard (Waldo) Cook. j 
Born at Woonsocket, R. I. : — 

a. Louis-Waldo, born Mch. 25, 1SG4; died Jan. 19, 1890, at Woonsocket. He 

lived at Woonsocket and was a newspaper reporter. At the time of his 
death he was city editor of the Woonsocket Call. lie married, June 14, 
1888, at North Smilhtield, R. I., Celesta, dauirhtcr of Moses and Mahala 
(vSalley) Ksten of Nortli Smithtleld; born Feb. 17, ISC:., at North Smith- 
Held; living, 1899. 

Children, born at Woonsocket:— 

a. Dkllar-Louisk, born Jan. 29, 1801. 

b. Estiikr-Claulssa, born July 11, 1894. ' " t> • 

c. Stanlky-Dykk, born May ">, 189G. ' .\ i 

d. Kodnky-Estkx, born Aug. 1.3, 1898. 

b. ITrlkx-Makm, born Oct. 15, 1SG7; living, 1809, unmarried. 

' Caiuerliiiiy Records s:iy Oct. '20. ^ jiccords of Mrs. .S.irah (Waldo) Wales. 
» Records of Mrs. C'l:uis3:i-Sliei);irtl (Waldo) Cook. 


bdba bgj. INIaky, (l;iUL:;litt'r of Kiifus (John-EUlerkiu, Zachnridh, 
E<lwar(l, Edivanl^ John, Cornelius) and Ilurrict (Shcpaid) AVuldu; 
born May 19, l-S-U, at Canterbury, Conn. ; ' married, Jan. 4, 1870, at 
Daniclson, Coun.,^ Joel, sou of John and Maria (Dewing) Witter of 
Cantcrbiu-y; born July 25, 1847, at Canterbury. They were living, 
1897, at Dauielson. lie is engaged in the coal business. ^ 

Children of Joel and Mary (Waldo) Witter. Born at Daniclson, 

Conn. : — 

a. FitED-WALno, born Doc. 10, 1873; died July 8, 1875, nt Daniclson. 

b. Ci.AKi"xci>J()KL, born July 12, 1k7G; livint^, 1S'J7, unmarried and ciuployed 

in the ollice of J. J. Warren & Co., at Worcester, Mass. 

bdba bja. SAnAH-CouNELiA, daughter of Enoch-Wight (John- 
Elderkin, ZacJtariah, Edward, Edward, John, Cornelius) and 
Sopiirouia (Dingham) Waldo; born Sept. 3, 1832, at Canterbury, 
Conn.; died Jan. 6, 1874, at Tiskilwa, 111. She married, Nov. 27, 
18ol, at Canterbury,-' John-Russell, son of Sampson and Mercy 
(Phillips) liattey of Dauielson, Conn. ; born May 12, 1828, at Scit- 
uatc, R. I. ; died July 31, 1896, at Tiskilwa. They lived at Canter- 
bury and Brooklyn, Conn., until 1868, when they removed to Illinois 
and settled at Tiskilwa, where he became a successful farmer. He 
married (2), Mch. 20, 1879. Katherine-Parmelia, daughter of Zadock 
and Elsie (Card) Young of Daniclson; born June 8, 1848, at Sterling, 
Conn.; living, 1897, at Brooklyn, near Daniclson. He had no chil- 
dren V)y his second wife.^ 

Children of John-Russell and Sarah-Cornelia (Waldo) Battey. 
Born, a at Canterbury, Couu. ; b at Brooklyn, Conn. ; c at Indian 
Town, 111. ; d at Tiskilwa, 111. : — 

a. IIonACK-GiLBEKT, born June 10, 1855; died the same year at Canterbury. 

b. Makiox-Elizaret}!, born Jan. 1, 18G0; died Jlch. 6, 1875, at Tiskilwa. 

c. Coka-N., born June 22, 1SG5; burned to death, Nov. 24, 1SC7, at Tiskilwa. 

d. Sarah-Coknelia, born Dec. 22, 1873; died same day. 

bdba bjc. Marietta, daughter of Enoch-Wight (John-Elderkin, 
Zurharlali, Edward, Edward, John, Cornelius) and Sophronia (Bing- 
ham) AValdo; born May 7, 1835, at Canterbury, Conn.; married, 
Oct. 15, 1853, at Killingly, Conn., Joseph-Davis, son of Noah and 

• CaiUerbury Reconls ; Family nible says Mtiy 12. 

» Killiii-ly, Conn., Records; Mrs. Mary (Waldo) Witter says 1871. 
' Records of Mrs. Mary ( Waldo) Witter. 

* Records of ^^'^.'stlniIlStor Church, Canterbury, Conn. 
' Records of Joseidi-Davig Hall Ibdbabjcli]. 

768 WAJ.DO GENEALOGY. [nDiuiuc 

S;ir:ili (D.ivis) Hall of Sk'ilino;, Conn.; born Doc. 18, 18;J2, at Stee- 
ling. He was a sergeant in the ISth Connecticut Volunteers during 
the Civil war, enlisting in 1SG2. He was wounded at the battle of 
Piedmont, in consequence of which he receives a pension. He is a 
slioemnker by trade and also a carpenter. They were living, 189H, at 
Danielson, Conn. Mrs. Hall possesses many of the qualities of her 
father, being resolute in all ways which she esteems just, and a strong 
advocate of total abstinence, with which sentiment she has imbued her 
children. vShe is a member of the IMethodist Church of Danielson, 
which she joined when young. ^ 

Children of Joseph-Davis and Marietta (Waldo) Hall. Born, a, e 
at Canterbury, Conn. ; b-d,f-j at Danielson, Conn. : — 

a. CnAULiiS-EDGAii, born An;,'. 28, IS54; liviiii,', 1808, at Danielson, unmar- 

ried. He enlisted as a nmsician iu the UaiUjd Stales service in 1878 and 
re-entisttd in 1S83. For !l\c years he was sUitioiied at Fort Yaiicouver, 
Wash., and in 1885 was with Geu. Custer's former re;rimcnt in Dakota. 

b. .Joskph-Davis, born Aui?. 29, 18o(J. He is a printer by trade, and in 1898 

was president and inana:,^er of the Journal of Commerce Co., Providence. 
Iv. I. He compiled .-ind published the " Hall Genealogy" and " The Gene- 
alotry and Bioirraphy of the Waldos of AmrTiea," which hns formed the 
basis of the present work. He married, Fel). 2G, 1877, HatLie-Estella, 
dan.i,'hler of Henrv and Caroline (Southwick) Stevens of Troy, N. Y. ; 
born Feb. 21. 18G0, at Troy; living, 1898. 

Child, born at Providence: — 
n. J^, born May 27, 1803. 

c. Eowahd-Walix), born Aug. G, 1S59; died Sept. G, 1883, at Danielson. He 

was for several years a jn-intcr and afterwards a musician and teacher 
of musie. He lived at Barnstable, Mass., Providence, K. I., and Daniel- 
son. He married, Apr. 12, 18S3, at Danielson, Minnie-Fay, dau^^hter 
of William-Henry and Joh.mua-Thurber (Potter) Hedly of" Danielson ; 
born -Meh. 12, 1SG2, at Providence. She is an accomplished soprano 
singer. She m.arricd (2), Sept. 21, 1885, at Providence, Frank-Leslie 
Vaughan. Mr. and Mrs. Hall had no children. 

d. FiiANCis-llENiiY, born Feb. 1, LSG2 ; died Apr. 3, 18C2, at Danielson. 

e. FjiK,nr,Kic-CLii'F(^Rn, born Aug. 21, 18G3. He is a printer ajid was living. 

180S, at Providence. K. I. He married, Jtnie 1, 1887, at Willim.-intic, 
Conn., Winifred-Mae, daughter of Bezaleel-White and Mercv-.Tane 
(Spencer) Tafi of Willimantic; born April 2, 18GG, at Columbia, Conn.; 
living, 1898. 

Children, born, a, h at Willimantic; c, d at Providence : — 
«. Milimu:i>-Walpo, born Mch. 14, 1888. 

b. M.unoN-TAKr, born Oct. G, 1889. 

c. Cr.ii'FOi{i>-BixGiiAM, born Dec. 15, 1892. 

d. Bexjamin-Ciiii.d, born Dec. 1, 1804. 

/. Mauiktta, born Mch. 29. 18G6; married, Oct. 10. 1805, at Danielson, 
Frederic-Samuel, sou of Preston-Bishop and Kate-Badger (Xoble) Sibley 
of Danielson; born Apr. 11, 1873, at Eastford, Conn. Thev Avere living, 
1898, at Springdeld, Mass. He is a real estate agent, Thev have no 

'Kecords of Jooeph-Davis >IaU [bdbabjcb]. 

iiAnAiuii] EIGHTH r,F,NKKATH)N'. 760 

f). El-LA-Lonsi:, born Mcli. 2»';, 18('.!»; difd l)fc. 0, 1S71, at Diuiu-l-oii. 

h. Wai/i'KU-Kvkki: IT, liorii Oct. 14, ISTI; liviim', If^'J.S, at ]'rc)vidL'Ucc', ){. I., 

luimariii'd. He is a iiiiisician and a iniutur, an expert pros.siiKin. 
i. Ipa-Elizmucih, bom Feb. 20, 1H74 ; died .\iii:. 21, 1874, al Daniclson. 
j. A SON, born Mch. 31, 1878; died same day. 

bdba bjf. LrnxDA, daughter of Enocli-Wiglit (John-J^hlorldn, 
Zac/ntriah, Edvaiu/^ Edvxirch John, Corvelinn) and .Suphrouia 
(Bingham) "Waldo; born Sept 15, 1844, at Canterbury, Conn.; died 
Dec. 9, 189G, at North Rrooklield, IMass. Site married, July 2, 
18G3, at Plainfield, Conn.,' Gcorge-Kdward, son of l^bcnczer and 
Sophia-Caroliue (Boutell) Kingsbury of Danielson, Conn. ; ])orn Fclj. 
20, 1S42, at Providence, R. I.; living, 1897, at North Brookfield. 
lie is a shoemaker and nurse.- 

Children of George-Edward and Lueinda (Waldt)) Kingsbui-y. 
Born, «, c at Canterbury, Conn. ; h at Killingly, Coun. : — 

a. Ei.iZAiJHni-FHAN'CHS, l)orn Apr. 1, 1SG4 ; ^ married, .July IG, 1^S3, at Dau- 

ielsuii, Conn., Fraiicis-Jo.seph, son of Ilarvuy ant.! El^ie (llo^vlaud) Mat- 
tbc^vs of KilliiiCly; born Aui;. 12, 185'J, at BallouviUe, Killiugly. They 
were living, IS'JS, at Ballouvlilc. He is an engineer. 

Cliildrcu, born, a at Mauton, K. I.; b, c at Balloiiviile: — 

a. AiJCK-EvKLYX, boru June 15. 1891. 

b. IIauvky-Waldo, born Jan. 19, 18'J3. 

c. Calvi.n-Aldiuc, boru Jan. 27, 189fi. 

b. Coka-Etta, boru Oct. 31, 1869;^ died Nov. 22, lS9fi, at Nortli RrooKtleld, 

J^Iass. She married, Oct. 17, 18S9, at North Brooktiekl, Frank, son of 
David Chittenden and Laurinda (NcAvlon) Conger of North Brookliehi ; 
born Feb. lU, !8(V.>, at Brookfield, .Mass. lie was in 1.^98 assistant fore- 
man in the .«;hipping dejiartment of a shoo sliop at North Brookfield. 
They had no children. He has married a second wife. 

c., born May 11, 1877; living, 1898, at Noitli Brookfield, 

Mass., numarried. He is a butcher. 

bdba bjh. Adaliza, daughter of Enoch- Wight (John-Ehlerkin. 
Zadiariah, Edirard, Edward, John, Coriidiu.^) and So[)hronia 
(l^ingham) Waldo; born June 22, 1851, at Canterbtu-y, Conn. ; mar- 
ried, Nov. 30, 1871, at Danielson, Conn., Henry-Norman, son of 
Hcnry-Norraan and Mar}' (Salcsbury) ^V''ood of >\'auiegan, Conn. ; 
boru Oct. 15, 1850, at South Scituate, K. 1. Tliey were living, 1898, 
at Wam-egan. He is overseer in the machine shop of the ^V.'lUl•egan 
Manufacturing Company.^ . 

' riainficia Kecords. - Records of Jo,sei>li-l>:ivis H:ill [hdhnhjch-]. 
" fniiteitniry Hucords. * KiUinj;ly Records. 
" Kecords of ..U.scpli-U.ivis Hall \_i'dbal'jcb]. 


I '.it.,r.- lO.ft 


Children of IIcnry-Normau and Adaliza (Waldo) Wood. Rorn at 
Brooklyn, Conn. : — 

a. Coka-Maiji-.l, boru Au<i. 9, 1875; unmarried, 18D8. 

b. Mjnnie-Fay, born July 28, 1882. 

bdba caa. Saraii-Louisk, dauj^hter of Moses ( ZacharU h, 
ariah, Edward, Edicurd, John, Cornelius) and Mary-Ann (Taylor) 
Waldo; born 1826 at Canterbury, Conn., probably; dieu Mch. 9, 
180'>, at Brooklyn, Conn., aged 28 years.' vShe is buried in the 
" Witter Burying Ground" at Brooklyn. She married George-Wash- 
ington, sou of Thomas and Betsey (Konnseville) Miller of New Bed- 
ford, Mass. ; born, probably, at New Bedford ; living, 1897, at Provi- 
dence, R. J., where he is a foundryman. His mother married, for her 
second husband, Abel Waldo [J)db(icd'\, brother of the father of Sarah- 
Louise. Mr. Miller married a second wife, Iloxanna, who died Aug. 
11, 18G0, aged 28 years, according to her gravestone in the Witter 

Child of George- Washington and Sarah-Louise (Waldo) Miller.^ 

Born at Brooklyn, Conn. : — 

a. SAKAii-Louisr, born Feb. 17, 1855; married, May 1, 1877, at Brool<lyii, 
Eogenc-Frfincis, sou of V/illiam and Ilauuah (Taylor) Carver of Brook- 
lyn; boru Dec. 1, 1851, at Erooklyu. The marriai^e was unhappy, and 
they were divorced. Mrs. Carver was in 18'J7 keeping house for her 
relative, Edward Waldo [hdbacda] at Brooklyn. Mr. and Mrs. Carver 
had no children. 

bdba CCa. Helek-Skkkna, daughter of Iliram (Zach.iriah, 
Zachariah, Ed/card, Edicard, John, Cornelius) and Nancy (Dresser) 
Waldo; boru Dec. 23, 1849, at Canterbury, Conn, She married, 
Mch. 20, 1SG7, at Canterbury, William-Spalding, son of David- 
Fitch and Abigail-Kiugsbury (Carey) Adams of Canterbury; boru 
Feb. 20, 1847, at Canterbury. 

Mr. Adams was a teacher in the schools of Cauterbury and Plain- 
field, Conn., for thirty-eight years. He has also beeu a music teacher. 
In 1863 he was chosen town clerk and registrar, which oflice he held 
for twenty-five years. He has been a member of the town Board of 
Education. In 1872 he was representative in the State Legislature. 
Mr. and Mrs. Adams were living, 1900, at Canterbury Green, on the 
farm which beloused to her father.' 

• Brooklyn Kecords: Cravcstouc. ' Uecords of Mrs. Sarali-Louise (Miller) Carver. 
' Reconla of Mrs. Helen-Seren.i (Waldo) Adams. 

Hi>iiA'.:i)c] EIGHTH GENERATION. 771 

Chilli of Willi.'un-Siialdiiiu; and Ilelcn-Serena (Waldo) Adams. 
Born at Canterbury, Conn. : — 

n. ^V^,I.IA^I-^\'AI.l>o. born .Apr. 1,t, 1809. He was educated in the common 
schools and at, I'laiinield .\cadeiny, studied nicdiciue at Biirliiiirtou, Vt., 
and graduated at r.<'llcvno lIosi)itnl, New York, in I.S91. Me was in 1900 
practioini: his profession nt .Moosup, I'laiKlield. Conn. lie is medical 
examiner for IMainfield, ! anlerbury and Sterling:, and health oflicer 
in I'lainticld. He married, June 29, lt<98, at Moosup, Conn., Marcia- 
Hattie, daughter of Albert-Barber and Julia (Lyon) Sprague of Moosup; 
born 1872. ^ , 


bdba cdb. Fr-vkcis, sou of Abel (Zachariah, Zachariah, Ed- 
ward, Ei7 /card, John, Cornelius) and Betsej' (Rounsevillc) "Waldo; 
born Jan. M, l8iC, at Brooklyn, Conn. ; living, 1900, at Centerville, 
K. I. He is a laborer. He married. .lune 5, 1S69, at Crompton, R. I., 
Catharine, daughter of Patrick and Bridget (Daly) Hughes of Faw- 
tueket, R. I. ; boru Aug. 10, 1849, at Pawtucket; died Sept. 10, 1895, 
at Centerville. Her father, Patrick Hughes, was a native of Ireland. ^ 

Children of Francis aud Catharine (Hughes) Waldo. Boru at 
Centerville, R. I. : — 

bdba cdba. M.uiy-Emma, born IMay 22, 1871. 

bdba cdhb. Anxie-Jaxe, born Feb. 18, 1873; married, Nov. 2.1, 1893, at 
Crompton, R. I., Thomas-James, son of James and .\nn (Kcnuey) 
Lundy of Cranston, R. I.; born Oct. 2S, 1870. at Cranston. He is a ma- 
cliine printer. They were livinir, 1900, at Arctic, R. I. No children." 

bdbacdbc. Bf.utha, born Sept. 18,187-1; died Aug. 29, 1895, at Centerville, 

bdba cdhd. Ei.iZAiiE'rn, born Aug. 1, 187C; died Mch. 4, 1895, nt Centerville, 

bdba cdc- Banvakd, son of Abel (Zachariah, Zachariah, Ed- 
ward, Edivard, John, Corneliv.s) and Betsey (Rounseville) Waldo; 
born Aug. 80, 18-17, at Brooklyn, Conn. He removed to Norwich, 
Conn., where he was living in 1897. He is a moulder. He married, 
Feb. 27, 18G9, at Norwich, Jane, daughter of Francis-Augustus and 
Mary Walker of Norwich; born Feb. IS, 1854, at Norwich; living, 
1897. ]\Ir. Waldo's name is generally spelled " Baxford."^ 

Children of 15anvard and Jane (Walker) Waldo. Born at Norwich, 
Conn. : — 

bdba cdca. Lkxa-May, boru Sept. 28, 18G9; died Aug. 10, 1892, unmarried. 
bdlia rdcb. Bkkiiia, born July 23, 1872; died June It, 1871. 
bdba cdcc. Fi:AXcis-.\i;i;i;srus, born Feb. 17, 1S75; died Nov. 23, 187G. 
bdba cdcd. A oaugiitkk, born .\pr. 20, 1877; died same day. 

' Record.'! of Fraiici.^ Waldo. ■ Uocords of .Mrs. Aniiic-Jaiic ( Waldo) Lundy. 
' Hccords of Mis. ISanvaid \V:ildo. Norwich Ilecords. 

I ' 

772 WALDO GENEALOGY. [uDiuci.c 

bdf'd cdrr. A SON, honi 1878; died sfinic day. 

InWa cdrf. MYiai.E-Ei,i,.\, boni Apr. 10, 18S3; died Aiii?. 10, 1883. 

I'dOu cdrfj. Hakhy-Evkkkh', Ijoru Apr. 28, 1889; dird An:;. 28, 1889. 

bdba ceb. Ai.hkrt, sou of Anson ( Zachariah, Zdchariah, Ed- 
ward, E,hrnrd, John, Corn*^lins) and Jtmc (Leach) "Waldo; l)oni 
Apr. 7. 18.-i4, at New ^filford, Pa. IK- niarriod, Moli. 8, 187,';, at 
Nicholson, Pa.. Ella, dau-htcr of Lyuuui and lihoda (Gvi(Iiths) Ful- 
ler of Harford, Pa.; born .Sept. 21, 1853, at Harford. They were 
living, Uioi, at New Milford. He i.s a farmer. He .signs his name 
Albcrt-E Waldo, hut has )io middle na)nG.J 

Child of Albert nnd Ella (Fuller) Waldo. Born at New Milford, 
Pa. : — 

bdba ceba. May-Elizakkth, born Sept. C, ISTfi. 

bdba eaa. EnEXKZF.u-GALi.ri', son of Obadiah-Parishc.E;6e»ci'e/-, 
Znchnriah, Ed'card. Edxmrd, John, CorncUaa) and Eliza (Gallup) 
Waldo; born Oct. 15, 18;3;J, at Tolland, Conn. ;2 died Aug. 10, 1S77, 
at Ni'w York City. Ho was a merchant, and lived at New York. He 
married, July 14, 18G0, at New York, Elizabeth- A., daughter of John 
and .Mary-Kerr (Brady) Heath of New York; born July 9, 1812, at 
New York; died INlay •>f\, lSi)9, at New liochelle, N. Y., where she 
lived after the death of her husband. ^ 

Child of Ebenezer-Gallup and Elizabeth-A. (Heath) Waldo. Born 
at New Yo]k, N. Y. : — 

hdhaenaa. El'Gkxk-Lokf.x, bom Sept. 21, 1870; living, 1902. at New Rochollo, 
^. ^ . He IS a merchtint, doiiip; business in New York City. lie married 
Nov 2k, i«K!0, at Mt. Vernon, N. Y.. Ilelen-Mande, d:iu-]itc-r of \lbert- 
i'redenck and Anice (Lniie) Keruen of Covington, Ky.: born Nov. 10, 
18/0, . -It Milton, Ky. No children. ■ .- . 

bdba ebb. FRANCKS-ELrzAP.KTii, daughter of Lorcn-Pinckncy 
(Ebeuczer, Zachariah, Edward, Edward, John, Cornelius) and iM-an- 
ce.s-Elizabelh (Eldredge) Waldo; born Mch. 21, 1S31, at Tollan.l. 
Conn.;" living, 1900, at Hartford, Conn. She married, Sept. 12, 
1819, at Tolland,^ Alvan-Pinncy, son of Alvan (Nathaniel, Ejyhraim, 
Jacob, Thomas, Sayanrl, William) an.l Sarah (Pinney) Hyde of 
St.-ifford, Conn.; born Mch. ](), 1825, at Stafford ;6 died Feb 
1.S91, at Hartford.7 Mr. Hyde graduated at Yale University, 1845 

' of Mrs. Alticrt W.-Uilo. » TcU.iml Uoconl.s. 

' Iteronls of Kii-one-Lorfii W:xl.l.. [/j,f/.ac(t(ia]. * Tolland Iteconls. 

■'• Rpconlcd twico .-u Tolhinil ns ."<cpt. IJ and ii,-]tt. 1.1. 

« " llydc (icnealo^y," vol. i.. ,,. f,:,:. " Utcwds of Willi;im-WaIdo Hyde [bclUuOOa]. 



and was ndmitlod \n the bar at Tolland in 1817. lie was iu parl- 
ni'i'sliii) witli his fatlior-iu-law at Tolland nnlil ISGl and then at 
IIartl'o)-d. In hSG7 the firm became Waldo, lliibl)ard & Hyde, 
and so oontinned nntil the death of Judge Waldo, in l.SHl, when it 
beeame Hubbard, Hyde & Gross. Mr. Hyde's two sons were 
later taken into the lirm, Mr. Hubbard rctii-ing, and in 1^84 the 
name of the (irni liecamo Hyde, Gross Sc Hyde. Mr. Hyde was 
representative in the Connecticut Legislature in 18.')1, '.O.S and 'fii. 
He was a democrat in politics. He was past Grand Master of tlie 
Connecticut Grand J>odgc of Masons.' 

Children of Alvan-Pinney and Frances-Elizabeth (Waldo) Hyde.^ 
Born at Tolland, Conn. : — 

a. ■\Vn.i.iA>r-WAi.i)0, born Jttch. 25, isr.l. He is :i lawyer, living, 1000, at 

Hartford, of whicli city he has been mayor. He married, Dec. I, 1877, 
ilc'lcn-Eliza, danuhter of George-W. and I^li7.a-^V. (I'ixley) Watson of 
Hartford; born Oct. 30, 18r>4, at New York City; living, I'JOO. 

Children, born at }Tartford : — 
a. Emzaretr, l)orn Oct. 17, 1878. 
h., born Aug. 21, ISSO. 

b. Fkank-Eldkkdgk, born Jan. 21, 1S5S; living, 1900, at Paris, France, a 

member of the law llrni of Valois, Hyde, Foiard & Harper. He lias 
lived at Paris since ISO-t. He married, Oct. 20, 1881, at Hartford, Carrie- 
Adnline, danghter of Hon. Julius-L. and Adaline (Conger) Slronir. The 
marriage proved unhappy and they were divorced. They had no children. 

bdba ebc Lor.KN-PiNXKXEY, son of Loren-Pinckney (Ebenezcr, 
Ziirhariah, EthnarfU Edzcard, John, Cornelius) and Frances-Elizabeth 
(]<:idredge) Waldo; born Mch. 24, 1834, at Tolland, Conn. ;3 died 
Sept. 28, 1865, at Washington, 1). C."* He was a clerk under his 
father in the poision oUiee at Washington, and afterwards was in 
Dakota under Gen. Palmer as surveyor. He returned to Washington 
and there passed the rest of his life. He married, 18.55, at Wash- 

Child of Loren-Pinckney Waldo. Born at Philadelphia, Pa. : — 

bdha ehca. Emma-Loijisk, born Aug. 18, 185G; living, 1900, at Hartford, 
Conn., unmarried, with her aunt, .Mrs. .\lvan-Pinney Hyde. 

bdba ebd. Cvxthia- Paulina, danghter of Loren - Pinckuey 
( Eheaezer, Ztirhariah, Edward, Edicnrd, John, Corneliu.-i) and 
Frances-Elizabeth (Eldredge) Waldo; born Oct. 25, ]83G, at Tol- 
lajid, Conn.^ She married, Dec. 24, 18GG, at Hartford, Conn., 

' " Jllustrateil I'opiilar IJiof'iinpliy of Connoctinut," ji. 27. 

' Uecorils of William-Walrlo }lyili;; Rcconlo.ii at Tollaiul without ii:inie<. 

^ Tolland Ue<'.irils. * •• AValdos in America," j>. y.!. ' TollauU Ilecords. 


K(hvin-Elij)li:i.Ii't, snn of Tr:\-]vill»ouni (Elihu, Eliloi^ Zachnruih^ 
Samuel, Jieinold, Reginald) fuul Julia (Young) Marvin of Hartford;' 
born Oct. 8, 1.S33, at Tolland. Mr. Marvin enlisted, April, 18G1, as 
private in Co. I, 1st Regiment Colt's Revolving Rifles, a three months' 
regiment. He afterwards enlisted in the same regiment for three 
years, but the command was not accepted by the government, and, 
June 20, 18G1, he enlisted in Co. F, .5th Regiment Connecticut Volun- 
teers; was mustered in. July 22, 1861, as first lieutenant; was pro- 
moted. May 14, 18G2, to be captain; resigned Jan. 11, 1863, and v,as 
mustered out Feb. 12, 18G3. He was in 1900 clerk of the U. 8. 
Circuit and District Courts at Hartford. They live at Hartford. - 

Child of Kdwin-Eliphalet and Cynthia-Paulina (Waldo) Marvin. 
Born at Hartford, Conn. : — 

a. Loukx-Pinckxky-Waldo, born Oct. 19, 1870; living, 1899, at ILirtford. 

He ia a lawyer. Tie married, June 1, 1895, at Chicago, 111., Florence- j 

Belle, dan.irlitcr of Chri.stoplier nnd Charlotte-Clynieuia (Kendall) Wat- l 

rous of Chicago; born Mch. 2fi, 1873, at. Chicago;" living, 1699. 

Child, born at Hartford : — 

«. Florf.nck-Watkous, born Dec. 2, 1896. 

bdbc cdb. Nathan- WATKunAX, son of Nathan (Nathan^ Nathmi, 
Edicurd, Edn-ard, John, Cornelius) and Arvilla-Kendall (Spalding) 
Waldo; born Dec. 31, 1836, at Claremont, N. H. ; died July 9, 1901, 
at l^enver, Col. He was educated in the common scliools. He enlisted. 
Aug. 14, 1862, at Fort Snelling, Minn., for three years or the war, and 
served eighteen months, when he was discharged at St. ]^ouis. Mo., for 
physical disability. He was on the expedition with Gen. Sibley against 
the Sioux Indians, a six-htnidrcd-milc march through Dakota to Devils 
Lake. He has been a painter, photographic artist, merchaiit and con- 
tractor. He married, July 25, ISGo, at Brighton, 111., Sarah-Kllen, 
daughter of Jesse and Mary (Ralph) Ward of Brighton; born Apr. 
10, 1S42, at Brighton; living, 1899.3 

Children of Nathan- Waterman and Sarah-Ellen (Ward) Waldo. 
Born at Brighton, 111. : — 

bdbc cdba. Mabkllr, born May 20, 18GG. 

bilbc cdbh. Louex-Ward, born Mch. 2.''>. 1871; perished, Feb. 11, 1899, on 
Boreas I'ass, Col. He started to walk on snoAv shoes from Rreckenridi:*' 
to Coino over llic pass, with two companions. Walih^ became cxliansted, 
and liis ctimj);inions to save tlioir own lives in the intense cold, 35 degrees 
lielow zero Falir., were obliged to leave liim, agreeing upon a rendezvous 
for tlie ui:;ht if able to reach it. Waldo's body was found on the .'^rd of 

' " F.iinily Jlist'iries .ind Genealopios," by E. K. .S.alisbury, vol. iii., p. 139; i'f<li}:rec, 
xvi.-l. ' Ktcorils of Kdwiu-Elipli.alet .M;ii viu. ' Uecords of Nalhaii-Watenuaii Waldo. 



the following June, about throe miles from the place a;:;rcea upon to pass 
the nii,'ht. lie had prohal)lv lost his way when the storm anil darkness 
overtook him. His funeral took place at Denver, June (J, 18'.n». He "vvus 
a bookkeeper, living' at Denver until his death. He married, Jan. 11, DS'.t-i, 
at l)<nver, Minnie-Berenice, dauuhler of Jacob and Caroliue-Wdhclnima 
(Scheie) Secbcr of St. Martin, Bavaria; born Nov. 16, 1872, at Boston, 
Mass.; living, IS'Jd. They had no children. 
bdbc cdbc. Natuan-Hakland, born June 17, 1873. 

bdbC Cde. Lois-Auabki.i.a, daiK^htcr of Nathan (NaOian, Nathan, 
Edward, Ediuard., John, CorneMvs) aud Avvilla-Kcnda]! (Spalding) 
Waldo; born Feb. 'J, 1850, at Clarcmont, N. H. ; married, Oct. .";, 
18S7, at Clarcmont, Minn., George-William, son of William and 
Elizabeth-Abigail (Stedman) Bemis of West Concord, Minn. ; born 
May 26, 1850, at Cincinnati, 0. They were living, 1899, at Litch- 
field, Minn. He is a teacher. ' 

Children of George- William and Lois-Arabolla (Waldo) Dcmis. 
Ik.rn, a at Clarcmont, Minn.; h at Maine Prairie, Minn.; c-e at 
Roscoc, Minn. ; /at Lyra, Islhm. ; g at Amboy, Minn. ; h at Antrim, 
Minn. : — 

a. Gkorge-Waldo, born Sept. 21, 1872; living, 1809, unmarried. 
h. Bklle-Geutrudk, horn Mch. 21, 1875; died May 25, 1.S75, at Maine Prairie. 

c. Winnikred-Emily, born June 15, 1878; living. 1899, unmarried. 

d. GuY-Ei.ROY, born July IG, 1880; living, 1899, unmarried. 

e. Auciin:, born Apr. 2, 1882; died Aug. 31, 1891, at Antrim. 
/. Edwin-Loiiex, born Aug. 1, 1885. 

g. Stella-Belle, born Jan. 2, 18S8. • 
h. GuACE-Lois, born Jan. 5, 1892. 

bdbccdf. Auvilla-Spaloino, daughter of Nathan (Nathan, 
Nathan, Edward, Edward, John, Cornelias) and Arvilla-Kendall 
(Spalding) Waldo; born Apr. 6, 1852, at Clarcmont, N. H. ; died 
Mch. 15, 1880, at Brighton, 111. She married, Feb. 18, 1875, at 
Litchfield, Minn., William-Leonard, sou of George-Washington aud 
Matilda (Leonard) Taylor of Danville, III.; born June 2, 1850, at 
Danville; living, 1899, at Litchfield. He is a farmer and has been 
justice of the peace for twenty j^ears.^ 

Children of William-Leonard and Arvilla-Spaldiug (Waldo) Taylor. 
lk)rn at Litchfield, Minn. : — 

a. BKRTHA-ruLLA. bom Jan. 9, 187G; living, 1899, at Litchfield. She is a 

teacher. She is unmarried. 

b. Natuvn-Waldo, born Apr. 9, 1877; living, 1899, at Eden Valley, Minn., 

unmarried. He is a printer. He was a private m Co. L, 12lh Mmnesota 
Volunteers, in the Si)anish war. 

' Kei'.onls of Mrs. Lyis-Arabelhi ( Waldo) IJ-mis. ' Kecouls of WiUiam-Leonaid Taylor. 

77G WALDO GKNKALOCxY. [bdhccdi' 

c. Maui» Vim. a, 1)orii Aiv.r- 2-1, 1.S7S; married, Sept. 30, 1807, at LitcliiicUl, 
(Miailrs-MoJik, son f)l" .)uliii-lU'::iii.'ikl .iiul M:iry-.I;iiie (Hojir) Snivilio of 
Liiiiciick, Ircluiul ; Ixirn Apr. ;>, IHTO, al LimcVick. Tlicy wt-rt'" living', 
I'JOO, at Glciiroo, Mimi. He i.-^ pa.^lor of tlie Con'4ro;;atioiial Cliurcli .-it 
Glfiic-oo. He caiiK! to America in IS.SJ, Lcraiiuated at 'I'oroiito Univci>ity 
ami l)ecame a eiti/eii of the Uuited States in 18'J'.). Ills father, Col. Jolin"- 
U. Smytlie was wounded in the iMiirlisli-Boer Avar of ISSl and died .soon 
after. He is iiraudsou of Sir Cliarles-M. Sniythe of Cashcl and Limerick, 

Child, born at ^'■cndalc, Minn. : — 

a. Nao.mi-Mai'I), born .Viu-. 14, 18'J9. 

bdbc cdh. Kugkne, son of N.ithau ( Nnthun^ Nathan, E'lunrd^ 
Edward, John., Con>elins) and Arvilla-Kendnll (Sjialding) Waldo; 
born May 8, LS5.S, at Clarcmonl, Minn.i His moUicr dying on tlic 
day of his birth, he was adopted by Mr. and Mrs. "Walter Newton of 
Clarcniont and took their name, being since known as Eugene- Waldo 
Newton. He was educated at the Wesley ]\I. E. Seminary al Wasioja. 
Minn. He lived at Claremont ami was a fanner there nntil 1861, 
when he removed to Minneapolis, Minn., where he was living ^n 1S!)9, 
being an accountant in the ein])l(;y of the Chicago, Mil»'aukee & 
8t. Paul Railroad Co. He married (1), Mch. 30, 1880, at Dodge 
Center, Minn., Auua-AVortb, daughter of James and Deborah (Worth) 
Car|)enter of Green Lake Co., .Minn. ; born June 24, 18G0, in that 
county; died Mch. 12, ltS97, at Minneapolis. He married (2), Feb. 
4, 1809, at Minneapolis, Carrie-Lucretia, daughter of Franklin-Theo- 
dore and Lorinda (Burgess) Bascom of Pennsylvania; born June G, 
18C2, at Geneseo, N. Y. She married (1), William Verharcu of 
Piiiton, la., from whom she was divorced Sept. 1, 1898. ^ 

Children of Eugene- Waldo and Anna-Worth (Carpenter) Newton. 
Born, a, ' at Wasioja, Minn. ; c-e at Minneapolis, Minn. : — 
a. MiN.Ni'.rrK-F/nu-.i., born .Ian. 30, 1«8I. 

/). Kov-Guv, born July 1, 1SS2. lie was a private in Co. L, 12th Minnesota 
Volunteers, in the Spanish Avar. 

c. Cj-AyT(»x-WAi.i)0, Ijorn Dec. 28, 1887. 

d. EuXA-.VuviLA, born May 20, I8sy. 

c. Waltj:i;, born .Mch. 1!>, J8'J1. .j. ■. . ^• ., 

bdbc mac. HAi;LAN-PA(;ii, son of Lorenzo (Wishes, N'ffhnu, 
Edward, Edward, John, Cornelins) and Martha-Jane (Carlrlon) 
Waldo; born Aug. 20, IS-li, at Bradford, Mass.; living, 189:), at 
Wardhill, Haverhill, Mass. He is a heel manufacturer. He mar- 

' His liirtli i.s rceortli-il in Ntwtoiii Kuiuily lUlile as .May '.'.3, 1S5«<. 
' Kcv'OiiIb of Kuirciio- W;il(l'J Xuwtoii. 




ricd, Nov. 8, 1871, at West Newbury, ISIass., Lois-Ann, (laugliteT of 
Stephen-Coflin and Lois-Stc])hons (Husc) Thurluw of West Newbury; 
born Mch. 25, IMO, at West Newbury; living, 18'J9.> 

Child of Harlan-Page and Lois-Ann (Thurlow) Waldo. Born at 
Bradford, Mass. : — 
bdbc maca. IIerbkkt-Carleton, boru Sept. 29, 1872. 

bdbc mba. Maria, daughter of Horatio (Wilkes, Nathan, Ed- 
icard, Edvjord, John, Cornelius) and Ann-Eliza (Conway) Waldo; 
born June 18, 1840, at Vevay, Ind. ; died Sept. 10, 1878, near Bur- 
lington, Kan. She married, Nov. 10, 18G2, at Leavenworth, Kan., 
Albert-Guile, son of Arad and Catherine-Howe (Luther) Draper of 
Hillsdale, Mich.; born May 1, 1833, at New York City. He was a 
"freighter" for some time in the early diiys of Leavenworth, but later 
became a farmer and was in 1898 living near Burlington, Kan. His 
mother was niece of Elias Howe, the inventor of the sewing machine. 
Mrs. Maria (Waldo) Draper was a member of the Congregational 
Church. 2 

Children of Albert-Guile and Maria (Wab'.o) Draper. Born, a at 
Leavenworth, Kan. ; b near Prairie City, Kan, ; c at Burlington, 
Kan. : — 

a. Kate, born Apr. 7, 18G4; died July 12, 1864. 

b. Lou, born Aufr. 28, 18r.5 ; died Apr. 10. 1001, at Bnrlintrtou ; married, 

May 29, 1898. at lUirlin^ton, Charles-Albert, son of Christinti-Liulwii;- 
Wiihehn and Adalinc (Lake) Inirwcsscn of Burlington; born Aug. I'J, 
1861, in Sanfjamou Co., 111. They were living;, IS'JU, at Biulinglon. lie 
is a merchant. 

Child :— 
a. A SON, born Feb. 22, 1900; died Feb. 24, 1900. 

c. A SON, boru and died unnamed. 
(I. A 60N, born and died unnamed. 

e. Nellie, horn Oct. 14, 187G; graduated at Burlipgtou High School, 1807: 
living, 1900, unmarried. 

/. Maria, boru Sept. 8, 1S7S; died Oct. 17, 1878, at Arkansas City, Kan. 

bdbc mbb. Hettie, daughter of U ovai'io ( Wilkes, yathan, Ed- 
ward, Edicard, John, Cornelius) and Ann-Eliza (Conway) Waldo; 
born Mch. 7, 1812, at Vevay, Ind.; married, Dec. 25, 1861, at 
Leavenworth, Kan., Ephraim-D, son of Ephraim and Anna-Cathe- 
rine (Kaucher) Bowcn of Eastou, Mo.; born Oct. 31, 1837, at 
Oneida, Carroll Co., 0. They were living, 1899, near Arkansas 

• Hecorrtp of Harlan-Pa^je Waldo. 

> Kccords of Mrs. Marv-Eilith ( WaUlo) McLaughlin [hclbtmbc']. 


778 W.VLDO GENEALOGY. [nimcMr.B 

City, K.'iu. Mr. Bowon ciilibtccl as second lioutciiaiil, and \Ya.s pro- 
uiotod to I'O captain iu the Northern army during the Civil war, and 
served one veai- and a h:df. Since the war he has been, for most of the ] 

lime, a farmer, living in Kansas. He livi'd first at Leavenworth, tlien \ 

for a short time at Emporia. In .luly, 1870, he removed to Arkansas 
City, where he remained until 1S77, and then lived for one year at 
^V"iehita, thence removing to Anthony, where he lived for a numljer 
of years, and then to Meade, Avhere he remained a still longer time. 
From there he returned to Arkansas City.^ 

Children of Ephraim-D and llettie (Waldo) Bowcn. liorn, a-o at 
Leavenworth, Kan. ; d, e at Arkansas City, Kan. ; / at Wichita, Kan. ; 
g at Anthony, Kan. : — 

a. MARY-Epnii, born Nov. 11, 1867; died Jan. 22, 1808, at Oklahoma, Okla. 

She married, May 12, 1897, at Winlield, Kan., Newton Barber. 

Child :— 
a. Lko-Clifton, born Jan. IS, 1898; died Aug. 11, 1898. 

b. ANNA-CATnr.i:iNK., born Sept. 10, ]8(;9; married, Dec. 2-1, 1895, at Meade, 

Kan., John-Alexander, son of Charles-Wallace and Mary (Crawford) 
]'orU'r(ield of Fowler, Kan.; born May 10, ISC^o, at Indiana, Pa. They 
•were living, 1899, at Fowler. He is a teacher. 

Children, born at Fowler :— 

a. MAiiY-BKitxiCE, boru Sept., 1 896. ' •■ ■ 

b., born Nov., 1897. ••' 

c. Eva-Maud, born Sept. U, 1001. 

c., born Sept. 10, 18G9; living, 1900, at Arkansas City. He 

is a printer. He married. Sept. 10, 1892, at Arkansas City, Leona-May, 
daimhtcr of Jerome and Elisabcth-Jauc (Noland) Beck of Arkansas City; 
liorn Apr. 28, 1872, at Dexter; living, 1900. 

Children, born at Arkansas City: — 

a. Hkttie-Justine, born Aug. 23, 1896. ,.• , .. ,, , 

b. Jkxnie-LaVekgne, born Aug. 2, 1897. 

c., born June 1, 1900. 

d. AuTnuR-Ei'nRAiM, born Feb. 3, 1874; living, 189D, at Saliua, Kan., unmar- 


e. Oi.ivk-Macdk, born July 31, 187G; married, Aug. 4, 1901, at Arkansas City, 

Oak-Dale, son of Thomas-Jellcrson and Zerelda-Weuvor (Blasdcl) Nevilt 
of Oxford, Kan. ; born Aug. 7, 1875, in Dearborn Co., lud. 

f. Fkkukkick-Gkant, born Scjit. 20, 1878; died July 7, 1879. 

g. KoisEitT-LAVr.uGNE, born Aug. 22, 1882. 

bdbc mbc- Maky-Kdith, daughter of Horatio ( WiUces, Nathan^ 
Edward, Edtrard^ John, Cornelius) and Ann-Eliza (Couv,-ay) Waldo; 
born Feb. 20, 1814, at Vcvay, Ind. ; married, Nov. 28, 1872, at 
Arkansas City, Kan., Tyler-Harrison, son of James and Khoda (Law- 

< Uecorilri of Mrs. M.-iry-EditL (\\'alilo) McLaughlin [bilbcmbc'^. 


reiice) McLauglilin of Wold, I\Io. ; Ixn-ii Jan. 31, IK 12. nt Weld, lie 
was a private in Co. K, 10th l^'^iniont, Maine Volunteers, cUirincj the 
Civil war, and ^s'as Mounded at the battle of Chancollorsville, and was 
ii ]>risoner for one niiilit. After lieini:; in the hospital for six months, 
he was honorably discharged. For five years after the war he was a 
merchant in Tennessee, but since isr.9 has lived in Kansas. He was 
for twenty years a successful merchant at Arkansas City, but was a 
surt'erer by the panic of 1893. He was in businos.-?, in ISDO, at the 
Osfige Agency, though his home was in Arkansas City.' 

Children of Tyler-Harrison and Mary-Edith (Waldo) McLaughlin. 

Born at Arkansas City, Kan. : — 

((. IT.^kuy-Waluo, l)orn Apr. fi, 1874; eradicated at tlie City Hiu'h 
Scliool, 1892; passed the next two years at Kansas UniversUy, wlicre lie 
.sUulied law nnd graduated, 189S. ilo was, 18'.i'.), a lawyer liviii.-;C at 
Arkansas City. He married, Apr. is, ]S!i7, nl Kansas C^ity, Kan., Minnie- 
Marie, dau.^htcr of lleinhold and Ottilia (Stealow) Ilnlnier of Lawrence, 
Kan.; l)orn Sept. 2G, 1875, at Gorhen, Prussia; livin<4, 1899. 

Child, born at Arkansas City :— 
a. Hakrv-Waldo, born Oct. 24, 1899. 

?'. M.vky-Fay, born Mch. 9, 1879; unmarried, 1899. • - 

bdbc mbe. Horatio, son of Horatio ( Wilkes, Xathan, E{7ivar(U 
Edxcard, John, Cornelius J and Ann-Eliza (Conway) Waldo; born ( 

Nov. G, 1851, at Dubuque, la.; living, 1900, at CoUinsville, Tex., 
where he was engaged in the grain business. He was for a number of 
years a dealer in general merchandise, and was a founder of the busi- 
ness portion of CoUinsville. He married (1), June 30, 18S1, at 
Sherman, Tex., Emma, daughter of Harvey and Harriet- Phoebe 
(Gordon) Lamb of CoUinsville; boru Feb. 12, 1856, at Hanover, 
Ind. ; died Dec. 17, 1891, at CoUinsville He married (2), Aug. 24, 
1893, at Temple, Tex., Myra-Jean, daughter of Isaac-Newton and 
iMerrillaEmeline (Lankford) White; born Dec. 12, 1853, in Pontotoc 
Co., Miss. ; living, 19U0. By his second wife he has no children.^ 

Child of Horatio and Emma (Lamb) Waldo. Born at Sherman, 
Tex. :— 
hdbc mben. DeWitt, l)orn June 17, 1882. 

bdbc mbg. Whxiam-Carletox, son of Horatio ( Wilkes, Na- 
thiin, Edirard, Edn-urd, John, Cornelius) and Susan-Johnson (Smith) 
AValdo; born July 15. 1 85(';, at Lfavenworth, Kan. He is five feet, 
ten inches tall, with light brown hair and dark blue eyes. He lived 

' Kecordd of Mr3. Marj-Edith (Waldo) MiI,aii;:IUiii. * Uecoida i)f Horatio \Vuld< 

7S0 WALDO GENEALOGY. [uducmiks 

at Tioua, Tex., from 1880 until 1887, when be removed to Pilot 
Point, Tox., whore ho was living' in 1899. He keeps a meat market 
and restaurant. lie married. Jan. I-JO, 1880, at Sliennan, Tex., liose- 
Lec, dautihter of ^Vilis-Carson and Pauliua-Catheriue (Rose) Jeter of 
Tioga, Tex.; born Jan. 9, ISGo, at Camden Point, Mo.; living, 

Children of William-Carletou and Kose-Lee (Jeter) Waldo. Porn, 
n, b at Tioga, Tex. ; c-/at Pilot Point, Tex. : — 

bdhc mhga. Fanxii>Lkk, born Sept. 25, 1882; married, Dec. IC, 1897, at Shf-r- 
n);ui, Tex., Willie-Thomas, son of Jonathan-AlexHiider and Sarah-Ann 
(rnire) Camphell of Texas; born Oct. 15, 1875, at Bnrkcsville, Ky. Tiicy 
were livinir, 1899, at Galena, Kan. He is a farmer and miner. 

bdbc mh,jl>. \Yii,i3-Wade, born Mch. 7, 1885; died Mch. 18, J890. 

bdbc mhgr.. N.\nnik-May, horn Dec. 12, 1887. 

bdbc mbyd. Bkssik-B., born June 25, 1S91. 

bdbc mbfje. Auuik, born Feb. IS, 1893; died Jan. 22, 1890. 

bdbc mbof. ^Y^.^s-W'"ADK, born Jan. 19, 189G. 

bdbc mbh. Emma-Doua, daughter of Horatio (" TFi7A-es, Nathan, 
ErhranU i^dirard, John, Corndlus) and Susan-Johnson (Smith) 
Waldo; born Feb. 24, 1858, at Wyandotte, Kan. ; li^^ug, 1900, at 
Tulsa, Okla. She married, Nov. 25, 1880, at Sherman, Tex., Georgc- 
Piley, son of Joseph and Eliza (Righsell) Bral)eek ; born Aug. 19, 
1854, at (Hrcleville, O. His father, Joseph lirabeck, was a German 
by birth, and was killed in battle at Nashville, Tenu. He came to 
America when a small boy. George-Riley Rrabeck was in the hard- 
ware business at Tulsa in 1900.- 

Childreu of George-Riley and Emma-Dora (Waldo) Brabeek. Born, 
a-(l at Sherman, Tex. ; e at Elreno, Okla. ; /at Tulsa, Okla. :— 

a. Caiu.-Siiu.kv, born Sept. 5, 1882. 

//. Vk.knox- Waldo, born Jan. 27, 18S4; died Aug. 29, 1884. 

c. Cf.AKKNCK, born Jane 10, 1885; died May 23, 1891, at Oklahoma, Okla. 

a. Wai-Tku-Day, born May 9, 1887. 

e. Nima. born Sept.G, 1894. 

/. Gkokgk, born Mch. 1, 1898. 

bdbc mbi. Francis-Asuurv, son of Horatio (Willces, Nathan, 
Ediisard, Edn-ard. John, Cornelius) and Susan-Johnson (Smitii) 
Waldo; born Oct. 2, 1859, at AVyandotte, Kan. He is the smallest 
of his father's sons, being but five feet, two inches in heigiit, of slight 
figure, with brown hair and gray eyes. He first lived at Arkansas 

' Keconls of Mrs. Mai-j-Eilith ( W.-iMo) Mol.auglilin [bdUmU]. 
» Kecordd of Mrs. Eiuni.a-Dora ( Waldo) }lrabpck. 

. : .' ".7 



(;ity. Kan., where he kept a grocery and fruit store. He then trav- 
elled for a milling company at Klreno, Okla., but having lost his proj)- 
erty he removed to I'ilot Point, Tex., where he was living in l.SO'.i. 
He married, Oct. 7, 188G, at Arkansas City, Clara-Davis, daughter of 
Edwin-Ryland and Susan (Cady) Harnett of Arkansas ('ity; born 
July 0, 18GG, in Lafayette Co., Mo. Her father was a native of 
Kentucky, her mother was born in Ireland. > 

Children of Francis-Asbnry and Clara-Davis (Rarnetl) "Waldo. 
Born, a-c at Arkansas City, Kan. ; d at Elrcno, Okla. : — 

bdhc mbia. RAi.rii-EMEUSON, ))()rn Au";. 24, 1887. 

hdbc rnhib. Edna, born Aug. 7, 1889. 

bdbc mbic. Nkil-Bakxett, horn ]<"eb. 27, 1892. 

bdbc mbid. Elizaukth, born Feb. 7, 1894; died Oct. 11, 1895, at Elreno. 

bdbc mbk. Laura-Day, daughter of Horatio (Wilkes, Nuthan, 
Edicard, Edward, John, Cornelius) and Susan-Johnson (Smith) 
"Waldo; born Aug. 10, 18G7, at Leavenworth, Kan.; died Feb. 19, 
18i)2, at East St. Loui.?, 111. She was educated at Mrs. Nash's 
School for Young Ladies at Sherman, Tex. She had a good voice 
and some musical education. She married, Apr. 9, 1890, at Arkan- 
sas City, Kan., Philip-H. Traband of Lebanon, 111. ; born at Lebanon. 
He was a manufacturer of cigars and a musician. They lived at 
Arkansas City until 1891, and after that at East St. Louis. Mr. 
Traband's present residence is unknown. ^ 

Child of Philip-H. and Laura-Day (Waldo) Traband. liorn at 
East St. Louis, 111. : — 
«. Laura-Day, born Feb., 1892; died May, 1892. 

bdbc rnbL Edwahd, son of Horatio (WiUces, Nathan, Ednard, 
Edward, John, Cornelius) and Susan-Johnson (Smith) "Waldo; born 
Apr. 11, 1873, at Sherman, Tex. He is about five^feet, eight inches 
in height, of rather heavy build, with dark brown hair and blue eyes. 
He was a private in Co. L, 1st Regiment, Oklahoma "Volunteers, dur- 
ing the Spanish w^ar, and si-rved but a few months. He was later first 
lieutenant in a company of National Guards at Springfield, Ark. He 
is a cigar manufacturer, living, 1899, at Springfield, but removed to 
Fayetleville, Ark., in 1900. He married. May 3, 1891, at Newkirk, 
Okla., Anna-Estell, daughter of John-Perry and Ida (Cook) Lucas of 

> Recoriib of Mrs. Mary-Edilli ( W.\ldo) McLaiigUliu [/-d^cm/.c]. • Ibid. 


Fayeltovillc ; born Jan. 8, 1879, at Wost AIcxMiulor, Pn. ; died Jan. 
31, 1901, at Fayettevillo.i 

Child of Edward and Anna-Estell (Lucas) Waldo. Rorn at New- 
kirk, Okla. :— 

bdbc mhla. IIahky-^Lvrtin, born Oct. 10, 1895. 

bdfi dca. Jknnie-Mat, daughter of William (Lemuel, Henry, 
BetlmeU EdvKirdy John, Cornelms) and Cclinda (Shaffer) Waldo; 
born Jan. 17, 1861, at Willington, Conn.;- married, July 11, 1880, 
at Willington, Frank-Henry, son of Thomas and Lorana (Simonds) 
Knox of Longmeadow, Mass.; born Sept. 28, 18.08, at Longmeadow. 
They were living, 1898, at Hartford, Conn. He is a telegraph opera- 
tor. 3 

Children of Frank-Henry and Jennie-May (Waldo) Knox. Bom, 
a-d at Willington; e-g at Hartford, Conn. : — 

a. Grack-May, born Jan. 3, 1882. 

b. Frank-Waldo, born Feb. 3, 1885. 

c. EuzAnF.Tii-JANE, bom AuEC. 21, 1880. 

d. IIelkx-Louisa, born July 19, 1889. 

e. Alick-Emii.y, born Mch. 25, 1891. 

/. Howard-Thomas, born Mch. 30, 1894. 
(/. Florknck-Loi{ana, born Apr. 30, 1897 

bdfi ddb. Gf.orge-Hkkkt, son of Wolcott (Lemvel, TTennu 
Bethuel, Edward, Julin, Cornelivs) and Julia-Ann (Ncwcomb) Waldo; 
born Dec. IG, 1863, at Tolland, Conn. ; ^ died Feb. 1, 1898, at Water- 
bury, Conn. He was a carpenter and lived at Waterbury. In 180r» 
he was financial secretary of the Carpenters' Union, No. 200, of 
Waterbury. He married, Jan. 14, 1892, at Waterbury, Ida-Bell, 
daughter of High and Eunice (Northrop) Sangdon of AVatcrbury; 
born Feb. 14, 1803, at New Haven, Conn. She was living, 1898, at 

Children of George-Henry and Ida-Bell (Sangdon) Waldo. Born 
at Walerl)ury, Conn. : — 

hdft ddba. IIknky-Gkougk, born May 1, 1893. 
bdfi ddbb. IitviNG-CASri.K, borii Aiii;. 8, 1895. 
bdfi ddbc. EvsiCK-Di.r/.wiETn, bora Nov. 9, 189G. 

> Records of Mis. Mary-KiUUi ( WaMn) McLnuRhliii {Mlicmhc]. 
' WilliiiRtou Records. ' Kc-corils of Mrs. William Waldo [Oifjldc]. 
* Tolland UecorUs. ' Uecords of Mrs. George-Heury M'aldo. 


bdfi dde. Hkut- Lucius, son of Wolcott (Lemuel, Henry y 
Bclhucly Edward, John, Cornelius) fiud .lulia-Ann (Newcomlj) 
Wultlu; born Jan. 28, 1S71, ut Tolland, Conn. lie wiis living, 1808, 
at Biickland, Conn. He is a farmer. He married, Mch. 2fi, 1891, 
at Stafford, Conn., p:dith-S., daughter of Charles and (Phillips) 
Bromley of East J>yme, Conn.; born Jan. 21, 1874, at Woodville, 
R. I.i 

Children of Bert-Lucius and Edilh-S. (Bromley) Waldo. Born, a 
at Stafford, Conn. ; b at Ilydervillc, Conn. ; c, d at Tolland, Conn. : — 

bdfi (Idea. Cuarlks-Bkkt, boru Mch. 20, 1892. 
bdfi ddcb. Irving-Woi.cott, boru Dec. 30, 1893. 
bdfi ddec. Floiienck-Eli:anor, born May 7, 189G. 
Madded. MABEL-EDirn, born Nov. 17, 1897. 

bdfk dca. Carrie-P^lizabeth, daughter of Lucius-Hull (Alvin, 
Ezra, Bethvel, Edivard, John, Cornelius) and Martha (Merry) 
Waldo; born Oct. 7, 1861, at Akron, IVIicb. ; married, Sept. 30, 
1885, at Almoral, la., William-IIerschal, son of Lcwis-Groot and 
Melissa (Roe) Clutc of Greeley, la. ; born Nov. 3, 18G2, at Greeley. 
They were living, 1898, at Almoral. He is an enterprising, progres- 
sive farmer.2 

Children of William-Ilerschal and Carrie-Elizabeth (Waldo) Clute. 
Born, a, b, e, /at Greeley, La. ; c, rf, g at Almoral, la. :— 

a. Clakenck, born Apr. 12, 1887. 

b. Maktua-Mav, boru Sept. 28, 1888. 

c. Ei.siK-J.AJs'K, boru Nov. 23, 1800. 

d. WiLMAM- Waldo, born Feb. 15, 1893. 

f. Cakiuk-Orlina, born June 3, 1895. 

/. JoJiN-Lucius, born July 23, 1896. ' 

g. GracI'.-Olive, boru Juue 12, 1898. 

■ s ;■. . !. 

bdfk deb. Hor.ACE-ALViN, son of Lucius-Hull (Alviv, Ezra, 
Bethuel, Edvsard, John, Cornelius) and Mnrtha (Merry) Waldo; 
born July 18, 1863, at Earlville, La. ; living, 1898, at p:dgewood, la. 
He is a farmer. He married, Feb. 25, 1802, at Almoral, la., Leah, 
daughter of Benjamin-Frankland and Abigal (Lowry) Kalil of Almo- 
ral ; born Nov. 15, 1868, at Almoral. ^ 

' Records of l?crt-Lnoius Waldo: Tolland Uecords. 

' Records of iMis. Carrie-Klizaboth (Waldo) Clute. 

» Records of Horacc-Alvin Waldo. t /^i. 

784 WALDO GENEALOGY. [bdfkdck 

Cliildrcn of Horacc-Alviii and Leah (Kalil) Waldo. Born at 
Edge wood, la. : — 

hdfk drha. Myrti.k-May, born xMcb. 2+, 1894. 
hdfk dchb. MAKTnA-GKNKVA, born July 13, 1805. 
hdfk dcbc. IlAiUiY-KAnL, born Apr. 30, 1808. 

bdf k dda. Bkrtha-Irenk, daughter of Williara-Butlcr (Alvin, 
Ezra^ Bethuel, Edirani, John, Cornelius) and Pamelia-Irene (Bryant) 
Waldo; born .Tunc 15, 1SC4, at Akron, Mich. She married. May 2."), 
1808, at Hartley, la., Horace-Benjamin, son of ("harles and Louisa 
(Toolcy) Allen of Hartley; born Oct. 19, 1861, in l^cKalb Co., 111. 
They were living, 1S9S, at Hartley. He is a farmer.' 

Child of FIorace-Benjamin and Bertha-Ircne (Waldo) Allen. Born 
at Hartley, la. : — 
a. Bertua-Thoburn-Bliss, born Mch. 20, 1899. 

bdfk ddb. Willis-Eugene, son of William-Butler ('yl/ym, Ezra, 
Bethucl, Edicard, John, Cornelius) and Pamelia-Irene (Bryant) 
Waldo; born May 21, 18G6, at Akron, Mich. He is a farmer, living, 
1898, at Hartley, la. He married, Mch. 15, 1893, at Hartley, Cora- 
Ellen, daughter of John-Clay and Mary-Katharine (Stanover) Holmes 
of Lincoln, la. ; born June 20, 1874, at Plattcvillc, Wis.^ 

Children of Willis-Eugene and Cora-Ellen (Holmes) Waldo. Born 
at Hartley, la. : — 

bdfkddba. LK^VIS-ALVIN, boru May 14, 1894. 
bdfkddbb. Mart-Ellen, born Jan. 13, 1896. 

bdfk ddc. Frank-Lucius, son of William-Butler (Alvin, Ezra, 

Bcfhuel, Edirard, John, Cornelius) and Pamelia-Irene (Bryant) \ 

Waldo; born Mch. 22, 1868, at Akron, Mich.; living, 1898, at Earl- | 

ville, la. He is a farmer. He married, July 19, 1890, at Hartley, la., 3 

Thalia-Ann, daughter of Francis and Catharine (Sanders) Palmer of \ 

Earlville ; born June 3, 1871, at Earlville. ^ I 

Children of Frank-Lucius and Thalia-Ann (Palmer) Waldo. Burn 
at Pvarlville, la. : — 

hdfk ddca. Bkssie-Cathauint:, born Dec. 18, 1891. 

bdfk ddcb. RiciiAKD-WrNDLLL, born May 24, 1803; died June 13, 1895. 

bdfk ddrc. Beutha-Pamelfa, born Jlcb. SO, 1895. 

bdfk ddcd. Budd-Au6Tin, born June 12, 1896. 

' Kecords of William-Butler Waldo [M/A(W]. *Ibid. i^ Ibid. 

uuvhhciy] EIGHTH GENKKATIOX. 785 

bdf k faa. HEnuEKT-ErcKNE, sou of Frederick (Satifonl-Ennr- 
sov., J'Jzra^ Bcthxel, Edicard, John^ Cornelius) ami Joniiina-Slok-lo 
(Luce) Waldo; txtin June 5, 18G0, at South .Alajicliostcr, C-onu. ; died 
June 7, 1805, at South Manchester. He was a niacbiuist, livinir at 
South I\Ianchester. He married, June 27, 1883, at South fllancliester, 
Elizabeth, daughter of William aud J'^Uen (McLean) Hobbs of SoutJi 
]\Linchester ; born Dec. 27, 18G0, at Drum Cread, Portiulown, 
Ireland. She came to America with her parents in June, 1875. She 
was living, 1898, at South Manchester. ^ 

Children of Herbert-Eugene and Elizabeth (Hobbs) Waldo. Boru 
at South Manchester, Conn. : — 
bdfkf'iaa. ¥ HVAyv.KiCK-Ainimn, born Dec. G, 1884. 
hdfk faab. HEiiiiERX-EuGENE, boni Mch. 1, 1887. 
bd/kfaac. Walticr-Eaul, boru Oct. 10, 1804. 

bdfk fac. Mary-Alice, daughter of Frederick (Sanford-Emrr- 
son, Ezra, Bethnel, Edirnrd, John, Cornelius) and Jcmima-Steele 
(Luce) Waldo; born Apr. 25, 1867, at South Manchester, Conn. 
She married, May 2, 188U, at South ^Lmchestcr, Thomas-John, son 
of John aud Jane (Allen) Gardiuer of co. Armagh, Ireland; born 
Sept. 9, 1862, in co. Armagh. He came to America in March, 188G. 
They were living, 1898, at South iManchester. He is a bookkeeper in 
the employment of Cheney Brothers.^ 

Children of Thomas-John and Mary-Alice (Waldo) Gardiner. 
Born at South Manchester, Conn. : — 

a. Ethkl-Lavinia, born Juue 10, 1800. 

b. Erances-Maud, born Aug. 1, 18!.'2. 

bdf 1 bed. lo, daughter of Frederick-Jeremiah (Oli'i, Frederick, 
Bcthuel, Edivard, t/oJui, Cornelius) and Martha- Jane (Egelston) 
Waldo; born Mch. 21, 18G0, at Vcvay, lud. ; died June 8, 1891, at 
Dillsboro, lud. She married, Sept. 11, 1886, at Risingsun, Ind., 
Henry-Clay, son of Jacob-Warren aud Orphauo (^Martiu) Egelston of 
Dillsboro; born Nov. 17, 18G1, at Dillsboro. He is a farmer, living, 
1902, at Dillsboro.-"' 

Children of Henry-Clay and Jo (Waldo) P^gelston. Born at Dills- 
boro, Lid. : — i 

a. Fkederick-Wahhen, born May IS, 1887. 
h. Fanny-May, born May 16, 1889. 

• Uccords of Mr.s. Heibert-Eupeiie W.iMo. 

' Ui'cortls of Mrs. M.iry-Alice ( Waldn) (;ar<liiir'r. 

"Kecorils of FiTilcrick-Jereini.ih Waldu [/)(fy<6c]. i 

99 I 

7SG WALDO GENEALOGY. [iidki.hck 

bdfl bee. WiLLiAM-WiiiTK, sou of Frcderick-Jerorniah (Otis, 
Failen'tky li'llinel^ EdwanJ, John, Cornelius) and Martha-Jaiie (Iv^t-l- 
stoii) Waldo; boni Mch. 4, 18G1, at Vevaj, Ind. lie niarriud, Doc. 
2t, IS'J'J, at Montuomery, Ala., Cora-Octavia, daughter of Tlioiua.^- 
Andix'ws and Naucy-Cathariue (Mullius) Byitl of Kuterprise, Ala.; 
horn M:iy 21, 1877, at Dalevillc, Ala. Tbcy arc living, 11)02, at 
iMuutgoiucry. He is a printer. ^ 

Cliiid of Williaui-Whitc aud Cora-Octavia (Byrd) Waldo. Born at 
IMoutgomery, Ala. : — 
hdjlbcca. Wii.liam-Whiti:, born Nov. 17, 1000. 

bdflbcj. Jessie, daughter of Frederick- Jeremiah (Olfs, Fred- 
en'ck, Befhuvl, Ethvard, JoJui^ Cornelius) and Martha-Jane (Egelslon) 
Waldo; born Dec. IH, 1875, at Vevay, Ind. She married, Nov. 30, 
19U0, at Kisingsuu, Ind., Walter, son of James-Porter aud Lucinda 
(Craven) Kelly of Hoouc Co., Ky. ; born Feb. 2, 1867, in Boone Co. 
They are living, 1902, at Carrollton, Ky. He is a storekeeper in the 
internal revenue service. - 

Child of ^Valter and Jessie (Waldo) Kelly. Born at Carrollton, 
a. AValdo. born Aug. 30, I'JOl. 

bdia dca. Jake-Eliza, daughter of Henry (David- Ripley, Cy- 
prian, Z"c}i(n/s, Edward, Johti, Cornelius) and Sarah (Heath) Waldo; 
born Mch. 17. L'^-IG, at Hudson, N. Y. She married. May 30, 186G, 
at Ihulson, William-Henry, son of Daniel and Maiy-Ann (Henry) 
Hudson of Troy, N. Y. ; born July 21, 18-42, at Troy; died Aug. 
13, 180G, at Troy. ^Ir. Hudson was educated at Troy and passed all 
of his life in that city. When a boy he became an employee of the 
jManufacturers National I)ank and remained there for twenty-live 
years, l)ecoming linally the head bookkeeper. At the same time he 
was engaged in the insurance business, having for partner Amasa-K. 
Moose, the fh-m being Hudson & ^Nloore. Later he was agent of the 
Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York and the senior member 
of the firm of W.-H. Hudson & Son in the fire insurance business. 
He was ti-usted by and faithful to his employers, honorable aud upright 
in his business transactions and a good friend to all who called him 
such. Though a great snlTerer from bodily ailments he was ever 
cheerful with his friends and family. He belonged to the First Pres- 

' Kccoids of l"rL'ileri':k-jL-n.miali Waldo [Odjlbc\. ' Ibid. 


bytorian Church, was a inombor of tlie 'J'roy lloanl of Fiiv UikUt- 
writors and for many years was secretary of the Voun;:: Men's 
Cliristian Assoeialion. Politically he was a rei)tiblican, but held no 
olliee and was inactive in polilical mattery.' Mrs. fludson was liviuir, 
l.s'.»;), at Troy. 

Children of William-IIenry and Jane-Kliza (^^'aldo) Hudson, 
liorn at 'J'ro}^ N, Y. : — 

(/. I1kni!Y-Wai,do, born Mch. 8, 1870; living, 1809, at Troy, inimnrricd. He 
entered into bushiess with his father as insurance and real estate Ijroker, 
which business he continues. 

h. IJam'h-ClaiUv-, born Nov. 21, 1875; livinir, ISiiO, nt Trov, unmarried. He 
enlisted, Dec., 1804, in tlic N. Y. National Giiard, but was dropped bv 
reason of removal. He ro-enHsted, .Vpr. 22, 1807, in Co. E, 71st Kciii- 
mcnt, and was promoted cm-iioral .May 18, ls07. .May 10, 1808, he w\s 
mustered into Co. K, 71st Rcsimeut'New Yori< Volunteer Infantry, as 
corjjoral; was promoted ser<,'eant, M;iv 10; was witli the rcirimeiit in 
Florida ; embari<cd witii the 5th Army Corps >inder Maj()i-Gener:il 
Shafter for Cuba on June Glh. He took an active part in the battle of 
San Juan and sie^e of Santiago. He returned to the United States, An:;. 
10, 1898, nnich reduced by fever and was mustered out, Nov. 15, 1H08. 
He was, in 1899, first sergeant in liis old con)i)anv, New York National 

bdia dcd. Hakrikt, daughter of Henry ( DdvifJ-RljiJcy, Cyprian^ 
Zdcheus, EdiairrJ, John, Cornelius) and Sarah (Heatii) AValdo; burn 
Nov. 10, 18G0, at Hudson, N. Y. ; married. Oct. 16, 188;3, at Hudson, 
Joseph-Barllett, son of Elisha-Wells and Margaret (MucAchcron) 
Hydoru of Troy, X. Y, ; born Apr. 1, ISCO, at Troy; died Feb. 13, 
189S, at Albany, N. Y. He studied at the Rensselaer rolytechnic 
Institute and became chemist of the Troy Steel and Iron Company. 
With his father he started the first electric lighting plant in 'I'roy. For 
the last three years of his life he held a position in the State insurance 
department at Albany. His widow was living, 1899, at Albany.- 

Child of Joseph- llartlett and Harriet (Waldo) Ilydorn. Born at 
Troy, N. Y. :- 
<t. Joskpii-Bauti.ett, born Aug. 1, 1885. 

bdic acb. Mary-Jane, daughter of Cecil (Lyman, John, Zachcns, 
EiJ/mnl, John, Cornolins) and Cornelia (Smitli) Waldo; liorn Aug. 
'^9, 18;!2, at Portage, N. Y. ; died Sept. 12, 1«8G, at Fremont, 
Newaygo Co., Mieh. She married, Aug. 27, LS.'iG, at Litchlield, 
iAlich., George-Wiieeler, .son of Alancin and Cyntha (Graham) Pack- 

' Records of .Mrs. J;iiie-Kli/;i ( WaMu) lludsoii. 

■ Records of Mrs. Jaiie-KUza ( Waldo) Ilnd.ioii yhdiiulra], and Lotliar-Ak'xaiid..r-Morti- 
uier Von Grave [bdiadcc]. 


nrd of New York Stale; born Got. If,, isni, at Ithaca, N. Y. Ho is 
a farmer, living, 11)00, at P'romont.' 

Children of George- Whocler and Ivfary-Jano (Waldo) Packard. 
Born, a-c at Litchfield, Mich. ; fZ-^at Allen, Mich.; g, h at Fremont 
Mich, :— 

a. Cahrik-Estki.l.\. horn May 20, 1857; married, Feb. C, I8S0, .<it Froinont 

Adain-Eniost, son of Adolplio and Fanuie (Miche) Woirol of Frt'iuoin' 
horn Sept.. 17, liOir,, at Tarina, Switzerland. Ho is a fanner. Thev werJ 
UvuiiT, ]!»00, at Daltoti, Mu.skeiron Co., Mich. 

Children, born, a at Nc\va};uo, Mich.; h, c at Mu.skeiron, Mich. :— 
a. Fkkd-Adoi.phk, born Apr. 1, 188L 
6. Paul-Aknold, born Sept. 4, 1888. 
c. Ernicst-Buudktt, born Oct. 12, 1890. 

b. Fk.\nk-Wai.oo, born Apr. 20, 185S; died Apr. 28, 1850. 

c. }Iuiu-!:T-ErOK.\K, born Apr. 1.'^, IBCn. He is a fanner, livinix, 1300 a* 

Alleiicreek, Oceana Co., .Midi, He raarried, Sept. 21, 1S.S2, at Fre- 
mont. Martha-Lowvisa, dau«;lil,er of .Tobn and .Julia-Ann (Gardner) l'a"-e 
of Fremont; born Sept. 21, 1803, at Breed.sville, Bnren Co., Mich.'" 
Cliildren, born at Fremont:— 

a. Gix)]{, born Sept. 7, 1883. 

b. Juli.v-Ann, born Jan. 24, 1886. 

c. Edna-Alick, born Sept. 5, 1889. 

d. Ci.AHK.vCK-EuGi'.NK, borii Aug. 19, 1892. 

e. Vkkxa-Pauunk, born .Jan. 22,l.>i95. 

d. DnuA-Ai.iCK, born Jnne 12, 18G3; married, Sept. C, 1885, at Fremont, 

Wilhani-Spencer, sou of John-We.stlv and Sytlia-Jane fSinipson) Hardy 
of SiMjlh Bend, Ind.; born Apr. HI. 18r,2, at Sonth Bend, lie is a Unnbor 
inspector. Thej- were living, I'JOO, .at Thompsonville, Benzie Co., Mich. 
. Children, born af Fremont : — 

a. Ray, born June 29, 1887. 

b. Bkrnick, born Jan. 8, 1889. 

c. MAiiOAnKT, born Jan. 18, 1891. 

e. Lii.ui.-Ai.PHAntxK, born Auu:. 27, 18G4; married, Nov. 21, 1888, at Fre- 

mont, Clark-Elmer, son of Jacob-Alonzo and Mary-Abigail (Packard) 1 

DeBow of Qnincy, Brand Co., Mich.; born June 11, lHt;4, at Lilchlleld. ] 

He is a farmer. They were living, 1900, at Genesee. Idaho. ] 

Children, born, a at Pomeroy, Wash. ; 5 at Genesee :— i 

■ [' a. DOXA VAN, born July 9, 1890; died July 23, 1890. ' | 

b. Mkrkiti-Ai.onzo, born July 12, 1898. | 

/. Maky-Coknklia, born Sept. 12, 18(17; died March, 18fi8. I 

y. MKnnK-EM()(iKXK, born Apr. 22, lSr.9; married, Oct. 20, l.s92, at Fremont, ] 

llerbert-llardy, son of Baley and Eliza (Hardy) Parker of Fremont; 1 

born July 2'., 1854, in Lincolnshire, Eng. He i.s a farmer. They M-ere 

living, 1900, at Fremont. 

Children, born at Fremont:— 
a. Dklukut-Frank, born Aug. 10, 1895. 

» KeconiB of Miss Amiie-Aiigusta rackiud iUtUacbft], 


h. Lii.T.iK-Ai,riiAinNK, l)orn Sept. 30, 1S07. 
c. LoiAS-FKAia., horn Sept. C, ISOt). 
h. Ann'ik-Augusta, horn Mcli. 27, 1871 ; living, 1000, nt Fremont, unmarried. 

bdic acc, daughtor of Cecil (Lj/mnii, JoJdi, 
Zncheus, Edicard, John, Conieliua) and Cornelia (Smith) Waldo; 
born July 3, 183G, at Portage, N. Y. ; living, 1000, at Litchfield, 
Mich. She married, IMch. 20, 18.").t, at Litchfield, Duane, son of 
]}enjamin-Cody {Cor)i<'h'iis, Jo^liva, Cornd'tv^, Joshua, John) and 
Hetscy (Marchant) Whitney of Granville, Washington Co., N. Y. ; 
born Nov. 25, 1824, at Granville ; died July M, 1893, at Litchfield, 
M'here he had passed his life. He was a fanner. • 

Children of Duane ami Sarali- Augusta (Waldo) Whitney. Born, a 

at Genesee Falls, N. Y. ; Z>, c at Litchfield, ]\Iich. : — 

o. Lr/.7.n:-Ei.i.KN, born Dec. 14. ISofi; livine;, 1000, ntLitehfleld. She m.irriod. 
Dec. 2, 18.nO, at Lilchllcld, WiUi.^m-Walter, son of Willi;uii-W:t!tur and 
CharloUe (Sbaw) Bucl of IJtchlicld; horn Dec. 2, 185G, at Moscow, 
Mich.; died Nov., 188G, at Litchticld. He was a farmer and lived at 

Children, horn at Lilohrteld : — 

a. Iva-Makchant, horn Sept. 27, 1884. 

b. Bkhnakp-Waltrr, born Oct. G, 1S8G. 

c. Whitnky-Barkkr, born Jan. 18, 1900; died Apr. 22, 1900 (?). 

h. Lottie-Ada, born Sept. 11, 1858; living, 1000, at Beunincton. N. Y. She 
married, Sept. 20, 18s2, at Litciitiold, Romanzo-K., son of Barton and 
Lucia (Fargo) French of Bennington; born Dec. 9, 1857, at IJennington; 
died 1891, at Bennington, where he had always lived. lie was a farmer. 

Children, horn at Bennington : — 

a. DuANK-BEitNiCK, boru Nov. 25, 1885. 

b. Gi.KNNiE-.VuGTTSTA, hom Mch. 30, 1888. 

c. LuciA-CouNKMA, horn Aug. 12, 1801; living, 1000, at Litchfield. She mar- 
ried, Jan. 8, 1S90, at Litclirteld, Cliarles-IIenry, son of Wiliiam-reter and 
Lucy-Minerva (Cheesebro) DeForest of I'niaski, Mich.; born Doc. 20, 
1851, at I'niaski. lie i.s a farmer, living, 1900, at Litchtleld. No cliiKlren. 

bdic acd. Bukdktt-Smitii, son of Cecil (Lyman, John, Zacheus, 
Edward, John, Cornelius ) and Cornelia (Smith) Waldo; born June 
25, 1840, at Portage, N. Y. ; living, 1875, at Concord, Jackson Co., 
Mich. He married, Feb. 24, 18G9, at Concord, Hannali-Mary, 
daughter of Stephen and Hannali (Bal<er) Hubbard of Greenfield, 
N. Y. ; born Aug. 17, 1819, at Greenfield. 2 

Children of Rurdott-Smith and Hannah- ]\Lary (Hubbard) Waldo. 

Horn at Concord, Mich. : — 

bdic acda. Merritt-Burdette, born May IG, 1875. 

' " Wldtiiey Geiie.ilogy," p. 219: Records of Mrs. Luoia-Cornelia (Whitney) DeForest 
[Odlcaccc]. • " Waldos in America," p. 88. 


bdic acf. Ki'iksk-IIarvkv, soil of Cecil fLv/Ha», John, Znrhciis^ 
Edicard, John, CoDioJiuf^) :uhI (.'onielia (Smilli) \V'al(lo; born Mriy 
l/i, 1817, at Portage, N. Y. He Ls a farmer, liviii<,s 1900, at Litcli- 
lielcl, Mich. He luarricd, Nov. 20, 1^72, at Litchfield, Mary-ElizaLi'th, 
dauj^literof Erastus aud Klix;a-Anu (Kisley) Hazcu of Palmyra, N. V. ; 
born Aug. 31, 1817, at Palmyra. ^ 

Children of Eugene-Harvey and M:uy-Elizabcth (Hazen) Waldo. 
IJorn at Litchfield, Mich. : — 

hdic acfa. Alick-Elmiua, boru Oct. 4, 1875; living, 1900, unmarrieil. 
hdic acfb. Kay-Altox, boru Jan. ;{, IfSi. 

bdic ada. SiMEOx-R:\iiTn, sou of Horatio-Nelsou ( Lyman, John, 
Zachens, Eflircml, John, Cornelivs) and Eunice (Upliam) Waldo; 
born Nov. 8, 1832, at Arcade. N. Y. He removed to Michigan in 
1873, living first at PlainwcU, -^vherc he remained for ten and a half 
years. He then lived at Augusta for eighteen months and in Albion 
for four years and a half, whence he removed to Ganges about 1890, 
where he is now, 1902, living. At Plaiuwell and Albion he was a 
merchant, but at Augusta and Ganges he has been engaged in farm- 
ing. He married, j\Lay 19, 1853, at Castile, N. Y., Martha-Ann, 
daughter of Damon and Anna (McI\Laster) Bryant of Java, N. Y. ; 
born July 27, 1831 , at Java ; living,' 1902.'- 

Children of Simeon-Smith and Martha-Ann (Bryant) Waldo. l)orn 
at Arcade, N. Y. : — 

bdic adaa. CHARLES-riow.\KD, boru July 8, ISoG; died same day. 

hdicadah. Ltzzif.-Maud, born Feb. 7, 1S58. She married, Sept. 11, 1878, at 
Plainwell, Mich., Willard-Eldred, son of William-Yoiin^j: and Lvdia- 
Woodbury (Jiri-ham) Gilkey; born Mch. 24, 18.'.+, alCrcsscy, Mich." fie 
is a farmer. They are livin<;, 1902, at i'lainwell. Nocliildren. 

bdic adac. DwiGirr-BiiYANr, born June 13, 1804. 

bdic adb. Samuel-Upham, son of Horatio-Nelson (Lyman, John, 
Zacheua, Edward, John, CoDielius) and Eunice (Upham) Waldo; 
born Oct. 16, 1831, at Arcade, N. Y. He has lived at Jouesville, 
Mich., Appleton, Wis., and in 1899 was living at South Bend, Ind. 
He is a wool-sorter. He served for nearly two years in the Civil war 
in the 130th Regiment New York Volunteer Infanti'y and in the 8ih 
New York Heavy Artillery, holding the rank of second lieutenant. 
He was mustered out in June, 1805. He married (1), Mch. 15, 1800, 
at Arcade, Caroline, daughter of Carson and Rebecca (Ingols) Bryant 
of Java, N. Y". ; born Aug. 17, 183G, at Java; died Aug. 11, 1871, 

» Records of Eiigciio-IIarvey Waldo. ' Kecorda of Simcon-Siuith Waldo. 


at Kahimazoo, Mich. He iiiankHl (2), Nov. 7, 1>)72, at Jonesvilk-, 
Mrs. Marion (R(jse) Harris, dauLrlilor of Iknjaniiii and Hannah (Rose) 
I\ of KingsvilU;, Out., and widow of William Harris of Soiitii 
Hcnd, Ind., who dit;d Apr. 5, 1870, al Lima, Ind. She was born Oct. 
2(;, 1847, at Kingsville, Out. Tlioy have no children.' 

Children of Samuel-Upham and Caroline (Bryant) Waldo; — 
bdic adbn. Nettie-Augusta, boru Mch. 18, 1801. 
bdic adbb. Ciiaules-McMastku, born Oct. 27, 18C2. 

bdic ado. Eunice-Louisa, daughter of Horatio-Nelson f^ZyvHa/f, 
John, Za.cheus, Edicarcl, John, Cornelias) and Eunice (IJpham) 
Waldo; born May 13, 1837, at Arcade, N. Y. She married (]), 
Apr. 24, 18.05, at Arcade, Edward, son of Joel-B. and Betsey (Bloss) 
Fox; born Dec. G, 1834- They lived at Arcade. He was a salesnuiu. 
She married (2), Jan. 5, 1SG9, at Arcade, William, son of Richard 
and Agnes (McChoncie) Little of Lyndon, N. Y. ; born July 17, 1825, 
at Lanorack, Scotland. He came to America in August, 1833, with 
bis parents. Mr. and Mrs. William Little were living, 1899, at Elgin, 
N. Y. He is a carpenter. ^ 

Children of Edward and Eunice-Louisa (Waldo) Fox. Born at 
Arcade, N. Y. : — 

a. LiBiiiE, born Apr. 3, 185C; died Feb. U, 18G3, at Kal.iniazoo, Mich. 
h. Gkatia, born Aug. 6, 18(50; died Feb. 27, 1861, at Arcade. 

c. CnARLES-EnwAKD, born Jan. 27, 1864. He married, June 3, 188G, Nettie 


Children of Williain and Eunice-Louisa (Waldo) Little. Born, d 
at FranklinviUe, N. Y; c-h at Lyndon, N. Y. :— 

d. Agnes, born Dec. 2.3, ISGO; died Jan., 1871, at FranklinviUe. 

c. Richahd-William, born Jan. 5, 1872. He is a farmer, livina;, 1809, at Lyn- 
don, lie married, Oct. 12, 18'.)8, at FranklinviUe, Dcttie-Ioiia. dauirhter 
of Heury-rhilandcr and Ellen (Leon) Corsett of Frnnklinville ; born 
Apr. 5, 1874, at FranklinviUe. 

/. IJachkl-Eunice, born Apr. 24, 1874; living, 1899, unmarried. 

(J. Agnes-Euiza15etii, boru July 2, 1875; living, 1899, unmarried, 

h. James-I\Obei{T, boru A-.„. 13, 1S7G; living, 1899, unmarried. 

bdic add. Lovkrett-Horatio, sou of Horatio-Nelsou (L>jman, 
John, Zacheus, Edv:ard, John, Cornelius) and Eunice (Uphani) 
Waldo; boru Mch. 30, 1841, at Arcade, N. Y. ; died Apr. G, 1895, 
at Appletou, Wis. He enlisted, 18G2, in the 1st Regiment New York 
Dragoons, and was discharged, June 30, 1865, with an excellent repu- 

' Kecorcla of Samuel-Upham Waldo. » RecDids of Mrs. Kunico-Louisa (Waldo) Little. 

702 ' ' WALDO GENEALOGY. [rdicadd j 


latiuii as :i Itrave and trusty soMiiT. lie returned to Arcade ami > 

bceame suiuMiiiteiideiil of his fatlier's mill, lie removed to Baralj(K), ; 

Wis., ill IST^, and to Ai)i)letou in 1<S70. He was chief clerk of the 
State Legislature at iMadison, Wis., from Jan. 1, 1895, until his death. 
He married, Dec. 21, 1871, at Fredonia, N. Y., Mary-Luella, dau;_di- 
tcr of Joscph-Uobiu and Mary-l'>liza (Wood) Whcclock of Fredonia; 
born Oct. 17, 1853, at Mendou, Mass. She was living, 1801), at 

Children of Loverett-IIoratio and Mary-Luella (Whcclock) ^V■aldo. 
Born, a-d at Haraboo, Wis. ; e-h at Applcton, Wis. : — 

hdic nJda. May, born Sept. 14, 1873; died Jnue 2, 1X80, at Applcton. 

Mtc d'hlh. Ai,i.iK-Di'i.r,, boru Oct. 22, 1874. She mnrried, Apr. 2'?, 1808, at 
Apiileton. Frank, soil of Lewis and K!lz;U)olIi-.Marshnll (Colinon) L;i.sli- 
way of Ciiippowa Falls, Wis.; horn Mch. lU, 18G7, at Clii|>pewa Falls, 
M'hcre they were liviiiii iu 1S99. He was manager of the Wisconsin Tele- 
phone Company.^ 

bdic addc. Clara, born Nov. 2,5, 1876. 

bdic addd. IJoY, boru June 5, 1878; living, 1899, immarricd. 

bdic adde. Guv, horn Apr. -1, 1881. 

bdic add/. Mattik, boru Aug. 12, 1882. 

bdic addg. Fkaxk-Houwood, boru Apr. 14, 1886. , , 

bdic addh. Ethel, born Sept. IG, 1887. 

bdic adf. Charlks-Torky, son of Horatio- Nelson (Liiman, 
John, Zacheus, EcUcard., John, CorneliusJ and Juniicc (Uj^hani) 
Waldo; boru Dec. 12, 1817, at Arcade, N. Y. In July, 1873, he 
was appointed keeper of the Presque Isle Light Station at Erie, Pa., 
and retained that position for seven years. He is now, 1902, em- 
ployed in the oflice of the iron works at I'^rie. He married, Oct. 11, 
1870, at Fairview, Pa., Mary- Louise, daughter of Franklin and Sarah 
(Heidlcr) Willis of Fairview; born Feb. 28, 1851, at Fairview. ^ 

Children of Charlcs-Torry and Mary-Louise (Willis) Waldo. 
IJorn, a at Arcade, N. Y. ; b at Erie, Pa. : — 

bdicdd/a. Ukktha-Maiu-j,, born Jan. 10, 1872; married, July 3, 1891, at Eric, 

William-Erwiu Lcr. 
bdic nd/!>. Nklly-Annimt, born Sept. 10, 1876 ; married, Aug. 29, 1900, at Eric, 

Willlaiu-Bliem Ott. 

bdic aga. Fkan-cks-Colmns, daughter of John-L (Lyman, 
John, ZorhcHS, Edicard, John, Cornelius) and Mary (Hall) Waldo; 
born May 11, 1842, at Portageville, N. Y. She married, Aug. 23, 

' Krconls of Koy M'aldo [h'ticinhhi]. » Hocords of Mrs. AUio-Dell (Waldo) L;islnv:iy. 
' Kecorda of Charles-Torry Waldo, 

-> M'} (.','.'/ 



1S6.'), at Porlagevillc, Isaac-Gilbert, son of Luinan-Gilbert ami 
Samantha (Walker) Hi shop of Argentine, Mich.; born Jan. 1, 1811, 
at Kieluiiond, N. Y. They have lived at Argentine, iMich,, and at 
Perry, N. Y., and in 1899 were living at Portagcvillc. JIc is a mer- 
chant, farmer and miller. > 

Children of Isaac-Gilbert and Frances-Collins (Waldo) Bishop, 
rxni), a at Perry, N. Y. ; b-c at Portagcvillc, N. Y. ; d at Argentine, 
Mich. :— 

a. Lkon-Waldo, born Mch. 4. 1807; living, 1899, unmarried. 
h. Flora, born July 15, 1869; died Sept. 13, 1869. 
c. Howard-Glvndkn, born Feb. 3, 1873; livinjr, 1899, nnniarrled. 
rf. Mary-S., born Feb. 24, 1877; living, 1899, unmarried. 

bdic ajb. Howaud-Laksikg, son of Lyman-B (Lyman, John, 
Zacheus, Edward, John, Cornelius) and Mary-Smith (McEntee) 
Waldo; born Sept. 1.3, 1852, at Ccnterville, N. Y. He was chris- 
tened Lansing-Howard, but since early manhood has been called 
Howard-Lansing. lie attended the high school at Oswego, N. Y., 
studied medicine at Albany, N. Y., and received the degree of M. I). 
from the regents of the University of the State of New York, July, 
1875. He is a homoeopathic physician, residing, until 1887, at West 
Troy, N. Y., and since then at Troy, N. Y. He is a member of the 
Albany County Honvjeopathic Medical Society. He married, May 25, 
1880, at Albany, Maria-Elizabeth, daughter of Isaac- Williams and 
Deborah (Scobey) Ilawley of Eochester, N. Y.; born Feb. 11, 1815, 
at Rochester; living, 1899. ^ 

Children of Howard-Lansing and Maria-Elizabeth (Hawley) 
Waldo. Born at West Troy, N. Y. :— . 

Idic ajba. Bertha, born Aug. 26, 1881. 

IxUcajbb. Hutu, born Oct. 22, 1882; died Dec. 15, 1885. 

hdic ajbc. Alhkkt-Hawlkv, born Nov. 1, 1883; died Dec. 12, 1885. 

bdic. ajbd. EuzABKTii, boru Mch. 1, 1885. 

bdic ake. Charlotte-Elizabeth, daughter of George-Frederick 
(Lyman, Joh^' , Zacheus, Edward, John, Corndlus) and Hannah 
(Hichardson) Waldo; born Apr. 21, 1853, at Factoryville, N. Y. 
She married, Jan. 13, 1874, at Waverly, N. X., Martin-Lee, son of 
Nathaniel-Carr and Sarah-Ann (Lee) Taylor of Canistco, N. Y. ; born 
Aug. 24, 1849, at Canisteo; died Mch. 11, 1888, at Canistco. They 

' Records of Mrs. Frances-Collins (Waldo) IJishop. 
Records of Hnward-Lausing Waldo. 


lived at Canisteo, where he owned mid operated a chair factory in 
coini.aiiy witli his brother, H.-S. Taylor, and later with his brother-in- 
law, l<'rank-Kicliard.son Waldo [UUcnlf'j. Mrs. Taylor was living, 
18;i'J, at Waverly, N. Y.^ 

Childreu of Martiu-Lce and Charlotte-Elizabeth (Waldo) Taylor. 
IJorn at Canisteo, N. Y.: — 
a. Gix>i!(ii>NATiiANiEL, borii Oct. 28, 1874. 
h. l*.KinnA-Li;K, born Nov. U, 1S77. 

c., born Mch. 16, 18V9. 

d. Louik-Bkkwick, born May 10, 1881 ; died Ang. 20, 188(i. , 
c. Lkk-Riciiakdson, born ^L1y 4, 1KS3; died Nov. 6, 1883. 

/. Kutii-Hannah, born July 28, 1884. 

bdic akf- Fkank-Kichahdson, son of George-Frederick (L'/indu, 
John, Zacheus, Edward, John, Cornelius) and Hannah (Richardson) 
Waldo; born Jan. 31, 1856, at Factoryville, N. Y. ; died May H), 
1^^81, at Waverly, N. Y. He was fur a time a manufacturer of chairs 
in company with his brother-in-law, Martiu-Lce Taylor, and later a 
dry goods merchant. He lived at Waverly. He married, June 'io, 
1881, at Elniira, N. Y., Helen, daughter of Nathanicl-Carr and Sarah- 
A.nn (Lee) Taylor of Canisteo, N. Y. ; born Sept. 8, 185G, at Can- 
isteo; living, 18'JS, at Waverly. ^ 

Child of Frank-Richardson and Helen (Taylor) Waldo. Born at 
Canisteo, N. Y. : — 
bdic ukfa. Frkdkkick-Tayi.oh, born June 6, 1884. 

bdic bba. Lucius-Alvia, son of Orson (John, John, Zacheus, 
Edirard, John, CorndiusJ and Lydia (Waldo) \Valdo; born Nov. 
21, 1827, at Portage, N. Y. ; died about 1889 near Dallas, Ore. He 
was at the head of his class in school, and like all his family, was 
very nmsical. He became clerk and bookkeeper for Treeman Broth- 
ers, at Ithaca, N. Y., and later removed to New York City, where he 
was living in 1IS73 and 1887.^ He married (1), ]\Ich. 7, 1841), at 
Sniithboro, Tioga Co., N. Y., Mary-Frances, daughter of Ozias and 
!Sus;in (Lawrence) Higley of Nichols, Tioga Co., N. Y. ; born pruba- 
bly at Weedsport, N. Y. ; died July 17, 1883, at Paterson, N. J.'' 
They were divorced after 1865. He married (2), 1873, probably at 
New York City, Frances Ilolmbeck, who died in 1877. They had no 

' Kec<ii(ls <it .Mis. Cli.irlottc-KUz;iljcth ( W.iMo) Taylor. 

» Uouonls of Mrs. Frank-Uicluirilbon 'Waldi). * New York Directories. 

♦ Uccorils ol StulLi-Louist; Waldo [hdiclilmu]. 



chiKlrcn. He maniod (3), Sept. ■?(), 1.SH2, Lclia Palinor. 'JMioy liud 
no eliikhen.^ i , . . ■ • . 

CliiUl of Lucins-Alvia nnd Marj'-P^ancos (Hiii;1oy) AValdo. Born 

at Ithaca, N. Y. :— 

h,Uc hhna., horn Apr. 2.T, ISoO; living, New York City, 
nnniarried. She is a teacher of music. 

bdic bbb. Arthuu-Tafpak, son of Orson (John, John, Zachena, 
Eihmrd, John, Cornelius) and Lydia (Waldo) Waldo; born Fob. 
24, 1832, at Portage, N. Y. ; died Apr. 9, 187'!, at Genoa, N. Y. 
lie married, Apr. 8, 1858, at Spencer, Tioga Co., N. Y., Elizabeth- 
Potter, daughter of Abraham and Eliza (Ferris) Garey of Spencer; 
born May 17, 1833, at Spencer ; living, 1901, at Genoa. They lived 
at Genoa. Mr. Waldo was a miller and millwright.- ' ,• .^- ■ 

Children of Artlmr-Tappan and Elizabeth-Potter (Garey) Waldo. 
Born, a at Dryden, N. Y. ; i^ at Waverly, N. Y. ; c at Lndlowville, 
N. Y. ; d-/at Genoa, N. Y. :— 

bdic bbba. Martiia-Evangkline, born Apr. 24, 1S59. 

hdicbhhb. Susan-Adelatdk, Iiorn Apr. 9, 18C1; married, M.ty a, 1S9I, at 

Genoa, William-ThuuKis Cannon of Uiiiou Springs, N. Y. They were 

living, 1901, at Aubnrn, N. Y. No children. 
bdic bbbc. CuAKLKS Fkakcis, born Nov. 13, 18Gt. 
bdic bbhd. Mauy-Helex, born Mch. 10, 1SG7. 
bdic bhbe. Emma-Antoinkttk, l^oru Mch. 12, 1870. 
bdic bbbf. EDXA-rvKiJKCCA, born Aui?. 4, 1874; died Apr. 12, 1870, at Genoa. 

bdic bbc. Reginald- 11 ecer, son of Orson C./o7/?i, Johiu Zach- 
ens, Edvard, John, CoracUvs) and Lydia (Waldo) Waldo; born 
Oct. 5, 183G, at Newark Valley, N. Y. ; living, 1901, at Locke, 
Cayuga Co., N. Y. He is a miller. He married, Oct. 15, 1873, 
.losephine-Ellen, daughter of George-Washington and Sophrouia 
(Mack) Taylor of Weedsport, N. Y. ; born at Waterloo, N. Y. ; 
living, 1901.3 

Children of Reginald-Heber and Josephine-Ellen (Taylor) Waldo. 
Horn, a, h at Moravia, N. Y. ; c at Ledyard, N. Y. : — 
bdic hhca. Er.i-r.N, born Sept. 13, 1874; died Oct. 8, 1874. 
bdic bbch. GiiACK, born Dec. 20, 1877; unm.irried, 1901. 
Idir. bbcc., born Jan. 21, 1882; living. 1901, at Kochestcr, N.Y. 


' Uecorda of neibert-Kiit;LMie Wal.lo [hdichU/]. 
' Ueconls of Mrs. Artliui-Tai.pau Waldo. 
' llcoorils of Kev. Milton Walilo [Inlicbt]. 

796 WALDO GENEALOGY. [bdicbbd 

bdic bbd. Herrert-Ecoexe, son of Orson (John, John, Zacheus, 
Edivard, John, Cornelius) and Lydia (Waldo) Waldo; born Aui;. 
20, 1839, at Newark Valley, N. Y. ; living, lft98, at Wyalusiug, Pa. 
He is a millwright, and for twenty years was engaged in running 
flouring mills. He removed in 1880 from Moravia, N. Y., to Wya- 
lusing and took charge of the tlouring mills of The Welles Mill Com- 
pany, which position he occupied until April, 1894, when failing 
health compelled him to resign his position. He married, June 21, 
1865, at Barton, N. Y., Lucy-Ann, daughter of .Joseph and Lucy-ll. 
(Bell) Armstrong of Barton ; born Mch. 23, 1844, at Tioga Center, 
N. Y. ; living, 1898.1 

Children of Herbert-Eugene and Lucy-Ann (Armstrong) Waldo. 
Born, a, b at Ludlowville, X. Y. ; c, d at Moravia, N. Y. ; e, /at Wya- 
lusing. Pa. : — 

bdic bbda. Jkssie-Gertrude, born Sept. 29, 18G7. 

bdic bbdb. Edward-.\rmstrong, born Nov. 2G, 1868. 

bdic hhclc. Lucius-JosKPH, horn July 1. 187.1; living, 1898, at Wyalusinsr. He 

is bookkeeper for E.-D. Lewis & Co. He married, Oct. 21, 1897, at 

Berkshire, N. Y., Josephine Gross. 
bdicbbdd. Ernest-Eugenk, born Nov. 22, 1877; living. 1898, unmarried. 
bdic bbde. Nettie-A, born Mch. 6, 1881 ; unmarried, 1898. 
bdic bbdf. Ratmond, born Feb. 1, 1890. 

bdic bfa. Lucy-Maria, daughter of Clark (John, John, Zacheus, 
Edward, John, Cornelius ) and Harriet (Belcher) Wa4»k>; born Oct. 
27, 1832, at Newark Valley, N. Y. She married, Oct. 10, 1850, at 
President, Venango Co., Pa., John, son of Patrick and Flora (McGar- 
rel) McCrea of Eaglerock, Pa.; born Nov. 8, 1822, at P^aglerock; 
died June 15, 1892, at Grove City, Mercer Co., Pa. Patrick McCrea 
went to Eaglerock as early as 1798, being the first white man to settle 
on the .Allegheny River between the towns of Warren and Franklin, 
a distance of seventy-five miles. He was an educated man, and gave 
his children the rudiments of a good education ; John, who was the 
youngest of nine children, attended a high school at Clarion, Pa. He 
was a fine scholar, and taught school for several years before his mar- 
riage. He became a fanner at Grove City, where his widow was 
living in 1897.2 

Children of John and Lucy-Maria (Waldo) McCrea. Born, n-c, 
e-i at Eaglerock, Pa. ; d at Oil City, Pa. : — 
a. Clark-Waldo, boru Sept. 19, 1851; graduated at Cornell University. 1881. 

> Kecorda of Herbert-Eugeue Waldo. « Records o£ Mrs. Lucy-ilariii ( Waldo) McCrea. 


lie is a civil ciiKinoer, livinil, 1897, at Cajic (xirardcau, Mo. He nianied, 
Jiiiin 10, l.ssi, at Itliaca, N. Y., Mary-Atlclaidc Newman of Ithaca; born 
All.;,'. 25, 1850, at Oawego, N. Y. 

Cliildien, boni, « at Ithaca, N. Y. ; }> at Franklin, Pa. :-— 

a. hvvY, born Mch. 9, 1882; died Oct. 7, 1883, at Lecper. Mo. 

b. Giuce-Bkssik, born Mch. 7, 18t<5. 

/-. Maky-Quinn, born Feb. 13, 1853; died July 27, 1878, at Eaglerock, unmar- 

c. Cakomnk-Clai'I', born Nov. in, 1^".55; died Oct. 10, 1874, at Eaglerook, ini- 

./. IIauiiikt-Uklciif.r, born Mch. 22, 185S; nninavried, 1897. 

e. Fati!I(:k-Hhnky, born Jan. 29, 18G2; unmarried, 1897. 

/. Ghack, born May 2, 18G4; unmarried, l.s97. 

(J. Cmaki.k.s-Fran'cis, born Au;;:. 21, 18G7. He morried, July 5, 1893, at Cam- 
don, Ark., Henrietta, dauirhter of John and Sarah (Montgomery) Ander- 
son ; born Mch. 12, 1872, at Oran, Mo. He Avas, 1898, superintendent of 
a lumber company at I'erla, Hot Springs Co., Ark. 

Children, born, a at Chidester, Ark.; b at Upland, Ark.; c at Perla, 
Ark. :— 

n. Edward-Bkknard, born June 27, 1894. 

b. I.^ntiiaij-Grack, boru Mch. 31, 1896. 

c. Piiii.KTKUS, born Nov. 19, 1898. 

h. John, born Apr. 2, 1S70; livins?, 18!i8, at Sistersville, W. Va. He is a 
butcher. He married, June 24, 1893, at Grandin, Mo., Emma Peters of 
Jamestown, N. Y. 

Child : — 
a. Waldo, born May 25, 1894. 

J. Lucy, born July 19, 1874. She married, Feb. IG, 1897, at Grove City, Pa., 
George-Culvin, sou of John and Caroline (Smith) Anderson of Liberty, 
Pa.; born Nov. 2, 1872, at Liljerty. They were living, 1898, at Grove 
City. He is foreman in a broom factory. 


a. IlAROUJ-PLUMMKn, born June 28, 1S9S. 

bdic bfb. PnAK^.z-Gr.RDEN, son of Clark (John, John, Zacheus, 
Edivard, Johuy Cornelius) and Harriet (Belcher) Waldo; born Oct. 
2r), 18;j5, at Newark Valley, N. Y. lie is a carpenter. lie has 
resided in Warren and Venango Counties, Pa., and, in 1899, was liv- 
ing at Oil City. He married (1), Jan. G, 18G0, at President, Pa., 
L,y<lia-Ann, daughter of James and Elizabeth (Prather) McCahnont 
of President; born July 29, 1812, at President; died Sept. 10, 18G9, 
at President. He married (2), June 28, 1871, in Trumbull Co., O., 
Cercie, daughter of Ilinmau and Nancy (Gordon) Towner of Trum- 
bull Co. ; born Dec. 22, 1845, at Tonesto, Venango Co., Pa.; died 
Aug. 13, 1881, at Triumph, Warren Co., Pa. He married (3), Sept. 
13, 1882, at Triumph, Mrs. Ellen (Towner) McCalmont, daughter of 
Hinman and Nancy (Gordon) Towner; born July 8, 1812, at Presi- 

798 ,1, WALDO GENEALOGY. (Hntcinii 

aont;(liod Apr. 13, 1887, al Hr.idford, Pa. Tliey bad no childivii. 
lie married (1), Nov. 24, 18;)(], Lenurc, dani^liUir of Jolin-We.sley 
and Sarah-Ann (Alcorn) Gor.such of Titnsvillc, Pa. ; born Sopt. T), 
1SG9, atTitusville; living, 1890.1 

Children of Pharez-Gcrdou and Lydia-Aun (McCalniont) Waldo. 
l^orn at President, Pa. : — 

bdic bfba. Jamhs-Clark, born Feb. 10, 18C1. 

bdic hfbh. Ei.Mr.R-Euni:.VR. born Nov. 2.'i, 18C2; living, 1897, at Hannibal, Mo. 

bdic bfbc. Mahkl-Lillian, born June 30, 1805. 

Children of Pharez-Gerden and Cercie (Towner) Waldo. Born at 
Triumph, Pa. : — 

hdic bjhd. VAUGnx-IIix>rAX, born An^. 4, 1872; livinsj, 1897, Rharpsbnrtj, Pa. 

bdic bfbe. G()i:i>ox-Albkht, born July 10, lK7o. 

bdic bfbf. Ralph-Emkksox, born Ang. 21, 1879; livinsj, 1897, at Sharpsbnrg. 

Children of Pharez-Gerden and Lenorc (Gorsuch) Waldo. Born 
at Oil City, Pa. :— 

bdic, bfbg. Krxxetii-Claytox, born Dec. 31, 1897. 
bdic bp>h. Jaxick, born Dec. 8, 1899. 

bdic bfC- DeWitt-Bki.chkr, son of Clark (John., John^ Zarheus, 
Edtcanl, Jolin, Cornelins) and Harriet (Belcher) Waldo; boin Mcli. 
9, 1837, at Newark Valley, N. Y. ; died Aug. 31, 1900, at Newcastle, 
Lawrence Co., Pa. lie lived at President and Tidioute, Pa., and at 
Newcastle. He was a carpenter. He married (l),Scpt. 18, 18G0, 
at Pleasantville, Venango Co., Pa., Mary-Magdalene, daughter of 
.lacob and P^lizabeth (Henry) Willings of Lickingville, Clarion Co., 
Pa.; born May 12, 1849, at President; died Nov. IG, 18C1, at 
President. He married (2), Feb. 21, 1894, at Triumph, Warren Co., 
}*a., Teresa-Victora, daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth (Dennis) 
Vanllorn c ' Kensington, Columbiana Co., O. ; born Jan. 30, 1809, at 
Newcastle; living, 1900. Mr. Waldo had no cliildren.'-^ > ■ 

bdic bfd. Edgar, son of Clark (John., John., Zacheus, Edward, 
Joh)i, Corndiar.) and Harriet (Belcher) Waldo; born Jan. 29, 1840, 
at Newark Valley, N. Y. ; died Sept. 4, 1889,3 at Siverly, Pa., from 
the effects of disease contracted in the army during the Civil war. 
He married, Aug. 18, 1870, at Titusville, l*a., Margaret-Elizabeth, 
daughter of Boujamia and Mary- Ann (Saulsgiver) Snodgrass.'' 

' lieconLs of riiarez-Genleu Wiildo. 

» Kefont.* of Oi-Witt-I'.elcliei Walilo ami uf I'liarez-Gcrden Waldo [^^^ic■^/^]. 
' Mr8. Lucy-Mai ia (WaKlo; McCrca says Sept. 0. 

«K«cijiilsof Mrtj. Lucy-Maria (Waldo) McCrea [/n/ai'/u], aud I'harez-Gerdeu Waldo 


CIiiKlfen of Edgar ami Margaict-ElizaV)eth (Snodgiass) AValdo : — 

I bdic bfda. EMMA-CoinNTiiA, born Apr. 21, 1871. — ■ ^ ^ 

Uirhfdh. lJi;NJAMiN'-Cr.Ai;K, born May 31, 1872. ^ ■■* ^ ^.^sii&'-i 

y bdic bfdc. Ennii-CALiSTA, born June 22, 1875„^ ^ 

bdic ^/(W. Alhkkt-Maktin, born Dec. 28, 1S77. ^ i' S*^ 

bdic bfdc Wki.tiia-May, born July 0, 1880. , '' .-f 

; bdiclfdf., born May 3, 1883. \ 

Ibdic hfdij. Chaulks-1Ie>;i4Y, born Apr. 30, 1888. . . , , •■; ■..!'" 

bdic bfe. PoLi.Y-Krcn, daughter of Clark (John, John, Zacheus, 
\ EdwarcU John, Comdi us) and Harriet (Belcher) Waldo; born Feb. 

il9, ISiy, at Burlington, liradford Co., Pa.; married, Jan. 22, 1S(;2, 
at President, Venango Co., Ph., Henry, sun of John and Nancy 
(Magce) McBride of Magee, Cra^vford (Jo., Pa. ; born Sept. 17, 1828, 
I at Magce; died Aug. 2, 1895, at Linwood Glen, Tazewell Co., 111. 

They lived at Niel Town, Venango Co., Pa., and at Chicago, Maren- 
go, Lincoln and Peoria, 111. Mr. McBride was a carpenter. His 
widow was living, 1898, at l^iuwood Glen, 111., with her sou Francis- 

Children of Henry and Polly-Rich (Waldo) McBride. Born, a at 

Nicl Town, Pa. ; A at Coruplauter, Pa. ; c at Eaglerock, Pa. ; d at 

Marengo, 111. ; e at Chicago, 111. : — 

(/. JouN-I)KWrrT. born Dec. 28, 18G2; living. 1898, at Peoria. III. He is in 
the city tire department, lie married, Jan. 3, 188>), at Peoria, Janc- 
Curbct, dauiiliter of Joiui and Sarali-Koberl (Osboru) Breese of Peoria; 
born Nov. 20, 1803, at Peoria; living, 1898. 

Children: — 

a. Mabki^-Margaret, born Oct. 1, 1886. 

b. Lavina-Bkant, born Sept. 18, 1887. 

b. Kdgau-Wai.po, born Dec 3, 1804; livinir, 1809, at Cleveland, O. He is an 
insurance aijent. lie was educated at Bryant and May's Business Col- 
Iciio at Cliicago, M'herc lie ;,'raduatod, 1887. lie married, Auij. 23, 1891, at 
l>ouisville, Ky. Anna-May, daimiitcr of Benjamin-F. and Anna-F.lizabfth 
(MusterJ Da,! ins of Pleasure Kidge Park, Ky. ; born at Lagranije, Ky. 

c. Fijanxis-IIf.nkv, born Sept. 8, 1867; living, 1898, at Linwood Glen, 111., 

d. GuACK, born Jan. 10. 1870; died May 14, 1889, at Linwood Glen, 111., while 
on a visit to her parents. She married, Sept. 5, 1888, at Plcasantvillc, 
Pa., riarence-Edward, son of Kdmund and Eliza-Ann (WhitVen) Thurlow 
of Peoria, 111. ; l^orn Oct. 23, ISio, at Peoria. lie is a machiniat, living, 
1S98, at Peoria. 

c I'aui.-Clauk, born June 29, 1875. 

bdic bff. Mary-Eliza BKTii, dauglit<>r of Clark (John, John, 
Z'u-hcj's, Edward, John, Cornelias) and Harriet (Belcher) Vv''aldo ; 

> Keconls of Mrs. I'olly-Uich (Waldo) McBride. 


born July 2, 1846, at President, Venango Co., Pa.; died Aui;. lo, 
18'.»5, at Grove City, Mercer Co., Pa. Slie married, Sept. 28, l>j<;i, 
at Pleasanlville, Vcnaugo Co., Pa., Fraucis-EIi, son of William and 
Julia-Lavissa (Benedict) I'orter of Fredonia, N. Y. ; born Oct. 19, 
1812, at Pleasautvillc. He was living, 1897, at Grove City. He is 
a potter.' 

Children of Francis-P21i and Mary-Elizabeth (Waldo) Porter. 

Born, a, b at Luther^burg, Pa. ; c at Pieasantville, Pa. : — 

a. Davii)-Clai;k, born Sept. 10, 18G5; livin;;, l.'^OT, .it Grove City, I'a. Ho is 
a potior. [le married, Sept. 1, 18S7, at Grove; City, .Mildrcd-Lillias, 
dan;^hter of Gcorjce-W. and Catherine (Bo\vie) CraAvford of Grove City; 
born Auii. 19, 1800, at Sharon, Pa.; livinsr, 1897. 

Children, horn, n at Rayinilton, Pa.; b at Pittsburg, Pa.; c at Grove 
City, Pa. ;~ 

a. Eva-Makgahktte, born July 30, 1891. ,^.. 

h< i'^r^'i^'^h^ 

b. Wit.UAM-GouLDiNG, boru Dec. 25, 1894. ^^►\>^// 

c. David-Cliffokd, born Apr. 19, 1897. „ '*' ' < a / 

b. Julia-Lavissa, born Apr. 27, 1868; died May 5, 1884, at Grove City. 

c. Mai'.y-Olivk, born Jan. 7, 1876; died Feb. 20, 1876, at Pieasantville. 

bdic bfg. Hakrikt, danghter of Clark (John^ John, Zocheiia, 
Edward, John, Cornelius) and Harriet (Belcher) Waldo; born Aug. 
15, 1851, at President, Venango Co., Pa.; married, Aug. 23, 18C8, 
at Greenville Bloom, Lutliersburg, Clearfield Co., Pa., Addison-Hal- 
5,1, lock, son of Thomas and Hannah (Fleck) Taylor of Luthersburg ; 

born iMch. 4, 1S4G, at Luthersburg. They were living, 1898, at 
Luthersburg. He is a farmer.'-^ 

Children of Addison-Hallock and Harriet (Waldo) Taylor. Born 

at Luthersburg, Pa. : — 

a. Maky-/\.i,?'ki>ia, born Anc;. 9, 1860; married, Dec. 30, 1888, at L'lthers- 
I burij, John-Jacob, son of George and Charlotte (Welter) Wei.'^sarbcr of 

Luther.sburii; born Jan. 28, 1862, at Lutliersl)urg, wliere they werelivin.:; 
( ii!;c • in 1898. He is a farmer. 

Children, born, a-c, d at Luthersbur:;; c at Drab, Pa. : — 

c. Keuhkx-Miiuat, born Sept. 12, 1890. 

d. Ina-Eulai.ia, born June 6, 1893. 

e. IIahuy-Mklvin, born Sept. 8, 1896. 

ft., born Dec. 7, 1871; married, Nov. 5, 1890, at Luthcrs ! 
bnrc:, Georire-Washinirton. son of Benjamin and Ilaiinali (Bowrn:ui) j 
Bloom of Olanta, Pa.; l)oru Jan. 2'.), 1S69, nt Bloomiugton, Pa. lie is a 
laborer. They were living, 1898, at Luthersburg. 

'Records of Francis-Eli Porter. ' Records of Mrs. Harriet (M'.aldo) Taylor. 

itoicHiA] EIGHTH Gi:Ni:U.\TiON. 801 

CliiUlrcn, horn at Liitlicrsbiirii : — 

a. UKAL-SYiiii., Inirn May 18, lS8i». 

b. l'AUi,-Oiii>, born June 12, 18t)l. 

c. Ni:i-lik-Maui>, l)orn Oct. 2U, 18!i2; ilied Nov. l'8, 1892. 

d. Jkssica-Altiiica, born Jau. IG, 18;)8. 
e. Tiioma.s-Clakk, born July 21, 1874. 
(/. Jt'MA-ELNoiiA, born Jan. 19, 1877. 
c. BvKON-EuGKNK, boru .May 12, 1881. 
/. WiLLiAM-HoMKU, bofu Dcc. 27, 1883. 
(J. Louis-Eaul, born Dec. 23, 1888. 
h. Joitx-Guv, boru Ang. IS, 1S91. 

bdic bgc. Wili.iam-Pknn, son of Lyinan-Llewellyii (Johv, John, 
Zacltcus^ Edirard. John, CoriteJiirs) ixnd CMWca-Aim (Andrus) Waldo; 
born Sept. 28, 1845, at Pittsl)urg, Pa. ; living, 1899. at Anderson, 
Ind. He is a painter. He served in the Union anny during the 
Civil war, and "was never sick a day or excused from duty." He 
married, Nov. 28, .1886, at JMargeret, Ky., Emma, daughter of 

j Henry and Eliza (Harrison) Cotfman of Indianapolis, Ind.; born 

' 1850 at Cynthiaua, Ky. ; living, 1899.' 

Children of Williani-Penn and Emma (Coffman) Waldo. Boru, a 
at Denver, Col. ; b at Salt Lake City, Utah :— 
bdic bgca. MAKGUKiuTK-FiiANCES, born Dcc. 28, 1887. 
bdic bycb. Kalpu-Emeksox, born May 8, IS'Jl. 

bdic bge. Katv-Bkll, daughter of Lyman-Llewellyn (John, 
John, Zacheus, Edicard, John, Cornelius) and Grace- Ann (Andrus) 
Waldo; born Nov. 17, 1853, at xMancie, Ind. ; married, Sept. 9, 1877, 
Jeptha, son of Joseph and Asenath (Mtinden) Dillon of Anderson, 
Madison Co., Ind.; born Sept. 12, 1814, at Anderson. His parents 
were (.Quakers from North Carolina. Mr. Dillon is a practicing physi- 
cian. They were living, 1899, at Eureka, Kan.^ 

Children of Jepthti and Katy-Bell (Waldu) Dillon. Born, a-c at 
Daleville, Ind. ; d, e at P:ureka, Kan. :— 

«• Aktiiuk, boru July 20, 1878. He was, 189U, a student at Kansas University. 
b. Gekti;u]>i:, born Aug. 10, 1881. 
'•• Nkm.y, boru Oct. 21, 1882. 
d. llAiiitv-J, boru Dec. 1, 1889. 
f. Eai:l-J, boru Feb. 25, 1892. 

bdic bia. Cuakles-Brkkd, .son of Albert-Gallatin (John, John, 
Zacheus, Edivard, John, Cornelius) and Sarah-Diana (Kennedy) 

' Itecouls of William-l'euu Wiililo. '- Uecorils oi :Mis. Katy-Uelle { Waldu) JXllon. 


I.. ■■'■I. 


Wnldo; born July 21, 1817, at Illiaca, N. Y. ; died Apr. 13, 1887, 
at Wamvatosa, Wis. He was a machinist and lived at Mcndota, 
Minn., and at ^Vau^ lie married, Nov. 25, 1871, at Mil- 
waukee, Wis., Anna, daughter of John-Leroy and Martha-Elizabitii 
(Alien) Lewis of Oswego, N. Y. ; born Aug. 9, 1850, at Oswego; 
living, lSi)iJ, at Kalamazoo, Mich.i 

Child of Charles-Breed and Anna (Lewis) Waldo. Born at Mcn- 
dota, IMinu. : — 

bdicbiaa. Alhkut-Lkwis, born Nov. 21, 1872; living, 1899, at Kalamazoo, 
uumarried. lie is a inercliaiil. 

bdic bic LETiTiA-KLizAUETii, daughter of Albcrl-Gallatin (Jolm, 
John, Zachcus, Edirard, John, Cornelius) and Sarah-Diana (Ken- 
nedy) Waldo; born Dec. 7, 1850, at Ithaca, N. Y. She is a graduate 
of Milwaukee College. She married, Jan. IG, 1872, at Milwaukee, 
Wis., David-George, son of William and Elizabeth (Stubbs) Hawh'y 
of Leicester, Eng. ; born Apr. 3, 1842, at Old Dalby, Eng. Tliey 
were living, 1899, at Wauwatosa, Wis., whither they removed frojii 
Milwaukee. Mr. Hawley is a coal merchant. ^ 

Cliildren of David-George and Lctitia-Elizabcth (Waldo) Hawley. 
Born at Milwaukee, Wis. : — 

a. EnzAnETH-WALPO, born Oct. 27, 1872; graduated at Milwaukee 

School. She Nvas in 1898 a teacher iu the high school at Washburn, 
Wis., unmarried. 

b. Wilbkkt-Waldo, born July 3, 1875. lie was in 1898 a student iu mechan- 

ical engineering at Milwaukee. 

c. Minnie- Waldo, born May 15, 1878. She was in 1891 a student at Mil- 

waukee Normal School. 

(I. Ai.i$f.rta-Waldo, born Mch. 5, 1885. 

bdic bie. Lewis-Clauk, son of All)ert-Gallatin (John, John, 
Zacheus, Edward, John, Cornelius) and Sarah-Diana (Kennedy) 
Waldo; born Aug. 12, 1854, at Ithaca, N. Y. He removed to INIil- 
waukce,\Vis., in 185G, and resided there until 1874, when he removed tu 
Ludington, ]\Iich., thence he went to Detroit, Mich., in 1890, and was 
living there in 1898. He has been engaged in transportation business 
on the Lakes and is secretary of the lioby Transportation Comp:iny. 
He married, Oct. 8, 187G, at Ludington. IMar^'-Elizabeth, daughter of 
George- AV'ashington and Catherine (Boyd) Roby of Detroit; born 
July 19, 1850, at Bainln-idge, Koss Co., O. ; living, 1898.3 

> Records of AU)crt-Lewib Walilo [li'lirliian]. 

» Rccorfis of Mrs. Let)lki-Kli7jt(ctli ( Waklu) Hawley. 

* Records of Lewis-Clark Waldo. 


lu.icuKc] , EIGHTH GENERATION. 803 

Cliildron of Lowis-Chirk and Mary-Kliz:iliolli (TJol)}-) Waklo. 
Horn, a-/ at Ludington, Mich. ; rj ut Detroit, Mich. : — 
},dir hiea. Bkssik, born Apr. IT,, I«77; died Oct. 27, 1877. 
/.(//> hill). Ida, horn \\^x. '25, 1879. 

Mir I'irc. ALHEi{T-GEOi;r.K, born Mcli. 8, 1S81; died Nov. 28, 1887. 
bdic hied. JoHX, born May 12, 1,S83. 
IhUc hiee. C.\TH.\uiNK, born Jan. KO, 188G. 
}'dii'. hief. Marv, born >ray 21), 1S88. 
h(Uc hieij. Ei-oisK, born June 4, 189G. 

bdic bka. CiiAraj:.s-FREDERiCK, son of Cliarlos (John, John, 
Zachens, Edward, John, Cornelius) aud Antoincllo (Phelp.s) Waldo; 
horn July o, 1840, at Kingston, Wis. He enlisted in 18G4 as private 
in Co. li, 41st Regiment Wisconsin \M)lnnteer Infantry and did ser- 
vict> in the Southwest during the Civil war. After his term of seiTice 
he became a locomotive engineer, and by proinotion in turn passenger 
conductor, division superintendent and superintendent of railroad 
construction. In 1897 he became owner of a fruit farm at CampViell, 
in Santa Clara Valley, Cal.. and has lived there since. He married, 
Nov. 1, 18G9, at Watertown, Wis., Henrietta-Jenny, daughter of 
William and Sarah (Potler) Burke.' 

Child of Charles-Frederick and Henrietta-Jenny (Burke) Waldo. 
Hin-n at Milwaukee, Wis. : — 
Ixlic bkaa. EDins-EsTKLLA, l)oru July 1, 1895. 

bdic bkc-\, daughter of Charles (John, John, 
yC'irhons, Edward, John, Corneliu.s) and Antoinette (Phelps) Waldo; 
l>orn Oct. 6, 1856, at Waupnn, Wis.; married (1), Oct. 17, 1S7G, at 
Milwaukee, Wis., Clarence-G, son of PZnoch and Nancy-Maria (Brom- 
ley) Chase of Milwaukee; born Apr. 2, 1855, at Milwaukee. Mr. 
Cliase was a manufacturer of bricks, living at Milwaukee. The mar- 
riage proved unhappy and Mrs. Chase obtained a divorce, Oct. 10, 
\^>^0y at Chipiiewa Falls, Wis. 

She married (2), Jan. 20, 1887, at Milwaukee, Bion-Clarence, son 
"f .Tdhn-Danicl and Pose-Ann (Kaymond) Griswold of Omro, Wis.; 
l'"rn Mch. 3, 18G4, at Omro ; died July 7, 1889, at Milwaukee. He 
was a bookkeeper, living at Milwaukee. 

Sl>e married (3), May 21, 1892, at Milwaukee, Paul-Christian, sou 
of Ilenry-Paul and Anna-Elizabeth (Kraft) Clausen of Milwaukee; 
l">rn Doc. 4, 184G, at Milwaukee. His father was a native of Den- 

' Kfcorils, (.f Kcv. Milton Waldo [/«/(t<-i], ami .Mrs. Kiuma-Kstella (W.ihlo) Chiusen 

804 WALDO GENEALOGY. [bdicbkc 

mark. Mr. and Mrs. Clausen were living at Milwaukee in 1809. lit- 
is a stationer and manufacturer of blank books.' 

Child of Clarence-G and Emma-Estella (Waldo) Chase. Born at 
Milwaukee, Wis. : — 
a. Charles-Waldo, born Aug. 8, 1879. ^ ' 

Child of Bion-Clareuce and Emma-Estella (Waldo) Griswold. 
Born at Milwaukee, Wis, : — 
6. WiNiFRED-EsTELLA, bom Oct. 24, 1887. 

bdic bib. Edward-Hardenbergii, son of Milton (Johyi, John, 
Zacheus, Edward^ John, Coiiielius) and Maria- Lansing (Hardenbergh) 
Waldo; born Mch. 5, 1866, at Hornellsville, N. Y. He graduated at 
Amherst College, 1888; received the degree of M. E. at Cornell Uni- 
versity, 1890, and then became a special expert for the Thomson- 
Houston Company at Lynn, Mass. He was, in 1898, instructor of 
electrical engineering at the University of Pennsylvania. He married, 
Aug. 15, 1893, at Amherst, Mass., Mina-Cathleen, daughter of Syl- 
vester and Mary (Beaman) Stockbridge of Amherst; born Sept. 28, 
1869, at Baltimore, Md. ; living, 1898.2 

Children of Edward-Hardeubergh and Mina-Cathleen (Stockbridge) 
Waldo. Born at Philadelphia, Pa. : — 

hdic biba. Edwaru-Stockbridge, born Nov. 10, 1895. 
bdic bibb. Joiin-IIardenbergh, born Feb. 15, 1898. 

bdic caa. Louise-Bingham, daughter of Horatio (Horatio, John, 
Zacheus, Edward, John, Cornelius) and Nancy (Smith) Waldo; 
born Apr. 15, 1833, at New York City; married (1), May 1, I8til, 
at New Britain, Conn., John-Kobert, son of James and Mary (Heart- 
ness) Jackson of Ireland ; born at Londonderry, Ire. ; died Aug. IT, 
1875, at Hartford, Conn. He is called twenty-nine years old whi'u 
married, but in the record of his death he is called fifty years oUl.^ 
The " Dwight Genealogy" says that he was " a manufacturer of iron 
and steel at Parkville, Hartford, Conn.," but the record of his death 
calls him a "blacksmith." 

Mrs. Jackson married (2), Oct. 26, 1885, at Baltic, Conn., Wil- 
liam, son of Festus and Ruby (Ladd) Ladd of Sprague, Conn. ; bora 
Feb. 4, 1816, at Franklin, Conn.; died Nov. 19, 1898, at Sprague. 
He was a farmer, living at Sprague. His first wife was Lucretia- 

» Records of Mrs. Emma- E-ste 11a ( Walilo) Clausen. 

» Records of Rev. Milton Waldo [hdicOl]. > Hartford ami New Britain Records. 

YJ J ^'.ISO *';m !AV; 


■;- •/■. ;..n.- ■ •,•!■■ V r.-cv ') HT>/; Jw^- -J/ .I'TlVn 

'1 .«:■;; i.-! 


■J "' 



1 '". in;:. . ■ , .,,;'•: 
■■'.■ -Ml... -H' ■ I ■ . ■• ...nsl 
, !- iw I ■ V :.'• f ,( .,-.'1 

J I 

! : 



Kingsbury Waldo. See hdifgc. Mrs. Ladd was living, 1809, at 

Child of John-Robert and Louise-Bingbam (Waldo) Jackson. Bom 
at Hartford, Conn. : — 
a. Anna-L., born May, 18G9 ; died 1884 at Catskill Mountains, N. Y. 

bdic cae. Josephine-Margarkt, daughter of Horatio (Horatio, 
John, Zacheus, Edirard, John, Coiixelius) and Nancy (Smith) Waldo; 

bom Feb. 23, 1842, at New Britain, Conn.; died Nov. 11, , at 

New Britain. She married, July 25, 18G0,2 at New Britain, John 
Ward; bora 1835 in England. He i.s called aged twenty-five in his 
marriage record. He was, at the time of his marriage, a farmer living 
at New Britain, but in 1897 he was living at West Hartford, Conn. 

Child of John and Josephine-Margaret (Waldo) Ward. Born at 
New Britain, Conn. : — ^ 

0. Nkttik-Louise, boru Mch. 28, 18G2; died ,Tan. 20, 1888, at Ellington, Conn. 
She married, Sept. 5, 1883, at Elliugton, Charles-Au?nstns, son of 
Charles-Auijnstiis and Marfraret-Ann (l)arieiran) Price of Ellington; 
born Fel). 9, 1857, at Ellington. He is a farmer, livin?, IsOO, at Elling- 
ton. He married (2), Jan. 2, 1891, at EUiugton. Louise-Mav Hancock of 
Windsorville, Conn., by whom he has one child,— Iva-Loulse, born Dec. 
14, 1891.* 

Children, boru at Ellington : — . - 

a. Maude-Bertha, born July 4, 1884. : • 

h. Joskphine-Waldo, born Aug. 20, 1885. ' . 

c. Charles-Augustus, born Dec. 4, 1886. . _ . 

d. Harry- Ward, boru Dec. 25, 1887. -. -i^ /' 

bdic ebb. Sarah, daughter of John (Horatio, John, Zacheus, 
Edward, John, Cornelins) and Eunice (Flint) Waldo; boru Aug. 10, 
1850, at Springfield, Mass.; married, Nov. 11, 18G9, at Boston, 
Mass., George-Lincoln, son of George and Rebecca-Lucinda (French) 
Rice of Winchester, Mass.; born May 1, 1837, at Boston. He is a 
bookkeeper in the employ of the Walworth Manufacturing Co., in 
whose service he has been since 1855. They were living, 1898, at 
Readville, Mass.^ 

Child of George-Lincoln and Sarah (Waldo) Rice. Born at South 
Boston, Mass. : — 
a- Bertha-Lillian, boru Oct. 4, 1874. 

' RecorUs of Mrs. Louise-Riiigliam (Waldo) La.UI. ' New Britain Reconls. ' /foj^- 
♦ EUiiigtou Reconls: Recunls of Charles-Augustus Price. 
' Boatou Records: " Dwight Genealogy." 


a 'O 

ii . .-, ■it.r\. 

A '■■■■n- : 

,-.-•;':•: I' ie ^ 

■ >;. '[', !•• ' 

.1 .J.;! ,. 

"/.' I ■\f-}p..< ). 

.jli'.'iKii !; ,,,'^'>. filiti. • jil 1, '.•■.!•• '■•« * 

806 WALDO GENEALOGY. [bdicccb 

bdic CCb. WiLMAM-DwK.riT, son of Dwitrht (ITorntio^ John^ 
Zachexs, J-Jdnnrd, John, Cornelius) ami .luliette (Uilclicuok) Waldo; 
born Jan. ;), 1^52, at Newark Valley, N. Y. ; died An^. lo, 18s8, at 
Newark Valley, where he had lived. He was at first a clerk, luit later 
became a farmer. He married, Feb. G, 1S8-1, at Newark Valley, 
Kulla Kirchenbauer, a native of Ger)nany.' 

Child of William-D\yight and Kalla (Kirchenbauer) Waldo. Born 
at Newark Valley, N. Y. : — 
a. Franci:s-Louis.\, born Aug. 27, 188G. 

bdic ccd. CAuraK-LouisA, daughter of Dwight (Horatio, John, 
Zacheus, I-Jdt'xird, John, Cornelius) and Juliette (Hitchcock) Waldo; 
born Aug. 6, 18')5, at Newark Valley, N. Y. ; married, Sept. 29, 
1881, at Newark Valley, Stephen-Leonard, son of Asa and Esther- 
Maria (]\[auning) Ball of Newark Valley; born Mch. 27, 18r)3, at 
Newark Valley, where they were living in 1901. He is a farmer. ^ 

Children of Stephen-Leonard and Carrie-Louisa (Waldo) Ball. 
Born at Newark Valley, N. Y. : — 

a. DwiGUT-WniTNMn', l)oru .Tnly 29, 1884; died May 13, 188(j. 

b. Esthku-Man.\in-g. boru Oct. 25, 1887. 

c. IIowaud-Wai.uo, boru Auij. 29, 1892. 

d. Alkthka-Louisa, boru Mch. 4, 1894; died Apr. 9, 1895. 
(. James-Waltkk, born May 27, 189G. 

bdifaaa. Mahy, daughter of Samuel While (Led, Zacheus^ 
Zaclieus, Edward, John, Cornelius) and Julia-Pelton (Shepard) 
Waldo; born Jan, 27, 1840, at Portland, Conn.; married, Nov. 18, 
1858, at Portland, Charles, son of Gustavus-Ezra ajid Louisa 
(Skinner) Hall of ^L\r]i)oro, Conn. ; born May 27, 1833, at Marl- 
boro; died No>'. 12, 1891, at ^Larlboro. They lived at Marlboro. 
He was a farmer. His widow was living, 1899, at Portland.-' 

Children of Charles and Mary (Waldo) Hall. Born at I\LHi-lboro, 
Conn. : — 

a. Wii.lis-Walpo, born Aug. 30, 1850. Ho is a faruior, liviug. 1R09, ftt Marl- 
boro, and lias heeu town clerk since 18!)2. Uv. married, .Vug. Ifi, 189;'., at 
^ta^lboro, Mary-Laviuia, daughter of .lolm-Crysostom and Annie-St. 
Lawrence (Cavanaugh) Uyan of Marlboro; born Sept. 21, 1S72, at Marl- 
boro; living, 1^99.* 

' Records of M13. Carrie-Louisa (W.ililo) Hall [Odiccrrl]: •• Dwiglit Genealogy. 

> itWMjrils of .Mrs. Cariie-Louis.T. ( Wakioj liall. 

" Marlboro Keconl.s : llccord.-* ol ilis. Mary ( Waldo) Hall. 

♦ Kecords of Mra. Willis- W.aldo Hall: Marlboro Uccords. 


Cbildreu, born at Marlboro — > ., 

a. Maiigekik-iMay, born June 5, 1894. 

b. Allan'-Amhkose, born Aug. 3, 1896. 

c. Hazki.-Marion, born Nov. 23, 1808. 

h. Ej.mkh-Ekwin, born May 19, 18G1 ; unmarried, 1S99. 
c. Jkxnik-Julia, born Oct. 22, 18Cf ; unmarried, 1899. 

bdif aca. Susan -Emilv, daughter of Charles - Wesley (Levi, 
Zacheus, Zachcu.'i, Edioani, John, Cornelius) aiul Elizabeth-Isabella 
(Freeman) Waldo; born Dec. 19, 1810, at Baltimore, Md. She mar- 
ried, Oct. 14, 1858, at Baltimore, NVilliam-Henry Moore of Baltimore; 
born Dec. 1, 1831); died I\Iay 2, 1896, at Baltimore. They lived at 
Baltimore. He was a veterinary surgeon. His widow was living, 
1898, at Baltimore.' 

Children of William-Henry and Susan-Emily (Waldo) Moore. 
Born at Baltimore, ]Md. : — 

a. Emzabktii, born Nov. 13, 1863; married, at Baltimore, Joseph Riley of 
Baltimore. They were liviuir, 1898, at Pialtimore Avith four children. 

l>. Cmahle.'^-Hkmcy, born Jan. 28, 18()G; married, May 2. 1888, at Baltimore, 
Saiah, daughter of William-Ileiii y-ll;irrison and Virginia-Bennett (Sliel- 
ton) Kirwin of Baltimore; born Jan. 10, 1868, at Baltimore. They were 
living, 1898, at Baltimore. lie is a druggist. 

Child, boru at Baltimore : — 

a. Elvaii-May, born Oct. 4, 1889. 

c. Lucy, born Mch. 4, 1869; died July 1, 1872, at Baltimore. 

d. William-Wkslky, boru Jan. 12, 1873; died Feb. 27, 1875, at Baltimore. 

e. 1i)a-Bellk, born July 24, 1876; living, 1898, unmarried. 

f. Fi.oukxck-Lkoxa, born July 8, 1878; married, Nov. 25, 1896. at Baltimore, 

William-IIcnry, son of Isaac and Lydia (Brannaman) Wenger of Lin- 
ville, Va. ; born Aug. 25, 1869, at Linville. They Avcre living, 1898, at 
Baltimore. He is a physician.' 

Child, '^orn at Baltimore: — 

a. Florenck-Ikma, born Oct. 25, 1897. 

g. Lilue-Ma\", born Nov. 4, 1881; living, 1898, unmarried. 

bdif acb. Makv-Ann, daughter of Charles - Wesley (Led, 
Zacheus, Zacheus, Edward, John. Cornelius) and Elizabeth-Isabella 
(Freeman) Waldo; born Feb. 23, 1819, at Baltimore, Md. She 
married, Dec. 19, 1872, at Baltimore, Charles-Henry, son of Alfred- 
Hilton and Sarah-Jane Jones of Baltifuore; boru 1849, at Baltimore. 
They were living, 1898, at Baltimore. He is a painter. ^ 

' Keronls of Mrs. Susau-Eniily ( WaMo) Moore. 

' Keconls of Mrs. Flor>'tu't'-Lcoiia ( W:ililiO Weiif^er. 

' Kocordb of Mrs. Mary-Ann (Waldo) Jones. 


Children of Cbarlos-llonry and IMary-Ann (Waldo) Joucs. iJorn 
at Baltimore, Md. : — 

a., born .Tune 2, 187-1 ; died An-. 10, 187G, at Ballimore. 

b. CnAi!Li:snii/n..N, born Nov. I, 187G; died Nov. 24, 1880, at Baltimore. 

c. Maky-Ei.jz.uji-iii, born May 27, 1880; died Dee. 10, 180C, at Baltimore. 

d. Edna-May, l)orn July 2, I88G; died July 11, 188'J, at Baltimore. 

bdif aea. Joski-u-Thomas, son of Jo.scpli (Le»i, Zacheus, Zach- 
eus, Edirard, John, CorncUasJ and Caroline-Catherine (Yarrell) 
Waldo; born Apr. 20, 1839, at Hamilton, N. C. He entered, 1855, 
the Univci'sity of North Carolina, but did not graduate; studied law 
and was admitted to the bar. In 1SG2 he was first lieutenant in Co. 

Fi regiment North Carolina troops. In 1S64 and '65 he was in 

command of the Home Guards of Martin Comitv. lie was State sen- 
ator from the second senatorial district in 1870 and '80. In 1883 and 
'84 he was judge of the Inferior Court for Martin Co., N. C. He was 
living, 1898, at Hamilton. He nuaried, June 11, 1SG2, at Hamilton, 
Mary-Etna, daughter of Henry and Sallie (Burnett) Mitchell of 
Hamilton; born Jan. 21, 1812, at Hamilton; living, 1898.1 

Children of Joseph-Thomas and Mary-Etna (Mitchell) Waldo. 
Born, a, c-k at Hamilton, N. C. ; h at Oxford, N. C. :— 

bdifacaa. CiiAUi.i:s-ruGn, born May 9, 18G3; died .Mob. 12, 18C4, at Ramiltou. 

bdif aeab.'u-Euxkst, born June 23, 1SG5. 

bdif aeac. Nouna-Sallii:, born Sept. 18, 1867. 

hdif apad. Mauy-Cakolixk, born Dec. 1, 1809. 

bdif aeac. Susan-Yiegixia, born Dec. 27, 1871. 

bdif (leaf. IIionmk, born Jan. 24, 1874. 

bdifaea<j. Harky', boru July 4, 1876. 

bdifacnh. Alick-Overby, born June. ; died Sept. 20, 1893. 

bdifaeai. Loijkn-Pearce, born Feb. 27, 1881. 

bdifacaj. Effie-App:!,, boru Sept. C, 1883. 

bdifaeak. Liz/ik-Yaukki.l, boru Dec. 18, 1885; died June 4, 1887. 

bdifaec. Susax-Emma, daughter of Joseph (Levi, ZnrhcKs, 
Zachcns, Edmird, John, Cornelius) and Caroline-Catherine (Yarrell) 
Waldo; born May 13, 1843, at Hamilton, N. C. She married, Jan. 
23, 18G7, at Hamilton, John-Simmons, sou of Dr. Cary and Martha- 
Susan (Baker) Whitaker of Enlield, N. C. ; born Nov. 11, 1829, at 
Enfield. They were living, 1899, at Enlield. He is a school teacher.^ 

> Kccortls of Juscpli-TlionuLS Wal.lo. 

' Records of Mis. Susau-Kiuma (M'aUlo) Wliitaker. 


C'liildii'ii of .lolin-Siumions and Siisan-Einnia (Waldo) Whitaker. 

Iforu at J'^ntiekl, N. C. : — 

fl., born iJcc. 7, 1808; iiniiiarriid, 181>0. 

l> . C'AiiY, liorii July 10, 1870; living, 180'J, at, Enfield. He is a farmer. He 
iiurrieil, Jan. 2', IS'.I.t, at Kiificld. Daisy, dnimlitcr of Joso|ili-Bnrlon and 
Mar^^arct (Mason) Kicks of I':n(ield; born May 3, 1874, at luilleld; living, 

Cliildrcn, born at Jhideld : — 

a. JosKPii-SiMMONS, boru Sept. IG, 1895. 

b. Kohkkt-Absolom, boru Aug. 23, 1807. 

c. JoHN-.SiMMONS. bom Aug. 21, 1872; died July 21, 1S7G, at Enfield. 

d. Lizzik-Yakrkll, boru Aug., 1874; unmarried, 189l>. 

€. Eloisb, born Aug., 1876; died Mob. 20, I89G, at Greensboro, N. C. 
/. JoK- Waldo, born Oct. 18, 1879; unmarried, 1899. 
ff. Makoarkt-Susie, boru Aug. 27, 1883. 
h. LuLiK.-WiLLS, born Dec. 17, 1885. 

bdif aed. Samuel-Peauce, sou of Jusoph (Leci, Zncheus, Zach- 
eus, Erhcard, r/ohn, Cornelius) and Caroline-Catherine (Yarrell) 
Waldo; born Mch. 15, 1815, at Hamilton, N. C; died Aug. 21, 
1891, at Cary, Wake Co., N. C, where he had lived. He studied 
medicine at Washington University, Baltimore, Md., and graduated 
there iu March, 18iJ8. He practiced his profession at C'ary. He 
married, Dec. 31, 18t38, at Oxford, Grauville Co., N. C, Alice-Mar- 
garette, daughter of Dr. Elza-Wade and Margarette-Ann (Roan) 
Owen of Oxford; born Apr. 27, 1848, at Leasburg, Caswell Co., 
N. C. ; living, 1899, at Cary.i 

Children of Samuel-Pcarce and Alice-Margarette (Owen) Waldo, 
liorn, a at Oxford ; b at Hamilton ; c at Conoho ; d-g at Cary, N. C : — 

bdifacd'C. Ekxkst-Owkn, born Nov. 4, 18t!9. 

bdif aedb. Samckl-Pkahcic, born Dec. 16, 1871. 

bdif node. Natiianii:l-Koan, born Jan. 8, 1874. ' ' ' 

bdif acdd. Ai.iCE-LiUAN, born Nov. 26, 1875, 

bdifacde. Maggik-Sut., boru Dec. 23, 1877; died Nov. 20, 1S82, at Cary. ^^ , 

hdifaedf. Ada, born Sept. 10, 1879; died Oct. 21, 1879, at Cary. 

bdif acdy. Rutu-Yakkki.l, born June 7, 1884. 

bdif aeg. Lrcv-ELLA, daughter of Joseph (Levi, Zachens, Zach- 
cnx, J'Jdicard, John, Corneliii.'^) and Caroline-Catherine (Yarrell) 
Waldo; boru Dec. 14, 1851, at Hamilton, N. C. She married, July 
'iO, 18G7, at Hamilton, Nicholas-Henry, sou of James-Henry and 
Virginia-Lawrence (Clement.^) Sebrell of Jerusalem, Va. ; born Nov. 

' liecorcls of Mrs. Samuel-l'c.Trce Waldo. 


810 WALDO GENEALOGY. [iidikako 

2G, ISIl, at JenisaU'in; died Sept. H, 1894, at Soutliport, N. C. 
He was an architect ami lived at WiluiiiiL^hMi, N. C, where his widow 
was residiui:; hi l.SyS. He served throiiL!;h the Civil war, bciu"4 a mem- 
ber of tlic Norfolk Liglit Artillery Blues. He was, for several years, 
captain of the State Home Guards.' 

Children of Nicholas-Henry and Lucy-Klh^ (Waldo) Sebrell. Born, 

a at Amlieist, Va. ; b, d-i at Hamilton, N. C. ; c at Windsor, N. C. : — 

n. Maud-Vikoinia, liorn Dec. 17, 1.SC8; luarriod, Apr., 1802, at Wilminicton, 
N. C, C.-W. Soverel. 

b., born Dec. 16, 1870; married, Aug., la'JO, at Wihuingtoii, 

N. C, J.-IL Suider. 

c. NicnoLAS-MoNROE, boTD Scpt. 27, 1873; died Aug. 10, 1875, at Hamilton. 

d. JLmiy-Isabklle, born Nov. 16, 1875; married, Feb., 1895, at Wilmington, 

N. C, F.-L. Covington. 

e. Ihknk-Shfurod, born Nov. 1, 1S77; married. May, 1895, at Wilmington, 

N. C, II. -A. Burr. 
/. SiMMOXs-WniTAKEK, boru Sept. 11, 1880. 
g. Ethel-Peakce, boru Aug. 22, 1884. 
h. Chakm.s-Gkandy, boru Oct. 21, 1886. 
?'. Jo-Waldo, boru Jan. 8, 1889. 

bdif afa. LoREN-ADOLrnus, son of Enoch-George (Levi^ Zache)i.<:, 
Zacheus, Eda.ard, John^ Cornelius) and Eunna-Elizabeth (Lnthain) 
Waldo; born Mch. 14, 1844, at Hebron, Conn. He taught school 
for some 3'ears in Maryland, but returned to Hebron, where he has 
since lived. He is a farmer. He enlisted when eighteen years ohl in 
the 1st Connecticut Light l^attery and served from 1862 until 18G5. 
For several years he has been secretary of the town school l)oard and 
acting school visitor. He is now president of the board. In 1885 lie 
was representative in the State Legislature. He married. Feb. 13, 
1875, at Hebron, Eva-Josephine, daughter of David and Elizalieth- 
Tully (Wliittlesey) Phelps of Hebron; born Feb. 12, 1853, at 
Hebron ; living, 1898.2 

Children of Loren-Augustus and Eva-Josephine (Phelps) Waldo. 
Boru at Hebron, Coun. : — ^ 

hdif'ifaa., born Mch. 12, 1877. In 1898 he served in the band 
of the 21st U. S. Infantry. lie was in the tight at Santiago, Cul'a, 
where the band served in the trenches Avith guus. lie was then 

Mif afah. MAnY-ELiZArnvrn, born June 27. 1878; unmarried, 1898. 

hdij ufac. HAKOi.ivri:i;ciVAr,. born Oct. 14, 1881. He enlisted in 1898 in the 
10th Oliio Volunteers, but did not go to tlie front, being taken sick soon 
after enlisting. 

» Ilccortls of ."Mrs. Lucy-Kll.-i (Waldo) Sebrell. » Records of Loreii-Avigustu3 Waldo. 
" /6i(Z,.- Hebron Kcconls. * 


Idif nfad. Kathaiunk-Wiihti.ksky, born Mny 22, 1803. 

bdif afb. Francis-Gillksi'ik, son of Enoch-Hoorge (Levi, 
Zdchena, Zacheiis, Edirard, John, CorveJius) and Knuna-Elizaheth 
(UtlKun) Waldo; bom Fi'b. 20, 1815, at Hebron, Conn. He was 
living, 1898, in tlie \i\]:\<i,q of Hopevale, Hebron, and was a farmer. 
He was selectman 1807 and '98, and was elected rei)resentative for 
Hebron in the State Legislature, Nov. 8, 1898. He married (1), j^rch. 
14, 186G, at Ellington. Conn., Ellen-Maria, daughter of Nathan and 
Abbie-E. (Buell) Giliet of Hebron; born May 30, 1848, at Hel)ron; 
died Sept. 30, 1874, at Hebron. ^ He married (2), Nov. 2, 187G, at 
lAIarlboro, Conn., Rosella-Mary, daughter of James-Monroe and 
Harriet-Augusta (Latham) IMckinson of Marlboro; born Nov. 12, 
1819, at Marlboro; living, 1S98.2 

Children of Francis-Gillespie and Ellen-Maria (Giliet) Waldo. 
Horn at Hebron, Conn. : — ^ 

bdif (if ha. WiLi.YS-G, born Dec. 28, 1807; dieil An^. 25, 18C9.* 
bdifafhb. Olivk-Hall, born Aug. 29, ]S<:9; living, 1898, unniarriocl. 
bdif of be. Floua-Bem., born Oct. 14, 187J. She lias been adopted by a Mr. 

Clark, New Haven, Conn. 
bdif afbd. PKRKKi.L.i.-llAV, born Aug. 20, 1873. 

Child of Francis-Gillespie and Rosella-Mary (Dickinson) Waldo. 
Born at Hebron, Conn. : — 
hdifafbe. Winifbkd-Wav, born Sept. 13, 1879; living, 1898, unmarried. 

bdif afe. Carlos-Joseph, son of Enoch-George (Led, Zacheu.^, 
Zachens, Edward, John, Cornelius) and Emma-Elizabeth (Latham) 
Waldo; born Jan. 19, 1850, at Hebron, Conn.^ He is a mason and 
builder, residing, 1898, at Windsor Locks, Conn. He married, Oct. 17, 
1877, atAVindsor Locks, Ida-Grace, daughter of Jamcs-L. and Mary- 
Harriet (Marriott) Anderson of Windsor Locks; born Nov. 28, 18.07, 
at Cascade, Dubuque Co., la. ; living, 1898.'^ 

Children of Carlos-Joseph and Ida-Grace (Anderson) Waldo. Born 
at Windsor Locks, Conn. : — 

bdif nfca. Leon-Jamf.s, born Aug. 18, 1878. lie is a bricklayer and plasterer, 
nooiilisled, .June 14, l.>98, us private in Co. .\, Isl Kccinn'nl Connecticut 
Volunteers, .and was nnistered out with the ri'giment Oct. 31, 1898. 

bdifnfvb. ET[iKL-Ei.iZAi'.i;rn, born Oct. 5, 1880. 

bdifafrc. Cahlus-Ekic, born Nov. I, 1892. 

' Heljron Keconls and Oravcstono at nurriss IliU Ceiuetery. 

" Marlliori) I'l.conis : Kecoiils of Fnwiois-CriUesiiie Waldo. 

' Uchron RiMJord-i : It.'cmds of Fiancis-fiilli'spie Waldo. 

* lleliron Records say died Aut;. 1:3; (Jravestmie says died Aiiti;. 3. 

' lltsbioii Records say Jan. 29. * Records of Cirloa-Joseph Waldo, 


bdif bhc- ViuaiNiA, daughter of lluwaiJ (Sdmitel-Lovett^ Zach- 
eufi, Zacheus^ Eduuinl, John, Cornelius) and Isabcllc (Hoc) Waldo; 
born Doc. 31, 1803, at New York, N. Y.; died Deo. 31, 1891, at 
New York. Slie married, Feb. 10, 1887, at New York, Joseph 
Grose. lie was a native of Cornwall, Eng., but lived in Nevr York 
Cit}' for many years. Jle was a merchant.' 

Children of Josepli and Virginia (NValdo) Grose. Born at New 
York, N. Y. : — 

a. Wali>o, born Dec. 20, 18S7. 

b. IIoWAUi>, born Feb. 20, I88t». 

c. RoNAM), born Sept. 20, 1890. 

d. JoJiN-DouciLAS, born Apr. 18, 1892. 
c. JosHPiiiNK, born Nov. 9, 1893. 

bdif gea. Ralph, son of Roger-Williams ( Zachms, Zacheus, 
Zacheus, Edward, John, CorncUu.^) and Charlotte-Bethia (Gager) 
Waldo; born Sept. 24, 1800, at Scotland, Conn.^ He received his 
primary education in private and public schools in Brooklyn, N. Y., 
and later attended the Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute, lie received 
the degree of INI. D. from the medical department of the New York 
Univcrsit}', Mch. 7, 1882, after a three years' course. He served one 
year and a half on the house staff of the Charity and Maternity Hos- 
pital and six years as attending physician to the outdoor department 
of Bullevue Hospital. He is now, 11102, practicing his profession in 
New York City, confining himself mostly to gynecology and surgery- 
His contributions to the medical journals have been many and valuable, 
and have been extensively copied throughout this country and Canada. 
He is at present adjunct professor of gynecology at the New York 
Post-CJraduatc IMcdical School; gynecologist to the Post-Graduate 
Hospital; gynecologist, president of the medical board and menober 
of the board of managers of Lebanon Hospital ; and a member of 
the following societies, — New York State Medical Society, New York 
County Medical Society, Academy of Medicine, Lenox Medical and 
Surgical Society, Society of the Alumni of the City Hospital, Obstet- 
rical Society, Medical Union, Harlem Medical Association, and 
Physicians' Mutual Aid Association. He is a Unitarian in religion 
and an active member of the Church of the Messiah. 

He married, April 22, 1890, at New York City, Fanny-Graham, 
daughter of Alfred-Bryan and Susy-M.artling (Dutcher) Hall of New 

» Kecords of Miss .May Sanforcl [tjUi/ljia]. • ScotlanU Kccorils. 

ju.ikkad] eighth GENKKATION. 813 

York; horn July 10. 18r,9, :i1 New York. Tliey arc living, 1002, iu 
New York City.' 

CliiMrcn of Kalph and Fanny-Graham (Ilnll) Waldo. Born, a, c 
at New York Cily ; b at West nauii>ton, N. Y. : — 

hdifgcaa. Ralph-Hall, born Jlch. 4, 1801. 

hdifgcnh. Su.sY-DuTciiKK, born An^. 3, 1802; dlctl Jnii. 19, 1894, at New York. 

hdif geae. Fanny, born Aug. 12, 1895. 

bdif geb. Roger-Howakd, son of Rogor-Williams (Zacheu.'^, 
Zacheus, Zacheus, Edirard, Johiu Cornel ii'f;) and Charlotte-Uetliia 
(Gager) Waldo; horn Aug. 4, 1802, at Andover, Conn. He was 
living, 1899, on a cattle ranch at Cohmdiia, Tex. He married, 
Feb. 3, 1891, Leonora, danghtcr of Alhert-Hie and Marietta (Cof- 
fee) Webb of Burnet, Tex.; born Dec. 22, 1871, at Burnet. Her 
father was a native of Tennessee, her mother was a native of 
Missouri. 2 

Child of Roge^-Ho^vard and Leonora (Webb) Waldo. Born at 
Columbia, Tex. : — 
bdifgeha. Arthur-Wkhh, born Jan. 22, 1892. 

bdif gee. Robert-Burns, son of Roger- Williams (Zacheus, 
Zacheus, Zacheas. Edward, John, CorneJivs) and Charlotte-Bethia 
(Gager) Waldo; born Dec. 12, 1SG5, at Spconk, N. Y. Fie was 
living, 1899, at Brooklyn, N. Y. He is manager of the Jointa Lime 
Company , vice-president of the Building IMateiial Exchange of New 
York City, and a director of the Popular Banking, Savings and Loan 
Association. He married, Oct. 8,1890, at Flatbush, L. I., Helen- 
Lewis, daughter of George-Cyrus and Faunio-Augusta ( Lewis) Thomas 
of Flatbush; born Aug. 27, 18G8, at Brooklyn, N. Y. ; living, 1899.3 

Children of Robert-Burns and Helen-Lewis (Thomas) Waldo. 
Born, a, h at Brooklyn, N. Y.; c at I'lainficld, N. J. : — 
bdifgeca. KAxni'-jiiNK, born June 30, 1891. 
bdifgecb. Kogkr-Gagkr, boru .Tan. 28, 1894. 
bdifgecc. Lkwis-Tiiomas, born Sept. 18, 1895. 
bdifgccd. Rour.RT-ZACiiEus, born Feb. 8, 1898. 

bdik ead. Stella-Mary, daughter of Richard-P^benezer (^C/iar/es- 
Backus, EbeneZ'Yr, Zacheua, Edward, John, Cornelius) and Rebecca- 

». . 1 ■ 

> Reconls of Dr. Raliih Wal<!o. « Ibid. » Iblti. 

814 WALDO GENEALOGY. [bdikkai> 

Jane (Spence) WaUlo; born Doc. 18, ISOG, at Centralia, Til. For 
ten years jn-ior to her niarriauje slio was a scliool teacher and uiusic 
teacher. Slie married, May 10, 1893, at Benton, 111., Joseph-Levi, 
son of George- Washington and Harriet- Lovena (Hatfield) Meads of 
Pennsylvania; born Feb. 25, 1868, at St. Louis, Mo. Tliey were 
living, 1899, at Murfreesboro, 111., where he was settled as a Free Bap- 
tist minister. He began preaching at the age of twenty-one, and the 
greater part of his work has been pastoral. He has held evangelistic 
services in Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Missouri and 
Illinois. He is member of the council of the United Society of Free 
Baptist Young People, and attended the general conference at Lov/ell, 
Mass., in 1892.1 

Children of Joseph- Levi and Stella-Mary (Waldo) Meads. Born, 
a, h at Ava, 111. ; c at Campbell Hill, 111. ; d at Prairie City, 111. : — 

a. MaUY-AiLKEN, > k„,.., i\t^v ^ ^o(i^ / 

> born Men. 1, 1894; < j- , »» i ,on« 
6. luKNK, i I clicd Mch., 1894. 

c. Ei> ward-Waldo, born Oct. 3, 1895. 

d. JosEi'ii-LoiiAiN, born Feb. 18, 1898. ■ 

bdil bab. Cornelia, daughter of Horace ( Horace ^ Ozias, Zach- 
ens, Edward, John, Cornelius) and Julia-Isabella (Lawrauce) 
Waldo; born Nov. 11, 1 859, at New YorkCit}-; married, May 3, 
1884, at New Brighton, Staten Island, N. Y., Arthur-Mason, son of 
Renshaw-]\Iasou and Lydia (Haight) Jones of New York; born June 
22, 1855, at New York; died May 24, 1889, at New York. He grad- 
uated at Harvard University, 1878. He was a real estate broker. 
His widow was living, 1899, at Tuxedo Park, N. Y.^ 

Children of Arthur-Mason and Cornelia (Waldo) Jones. Born, n 
at Far Rockaway, L. I.; ^ at New York City; c at Bayshore. 
L. I. :— 

a. Lydia-Lawijaxce-Mason, boru Sept. 13, issr>. ..,,, ';^ , ._ ,. ., , 

h. Akihuk-Mason, born Nov. 20, 18sr>. 

c. Waldo-Masux, born An^. 5, 1888; died Jan. 3, 1889, at New Rri^hton. 

bdjf bdc FosTKU-'WiLLiAMS, son of Hickman (Gavudiel, JaJni, J 

' John, Edward, John, Cornelius) and Mary (Williams) Waldo; 
' born June 22, 1848, near Holbrook, W. Va. He was in 1899 a 
■ farmer, living at Greenwood, ^V. Va. He married, Oct. 19, 187(5, at 
. Pennsboro, Ritchie Co., W. Va., Susaii-Jane, daughter of Samuel 

• Records of Miss Lucj--Kllinor Walilo [hdikecib]. 
' UecorUs of Mrs. Coriieli.i ( WaUlo) Jones. 

iiiufiu'a] eighth generation. 815 

!iii(1 Niincy (Lccsoii) Wiseman of Kitcliic Co.; born Mch. 11, 1856, 
jitTollgate, Ritcliie Co., W. Va.' 

Children of Foster-Williams and Susan-Jano (Wiseman) Waldo. 

Iknn, a, c-f at Greenwood, W. Va. ; h at McBridcs, JNIich. : — 

bdxfbdca. EMMA-GnAcr,, born Dec. 27, 1877; m.irrifd, Jan. I'J, 189-i, at Green- 
wood, Evan Dotson. 

bdlfbdcb. Edgau-Lekoy, born Aug. 11, 1879. < 

bdxfhdcc. Lucy, born June 5, 1881 ; died Sept. 20, 1881. 
bdjfbdcd. DAitTiE-EvAN, born Sept. 28, 1882. 
bdjfbdce. lIowARD-GoFi', born Dec. 5, 1887. 
bdjfbdcf. Bulie-Jkxksa, born Apr. 26, 1898. 

bdjf bdf. Johx-Edward, son of Hickman (Gcunoliel, John, 
John, Edward, John, Cornelius) and Mary (\V^illiams) Waldo; born 
Sept. 16, 1853, at Greenwood, W. Va. He is a farmer, living, 18'J9, 
near Greenwood. He married, Jan. 1, 1880, at Auburn, W. Va., 
Charity- Prudence, daughter of Kichard-E. and Emeline (Davis) Bond 
of Berca, W. Va. ; born May 25, 1858, at Berea ; living, 1899.2 

Children of Jolui-F.dward and Charity-Prudence (Bond) Waldo. 
Born, a, h at Holbrook, W. Va. ; c at Greenwood, W. Va. : — 

hdxfhdfa. Ermixik-:\Iontik, born Oct. 2, 18S1. 
bdjfbdfb. CoKLACK-E., born Jan. 14, 1881. 
bdjfbdfc. EDNA-rKAKL, bom May 2.J, 1893. 

bdjf bfa. Maky-Elizabkth, daughter of Bartlctt (Gamaliel, 
John, John, Edward, John, Cornelius) and Jane (Gni}') Waldo; 
born June 12, l.s^l, in Doddridge Co., W. Va. ; died June 10, 180G, 
at Holbrook, Ritchie Co., W. Va. She married, Mch. 24, 1864, in 
Doddridge Co., Christopher-C^olunibus, sou of James and Matilda 
(Jelt) Lipscomb of Doddridge Co. ; born July 6, 1843, at Auburn, 
W. V^a. He served in the Union army during the Civil war as private 
in tlic 3d Virginia Cavalry, Co. K. He is a farmer, living, 1899, at 
Clarksburgh, W. Va. During the war he was a prisoner for five 
mouths at Andcrsonville.-' 

Children of Christopher-Columbus and Mary-Elizabeth (Waldo) 
Lipscomb. Boru at Southwest, Doddridge Co., W. Va. : — 
n. M ykti,k-Okti:nsia, born Nov. 1, 18<!5 ; unmarried, 1899. 

b. Baimi,ktt-Sui:i;max, born Oct. 31, 18G7; unmarried, 1899. 

c. AuTuuu-Bovi., -1 ,^^^,^ ^^^ jg_ ^,- I unmarried, 1899. 

d. IIuton-Bkuick, i t died Oct. 25, 1872. 

' liecorfls of Foster-WiUiains W'aUIo. ' Kecords of John-Edward Waldo. 
' Ueeorila of Cbristoiilier-Columlms Lipscoiub. 


^16 WALDO GENEALOGY. [nojKhi-n 

bdjf bfb. Uaciikl-Kmiia, (laui^htcr of Bartletl (Gamaliel, John, 
John, Etln-ard, John, ConieUus) and June (Gray) Waldo; l)om 
Oct. 17, l.SiO, in Doddiidgi! Co., W. Va. ; married (1), Oct. 21, 
1803, iij Doddridge Co., George- Washington, son of Otha-G. and 
Louisia (.lett) Watson of Doddridge Co.; born May 23, 1812, in 
Doddridge Co. ; killed at the battle of Gettysburg. He was in the 
Union army during the Civil war. He was a farmer at SmitLfieid, 
W. Va. They had no children. She married (2), Sept. 25, 1870, 
in Doddridge Co., George-William, son of William and Ellinor-Hell 
(Snodgrass) Norris of Wetzel Co., W. Va.; born July 10, 1^52, in 
Wetzel Co. They were living, 1891), at Smithlield.i He is a farmer. 

Children of George-William and Rachel-Emily (Waldo) Norris. 
Born, a, b, c.-g in Ritchie Co. ; c, d in Calhoun Co. ; h, i in Wetzel 
Co., W. Va. :— 

a. Flohkncb-Maud, born Oct. 29, 1871. She is married. 

b. Licoxarp-Kaktlett, born Aui;. 8, 1872; living, 189'J, at Ccntcrpoint, Dod- 

dridiic Co., W. Va. He is a farmer, lie married, Dec. 2S, ]8;).5, in 
Doddridge Co., Allie, daimlilcr of Parry and Mary Barker of Doddrid^^e 
Co.; born in Doddrid^'c Co.; livinjc, 1899. 

Child :— ■ 

a. Bkrtua-Jank, born June 24, 1898. 

c. EijjAn-Ai.isox, born .Vn-;. 14, 1874. He is a mail carrier, livincr, 1899, at 

Archie, Wetzel Co., W. Va. He marrieti, Apr. 9, IS9;-5, at Doii Town. 
Archie P. O., Lydia, d-in;,'hter of Thomas and Marv (Trader)" .\sh of 
Tyler Co., W. Va. ; born Dec. 3, 1S7G, at Archie; living. 1899. 

Children :— 

a. William, born Mch. C, 1895; died 29, 1895. 

b. Claha, born May 29, 189G. 

c. Cliffokd, born Jan. 13, 1898. 

d. Duuzilla-Jaxk, born .Inij:. 25, 1876. •' , •' 
c. ELiZAnKTii-AxxiK, born .Mch. 4, 1878; died Mch. 18, 1888. 

/.• Julv-Gay, born Ang. 29, 1881; unmarried, 18:i9. 
g. Ln,Lii>.\LicK, born June 8, 1883. 
A. Llovd-Eugkl, born .\ng. 8, 1SS5; died ,AIay 5, 1888. 
i. FuANKLix, born Apr. 3, 1888; died Apr. 11, 1888. 

bdjf bfe. James-Thomas, sou of Rartlctt (Gamalid, John, John, 
Edirard, John, Cornelius) and Jane (Gray) Waldo; born June 8, 
1851, in Doddridge Co., W. Va. He is a liveryman and attorney-at- 
law, living, 1899, at Grantsville, Calhoun Co., W. Va. He married 
(1), at Grantsville, Olive, daughter of .Simon-Peter and Ruth-Car- 
liuc (Cobcrly) Stump of Grantsville; born June 7, 18G0, at Grants- 

' Records of Mrs. llachol-Kmily ( Waldo) Norris. 

( ) 


ville; died Sept. 5, 1887, at Grantsvillc. He married (2), Mcli. 12, 
1889, at Grantsvillc, Annie, dangliter of Joseph and Rosana (Coon) 
Ilayburst of Stiunptown, W. Va. ; born at Grantsville; living, 18'JU.' 

Children of James-Thomas and Olive (Stump) Waldo. Born at 
Grantsville, W. Va. :— 
bdifbfea. Simox-Tayi.ok, born Jtiue 22, 1876. 
bdifbfth. Fhank-B., boru Aug. 27, 1877; died July 5, 1881. 
bdjfh/cc. Howai:d, born Mch. 4, 1881. 
bdifbfed. Lulu, boru July 8, 1884. 
hdifbfee. Olivk, boru Aug. 31, 1887; died Sept. 19, 1887. 

Children of James-Thomas and Annie (Hayhurst) Waldo. Boru 
at Grantsville, W. Va. :— 
bdjfbfef. Edka, born Aug. 12, 1895. 
bdjfhfeg. Raymond, born Mch. 17, 1897. 

bdjf bfg. Akthur, son of Bartlett (Gamaliel, John, John, Ed- 
ward, John, Cornelius) and Jane (Gray) Waldo; boru Sept. 2G, 
1858, in Doddridge Co., W. Va. He lived in Doddridge Co. until 
1887; since then he has lived at Clarksburgh, W. Va. He was for 
some time a member of the United States Detective Agency, and was 
later appointed special United States deputy marshal. In IS&o he 
was elected constable for Harrison County, and served two years. He 
has been a member of the Masonic fraternity for eight years. He mar- 
ried, July 24, 1890, at Auburn, Ritchie Co., W. Va., Maggie, 
daughter of Edgar and Drusia (Somerville) Fisher of Auburn; born 
Dec. 29, 1868, at Auburn. They were living, 1899, at Clarksburgh. 
In 1899 he was appointed policeman of Clarksburgh. ^ 

Children Df Arthur and Maggie (Fisher) Waldo. Born, a at 
Auburn, W. Va. ; b at Holbrook, W. Va. ; c at Clarksburgh, W. 
Va. :— 

txV/bfga. WiLLA Cdaughtcr), boru Sept, 18, 1891. 

^'ijf bffjb. Thomas, born May 17, 1893. 

fccZi/"i/(7c. Fred-A, born Mch. 11, 1895. '. " ' 

bdjfhfgd. Eva-.Mkigs, born Dec. 14, 1897. 

bdjf bgb. WiLLiAsi-MooKE, son of Phipps (Gamaliel, John, 
John, Edicard, John, Cornelius) and Sarah (Moore) Waldo; born 
July 29, 1847, at Pierceton, Ind. He eulisted at the age of fifteen 
as private in Co. H, 129th Regiment Indiana Volunteers, and was 
honorably discharged, Aug. 29, 1865, after three years of service. 

' Recorda of J;imes-ThomM Waldo. » Records of Arthur Waldo, 


818 WALDO GENEALOGY. [bdjfbgb 

He was in sevonil battles, among them Look(nit Mountain, Kenesaw 
and Kosaca. In tlic last ho was slii2;hfly uoinulcd. He was in 1890 
a fanner, livinp; at Blackwoll, Okla. He married, i^Ich. II, 1869, at 
l^ierceton, Caroline, daughter of I'liilip and .Margaret (Scott) Wince 
of Virginia; born Dec. 20, 1813, in Muskingum Co., O. ; died Aug. 
17, 1890, at Pierceton.' 

f Children of William-Moore and Caroline (Wince) Waldo. Born at 

Laud, I]id. : — 

bdifb(jl>a. Ei.xouA, born Jan. 3, 1873; unmarried, ISDD. 
hdjfhghb. Fkaxcks-Xevaoa, boru .Ian. G, 1875 ; unmarried, 1899. 
I bdjfhghc. Lkstkr-Eumund, born July 4, 1884. 

j bdjf bgd. I^Iaky-Elizabetii, daughter of I'hipps (Gamaliel^ 

I John^ John, Edirard, John, CorneUnsJ and Sarah (Moore) "Waldo; 

I born Mch. 18, 1853, at Piercetou, Lid.; married, Dec 24, 1874, at 

I ■ Pierceton, George-Washington, son of Henry and Nancy (James) 

! Fludder of Kvigland and of Leesburg, Ind. ; born May 22, 1851, at 
Leesburg. They were liviug, 1899, at Woodmcre, Mich. He is a 

I railroad conductor. ^ 

I Children of George-"\YashiugLon and Mar}'- Elizabeth (Waldo) 

I Fludder. Born, a at Edmore, jMich. ; 5, c at louia, Mich. ; d at 

I Ithaca, Mich. :— 

I a. ARTiu:i:-EnwiN, boru Jan. 18, 1884. 

! b. Wiltjam-Nathan, horn Dec. 28, 1855. • 

j c. Ei{NIE-I1i:n'ky, born June 16, 18S7. 

j d. KAYMOXD-Oris, born Feb. 23, 1889. 

i bdjf bge. John-Gamaliel, son of Phipps (Ganiali"}, John, 

j John, Edicard, John, Cornelius) and Leah (Vanness) "Waldo; born 

Feb. 12, 18C8, at McBrides, Mich. He is a farmer, living, 1899, at 
Wacousta, INIich. He married, June G, 1891, at Portland, Ore., 

I Emma, daughter of Mason and ALiry (Bluett) Doty; born Oct. 2G, 

i 1SG7, at Eagle, Mich.; living, 1899.3 

: Children of John-Gamaliel and P^m ma (Doty) Waldo. Born, a at 

j Aberdeen, Wash. ; b at Wacousta, .Alich. : — 

' bdjfbijra. Leah-Emma, born June 19, 1892. , ,., ,,, 

1 hdjfbgch. Cui>e-Ni:lsox, born Jan. 2(>, 1S9G. 

» Reconls uf Miss Franccs-Nev.-\(!;i WaUlo [^Inljjlx/hb]. 
» Kenord-s of Mrs. (Waldo) Kludder. 
» Records of Miss Libbic-May Waldo ibdjjbgg]. 

DirAi'.ccc] EIGIITFT nENP:i:ATION. ' H\'J 

dhae cab. Ki.r.Kx, dauL^htcr of Willi:iiji-Lc;ivoii.s (^7?r^/y./;, Zarh- 
aruih, Jondfhuju Znchariah, Daniel, Cornelius) uiul Mritildu-KlliMi 
(Holmes) Waldo; born Apr. '2H, ]8G9, nt Holhcl, Vt. ; ' marriod, 
Juno 2;}, 18'J0, at l^Ptlid, Alfred-Francis, son of John and INIelinda 
(Wiieal) Ilackett of Woodlmry, Vt. ; born Dec. 17, 18G3, at Wood- 
bury. He is a farmer. They were living, 18'.)0, at T-5ethel.2 

Cliildren of Alfred-Francis and Kllen (Waldo) Hackclt. Born, a 
at l^ethel, Vt. ; h at liarnard, Vt. : — 

a. Ivkhs-Alkhe0, horn June 23, 1889. 

b. }iAi.PU-WALDO. born .lune 13, 1891. 

dhae CCb., son of Charles-Francis (Ralph, 
Zavhariah, Jonathan, Zachariah, Daniel, Cornelius) and Fannie- 
Maria (Howen) Waldo; born Aug. 29, 18G4, at Koyalton, Vt.^ He 
has lived since 1887 in Kansas. For three years he was assistant 
cashier iu the Traders Bank, Kirwin, Kau., and for four years 
cashier of the Merchants P.ank of Kllis, Kan., which closed its doors 
in the financial panic of 1894. Since then he has been a broker, 
collector and iron agent and implement dealer. He married, Oct. 21, 
1890, at Kirwin, Cynthia-Eleanor, daughter of Charles Curtis and 
Euphrasia (Thomas) Stone of Kirwin; born June 13, 1872, at Gil- 
man, 111,'' 

Children of Edward-Charles and Cynthia-Eleanor (Stone) Waldo. 
Born at Ellis, Kan. : — 

dhae crha. Guy-Lucii;N, born Jan. 28, 1804. 
dhaeccbb. Bkssie-Bkatrice, born Oct. 29, 1895. 

dhae CCC. Wilus-Clarenck, son of Charles-Francis (Ralph, 
Z'ichariah, Jonathan, Zachariah, Daniel, Cornelius) and Fannio- 
Maria (l^owen) Waldo; born Jan. 18, 18G7, at Koyalton, Vt. He is 
a farmer, living, 1898, at Bethel, Vt. He was appointed assistant 
postmaster at Bethel by President Cleveland and still held the omce in 
1898. He married (by Bev. Alberl-K. Crawford of Bethel), Sept. 
25, 1889, at Harnard, Vt., Fannie-Mary, daughter of Augustus- 
Wlllard and Mary (Xye) Bigelow of J'.arnard ; born May 13^1871, 
at Barnard.^ 

' Bi'llii-l llecords. - Ri.-.jurds of Mrs. KUeii ( Walilo) Ilackett. 

'Koyalton Records. * RecoiiU of Edward-Cli.-xilos Waldo. 

» Royaltoa Kecords : Reoords of Mrs. CharU's-Kiaiici.s Waldo [dluiecc]. 

820 WALDO GENEALOGY. [dhakccc 

Cliikhon of Willis-Chiroucc nnd Faimie-Mfiry (IJigclow) Waldo. 
Horn at Hethel, Vt. :— ' 

dhae ccca. Kuiiy-Fanxy, born July 21, 1800; died Fob. 21, 1897, al Belliel. 
dhae ccch. HiLnuKTH-ALKNA, born Apr. 3, 1894. 
dhae cccc. Piiiup-Avgustus, born Feb. 12, 189G. 

dhae COa. JosEni-IIicNRT, sou of Joseph-Warren (Ralphs Zach- 
ariah^ .Tonathan^ Zachariah, Daniel, CorneUun) and Jauet-Maria 
(Woodwortli) Waldo: boru Oct. lo, 1864, at Koyalton, Vt.2 He was 
living, 1898, at l^ethel, Vt., where he was station agent of the Central 
Vermont Kailroad. lie married, Oct. 24, 1888, at Bethel, Faiinie- 
Aunic, daughter of Oscar and Vilora (Rogers) Flowers of Sharon, 
Vt. ; born Feb. 132, 18G2, at Sharon. 3 

Children of Joseph-Henry and Fannie-Annie (Flowers) Waldo. 
Born at Bethel, Vt. :— *< 

dhae ceaa. Mabkl-Grack, born .Apr. 14, 1890. 
dhae ccab. llAZKL-Nivrnic, boru Oct. 15, 1897. 

dhae cha. Flora-Alice, daughter of George-Washington (Ralphs 
Zachariah, Jonathan, Zachariah, Daniel, Cornelius) and Mary- 
Frances (Green) Waldo; born Oct. 26, 1872, at Saugatuck, Mich.; 
married, Oct. 26, 1892, at Allegan, Mich., Albert-Steavi i, sou of 
George and Oramel (Taylor) Lockwood of Kewadin, Antrim Co., 
Mich. ; born Mch. 8, 1868, at Union Springs, N. Y. He is a farmer. 
They were living, 1898, at Angell, Mich.^ 

Children of Albert-Steavin and Flora-Alice (Waldo) Lockwood. 
Born at Fennville, Mich. : — 

a. 11on'ald-"Waldo, born June 22, 1894. 

b. Gp:ohgk-Caul, born Sept. 18, 1895. 

c. RoBERT-FosTKR, bom May 12, 1897. 

dhae chc Ankette-Fraxces, daughter of George-Washington 
(Ralph, Zachariah, Jonathan, Zachariah, Daniel, Cornelius) and 
Mary-Frances (Green) Waldo; born Mch. 9, 1878, at Saugatuck, 
Mich.; married, Nov. 26, 189G, at Fennville, iAEich., Francis-Fayette, 
son of Orrin-iYnsin and Emma-Lavina (Russel) Atwood of Grand 
Traverse Co., Mich. ; boru Jan. 17, 1870, at Acme, Mich. He is a 
fanner. They were living, 1898, at Angell, Mich.^ 

• Bethel Kccords. • Roy.alton Rocorda. » Records of Josoph-Honry Waldo. 
♦Bethel Reeord.s. * Records of George- Washinptoii Waldo [c^/iacc/i], 'Jhid. 

ukakicda] eighth GENERATION. 821 

CliiUlren of Fnmcis-Fayctte and Aunctte-l<'i:inocs (^Yaldo) Atwood. 
Born fit Angell, Mich. : — 
n. Eaiu.-Skiia8tinr, born Feb. 5, 1893; died Feb. 17, 1898. 

b. Ci.AURNCK-Mii.TOX, bom Nov. 7, 1898. 

dhae eba. EuzABETn-GERXRUDE, daughter of Willard -Green 
(SuUivitn^ Z(XcJiariah^ Jonathan,, Zachariah, Darnel, CorneUus) and 
Laura-Ann (Green) Waldo; born ^Iq\\. 30, I'^GO, at Koyalton, Vt. ; • 
married, June 26, 1885. at Bethel. Vt., John- William, son of Charles- 
Washington and Elizabeth-Jane (Southwell) Greenleaf of Newbury, 
Vt. ; born Jan. 7, ISoS, at Newburyport, Mass. He is a farmer. 
They were living, 1898, at East Brookfield, Vt.2 

Children of John-William and Elizabeth-Gertrude (Waldo) Green- 
leaf. Born, a-c at Royaltou, Vt. ; d-f at East Brookfield, Vt. : — 

a. Charles-Wii.lard, born Dec. 29, 1S8G. 
h. Mauy-Elizabeth, born May 30, 1887. 

c. LuKA-KoxAXNA, born Apr. 10, 1888; died July 17, 1888. 

d. BURNICK-KVA, born Mch. 26, 1890; died Feb. 2, 1891. 

e. JoHN-WiixiAM, born June 8, 1891 ; died Feb. 2, 1892. 
/. Joiix-WiLT.iAM, born June 17, 1893. 

dhae ebb. Kate-Loetta, daughter of Willard-Green ( Sullivan n, 
Zacliariah^ Jonathan,, Zachariah, Daniel,, Cornelius) and Laura-Ann 
(Green) Waldo; born Jan. 13, 1862, at Royalton, Vt. ; manned, 
July 12, 1885, Royal- Lafayette, son of Royal and Betsey (Richard- 
son) White of Randolph, Vt. ; born Jan. 9, 1862, at Tunbridge, Vt. 
He is a teamster. They were living, 1898, at Randolph. ^ 

Child of Royal-Lafayette and Kate-Loetta (Waldo) White. Born 
at Strafford, Vt. :— 
a. , born July, 188G; died same day. 

dhae eda. Luna-May, daughter of Paul-Dillingham (Snlh'van, 
Zachariah,, Jonathan, Zachariah, Daniel,, Cornelius) and Emma- 
P'liza (Davenport) Waldo; born Sept. 13,1869, at Royalton, Vt. ; 
married, Jan. 1, 1886, at Brookfield, Vt., Charles- Lewis, son of 
Joseph and Rebecca-Sarah (Crumpton) Gibbons of liurtou-on-Trent, 
Eng. ; born Oct. 22, 1866, at London, Eng. He immigrated to 
America in 188-4. He is a cooper by trade and was living, 1898, at 
East Randolph, Vt. They have separated. •* 

• Koy.ilton Records. ' Records of John-Winiam Greenleaf. 

• Rccoidd of Mrs. Kate-Loetta (Waldo) White. 

• UocorUs of Mrs. I'anl-Dillinnhain Waldo [d/iaeed], and of Cliarles-Lewis Gibbous. 

922 WALDO GENEALOGY. [dhakkda 

Cliildron of Cluule^^-Lewis ami Luna-May (Waldo) Gibbous, liorii, 
a at Urookficld ; ■, c at Randolph; d, c at Royaltou, Vl. : — 

a. WaltkkDili.ixgham, born Dec. 11, 18GG. 
6. Lawkhnck-Oi.ivkk, born Mcb. 28, 18.'^9. 

c. Etiiki.-'May, born Mcb. 25, 1891. 

d. Cahson-IIawlky, born Dec. 24, 1892. * , : :• 

e. EMMA-Ri:iiKCCA, born June 17, 1804. 

dhae efd. KsTiif:R-ELViKA, daughter of A\ho.rt-M cr\i\ ( SuUioan^ 
Zdchariah, Jonalhaa^ Zacharinh. Dauid, Corndius) and Elsie-Angela 
(Howard) Waldo; bora Feb. 2G, 1«77, at Royalton, Vt. ;' married, 
Nov., 1895, at South Royaltou, Washington-Irving, son of George- 
Washingtou and Mary-Anna (Cole) Fisher of Mouroe, N. H. ; born 
Aug. 14, 1857, at Monroe. They were living, 18'.»S, at North Monroe, 
N. M. He is a f aimer. - 

Child of Washington-Irving and Esther-Elvira (AValdo) Fisher. 
Born at Royalton, Vt. : — 
a. AGNES-AxNA-EuzABr/ni, born Aug. 27, 1896. 

dhal aca. jMaiiy-Owens, daughter of Joseph- Warren (Benjamin^ 
Joseph- Warren, Jonathan, Zachariah, Daniel, Corndius) and Corne- 
lia-Jessie (Owens) Waldo; born Sept. 3, 1871, in Clarion County, 
Fla. ; married, Feb. 1, 189-1, at Orange Lake, Fla., William-White, 
son of William-White and Caroline (Brown) Harris of Wilmington, 
N. C. ; born Nov. G, 18G4, at ^Vilmingtou. They were living, 1898, 
at Jacksonville, Fla. He was a clerk in the internal revenue oilice.^ 

Children of William-V\'hite and ]\Iary-Owens (Waldo) Harris. 
IJorn, a in Marion Co., Fla. ; b at Jacksonville, Fla. : — 

a. Ai.BEUT-OwKNS, born Jan. 20, 1895. 

b. Caroline-Brown, born May 25, 1897. 

dhdh caa. Kate-Camilla, daughter of Aaron-Putnam (C'harlc'^- 
Christopher, Godfrey, Daniel, Zadiariah, Daniel. Cornelius) and 
Harrict-M (Wiuegar) Waldo; born Aug. 10, 18G:^, at Holly, Mich.; 
married, Apr. Ki, 1S8G, at Waterford, Mich., Seaman-Leggett, son of 
John-Adams and Elizabeth (Woodlmll) Bird of Waterford; born 
July 8, 18G2, at ^Vuterford. He is engag(id in the clothing business. 
They are living, 19U2, at Oak Park, 111.^ 

' Koyaltou Kecords. ' Records of iMrs. KstliLM-Elvira ( Waldo) Fisher. 
' Recurd;j of JIi-s. Susuii-Lipscomlj ( Waldo) Mays [ilhahul]. 
* Records of C'liaiics-ElLuoie Waldo [dliUhcac]. 


ChiUUcn of ScamMii-Leggett and Kate-Camilla (Waldo) Bird. 
Horn, a-c at Detroit, Mich. ; d at Chicago, 111. : — 

a. Makkif.-Waldo, horn Jan. IG, 1887. 

b. Chaklk.s-Ei-more, born Mcb. 25, 1889. > 
f. KAi-rn-Sr,AMAK, born Mch. 27, 1891. 

d. Flokkn-ck-May, born May 20, 1897; died Aug. 14, 1898, .iL Cliicago. 

dhdh cab. Dkll-Junk, daughter of Aaroii-J'utiiam (Chnrlcs- 
Christo]>her, Godfrey, Daniel^ ZarliarUth, Dtndel, Cnraelius) and 
Harrict-M (Wiuegar) Waldo; boru Mch. 20, lcS64, at Holly, Mich.; 
married, Dec. 1, 1887, at Holh', George-Irving, son of Alvin and 
Khoda Ewers of Angola, Ind. ; boru July 10, 18G2, at Angola. They 
are living, 1902, at San Luis Obispo, Cal. He is a train despatcher 
on the Southern Pacific railroad. ^ 

Children of George-In'ing and Dell- June (Waldo) Ewers. Born 
at San Francisco, Cal. : — 

a. Byron-Frankijx, born Nov. 6, 1888; died Mch. 19, 18S9, at San Francisco. 

b. Waldo-Ihving, born Dec. 27, 1891. 

c. KuTH-.TosKPHiNK, bom Feb. 13, 1895. 

dhig bba. Maugakkt- Augusta, daughter of 1-^rederick-Augiislus 
(Jami'i^-Frcdorick, Albigence, AWi'jance, Zachariah, Daniel, Corne- 
Uhsj and Lemira (Lewis) Waldo; born July 3, 1877, at Seneca Falls, 
N. Y.; died Mch. 4, 1898, at Seneca Falls. Siie married, Oct. 7, 
1896, at Seneca Falls, Ferdinand, son of Minred and Anna (Staedt- 
ler) Iseuman of Rochester, N. Y. ; born Oct. 21, 1SG2, at Rochester. 
He is a baker and confectioner, living, 1898, at Seneca Falls. 2 

Child of Ferdinand and Margaret-Augusta (Waldo) Isenuiau. 
Born at Seneca Falls, X. Y. : — 
a. Makgaket-Alvakktta, born Feb. 22, 1898. 

Idbc fba. John-Adax, son of Henry-Sidney (Ilenry-Slmpson, 
Jonathan, Jonathon, Jonathan, Jonathan, Cornelius) and Emma- 
Lincoln (Haven) Waldo; boru July 10, 1818, at Boston, Mass.; 
living, 1900, at Jamaica Plain, Mass. In 1871 he went into the fire- 
brick business in Boston, for a short time alone, in 1873 in company 
with W. -Osgood Eddy under the name of J.-Adan Waldo & Co., and 
in 1874 under the name of Waldo Brothers, with his brotliers Lincoln 
and Charles-Sidney. He retired from this firm in 187G, and since 1879 
has been in business by himself. He married (1), Mch. G, 1869, 

' Records of Charles-Klmorc W.1UI0 [dlid'jcac]. 
' llecorUe of EdwarU-Erastus Waldo [dhiffc]. 

824 WALDO GENEALOGY. [lp»cii!a 

at I'lovideucc, K. I.,' Elizuljeth-Swift, daughter of John and Eliza- 
bcth-S. (Gridhi) Cormerais of Boston; born Aug. 5, 1850, at Boston. 
They were divorced in 1882. He niaiiied (2), Sept. '2d^ 1881, at New 
York, N. Y., Alice-Maud, daughter of Richard and Elizabeth (Peas- 
ley) Mohnes of Boston; born June 17, 1861, at Roxbury, Mass.; 
living, 1900.2 

Children of John-Adan and Elizabeth-Swift (Cormerais) Waldo. 
Born at Newton, Mass. : — ^ 

Idbcfbaa. Emma-Haven, born Nov. 16, 18G9; died Apr. It, 187C, al Newton. 
Idbcfhah. John-Auan, born Jan. 30, 1872; living, 189.'>, at Lynn, Mass. 

Children of John-Adau and Alice-Maud (Holmes) Waldo. Born, 
c-e at Boston; /, g at Winthrop, Mass. : — ^ 

Idbcfbac. Wilmam-Ratclikkk, born July 7, 1886. 
Idbcfbad. Arthur-Holmes, born Aug. 29, 1890. 
Idbcfbae. Fkank-Adax, born Nov. lo, 1893, 
Idbcfbaf. Clauenck-Haven, born Feb. 4, 1897. 
Idbcj'bag. Henry-Sidney, born Feb. 20, 1902. 

Idbc fbb. CiiAKLrs-SiDNEY, son of Henry-Sidney (IJenry-Simp- 
son, Jonathan^ Jvnathan, Jonathan^ Jonolhan^ Corndhis) and 
Emma-Lincoln (Haven) Waldo; born July 27, 1851, at West Rox- 
bury, Mass.; living, 1900, at Jamaica Plain, Mass. In 1875 he was 
admitted into the firm of Waldo Brothers, dealers in fire-brick, in 
company with his brothers, John-Adan and Lincoln. Since 1879 he 
has been the sole member of the firm. He graduated at Brown Uni- 
versity, 1874. He has always lived in Boston. He married, Feb. 12, 
187G, at Providence, R. I., Laura, daughter of Prof. John-L. and 
Laura-Earl (Pierce) Lincoln of Providence; born Dec. 2, 1855, at 
Providence; died July 26, 1893, at Boston, after a ten years' illness.^ 

Children of Charles-Sidney and Laura (Lincoln) Waldo. Born at 
Boston, Mass. : — ^ 

Idbcfbha. Hope (Lauka-Hope in Boston Kccords), born Jan. 14, 1877. 

Idbcfbbb. Hkxry-Sidxey, born July 13, 1878; died July 14, 1878. 

Idbc/bbc. A daughter, born Nov. 6, 1879; died Nov. 7, 1879. 

Idbcfbbd. Helen, born Feb. 14, 1881. 

Idbcfbbc. A son, born Feb. 1, 1883; died same day, buried at Providence. 

Idbcfbbf. Chakles-Sidney, born Dec. 14, 1883. 

Idbcfbbg. John-Lincoln, born Mch. 29, 1887. (Boston Records say Mch. 30.) 

' I'roviilence Kccords. ' Kccords of John-Adan Waldo. " Newtuu Records. 
* Kecords of .John-Adan AV.iIdo. 

' Piovidence Kt-cords : I!oston Kecords. See .^Iso " Pierce Genealoj;y," p. 244. The Bos- 
ton Kecords h.nve mucli coiifuscd the births of their children. 
' IbUl.: Records of Charles-Sidney Waldo. 


bdab bdbb. LonsE-MiNEKVA, daughter of Asel-Swazcy (Eber, 
.fos('j)h, S/n/h./el, Shubael, E(hr(ird, John, Cornelius) aud Aui'(..-lia- 
Angelinc (McNutt) Waldo; boru Aug. 1, 1S50; married, Oct. 24, 
1872, Joseph-Newtou, sou of Benjamin and Mary (Pepper) Chapman 
of Ireland.' 

Children of Joseph-Newton and Louisc-I\lincrva (Waldu) Chap- 
man : — 

fl. Waldo. 
b. Benjamin. 

bdab bdbc OLivE-P>LizARETn, daughter of Asel-Swazcy (Ebcr, 

Jospph^ Sliuhdel, SJiuhael, Edward, John, Cornelias) and Aurelia- 
Angcline (IVIcXutt) Waldo; born Apr. 13, 1853; married, i\Ich. 31, 
1875, Willard-Freeman, son of Freeman and INIelvina (Shed) Blair. 
They were living, 1899, at Breckcnridge, Mo.- 

Children of Willard-Freeman and 01ive-l<:iizabeth (Waldo) Blair;— 

a. Mala'ina. 

b. Angeline. 

c. Vashti. 

d. Oua^e-Sprague. 


bdab bdga. Albkrt-Guy, son of Joseph (Eher, Joseph, Shidmel, 
Shubo£l, Edicard, John, Cornelius) aud jAIartha-Janc (McMillen) 
Waldo; born July 3, 1866, at Douglas, Wis. He is a farmer. He 
married, 1892, at Packwaukee, Wis., Elsie-Emma, daughter of Harri- 
son-Dennis and Carrie-Ann (Smith) Coon of Moundville, Wis. ; born 
Apr. 11, 1874, at Moundville. They were living, 1900, at Foxlake, 

Child of Albert-Guy and Elsie-Emma (Coon) Waldo. Boru at 

Douglas, Wis. : — 

hdah Idi/aa. IlAiaasoN-JosErn, boru Apr. 17, 1803; died May 2, 1S95, at 
Portage, Wis. 

> Uecoia.s of Mrs. OUve-Eli:al)eth (Waldo) IHiiir [bdnbhdbc]. ' Ibid. 
^ Koconls of AUjert-Guy Waldo. 


820 WALDO GENEALOGY. [bdaiiebca 

bdab ebca. DuKAN-iMrnuAy, son of Leonnvd-Powers (Jonathnn- 
Jlaskdl, Jaraiii, ShahacU Shi'hael, EihixinJ, JoJui, Cornelius J and 
IMaliiula (Nichols) Waldo; born July S, 185:?. at Graudledgc, Mich.; 
living, 1901, at Grandlodgc!. He is a velerinary surgeon, having 
graduated at the Ontario Veterinary College, Toronto, Ont., in 1-St)5. 
He married, Aug. 2, 1875, at Okemos, Mich., Eleanor-Lucinda, 
daughter of Peter-C and Hannah (West) GriuncU of Grandlcdge; 
born Mch. 22, 1859, at Lakeside, N. Y. ; living, 1901. ^ 

Ciiild of l)uran-?dnrray and Eleanor-Lucinda (Grinnell) Waldo. 
Born at Grandlcdge, Mich. : — 
bdab cbcaa. Lknnaii-Tkellis, boru Ang. 4, 1888. 

bdab ebcb. Eva-Marie, daughter of Leonard-Powers ( Jona- 
than- IlaslceU, 'Tanun, Shubael, Shubael., Edivard, John, Cornelius) 
and Mallnda (Nichols) Waldo; born July 6, 1858, at Grandlcdge, 
Mich.; uianied (1), Dec. 22, 1882, at Grandledge, Triiman-Hamlin, 
sou of Orange and Hannah (Hixsou) Johnson of Grandledge; born 
Apr. 6, 1852, at Graudledgc. He was a farmer and lived at Grand- 
ledge. She married (2), Sept. 4, 1898, at Grandledge, Peter, son of 
Emery and Ruby (Patteugill) Hewlett of Berrien Co., Mich.; born 
July 11, 1855, in Berrien Co. He is a farmer. They were living, 
1901, at Remus, Mich. 2 

Children of Truman-Hamlin and Eva-Marie (Waldo) Johnson. 

Boru at Grandledge, .Mich. : — 

«. Douis-Bektram, born Aug. 23, 188i. 

b. Fked-Elwix, born Oct. 4, 1887; died June 215, 1889, at Grandledge. 

bdab ebcc Chaulks-AVesley, sou of Leonard-Powers (Jona- 
thau-Uashell^ Jarani^ Shubael, SMibael, Edvxird, John, Cornelius) 
and Maliuda (Nichols) Waldo; born Apr. 4, 18G5, at Grandledge, 
Mich.; living, 1901, at Grandledge. He is a bookkeeper. He mar- 
ried June 10, 189G, at Lansing, Mich., Sarah-Edna, daughter of 
Ulysses-IJoubleday and Laura-Janet (Town) Ward of Lansing; boru 
June 19, 1870, at Lansing ; living, 1901.3 

Children of Charles- Wesley and Sarah-Edna (Ward) Waldo. Boru 
at Grandledge, Mich. : — 

bdab ebcca. Russiax-WAra), born July ir>, 1807. 
bdnb cbccb. Roy-Clinton, boru Apv. 12, 1900. 


• llccoiitb of Leoiuird-l'oweis AValdo [bdabebc], ' lOid. ^ Ibid. 


bdab ebda. Stsan-Lovixa. (lau<j;hlor of Silas f Jo)tathftn-IIasl-eU, 
Jaram, ShubaeU Shubael, Ecbmrd, John. Cornelius) and AlehiUible 
(Talicr) Waldo; boru July 1,' IB.'.O, at Grandlcdge, Mich.; inairied, 
Oct. 4, 187], at Grandled^-c, Lorenzo, son of Warren and Roxy 
(IJaymond) Judson of York, Medina Co.. Ohio; born at York. 
They were living. 1901, at Lansing, ilieh. He is a farmer. - 

Children of Lorenzo and Susan-Loviua (Waldo) Judson. lV.)rn at 
Graudledge, Mich. : — • ;•.-. 

a. FLOiiENCn, born Oct. 11, 1872; died Dec. 2, 1801. 

b. Mable, born Oct. 7, 1878. 

c. Mary, born Aug. 2, 1886. 

d. Mark, born Nov. 3, 1891. 

e. NF.r.Lir., born Feb. 20, 180G. 

bdab ebdc. Codrnel-J, son of Silas ( Jonathan- TlaskeU, Jaram. 
Shubael, ShubaeU Edward, John, Cornelias) and Mehitable (Tabcr) 
Waldo; born Sept. «, 1853, at Grandledge, Mich.; married, Oct. 
4, 1883, at Eaton Rapids, Mich., Rosette-Josephine, daughter of 
Joseph and Martha (Grinnoll) Smith of Eaton Rapids; born in Hills- 
dale Co., Mich. They were li%iug, 1901, at Oneida, Eaton Co., 
Mich. He is a fanner. ^ 

Children of Couruel-J and Rossette-Josephine (Smith) Waldo. 
Born at Graudledge, Mich. : — 
bdab ehdca. Luett, boru Aug. 30, 1884. 
bdab ebdcb. Glex, born June 15, 1880. 
bdnb c.bdcc. Martha, born Jan. 24, 1889. 

bdab ehdcd. Lee, born May 13, 1893. • '<, 

bdab ebdce. Maud, born Jnne 2, 1897. 

bdab ebeb. Frank-Dwight, son of Charles-Edwiu (Jonathan- 
IlaskeU, Jararn, Shubael, Shubael, Edward, John, Cornelius) and 
Harriet- Ann (Pointer) Waldo; born Sept. 8, 1864, at Dewitt, Mich.; 
died Sept., 1^94, at Graudledge, Mich. He married, at Graudledge, 
Erama-li. Pembroke.^ 

Child of Frank-Dwight and Emma-R. (Rembroke) Waldo. Born at 
Graudledge, Mich. : — 
bdab eheba. IIalstead-Eaiil, born Nov. 19, 1888. 

• Erroneously pivcn July 9, on jiapc CW. 

» Rocorils of Mrs. Susan-Loviii.-* (Waldo) .luilson. ■' Ihid. 

♦ !:cconls of .Mrs. Certruile-Estolle ( Wiiklo) NelT [b'tuhrOe':]. 


bdab Cbec CJr.uTraoK-E.STJCLLK, ilaugbtor of Chailes-Kdwiu 
(Juiuithdn-TIaskeU, Jardm^ SlaihaeU Shuhael, Edward, John, Corne- 
lius) and Harriet-Ann (Pointer) Waldo; born Oct. 2, 180(1, at 
GrandKulge, Mich. She married, Apr. 8, 1807, at Grandledgc, 
Howard-Nathan, son of Nathan Neff of Detroit, Mich. They are 
living, 1902, at Grandledgc. He is a salesman in the safe and lock 

Child of Howard-Nathan and Gcrtrude-Estellc (Waldo) NelY. 
Born at Grandledgc, Mich. : — 
a. Thklma-Waldo, born Apr. 19, 1898. 

bdab ebfa. Ala-a-Nixon, son of ]\Iajor-Andr6 (Jonathan- 
HasX-ell, Junan, Shv.haol, Shiibael, Edvxird, John, Cornelius) and 
p]lizabeth (Nixon) Waldo; born Aug. 2, 1857, at Oneida, Eaton Co., 
Mich.; living, 1S)01, at Lansing, Mich. He married, Nov. 14, 1877, 
at Delta, Mich., Alice-Catherine, daughter of George-Crossley and 
Eliza-Jane (Pastier) Jarvis of Delta; born IMch. 5, 18o2, at Bright(jn, 
Mich.; living, 1901.2 

Children of Alva-Nixon and Alice-Catherine (Jarvis) Waldo. 
Rorn, a at Potterville, Mich. ; h at Oneida, Mich. ; c, d at Lansing, 
Mich. :— 

bdab ebfaa. Bessik-Eloisk. boru Mcb. 29, 1880. 

hdah eh/ah. Jui.ia-Bkllk, born May 22, 1883. ■ ' ' 

qdnb ebj'ac. Hal-Jaiivis, born Jan. 28, 1888. 

bdab ebfad. Mout-A, born Mch. 12, 1891. . . 

bdab ebfb. Mabelle-Axnis, daughter of Major- Andre (Jona- | 

than-IIa^lieU, Jaram, Shi'.bdd, Slmhael, Edward, John, Cornelius) \ 

and p]lizabeth (Nixon) Waldo; born June 2G, 1867, at Grandledgc, | 

Mich. ; married, May 1, 188-1, at Lansing, IVIich., William- Henry, son ? 

of William-Henry and Elizabeth (Church) Hunter of Lansing; born 1 

Nov. 28, 1861, at Lansing. They are living, 1902, at Lansing. He i 

is a farmer. 3 \ 

Children of William-Henry and IMabelle-Annis (Waldo) Hunter. 
Born at r>nnsing, Mich. : — 

a. LcLU, l)orn Mch. G, 18S5. 

b. ]\\.\\\i, born June 12, 1890. ,•. 

» Uecoids of Mrs. (Jertnule-Kstelle (AVaklo) XcfT. 
' lleoortl3 of Mis.s Julia-neUo W.ildo [Inlahr.hfuh]. 
* Kccoiilb ol' .Mid. Miilielk'-Auius (Waldo) HunUT. 


bdab fcca. Nancy-Rosaue, daughter of Joseplnis-Alamantler 
(Jeduthan-Orcvu ShuhaeU Shubael, Shubael, Edward, John, Corne- 
lius) and Mary-Boone (Godman) Waldo; born June 5, 1858, at 
Xenia, Dallas Co., la.; married, Nov. 21, 1875, at Waukee, Dallas 
Co., la., James, son of William and Eve (Evans) Wimmer of Ash- 
land, Ind. ; born May 15, 1854, at Newcastle, Ind. They were living, 
1899, at Perry, la. He is a druggist. i ^ -• 

Children of James and Nancy-Rosalie (Waldo) Wimmer. Born, 
a at Newcastle, Ind. ; b at Perry, la. : — 

a. Mary-Mauph, born Apr. 12, 1877; married, Oct. 10, 1898, at Perry, la., 
Harney-D, son of Ira and Annie (II:ivi;;rhorst) Williams of Frankfort, 
Ky.; born Sept. 19, 1875. at Jacksonville, 111. lie graduated, 18!)8, in Nor- 
mal Department of Music, at Northwestern University, and studied law 
two years at Chicajro. They were living, 1899, at Evanston, 111. He is 
in the gentlemen's furnishing goods business. 

6. WiLLiAM-NOKMAN, born Sept. 20, 1881 ; unmarried, 1899. 

bdab fccb. Charles-Leroy, sou of Josephus-Alamaudcr (Jedu- 
than-Gray, Shubael, Shubael, Sh^ibael, Edward, John, Cornelius) and 
Mary-Boone (Godman) Waldo; boru Jan. 22, 1861, at Xenia, Dallas 
Co., la. He was living, 1899, at Des Moines, la., where he was 
engaged in real estate business. He married, Jan. 13, 18S6, at Ida- 
grove, la., Mary-Ellen, daughter of Samuel- Wright and Ellen 
(Wright) Forquhor of Mt. Vernon, 0.; born Apr. 14, 1863, at Mt. 
Vernon; living, 1899.2 

Children of Charles-Leroy and Mary-Ellen (Forquhor) Waldo. 
Born at Perry, la. : — 

bdabfccba. Genf.vie\'e, boru Dec. 5, 188G. .,,, 

bdabfccbb. Rollin-Fokquhor, born Feb. 11, 1892. 

bdab fccc. William -Norman, son of Josephus-Alamander 
( Jeduthan-Oray Shubael, Shubael, Shubael, Edward, John, Corne- 
lius) and Mary-Boone (Godman) Waldo; born Aug. 10, 1867, in 
Dallas Co., la.; married, Jan. 30, 1889, at Woodward, la., Viva- 
Laura, daughter of Horace-C. and Julia-Brooks (Martin) Burgess of 
Woodward; born Aug. 21, 1871, at Montour, la. They are living, 
1902, at Woodward. He is a merchant. ^ 

Child of William-Norman and Viva-Laura (Burgess) Waldo. Bom 
at Woodward, la. : — 
bdabfccca. Carmalete, born Sept. 24, 1896. 

' Records of Mrs. Nancy-Rosalie (Waldo) Wimmer. 

* Records of Charles-Leroy Waldo. ' Records of William-Norman Waldo. 

/.' / 


830 ,^. ^ WALDO GENEALOGY. , ;i [bdabfcik 

bdab fcdc.' son of William- Wallace (J(-<Jn- 
thayi-Gray, Shuhael, Shnhael, Shubael., EdiVdvd, John^ Cornelius ) mu] 
Julia-Ann (Harlow) Waldo; born May 23, 1866, at Perry, la. H- 
was living, 1899, at Minneapolis, ]Minn., where he was engaged in t!;.- 
grocery business. He married, Jan. 25, 1888, at Algona, KosmuIi 
(Jc, la., Maggie-Mordana, daughter of James and Electa-Silvia IKn- 
derson of Algona; born Feb. 16, 1864, at Algona ; living, 1899.1 

Child of Charles- Wesley and Maggie-Mordana (Henderson) Waldo. 
Born at Minneapolis, Minn. : — 
hdah fcdca. Raymond-Victor, born Nov. 16, 1894. 

bdab fdba. Samcel- Wilson, son of Elhanon- Winchester (Al- 
meron, ShuhaeJ, Sfuihael, Shvbael, Edward, John, Cornelius) aiil 
Mary- Ann (Chadd) Waldo; born Nov. 23, 1860, at Woodward, I:i. 
He married, Nov. 9, 1884, Frances, daughter of Ezra McLane of 
Rippey, la. ; born at Rippey. They were living, 1901, near Rippey. 
He is a farmer.^ 

Children of Samuel- Wilson and Frances (McLane) Waldo. Horn 
at Rippey, la. : — 

bdabfdbaa. Elmer, born Nov. 24, 188G. 
bdab fdbab. Nellir, born Mch. 31, 1889. 
bdabfdbac. Mabel, born Oct. 12, 1893. 

bdab fdbb. Sarah-Orinda, daughter of Elhanon- Winchester 
(Almeron, Shubael, Shubael, Shubael, Ediuard, John, Cornelius) 
and Mary-Ann (Chadd) Waldo; born Sept. 24, 1862, at Woodward. 

la.; married, Oct. 9, 1884, Jonathan, son of Willing and \ 

(Campbell) Smith of Iowa City, la. ; born at Iowa City. He is a 
farmer. They were living, 1901, in Oklahoma. 3 

Children of Jonathan and Sarah-Orinda (Waldo) Smith. Born. 
a, f> at Grand Junction, la. ; c at Churdau, la. ; d at Farlin, la. :— 
a. Maud-Mabkl, born July 10, 1885; died Dec. 31, 1898, at Churdan. 
h. Nathan-Emery, born Dec. 2, 1887. 

c. OwKX- Waldo, born Apr. 25, 1893. 

d. Mary-Maria, born Aug. 17, 1898. 

bdab fdbc. Margaret- Armilda, daughter of Klhanon-Winchov 
ter (Almeron, Shubael, Shubael, Shubael, Edward, John, Cornelius I 
and Mary-Ann (Chadd) Waldo; born May 26, 1867, at Woodward. 

» Kecorda of Charles-Wesley Waldo. 

•KecorUdof Klbanon- Winchester Waldo [6«ia6/d<>]. * Ibid. 

J. -■■"TzJ V".T. 


^1 1 ' ; ■ . t 

. ■ / 

• > • ■ ' 

iA 1 ■ 

udadahaaJ ninth GENERATION. 831 ] 

la. ; married, Feb. 26, 1885, Nathan, son of James ami Jane (Parker) i 

Thornton of Jefferson, la. ; born Dec. 10, 1800, at Jefferson. Tliey .{ 

were living, 1901, at Okobojo, S. Dak.' 1 

Children of Nathan and Margaret- Arniilda (Waldo) Thornton. 
Horn, a at Jefferson, Ta. ; h at Okobojo, iS. Dak. : — ^i 

«. Gkokgk, bom June 15, 1887. 
b. JoSKi'H, born Apr. 12, 1890. 

bdab fdbd. Geok(tE, son of Klhanon-Winchester (Almeron^ 
SJuibacl, iShubaeU Shnbael, Edioard, John, Cornelius) and IMary-Anu 
(Chadd) Waldo; born July 22, 1869, at Woodward, la. He married, 
June 21, 1890, Amelia, daughter of Valentine-S. and Abigail (I'cn- 
uett) Babb of Greene Co., la.; born Nov. 27, 1861, in Greene Co. 
He is a farmer. They were living, 1898, near Jefferson, la.^ 

Children of George and Amelia (Babb) Waldo. Born, a, c at Rip- 
pcy, la. ; h at Churdau, la. ; rf, e at Jefferson, la. : — 

hdabfdbda. Maggie-Alice, born Jan. 28, 18;tl. 
bdnhfdhdh. T-'lokknxe-Mav, born Feb. 9, 1893. 
bdabfdhdc. Kmilv-Eli.en, i)ovn May 2. 1894. 
bdabfdbdd. Abi5IK-Mai:ii:, born May 22, 189G. 
bdab fdbdc. Geokge-Elhanox, born Nov. 2, 1898. 

bdab fdbe. Almehon, son of Elhauon-Winchester (Almeron^ 
Shubael, jShubaeJ, SJaibaeU Echvard, John, Cornelius) and Mary- 
Ann (Chadd) AValdo; born Jan. 6, 1872, at Woodward, la. He 
married, Jan. 11, 1893, at Jefferson, la., Mary, daughter of Michael 

and Julia (Baker) Athey of Stuart, la.; born Apr. 12, , near 

Cooper, la. ; died Nov. 2, 1898, at Farlin, la. He is a farmer, living, 
1901, at Farlin. 3 

Child of Almeron and Mary (Athey) Waldo. Born at Herndon, 
la. :— 
bdab fdbea. Hazel-Leoxa, born Nov. (!, 1S94. 

bdad abaa. Charles-Edwauu, son of Levi-Fay (Jesse, Jesse, 
Jesse, Shubael, Edward, John, Cornelius) and Lucy-Klizabeth (Fay) 
Waldo; born Feb. 28, 1816, at Poughkeepsie, N. Y. He is a law- 
yer, living, 1902, at Canon City, Col., and has been county judge of 
Fremont County. He married, Sept. 17, 1683, at Emporia, Lyon 

' llcoordh of Elhanou-\S'iiichester Waldo [(;da6/d6]. 'Ibid. >Ibid. 

832 WALDO GKNEALOGY. [hdadahaa 

Co., K'fiii., iSarali-I'^.liza, daughter of Wiirunn-Scynioiir and Hiii-rict- 
Fraiicos (l):»y) ]5eadle ; born June 20, 1857, near Augusta, Koss 
Townshii), Kalamazoo Co., Mich. ; died i\Iay 25, 1896, at Canon City. 
She was niarri*.'d and lived all lior life under the name of " Lida," 
uniformly writing her name, after marriage, " Lida 15. Waldo." Her 
father persistently spelled his name " Bcedlc," but all the rest of the 
family spell it as here given. 

Mr. Waldo studied law with Sanniel-P. Dale of Reardstown, III., 
and was admitted to the bar of Missouri in November, 1871 ; of 
Illinois in December, 1871 ; and of Colorado in Fe])ruar3', 187G. lie; 
has lived at Canon City since ,Ian. 1, 1878, and is a member of the 
lirm of Waldo & Dawson, attorneys-at-law. lie is a member of Ihe i 

Sovereign Grand Lodge, I. O. 0. F., and is Past Grand Patriarch, \ 

Past Grand IMaster, and Past Grand Representative of that body.' J 

Children of Charles-Edward and Sarah-Eliza (Beadle) Waldo. 
Born at Canon City, Col. : — 

bdad abaaa. Wiixiam-P.eadle, born Aiis;. 7, 1884. 
bdad abaab. IIauold-Russki.l, born May 2G, 1888. 

bdad abac Edmukd-Hoyly, son of Levi-Fay (Jesse, Jesse, J 

Jesse, Shubael, Edward, John, Cornelius) and Lucy-Elizabeth (Fay) | 

^^■aldo; born Sept. 12, 1855, at North Brooklield, i\Iass. After his ' 

first marriage he lived at Boston, Mass., where he was a telegraph 1 

operator. He afterwards removed to Indiana and settled at Ander- | 

son, Avbere he was living in 1890. He is station agent of the Cleve- j 

land, Cincinnati. Chicago & St. Louis Railroad. t 

He married (1), Nov. 17, 1880, at Keene, N. H., Mary-Ida, \ 

daughter of George-Howard and Mary-Jane (Fay) Gilbert of Keene; | 

born Dec. 5, 1859, at Walpole, N. II. She Avas divorced from him f 

by decree made final Apr. 12, 1889, at Boston, and married (2), ] 

Aug. 29, 1889, at Boston, Joseph-Warren, son of Joseph-Towle and ) 

Susan (Danforth) Brown, who was born Aug. 23, 1849, at Canter- | 

bury, N. H. Mr. Waldo married (2), Aug. 21, 1889, at Anderson, ] 

Ind., Olive-Katharine, daughter of Eli-Matthew and Martha (Smith- J 

son) Pickett of Chester, Ind.; born Feb. 10, 1863, at Chester, | 

Wayne Co., Ind. ; died Mch. 19. 1892, at Chester. He married (3), I 

Aug. 20, 1895, at Kokomo, Ind., Mary-Catherine, daughter of | 
Abraham- Steffey and Elizabeth-Rachel (Roof) Browne of Newcastle, 

' Kecoriis of Cluiik-o-Etluiird WiiUlo. Soo " Fay Gouealogy," p. 407. 


Ind. ; born Sept. 9, 1855, at Newcastle; living, 1890. They have 
Lad no children. ' 

Children of Kdmund-Hovey and IMary-Ida (Gilbert) Waldo. 2 
Bom, n, c at Kecne, N. H. ; b at Cliarlestown, i'Mass. : — 

bdad nhficn. Charlks-Elmon'. born Sept. 7, 1881; died Oct.. 2.3, 1885, at 
Cliarlestown, 'ajied 4 years, I month, IC days," of scarlntiua. and uas 
buried at Keene. 

bddd abacb. Georgk-Howakd, born May 6, 18S3; died June 22, 1883, at 
Cliarlestown, of cliolera-iufantum, and was l)uried at Kecne. 

bdad ahacc. A dal'Ghtku, born and died June 19, 1881. 

Child of Edmund-IIovey and Olive-Katharine (Pickett) Waldo. ^ 
Born at Wabash, Ind. : — 
bdad abncd. Claude-Evax, born July 16, 1891. 

bdad accc- Charlotte-Esthkr, daughter of Jolin-Daveuport 
(Aaron, Jesse, ./esse, Shubael, Edoxtrd, Jolin, Cornelius) and Char- 
lotte-Sophia (Stewart) Waldo; born June 5, 1859, at Duraut, la.; 
married, Sept. 13, 1883, at Qiiiney, 111., Charles- Albsrt, son of Cas- 
per and Gertrude-Elizabeth (Sontag) Joseph of Quincy; born Aug. 
30, 1859, at Quincy. He is a dry goods merchant at Kansas City, 
Mo., where they have lived since 1886.'' 

Children of Charles-Albert and Charlotte-Elizabeth (Waldo) Jo- 
seph. Born, a at Quincy, 111. ; h-d at Kansas City, Mo. : — 

a. William-Caspeu, Ijorn Apr. 26, 1885. 

b. CuAKi-KS-WALno, born Feb. 20, 1888; died Mch. 3, 188S. 

c. CHAnLOTTE-G?:KTiaa>K, born Sept. 16, 1892. 

d. Chahles-Waldo, born July 24, 189G. 

bdad acce. Lucus-OTrs, son of John-Davenport (Aaron, Jesse, 
Jesse, SJiubael, Edirard, John, Cornelius) and Charlotte-Sophia 
(Stewart) Waldo; born Feb. 1, 18G3, at Durant, la. He was, in 
1899, superintendent of the Tacoma Mill Company at Tacoma, Wash., 
where he has lived since 1886. He married, Aug. 8, 1888, at San 
Francisco, Cal., Catherine- Ann, daughter of Michael and Margaret 
(Quigg) Farrell of San Francisco; born Oct. 27, 1863, at Sacramen- 
to, Cal. ; living, 1899.5 

Children of Lucius- Otis and Catherine-Ann (Farrell) Waldo. Born 
at Tacoma, Wash.: — 
bdad accea. Hekbei;t- John, born Sept. 19, 1889. 

> Records of Charks-Kilward W.ilito [lidiKhilmo]. ' /hiii.: Hoston Records. 

' Records of t'liarlos-lvlw.-ird W;iUlo. * Records of Joliii-D.iveiii"jii Wultlo [Odada-jc]. 



bdad acccb. Hakvky-Otis, boni Feb. 24, 1891. 
bdad acccc. E.stiiku-Mai!Iic, born Apr. 5, 189G. 

bdad accg. Mauy- Abigail, dautihter of John - Davenport 
(AaroUy Jesse, Jesse, Shuhael, Edward, John, Cornelms ) and Cliar- 
lotLc-Sophia (Stewart) Waldo; l)orii Apr. 2, 1871, at Quincy, 111.; 
married, June 29, 1892, at Elbert, Col., Otlo-Haden, son of James- 
I'atterson and Lucinda (White) Bennett of Rirminghain, la.; ])orn 
Aug. 4, 18(35, at Espyville, Pa. They have lived at Colorado Spiings, 
Col., since 1895. He is a railroad contractor.' 

Children of Otto-Baden and IMary- Abigail (Waldo) Bennett. Born, 
a at Basalt, Col. ; h at Colorado Springs, Col. : — 

a. Mixnik-LaRi-k, boru July 12, 1893. 

b. Waldo-Stkwakt, born Apr. 19, 1897; died July 9, 1897. 

bdad adaa. Minnie-Gehtkude, daughter of Otis-Iiarvey (Otis, 
Jesse, Jesse, Shuhael, Edward, John, Cornelius) and Gertrudc-Coey- 
mans (VanValkenburgh) Waldo; born Feb. 1, 1851, at i\lihvaukee. 
Wis. ; married, June 3, 1875, at Pontiac, Oakland Co., IVIich., ICrncst- 
Augustus, son of Raphael and Frances (Hart) Schoyer of Baltimore, 
INId. ; born Sept. 6, 1845, at New York City. They were li\-ing, 
1899, at Chicago, 111. He is a merchant. - 

Children of Ernest- Augustus and Minnie-Gertrude (Waldo) Schoyer. 
Born at Chicago, 111. : — 

a., born June 27, 1S77. 

b. Ekancks-Hart, boru July 22, TSS2. 

c. Ghrtkudk, born Sept. 11, 1889. 

d. Eknkst-Walpo, born Nov. 2i, 1891. 

bdad adab. Kobkkt-VanValkenbukgh, son of Otis-Harvey 
(Otis, Jesse, Jesse, Shuhael, Edward, John, Cornelins) and Gertrude- 
Coeymans (VanValkenburgh) Waldo; born Aug. 31, 1852, at JMil- | 

waukee. Wis. He was living, 1899, at Plainfield, N. J., and was 
engaged in the type-founding business in New York Cit3\ He mar- 
ried, Aug. 2, 187G, at La Crosse, Wis., Louisa-Emily, daughter of 
Samuel and Kebecca-Landis (Cunmiings) Dodge of Oconomowoc, 
Wis.; born June 21, 1851, at Oconomowoc; living, 1899. She was 
badly burned at the fire, Mch. 17, 1899, which destroyed the "Windsor 
Hotel in New York City, in which they were then living. ^ 

« Records of J'>hii-]i;iyeni>ort Waldo [tnlatUicc]. 

' lU'Conlsof Mis. Miimie-CiLMtriuIf (Waldo) .Schoyer. 

' KecoriU of Kobort-VauValkenburj^li Waldo. 



ChiM of Rol)crt-VauV:ilkc'nl)ur<;h and Louisa-Kmily (Dodge) 
Waldo. Born at Milwaukee, Wis. : — 
bdad adaba. GKiiTiiUDic-LouiSi:, born Sept. 7, 1877. 

bdad adac Otis-Hakvey, son of Otis-Harvey (Olifi, Jpsfte, 
Jesse, Shv.haeU Edirnrd, John, Corvelins) ami Gertrudo-Coeymans 
(VanValkenl)urgh) Waldo; born Nov. 11, KSo7, at Milwaukee, Wis. 
He graduated at Yale University, 1«79. He is a lawyer, living, 1809, 
at Chicago, 111. He married, Aug. 10, 1880, at New Haven, Conn., 
Kate-Maria, daughter of Charles and Catherine-Maria (Osborn) Ives 
of New Haven; born July 21, 1858, at New Haven; living, 1899.' 

Children of Otis-Harvey and Kate-Maria (Ives) Waldo. Born, a, 
h at Milwaukee, Wis. ; c at Chicago, 111. : — 
hdad adaca. Charlks-Ivks, born Dec. 13, 1S81. 
Idiid adncb. Otis-Harvey, born Nov. 4, 1884. 
abad adacc. Katiiarixk, bom Apr. 2fi, 18-^6. 

bdad addb. A\na-May, daughter of James-Augustine (Otis, 
Jesse, Jesse, Shv.haeJ, Edinanl, John, Corneliifs) ^\\d Margaret-Amelia 
(Wheatou) Waldo; born Sept. 19, 18G3, at Prattsburgh, N. Y. ; 
married, Feb. 17, 188.5, at Prattsburgh, Norman-Stephen, son of 
Daniel and Mary-Jane (Scott) Millspaugh of Veteran, N. Y. ; born 
Dec. 6, 1861, at Veteran. He is a farmer. They were liviiig, 19U0, 
at Prattsburgh.2 

Children of Norman-Stephcu and Anna-May (Waldo) Millspaugh. 
Born at Prattsburgh, N. Y. : — 

a. Jkssie-Amelia, born Dec. 14, 1885. 

b. SEMANTnA-GRACE, bom Oct. 22, 1887. 

bdad aeac. Mauk-Albigexck, son of William-Williams (Alhi- 
ge-nce, Jesse, Jesse, Shnhael, Edicard, John, Cornelius) and Dorothea- 
Fhninda (Wood) Waldo; born Aug. 1, 1859, at Manitowoc, Wis. 
He was educated at the University of Wisconsin, where he graduated 
in mechanical engineering in 188-i. He was, in 1892, assistant engi- 
neer for the Kansas City & Memphis Kailroad and Bridge Company. 
He was living, in 1900, at Leavenworth, Kan. He married, Mch. 18, 
189G, at Jefferson City, Mo., Mary- Agnes, daughter of Joseph and 
Maria-Josephine (Kolkmeyer) Ott of Jefferson City; born Oct. 20, 
1878, at Jefferson City. 3 

» KocoriU of Otiri-il.-irvi-y WaUio. ' Records of Rev. Lovi-Fay Waldo [ixliidaba]. 
' JOid. 


Cliiltlivn of Maik-All)igciice and Mary-Agnes (Otl) Waldo. Horn 
at Jefferson Cily, I\Io. : — 

bdnd ucara. Maky-Agnks, horn Jan. 10, 1897; died same dny. 
hdad acncb. Gf,oi;gi;-Ki>wari"), born Ajjr. 4, lliOO. 

bclad aeag. r.r.\RY-ELiZABr.Tii, daughter of William-Williams 
(Albigpiirp^ .Tc.s'.sv, Jes.'ie, SJo'hael, EdicarcU John, Cornelius) and 
Dorothca-Florinda (Wood) Waldo; born June 17, 1871, at Mani- 
towoc, Wis. She married, Apr. 5, 1893, at Manitowoc, Edward- 
Hancock, son of Andrew and Sarah (MacCune) Ross of Mansfield. 
Pa.; born Nov. 11, 18G5, at Mansfield, where they were living in 
1900. He is a merchant. ^ 

Children of Edward-Hancock and Mary-Elizabeth (Waldo) Ross. 
Born at Mansfield, Pa. : — 

a., boru June 19, 1894. 

b. Gkoi'.oe-Edwahd, born Sept. 19, 1897. 

bdad ahca. Ella-Amelia, daughter of Davld-Parmelee (Claries, 
.Tesfie. Je.sse. SJnibaeK E(hrard, John, Cornelius) and Catherine-Mary 
(Lefevre) Waldo; born July 20, 18G5, at Vienna, Mich.; living, 
1900, at Midland, Mich, She married, Dec. 31, 1890, at Midland. 
William-Roy, son of John-Cooper and IMary (Ritlcnhouse) Hand of 
Hunterdon Co., N. J.; born Aug. 5, 1859, in Hunterdon Co.; died 
Oct. 17, 1895, at Denver, C0I.2 

Child of William-Roy and Ella-Amelia (Waldo) Hand. Born at 
Denver, Col. : — 
•I. ', born Apr. 7, 1895. 

bdad bcga. Mary-Jane, daugliter of James-Warren (Shuhael, 
Ndthna, Jcftse, ShulaeJ, Edurir'l, John, Cornelius) and Ann-Elizabeth 
(Pennock) Waldo; born Dec. 31, 1855, at Locke, INHch. She mar- 
ried, 1874, at Williamston, I\Iich., Leander-Lewis Truxell. Tiny 
were living, 1900, at Lansing, IMich. He is in the express liusiness.-' 

Children of Leander-Lewis and Mary- Jane (Waldo) Truxell. Born | 

at Williamston, Mich. : — 

ft. Ci.ydk-Waldo, born Nov. 9, 1875. 

I1. Jami:s-Lkf„ born Jan. 20, 1879. 

c. IIuWAKD-IIo.MKU, born Feb. 14, 18S2. 

> Uccorde of Rev. Lovi-Fay Walilo [hihrdah.i]. « Jhid. 
' Ucconls of Sirs. J.-aiuL-s-W.inLn Waliio [Liladl'cg]. 


(?. Gi'V-Maynai!I>, horn Oct. Ifi, 1SS4, 
c. IIazkl-Bkll. born Mch. 13, 1888. 

bdad bcgC- Lizzik-Pennock, daughter of James-Warren (Shn- 
bael, Xathan, Jesse. Shnbuel, FAirurd, John, Cornelinfi) and Ann- 
Elizabeth (IVnnock) Waldo; born Dee. 2:3, 1862, at Williauiston, 
I\lich.; married, Sept. 10, 18«1, at lOalou Rapids. Mich., Horace- 
Sholflon, son of Thomas and Ksther-A. (Sheldon) Maynard of Hamp- 
den, O. ; born Aug. 12, 1850, at Hampden. They lived at Eaton 
Kapids until 1S9'J when they removed to Charlotte, Mich., where they 
were living in 1900. He is a laAvyer and, at present, judge of probate 
for Eaton County, Mich.^ 

Children of Tlorace-Sheldon and Lizzie-Pennock (Waldo) Maynard. 
Born, a at Eaton Kapids ; h, c at Charlotte, Mich. : — 

a. Wali>o, boru Aug. 19, 1885; died Sept. 1.3. 188C, at Eaton Kapid-s. 

b. HouACK-SuFLDOX, bom June 25, 1889. 

c., born May 28, 1891. 

bdad bcgd. Floufack-Katk, daughter of James-Warren (Shu- 
bael, Nathan, Jesse, Shuhael, Edicard, John, CorneUns) and Aun- 
Elizal)eth (Pcnuock) Waldo; born Sept. 13, 186G, at Williamston, 
Mich.; married, Sept. 14, 1887, at Eaton Rapids, Mich., Georgc- 
Daiiiel, son of Daniel-P. and Janet (Scott) Wilcox of Eaton Rapids; 
born Aug. 31, 1861, at Lamoille, 111. They were living, 1900, at 
Lansing, Mich. He is a druggist. - 

Child of George-Daniel and Florence-Kate (Waldo) Wilcox. Born 
at Eaton Rapids, Mich. : — 
0. Fi,oi:kxci:-Janet, born Dec. 7, 1804. 

bdad bcjc Snrr.E-DANiEL, son of Lucian-Jackson (Shuhael, 
Nathan, Jesse, Shulxirl, Eda-ard, John, CorneUns) and Laura (Jes- 
Rop) Waldo; born Nov., 1808, at Williamslcm, T^Iich. ; married, Apr. 
13, 1892, Elsie-Alborta Mack. They are living, 1902, at Ionia, Mich. 
He is foreman in a cigar factory. ^ 

Children of Shube-Daniel and F.lsie-Alberta (I\[ack) Waldo: — 

Ula<l hcjca. Li;cikn-Jay, born Dec. 12, 1894. 

hdad hcjch., born Mch. 3, 1901 ; died Apr. 7, 1901. 

' Recoriis of Mrs. Lizzie-rciiTiook ( W.iKlo) ^Maynaril. 
' lU'<ord9 of Mrs. Jaiues- Warren Waldo [bdudhcs/]. 
' Reconld of JMins KHa-Uora WaUlo [Uludhcjh]. 

938 WALDO GENEALOGY. [hdauhdca 

bdad bdca. Ei nice- Ann, daujiliter of Homer- Daw (Eht-r, 
NathdH, Jesse, Shvlxirl, Ednun-il, ■'oJni, Cornelius) and Mary-.Jano 
(Knickerbocker) Waido ; born Dec. 26, 1850, at P^lba, N. Y. ; mar- 
ried, Nov. 11, 1873, at "West Harre, N. Y., Jolin-Sears, son of Geor<j;e 
and I3etsey-Ann (Sears) Ijatchellor of South Barre. N. Y. ; born Jan. 
20, 1N50, at Barre, N. Y. They were living, 1899, at South Jiarre. 
He is a farmer J 

Children of John-Sears and Eunice-Ann (Waldo) Batchellor. Born 
at Barre, N. Y. : — 

a. Gkorgk-IIomkh, born Sept. 14, 1S74 ; liviuir, 1899, at South Barre, N. Y. j 

He married, Feb. 15, 1898, at Barre, N. Y., Loii, clauj^litcr of John and 1 

Mary (Gibson; Andrews of Barre; t)oru Jan. 18, 1873, at South Barre. j 

b. Cn.^ni.KS-CuANK, born Aug. 17, 18S0. 1 

bdad bfae. Hknuy-Dwight, son of Lorenzo-Dwight ( Hiram y 
Nathan, Jesse, Shubael, Echcard, John, Cornelius) and Emily (Kich- 
ards) "Waldo; born Apr. 22, 1857, at Kockford, 111. He was living, 
1899, at Rockford. He is a travelling salesman. He married, Nov. 
29, 1883, at Rockford, Lettie-Grace, daughter of Jonathan-Howe and 
Zillah (Conger) Douglas of Rockford; born Mch. S, 180-1, at Rock- 
ford; living, 1S99.2 

Children of Henry-Dwight and Lettie-Grace (Douglas) Waldo. 
Born at Rockford, 111. : — 
bdad bfaea. Karl-Dougla.s, born Jan. 13, 1885. 
bdad hfaeb. Lucy-Emily, born ;\Iay 21, 1690. 

bdad bfcb. Jamp:s-Howard, son of Amasa- Davis (Ilirain, 
Nathan, JessCy Shubaely Edward, John, Cornelius) and Mary-Jane 
(Mann) Waldo; born Sept. 5, 18-16, at Rockford, 111. He has lived 
in New York State, Illinois, Kansas, Nebraska and Colorado. He 
was living in 1899 at Idaho Springs, Col. He is a salesman. He 
married (1), 1871, at Aldeu, N. Y., vSusan, daughter of Thomas 
rutterson of Aldeu, who died Dec. 14, 1873, at Bremen, 111. He 
married (2), Mch. 31, 1881, at Ottawa, Kan., Etta-E, daughter of 
Reuel-Hunloon and I\Iary-Ann (Plummer) Bean of Homewood, Kan.; 
born Jan. 24, 1802, at Little Grove, 111. ; living, 1899.3 

Child of James-Howard and Susan (Patterson) Waldo. Born at 
Bremen, 111. : — 
bdad hfcha. Su.san-Jank, born Dec. 4, 1873. 

' liecoriis of llf.inei-l):\w WaKlo [//(?(((?/«/(']. 

' Uecoiils of Mrs. Lcreuzo-JJwight ^^'alllo lOdadO/u]. 

' KecoiUd of J.tiucs-JIow.ard W.iliio, 


Chiklreu of James-Huward and EUa-K (Bean) Waldo. Born, 6 
al Ottawa, Kau. ; c at Blair, Neb. : — 

ld(ul bfcbb. Winnie, born Sept. 5, 1884. 
bdndbfchc. Laurkl-J, born Sept. 25, 1887. 

bdad bfcc I'>mii.v, daughter of Amasa-Davis (Jliramy Nathan, 
Jesse, Shnhael, Edicard, John, Cornelius) and RIary-Jaue (Mann) 
W'aKlo; born Feb. 2, I8i9, at Elba, N. Y. ; married, Jan. 1, 1870, at 
Elba, Cliarles-Wcsley, son of Henry and Calista (Sanford) Stickle of 
C'oburg, Ont. ; born July 20, 18-13, at Coburg. Tiiey wei'c living, 
I'JOl, at Batavia, N. Y. He is cashier of the Farmers Bank of 

Children of Charles-Wesley and Einily (Waldo) Stickle. Born at 
Batavia, N. Y. : — 

fl. Chaklks-Waldo, boru Nov. 2, 1870. He was educated at New York Uni- 
versity, frradualinu: in the class of 1803. He wa.s in 1001 a jjliysicinn 
livir.s; in Brooklyn, N. Y. He married. Apr. 3, 1895, at York, Liviiijr- 
stone Co., N. Y., Anna-Densmorc, danirhter of Alj^in and Martha (Mc- 
Kenzie) Macvcan of York; boru Aug. 9, 1871, at York; living, 1901. 

Child, born at Brooklyn : — 
a. Helen-Ei.izauktii, born Dec. 31, 1899. 

b. Dwigiit-Wai.po, horn Aug. 9, 1874; living, 1901, at Divide, Col., where he 

i.s general storekeeper of the Terminal Kailroad Company. He is by trade 
a watchmaker. He married, Oct. 11, 1898, in Nebraska, May, daugh- 
ter of Arthur and Caroline Stickle of Stroud, Okla. ; born May, l.s74, at 
CarroUtou, Mo. No children. 

c., born JuneC, 187C; married, Jan. 1, 1901, Caro- 

line-r. . They were living, 1901, at Boston, Mass. He is a druggist. 

d. AinnuK-WKLLiNGTON-WALUO, born Sept. 22, 1890. 

bdad bfcd. Charles-Dwight, sod of Amasa-Davis (Hiram, 
Nathan, Jesse, Shnbael, ErUrard, John, Cornelius) and Mary- Jane 
(Mann) Waldo; born Mch. 28, 1852. at Batavia, N. Y. He is a 
paper-hanger, living, 1901, at Rochester, N. Y. He married, 1873, 
Elizabeth, daughter of George Kellogg of Elba. The}' are divoiced.^ 

Children of Charles-Dwight ami Elizabeth (Kellogg) Waldo. Born 
at Elba, N. Y. :— 

bdad bfcda. William-Smith, boru Nov. 23, 1874. 

bdadbjcdb. E.MiLY-ELiZAHr.TH. born Sept. 30, 1875; married, Jan. 2,1901, 
Lucius-.Mleu, sou of Lncius-P. rarniclee of Batavia, N. Y. They were 
living, 1901, at Batavia. lie is a rci>orter for the Batavia Daily Nexcs. 

» llecords of Mrs. Eiuily (Maldo) Stickle. » Ibid. 



bdad bfce. Lim.ian, daughter of Amas:i-l)avis (Jliram, Xa- 
t/udi, Jesse, SJiubael, Edicard^ Jvltn, Cornelius) and Mary-Jaue 
(Mann) Waldo; born June 25, l-'^53, at Elba, N. Y. ; married, Feb. 
3, 1886, at Batavia, N. Y., JacoI)-Hohne8, son of Jolm-Holmes and 
Mary (Johnson) Kellogg of IClba ; born Dec. 1, 1812, at Elba. They 
were living, 1899. at Allegan, Mich. He is a clerk. ^ 

Child of Jacob-Holmes and Lillian (Waldo) Kellogg. Born at 
Hickory Corners, Mich. : — 
a. Lauka-Lii.lian, t)orn Dec. 10, 1887. 

bdad bfcg. Sarah, daughter of Amasa-Davis (Hiram, J^athan, 
Jesse, Shubael, Edivard, John, Cornelius) and Mary-Jane (Mann) 
Waldo; borji Nov. 6, 1859, at Batavia, N. Y. ; married, Sept. 3, 
1879, at Elba, N. Y., Franklin-Israel, son of Israel-Ernest and Mary 
(Wright) Judd of Bethany, N. Y. ; born June 20, 1853, at Bethany. 
He was a farmer living at 15ethany, but he is now retired, and they 
were living, 1899, at Batavia. ^ 

Children of Franklin-Israel and Sarah (Waldo) Judd. Born at 
Bethany, N. Y. :— 

a. Kvk,ki:st-Ama8a, born Oct. 27, 18^0, 

b. Mark-Waldo, born Jan. 7, 1882. 

c. F],okf.nce-Map.y, born Oct. 3, 188-t. 

d. Howaf.oFkankli.v, born Auir. 20, 1887. • -, . _• • 

e. DuuGLAS-DwiGHT, bom Jane 10, 1895. 

bdad bfia. Charles-Homek, son of Myron-Levant (Hiram, 
Nathan, Jesse, Shnhael, Eduxird, John, Cornelius ) and Alice-Ehlo- 
rctta (King) Waldo; born Jan. 14, 1879, at Richmond, Kan.; 
married, June 6, 1900, at Richmond, Ethie-Mny, daughter of William- 
Adams and Cerelda-Jane (Cunningham) Akin of Richmond; born 
Oct. 9, 1878, at Richmond. They are living, 1902, at Richmond. \ 

He is a clerk in a lumber yard.-' ( 

Child of Charles-Homer and Ethic-May (Akin) Waldo. Born at 
Richmond, Kan. : — 
bdad hfina. FLORENXK-lJEULAn, born Sept. 4, 1901. 

bdad ceaa. Helen-Amkeia. daughter of Fordyce-Lathrop ^ T''>^ 
ney, Ej'hraim, Jesse, Shnhael, Edi':ard, John, Cornelius) and 
Maria-Amelia (Bolton) Waldo; born Nov. 23, 1854, at Burrilt's 

» Keconls of Mm. Lillian ( Wnlilo) Kcllitjijr. » UecorUs of Mrs. Sarah ( Vi'alilo) Jiuld. 
' Records of Myrou-Levaiit Waldo [bda<ll>fi.]. 


Rapids, Ont. ; miinicd, Jan. 5, 18S8, at Giaflon, N. D;ik.. Ilt'iiiy, 
son of Thomas and ^lary-Jane (rrohcit) IJaldwin of ICnghind ; Ixjin 
.Jan. 2.0, 1857, at iMilclieldean, Kn^^ Tlie-y arc living, 1002, at 
Fargo, N. Dak. His first wife was Sopliia Cotnani, by whom he had 
one child, Herhort-Thouias. Mr. Baldwin has been postmaster and 
justice of the peace, lie is now, 1002, a painter and paper-hanuer.' 

Children of Henry and Helcii-Amelia (Waldo) JiaUlwin. Born, a 
at Park Kiver, N. Dak.; b at Crystal, N. Dak.; c-e at Fargo, N. 
Dak. :— 

(t. ViDA-SopniA, boru Sept. 18, 1888. 

b. WiijjA.M-SuTnu, born June 15, 1892. 

c. Maky-Ami:i,ia. lioru I\Icb. 17, 1895. 

d. Fkancis-Waloo, born Mch. 7, 1897; died Apr. 11, 1898. 
c. Fohdyce-Thkodork, born Dec. 3, 1899. 

bdad ceab. Sakau-Emma, daughter of Fordyce-Lathrop ( Volnoy^ 
Ephraim, Jesne^ Shiibfxel^ Edward. John, CorneUns) and Maria- 
Amelia (Bolton) Waldo; born July IG, 18r»G, at Burritt's Rapids, 
Ont.; married, Dec., 1881, at Drayton, N. Dak., Johu-Wilniot, son 
of Elijah Dunham of St. Thomas, Ont. They are living, 1902, at 
Plumas, I\Ian. She is his second wife. He married (1), Julia Ames, 
by whom he had one child, Cecil- Washington. Mr. Dunham is a 
house-builder and farmer. - 

Children of John-Wilmot and Sarah-Emma (Waldo) Dunham : — 

a. LoKNE, born Sept. 6, 1883. 

h. WALTKn-BuKLL, boru Jan., 1885. 

c. Elma, boru May 14, 1889. 

bdad ceac "WiLLiAM-ALniGKNCE, son of Fordyce-Lathrop ( Vvl- 
neii, Ephraiiii, -/esse, Shub(Acl, Edward, John, Cornelia.'^) and i\I aria- 
Amelia (Bolton) Waldo; boin June 10. 1868, at BuiTitt's Rajiids, 
Ont. At the early age of eighteen months his life was consecrated to 
tiie service of (4od b}' his father, who believes that his pra^'crs for the 
child's recovery from a severe illness were then answered. He studied 
for the liuptist ministry at Des Moines College, University of Chicago, 
and ShurtletT College, and has received the following degrees : Des 
Moines College, Ph. B., 1803, M. A., 1809; University of Chicago, 
B. D., 1807; ShurtlelT College, Ph. D., 1000. 

He was ordained, July 7, 1801, in the Bai)tist Church at Crystal, 
N. Dak., where he was preaching as a student pastor, and became 

' Uecorils of roiilyce-Latlirop Waldo [bdadcca]. 'Ibid. 


842 WALDO GENEALOGY. [bi)ai>cka< 

the iv<;ular pastor of llif Auburn Park IJaplisL CLurch, Chicago, 111., 
]Mch. 1, l.S'Jl, whicl] position lie still, 1002, holds. A beautiful new 
chuieh I)uililing aiul a gi'owinj;- congivgalioii attest his inlhn!neo. 
])uiiuiz; the year 18')D he was president of the Chicago Baptist Associ- 
ation, lie is now a member of the Board of Managers of the North- 
western Educational Society, and of the Central Baptist Orjjhanage 
of Chicago, lie married, Dec. 23, 1895, at Chicago, Anna-Ilcath, 
daughter of Francis-Osmond and Kmaia-Eugenia (Mulford) Weeks 
of Chicago; born JMch. 25, 1876, at Cedar liapids, la.^ 

Child of ^Villiam-Albigcnce and Auna-IIeath (Weeks) Waldo. 
Born at Chicago, 111. : — 
bdad ceaca. liALrii-FuMiUi, born Juue 6, 1898. 

bdad cead. Makia-Jank, daughter of Foi'dyce-Lathrop f FoZ/<<^//, 
Ej^hraim,, i^^hubael, Edicurdy John, Comelius) and INIaria- 
Amelia (Bolton) Waldo; born Fel). 11, 18C0, at Burritt's Kapids, 
Ont. ; married at Drayton, N. Dak., Duncan, son of John and Mary- 
Ann (Leak) Anderson of Woodstock, Ont. ; born Jan. 18, 18Go, at 
Woodstock. They are living, 1902, at Drayton. Mr. Anderson is a 
farmer. His father was a native of Scotland.'-^ 

Children of Duncan and Maria-Jane CWaldo) Anderson. Born at 
Drayton, N. Dak. : — 

a. Maky-Amkma, born Oct., 1887. 

6. FonDYCi^-Joiix, born Mch. 5, 1889. 

c. Ralph-Waldo, born Dec. 9, I89G. 

bdad CbCe. Richakd-Volney, son of Fordj-ce-Lathrop (Vobiej/^ 
Ephruhn, Jesse, Shubacl, Edivard, John, Cornelius) and Maria- 
Amelia (Bolton) Waldo; born Apr. 4, 18G2, at Burritt's Rapids, 
Out.; married, IMch., 1S9S, at Drayton, N. Dak., ^Mary-Elizabeth, 

daughter of George and (IMarsales) Turner of Dundas County, 

Ont. ; born Feb. 8, 1863, in Dundas County. They arc living, 1902, 
at 13rayton. He is a successful farmer.^ ., ,^ 

Children of Richard-Volney and Mary-Elizabeth (Turner) Waldo. 
Born at Drayton, N. Dak. : — 

bdadccaea. Gkokok-Fohdyck, born Dec. 2, 1898. 
bdadccacb. Floi;i:n-ce, born Aug. '2S, 1900. 

' Kouords of Itcv. M'illiain-Alliifjenne AVaUlo. 

' Rccordsj of I'orcljcc-Lathroii Waldo [I'cludcca]. 'J bid. 


bdad ceaf. SAMi-Ki.-For.nvci:, son of Foj-dyfc-LaUirop ^ T"o/»f.V, 
JSpJirnivi^ ,/esse^ ShxihaeU Edu'ord^ John, Cornelius) and Maria- 
Ainolia (Bolton) Waldo; born May 5, ISGI, at liurritt's Rapids, 
Ont.; married, Dee. If., 1885, at Drayton, N. Dak., Klizaheth- 
Kuliecca, daugliter of David and Ann (IMetcalf ) (Irahani of Drayton ; 
l)orn Jan. 28. 1SG7, at Adniaston, Renfrew Co., Ont. Tiicy are living, 
11)02, at Crystal, N. Dale, where he is a sueoessfnl merchant. He has 
been alderman and member of the board of health.^ 

Children of Samuel-Fordyce and Elizabeth -Rebecca (Graham) 

hdnd ceafa. Irkxk, born Mch. 21, 1888. 

btlad ceafb. Ahtuuk-Giuram, horn May 24, 1891. 

bdad ceafc. Iv.x.-IIei.kna, boru June 7, 1895; died Aug. 7, 1898. 

bdad ceafd. Lavi>:a-Marik, horn Apr. 28, 1898. 

bdad ceca. Julia-Louisa, dangliter of Read (Volney, Ephraim, 
Jesse, ShnbneL Edirard, John, Cornelius) and Lucretia (Putnam) 
Waldo; born Jan. IG, 1854, at Burritt's Rapids, Ont.; married, Feb. 
8, 1882, at Bowesmout, N. Dak., Johu-C, son of Walter and .Joanna 
(Belfry) Henderson of Portage Laprairie, Man.; born Feb. 4, 1857, 
at Holliu, Ont. They have lived at Pembino, N. Dak., and were 
living in 1899, at Deloraine, Man. He is clerk of the county court. ^ 

Children of John-C and Julia-Louisa (Waldo) Henderson. Born 
at Deloraine, Man. : — 

rt. CLAiiA-GLAnvs-ETiiLAXD-BrLFRY, boru Jan. 19, 18S9. ,. 

b. Waltek-Hkad-Wai.uo, born Nov. 5, 1892. 

bdad cecb. Olive-Anna, daughter of Read (Volney, Ephraim, 
Jesse, Shubael, Edward, John, Cornelius) and Lucretia (Putnam) 
Waldo; bo.'i Jan. 28, 1S5G, at Burritt's Rapids, Ont. ; married, Jan. 
30, 18S4, at Bowesmont, N. l^ak., James-Ward, son of John and 
Maria (Ward) Marsden of London, Out.; born Feb. 17, 1844, at 
London. He married (1), Ann, daughter of George and Jane 
(Adams) Summers of Lobo, Out.; born JNIch. 30, 1844, at Lobo ; 
died July 25, 1882, at Emerson, Man. By her he had tliree children; 
viz, : Charles-Summers, born Mch. 30, 1873 ; Lois-Maude, born 
Nov. 25, 1875; Percival, born Apr. 4, 1879, died Apr. 27, 1890; all 
born at Park Hill, Ont. At the time of his second maniage he was 
living at Emerson, Man., but he removed after his marriage to Dray- 
ton, N. Dak, where they weie living in 1899. He is a farmer. ^ 

' Uocorils of Foidyce-L.atlnop W.iMo [bdudcca]. 
> Kecords of Kciul Walilo [Uladccc]. » Ibid. 

844 ■•• WALDO G1;nEAL(){jY. [iinADci.cii 

Child of .I:\inos-\V:iril and Olivp-Annrv (Waldo) Marsden. Born at 
Drayton, N. Dak. :— 
a. GitAKTON, born Jan. 8, 18S9. 

bdad cecc. Volnky-Samuel, son of Read (Volney, Ephrmui, 

Jesse, Shuliu'-I, Efhrard, Joha, Cornelius) and Lncretia (Pulnani) j 

Waldo; Ijorn Apr. 7, l.-^OS, at lUirritt's Rapids, Ont. He immigrated | 

to North Dakota, Apr. 6, 1S80, and lived at Draj'ton, where he was j 
a farmer. lie was living in 1899 at Bowesmont, N. Dak., where he 

was a merchant. He married, Feb. 3, 1885, at Balder, Man., Ellen- | 

IVIeacham, daughter of Jacob-Abraham and Elizabeth (Meacham) >. 

Hult'man of Balder; born Oct. 17, 1.SG3, at Clark's Mills, Canada; | 

living, is:)9.i I 

Children of Volney-Samuel and Ellen-Meacliam (HnfTinan) Waldo. | 
Born, a at Drayton, N. I^ak. ; h at Grand Forks, N. Dak. : — 

hdad crcca., horn June 24, 1801. 
bd'id ceccb. I.sla-Ihknk, born Apr. 4, 1894. 

bdad cecd. Jane-Adelia, daughter of Read (Volney, EpJiraim, 

Jesse, Shubael, Edicanl, John, CorndinsJ and Lncretia (Putnam) | 

\\'aldo; born Oct. 7, 1859, at Burritt's Rapids, Out.; married. Dec. j 

IG, 1885, at ]5owesmont, N. Dak., Arcliibald-John, sou of Archibald ^ 

and Dorinda (Christia) Hamelton of Ireland and Canada; born Feb. | 

18, I'^-ol, at Camden East, Ont. They lived at first at Emerson, j 

Man., but removed later to Drayton, N. Dak., where they were living | 

in 1899. He was b}' trade a In-icklaycr and plasterer, but later con- | 

ducted a meat market at Drayton. ^ j 

Children of Archibald-John and Jane-Adelia (Waldo) Hamelton. 
Born, a at Killarney, Man. ; b-e at Drayton, N. Dak. : — 

a. Arciii»ai.i>, born Jan. C, 1887. 
h. LucunriA-DoHiNDA, > born Jan. 18, 1891. 

c. Wanda-Putnam, i born Jan. 11, 1891. 

d. CoiiA-Ei>, born Anc;. 9, ISOG; died Feb. 9, 1897, at Drayton. 

e. David-Voi-nkv, born June 9, 1898. 

bdad cecf. Roiucut-Pi'tna.m, son of Read (Volney, Ephrnrni, 
Jc.'isc, Slmhiiel, E(l)Citrd, John, Cornelius) and Lncretia (Putnam) 
Waldo; born Jan. 21, 18G3, at Burritt's Rapids, Ont. He is a 
farmer, living, 18'.>9, at St. Thomas, N. Dak. He married, Jan. 2", 
1892, at St. Thomas, Sarah-Isabel, daughter of James-Abner and 

' Keconls of Waklo [Inladccr]. ' ll-id. 

niMi.conA] NINTH GENERATION. , , 84S 

iMtiry (Howes) Henry of Larimore, N. l):ik.; l)Oin Nov. 20, 1S72, 
!it Ilnrristoii, Ont. ; livini;-, 1^09.' 

Chililrcu of Robeit-riitiiani and Sarah-Isabel (neniy) Waldo. 
Born at St. Thomas, N. Dak. : — 
6iZw? c^i/a. Vkk.v-Eun'ici:. horu AUS.2C, IS9.3. 
?)(?/jr; ff'c/i'_>. RaU'II-ITknuv, l)orn Auij. 19. ISitf). 
blind ccrfc. Anna-Louisk, boru An;;, 14, 1897. 

bdad cecg. Claua-Ki-nick, daut^htcv of Read ( Volneij, Ephridm, 
Jesse, Sloibaeh Edward, John, Corveh'as) and Lucretia (rutnani) 
Waldo; born Jan. 21, 18G5, at Bnrritt's Rapids, Ont. ; married, Dec. 
12, 1889, at Drayton, N. Dak., William-Curfoot, son of Edward and 
Elizabeth Hnnter of Bradwardinc, Man.', born Aug. 15, 1860, at 
Kincardine, Ont. ; died .Ian. IG, 1892, at Deloraine, iNfun., where they 
lived. lie was a lawyer. After his death liis widow, with her sister, 
Lucrctia-Edaess, engaged in fancy goods, confectionery and fruit 
business at Deloraine, under the name of JMrs. Hunter & (.'o.- 

Child of William-Curfoot and Clara-Eunice (Waldo) Hunter. Born 
at Deloraiuc, Man. : — 
fi. A DAuraiTER, boru Nov. 21, 1890; died same day. 

bdad cech. Annie-Maria, daugliter of Read (Volvoy, Eplimim, 
Jesse, Shuhael, Edward, John, Cornelhis) and Lucretia (Putnam) 
Waldo: born Oct. 15, 18G8, at Burritt's Rapids, Ont. ; married, Nov. 
25, 1896, at Drayton, N. Dak., James-Alexander, sou of Alexander 
and Minnie (Horn) Williams of Lanark, Ont.; born June 13, 1872, 
at Lanark. They were living, 1899, at Gilby, N. Dak. He is a 
farmer. 3 

Children of James- Alexander and Annie-Maria (Waldo) Williams. 
Born at Gilby, N. Dak. : — 

a. A SON, unnamed, born Oct. 18, 1897; died Oct. 21, 1897. 

b. Flouenck-Evklink, born Dec. 4, 1S9S. 

bdad Cgba. CuAULKS-DwaonT, son of Dwight (Robert, Ephraim, 
Jesse, Shuhael, Edward, John, CorneUus) and Mary-Jane (Allen) 
Waldo; born July 15, 1865, at llion, N. Y. ; living, 1901, at Ilion, 
where he is employed in a type foundry. He married, Aug. 28, 
1890, at Ilion, Ida-May, daughter of William and Betsy (Stephenson) 
Atherton of llion; born Aug. 9, 18G8, at Ilion ; living, 1901.'' 

' Uocovils of Ilca.l WaUlo (/<(^/a(ifer]. ^JOid. * Ibid. ^ \i ■ . 

* UecorUs of Mrs. Charles- Dwight Waldo. ' ' 

816 • WALDO GENEALOCtY. [unAncoitA 

Children of Chailes-l")v,iuht and ld:i-May (Atliorlon) Waldo. IJoru 
at Ilion, N. Y. : — 

* 'ad C'jhaa. Eakl-Athkuton, born June 2], 1891. 
■ adcghab. Estih:h-.May, born Mcli. IC, 1001. 

bdae aaaa. Jay-William, son of William - Oluej' (JonatJinn, 
Joudtlian^ Jonathan^ Shnbai'l, Ed'vard^ John, Curnolius) and Jane- 
Maria (Searl) AValdo; l)orn Oct. 25, 1S4G, at South Chamjiion, N. Y., 
t\-htnv ho ■was living in 1001. He is a prosperous farmer, owning a 
fai'm of over four hnndred acres. He married, Feb. 21, 18G7, at j 

Sandycreek, Oswego Co., N. Y., Margaret-Matilda, daughter of | 

(ieorge and Martha-Caroliue (Speed) Bush of South Champion; liorn 1 

Jan. -22, ISIG, at Turin, N. Y. ; living, 1901.' 1 

Children of Jay-William and Margaret-Matilda (Bush) Waldo. | 

Bora at Rutland, N. Y. :— \ 

bdae aaaaa. Maktha-Janr, born Feb. 9, 1868; died Apr. 27, 1885, at Riilland. i 

hdnr. aaaah. Gkough- William, boru Fei). IG, 1871; married, Sept. 18, IS05, 5 

at Copenhagen. N. Y., Libi)ie-Kobert.s, daughter of Fraticis-Dv.i^lit and 
Eliza-Ann (Roberts) Planck of Copenhaiicn; born June 25, 1872, at Lc;- 
roy, N. Y. They were living, 1901, at South Champion ^vith Ins fatlier. 
lie is a farmer. They have no cliildrcn. 

bdae aabc IIerbeut-Myers, son of Allen (Jonathan^ Jonathan., 
Jonathan, Shuhael, Edvjard, John, Cornelius) and Celinda-IIarris 
(Fields) Waldo; born ]\Iay 6, 1S')4, at South Rutland, N. Y.; living, 
1902, ! t Riverside, Cal., where he has resided for the past seven years, 
liaving previously lived for nine years at Sioux Cit}', la., and before 
that, for about three years, in Wisconsin. He married, Dec. 19, 

1878, at Sioux City, Helen-Sarah, daughter of and Mai-tha 

(Harris) Goldie; born Mch. 2-i, 1856, at Dubuque, la.; living, 

Children of Herbert-Myers and Helen-Sarah (Goldie) Waldo. 
Born, a at Sioux City, la. ; Z>, c at Riverside, Cal. : — 

lidac aahcu. Maudk-Adelk, born Mch. 28, 1883. 

Idne aabcb. Rohkht-Allan, born May 2, 1802; died Mcli. 9, 1893. 

bdae. nahcc. IIklex-jNIaktha, born May 2, 1894. 

bdae aabd. Mahy-Orinda, daughter of Allen (Jonathan, Jona- 
than, Jonathan, iShabael, Edtvard, John, Coi'neUns) and Celinda- 
Harris (Fields) Waldo; born Apr. 7, 1856, at South Rutland, N. Y. ; 

' Kecoicls of Jay-Willi;iiu Waldo. 

= Kecuiils of Herbert-Myers Walilo, Mrs. Martha (roKlie is now ilrs. Martha Iloyt of 
Sioux City, La. 


iiianinl (1), Jan. 20, 1881, at Rodman, Jefferson Co., N. Y.. Charlcs- 
Aiii^ustus, son of Nicholas and Sarah (Pearson) Keegan of Kdgcrlon, 
Wis.; bora Aug. 6, I8o0, atliodman; dit-d Feb. 6, 1«'J0, at Edger- 
ton. He was a merchant tailor. She married (2), Aug. 19, 1807, at 
Kvansville, Wis., Nathaniel-Edgar Libby; born Aug. 17, l.SoO, at 
Great Falls, N. H. They were living, 1899, at Evansville. He is a 
carpenter.' ^ 

Child of Charles-Augustus and Mar3'-0rinda (Waldo) Keegan. 
liorn at Palmyra, Wis. : — 
a. Claudk- Waldo, boru Oct. 12, 1886. 

bdae aa,db. David, son of Theodore (Jonathan^ Jonathan, 
Jonathan, Shubael, Edioards John, Cornelius) and Charlotte (Searl) 
Waldo; born June 1, 1849, at South Champion, N. Y. He lived at 
KutUind, N. Y., until 1886, then removed to Denmark, N. Y., and, 
in 1897, returned to South Rutland, where he was living in 1899. He 
is a farmer. He married, Oct. 12, 1870, at South Rutland, Leonora- 
Onuida, daughter of Jonathan-Waldo and Mariette-Oranda (Twining) 
Smith of Salem, Ore.; born Feb. 27, 1851, at Piuckncy, N. Y. See 

Children of David and Leouora-Orauda (Smith) Waldo. Born at 
Rutland, N. Y. :— 

hdaeaadha. Lyle-Eugkxk, boru Mch. 13, 1873; died Feb. 14, 187i, at Rut- 

hdae an Ibb. Lottik-May, boru Aup;. 9, 1875. 

hdacnuilbc. Nora-Maud, boru July 31, 1877; died Apr. 19, 1878, at Rutland. 
hdaeaadbd. Macd-Ettik, born Jan. 27, 1882. 

bdae aaec. Ella -Eliza, daughter of Mortimer (Jonathan, 
Jonathan, Jonathan, Shubael, Edward, John, Cornelius) and F>liza- 
Abigail (Twining) Waldo; born Oct. 4, 1852, at Champion, N. Y. ; 
married, Mch. 29, 187G, at Copenhagen, N. Y., James-Harney, sou 
of George and Catharine (Bissel) Hodge of Harrisburg, Lewis Co., 
N. Y. ; born May 6, 1844, at Harrisburg. They were living, 1899, 
at Copenhagen. He is a farmer.^ 

Children of James-Harney and P.Ua-Eliza (Waldo) Hodge. I3orn 
at Co})enhagen, N. Y. : — 

a. Emma-Eliza, born Apr. 27, 1.^77; died Aug. 29, 1878. 

b. Cuai:li:s-Eugak, born Aug. IG, 1S78; living, 1898, unmarried. 

» Keoor(l.s of Mid. .M.\r>-Oiiu>l;i ( WaM<>) Libby. '- Uocords of David Waldo. 
» UecoriU of Mrs. EUa-Klizix ( Waldo) ilodi;c. 

8'i8 WALDO GENKALOGY. [fsdaeaai.c 

c. Flokkncf-Em.a, t)orii Feb. 25, 1881 ; died An;;. 13, 1883. ' 

d. Maud-Fkancks, 1)1(111 Aug. 1«, lt<83; died Aug. 2, lh.s4. 

bdae adca. Laiua-Rozkhna, (laughter of Alfred fThonuis- 
MattifiOH, Jonathan, f/onathan, Shnhael., Edioard, Johii, CoDieb'n.^) 
and Angcline (Rogers) AValdo ; l)orn Sept. 20, 18oU, at Western, 
N. Y. ; died Feb. 23, 1805, at I'rovidence, K. I. She married, Juuc 
6, 1883, at Western, Walter-Alexander, son of John-J. and Einily-L. 
(IJarkness) Kilton of Providence; boru at Coventry', R. I. He is 
assistant postmaster at Providence. He was educated at the Highland 
Military Academy, Worcester, Mass., graduating in 1877.* 

Child of Waller-Alexander and Laura (Waldo) Kilton : — 
a. IlKLKN-nAiiKNK.-^s, boru Jjiu. 27, 1890. 

bdae adcb. Jamks-Rogers, son of Alfred ( Thomas- Matt is on, 
Jonathan^ ,Tonathan, Shubael, Edward, John, Cornelius) and Ange- 
line (Rogers) Waldo; born Oct. 21, 1851, at Western, N. Y. ; living, 
1001, at Western. He is a farmer. He married, Oct. o, 1883, at 
Western, ^Nlinnie-Carmichael, daughter of Ed\vard-C. and Mary 
(Carmichael) Glass of Western; born May 1-1, 1803, at Jamestown, 
N. Y. ; living, 1901.2 

Children of James-Rogers and Minnie-Carmichael (Glass) Waldo. 
Born at Western, N. Y. : — 

bdac adcba. ExuKr.-JilAY, born July SO, 1884. 

bdae adcbb. Flokencio-Dkforkst, boru Sept. 1, 1889. 

bdae ulchc. Goudon-Jamks, born Nov. 7, 180G; died Sept. 30, 1898. 

bdae adchd. Dorothy-Eleanor, boru Dec. 13, 1899. 

bdae adfa. Ella-.\nn, daughter of George ( Thomas- Matdson , 
Jonaihiin, .Jonathan, Shnhael, Edicard, John, Cornelius) and Patia- 
Jane (Slye) Waldo; born Feb. 7, 18G2, at Champion, N. Y. ; married, 
Sept. 22, 1884, at South Champion, Christian-J^yman, son of Isaac 
and Melissa (Ensign) Tripp of Champion; born at Champion. They 
were living, 1901, at Harrisville, Lewis Co., N. Y. He is a wheel- 

Children of Christian-Lyman and Ella-Ann (Waldo) Tripp: — 

a. Li:oN-LisLE, born June 10, 1885. 

b. LoTTin-VKNKXA, horn Aug. 31, 1837. 

c. Claudk-Adk.lui-.rt, born Sept. 29, 1890. 

d. llAROLD-WAi-no, died in iufaucy. 

e. IvUTu-May, born Feb. 20, 1899. 

• Records of Walter- Alexander Kiltun. ' Kecords of Jainea-Hopers Waldo. 

* Recordtj of George Waldo [bdacad/]. 


NJNTU ui:nei;atio.n'. " 8i9 

bdae adfb. Otis-Thomas, son (jf Gi'C)i;_;t' ( Tlioma^i-Mattison ^ 
JoiKtlhtin, JoiKithdii^ iSliiibd.rl, J'Jfbcard, John, CorncUns) :ind Pati:i- 
Jaiio (Slye) Waldo; hoiu Au<;-. 1, l.s6;3, at Kuthui.l, N. Y. He is a 
car[)Oiiter ami farnuT, living, 1809, at South C'liiunpion, N. Y. He 
Ins also livt'cl at Copenhagen, N. Y., and (."arthage, N. Y. He mar- 
ried, Sept. 22, IS.SC, at IMnckney, Lewis Co., N. Y., Nfltic-^NIay, 
daughter of Henry-Fi'rris and Mariuda-West (liosworth) Clements of 
rinckney; horn Dec. 4, 18G6, atPinckney; living, 18'J9.' 

Children of Otis-Thomas and Nettie-IMay (Clements) Waldo. 

Born at Copenhagen, N. Y. : — 

hdac adfba. Etiu-.l, born Sept. 19, 1887. 

hdac ndfhb. Elon, boru Feb. 19, 1890; died Jau. 23, 1892, at Beusou Springs, 

N. Y. 
hdac adfbc. Glkn, born Oct. 27, 1893. 

bdae akea. Alice-Bukt, daughter of Jnmes-Olney (IsaidJi-Am, 
Jovdlhaii, Jonathan. Shnhael^ EdirarJ, John, Corndhis) and Kmo- 
gene-Cornelia (Twining) W\xldo ; born Oct. I'J, 1870, at North 
Western, N. Y. ; married, Dec. 9, 1891, at North Western, Douglas- 
Ephraiin, son of Kphraim and Ann (Tcllar) Dillenl)eck of North 

Western ; born IMch. 30, , at North W\\stern. They were living, 

1899, at North Western.2 

Children of Douglas-Ephraim and Alice-Burt (Waldo) Dillenbeck. 
liorn, a at Syracuse, N. Y. ; b at North Western, N. Y. : — 

a. W.\Li-0-EriiR.UM, boru Sept. 8, 1897. 

b. GuKTcnKN-EMOGENE, bom Oct. 7, 1899. 

bdae amab. S.vkah-Elizaukth, daughter of Harmon (Tra, 

Jonathan, Joncthan, Shubael, Ediunrd, John, CorncUtis) and IMaria- 
Jane (Carmichael) Waldo; boru May 9, 18G9, at Lincoln, Neb. 
She was a school teacher for four years before her marriage, having 
taught two years in the public schools of Dewitt, Neb. She married, 
Dec 30, isOl, at Dewitt, Bertrus-Krancis, son of David and IMary- 
Crcjsby (Fero) Koscoe of Dewitt; born Jan. 16, 1870, in Will Co., 
111. He is a butcher. They were living, 1900, at Swanton, Neb.^ 

Children of Bertrus-Francis and Sarah-Elizabeth (Waldo) Roscoe. 
Born, a at Shenandoah, la. ; b-e at Swanton, Neb. : — 
a. Ukkyl-TIahmon, boru Dec. 31, 1892. ' 

' Rt;i:ortl3 of Otis-Tlioin.ns W;iliio: "'riMiniis I'aiuily," |>. '.'O'.;. 

' r. •corils of JniiiLs-Olnoy WhMd [hihwakr]. 

' K-'Cords t>f Mrs. .Sarali-Kliz.ibcLli { Walilu) Uoscuc. 



b. Fknton-Guy, born Aug. .'M, 1894. 

c. Coijiun-Rkktkus, born Jan. 13, iS'JCt. 

d. Gi.AUYs, boru May 31, 18'J7; (lied June 18, 181)7, at Swanton. 

e. Glkn, born July 12, 1S'J8. 

bdae amac Willard-Frkdeufck, son of Ilarmon (Ira. Jonn- 

th<in, Jonathan, ShuhaeJ^ Edivard, John^ Conieliitfi) ami Maria-Jaiic i 

(Cannichacl) Waldo; bona Sept. 13, 1S71, at Swan, Nol). lie was 3 

in 1900 a dra^-mau living at Dewilt, Neb. He niarriod, Ai)r. ]-J, 1 
1803, in Gage Co., Neb., Vinnie-Malinda, daughter of Sajnuel-Oscai 

and Phcbe-EIizabeth (VanClecf) Rlckard of Webster Co., Neb.; i 

born Apr. 15, 1874, iu Gage Co.^ | 

Children of Willard-Frcderick and Vinuie-Maliuda (Rickard) | 

Waldo. Born at Dewitt, Neb. :— 

bdae amaca., born Jan. 4, 1895. 
bdac amacb. Oi.a-Lillian, born Aug. 7, 1890. 
bdae amacc. Caka-Adela, born Sept. 23, 1898. 

bdae amad. J)ella- Viola, daughter of Harmon (Ira, Jona- 
than, Jonathan, Shubael, Edward, John, Cornelius ) and Maria-.Tant' 
(Carmichael) Waldo; born Oct. 8, 1873, at Dewitt, Neb.; died Nov. 
30, 1896, at Swantou, Neb. She married. May 9, 1893, at Dewitt, 
Jesse-Nelson Ingram. He is a butcher by occupation, but in 1900 
■was in the Philippines. They lived at Beatrice, Neb., and at Austin, 
Tex. 2 

Children of Jesse-Nelson and Delia- Viola (Waldo) Ingram. Born, 
a at Dewitt, Neb. ; h at Austin, Tex. : — 

a. MiKiAM-AuDREY, boru Apr. 1,1894; died June 18, 189G, at Kansas Cilv, 

ft. Cloy-Waldo, born Oct. 4, 1895; died June 21, 189G, at Dewitt. 

bdae amae- Guy-Ha.miltox, son of Harmon (Ira, Jonathan, 
Jonathan, Shubael, Ed)vard, John, Corttelius) and Maria-Jane 
(Carmichael) Waldo; born May 17, 187G, at Dewitt, Neb.; living. 
1900, at Dewitt, where he is engaged in the poultry business. He 
married. Oct. 11, 1896, at Dewitt, Lou-Leon, daughter of Shirwood- 
Fayette and Kate (Bullis) Dodge of Dewitt; born July 10, 1879, at 
Wilber, Neb. They are members of the Methodist Episcopal ("hurch, 
and Mr. Waldo is preparing to be a preacher in that denomination."' 

' Records of Will;u(l-Fii:itonrk Wiildo. 

■ Uccord.i of Mi-s. Sarah-Jaiic (AVaUlo) Dunbar [hducuDib], 

■' Kecords of Guy-Hamilton Waldo. 


Children of Gny-Hainillou and Lon-Loon (I)odgt>) Wnldo. Horn 
at Dowitt, Ncl). :— 

lulac amnion. Aui>Kr.Y-MAia>Ki„ liorn Nov. 4, 1S'J7. 
Inlnr. mnacb. Lkxa-Lkona, horn Mcli. 15, 1900. 

bdae amcb. Vkra-GpvACk, dan^ihter of ArdtMi-Convers (Tra, 
Jonathan, Jonathan, Shnhael, Eilinrrd, John, Cornelius) and Kliza- 
Clintonia (Garton) Waldo; burn Aug. :>0, 1S7G, at Dewitl, Neb.; 
married, June 2, 1897, at Sheridan, Wyo., Cbarlos-l^urton, son of 
Richard and Tabitlia-Mincrva (Fritz) Godn'iu of Edna, Kan. ; born 
Sept. G, 1869, at Aurora, 0. They were living in 1900 at Sheridan, 
lie is a popular and enicient passenger engineer on the Chicago, Rur- 
lington and Quiney Railroad.' 

Ciiild of Charles-Burton and Vcra-Grace (Waldo) Godwin. liorn 
at Sheridan, Wyo. : — 
a. Ari)i;n-Waldo, born Oct. 10, 1898. 

bdae CCda. CnAKi.OTTE-ELTz.vnExn, daughter of Edwin-Palmer 
(Sa.muel, Ger shorn, Jonathan, Slinhael, Edicanl, John, Corneluis) 
and Julia-Ann (Booth) Waldo; born June 22, LSiG, at Sullivan, 
Wis.; married, Apr. 11, 1870, at Columbus, Wis., ."Milvern-Albertus, 
sou of Jobn-Alouzo and Elizabeth (Read) Franklin of Adams, N. Y. ; 
born Dec. 28, ISIO, at Ellisburg. N. Y. They were living, 1899, at 
Columbus. He is a commission merchant.^ 

Clu'd of Milvern-Albertus and Charlotte-Elizabeth (Waldo) Frank- 
lin. Born at Fallriver, Wis. : — 
u. Myrta-Wadswouth, born July 3, 1877. 

bdae cede. Ai.dert-Samuel, son of Edwin-Palmer (SamveJ, 
Gershom, Jonathan, Shubael, Edaard, John, Cornelius) and Julia- 
-Vnn (l)ooth) Waldo; born July 27, 185G, at Calimus, Wis. He was 
in 1899 a prominent citizen of Columbus, Wis., has been city clerk, 
and held other otiices of trust. He married, Sept. 7, 1881, at Colum- 
bu.^, Mary-Julietta, daughter of INIilo-J. :ind Julia-Day (Topliff) 
Walerhouse; born Jan. 28, 1858, tit Columbus; living, 1899.3 

Children of Albert-Samuel and iMary-Julietta (Watcrhouse) Waldo. 
I'iurn at Columbus, Wis. : — 
Inluc ccdia. KATdiF.L-JiJLiA, horn JTaj' 2S, 18So. 

' Ueconts of JIis. Vcra-Orace ( W.ililo) (iodwiu. 

' Kecords of Eilwin-raliner Walilo [Odacccd]. ' J bid. 





h(l<if cnlr}). Ai.ruKn-ToriJi'F, horn Apr. 10, lS«r>. . •' ' ' 

hdae ccdec. M.vky-Ai.hkhta, Itorii July 12, 1S87. 

hdac ceded. Donai.d-Edwix, born Jnly 8, 189"). 

bdae ccdec Doius-Adams, born .\pr. 3. 1898. . ' ' 

bdae CCeb. Cornelia -Minerva, d.anf^Iiler of Calvin -C'tilkins 
(Samuel, GrrsJiom, Jonafhan, ShuhafU Edicard, John, Cornell ufi) 
and Pollv-Janc (Ixnymond) Wnldo; born Nov. 22, 1^58, at lUiou, 
Ind. ; niJiiTied, Jan. 1, 1S7H. at Java. Wyomins; Co., N. Y., Wdliain- 
Krvin, son of William and lierslia-Ann (Scliormcrliorn) Fvoad of 
Wales, Erie Co., N. Y, ; born Nov. G, 1817, at Dcerfield, Oneida Co., 
N. Y. They were living, 1899, at Delcvan, Cattaraugus Co., N. Y. 
He is a mcrc])ant.^ 

Children of Williani-Krvin and Cornelia-Miner%'a (Waldo) Read. 
Born at Yorkshire Center, N. Y,: — 

a. Ni-.TTiK.-Cov, born Dec. 20, 1878. 

b. Hkkim-iit-Klgknk, horn Apr. 8, 1880. 

c. FLor.KXCE-MATii.nA, born Nov. 12, 1885. 

d. nAin:Y-SA.MUEi., born ^Icb. 13, 1888. 

bdae cced. Abraham-Raymond, son of Calvin-Calkins (Samnel. 
Oershom, Jonathan, /Shubad, Edicard, John, C'orneh'ufi) and Polly- 
Jane (Raymond) 'Waldo; born Dec. 23, 18G2, at Lexington, Ind.; 
living, I'JOl, at Pollock, Wyo. He married. June 22, 1880, at York- 
shire Center, N. Y., Ada-M., daughter of Henry and P'lizabeth 
(llobart) Olcott of Delevan, N. Y. ; born Mch. 5, 1864, at Yorksliiro 
Center. The marriage proved unhapp}', the}' were divorced about 
1893, and she has since married again.- 

Children of Abraham-IJaymond and Ada-]\r. (Olcott) Waldo. 
Born at Delevan, N. Y. : — 

hdac cccdii. IIknuy-Leo. died July 14, ISSO, at. Kinsman, Kan. 
hdae. ccidb. LF.NA-.^LvY, died Scj)!. 14, 188G, at Kin;rjman. 

bdae cjbb. Clara-Elvireta, daughter of Daniel-Calkiris f C<d- 
vhi, Gcrshoin, JonatJian, SJixbael, Edivnrd . Joh)i, Cornelius) and 
Clara-Ophelia (Randall) Waldo; born Mch. 11, 1868, at Cusscwago, 
Pa.; married, Dec. 2G, 1900, at Cussewago, Henry-William, son of 
John-Stout and Harriet (Fleisher) Wiard of Cussewago; born Feb. 

• Rocoitls of Mrs. Cornelia-Miiicrv.a ( Walilo) Reail. 
' IJecorils of Alirah.iiu-R.iviuoml Walilo. 


2, l8Gfl, at Cussc'wapo, whoro tlioy are now, 1002, liviup;. lie is a 

Child of Henry-William and Clara-Elvirela (Waldo) Wiard. P.orn 
at C'usscNvago, Pa. : — 
a. A nAT'GHTEH, horn Jan. 11, 1002. 

bdag acaa., son of Charles- Whitney' (EliJ'ih, 
Elij'ih. Efbrard, Shuhnel, Edimi.rd, John^ Cornelius) and llarriet- 
Ainanda (Richardson) Waldo; born Apr. 22, 1811, at Marlow, N. II. 
He is a l)lae!<smith, livinp;, 1899, at Marlboro, N. IT. He marrii-d 
(1), Aug. 7, 1867, at Winchester. N. 11., Rhoda-Ella, daughter of 
Lsrnel-Caswcll and Pamelia (Austin) Hale of Richmond, N. H. ; born 
Mch. 11, 1849, at Richmond; died Oct. 5, 1883, at Kcene, N. H. 
He married (2), Dec. 24, 1885, at Keene, Mrs. Nettie-Melissa (Sla- 
cey) Rlanchard, daughter of Nathan and Huldah (Copeland) Stacey 
of' Stoddard, N. H. ; born Feb. 16, 1849, at Stoddard; living, 1899. 
Her first husband was WHlliam Rlanchard of Acton, IMass., who died 
Feb. 15, 1877, at Worcester, Mass., and by -whom she had two chil- 
dren, a son and a daughter. Mr. Waldo has had no children by his 
second wife.^ 

Cliildren of Frederic-Gilman and Rhoda-Ella (Hale) Waldo. Rorn 

at Keene, N. H. : — 

bdar/ acnaa. Mkrtik, liorn Ang. 3, 1871 ; died July 2."'>, 1872, at Keene. 
bdag acaab. Lri.u-MAiiKL, born Oct. 25, 1872. 

lnhia 'xnnc. Gkorgk, born Feb. 2, 1875; died Aug. 7, \>^l'^, at Atbol, Mass. 
bdag acaad. IIattir, born Nov. 12, 1877; died Jan. IS, 1880, at Keene. 
Idnr/ acnae. Gkhthude-Mauai.a, born Sept. 22, 1879. 

bdag acab. Ella-Maria, daughter of Charles- Whitney (Elijah. 
Elijah, Edward, Shubncl, Edicard, John, Cornelius) and Harriet- 
Amanda (Richardson) Waldo; born Sept. 8, 1845, at Marlow, N. II. ; 
living, 1S9H, in the village of Spofford, Chesterfield, N. H. She mar- 
ried, jAIch. 10, 1868, at Keene, N. II., Rufus-Westgate, son of Samuel 
and Olivia (Westgate) ICmerson of Andover, N. H. ; born June 19, 
18:34, at Salisbury, N. H. ; died Jan. 10, 1887, at SpolTord. He was 
a blacksmith and lived, before removing to Chesterfield, at Salisbury 
and at Hinsdale, N. H. He enlisted in 1861 as private in Co. C, 2d 
Hegiment Vermont Infantry and served for four years. He wns 

' r.ocords of Daiiicl-Calkins Walilo [bilaerj/j], 

' ItocDrds of Mrs. Cliailes- Whitney Walilo [hdaynca], and Fiederic-Gilmaii \\'aklo: 
Keene Records. 

854 WALDO GENEALOGY. [bdagacau 

wounded in tlic for)t at tlic battle of the Wilderness, and was pro- 
nioli'd to he eor[)oraI.' 

Children of Kufus-Weiilgate and P"lla-I\Iaria (Waldo) p]mcrson. 

Born, a, h at Salisbury, N. H. ; c-e at Hinsdale, N. K. ; f-i at CLies- 

terlield, N. H. :— 

^a. IIakiiy-Samltkl, horii June 19, 1809. He is a fanner, liviii^:, 1809, at Clics- 
Irrlicld, iic:ir llie Winchester line, lie married, Jan. G, ls;)2, at Ciiester- 
(U^ltl, Alice-Matul, danirhLer of Janies-H. and Flori-K._( Bulluin uf 
Chesterfield; born ]S7;^, at Riciiniond, N. 11.; liviui;, 18997 "~ 

Children, born at Chestcrlleld :— 
a. CLAYTOX-HAiiuy, l)orn Jan. 30, 1893. 
h. Lklia-Amck, born May 18, 1894. 

h. Hent.y-Chaki.ks, tAvin of ITAUitY-SAMi ki., l)orn Jnne 19, isr,9; died Sept. 
28, 1873, ai Hinsdale. 

r. Kr.i,A-MAY, born May 29, 1871; married, July 2, I8S9, at Westmoreland, 
N. II., Henry-Burton, .son of Henry-II. and Mary-Adelaide (llolden) IIoAve 
of Chesterlield; t)orn May 9, 18(^0, at Chesterlield. They were livini:, 
1899, at Athol, Mass. He is a mechanic. 

Cliildren, born, a at Seymour, Conn. ; h at Athol:— 
a. Lkstkh-Emkusun, born Nov. 18, 1890. 
h. Mauiax-Adklaidi:, horn June I, 1S97. 

d. Geokgi:-Waldo, boru Feb. 2, 1873; died Nov. 9, 1873, at Hinsdale. 

e. Br,ur-RuFUS, born Oct. 3, 1874; livinir, 1S99, at AVest Gardner, Mass., nn- 


/. AN.v.i-BKi.L, born Mch. 30, 1877; died June 2, 1878, at Chesterfield. 
y. Fukd-Calxow. born July 19, 1879; living, 1899, at Chesterliekl, unmarried. 
h. Nkixik-Agnks, born Feb. 8, 1881; died Mch. 24, 1882, at Chesterfield. 
i. b.vNi.-OKD-AuTHUR, bom Dec. 19, 1883; living, 1899, at Chesterfield. 

bdag acad. Harriet- Elvira, daughter of Charles- Whitney 
(Elijah, ElijaJi, Ed/i'dnl, jShubael, Edward, John, CorneUus) and 
Harriet-Amanda (Richardson) Waldo; born Mch. 3, 1850, at Keene, 
N. H.; married. May 18, 1870, (Tcorge-Alanson, son of George- 
Washington and Azultah-Aun (Witheriiigton) Johnson of Hinsdale, 
N. H. ; born .Tan. 22, 1814, at Hinsdale. They were living, 180'J. at 
Kccne. He is a barber. - 

Children of Gcorge-Alanson and Harriet-Elvira (Waldo) Johnson. 
Born at Hinsdale, N. H. : — 

n. Hattik-Mauik, born Feb. 2, 1872: died :Mch. 9, 1872. 
h. Nkluk-Mati), boru Dec. C, 1873; died Aug. 31, 1H74, at Hinsdale. 
c. Wii.i.iAM-llKNiJY, boru Aug. 1, 1875. 

' Kcconls of ,Mis. KlLi-Mariii (Walilo) KnuMsoii. .-,,•. > • »,. 

" Records of Mm. Oharlcs- Whitney Waldo [6(/«f/(ua]. ' ' " "' 

bdagapda] ninth generation. 855 

bdag acae. Anna-Lukktta, daughter of Cliarles-Whitncy (Eli- 
jah, Elijah, Edicard, Shabael, Edicard, Juhn, Conidins) and Harrit't- 
Ainaiida (llicbaidsoii) Waldo; born June 21, 18"r2, at Keene, N. II. ; 
died May 17, 1887, at Hinsdale, N. H. She married, Apr. 2, 1871), 
at Kocne, ^lorey, son of Alexander and Elizabeth-L. (Scott) P^lniorc 
of Hinsdale; born Apr. 23, 1847, at Iliu.sdale. He is a blacksmith 
and farjner, living, 1899, at Hinsdale. ' 

Children of Morey and Anna-Luretta (Waldo) Elmore. Born, a 
at East S\vansca, N. H.; h, c at Hinsdale, N. H. : — 

a. Hakky-Mokky, born Apr. 0, ISSl. 

b. Nkllik-May, born Feb. 13, 1883. 

c. Chari.ks-IIexky, born Aws;. 1, 1885. lie has been legally adopted by Mr. 

IlaAvkes of Walpole, N. II. 

bdag adcc Helen-Maria, daughter of Asa-Perry (Samuel, 
Elijah, Edicard, SJiv.bael, Edfxtrd, John, Cornelius) and Marj'-Ann 
(Allen) Waldo; born Oct. 9, 1854, at Baraboo. Wis. She married, 
Nov. 18, 1878, at Crescent, la., William-Henry, son of Robert- 
Alexander and INIargaret (Capclieart) Riley of I^aton Rouge, La ; 
born Mch. 15, 1843, at Baton Rouge. They lived at Crescent until 
1897, when they removed to South Vernon, Vt., where they were liv- 
ing in 1899. He is a phj-sician.- 

Children of William-Henr}' and Helen-Maria (Waldo) Rilc}'. Born 
at Omaha, Neb. : — 

bdag hlcca. Mary-Agnks, born Apr. 22, 1875. 
hdar) adccb. WiLLiAM-PEimY, boru July 19, 1878. 

bdag adcd. Orpua, dauglitcr of Asa-Perry (Samnel, Elijah, 
Edivard, Shuhacl, Edicard, John, Cornelius) and Mary-Ann (Allen) 
AValdo; boru Feb. 17, 1859, at Baraboo, Wis.; died Mch. 15, 1892, 
at Crescent, la. She married at Crescent, John-Thomas Clark of 
Council Bluffs, la. He is a farmer, living, 1899, at Council Bluffs. ^ 

Children of John-Thomas and Orpha (Waldo) Clark. Born at 
Henderson, la. : — 

bdag adcda. PEr.UY-T., born Doc. 23, 1888. 
bdag adcdb. IIknuy-Waldo, born Nov. 11, 1891. 

bdag adda. Harriet-Emogene, daughter of Samuel-Franklin 
(Samuel, Elijah, Edward, Shubacl, Edward, John, Cornelius) aud 

Kt'corils of Morcy Elmore. ' Records of Mrs. Asa-Perry W.ildo [bdagadc]. ' Ibid. 


Jlanut (l'>l.ui''Ii:ir(l) NVnld.j; l)()ni Aug. 13, IBf)!, at Cavendish, Vt. ; 
iiKtirird, Veh. 25, L'sTo, at Macedonia, rottawattamie Co., la., Dorus- 
Fayt'tle, son of Fayette and Gracia (Howe) Perry of Dover, Vt. ; 
horn Feb. -1, I'S-15, at Dover, lie is a fanner. They were livin^^, 
rJOO, at Quick, la.i 

Children of Doriig-Fayette and Harriet-Kinogene (Waldo) Perry, 
liorn at Hardin, Pottawattamie Co., la. : — 

a. Fi:ank-Wai,im), boni Nov. .30, 1873; iiuinarricl, liiOO. 

b. Maky-Emogknk, born June 9, 1877; iminarried, 1900. 

c. LuciAX-Douus, born Dec. 23, 188'^ 

d. Faykttk-Sheldon, boru Feb. 25, 188G. 

e. IIazki.-Ghacia, born Feb. 25, 1889. 

bdag addb. Hekman-Franklin, son of Samuel-Franklin (Sam- 
uel, Elijith, EdvanU Slmbael, Edward. Jidin, Cornelius) and Har- 
riet (lllancbard) Waldo; born July 30, 1851, at Proctor.sville, Vt. 
He is a farmer, living, 19('0, at Anthon, la. He married, Feb. 5, 
1878, at ^Macedonia, la., Ada, daugliterof Robert-Elton and Lucretia- 
Car (Lester) Williams of Weston, Ore.; born Sept. 16, 1861, at 
Galva, Henry Co., 111.; living, 1000.2 

Children of Herman-Franklin and Ada (Williams) Waldo. Born, 
a at Carson, la. ; ^, c at Luckyvalley, la. :— 

hdiw aO.dha. Moxa, born Jau. 2-1. 1881. 
bd'gnddhh. Elton-Kobkkt, boru Oct. 10, 1883. 
hdafj ad.dbc, Letha, boru Jau. 25, 1886. 

bdag adfd. EnjAH-PiiRKr, son of Elijah-Dana ( SamueL Elijah, 
Edivard, Slmhael, Edward, John, Cornelius) and Cordelia (Ells- 
worth) Waldo; born June 26, 1.S65, at Council Bluffs, la. He is a 
school teacher and mechanic, and has passed most of his life in Oregon 
and Idaho. He married, Oct. 14, 1885, at Logan, Utah, Luna- 
Rozetta, daughter of Charles and Harriet Rich of Paris, Idahc; ; burn 
May 12, 1865, at Paris; died July 13, 1889, at Paris. 3 

Children of Elijah-Perry and Luua-Rozetta (Rich) Waldo. Born 
at Conor, Idaho : — 

hdn/j (tdfd't. Ei.i.smoijk-Emjah, boru May 10, 1887. ^ 

bdaij adfdb. Fkanklin-Hicii, boru Jan. 3, In89. 

' Kocords of Mr.-?. }[.-»rrkt-Kni'>;;ciif- ( \V;iMo) Perry. 

^ Ki'trorils of Hi'rin.iii-Fniiiklin Wal'lo. 

» Ilocortls of CJi.arie3-Aiit;usLu9 Waldo yidagadl}. 

iMMGCi.n..] NINTH CENEKATION. ■; ^•''7 

bdag aehb. Fkank, son of Reuben-Gonlon (Tlcahcn, Elijah, 
EdivanU ^'^linhnel, Kihrord, John, Cnmeli as ) imd iM;iry-Kliz:i (Avery) 
Waldo; born Nov. 7, ISGG, at Avon, N. Y.; m.-uried CUirissa, 
(lauglit<3r of LeGrand Wiard of Avon. Tlioy wore liviu';, I'JUl, at 
East Avon. He is a carriage painter.' 

Child of Frank and Clarissa (Wiard) Waldo:— 
bdag achba. Rali'II-Gokdon. ^ ' 

bdag cacb. P^li.en-Rosett, daughter of Clark-Prcntiss (Caleb, 
Anson, Eihmrd, Shuhael, Edioard, John, CoDidins) and Rosctt 
(I'.uniliain) Waldo; born Sept. 21, 1SG2, at Williamstown, Vt. ; mar- 
ried, Mch. 2G, ISSi, at Williamstown, Edward-John, son of Enos- 
Page and Sarah (Ayers) Colby of riainficld, Vt. ; born May 18, 
18.^7, at Plainfield. He is a farmer. They were living, 1900, at 

Children of Edward-John and EUen-Rosett (Waldo) Colby. Born 

at Plainfield, Vt. :— 

a. Ethk.i.-Rose, boru Mcb. 9, 1880. 
6. I5u)jnuam-Aykk8, born July 1, 1890. 

bdag cacc HKNRY-BuRxnAM, son of Clark-Prentiss (C(deh, 
Anson, Edward, Shubael, Edward, John, ConidiusJ and Rosett 
(Burnham) Waldo; born June 2, 18G9, at Williamstown, Vt. He 
marr^^d, Mch. 1, 1893, at Williamstown, Alice- Alma, daughter of 
Warren-Sylvester and Eunice-Morse (Smith) Covell of Williamstown; 
born July 12, 1872, at Williamstown. He is a farmer. They were 
living, 19U0, at Williamstown. 3 

Children of Henry- Burnham and Alice-Alma (Covell) Waldo. Born 
at Williamstown, Vt. : — 

bdag caeca. Eknkst-Covki-l, born Dec. 20, 1893. 

bdmjcaccb. llALrn-EMKUsoN, boru Dec. 12, 1894; died June 27, 1896, at Wil- 
bdag caccc. Eveuhtt-IIeniiy, born Feb. 23, 1897. 
bdag caccd. Waukex-I'iikntiss, born Nov. 20, 1898. 

bdag Cbbd. Luthek-Marshall, sou of ]\rarshall-Corydon (Cal- 
vin, Ansnn, Edward, Shubael, Ednard, John, Cornelius) and Maria- 
Azubah (Flint) Waldo; born Sept. 11, 1856, at Chelsea, Vt. ; died 
Nov. 11, 1898, at Tallapoosa, Ga. He lived at Williamstown, Vt., 

» lU-cnrds of Keuben-Ciorrion Waldo [Wa'jach]. 

' Records of Mrs. Kllcn-Rosett (Waldo) Colby. ' Willwiiistowu Recorda. 

81)8 WALDO GKNK.ALOGY. [bi>a(;(uiu. 

until October, 1801, avIjpii be removed to Tallapoosa. lie was a 
fannci'. lie married (1), Jan. 2, )><S'J, at Norlhfield, Vt., Alice- 
JNIaria, dau'!;htcr of Deiiisoii and Kik-n-Maria (Allis) Hrowu of North- 
field ; bora Jan. 28, 1857, at Williauistowu ; died Nov. 14, 1S92, at 
\Villiaui8towii. lie iriarricd (2), June 22, 18l»o, at Barrc, Vt., Josie- 
Bellc, daughter of Iknijamin-Franklin and Lorinda (Sylvester) Abbott 
ofBarre; born Nov. 18, ISOO, at Stockbridge, Vt. ; living, 1900, at 
Barre. They bad no children. ^ 

Children of Lutber-Marshall and Alice-Maria (Brown) AValdo. 
liorn at Williamstowu, Vt. : — 

bdag cbbda. EniTn-MAiUA, born Nov. 1.?, 1889. 
bdag cbbdO. Raymond-Buown, born Nov. 3, 1892. 

bdag cbbe. Thomas-Calvin, son of Marsball-Corj-don (Calvin, 
Alison^ Edward, Shubacl, Edward, John, Cornelius) and Maria- 
Azubah (Flint) Waldo; born Sept. 5, 1858, at Chelsea, Vt. He is a 
farmer, living, 1900, at Williamstown, Vt. He married, Mch. 25, 
1893,'-^ at Barre, Vt., Martba-Editb, daughter of John-Merrill and 
Harriet-Maria (Thayer) Flint of Chelsea; born Nov. 14, 1865, at 
Chelsea; living, 1900.3 

Children of Thomas-Calvin and Martha-Edith (Flint) Waldo. 
Born at Williamstown, Vt. : — 

bdag cbbca. Alice-Makia, born July 1.5, 1896. 
bd(tg cbheb. Edxa-Elizabeth, born Dec. 15, 1898. 

bdag cbbf. Olivia-Lydia, daughter of Marshall-Corydon (Cal- 
vin, Antion, Edward, Shubacl, Edward, John, Cornelius) and Maria- 
Azuljah (Flint) Waldo; born July 22, 1800, at Chelsea, Vt. ; married, 
Aug. 31, 1878, at Williamstown, Vt., Elbert-George, son of George- 
Bruce and Lora-Burnham (Martin) Jackson of Williamstown; born 
July 6, 1854, at Williamstowu. lie is a farmer. They were living, 
1900, at Williamstown.-' 

Children of Filbert-George and Olivia-Lydia (Waldo) Jackson. 

Born at Williamstown, Vt. : — 

a. Gkoiigk-Elukut, born May 23. 1879. lie is a farmer, livin::^, 1900, .it 
Williiimstowii, lie married. Feb. (5, 1900, at Wasliln.^ton^ Vt., Ida- 
Knnice, daujjhter of Warren-Sylvester and Eunice-Morse (Smith) Covell 
of Williamstown; l)orn Sept. 27, 1877, at Williamstown. 

' Rcooril.s of T)ioinas-<\dvin Wa\i\q [IxIdf/cMic]: AViUiainstowu Iteicjiils. 
' Willi.-iinstowii Records k.iy Mcli. -20. ' Heconis of Tliumas-C'alvin Waldo. 
* WiUianiblowu Uucords: Ilecorils of Tliomas-Calviu Waliio [bdagcbbc]. 


I. Cakkik-Vioi.a, born Feb. 8, 18fil; died Dor. 10, 1899, nt William st()^vn. 
c. Maksiiam.-Luthkh, born An?. 23, 188G. 

bdag cdca. Harkison-Algermont, son of John-Franklin (Royal- 
]{iirroiighs, Ansoyi, Edward, Sliuhopl, ?2dii:<ird, John, Cornelius) and 
Ksther-Maria (Rartholoniew) Waldo; born Sept. 12, 1860, at Sumner, 
Kan. He has passed most of his life at Oshkosh, Wis., and was 
living there in 1899, He is a sign and fresco painter. He married 
(1), July 3, 18S0, at Oshkosh, Adaline, daughter of Noah and Lucy- 
Jane (Russell) Bennett of Utica, ^Yis. ; born Feb. 17, 1863, at Utica ; 
died Aug. 6, 1892, at Oshkosh. He married (2), Jan. 4, 1894, at 
Oshkosh, Mary-Elizabeth, daughter of Robert and Ann (Morgan) 
Perry of East Rosendalo, AVis. ; born Aug. 17, 1873, at East Rosen- 
dale; living, 1899.1 

Children of Harrison- Algermont and Adaline (Bennett) Waldo. 
Boru at Oshkosh, Wis. : — 

hdag cdcna. Maule-Alick, born .Tnne 30, 18S2. 

bdarj cdcab. Noah-Brnnett, horn Nov. C, 1885; died Au^. 25, 188G. 

bdag cdcac. Estheh-Lillian, boru Juno C, 1888, 

Children of Harrison - Algermont and jMary- Elizabeth (Perr}') 
Waldo. Born at Oshkosli, Wis. : — 

bdag cdcad. Florknce-May, born May 19, 1894. 
bdag cdcae. Charlks-Lessme, born June 12, 1895, 
bdag cdcaf. Pnii,KTUS-SA"\VYEK, born Sept. 22, 1890. 
bdag cdcag. Raymond-Harrisox, born Mch. 25, 1898. 

bdag ddca. Carrie- ]\rAY, daughter of Samuel-S ( Leonnrd- 
Orcutt^ Samuel, Edward, Shubael, Edward. John, (Jornelixis) and 
Martha-Clark (Bennett) Waldo; born Nov. 2, 1859, at Wcnona, 111.; 
married, Nov. 10, 1887, at Seattle, Wash., Alexander-Bradshaw, son 
of Alexander and ?^liza-B. (Stage) Cook of Clarion Co., Pa.; born 
June 9, 1857, in Clarion County. They were living, 1899, at Red- 
lands, Cal. He is a dealer in agricultural implements and an orange 

Children of Alexander-Bradshaw and Carrie-i\ra3' (Waldo) Cook. 
Br>rn, a at Seattle, Wash. ; b, c at Redlands, Cal. : — 

a. Epna-Waux). born \n<i. C, 1SS9. 

b. REi!Ni(ji:-Kt.iZA, boru Mch. 24, 1895. 

c. Waldo-Ai.exander, born Mch. 21, 1897. - - 

' Kecorils of ilarrisou-Algennout Waldo. * Records of Samuel-S Waldo [Mucfildc]. 


8G0 WALDO GENEALOGY. [bdagdddp. 

bdag dddb. Frank, son of Parkcr-Hookor ( Leonanl-Orctdt, 
Sai)mcl, Edivtnd, 8hub(iel, Ed/rard, John, CorneJias) and Liiuni- 
Ain:uul (Merrill) Waldo; bora June 3, 185G, al Pcachain, Vt. Mc was 
a machinist for a wliile at Manchester, N. II., but removed to California 
and was, in LsD'J, a fruit grower, livinp; at Cauipljell, Cal. He innrricd, 
Oct. 30, 18s;), at San Jose, Cal., Ilattie-Anianda, dauo;liter of .lanics- 
George and Charlutto-Myra (Scovill) Garland of Greenfield, N. II.; 
born Nov. 2, 18G0, at Keene, N. 11. ; living, 189 j.i 

Children of Frank and Hattie- Amanda (Garland) W^ildo. Born 
at Campbell, Cal. : — 

bdmj dtldba. Pahkk.u-Galk, born Dec. 5, 189L 
bdag ddd'^h. Fi.okexck-Guack, born July 20, 1893. 

bdag dddd. Nkllik-Sakati, daughter of Parker- Hooker (Lpoh- 
ard-Ori'tdt, S<CiiihpJ, Edtrnrd, SJndjaeJ, Edward^ John, Cornelius) and 
Lanra-Amand (.Merrill) Waldo; born Sept. 11, 1860, at Mcthuen, 
Mass.;- died .June 12, 1886, at Carroll. la. She married, Nov. 24, 
187'J, at Carroll, Herbert-Francis, son of George-. Johnson and Harriet- 
Matilda (Townsend) Flinn of Dekalb, 111. ; born Sept. 11, 18')2, at 
Dekalb; died July 2, 1885, at Las Vegas, N. Mex. They lived at 
Carroll. He was a jeweler.^ 

Children of Herbert-Francis and Nellie-Sarah (Waldo) Flinn. 
Born at Carroll, la. : — 

a. Mabkl-Clvka, born Nov. 2t, 1880. 

b. Bkssik-Mav, born July 2, 1882. 

c. Gkokge-1If.hbf.rt, born Dec. 31, 18S5; died May 1, 1886. 

bdag defa. P^va-Jane, daughter of Erasmus-Darwin (Wdlinm- 
Efdouy Samnch Edmard, Shnhad, Edivard, John, Cornelius) and 
Mary-Lonis (Stevens) Waldo; liorn Jan. 9, 1867, at Peacham, Vt. ; 
married, Jan. 1, 1890, at Cabot, Vt., Walter-Jewet, son of Anthony- 
Augustus and Julia-Ann (Gunn) Perry of Walden, Vt. ; born Jan. 
14, 1865, at Cabot, They were living, 1899, at Walden. He is a 

Children of Walter- Jewct and Eva-Jane (Waldo) Perry. Born at 
Walden, Vt. :— 

n. llAM'n-\VAi,i>c», horn Jan. C, ISOl. ■• , ■:•. 

b. LiLA, born Nov. 5, 1S91. 

• Hiiconls of I'nuik W.ildo. ' Mftliui-n IJcconls. 
»" CliiVfl.uul Cciunli.j^y," vol. ii., ]>. 14i".l. 

♦ Rooortid of i:rasiuiib-l)aiwiii WaWlo [,',i//»</«/c/]. 


bdag defcl. FKi:i)-l)Ar:wrN, son of Krasimis-Diirwin ( WiJiiani- 
Eatoii, SiDuv.el^ Echrard, Shubael, Erhcard, John, CunitUaaJ and 
Mary-Louis (Slovens) Waldo; born July 7, 1870, at Cabot, Vt. lie 
was living, 1H97, at Windsor, P. Q. lie is a granite cutter. lie 
married, May 17. 18!t2, at Windsor Mills, P. Q., Carrie-Kdna, daui,di- 
ter of Samuel-Fletcher and Sarah-Ann (Northrop) Frye of Windsor; 
born May 14, 1SG9, at Windsor Mills; living, 1897.' 

Children of Fred-Darwin and Carrie-Edna (Frye) Wuldo. Born at 
Windsor Mills, P. Q. :— 

hdng difda. Flktciikr-Dauwin, born June 14, 1894. 
bdag defdh. Austin-Alkfikd, born Nov. 10, 181)0. 

bdag ecca. Frank-Emerson, son of George-Fay (Richard, Ed- 
icard, Edirard, Shubael, Edward, John, Cornelius) and Cordelia- 
Sophronia (Davis) Waldo; born June 13, 1865, at Troy, Vt. He 
lived at Potton, P. Q., and kept a store there until lS9o, when he 
removed to Boston, Mass. He was living, 1899, at Allston, Mass. Me 
is a grocer. He married, Nov. 2, 1887, at Potton, Hattic-May, 
daughter of George-Henry and Elizabeth-Ann (Stewart) Davis of 
Baiieyville, 111.; born Dec. 30, 1867, at Baileyville; living, 1899.2 

Children of Frank-Emerson and Hattie-May (Davis) Waldo. Bora 
at Potton, P. Q. :— 

bdag eccaa. Clintox-Frank, born Oct. 6, 1889. 
bdag eccah. Bessik-Adi'.lla, born Dec. 8, 1890. 
bdag eccac. FroRENCK-GKivniUDK, born Feb. 2, 1894. 
bdag eccad. IIazei.-May, born May 10, 1895. 

bdag eccd. Emjia-Jane, daughter of George-Fay (Richard, 
Edirard, Edirard, Shtdjael, Edward, John, Cornelius) and Cordelia- 
Sophronia (Davis) Waldo; born Mch. 30, 1875, at Potton, P. Q. ; 
married, Nov. 8, 1892, at North Troy, Vt., Leon-Almon, son of 
Hayton and Jane (Hardy) Skinner of Potton; born Feb. 1, 1869, at 
North Troy. They were living, 1899, at Cambridge, -Mass. He is 
employed in the repair shops of the Boston & Albany Railroad Com- 
pany, at Allston, Mass.^ 

Children of Leou-Almou and Emma-Jane (Waldo) Skinner. Born, 
a at Potton, P. Q. ; b, c at Allston, Mass. :— 
n. At.ick-Maud, born Oct. 2, 1893; died An??. 17. 1895, at Allston. ' ^t, ". 

b. GK<)RGr.-LEON, born Au^. 31, 1895. iti.j !• r...-, ■•, • 

c. Authur-Almon, burn July 5, 1897. 

» Keconls of Krasiuu.--l);uwin Wal.lo [hilafjd''/]. ' Rfconls of Frank-KiuersoTi WaMo, 
' Records of Mrs. Eiaiua-Juiie ( W;U>Iu) Skimu'r. 


bdag faba. ANNir.-Kr.izAr.i-.TU, (l;ui;jhlcr of A1)n(M--Woston f'./''.//?), 
Abnor, Ethcard, Sln/ljad, Edioanl, John^ Cnrneh'us) and Eliznliotli- 
Api)l(jton (Stanifonl) Wiildo ; horn Dec. ;">, 18.53, al Salem, Mass.; 
married, Sept. 6, 1887, at Vernon, 111., William-Frothingham, son of 
Wiilioin-Philo and Harriet (Hoardnian) .Martin of Salem; born Sept. 
G, 1858, at Salem. They were living, 1899, at Salem. He is a 
machinist and manufacturer of leather machinery.^ 

Children of William-Frothingiiam and Annie-Pvlizabeth (Waldo) 
Martin. Born at Salem, Mass. : — 

a. Abxf,u-'\Valdo, born Mch. 19, 1890. 

b. Elizaukth, horn Sept. 4, 1891. 

bdag fabb. CAROLixE-HARurs, daughter of Abucr- Weston (^Jb/</;, 
Ahner, Edivord, Shnlxiel, Ed/vnrd., John^ Cornelius) and Klizabeth- 
Appleton (Staniford) Waldo; born Feb. -1, 1850, at Rriggsville, 
Wis.; married, July 2, 1883, at Cliicago, 111., Charles- Walter, son 
of Walter and Elizabeth-Ann (Stonej Galbraith of Hamilton, Out.; 
born Dec. 3, 1858, at Hamilton. The}' were living, 1899, at Chicago. 
He is in the dry goods business.^ 

Children of Charles- Walter and Caroline- Harris (Waldo) Galbraith. 
Born at Chicago, Jll. : — 

a. Ralpii-Waldo, born Nov. 19, 1884. 

b. CiiARLES-STANn'ORD, bom Feb. 23, 1888. 

bdag fabc. Olive- Weston, daughter of Abucr-Weston (John^ 
Abner, Edward, Shubael, Ediuard, John, Cornelius) and Elizabeth- 
Applcton (Staniford) Waldo; born Apr. 24, 1860, at Briggsville, 
Wis.; married, Sept. 18, 1884, at Chicago, 111., Homer- Alandus, son 
of Alandus-C. and Ilarriet-Slierman (Daggett) Squire; ])orn May 21, 
1859, at St. Anthony's Falls, Minn. They were living, 1899, at 
Chicago. He is in the dry goods business. •"' 

Children of Homer- Alandus and Olive- Weston (Waldo) Squire. 
Born at Chicago, 111. : — 

a., born May 31, 1885. 

b. 1Iomi;u-Wali>o, born July 17, 1889. 

c. Stanikoud, born Sept. 1, 1S96. 

bdag fabe. Alhuo-Waters, son of Abner- Weston (John, Ab- 
ncr, Edicard, Sliubaal, Edward, John, Cornelius) and Elizabeth- 

• Records of Wini.iin-Frntliiii^limn Jlartiii. 

* Rcfords of ."Sir.*. Car(iUiie-Harri.s ( WaMo) Cilhraith. ' ' 
» Uecords of Mrs. (.)Uve- Weston ( Wald(j) Sii'.iiro. 

i,i>Aiii)iu»n] NINTH GKNERATION. 863 

Ai>i)lo((.ii (Stfuiifoid) Waldo; born Apr. 18, 18G9, at Chicago, 111.; 
married, May 18, 1803, at Cliica^i^n), Ellen- Wilhchnina, daughter of 
Clu-istopher-August and Aniclia-Kniily (Whiltlinger) llochschild of 
Chicago; born Nov. 28, 18G7, at Harvard, 111. Tliey arc living, 1902, 
at Highland Park, 111. Mr. Waldo is in the '' market business." • 

Cliildren of Albro-Waters and EUen-Wilhehnina (llochschild) 
AValdo. Born at Highland Park, 111. : — 

bdarjfabca. Aiuuk-Stan-ifokd, bom Feb. 2, 18'J-l; died July 14, 180G. 
bdarj fabcb. A^^•KK-^YK.STON. born Doc. 4, 189.''>. 
bdarjfabec. Hknry-Maksiiall, born Feb. 11, 1898. 
bdagfabed. Maky-Louisc, boru Mch. 14, 1901; died June 8, 1901. 

bdah bdaa. Daisy -Lorexa, daughter of William-Sylvester ( ?) 
(Azel, liosiceJl, Daniel, Shubad, Edward, John, Corneliii.<i) and 
Julia-Isabel (Robinson) Waldo; born Mch. 26, ISCU, at St. Louis, 
Mo.; married (1), Oct. 13, 1878, at St. Louis, Herbert-Sutherland, 
son of George and lone (Suthei-land) Wolcott of St. Louis ; born 
July 26, 1858, at St. Louis. They were divorced Sept., 1S82, at 
Boulder, Col., and she married (2), June 2, 1.S91, at Rawlins, Wyo., 
Maurice, son of Michael and Margaret (Boucher) Marley from Ire- 
land ; born Apr. 22, 1857, at Wataga, 111.2 

Child of Herbert-Sutherland and Daisy-Lorcna (Waldo) Wolcott. 
Born at St. Louis, Mo. : — 
a. Ralph-Alexandeu, born July 24, 1879. 

bdah bfba. Anson-Seeley, son of Joseph- Allen (Ilosea- Allen, 
lioswell, Daniel, Shubael, Edward, John, Cornelius) and P^uuicc- 
Cornclia (Johnson) Waldo; born Aug. 21, 1867, at Corry, Pa. He 
was living, 1899, at Cherry Valley, O. He is a farmer. He married, 
July 27, 1894, at New Lyme, O., Lilly-Pearl, daughter of George- 
Washington and Jennie-Carver (Howland) Champlin of Cherry 
Valley; born Mch. 20, 1875, at Cherry Valley; living, 1899.3 

Childreu of Ansou-Sccley and Lilly-Pearl (Champlin) Waldo. 
Born at Cherry Valley, O. : — 
bdah bfbaa. Maggip.-Eunick, boru May 28, 1895. 
bdah bfbab. Hattie-Lunettie, born June 13, 1897. 

bdah dbbb. Rosalie-Hh.lman, daughter of George-Curlis (Jo- 
siah'Croslnj, Shubael, Daniel, Shubftel, Edward, John, Curndia^) 

' Records of Alliro- Waters Waldo. - Ruoord.s of Cliurlea-Kdw.ird Muldo \_bdadabaa]. 
' Uecords of Aiisou-Steley Waldo. 

"''1 WALDO GENEALOGY. [ni.Aui>»».. 

ami Aiiiiic (Frye) Waldo; Iv-ni Aiii,-. 8, 1.S77, at Bridgeport, Conn. ; 
mairicd, Nov. 2i, 18!)7, at Bridgeport, liowlaiid-nawley, son of Col. 
Williani-IIenry and Ilelen-Cobb (Wyman) iVIallory of Bridgeport; 
born Apr. G, 187U, at Ik-idgeport. He graduated at Trinity College, 
181)2, :it New Yoriv University, ]S[)G, and is a member of the New 
York bar. He was, in 1899, in the publishing business. They were 
then living in New York City.^ 

Child of Rowland-Hawley and Rosalie-Hillmau (Waldo) Mallory. 
Born at Bridgeport, Conn. : — 

a. Ros.m.ind-Marshall, born JLiy 20, 1898. 

bdah dcaa. Janey-Cunningham-Agnew, daughter of James-Cur- 
tis (James-Elliott., ShnbaeU Daniel, Shubael, Edivard, John, Cor- 
nelius) and IMargaret-Mary (Woods) Waldo; born May 12, 1857, at 
New Orleans, La.; married, Aug. 29, 1888, at New Orleans, Sumter 
Davis, son of Isaac-Newton and Leah-Louise (Samuels) Marks of 
New Orleans ; born Aug. 29, 18G1 , at New Orleans. They were living, 
1900, at New Orleans. He is secretary of the Firemen's Building 
Association. 2 

Children of Sumter-Davis and Janey-Cunniugbam-Agnew (Waldo) 
INLarks. Born at New Orleans, La. :— 
G. Janey, born Sept. 27, 1890. 

b. Sumtkk-Davis, boru Dec. IG, 1891. 

c. Margaket-Leaii, born June 11, 1893. 

bdah dead. Haury-Joseph, sou of James-Curtis (James-Elliott, 
Shnbael, Daniel, Mid)ael, Edward, John, Cornelius) and .Alargaret- 
Mary (^Yoods) Waldo; born Mch. 19, 18G], at New Orlean5,\a. ; 
living, 1900. at New Orleans, where he has passed most of his life. 
He is a "manufacturers' agent." He married (1), Apr. 11, 188,'^, 
at Columbus, 0., Cornelia-Marshal, daughter of Peter-Tapp and 
Margaret-Mary (Hobbard) Conrad of Columbus; born Apr. 11, 1861, 
at Columbus. He married (2), Nov. 11, 1893, Eva, daui^hter of 
Isaac and Esther (Hamburger) Jacob of Natchitoches, La. ; born Nov. 
11, 1874, at Natchitoches. 3 

Child of Ilarry-Joseph and Cornelia-Marshal (Conrad) WaUlo. 
Born at Coluudjus, 0. : — 
bdah (Icada. Miclixd.v-Melissa, born Dec. 13, 1884. 

' Ucconls of Mrs. Uoscilie-llilhiiau ( Waldo) Mallory. 

' Keconls of Mrs. Jauoy-CuuniiiKham Agiicw { Waldo) Marks. 

' liecords of Ilarry-Jorsepli Waldo. 


bdhaCkisaJ ninth GENEKATION. 865 

Children of Harry-Joseph and Eva (Jacob) Waldo. Born at New 
Orleans, La. : — 

Ixliih dc.adh. Eva-Minor, horn Dec. 13, 189-1. 
hdahdcmlc. Harry-Joskph, born Feb. 28, 1896. 
hdah dcadd. Ivy-Elliot, born Oct. 7, 1897. 

bdba bgab. ■ Hakhikt-Louisa, danghU-r of Elderkin (7?"fus, 
Joliu-Ehlerldn^ Zarhariah, Edioard, Edirard, John, ConipUns) and 
Harriet (Lyon) Waldo; born Sept. 23, 18G0, at Canterbury, Conn. ; 
married, Apr. 20, 1S91, at Plainficld, Conn., Byron- Will)nr, son of 
John-Henry and Susan-Pamela (Kay) Peek of Norwich, Conn. ; born 
Mch. 2G, 1865, at Lisbon, Conn. They were living, 1.^97, at Nor- 
wich. He was then an engineer on the Norwich and Worcester divi- 
sion of the New England Pailroad.^ 

Child of BjTon-Wilbur and Harriet-Louisa (Waldo) Peck. Born 
at Norwich, Conn. : — 
a. Waltkh-Aktiiur, boru Apr. 28, 1894. 

bdba cdba. Mart-Emma, daughter of Francis (^^6e?, Zachnriah, 
Zarkariah, Edward, Edward, John, Cornelius) and (.'atharine 
(Hughes) Waldo; born May 22, 1871, at Centerville, R. I. ; mar- 
ried, Oct. 27, 1892, at Crompton, R. L, William, son of John and 
Mary (McCann) Dougherty of Boston, Mass. ; born Mch. 6, 1867, at 
Boston. He is a weaver. They were living, 1900, at Centerville. 
Both his parents were natives of Ireland, but were married in this 
country .2 

Children of William and Mary-Emma (Waldo) Dougherty. Born, 
a at Fall River, Mass. ; b, c at Centerville, R. I. : — 

a. Eli/.abiotii, boru June 13, 1895. 

?'. Annik, boru July 1, 1897. ' : ^.. ' '-' 

c. Francis, born Jan. 21, 1899. - • . • -. 

bdba ceba. May-Elizabeth, daughter of Albert (^^4?(.<;o», Zacha- 
rm/i, Zacharinh, Edivard, Edward, John, Cornelius) and P^lla 
(Fuller) Waldo; born Sept. 6, 1876, at New Milford, Pa.; married, 
Dec. 30, 1896, at Conkliu, N. Y., John, son of Edward-Alphonso 
and Kate (Bell) Monroe of New Milford; born Feb. 10, 1875, at 
Wayne, Pa. They were living, 1901, at New Milford. He is a farmer. ^ 

' Uro,r(l3 i)f Mrs. Charlrs-Elilfrkin W.ildo [/-f//'t(/<r/(U'] : riaiunokl Records. 
' R.-.iinls of Mns. JL-\ry-Kiiiinr. ( Walilo) Uoutclieity. 
•^ Ueconis of Mis. Albert WiilUo IbdbaccO]. 

.IX/;;* \'r. 

8G6 WALDO GENEALOGY. [bdbackba 

Children of John and I\Iay-Elizabeth (Waldo) Monroe. Born at 
New Mil ford, Pa. : — 

a. Raymond-Walpo, born Oct. 24, 1897. 

b. Hakhy, born Aw^. 5, 1899. 

bdbc cdba. Mabelle, daughter of Nathan-Waterman (Nathcni^ 
Nathan, Nathan, Edward, Edioard, John, Cornelius J and Sarah- 
Ellen (Ward) Waldo; born May 26, 1866, at Brighton, 111. ; married, 
June 12, 1884, at Brighton, James-Monroe, son of John and Rebecca- 
Ann (Mundiiy) Pine of New Salem, Pike Co., 111. ; born Sept. 3, 
1854, at Batavia, O. They were living, 1899, at Denver, Col.' 

Children of James-lMonroe and Mabelle (Waldo) Pine. Born, a at 
Brighton, 111. ; h at Blackhawk, Col. ; c at Denver, Col. : — 

a. Victok-Waldo, born Oct. 20, 1885. 

b. Pkhcy-Pakls, born May 15, 1887. 

c. Genevikve, born Dec. 29, 1895. ' ■ 

bdbc maca. Hekbert-Carleton, son of Harlan-Page (Lorenzo, 
Wilkes, Nathan, Edward, Edicard, John, Cornelius) and Loi.s-Ann 
(Thurlow) Waldo; born Sept. 29, 1872, at Bradford, Mass. He is 
a letter-carrier, living, 1899, at Wardhill, Haverhill, Mass. He 
married, Nov. G, 1895, at Wardhill, Kmily-Aun, daughter of Gard- 
ncr-0]ifliu and Harriet-Emily (liixby) Kimball of Wardhill; born 
Nov. 21, 1874, at Bradford; living, 1899.= 

Children of Herbert-Carleton and Emily-Ann (Kimball) Waldo. 
Born at Wardhill, Mass. : — 

bdtn', macaa. IIollis-Thckeow, born Nov. 2, 189G. 
bdbc macab. Dohotiiy-Kimball, born Mch. 13, 1899. 

bdic adac Dwiout-Bryant, sou of Simeon-Smith (IIor(dio- 
Nchon, Lyman, John, Zachens, Edward, John, Cornelius) and 
Martha-Ann (Bryant) Waldo; born June 13, 1864, at Arcade, N. Y. ; 
graduated at Albion College, Mich., receivi)ig the degree of Ph. B. in 
1887, and that of A. M. in 1890. He taught in the preparatory de- 
partment of Albion College, 1887-89; was a graduate student at 
Harvard University, 1889-90; taught at Beloit College, 1890-92; 
was professor of history and politics at Albion College, 1892-99; 
since then has been principal of the Northern State Normal School at 
Marquette, Mich. 

* Kecorils of Natbaii-WattTinan Waldo [bdhccdb]. 

* Uecords of Herbcrt-Carlelon Waldo. 



llo iiifiiiifd, Dec. 81, 18110, at Vicksburg-, Mich.. Miniiie-Abbie, 
(biu-.^Iitor of Kzcku'l-Ainbroso and Abbic (Sawyer) .Slionti: of Vicks- 
1)111-^; boru June 27, 18G.0, at Vicksburg. They are living, 1902, al 
Maniiiello.' ■ . . , , 

Children of Dwight-Bryant and Minnie-Abbie (Strong) Waldo. 
Horn, a at Vicksburg; />, c at All)ion, Mich. : — 
Mir, aduca. RoM.iN-D-vviGnT, born Dec. 2, \S'J\ ; died Jan. 15, 1892. 
bcJic adacb. IlKr.Br.ra--STi:()XG, l)orn Junr- 8, 18!>3. 
bdic aducc. Ruth-Gknkvif.vk, born Sept. 17, 1895. 

bdic adbb. Charles -McMasteu, son of Samuel- Upham 
(Jforatio-Xelson^ L;/nian, John, Zacheus, EdiranU John, Cornelius) 
and Caroline (Bryant) Waldo; born Oct. 27, 1SG2, at Arcade, N. Y. 
He is a locomotive engineer, living, 1889, at Delpbos, O. He Itegan 
as fireman on the Cliieago & Grand Tru)ik Raiboad at Battle Creek, 
Mich., in 1882. Since 188<! he has been engineer on the Toledo, St. 
Louis & Kansas City Railroad. He married, Oct. 9, 1889, at Del- 
phos, Cora, daughter of David and Marilla (Gazeille) Porter of 
Delphos; bora Nov. 29, 1871, at Delphos; living, 1899.2 

Children of Charles- McMaster and Cora (Rorter) Waldo. Born at 
Delphos, O. : — 

bdic adhha. CuAKLES-lTpnAM. born July It, 1890; died July 23, 1890. 
bdicadhhb. Net.ueBkathick, horn May U, 1891. 
bdic adbbc. Akthuh-Edison, born Nov. 8, 1892. 

bdic adbbd. Fueokkick-Causox, born June 19, 1894; died Aup;. 24, 1894. 
bdic (idbbe. MAurAN-GAZF.iij.E, born Feb. fi, 1S9C. 

bdic adbbf. Don'ald-Samuiu., ■> , . „. ,n^n 

, ,. „/ „ -. I born Apr. 28, 1889. 

bdtc ndbbg. Holaxd-Uavh), j ' 

bdic bbda. Jessie -Gertrude, daughter of Hcrliert- Eugene 
(Orson, John, John, Z'tcheus, Edward, John, Cornelius) and Lucy- 
Ann (Armstrong) Waldo; born Sept. 29, 18G7, at Ludlowville, 
N. Y.; married. May 25, 1886, at Wyalusing, Pa., Frederick-Albert, 
son of Asher and Betsey (Silvernail) Armstrong of Owego, N. Y. ; 
born Dec. 19, 1861, at Owego. They were living, 1898, at Athens, 
Pa. He is a piano dealer. ^ 

Children of Frederick- Albert and Jessie-Gertrude (Waldo) Arm- 
strong. Born, a, b at Towanda, Pa. ; c, d at Athens, Pa. : — 
a. Edwaud-Waldo, born June 30, 1887. 

' Reeoiils of I)\vit;l\t-l!iy;uU Waldo. ' Reconls of Ch.iiles-McMastev Waldo. 
• Records of Kdward-Aiiudtroug \S aldo 10UU00U0\. 

WALDO GENEALOGY. [)'.i>iciti>.r.A 

b. etALPii-nAitiMsox, l)orn Nov. 22, lfi8>^. 
O. KAUf.-EiuiKNK, born Feb. 22, 181)1. 
<?. Cakmo.n-IIi:iu»ld, born Sept. 2.'), 1SU7. 

bdic bbdb. Ki)"\VAi;i)-Ai;MS'n;f)NG, son of Ilei-l)ert-Eu;.icno (Or.^nn. 
,7oJui, John, Zacheus, Edrard, John, Cornelivs) and Lucy-Ann 
(Annslrong) Waldo; born Nov. 2C, 18G8, at Ludlowville, N. Y. Ho 
was living, 1899, at Wyalusing, Pa., engaged in mercantile business, 
having stores at Wyahising and Wysox, Pa. When fourteoi years 
old ho became clerk for ('.-J. Lewis, and remained with the same con- 
cern until Feb. 22, 1892, when the present firm of K.-D. Lewis & Co., 
composed of E.-l). Lewis, F.-G. Smith and E.-A. Waldo, was formed 
and bought out the business of C.-J. & E.-D. Lewis. He married, 
June 25, 1S91, at Wyalusing, Jennie-vSophia, daughter of Loren-1) 
and Emma-Sophia (Dunklee) Carpenter of vVddison, N. Y. ; burn 
Jan. lo, 18C9, at Coopers Plains, N. Y. ; living, 1902. » 

Childien of Edward-Armstrong and Jennie-Sophia (Carpenter) 
Waldo :— 

hilic. hhilha. GF.ini:rDK-E.MMA, J)orn Oct. 12, 1893. 
bdic. hhdhh. RuBKKT-CAReiiNTER, bom Sept. ], 1805. 

bdic bfba. James-Clark, son of Pharez-Gerden (Clark, John, 
John, Zacheint, Edicard, John, Cornelius) and L^'dia-Ann (McCal- 
mont Waldo; born Feb. 10, 18G1, at President, Pa. He is a pattern- 
maker, living, 18!I9, at Sharpsburg, Pa. He married, I\Ieh. 22, ].s88, 
at Titus\ille, Pa., Clara, daughter of Thomas and Belinda (Deempsy) 
Creese of Titusville ; born Ajir. 2, 18(33, at Dempseytown, Pa.; 
living, 1.S99.2 

Children of James-Clark and Clara (Creese) A\''aldo : — 
bdic hfhan. PKAUi.-GK.r.TRuni:, born L)ec. 17, 188S. 
bdic bfhuh. Mauki.-Lii.v, born May 1, ISOO. 
Itdic lifhac. Cr.AiiKNCH-JAMKS, born .TmiG 20, ISOl. 
bdic bfbiid. LoLA-MvKTi.r., burn Xws,. G, lS'.t2; died Oct. 8, 1892. 
bdic bflnie. EL'GKNK-Lurnr.n, born Maj' 17, 1897. 
bdic bfbaf. Dkwi:v-1;mki;son', born June 2r), 1898. 

bdic bfbc. MAnKi.-LiLi.rAX, daugliler of Phare/.-Gerden (Cl"rJ:, 
John, ,Tohn, Z(ich''tis, Ed.ivard, John, ComeVnis) and Lydia-Ann 
(McCUdinont) ^Valdo; born June 30, 1805, at President, Pa.; mar- 
ried, Sept. 30, 1885, at Triumph, Warren Co., Pa., Saniiiel-Harvey, 

* Il'ecorils of Kilwanl-Annstroiiir WaUlo. 

' Kecord. of I'liarez-tienleu Waklo [Odicbfti]. 

,^ 'i 


son of Snmnel-Russell and ?]lizaholh-Ann (Dinsinorc) McCain of 
Cohhain, Pa.; born Deo. 31, 1803, at DoeiTiold, Warren Co., Pa.; 
(lied A«;j;. 5, 1887, at 'rriuniph. iIi.-> widow was living, 189'J, at 

Sliarpsburir, Pa.* t , ., , , 

Child of SamucI-IIan-ey and !\ral)i>l-T,illian (Waldo) Ayc-(":iin : — 
a. Lii.i.TAN, born Apr. 8, 1887. 

bdic bfbe. Gokdox-At.rert, son of Pbarez-Gordon ( Clark, John. 
John, Zoi^heuR, Ed'card, John, Comelius) and CtMT-io (Towiifr) 
Waldo; brirn July IG, 1875, at Triunii)h, WaiTen Co., Pa. He is a 
butclier, Hving, 1890. at Grandin, Carter Co., Mo. lie inan-ied, Oct. 
IT), ]89.'<, at Grandin, Blanclie-Bell, daugliter of Dennis-Spencer and 
Sarah (McCray) Greene of Coltou, Wash. ; born Aug. 5, 1877, at 
Youngsvillc, Pa.; living, 1889.2 

Children of Gordon- Albert and Blanchc-Rell (Greene) Waldo: — 

hdir hfhca. Kalvu-L.vwuicxci:, born Mcli. 19, 1S9G. 

Mich/brb. Loka-Maup, born Feb. 10, 1898. 

bilic bfbrc. Vk.ra-Claka., born Jan. 22. 1900, at Grandin. 

bdic bfda. Emma-Cokiktha, daughter of Edgar (Clark, John, 
John, Zachcus, Edicard, John, Cornplint^) and I\Iai-garet-Elizabeth 
(Snodgr:iss) AValdo ; born Apr. 21, 1871; married, July 21, 189G, at 
Mercer, iNIercer Co., Pa., Francis-Richard, son of Thomas and 
Sarnh-?ilaria (Harris) Walls; born 1873, at Youngstov/n, O. His 
father was born at Chippendale, Eng., in 1827, and his mother at 
Bristol, ICng., in 183G. He is a coal miner " b}' birth." ^ 

Child of Fiancis-Richard and Emma-Corintha (Waldo) Walls. 
Born at Grove City, Pa. : — i 

a. Myrtlk-May, born June l.S, 1897. 

bdic bfdc Edith-Calista, daughter of Edgar (Clark, John, 
John, Zndiciis, Edward, John, Cornelius) and Margaret-Elizabeth 
(Snodgrass) Waldo; born June 22, 1875. She married, July 29, 
1898, Samuel-Charles, son of Samuel-Charles and Mariana (Flint) 
Alexander of Buffalo. N. Y. ; born Dec. 11, 18G8, at Buftalo." 

Children of Samuel-Charles and Edith-Calista (Waldo) Alexan- 
der: — 

a. Jknmk-Wai.d 


*^' I boni Jan. 13, 1899;/ ,. , 

_, J I O'd same daj' 

' K.'conl? of I'liart'z-Gerclen Waldo [bdUl>/b]. - Kecortls of (jordnu-AUtert Waldo. 

' Kecoril3 of Hev. Milton W aldo ilnlUbl]. * Kecords of Pliaiez-Geiden Waldo [tdicO/O]. 

870 WALDO GENEALOGY. [bdikakar 

bdif aeab. Josiru-IujxKST, son of Joseph-Thomas (Jofifph, 
Leci^ y.nchcvs, Znvlicnsy Eilu'dnU John, CoDielinn) and M:iry-Kln;i 
(Mitchell) Walrlo; ])orn June 23, l.SG.'), at Hamilton, N. C. ; died 
Feb. 23, iSOfi, at Columbia, Tenn. He was a travelling salesuiuu 
and lived at Columbus, Miss. He married, Apr. 2.5, 1895, Susie, 
dau^litor of Jume^^-Garrett and Susan (Ciiapj)ell) Voorhics of Colum- 
bia ; born Nov. G, 18G1, at Columbia; livinir. 1898. • 

Chil(b-en of Joseph-Ernest and Susie (^'oorhies) Waldo. Born, a 
at Chicago, 111. ; b at Columbia, Tenn. : — 

bdif a^aba. JosKru-Er.XKSr. born Feb. 10, 1890. 
bih'f ai'ithh. .TA>n:s-TuoMAS, born July 25, 1898. 

bdif aedb. Samuel-Pkakce, son of Samuel-Pearce (Jofieph, 
Lev}\ Zachexs, Zachcus, EdvxvnU John, Cornelius) and 
garette (Owen) Waldo; born Dec. IG, 1871. at Hamilton, N. C. He 
man-ied, Oct. 2G, 1891, at Atlanta, Ga., Willie Phillips.2 

Children of Samuel-Pearce and Willie (Phillips) Waldo: — 
hdifncdba. Lavknk, born Feb. ^, 1890. 
bdifardbh. EvKLYX, born Nov. 18, 1898. 

bdif afbd. Pkrxf.lla - May, daughter of Francis-Gillespie 
(Enoch-George, Levi, Zacheus, Zachens, Edivarrl, John, Cornelivs) 
and E:ilen-Maria (Gillet) Waldo; born Aug. 2G, 1873, at Hebron, 
Conn. After her mother's death she was adopted, in 187o, by 
(•hauncy and Amelia Pern of East Hampton, Conn. She attended 
Mt. Holyoke College and was a member of the class of '93, but did 
not graduate. She married, IMay 8, 1891:, at Braddock, Pa., William- 
Halsey, son of William-Halsey and Augusta (Brooke) Gleason of 
Salem, N. Y.; born May 23, 1872, at Meriden, Conn. They were 
living, 1898, at Longmeadow, Mass. He is a farmer.^ 

Child of William-Halsey and Pernclla-May (Waldo) Gleason. 
Born at Dorothy, N.J. : — 
n. Willia.m-IIai.sey, boru Jan. 13, 1898. 

* Keconls of Mrs. Joseiih-Einost \VaI(lo. 

" Keford.'* of .Mrs. .VUcc->r:irirarette (Owen) Waldo [lirli/aed]. 

» Kecoiils of Mrs. fernella-M.'iy ( Walilo) tileasou. 


bclab ebfaa. Br-SSiK-ELuiSE, daugliter of Alva-Nixon (Major- 
Andre, Jonathaii-HaskeU, Jaram, Shuhael, ShuhaeU Edward, John, 
Cornelius) and Alico-Catlioriue (.Tarvis) Waldo; boiii Meb. 2i», ISSO, 
at Pottcrville, Mich. ; married, May 3, 1898, at Lansing, Mich., Ray- 
Burdettc, son of Rev. Johu-Niles and Mary-Elizabeth (Chappcll) 
Sloan of Olivet, Mich.; born Nov. 5, 1872, at Olivet. They were 
living, 1901, at I-ansing.^ 

Children of Ray-Burdette and Bessie-Eloise (Waldo) Sloan. Born 

at Lansing, Mich. : — 

a. Nilks-Walpo, horn Apr. 13, 1899. 
h. De-Etta-Bellk, born Mch. 18, 1901. 

bdad bfcda. William-Smitfi, .son of Charles-Dwight ( Amasa- 
Dai-is, Hiram, Nathan, Jesse, Shuhoel, Edward, John, Cornelius) 
and Elizabeth (Kellogg) Waldo; born Nov. 23, 1871, at Elba, N. Y. ; 
married Edna Moult(Mi. They were living, 1901, at Johnsonburg, 
N. Y. He i.s a farmer." 

Child of William-Smith and Edna (Moulton) Waldo :— 
I'dufl bfcda a. Myiiox, born July 7, 1897. 

bdag acaab. Lllu - Mabel, daughter of Fredcric-Gilman 
( Charles- Whitnci/, Elijah, Elijah, Edward, Shnbael, Edward, John, 
Cornelius) and Rhoda-Ella (Hale) Waldo; born Oct. 25, 1872, at 
Kecne, N. H. ; living, 1899, at Dublin, N. H. She married, Oct. 2,"), 
1893. at Marlboro, N. H., Charles- Whitney, son of Charles-Lyman 
and Ellen-Lydia (Whitney) Clark of Dublin; born at Dublin; died 
Oct. 21. 1897, at Dublin. lie was a farmer living at Dublin. ^ 

Children of Charles- Whitney and Lulu-Mabel (Waldo) Clark. Born 
at Dublin, N. IL :— 
0. Gi-ktuudk-IIelt:n. born Oct. 30, 1894. 
h. Bkatuice-Ella, boru Sept. 21, 1895. " '■'*'' 

' Ucconls of Miss JuIi.i-Bi'Ue Waldo [b'1al.c>/'il,]. 
' lUH'onl.s »f Mrs. Kinily ( W.iMi) Stickle [Inlndbfcc'^. 
" Uccurds of Mia. Lulu-M.-ibel ( Waldo) Clark. 




Waldo, married, probably at Chesterfield, N. H., Polly. 

daughter of .Samuel and p]sthor (Rounds) Estabrooks who moved to 
Chesterfield about 180."). " Samuel Esterbrook, son of Benjamin and 
Joanna, born May -4, 17.52, at Reholtoth, Mass., married (1), Esther 
Rounds, who was born at Rehoboth and died before 1817. He mar- 
ried (2), Mrs. Lucy Hildreth. He settled in Westmoreland, N. II., 
about 1788 and moved to Cliesterfield about 1805, and died about 


Waloo, lived at Oneida, N. Y., and married, after 1790, 

Mrs. Lcttice (Cummings) Storrs, widow of Cordial Storrs of IMans- 
field, Conn., wlio died about 1790. vShe outlived her second husband, 
and died, aged 90, in Watson, Lewis Co., N. Y., in 1849.2 Cordial 
Storrs of Mansfield and Lcttice Cummings of Killiugly, Conn., were 
married Dec. 2, 1782.^ The same marriage is recorded in the Church 
Records of Tliompson, Conn., Nov. 23, 1782. ■* Mr. Waldo was a 
" Deacon." He probabl}' had no children. 


Waldo, lived at i\Iinonk, 111.^ 

Adeline Waldo, married, Mch. 30, 18-4.5 (by Rev. E. Maxwell), 
probably at Hartland, Niagara Co., N. Y., Erastus, son of James 

> " KKt:ilir()oks (ioiie;ilnpy," p. wr,. ' " .Storrs F.imily," p. i'JS. • Mansfii-ld Kn-onls. 

« " K:iily Connecticut .M.uriages," voL ii,, p. 6?. » Kccords of Cleveland Abbe [bdifcin ]. 


and Electa (Vinton) Shaw, who was born Jan. R, 1^17, at Hartland. 
Tbcy resided (1858) at Hronson, liranch Co., Mich.' 

Children of Erasluo and Adeline (Waldo) Shaw: — 

a. Ai,80X-Erastu3, born Oct. 5, 1848. 

b. Alick-Amanda, boru Mch. 2G, 1852. 


Alcekt Waldo, with wife Ada, was in iNIissouri in 1866 for the 
health of his wife, who was in consumption. He came from, or had 
friends at, Poughkeepsie, N. Y." 

"Albert Waldo, who for the past three years had been employed 
as boilermaker at the Southern Pacific sho[)S, died at St. Mary's 
hospital Saturday. Deceased came here from Green Bay, Mich., 
[Wis. ?j and was a trusted employee of the company. He was twenty- 
eight years of age and unmarried. The remains have been embalmed 
and will be shipped to Wisconsin tomorrow. A great many of his 
friends in Tucson will escort the remains from Miller's undertaking 
rooms to the depot at 8 o'clock tomorrow night." -^ 


Austin Waldo, was living, 1819, at Worcester, Mass. He was a 
wheelwright, and boarded with Mrs. Titus, Union Street. ■* 


C.-C. Waldo and Miss Libbie Gumaer, both of Lincoln, Neb., 
were married Oct. 15, 1879. ^ 


C'AMrnKLL Waldo, married, Apr. 18, 1885, Mrs. Amelia-Sophia, 
daughter of Daniel (Jacob., Jacob, Jacob, Andreio, Edioard, Edicard) 
and S3'bil (Cleveland) Spalding of Climax, Mich., and widow of Elias 
Davis, whom she married June G, 1S59. She was boru Nov. 15, 
1836.^ Said to be living at Galesburg, i\Iich., but unknown at that 
post-olllce. He is jjrobably a descendant of Campbell Waldo [^Ijdjbc']. 

' " Vinton Mciuoruil," i>i>. ICJ, '-'G3. ' llccords of Clevclantl Alibe UxJifcba]. 

^ Cutting; from a Tucson, Ari., newsjiapor, no datf. •• Worcester Directory. 

'■ From The- Inf^rio) , C'liica.i;o, HI. Koconls of Cleveland Abl<c [bdijLhrr]. 

" " Spaldiuf; Memorial," p. 474. .■'■■■■ . 




CoFtoF-MA Wam)0, liorn Sept. 15, 1839; living, 1885, at Popeson 
Station, Morgan Co., Utali; inarriod (1), a Mr. l^ldridgc. Sfie mar- 
ried (2), Silas-W,, son of Jephtha (Jonathan., Samuel, Peter, John) 
and Charlotte (Smith) Condit ; born June 17, 1819, probably at Orange, 
N. H. ; died Oct. 27, 1S79, in tiic West. He was a chairmaker. 8iic 
was his third wife. He jnarricd (1), June 17, 18-12, Julia-N. Parker; 
born Feb. 3, 1821; died Jan. 17, ISU. He married (2), Sept. 27, 
1844, Sarah-P. Hiscock; died May 3, 1867. I'.y his first wife he had 
one child and b}' his second, live.' There is no Popeson post-oliice in 

Children of Silas-W. and Cordelia (Waldo) Condit: — 

a. LoiTni:-E., boru 1871. 

b. Frank-A., boru 1873. 

c. Br.KTHA-M., born lS7r>. 

d. CArnEiuxE-C, born 1878; died an infant. 


Elizabeth Waldo. The marriage intentions of Phillip Galley and 
Elizabeth Waldow were published at Boston, Mass., Nov. 9, 1728." 
The marriage intentions of Elizabeth Waldo and James Cham[)ion were 
published at Boston, Mcli. IS, 17-11.^ There is no record of either of 
these marriages, and, perhaps, neither was consummated. Xhc only 
Elizabeth Waldo of the family of Cokn'elius of Ipswich, who was 
eligible for these marriages was Elizal.teth, daughter of Cornelius and 
Faith (Peck) Waldo [cc], who married, Apr. 14, 1830, her cousin 
John Waldo [^^]. She evidently did not marry again as her brother. 
Cornelius Waldo, was appointed, Dec 26, 1746, administrator on the 
estate of " his sister, Elizauetii Waldo, widow."'* 


Fkederick Waldo of Plainfield, Conn., private iu IMcGregier's 
Company, 4th Conn. Regiment, enlisted Apr. 1, 1778, and was dis- 
charged Jan. 6, 1778. He was private in Wolcott's Company, 1st 
Conn. Pegiment, enlisting Mch. 29, 1781, and was discharged Dec. 
31, 1781.5 As no Fix'derick Waldo has been found who would have 
been old enough to have enlisted in 1778, it is not unlikely that the 
foregoing is an error for F'rederick Walden. 

> " (Jcncalofry of the Condit Family," p. 88. ' Boston Kecorcls. ' U/id. 

♦ SulTolk I'robate Kecorils, toI. xxxix., p. '.;%. » " C'oiinectictit in the Revolution." 


'. ' 13. 

Frederick Waldo, \io\n 1811, at Albany, N. Y. ; died Apr. 17, 
1870, at Albany- Mc' ^'f^s a patout agent and lived at Jersey City, 
N. .1. He mairied Kinina, daii^ht(n-of Annas and Gertrude (Ilusser) 
Kal; born IS-JD, in Holland. She was living, 1S98, with her son in 
New York City.^ 

Child of Frederick and Emma (Kat) Waldo. Born at New York, 

N. Y. : — 

a. Ci.iKKonn, born Feb. 22, IfiOS; mrirried, Apr. 17, 180.^, at Noav York, 
Marion, daushter of George and Eliza (Leii^liton) Bowman of N<;w Yorlc; 
liorn Fob. ir>, 18GS, at New York. Tier parents Avere from Scotland. 
Mr. and Mrs. Waldo were living iu New York in 1898 at 217 Ninth Ave. 
lie was a letter-carrier. 

Child, born at New York : — 
a. ETm:L, born Dec. 19, 1890. 


George-D. Waldo of Troy, N. Y., with David Gleason, John 
Thomas and Kufus Gilbert of Tro}', sold land in Troy to Ephraim 
Carpenter of Troy, Apr. 30, 1S34.2 


George-W. Waldo, born Mch. 17, 1818; married, Jan. 3, 1840, 
SiLsan-M., daughter of Joseph-Chase (James^ James, JoJni^ ./ames) 
and Roxana (Wedge) Prescott of Bethany, N. Y. ; born Apr. 2'.), 
1822. Her brother, John- W. Prescott, married Lois Waldo, perhaps 
a sister of George-W. Waldo.-' See No. 25. 

Children of George-W. and Susan-M. (Prescott) Waldo: — 

a. Maky-M., born Mcli. 2, 1S41 ; married, Dec. 24, 18(30, Nicliolas-B. Rowc, 

Avl)0 was born Fob. 1, 183S. He Ava8 a inercliant at Lawtou, Mich. 

b. Ukiah-S., born Nov. 18, 1815; enlisted as private for three years, Dec. 2(j, 

1 801, in 9th Michigan Cavalry. 

c. CIKOKG^:-^V., born Jnne 18, 1853. 

d. KouKRT, born Dec. 28, 185S. 

e. Chaulk.s-W., born Sept. 2, ISfiO. .•; 

/. Jenny-M., born May 22, 18G3. > ;, , ,^ 


HoH.\Tio Waldo, married Hannah, daughter of Jabez and Judith 
(Elderkin) Huntington of Windham, Conn. They lived at Bingham, 

' Records of ClifTonl Waldo. ' Rensselaer County Deeds, vol. xxxiii., \>. 177. 
• " Frescott .Meiuorial," yp. 3K5, 00~. 



VtJ She was l)oni Aug. 7, 1705, at Win.lliain.^ Tlio forogoiii-^ 
mariinge must be an error, as no Horatio Waldo lias been found of 
the proper ago to marry Hannah Huntington who is not otherwise 
accounted for. 


Horace Waldo, graduated at Amherst College, 1825.3 He was, 
perhaps, Horace Waldo [hdilb']. 

Jank Waldo, married, Dec. 1, 18G8, at Sullivan, Jefferson Co., 
Wis., probably, whore she was then living, Elijah-R., son of Ezokiel 
(Joel, John, Eleazer, John, EfJivard, Ilevnj) and Phila (Rizzloy) 
Adams of Attica, N. Y. ; born Mch. 19, ISIS, at Attica; died 189;]. 
He removed to Oak Creek, Wis., and thence, in 1837, to Ixoiiia, Jef- 
ferson Co., Wis., taking up 240 acres of Government land. He 
married (1), Dec, 1843, Hattie Comstock of Jefferson Co., N. Y., 
vrho died Aug. 8, 18G7.^ 


Jerusha Waldo, married, Sept. 19, 1827, at Montpelicr, Vt., 
Harvey, sou of Elisha (Nathan, Kphraivi, Ephraim, Ephraim, 
Henry) and Elizabeth (Joy) Herrick of Bethel, Vt. ; born Mcli. 7, 
1791, at Bethel; died May 17, 1857, at Grand Detour, Ogle Co., 111. 
She was his second wife. He married (1), Jan. 30, 1815, at Bethel, 
Roxana Leonard, who died Oct. 29, 1824, at Montpelicr. By lier he 
had four children ; viz.: George-Leonard, Betsy- Joy, Lanson-Dexter, 
and Electa-Asenath. He was a manufacturer, and lived successively 
at Bethel, Montpelicr and Grand Detour.^ 

The marriage to Jerusha Waldo is not recorded at Montpelier, and 
perhaps occurred elsewliere. Sept. 11, 1832, Harvey Herrick of 
Worcester, Vt., purchased by a quitclaim deed of Tram Nye of Mont- 
pelicr, a house and land in that city.*^ Jerusha was, quite probablv, 
daughter of Edward and Sally (Roe) Waldo [hdar/el,'], hut no positive 
evidence of this has been found. Slie named one of her cliildren 
Edward- Waldo. 

Children of Hai^ey and Jeruslia (Waldo) Herrick : 

a. Mn.TON, born A\v^. 3, 1328; died Oct. 11, ISr.S. 

> " Hantin-ton Family," \,. US. i Windlmm UecorUs. • Amherst Trieuuial Catalogue. 
♦"Adams History," j.. rw. »" Herrick CienealoRy," p. f,i. 
• AloutpeUer Deeds, voL viii., p. 250. 


h. IIiKAM-KiCM, born Mch. 8, 1830; married, Apr. 21, 1859, Naiiry-A. rowers, 
Avlio il it'll Apr. 1, 1881, aged 45 years. They lived al Kiiiimindy, Marion 
Co., 111. lie Avas a farmer. 

Children : — 
«. Alick-Jank, born July 17, 18G0. 

b. Chaklk.s-IIkxuy, born Oct. 3, 18G2. 

c. Makv-Evali.vk, born Dec. 7, 1864. 

d. Lauua, born Apr. 8, 1807; died Apr. 2, 1809. 

e. Emma-May, born Mch. 18, 1870. 

/. Netta, born Jan. 29, 1873; died Dec. 2C, 1877. 
g. IIauvky-Edwakd, born Feb. 5, 1875. 
c. Koxana, born Jan. 25, 1831 ; died Sept. 19, 1832. 

(Z. IIauvky, born Mch. 5, 1832; married. Mch. 4, 1855, Elizabeth-A. PoAvers 
They lived at Di.xon, Lee Co., 111. He was a tinsmitli. 

Children: — 

a. Wii.LiAM-A., born Apr. 20, 1857. 

b. Mary, born Apr. 12, 1859; died Nov. 1, 18C7. 

c. Chaki.ks, born Dec. 1, 1868. 

e. Sauah-S., born Aug. 29, 1834; died 1804. She married, 1852, Henry 

/. Alm.\-M., born Feb. 0, 1S3G; died Oct. IG, 1870. 

y. Edwahd-AValdo, born Sept. 24, 1837. He was a merchant at Kiurauudv, 
111. He married (1), Oct. 2, 1865, M.ary-A.-C. Hall, -who died Sept. 20, 
1870. He married (2), Oct. 24, 1871, Sarah-A. Young. 

Children, by first wife : — 

a. CnARLK3-E., born July 10, 18CG; died Sept. 11, 18GG. 

b. Lkon, born Oct. 20, 1867. 

c. Arthur, born Nov. 20, 1869; died Jan. 15, 1870. 

By second wife : — 

d. Claua-W., born Sept. 23, 1872. 

e. Hkxry-A., born Sept. 23, 1874; died Mch. 5, 1875. 
/. Maiiel, born Aug. 4, 187G. 

g. Nellik-D., born Oct. 11, 1878. 
h., born Oct. 6, 1839; married, Oct. 15, 1802, Montgomery ^Vil- 

J. Lax'ra, born Mch. 11, 1845; married, Jan. 24, 1865, Perry Stetler, who 

died Apr. 26. 1870. 


John and Louisa, his wife, of Ralavia, N. Y., sold laud in 
Batavia, Feb. IG, 1828.1 


JoHK Waldo and Levina, liis wife, of Buffalo, N. Y., sold land iu 

' (jeiiesuc County Deeitj, vol. xxi., p. 3D4. 


RuILtIo, Nov. 2, 183.'). Oct. .31, 1835, ho bought huid in Buffalo. 
i\l;iy 13, 183"), he and his wifi' sold laud iu Aurora, N. Y.' 


" JoiTN Waldo, lately' from Newfoundland with his family, and 
.settled here, lost his life by jumping over a fence and falling into a 
well." 2 

" 1762, Dec. Gth. Last -week John Waldo lately from Ne\Yfound- 
land with his family and settled here, — in getting over a fence, fell 
into a well, broke his skull and died soon."^ 

There is no evidence that this John Waldo was a descendant from 
Cornelius of Ipswich. 


Joseph Waldo, living at Princeton, 111. ; date not given."* Prob- 
ably bdicd. 


JosEPH-J. Waldo, took the degree of M. D. at Yale College, 1819.^ 
This is, perhaps, an error for Joseph- W. Waldo [dhal^. 


Lois Waldo, married, Jan. 10, 183.5, John-White, son of Joseph- 
Chase (James, James, John, James) and Eoxana (Wedge) Prescott 
of Bethany, N. Y. ; born June 21, 181G, at Bethany. lie was a 
shoemaker till thirty-one years old, when he became a door, sash and 
blind maker. He was living, 1870, at Lundys Lane, Erie Co., Pa., 
where he has been a town assessor, deacon of the Freewill Baptist 
Church, and clerk of the quarterly meetings.^ See No. 15. 

Children of John-White and Lois (Waldo) Prescott: — 

a. Mary-Jank, horn Nov. 16, 1830; died Apr. 10, 1837. 

b. Sai'vAH-Ann, born Feb. 10, 1837; married Ileury Rhodes. 

c. Anna-Mkhitablk, born Oct. 12, 1841; married, Oct. 14, 1804, William- 

lleury-llarrison Mathews. 
tZ. Basco.mb-LkKuv, born .July 9, 1844; enlisted, Aug. 18, 18G2, iu Co. I. 

145lli Jiogiment Pennsylvania Volunteer Infaiitry. lie was wounded at 

e. Kobkkt-A.-Gkokgk, born Sept. 13, 1840. 
/. CiiAKLKS-.VKTiiur:, born June 23, ISGO. ' •. 

' EriL- County DfOits, Vols, xli., J). ^-'54; xxxix., p. 4'21 ; xxviii., ]>. 438. 

' " Aiiiial.t of S:ileiu, .MiisS.," vul. ii., p. 450. ■'' " Kelt's History of Suleiu," p. 460. 

* liecoiils of Cleveljind Abbe [hiliJcl'U]. '' Yule CoUege Trifciiuial Catalogue. 

* " Prescott Meuioiial, " pp. 35'2, C.07. 



Min.vNDA Waldo, in;inie<l, 1830, Calviii-Tuincr, son of Nathaniel 
(Nathaniel^ John, John) and Phcbe (Milianl) Fillmore of Semprouius, 
N. Y. ; born July 9, 1810, at Scuipiouius. He was a brother of 
President ]\Iillard Fillmore. He was a carpenter and was living, 1857, 
at or near Anu Arbor, Mich.^ 

- \ . , 27. 

Nathan Waldo, married Glaria, daughter of Benjamin and Letitia 
(Holmes) Devoe. Avho was born 1817 in Ulster Count}', N. Y., or at 
Owasco, Cayuga Cou)ity, N. Y., and died after tlie birth of her first 


Nathan Waldo, of Aurora, N. Y., bought land in Aurora, May 1, 
1827, and Sept. 26, 1832. V\''ith Harriet his wife he sold land in 
Aurora, Nov. 19, 1830, Jan. 31, 1831, Feb. 9, 1832, and Sept. 30, 


Nathan Waldo, married Lois, daughter of David (David, Duviil, 
John, Thomas) and Dorcas (Arnold) Ilurlbut of Connecticut and 
later of Vermont and Ncvr Hampshire. She was born between 1770 
and 1780 probably. After Mr. Waldo's death his widow married (2), 
a Mr. Bathawick and died at Albion, N. Y.^ David Hurlbut lived 
first at Middletowu, Couu., but removed after 1770. This Nathan 
Waldo was most likely son of Shubael and Priscilla (Smith) Waldo 
[Ulabc'], the only Nathan Waldo of the proper age who has not been 
accounted for. He had relatives living at Alstead, N. H. 


Prentiss Waldo, born at Moriah, N. Y., was a blacksmith and 
farmer and prominent in the Methodist Church. He married, Nov. 8, 
1839, Cornelia, daughter of Harvey and Harriet (Scars) Vidito; born 
Oct. 1, 1816, probably at Hincsburg, Vt.^ 

Child of Prentiss and Cornelia (Yidito) Waldo: — 
a. Lucius, born March, 1841 ; died iu infancy. 

' " N. E. Hist. & Gen. Kcp;i(;ter," vol. xi., p. 145. ' " DeVe.tux Gcwealof^y," p. I'H. 

> Erie County Deeds, vols, xiv., p. 03; xx., p. 66; xv., p. 07; Ixvi., p. 'JVS; xxxii., p. 2*22. 

♦ " Hurlljut Genealogy," p. 4'.'0. ^ " Scars Genealogy," p. 301. 


SA>rrKi. Walt>o, whs clerk in Capt. Lyons' company, 11th Ro^., 
IMililia, which was in New York, 177C.' Perhaps bdaa or dhh. 


Sami:i:l Waldo, was private under Jared Strickland, Aug. 18, 181 1, 
to Oct. 24, 1811. '• Perhaps bdbaf. 


Sakah Walpo. Tlic intentions of marriage between Stephen Daniel 
and Sarah Waldo were published at Boston, Jlass., June 7, 171 G.-' 
Sarah Waldo and John Hide were married at Brattle Street Church, 
Boston, May 19, 1720.4 There seems to be no place for this Saraii 
among the descendants of Corntilius of Ipswich, unless she was a 
daughter of Daniel Waldo [d], but there is no evidence that he had a 
daughter Sarah. It is probable that the same Sarah is meant in both 
the entries in the Boston records, and that the marriage to Stephen 
Daniel was not consummated. John Hide may have belonged to the 
Newton family of Hides, but nothing has been learned of him. Pei- 
haps he died soon after the marriage and it was his widow Sarah Hide 
who married, Nov. 30, 1727, at Brattle Street Church, Boston, Percy 


Sarah Waldo, died 1862. She married, 18G0, Henry, son of 
Alexander-Hamilton ("Oreu, Led, Led, David, Jonathnti, Thomdr,, 
Ilenn/J and Adclia (Crocker) Adams of Springfield, Pa. ; born Mch. 
23, 1839, at Springfield. He married (2), 1864, Catherine Godfrey, 
who died in 1865. He married (3), 1870, Ilattie Locke, who died in 
1879. He married (4), 1883, Cina Houghteling. He was a shoe- 
maker and lived at Albion, Erie Co., Pa.^ ■• ; ■-■ i^^ • 

Child of Henry and Sarah (Waldo) Adams: — 
a. LkKuv, born 1862; died 18S2. 


SiiL'iJAEL Waldo, of Aurora, N. Y., bought land in Aurora, Apr. 
13, 1830; be bought other land there, Jan. 31, 1831, of Nathan and 

' " Connecticut in the Itrvohitioii." ' " Connecticut in tlie War of 1812." 
3 Boytou Records. ■" J bid. '■ Ibid. « " Adams History," ji. 180. 


Il.'urict Waldo (sec. No. 26); Uch. 12, 1814, lie l»ou;.^hl slill more 
laiul there, aud again, Aug. 28, ISIG. Shubael Waldo and Delilah 
his wife, of Aurora, sold laud iu that town, Sept. 11, 1812, Dec. 20, 
1850, and Oct. 1, J 852. Delilah Waldo bought land iu that town 
Oct. 5, 1852, and Dec. 18, 1853; and sold Sept. 2, 185G, being called 
in the last deed, " wife of Shubael." ^ 


Susanna "Waldo, a^t. 8, died of scarlet fever in Boston, Mass., Oct. 
23, 1829, and was buried in lot No. 9, Central Gronnd.^ She was, 
perhaps, daughter of Thomas-Fanning Waldo [(?/a'd]. 


Walter "Waldo, was living at Chelsea, "Vt., Nov. 2G, 1812, whcu 
he leased of Josiah Dana and John Stearns of Chelsea for $80 for 
two years a messuage or tenement iu Chelsea. ^ He had a wife nauied 
Rhoda, aud the birth of one of their children is recorded at Chelsea. 
The wife Rhoda, probably married again, as " P^dward Pease of 
Brookfield, Vt., and Rhoda Waldo were married, Jan. 24, 1827, by 
Calvin Noble, Minister of the Gospel, at Chelsea."^ Probably 
Rhoda-Jane Waldo, whose marriage is recorded at Chelsea, was a 
daughter of Walter aud Rhoda. It was supposed that this "Walter 
was identical with Walter Waldo of Hartford, Vt. [f?/<f7/], but later 
discoveries have disproved this. It seems likely that either he or his 
wife Rhoda was some relation of Elijah, son of Walter and Sarah 
(Gilbert) Bingham, from the name they gave their son. ^ 

Children of Walter and Rhoda "Waldo. Born at Chelsea, Vt. :— 

a. ELijAU-Gir.BKivr-BixGiiAM, born May C, 1S14. ElisharsiCj -G.-B. Waldo of 

New York City sold, Apr. 20, 1837," to Cliarlcs-B. Prescott of Troy a tract 
of land in Troy, Avhich he bad previously purchased of Ilenry-T. Eddy. 
As no wife signed the deed be Avas probably unmarried.^ 

b. Riioda-Jane. " Warren King of Bridgewater, "Windsor Co., Vt., and 

Rhoda-Janc Waldo of Chelsea were married at Chelsea Sept. 13, 1835."' 


William-Sylvestus Waldo, born about 1834; married. May, 1863, 
at Baltimore, Md., Mary-Eliza, daughter of Lee and Eliza-Ann 
(Holmes) Collins of Baltimore; born Nov. 10, 1825, at Baltimore; 

' Erie County Deeds, vols, xiv., p. 73; Ixvi., p. 278; cxiv., p. 352; ex., p. 216; Ixx., p. &17; 
cxvii., p. 140; cxxvi., pp. -i'C^l, 47G5 ; cxli., p. 97; clvii., p. 227. ' Hostou Recordfi. 
•'' Clu' l>ecfls, vol. v., ]>. ."i. * Clielsea Kccords. ' " liint;h.'itn Geuealo;:y," p. 111. 
• llcnaselaer Cotinty Deeds, voii. xli., p. 110; xliii., p. «u8. ' Chelsea Uecorrts. 


living, Ib'JO, at Baltimore. ]\Ir. Waldo was an engineer. He served 
during the Civil war, first on the gunboat " Eutaw," and later in the 
4th iMaryland \o\. Infantry. lie disappeared in 18CG and has not 
since been heard of. He was a Hue tenor singer. His wife says that 
he had a brother named Robert, and that he was possibly from Cin- 
cinnati, 0.1 

Child of William-Sylvestus and Mary-Eliza (Collins) Waldo. Born 
at Baltimore, IMd. : — 

a. Jonx-LEf:, horn Apr. 22, isr.4 ; married, Ang. 14, 1888, at Baltimore, Ella, 
daughter of GcorLce and Margnret (Alcff) Beachani of Baltimore; boru 
Jan. 2, 18C7, at Baltimore. lie is a moulder Ijy trade, ilc has a line 
baritone voice, and has been ou the stage. 

Children, boru at Baltimore : — 
a. Gi:oi:gk-Edward, born May 12; 1889. 
6. Juu.v-Lkh, born June 1, 1891. 

c. Marg.\ret-Makie, born Nov. 21, 1393. 

d. Joski'u-Antox, born Mch. 19, 189G; died July 21, 189(;. 

e. Wii.HELMiNA, born June 21, 1897. 


> Recortls of Mrs. Mary-Eliza (Collius) "Waldo. See bduhhda. 


Italic letters following a name ind.'cate that the person bearing that name 
is either a descendant or married a descendant of Couxei,ius Waldo, of 
Ipswich, ^rass., the number of letters being one less than the generation in 
which the person belongs. Such namei may be found under the index letters 
given and on the page to which the figures following refer. Names not 
followed bv index letters are incidentaLy mentioned and are not descendant.'; 
of CoKXELivs Waldo. For full explanation of the notation employed, 
see the preface. Xanieo in the introduction and of authorities mentioned in 
the foot-notes are not indexed. 

Charles-Colgate, bdifchd, 30G. 
Charles-Sniitli, bdijcja, 397. 
Charlotte (Colgate), bdijeb, 396. 
Cleveland, bdtjcba, 396. 
Ebenezer, 396. 
Eliza-Taintor, bdijcc, 397. 
George-Waldo, bdijtb, 396. 
Harriet -Colgate, bdifebg, 396. 
Helen, bdifcbf, 396. 
John, 396. 

John-Randolph, bdijej, 397. 
Josephine-Louise (Ik'l)bins), bdifef, 

Joshua, 396. 

Joshua-Grosvcnor, bdifce, 397. 
Lucy-Ellen (Avcr\-), bdifef, 397. 
Marietta, bdifed, 397. 
Moses-Cleveland, bdife, 249, 396-7. 
Phineas, 396. 
Robert, bdifchc, 396. 
Samuel, 390. 

Sarah-E. (Fuller), bdifec, 397. 
Susan-Brov.n, bdifca, 396. 
Susanna (Bro^\ni), 390. 
Talitha (Waldo), bdifc, 219, 396-7, 
Walter, bdifcbb, 390. 
Williani-Col-ate, bdifchc, 396. 
Zerviah, 316, 317. 

Abbot, sec AbhoU. 
Calvin, 64S. 
George, 143. 
Jemima, bdj, 143-4. 
John, 143. 

Lilian, bdadbccn, 6S7. 
Sarah-Jane (Green), dliaccb, G4S. 

Abbott, see Abbot. 
Beiijtiiiiiii-I -!inkiin, 80S. 
Joel, 204. 

Josie-lielle, bdagrbbd, 858. 
Lorinda (Sylvester), 80S. 

Charles, 374. 

Fanny, 493. 

Maria, 491. 




A da 77} s. 
dr., 25L 

Aaron, bdacbc, 33-5. 
Abigail, U)7. 

Abigail (Cleveland), bdhh, 14L 
Abigail (Cleveland), 141. 
Abigail-Kingsbury (Carey), 770. 
Abner, 415. 

Adtlie-Jane, bdiudcb, 415. 
Adclia (Crocker), 8S0. 
Alanson. bdjbdc. 415. 
Alexander-Hamilton, 880. 
Alfonso-lUicklin, bdjbdcn, 415. 
Benjamin, 29. 
Betsey, 523. 
Catharine, bdacbca, 335. 
Catherine (Godfrey), 880. 
Catharine (Waldo), bdacbe, 335 
Charies-li.. bdjhddb, 415. 
Cina (I^oughteling), SSO. 
Corn-.-Hus, bdhh, 141. 
David, SSO. 



David-Fitch, 770. 

Edward, S7t). 

Eleazcr, 87G. 

Elijah-R., S7G. 

Eliza, bdihij, 255. 

Elizabeth, 530. 

Ehvood, 150. 

Emma-Louise, hdjbdcd, 415. 

Esther (Stedman), Ml. 

Eunice, 08. 

Ezekiel, S7G. 

Frank-Waylaud, hdjbdcc, 415. 

Hamiah-Deliglit, 725. 

Hamiah (Holden), 415. 

Hattie (Conistoek), 876. 

Haltie (Locke), 8S0. 

Helen-Serena (Waldo), bdbacca, 7 7 0-1 

Henry, 29, 38, 141, 415, 870, 880. 

Jabez, 255. 

Jane, 313, 843. 

Jane (Waldo), 876. 

Jennie-A., bdjbddd, 415. 

Joel, 876. 

John, bdomcb, 217. 

John, 38, 141, 273, C7^. " ■" 

John-Quincv, bdjbdda, 415. 

John-Quincy, 276, 313. 

Jonathan, 880. 

Joseph, 415. . . 

LeKov, SSO. 

Levi, SSO. 

Lovisa (Keyes), bdjbdc, 415. 

Lucius-Barney, bdjbdd, 415. 

Lucy (Swift)," 255. 

Marcia-Hattie (Sprague), bdbaccaa, 

I^Lirtha-Louisa (Peck), bdadfbc, 496. 
Marj'-A., bdjbddc, 415. 
Olive (ChaQee), 141. 
Oren, SSO. 
Parker, 415. 

Paulina (Leavens), bda}ncb, 217. 
Peter, 141, 415. 
Phila (Rizzlev), 870. 
Rei)ecca, b, 26, 29-30. 
Rebecca (Graves), 29, 38. 
Rosanna, 518. 

Sallv-Maria (Kevcs), bdjbdd, 415. 
Samuel, 17, 26, "29, 30, 34, 35, 38. 
Sarah (Waldo), 880. 
Su.sanna, d, 38. 
'J'homas, 880. 

William-Spaldinf:, bdbacca, 770-1. 
William-Waldo, bdbaccaa, 771. 

A dan. 
Catharine-llichanl.-.on, Idbcf, 464. 
Peggy-Richardson (Swift), 464. 
Thomas, 464 

Julia, bJ&i. 

A dec. 

, Charles, bdadda, 518-9. 
Charles-Woodruif, bdaeidna, 519. 
Janet-Mary (WoodrulT), bdaeida, 518 

John-Waldo, bdacidac, 519. 
Pollv (Sniilev), 519. 
Step'hen, 518-9. 
William-l^rov.n, bdncidab, 519. 

Margaret, 759. 

A insworth. 
Candace (Allen), bdfiha, 378. 
Caroline-PlO^^•L•na, bd/ibad, 378. 
Edward, 377. 

Edward-Hcnrv, bdfibd, 378. 
Elam-Waldo, 'bdfiba, 378. 
Panny, bd/ibb, 378. 
Prances (Bean), 377, 378. 
Henry-Waldo, bd/ibaa, 378. 
Jonathan-Pean, 378. 
Josephine-Betsey, 377, 378. 
Laura-Adaline, 377, 378. 
Lydia-Ann, 378. 
Martha-Susan, 377. 
MaT}^ bd/lbc, 378. 

Marv ( ), 377. 

Patty (Waldo), bc[iib, 377-8. 
Samuel, bd/ib, 37/ -8. 
Samuel-Adeibert, bdfibac, 378. 
Sarah-Allen (Greenwood), bdfiba, 378. 
Sarah-Row ena, 377, 378. 
Susanna (Cutting), 377. 
William-Clark, bdfibab, 37S. 
"William-Henry, 377. 

Ccrelda-Janc (Cunningham), 8 tO. 
Ethie-May, bdadbfia, 840. 
^\'illiam-Ac^ams, 840. 


A Icorn. 


: \ 

Anna (Keith), 84. 
Ebenezer, 84. 
Lsaac, 84. 
John, 82, 84, 111 
Joseph, 84. 
Mary, S3, 132. 
Nathaniel, 111. 
Susanna, dbd, 84. 
Timothy, 115, 118. 



Alvft, 705. 

Julia-Ann. hdbnhgd, 765. 
Kt'/.iah (Halloa), 705. 

Margarot, 8S2. 

Edith-Calista (Waldo), hdichjdc, S09., 527. 

Jennie-Waldo, hdirhjdca, 809. 
Mariana (Flint), 800. 

^],„.v ( )^ hdagadd, 732. 

Saniuel-Charlos, hdichfdc, 809. 
Samuel-Charles, 809. 

Elizalieth, 109. 
Xancy-Carnahan, 702. 

Abial (Lathrop), 81, SO. 
Israel, 81, SO. 

Elizabeth, 550. 

Allen, see Alhjn. 
nir., 94. 

Abbv-Wiight, bdacihh, 729. 
Abigail, hda, 131-3. 
Abigail, Ua, 47, 117, 119, 120. 
Abigail (Waldo), //, 118-20. 
Amy (Waldo), bdukj, 210. 
Anna, 397, 704. 
Asahol, 240. 243. 
Barnalja.'^-IIuntington, 255. 
Hcnjanun, dba, S3. 
Benjamin, dbcdj, S3. 
Bcrtha-Irene (Waldo), bdfkdda, 784. 
Bertha-Thobuin-Bliss, bdfkddan, 784. 
Betsey (Witter), 250. 
liiirrette, bdahdad, 540. 
Candace, bdfiba, 378. 
Catharine, 557. 
Cathorn, 418. 
Cliarles, 784. 

Charlotte-Jane, bdifdb, 395. 
FJe.sire, bdiba, 240. 
Desire (Ames), 240. 
Diantha (Waldo), hdahc, 213. 
l)ianthia, 73(1. 
Kbcnezer, l>d,,hr, 213. 
Kbenezor, bdibj, 243. 
I^, bdUih, 255. 
Kbenezer-Bini^ham, bdihha, 255. 
Elisha-Morgaii. 255. 
Eliza (Bingham), 243. 

Eliza (Mvers), 701. 
Elizabeth (Houcliin), 118. 
Elizabeth (Uulton), 119. 
Emily, bdmlj], 490-7. 
Enoeh, 250. 
Ephraiin, dbuc, 83. 
Ethan, 225, 255, 200. 
Franees-Elmina (Waldo), bdahdad, 

Franees-Elsic, bdahdadu, 540. 
Geoi ge-Washirgton, 731 . 
Gideon, 341. 
Hannah, dbaa, S3. 
Hannah (Lester), 395. 
liarriet, 522. 
Harriet-Maria, 255. 
Flarrict (.Morgan), 243, 255. 
Harriet-Sterling, dhicd, 307. 
Hester-VanderHuyden, 001 . 
Horaee-Benjamin. bdfkdila, 7S4. 
Ira, 143. 

James, 118-20, 701. 
Jane, 785. 

Jeremirdi, II, 47, 48, 118-20. 
Jeremiah, 118-20. 
Jeremy, 120. 
John, bdihl, 256. 
Joseph, 240, 242. 
Josephine-Steyens (Waldo), bdakch, 

Julia-Goddaid (Child), 729. 
Lanison, 557. 
Lathrop, 395. 
Lcyi-Wright, 729. 
Louisa (Tooley), 784. 
Lucretia, 255. 
Lucv (Ihoad), 378. 
Lydia (Bass), bdibj, 243, 255. 
Lydia-Elizabeth, bdibju, 243. 
Marctta, 745. 
Martha, 119. 

Martha ( ), 119. 

Alartha-Elizabeth, 802. 
Mary, cca, 78. 
MarV, 119, 120, 016. 
Mar\- (Alden), S3, 132. 
Mary-Ann, bdagadc, 731. 
Mary (Caball), US, 119. 
MarV-Jane, bdadcgb, 701. 
Mary-Iiouise, bdnkcha, 557. 
Mary-Maria, 515. 
Mary-Il. (llekok), .557. 
Mary (Banilall). 731. 
Melu'label, dbab, S3. 
Melutable. 572. 
.Mehetabel (Cary), dba, 83. 
Oliye, 7.50. 

Oliye-Paine, bdibju, 213. 
Phebe, bdukjb, 210. 


\'.T-\nr) GENEALOGY. 

Pratt, 213, 25o. ; 

Rebecca (Cnrv), 133. 

Rcoecca (Kilhv), 119. 

Rhoda (Wilier), 212. 255. 

Ruth, 130. 

Ruth (r.liitrham), bJihk, 25G. 

Ruth (Duiiliani), -19G. 

Ruth-Eli/al.eth, Ixliliica, 25G. 

Ruth ('J'avlo'-), 557. 

Sally, 37S". 

Sam?on, 557. 

Samuel, brlnkcJi, 557. 

Samuel, S3, 132. 133, 2-10, 243, 307. 

Samuel-("oit-M(Hgan, 255. 

Saiah, G72. 

Simeou, I'JG. 

Waldo, bdakin. 210. 

Wilkes, IG. 17. 

William, 12G, 37S. 

A His. 
Doratha, 53S. 
Kllen-:\Iaria, S.5S. 
Hannah, G3. 

A I h' son. 
Christopher, hdadbcib, 690. 
Kate, bdadbcibb, 690. 
Mav-Frances (Tompkin.s), bdddbcib, 

Phebe (, 090. 
Waldo-Williara,^Mflr/6ci'6o, C90. 
William, 090. 

Amy, bdjfecc, 421. 
Benjamin, bdjjccd, 421. 
David, bdjjtcb, 421. 
Hester (Jones). 421. 
John, bdjjecc, 421. 
John, 421. 

Lafayette, bdjjccg, 421. 
Mar)-, bdjjecj, 421. 
Richard, bdjfec, 421. 
Sarah, bdjjeca, 421. 
Sarah-Ann (Ivnight), bdjjec, 421. 

Albin, see Allen. 
Sarah, 3S2. 

Charles-Talbot, bdbncjd, 573. 
Kliza (Talljot), .573. 
}lelen-.\senath (Richmond), bdhacfd, 

Samson, hdlmcjda, 573. 
Samson, 573. 

Abby-Louisa (Durkee), dhdlr, 301. 
Joseph, dhdlc, 301. 

A tncs. 
Aaron, bdcndf, 231. 
Abial (Lathrop), SI, SG. 
Abigail, itdra/, 231. 
Aiice-Lom'se, bd>rrga, 6(JG. 
Anna, bdctig, 232. 
Barnev, 56.3. 
Bethiah, day, S6. 
Chloe (Osl.orn), bdcai, 232. 
Cynthia, bdcoh/, 232. 
David, bdca, 230-2, 234. 
Da\id, bdcnc, 231. 
David, 231. 

David-Hall, bdcadb, 231. 
Desire, 240. 
Ebenezer, dccb, SO. 
Ebenezer, bdcai, 232. 
Eli jail, deal, 80. 
Ellen-Webster (Bovnton), bdicaic, 

Fannv, bdcadd, 231. 
Fi.ske, 81, 86. 

Frances-Buckmin.ster, bdicajfj, 607. 
Harriet-Bingliani, bdiccgf, G07. 
Helen-Marearette, bdicajcn, GOG. 
Henry-Dwight, bdiccgd, 607. 
Howard-Waldo, bdicajc, 606. 
Ida, bdaidk, 231. 
Irena (^^■nldo), bdaj, 230-2, 234. 
James, SI, SG. 
Jason-Howard, bdcaha, 232. 
Jemima (Lake), bdbabfg, 503. 
Jesse, bhaih, 232. 
Jesse, 600. 
John, SI, SG. 
John-W\a!do, bdaib, 231. 
John-Waldo, bdcade, 231. 
John- Winchester, bdadj, 231. 
Jonathan, bdcadh, 231. 
Joseph, daf, dec, SI, SG. 
Joseph, dccf, SO. 
Judy (Clark), bdcaa, 231. 
Julia, S41. 

Lorin-Jesse, bdcahi , 232, GOG-7. 
Lydia, bdaidc, 231. 
Lvman-Daniel, bdcahh, 232. 
Margaret (W:ddo), bdicrg, 232, 606-7. 
Margaret-VVhitney, bdiccgc, 607. 
Martha-Lillibel, bdicrgb, GOG. 
Martha-Louise, bdcafig, 232. 
Maiy, bdbobfi, 5G2, 563. 
Mary-Dwight, bdiccgdn, G07. 
Mary (Hay ward), SI, SG. 
Mary (Peimiman), 231. 
Marv-Talmage (Mershon), bdiccgd, 

Mehitable (Pain), 231. 
Naomi, bdcadi, 231. 
Nathaniel, c/ccc, 80. 



Nntlianicl, Ixlrad. 231. 

Nathaniel, bdcadn, 231. 

Olive, Si, SG. 

Pjimi'lia, bdcnhr, 232. 

I'lilty (Howard), hdcah, 232, OOG. 

ri'rainus-Orccn, bdcadj, 231. 

l'iic!)i\ dcco, 8(j. 

Pollv, bdaihb. 232. 

l\)lly-Ann, bdcada, 231. 

Hoxana-Mnria. bdcnhd, 232. 

I tilth, WcgAc, 232. 

Fvuth (Ar'.vcii), bdcnc, 231. 

Kuth (Field), daf, SO. 

Sarah, f^'i/r;, SI. 

Sarah (Hall), bdcod, 231. 

Susannah, dcce, SG. 

Susannah, bdcae, 231. 

Susanna (Littlcficld), i.'cc, SG. 

Thadeus, bdcao, 231. 

Thomas, SI, SG. 

U'aklo-liOynton, bdiccgcb, GOG. 

^\'illiam, c/cc/i, SG. 

V\ illiam, 81, 86. 

Zephaniah, dajj, SI. 

Elisabeth-Goff, 716. 

.\ugU3ta (Moore), 766. 

Amelia, bdadc, 32S. 
Arthur-E., bdadbjjan, 094. 
Caroline (Smith), 797. 
Ciiarlcs-Ausust. bdahhdr, 551. 
Charles-AValdo, bdadbfjab, 694. 
Ouncan, bdndccad, S42. 
ICliza (Fluramerfek), 604. 
l'"ordyee-John, bdadceadb, 842. 
Oeorcre-Calvin, bdicbjoi, 797. 
Harold-Plumnifr, bdichfaia, 797. 
Henrietta, bdicb/'og, 797. 
Ida-Grace, bdijafc, 811. 
Jacob, 694. 
Jaines-L., Sll. 
James-Weslev, 681. 
•lane, 6f/a;!rf,"353. 
.)ohn, 797, 842. 
Fncy (McCrea), bdicbjui, 797. 
Maria-Jane (Waldo), bdadcrnd, 842. 
Marv-.\melia, bdadceada , 812. 
■Mary-Ann (Leak). 842. 
-Marv-Dulcina (Knickerbo'-ker), hdad- 

bfi'ii, 694. 
Mary-Kita (Waldo), bdnhh.dc, 551. 
Mary-Harriet (Marriott). Sll. 
Mary (Xrlson), 551. 
Ualph-Vvaldo, bdadccadc, 842. 

8ally-Ann (Fosee), bdadnhc, GSl. 
Sarah (.lo.slyn), bdndhb, 484. 
Sarah (Montgomery), 797. 
Swen, 551. 
William, 4S4. 
William-A., bdndb;Ja, ()94. 

.4 ndre. 
maj., 251. 

Elizabeth-Amanda (Graham), 757 
Ilenry-Milton, bdahdace, 757. 
Louisa-Eleanor (Kevland), bdahdacc, 

Matthias-Franklin, 757. 

Andrcirs, see Andrus. 
Ann-Eliza, bdakcc, 556. 
Catharine-Howard (Laflin), bdnkbcb, 

Clarissa, 460. 
Ebenczer, bdnkbcb, 358. 
Esther (flulett), 556. 
John, 83S. 
Ivincoln, 556. 
Lou, bdadbdcna, 838. 
Mary (Gibson), S3S. 
Violette-E., bdacccc, 514. 


gov., 110. 

Andrus. sec Ayidreics. 
Grace-Ann, bdicb'j, .599. 
Pbebe (Bradlev), 599. 
Polly (Bradley). 599. 
Timothy, 589. 

Nancy, G96. 


A ngcll. 
Gidcon-Washinf^ton, 640. 
Maria-Oryslia (IHchardson), 610. 
Nina-Maria, dhaccac, 640. 

Benjamin, 342. 
Betsev, bdnga, 342. 
Elizabeth (Drury), 342. 
Joseph, 342. 
Nedom, 341. 
Silas, 342. 

Alicc-Vianna (Waldo), bdjjbdj, 628. 
Joseph-S., bdjjbdj, 628. 

Mary, 552. 



Mary-Etta, bdnlihg, o.V2. 

Florencu-Rcbccca , (>8t). 

Ann (Doyle). 33S, 520. 
Annc-l'''.li/^a, bdncij, 520. 
Richard. 33S, 520. 
Susan-Mary, bdaehd, 33S. 

Hannah (Emerson), 43. 
Stcplicn, 43. 

Charles, 124. 


Abigail (Congdon), 4S2. 
Ada-Louise, Idbchcf, G59. 
Agncs-Dcborah, Idhcbcc, 658. 
Alice-Maud (Clarke), Idbcbcg, 6.59. 
Annie-Laurie (Moore), Idhcbcc, 65S. 
Augustus-Joseph, Idbcbc, 65S-9, 660. 
Carc)line-Enii]y, Idbchca, 65S, 660. 
Charles-Auszustus, Idbcbcca, 65S. 
Charles-Frederick. Mbcbcc, 65S. 
Charles-Frederic-Waldo, Idbcbce, 658. 
Deborah (McXutt). 6-58. 
Dorothea-Waldo, Idhchcga, 659. 
Elizabetlr-AValdo, Idbcbccc, 658. 
Emily-Waldo, Idbcbcb, 658. 
George-Augustus, Idbcbcg. 659. 
Helen-Louise, Idbcbccb, 658. 
John-\\'illiams, 482. 
Julia-.\nn, bdadahb, 482. 
Marv-Jane (Waldo), Idbcbc, 658-9, 

Mary-Waldo, Idbcbcd, 658. 
Samuel, 6.58. 

Susan, 670. 

Asher, 867. 

Bet.sev (Silvernail), 867. 
Carlton-Herold, bdicbhdad, 868. 
Earl-Eugene, bdicbbdnc, 868. 
Edward-Waldo, hdicbbdaa, 867. 
Frederick-Albert, bdicbbda, 867-8. 
Hortense-Pauline, bdaocd, 363. 
Jessie-Gertrude (Waldo), bdicbbda, 

Joseph, 796. 
Lucv-.Vnn, bdicbbd, 796. 
Lucv-Ann (Potts), bdahdhr, 548. 
Lucy-H. (Bell), 796. 

P. M., 219 note. 
Ralph-Harri.son, bdicbbdab, 868. 
Wnilis-A., 548. 

mr., 657. 

Benedict, 251, 325. 
Dorcas, 879. 
Hannah, 154. 
Sarah-Emcline, 663. 

Rebecca, 429, 
Ruth (- 

-4 rrohood. 

), bdcac, 231. 

Catharine, 423. 
Lvdia, bdjjbjhc, 816. 
Mary (Trader), 816. 
Thomas, 816. 

Anna-Cushing, 710. 

Betsy (Stephenson), 845. 
C.'ornelius, bdfn, 137. 
Ida-Mav, bdadcgba, S45-G. 
Lucy, bdja, 137. 
Simeon, bdfn, 137. 
Simon, bdja, 137. 
Temperance (Waldo), bdja, 137. 
William, 845. 

Julia (Baker), 831.' 
:\larv, bdnbjdbc, 831. 
Michael, 831.' 

Etta-May, dhacdcb, 047. 
Isaac-Cushon, 647. 
Lydia (Stanley), 647. 

Crispus, 125. 

At wood. 
Annette-Frances (Waldo), dharchc, 

Clarence-Milton, dhncchch, S21. 
Karl-Sebastinc, dhncchca, 821. 
Enmia-Lavina (Russel), 820. 
Francis-Fayette, dhacchc, 82C)-] 
Orrin-.Ansin, 820. 


Abigail (- 

—), caih, 165 



Abigail-Lewis, cnidg, 1G5. 
Abicnil-Lcwis, caihd, IGo. 
Andrew, 5SG. 

liciijaiiiin, C(»/, 73, 149-51, 151. 
lU'iijiinun, C'lda, 150. 
Hciijaniin, cndb, 150. 
Hcnjnnun, cnde, 151. 
licnjannn, cadf, 1.50, 151, 271. 
Horijamin, cnic, 104. 
HcTijanuii, cad fa, 151. 
Hcnjamin, cadfe, 151. 

Catharine ( ), cadca, 151. 

Charles, Cddjb, 151. 

Charlotte (DelnuiRe), 5SG. 

Cornelius caih, 104. 

Cornelius, coig, 165. 

Daniel, caid, 1G4-5. 

Daniel, dabp, SO. 

Daniel, cnidc, 105. -" 

Ehcnczer, 149, 164. 

Edward, rnihi, 165. 

Edward-Woodbury, hdagjcea, 751. 

Eliza, cadjc, 151. 

Eliza, CO id I, 165. 

Elizabeth, cadg, 151. 

Elizabeth, cndh, 151. 

Elizabeth, ca/A-, 104, 106. 

Elizabeth (Waldo), cad, 73, 149-51, 

Elva-Edith, bdfkdcd, 5SG. 
George-Nesmith, 751. 
Hannah, ended, 151. 
Hannah (Ivers), cndc, 151. 
Hannah-Trecothiek, cad]], 151. 
Harriet, caide, 165. 
James-Jvers, cadca, 151. 
James-Treeothick, cadcb, 151. 
Jane, cadjd, 151. 
Jane (I vers), cncf/, 151. 
John-Waldo, coi'/, 166. 
Jonathan-Lorinp, carfc, 150, 151, 271. 
Lewis, caihg, 105. 
Loring, codec, 151. 
Loring, caJccn, 151. 
Lucy-Ardell (Barnes), bdagfcea, 751. 
Lvdia, f'/u', 104, 1G5-G. 
Lvdia, 722, 724. 
Jvvdia-Waldo. caidd, 164, 165. 
Lvdia (Waldo), car. 73, 154, 163-G. 
Maria-Cornelia-Ritchie, cadcba, 151. 
Mary, 164. 

Marv-Penhallow, caida, 165. 
Marv (Penhallow), 164-5. 
MarV (Trumbull), 104. 
Pan\(4ia, S53. 
Hebeeea, codd, 151. 
IJebekah (Spracue), cad, 149, 164. 
Kidiard, 149, 164. 
Uuth (Field), dabp, SO. 

Samuel, cnic, 165. 

Samuel, caili, 105. 

Samuel, caiha, 164, 165. 

Sarah-Ann-Calherine (Smith), 751. 

Sarah-Wenlworth, cuidb, 165. 

Susani>a, 4S9. 

Thomas, caif, 165. 

Timothy, cai, 73, 154, 164-6. 

Timothy, caia, IGl. 

William, c«t7i6, 165. 

Aver ill. 
Abigail-Elizal)eth, dhalbc, 288. 
Albert, dhahcb, 2.SS. 
Ann-Waldo, c//((//c{/c, 2S8. 
Bathsheba, dhakg, 2S9. 
Charlcs-Henrv, dhakbg, 2SS. 
Eliza, dhakd,' 2SS. 
Elizabeth-Sumner, (Chandler) dhakc, 

Ellen-Elizabeth. f//(n/;cf/, 288. 
Frederiek. dhak, 287-9. 
Frederiek, dhakc, 283. 288. 
Hannah (Burton), dluikb, 283, 288. 
Hannah-Caroline, (y/iaAft/, 288. 
Hcnrv-Chandler, dhakcc, 288. 
James-Olnev, dkakhj, 2SS. 
Joseph-^^'ar^en, dkakbn, 288. 
Lewis, f//!oA-6, 287, 288. 
Lewis-Frederick, dhakbi, 288. 
Lewis-Waldo, dhakbd, 2SS. 
Lucretia, f//mAv/, 288. 
Lucretia (Waldo), dJuik, 287-9. 
Marv-Lueretia, dhakbh, 288. 
Mary (Paull), f/Z/aA-c. 289. 
Olive-Backus, dhnken, 288. 
Phebe (Jewett). 287. 
Rufus-Burton. dhakbb. 288. 
Sarah (Hendec), 287. 
Stephen, 287. 
Warren -Waldo, dhakp, 283, 287, 

William, 2S7. 
William-Pitt, dhak}, 289. 

Au.stin, 397. 
Christopher, 397. 
Elijah, 575. 
Elizabeth, 575. 
James. 397. 
John, 397. 
Katherino, 4.54. 
Luey-l^Jlen, bdife}, 397. 
Madison-Monroe, 735. 
Marv-l^liza, bdoi/ach, 735-6 
Mary (Peters), 397. 
^L^ry (Raymond), 735. 
Samuel, 397. 



A ifnrd. 
John, 455. 
Mary-Ann (Perry), dhdhc, 455. 

Bnilev, 399. 

Charlotte, hdifrj, 399-400. 
Sabra (Bailev), 399. 
Thankful, 254. 

Edward-A., bdaqjcf, 752. 
Edward-Waldo, hd.uijcfa, 752. 
Marv-.\delaide (Waldo), bda(jjcj, 752. 
. Sarah, S57. 

Abigail (Bennett), 831. 
Amelia, bdnbfdhd, 83L 
Valentine-S., S31. 

Abigail, bfcf, 64. 
Abijah, bfcb, 64. 
Anne, bfcn, 64. 
Anne (Crane), bfc, 63, 64. 
Bessie, 627. 
Daniel, bjch, 64. 
Elijah, bfcc, 64. 

Eunice (Waldo), bda^a, 205, 336. 
James, 64. 
Jenisha, bfci, 64. 
John-F., 627. 
Jo.seph, bfc, 64. 
Joseph, bjcd, 64. 
Lucinda (McNeil), bdjjbbe, 627. 

Mary (— -), 64. 

Mary (Menzie), 627 
Nathan, bjcg, 64. 
Sarah, bfcj, 64. 

Thomas-Zephaniah, bdjjbbe, 627. 
Vera, 627. 
William, bfce, 64. 

BachiloT, see BaicheUer, Batckcllor. 
Stephen, 13. 

Andrew, dhicd, 307. 
Andrew, 306. 
Charles, 257. 

Cluirlcs-Waldo, dhin/. 307. 
Elisha-Waldo, dhicr] 307. 
rrances-Hariot, dhica, 307. 
Georpo, dhicb, 307. 
Harriel-Sterling (Allen), dliird, 307. 
Hariol, dhice, 307. 
Harriot (Waldo), dhic, 176, 177, 

John, 26. 

Jo.seph, 306. 

Lois (I'ierce), 306. 

Mary, 62. 

Mary-AiiM, dlucf, 307. 

Nathan, 365. 

Samuel, 306. 

Sarah (Ch:irles), 62. 

Silvnnus, dhici, 307. 

Svlvanus, dhic, 176, 306-7. 

William, 62, 306. 

William-Henr}', dhich, 307. 

Anna (Child), 375. 
Enoch, 285. 

Jlester-AnTi. bdfiua, 375. 
Bebecca, 558. 
Samuel, 375. 
Sarah, bhd, 68. 
Sarah, 285. 

Milton, 447. 
Samuel, 249. 


Anna-Irene, bdjjhjj, 633. 
Frances (Barton), 633. 
Isaac-Perry, 633. 

Fanny (Delano), bdbccd, 579. 
Horace, 579. 

Benjamin, 55. 

Annie-Louisa, bdacadba, 714. 
Margaret (Schaller), 714. 
William, 714. 

Bailey, sec Baylcy. 
pen., 382. 
Abiel, 645. 
Aretus, bdnmcc, 217. 
Betsey, 740. 
Biron, bdanicb, 319. 
Bj-ron, bdanicb, 319. 
('larence, bdadcacac, 698. 
Eliza (DcTiner), 697. 
Eliza-Jane (Wood), 712. 
Emma-Maria (Blackman), bdadcacn, 

Fannie (Bryant), 645. 
I'lora-Vircinia, bdacanbe, 712. 
I'Vank-De Forest, 615..'.: 
Frank-Waldo, cihaecla,^JjAb. 



Kredorirk-Iiandolph, hdadcacab, G98. 

Ct'orpc, G97. 

('■forKc-Frnncis, hdadcacna, 697. 

(;(>()iji!;i'-\N';>sliinKton, bdadcnea, G97. 

,l('niiif'-.\di-ll (Waldoj, dhdvci, tilo. 

.lohn, 2so. 

Jnseph-W., hdnnka, 319. 

Murv-Enuiia, hdddcncae. G9S. 

Mar\' (Lfavcns), bdaincc, 217. 

Matilda, 120. 

l^alph-Waldo, hdadcacnd, G9S. 

Ilichard-Alfxandor, 712. 

Sabra, 399. 

Sallv, 285. 

Sarah (Waldo), bdanic, 319. 

Susan ( ), bdaaicb, 319. 

Amos, 299. 

Hannah (Roiindv), 299. 
Lticretia, dhdkc, 299. 
Silas, 299. 

Alire, 222. 

.Andrew- Jackson, 635. 
Anna, 248. 
Eliza (Durham\ G35. 
Enoch, 251, 502. 
Fanny, 404. 

ncorge-llirain, bdadjkj, 502. 
Hannah, 7S9. 

Jcru.sha (Waldo), bdarjg, 212. 
Jc.-5sie, bdjiec, 635. 
Julia, 831. 
Louisa-^ilaria, 450. 
Maria-Ticknor, lidahda, 545-6. 
Martha-Susan, SOS. 
Mary (Webster), 502. 
Oliver, 545. 
Sallv (Ticknor), 545. 
Sainuel, 249. 

Sarah-Maria (Waldo), bdadlkf, 502. 
Simeon, 132. 
Susannah, 134. 
Tliomas, bdacjg, 212. 
William. 125. 

Prolina, 761. 


Bald in n. 
Abigail (Mingue), 692. 
AllxTt, bdnluifa, 350. 
Alic.-Susiuma, bdik), 409. 
-Mniun, }>d(ih(ifc, 351. 
i5<-njannii, 409. 
Caleb, bduhoc, 350. 
Culeb, bdaluub, 350. 

Caleb, 350. 

Calista (Kinpsbiirv), bdahaf, 350. 

Charles, 742. 

(.'harles-Fjverett, bdof/ddda, 742. 

Ciiristopher-Coluinbus, 279. 

David, 409. 

Diana, bdahncj, 350. 

Ella-Huldah, bdadbdaf, 692. • ■ 

Ellen, bdaliacc, 350. 

l''ordyce-'rheodore, bdudceaae, 841. 

Erancis-Waldo, bdadccaad, 841. 

Gcorgiana-Grace (Harding), bdaij- 

ddan, 742. 
Helen-Amelia (Waldo), bdadccna, 

Henry, bdndceaa, 841. 
Henry, 409. 
Herbert-Thomas, 841. 
James, bdnhaec, 350. 
John, 350. 
John-Smith, 692. 
Josiah, 350. 
Martha, bdahafe, 351. 
Mary-Amelia, bdadceaac, S41. 
Mary- Jane (Probert), 841. 
Mary (Lathrop), 409. 
Nancy, bdahaea, 350. 
Nancy (Kingsbury), bdnJuie, 350. 
Olive-Jane (Stanley), 742. 
Philemon, 350. 
Rune-R., bdahaf, 350. 
Shernian, bdaluifb, 350. 
Sophia (Cot nam), 841. 
Sophronia, bdahafd, 351. 
Svbil, 564. . , . • 

Thomas, 841. 
Timothy, 409. 

Vida-Sophia, bdadceaaa, 841. 
Waldo, bdahaed, 350. 
William-Suter, bdadccaab, 841. 

mr., 590. 

Agnes-Orra, bdaeibc, 518. 
Alethea-Louisa, bdiccrdd, 806. 
Amanda-M. (Worden), bdahij, 356. 
Anson, 017. 
Asa, 806. 

Caroline (Moore), 617. 
Carrie-Eoui-sa (Waldo), bdicccd, 806. 
Cassandra (Johnson), 402. 
Delia-Arodvne (Hill),518. 
Dwight-Whitney, bdiccrda, 806. 
Elizabeth, bdigcg, 617. 
Esther-Matmiiig, bdicccdb, 806. 
Ivsther-.Maiia (Maiming), 806. 
F>ancr-s-Calista, 403. 
George-J., biUdiija, 356. 
Howard-Waldo, bdicccdc, 800. 



Isaac. 4f)2. 

Jaiiics-\\'alter, bdicccde, SUG. 

John, 402, 403, 002. 

Josinh, 402, 403, 502,- G02. 

Julia, hdiccc, 602. 

Iaicv (Leonard), 51)2, G02. 

Alargery, bdigljb, 402. 

Mary, hdicag, 502. 

?iIarv-Pophia, GIG. 

Pollv (Leonard), 403. 

Stephen, 403. 

Stephen-Leonard, bdicccd, SOG. 

Williani-Pelton, 51 S. 

Martha, 720. 

David-Jesse, 740. 
Eliza, 547. 

Elmiiia-Ruth, bduhdb, 547-S. 
Harriet, 554. 

Harriet-Ann, bdagaga, 527. 
Hosea, 547. 
Ida, bdagcdjc, 740. 
James, 527. 
John, 547. 
Keziah, 7G5. 
Maturin, 547. 
Naomi-.-Vnu (Stevens), 740. 
Peter, 547. 
Polly (Kaudy), 527. 
Ruth (Washburn), 547. 

Abigail (Holmes), bgi, G6. 
David, bgi, 66. 
David, bgin, 6G. 
Harvev, bqib, 66. 
Sarah- Waldo, bgic, GO. 

Edward, 653. 

Franecs-Amelia, dhalnanb, 653. 
France.s-Amelia (BuU'i, 653. 
Fiancis-Ncliemiah, 653. 
John-Marshall, dhalaatia, 653. 
Jonathan, 653. 
Joseph, 653. 
Ivemu'l, 653. 
Nathan, G53. 
Samuel, 653. 

Sarah-Waldo (Martin), dhitana, 653. 
William-Nathan, dfudiuui, 653. 

Caroline, 737. 

Leo-Clifton, bdhcr/iMnia, 778. 
Mary-Edith (Powon), bdbciubba, 77S. 

Newton, bdbcmbba, IIS.. 

Allie, bdjjbjbb, SIG. 
Ebenczer, 477. 
Eliza (Stoeuni), 6'^5. 
EHzabeth, 430. 

Elizabeth-Gertrude, hdadaacd, 47S. 
Emogene, bdadaacc, 47S. 
Frances-Amanda, Idudaaeb, 477. 
Hannah (Brewster), 62. 
Harriet-Theresa, bdadaacc, 477. 
Helen-Eliza, bdadaaca, All. 
James, bdadnaei, 47S. 
John-Ebenezer, hdndaaoh, 478. 
John-William, 685. 
Justus-Harmon, bdaduaej, 478. 
Lama (Pardee), bdudaac, 477-8. 
Levi-Sherbiu-n, bdadane, 477-S. 
Martha-I'ardeo, bdinlana!, 478. 

Marv ( ), 81G. 

Mary-Ann, 586. 
Matilda-Hannah, 675. 
Nettie, bdadiijh, GS5. 
Parry, 816. 
Sarah, 656. ' 

Lucinda, 532. 


Bar more. 
Hannah (Shaw), bdjhb, 267. 

Claribel-Jcanette, bdueccha, 724. 
Clarinda-.\nn (Connor), 724. 
Daniel, 333. 

Diadama (Porter), bdaea, 333-4. 
Eli, 333. 
Ezra, 333. 
Joel, 333. 
John, 19, 27. 
Marv, 333. 
Porter, 333. 
Roland, 724. 

Carrie-Ellen (Richardson), bdagjccd, 

Charles-Albert, bdagjccc, 751. 
Clarence- Waldo, bdagjcccb, 751 . 
Elizabeth-A., 568. 
Ella, bdaU>ddd. 663. 
ICmelii'.e, 642. 

George-William, hdagfccft, 751. 
Helen-Adelaide, bdagjcflm, 751. 
Jane-Annette, 740. 
Jesse-Harold, bdagjccca, 751. 
Jolm-Pvir^by, 751. 



Julicttc-Ahlx'i (Waldo), hdinifrc, 751. 
.Illlifttf-Alxirll, hdiK/jCCCC, 7ol. 

T.cwis-lulcar, bd<ii/(ccd, 751. 
l.iicy-Ardell, bdiujjccn, 751. 
I.ucy (, 751. 
Malvona-Agnes (Boulav), bdagfcch, 

l?oso-E. (Scluiltz), bdagfcec, 751. 
William, bdagfce, 751. 

Clara-Davi"^, bdbcnibi, 781. 
Kdwin-Pi viand, 781. 
Klizahctli, 029. 
Lydia-Ann, 747. 
Susan (Cady), 781. 

Catharinc-M. (Miller), bdjjbcb, G2S. 
Daniel, dhbc, 1G9. 
Daniel, 1G9. 
Jn"l, 028. 
Jolin-E., 628. 
Julia-Ann, 047. 
Nancy (Holvcro?.s), 628. 
Rachel (Bowen), 029. 
Sarah (Bucklin), dhbe, 169. 

Dora-Beile (Waldo), bdaeadfc, 715. 
Wyar, bdaeadfc, 715. 

Eliza, hdaoac, 300. 
Sally, 356. 

Elizabeth-Ruth (Durkee), dhdla, 300. 
Eugene, dhdlac, 300. 
Eugene, dhdlnd, 300. 
Horatio, dhdlab, 300. 
IVter, dhdla, 300. 
William, dhdlaa, 300. 

nir., 12. 


mr., 3S5. 


A. C, 509. 


lOjither-Maria, bdagcdc, 73S. 
Janette (Wills), 73S. 
Simeon-liarrisoii, 738. 

t!;ov., 301. 


.Miigail, bdjedd, 203. 

Al.igail (iUm, bdjcb, 203. 

Allen, bdjjcd, 418. 

Ann. 417. 

Benjamin, bdjrd, 203. 

]5enjamin-Franklin, bdjrdi, 203. 

Cathern (Allen), 418. 

Edward, bdfj, 13S. 

Elizabeth, bdjebd, 203. 

Elisabeth, hdjicg, 418. 

Elizabeth-Peace (ria.vtiKop). bdi,'rc, 

418, 428. 
El.-^ie, bdjfccc, 418. 
Eoline, bdjjceb, 418. 
Florida, bdjfced, 418. 
J'rancos-Elizabotl), bdjjcda, 418. 

Genevieve ( ), 420. 

deorge-Rufus, bdjjrdi , 418. 

Henrv-Clav, Ijdjjcce, 418. 

Herrick, bdjlcj, 418. 

James, 410, 428. 

Jane-A., bdjedh, 203. 

Jedediah, bdjchb, 203. 

Jemima, bdjeda, 203. 

Job-GofT, bdjtbe, 203. 

John-lk-rkelev, bdijc, 417-8, 428 

John-Waldo, bdjfce, 418, 428. 

Josiah, bdjeb, 203. 

Lois (Waldo), bd;i, 138. 

Lucretia, 432. 

Lvdia-J., bdjedf. 203. 

IMarion-Brent, />^///cJc, 418. 

Martha-Ann, bdjjcr, 417. 

:\Iartha-Ann, 6d//cc/c?, 418. 

Marv, bdjebr., 203. 

MarV, bdjfcd, 418. 

Mar\' (Bartlett), bf/y/cf/, 418. 

Matilda-A., bdjcdb, 263. 

Melinda, bdjfgi, 426. 

Nancy, M/yi, 410. 

Nathan-F., bdjedg, 263. 

Olive, bdjfca, 417. 

Pauline (Waldo), M//V, 417-8, 428. 

Phipps-Waldo, bdjfcb, 417. 

PoUv (GolT), bdjcd, 203. 

Ramsdell, ?>(////(c. 428. 

liua, bdjfcef, 418. 

Sarah, bdjcdc, 203. 

Sarah-Elizabeth (Tiooper), 428. 

Sarah (Hathaway), 203. 

Silas-Bruce, bdjfcdb, 418. 

Sophia, bdjebf, 203. 

Sterling, 418. 

Susan-Waldo, bdjjcj, 418. 

Susanna (Gawtluup), bdjjiie, 428. 

Sylvester-Noble, M//c/i, 418. 

Thomas-Ii., 42(>. 

Van-Rensalaer, bdjjci, 418. 

Valorous-Lake, bdjjid}, 418. 



Waldo- Port or, bdjclxi, 20o. 
William. 203, 417. 
Wirt, bdjlcoi. 418. 
Zerviah, bdjedc, 2153. 

Carrio-Lucrotia, hdhccdh, 776. 
Frankliii-'rhoodore, 770. 
Loriiida (lUngt-ss), 770. 

A.?ahel, hdibaa, 240. 

Rela, bdibd, 241. 

Botsev (Smith), bdibi, 242. 

Charlos, bdih'ja, 242. 

Charlotte, bdibhl, 242. 

Clinton, bdibhj, 242. 

Cornelia, hdibij, 242. 

Desire, bdihag, 240. 

Desire (Allen), i.f/i^o, 240. 

Ebenezer, bdlb, 141, 240-3, 255. 

Ebenezer, bdibli, 242. 

Ebenezer, bdibad, 240. 

Edo;ar, bdibij, 243. 

Edwin, M/^^/J, 242. 

Egbert, tc/iVji</, 243. 

Eleazer, bdlbn, 240. 

Eleazer, Wi'6o/, 240. 

Elizabeth (Church), 240. 

Ellen, bdibih, 243. 

Eunice, bdibf, 241, 250. 

Eunice, bdibid, 242. 

Eunice (Tracv), bd'bi, 242. 

George, hc/it/ic, 242. 

Harriet, bdlbhi, 242. 

Henrv-, Mi7'/(e, 242. 

Henrv, 240. 

J. M.", bdibca, 241. 

Jane, bdibih, 243. 

Jason, bdibbc, 240. 

John, bdi/.f-, 242. 

John, bdibii, 243. 

John, 57, S3. 240. 

Joel, bdibc, 241. 

Jonathan, S3. 

Joseph, bdibb, 240. 

Laura (Paine), bdibg, 241. 

Lucia-Ann, bdibqb, 242. 

Lncian, t./it/iA-, 242. 

liUcretia. bdibac, 240. 

Lurv, bdibae, 240. 

Lucv (Gather), ?.f/iM, 240. 

Lvdia, bd)hj, 243, 255. 

Lydia, b<ld>ib, 242. 

Maria, bdibia, 242. 

Maria (SatVord). Mi(>(, 242. 

*'arv, bdi!>h<i, 240. 

••'arV, ^(/iV-AYi, 243. 

"^iarv (Martin), bdibc, 241, 

Nanev, bdiJn'r^ 242. 

NaiicV (Clilt), bddxj, 241. 

Nathan, /y-//7-7. 241, 242. 

Nathan, bdibhh, 242. 

Phila (, bdibd, 241. 

lluth, 6c//7/n//, 240. 

IJuth. ^c/iT.///;. 242. 

Ruth'(Waldo), bdib, 141, 142, 240-3, 

Samuel, S3, 240. 
Sarah, bdibbb, 240. 
Sarah-Ann, bdibhg, 242. 
Sarah (McCurdv), bdibh, 242. 
Susan, /x///////, 242. 
Susan, bdlbir, 242. 
Susan (Dorrauce), bdibh, 243, 247. 
Susanna, dbc, S3. 
Susanna (livram), 83. 
Talitha, bdibc, 241. 
Thomas, 240. 
Waldo, bdibgd, 242. 
Waterman-Clift, 6r/i'%c, 242. 
William, bdihdn, 241. 
William-McCurdv, bdibha, 212. 
Zacheus, 6rf(^A-, 243, 247. 

Charles-Henry, 019. 
Lelia-Catherine, bdikcc, 619. 
Susan (Bradbury), 619. 

Lucretia, 577. 

BatcheUrr, see Batchellor, Bachilor. 
Abbie-S, bdaejjg, 340. 
Andrew-Sackett, bdaejfj, 340. 
Ann, bducjfe, 340. 
Calvin, 340. 
Clara, bdaejfi, 340. 
Clift-Comstock, bdaejjh, 340. 
Eben, bdoej}, 340. 
George-Lvman, bdakccc, 762-3. 
Geoi-ge-W, bdacjfd, 340. 
Imogene, bdocjfa, 340. 
Jessie-Ann (Waldo), bdakccc, 702-3. 
Jo.^ephine, bdncjjb, 340. 
Lucy (Comstock), bdaejf, 340. 
Lvman, 702. 

Mary-Waldo, bdakcccb, 7G3. 
Nellic-Lsabelie, bdakccca, 703. 
Nelson-Alba, bddcjjj, 340. 
Samantha (French), 340. 
Sophronia (Noyes), 703. 
William-Conistock, bdaejjc, 340. 

Batchellor, see BatchcUer, Bachilor. 
Betsev-.\nii (Sears), 838. 
Charles-CYaiie, bdadbdcab, 838. 

/. X 



Kiiiiicp-Ann (Wnldo), bilndbiirn, 838. 

fkorgt', 838. 

CioorRo-Homfr, bdadbrlcan, 838. 

John-Scary, bdndbdca, 838. 

Lou (Andrcwt:), bdodbdcaa, 838. 

Mary, 282. 


Anna, 457. 
.Arvin, 613. 

Minerva, bdnccc, 512-3. 
Scybcl (Olim), 513. 

Lois (Hurlbut), 879. 

Cora-N., bdhabjac, 7(37. 
Horace-Gilbert, bdbabjan, 767. 
John-Russell, bdbabja, 767. 
Katherine-Pannelia (Young), 707. 
Marion-Elizabeth, bdbabjab, 767. 
Jlercy (Phillips), 767. 
Sampson, 707. 

Sarah-Cornelia, bdbabjod, 7G7. 
Sarah-Cornelia (Waldo), bdbabja, 767. 

Baudouin, see Boivdoin. 

Julia, 691. 

Almira, 582. 
Cynthia, 650. 

T.. 142. 




Bayky, see Bailey. 
James, 314." 
Mary, 31 1. 


Edith (Waldo), bdikea, 625. 
Hunn, 3SS. 

Margaret (Foote), bdicc, 388. 
Millian>D., bdikea, 625. 

Ella, 882. 
(icorge, 882. 
Margaret (A left), 8S2. 

Harriet-Frances (Dav), 832. 
Sarah-I-:iiza, bdadubau, 832. 

Wiiliaiu-Scymotir, 832. 

Bcnl, see Beak. 
Anna (Crosby), 43. 
Hannah, ic, 43. 
John, 43. 

Beak, see Beal. 
Nathaniel, 25. 

Mary, 804. 


Etta-E, bdadbjcb, 838-9. 
Frances, 377. 

Marv-Ann (Plummer), S3S. 
Reuel-Huntoon, 838. 

Able, 473. 

Alma-Estella, bdabcihb, 474. 
Beulah-A. (Havvlcv), bdbabja, 562. 
Elizabeth (Wait),' 473. 
Henrj-Heart, bdabeih, 473-4. 
Horace, 345. 
Psmclia-Sophia (Swain), bchbcih, 

Rebecca, bdjhc, 267. 
Sally, 267, 269. 
Smith-Preston, bdabciha, 474. 

capt., 657. 

John, 98. 



Elisabeth-Jane (Xoland), 778. 
Jerome, 778. 
Leona-May, bdbcmbbc, 778. 

Ada, bdadbfa, 693. 
Marv-Ann (Bradv), 693. 
William, 693. 

Abiathcr-Waldo, bdagbda, 344. 
Augusta, bdaijbcd, 344. 
Austin, bdtKjbch, 344. 
B. M., .555. 

Bcthiah (lianisdein, bdagbd, 344. 
Cementhia, bdngi, 348. 
Chandler, bdatihdd, 344. 
Chandlcr-W., bdagbec, 344. 
Charles, bdarjbca, 344. 
Charlotte-Ann, bdagbdj, 344. 

89 G 


Dani.I, 3i:i. 

K(I\vard-W:il(I.., IJn'jb'l, 3-13, 31i. 

lOinina, bdar/lih,!, 313. 

]Mitnielinc-ri(\-<.'tt:t, Inlajhilc, 344. 

Esther, bdacud, o(i."). 

Eunice (Coiikit), o()5. 

George-Wasliiiigton, bdd'jhrd, 344. 

Horace, hd/Hjbcc, 314. 

Horace-Winslow, bdaybcn, 344. 

James, 343. 

John-Plaisted, bdogbcb, 344. 

Josiah, bdngbc, 343, 344. 

Lemuel, 505. 

Lcvinah (Hatch), 348. 

Lewis-Chandler, bd.igbdc, 343, 314. 

Lizzie (Howard), 343. 

Lydia. 505, SOS. 

Martha, bdaglxt, 344. 

Martha (Plai.sted), bdonbc, 344. 

Martha-Thankful, bdaghcj, 344. 

Marv, bdagbec, 344. 

Mar>- (Fletcher), bdagbb, 343. 

Mary-Luthera, bdaybdh, 314. 

Mat!iew, 343. 

Mehssa, bdagbcg, 314. 

Oscar, bdagbcb, 344. 

Philoma, hdnqhdb, 344. 

Pollv (Smith), bd.uibc, 344. 

PollV (Tilden), bdngb, 343. 

Rhoda ( ), bdagbe, 344. 

Kichard, 348. 

Rufus, bdagb, 343-4. 

Rufus, bdagbe. 343, 344, 52S. 

Samuel, bdaghh, 343. 

Samuel, bdaghic, 344. 

Thankful (Waldo), bc/a^f), 312-4. 

Titus, 343. 

Titus-Hutchinson, bdagbdg, 344. 

Amelia, 403. 



Tryphcna, 477. 

Beedlc, see Beadle. 

Nancy, 501. 

Abigail, Had, 120. 
Abigail (Allen), lla, 120. 
Adelbert-C, .597. 
Adelbcrt-Everett, bdicbcha, 598. 
Andrew, line, 120. 
Andrew. 120. 

Bcs.sic-Tcressa, bdicbckd, 59S. 
Catharine-S. (Quackenbusii), 597. 

l)eli\erai)c(> (rimrcli), 597. 
DcWitt-C'iititnii, hdubrf, .597. 
Edna-Mary, bdirhrhb, .598. 
Edwin-DeWilt, bdichcc, .597. 
Edwin-Dwight, bdicbcd, 597. 
Elijah, Mk6c, .597-8. 
Elijah, 401. 

Gilbert-Jonathan, Unb, 120. 
Hannah-Hurbank, bdigc, 404. 
Harriet, 6J/>/j/, 598-9. 
Harry-Elijah, bdicbchc, 598. 
Jane-lirown, bdicbcg, 597. 
John-A\'aldo, bdicbch, .597-8. 
Jonathan, //a, 120. 
Jonathan, //aa, 120. 
Jonathan, llnf, 120. 
Jonathan, 73, 99, 100, 104, 109, 112, 

Joseph, 404, 597, .598. 
Lucv (Hall), 404, .597, 598. 
Lydia (Burbank), 404. 
JIaria, bdigc, 404. 
Mar3--.\nn (Ryan), bdicbch, 597-S. 
Marv-Emilia-Elizabeth, line, 120. 
.ALary (Partridge), 120. 
Moses, 404. 

Pollv (Waldo), bdicbc, 597-8. 
Robert-Waldo, bdicbchc, .598. 
Susan, bdicbcb, .597. 
William-Jeremiah, Ihg, 120. 

Louisa, 541. 

Joanna, 843. 



Hannah, bdag/J, 537. 
Miriam (Edson), 537. 
Simeon, 537. 

Kate, 865. 
Lucy-H., 79G 
Naniiie, bdicbgd, 599. ' ' ' 

Benjamin, 211, 212, 215, 220. 
Betsey, dgci, 94. 
Susan, 677. 

Emily, 597. 


Archie, bdbccdec, 775. 
Belle-Gertrude, bdbccdcb, 775. 
Edwin-Lorcn, bdbccdef, 775 



Elizabpth-Abigail (Stodman), 775. 
Cioorpo-Waldo, IxUirrdrn, 77.3. 
Ccorpo-Williiuii, bilhrci-ir, 775. 
Cracc-Loi.'^, hdhccdch, 775. 
Guy-I'^lroy, hdhcrdcd, 775. 
Lois-.\rah("Ha (Waldo), hdbccdc, 775. 
Stella-Bcllc, bdbccdcg, lib. 
William, 775. 
Wiiinifred-Einily, bdbccdec, lib. 

Cyntliia (Brightman), 723. 
EzckicI, 73S. 
Jacob, 723. 

Julia-.\nn, bdaccch, 723-4. 
Julia-Lavissa, SOO. 
Ivewis, 735. 

JyOiiise (Donison), 735. 
Marv-Elizabelh, bdugucdb, 735. 
Samuel, 723. 
Stephen, 723. 
Thomas, 723. 

Amy, bdak, 215. 
William, 215. 

Bennet, see Bennett. 
Jane, 241. 
Moses, 116, 202. 

Bennett, see Bennet. 
Abigail, 831. 
Adaline, bdagcdca, 859. 
Anne (Carter), 408. 
David, 742. 
Dorcas, 429. 
Hiram, bdbabbl), .560 
.Tamcs-Pattoison, 834. 
Louisa (Johnson), bdbda, 229, 230. 
Lucinda (White). S34. 
Lucv (Clark). 742. 
LucV-Jane (Ku5^ell), 859. 
-Marietta (Wheeler), bdbnbbb, 500. 
.Martha-Clark, bdagddc, 742-3. 
Mnry-Ahicail (Waldo), bdadaccg, 834. 
Man--Jane-\\yatt, bdike, 408. 
Miniiie-LaKue, bdadaecga, 834. 
Nancv, 424, 427, 431. 
Noah", 859. 

Otto-Baden, bdndaccq, 834. 
Richard-Everard, 408. 
Waldo-Stewart, bdndaccqb, 83 i. 
Zilpa (Winchell), bdabgd, 322. 

Charles, 441. 441. 
Harriet, (Waldo), bdabee, 321, 471. 
Major, bdabee, 321, 471. 

Sila.s, 441. 


Abigail ( ), 295. 

Mndad, 2!»5. 
vSanford, 304. 

Viola-L., hdnhhig, 544. 


Amelia ( ), 870. .. 

Chauncv, 870. 
Pernclla-May, bdijajbd, 870. 

gov., 1.53, 15G, 102. 
Emily-Asenath (Scofield), 744. 

mr., 623. 


Louise, dhachaf, 651. 

Elizabeth, hdadg, 332. 
William, 332, 504, 710. 

Anha-Luella, bdagcbcc, 737. 
Eliza (Hoover), 737. 
William, 737. 

Abigail (Burt), 741. 
Adeline, bdagcea, 741. 
Ahnn, 741. 

Joanna ( ), 15. 

Richard, 15. 

Sophia ((iraliam), 741. 

Zebulon, 741. 

Jolm, 630. 
Leah (Vanuess), bdjfbg, 030. 

Nicholas, 303. 

Augustus- Willard, 819. 
Dana, 645. 
Edwin-Hu.-5'^oll, 045. 
Fannie-.Mary, dhacccd, 819-20. 
Jeannctte (Lvman), 645. 
Jennie-Adell "(Waldo), 645. 
Joshua, 148. 
Mary (Nye), 819. 



Harriet. 700. 


James-H., 071. 
Julia, hdahjcc, (i71. 
Margarot-Jaiic, 720. 
Margaret (Spencer), C* 

Biglo, see Bigcloiv. 

Catharine, 3G2. 
Lucy, 093. 

Apncs, bdilcci, 303. 1 

Alice, bdifijc, 2!'<5. 
Amanda-Mclvina, txlihlb, 2.50. 
Amelia-Edwards, bdihl, 2."iCi. 
Amelia-Edwards (Bingham), bdihl, 

Ann-l?obinson (Cuf^hmiu\)Jjdil'cc, 393, 
Annette-Pamela, bdifccb, 393. 
Antoinette, lidihii, 255. 
Charles, bdihc, 254. 
Edwaid, bdifrm, 393. 
Elijah, 21S, 8S1. 
Eliza, bdihh, 255. 
Eliza, 213. 

Eliza (Adnm.s), bdihj, 255. 
Eliza-.-Vdams, bdihjn, 255. 
Eliza-Maria (Lee), bdihi, 255. 
Elizabeth-Hartsliorn (I>add), bdifcb, 

Emily, bdihn, 250. 
Emily, bdihi]\ 255. 
Ezra, bdihj, 255. 
Ezra-Waldo, /h/Z/u'/, 255. 
Ezra-Waldo, 6c///i;V, 256. 
Gcorge-Cushman, bdifcci, 393. 
Gideon, bdijca, 393. 
Gideon, 392. 
Harris, 218. 

Henrietta-Fitch, bdihie, 255. 
Henr}*, bilihin, 250. 
Henry-Adams, hdihjb, 255. 
Henry -Talcott, bdiliid, 255. 
Herbert-Cushman, bdifccc, 393. 
James, 560. 

.Icphthah-Simms, bdihla, 250. 
Jcrcmiali, 02. 
John, ^rf(7^ 141, 253-0. 
John, bdihi, 255. 
J'ohii, 253. 

John-Lee, bdihiu, 255. 
Joseph, 2 IS, 392. 
Josephine-\A'aldo, bdifcba, 393. 
Lucy, bdifce, 394. 

Lucy-Adlinc, hdihil, 255. 

Lvdia, 6f/(7/7), 253. 

Mary (Brewster), 02. 

Mar3--Eliza, bdihie, 255. 

Mary-Loui.-e, bdijccd, 393. 

Mary-Perkins (West), tt/i/f^, 393. 

Marv-West, /x/Z/ct'^;, 393. 

Melatiah, 249. 

Minerva, bdainf, 218. 

Nancy, bdihf, 251. 

Nancy, bdihik, 255. 

Nancy-Maria, tc/i/cf/, 394. 

Nancv (Waldo), bdi/c, 249,' 250, 

Nathaniel, 58, 240, 253. 
Phebe (Rogers). 218. 
Richard-Fitch, bdihib, 255. 
Robert, bdijcch, 393. 
Roger, bdifc, 392-4. 
Ruth, bdihl:, 250. 
Ruth-Cutler (Sinnus), bdihl, 2.50. 
Ruth (Warner), 393. 
Sally, bdihn, 2.53. 

Sally-Antoinette (Fitch), bdihi, 2.55. 
Samuel, bdifce, 393. 
Sarah-Brooks, bdihig, 255. 
Sarah (Downing), .500. 
Sarah (Gilbert), 881. 
Sarah- J one bdifc J, 394. 
Sarah-Wheeler, bdihjd, 256. 
Sophronia, bdbabj, 500-7. 
Susannah, bdihd, 254. 
Susanna (P.urnliam), 253. 
Talitha, bdihc, 254. 
Talitha, htlihq, 255. 
Talitha (^\■a^do), ?/(/(7(, 141, 253-6. 
Talitha-'W'aldo, bdihih, 255. 
Thomas, 2 IS, 253, 393. 
Waldo, bdifcb, 393. 
Wallace-Roger, bdifccf, 393. 
Waller, 8S1. 

AVillic-Howard, bdifcce, 393. 
Zacheus-^^'aldo, bdihl, 250. 

Charles-Elnioie, dhdhcaab, 823. 
Elizabeth-Woodhull. 822. 
Florence-May, dhdhcand, 823. 
Harris-Waldo, dhdhcaaa, 823. 
John-Adams, 822. 

Kate-Camil!a(Waldo),J/i.//irr;,7, 822-3. 
Ralph-Seaman, dhdhcnac, 823. 
Seaman-Leggett, dhdkcaa, 822-3. 

Mary, 501. 


Albert-Hiram, dhaluac, 653. 



K'ntc (Sanfonl), ri'>3. 

M;irv-Aiin;i (Marlin), dhalaar, 053. 

Sarmiol, Go3. 

Ncllio-F., 612. 

.M.'irtlm-iMarift, bda<lc1>n, 492. 

I'Kji.t, hdicngab, 793. 
l-'rarifcs-CoUins (Waklol, hdicaga, 

IIoward-Glyiulon, bdicaguc, 793. 
l,.aac-Clil!xrt, bdicaya, 793. 
I.cou-Waluo, bdicagaa, 793. 
LiiMUin-(!ill)CTt, 793. 
.Marv-v^., bdic'igad, 793. 
S;iiiiautlia (Walker), 793. . ' 


Catharine, 847. 

llarriet-Einily, SG6. 

mr., 590. 



mr., 117, lis. 
Fanny, G72. 

.Mvin-Pctpr, bdndcaa, 4S0, 696. 
Elinor, bdadcaebb, 69S. • 
Emma-Maria, bdndcaca, 697-S. 
Gershoni, 690, 697. 
Hnrriet-Enieline (Waldo), bdndcnb, 

4S9, 690. 
Ilulda-Caroline (Waldo), hdadcaa, 

Kenneth, bdndcncba, 69S. 
Lora-Coates (Jackson), bdadccicb, C9S. 
Marcy (Howland). 696, 697. 
Sarali-Angeline (Waldo), bdadcae, 
_ 697-8. 

Sarah-Eveline, hdadcaaa, 696. 
Susanna, 162. 

William-Jack.^on, bdadcaebc, 09S. 
^^'illidm-Wellin•Ilon, bdadnub, 09S. 
\\illiam-Wise, bdadcae, G97-S. 
W iliiam-^\■ise, bdadcaab, 696. 

Blague, see Blague. 

maj., 334. 

Anqeline, bdabbdbcb, 825. 
Clifford, bdahdaeb, 758. 
Donald-Waldo, bdahdndxt, 758. 
Ereenian, 825. 

Julia-ljicille, bdahdtiebb, 758. 
Mabel-Orace (Ward), bdahdaeb, 758. 
Malvina, bdahlidbca, ^25. 
Mel Vina (Shed), 825. 
Olive-Eli/.abcth (Waldo), bdahbdbc, 

01iNe-Spraj4uc, hdabbdbcd, 825. 
Vashti, bdabbdbcc, 825. 
Willard-Freeraan, bdnbbd})C, 825. 
Willard-McXutt, bdabbdbve, 825. 


Almira-K. ( ), 750. 

John, 750. 

Susan-Mann-Green, bdagjcb, 750. 


Francis, 278. 
Sally, 534. 

Mary, 726. 

Lucy, 208. 



David, 350. 
Hannah, 533. 
Harriet, bdagadd, 732. 
John, 18. 

Maria (Stearns), bdahia, 356. 
Mary, 733. 
Nettie-Melissa (Starev), bdagacaa, 

Sarah-Eincoln, 748. 
William, 853. 

ilary, 106. 
Newconib, 106. 
Phillip, 106. 
Susanna, 106. 
Susannah, Id, 105-0. 


Zcrelda-Weaver, 778. 

Fanny (Clark), 510. 
Henry, 510. 
Peggy, bdacatn, 510. 

Anne, bdig, 252-3, 389. 



Daiiifl, 43. 
Maiv. 252. 
Mary (Bliss), 2J>2. 
Mary-Lezctlf, 742. 
Lawrence, 2o2. 
Luke, 252. 
Pelatiah, 252. 
Phcbe, 43. 
Thomas, 252. 

Elizabeth-Agnes, hdnijjac, 749. 
Eluthoria (Newton), 749. 
Joseph, 749. 

Abigail, 167. 
Clarissa, hdicdba, 3S9. 
Laura, bdiolhb, 3S9. 
Lemuel, 389.' 

Margaret (Waldo), bdicdb, 252, 3S9. 
Mary, bdlrdbr, 3S9. 
Talcott, bdicdbd, 3S9. 

Benjamin, 800. 
Elizabeth-Waldo (Tavlor), bdicbjgb, 

800- L 
George-Washington, bdicbjgb, 800-1. 
Hannah (Bowman), 800. 
Jcs.'^ica-Althea, bdicbjgbd, 801. 
Nellie-Maud, bdkbjgbc, 801. 
Paul-Ord, bdkbfqbb, 801. 
Ural-Svbil, bdicbjgba, 801. 


Eve, 282. 

Betsev, 791. 
Edmund, 293. 

Gratia (Parkhur.-t), dhdde, 292, 293. 
Jabez-Parkhurst, dhddca, 293. 
Phebe (l)utton), 293. 
]{euben, dhddcc, 293. 
Peuben, 293. 
liiehard, dhddc, 292, 293. 
Richard, 293. 
Richard-Dana, dhddcb, 293. 

Eliza, OSS. 

Mary, 818. 



Harriet, 802. 

Almira, hdngfc, 530. 
Daniel, 530. 
Dorcas, 530. 
Dorcas (P>odwell), 536. 
John-Ladd, 536. 

Andrew, 373. 
Lois (Waldo), bdbch, 373. 
Louisa-Waldo, bdbcha, 373. 
Moses, bdbch, 373. 
Susannah (Webster), 373. 

David, 359. 
Orpha, bdakc, 359. 

Elisha-Y., 501, 502. 

lieut., 334, 335 
Maria-.Amelia, bdadcea, 698-9. 
Mercy (Buell), 098. 
Richard, 69S. 


Charity-Prudence, bdjfbdf, 815. 
Emcline (Davis), 815. 
Richard-E., 815. 
Rosetta, bdjlbdb, 627. 

Sarah, 453. 

Pamelia-Jane, 757. 

Sarah, 82. 

Araminta, 445. 
John, 445. 


Michael, 322. 
Sarah, bdabge, 322. 

Julia-Ann, bdacccd, 721. 
Maude, bdnbecdb, 669. 
Philip-Janus, 721. 
Vincent-Holmes, 009. 

Clayton, 705. 

Sarah-Cornelia, 715. 



rapt., 114. 

Cathorino (Kiiowlcs), 483. 
Eliza, bdadaj, 483-. 
Solomon, 4S3. 

Ahial (Lathrop), SI, 8G. 
Jonathan, 81, SG. 
Marinda-We^jt, S49. 

Jo.shua, 325. 


Mary-Buckley, 452. 

Margaret, 863. 

Malvena-Agnos, hdagfceh, 751. 
Marv-Scola-stique (Gcndreau), 751. 
Pete'r, 751. 

Klizabeth-BarLlelt, 6SS. 

-), Igd, 108. 

Abigail ( — 
Peter, 108. 

Mary-Wandewater, 507. 

Sophia-Caroline, 7G9. 

Eli, bdadafd, 679. 

Fannie-Kniily (Waldo), hdadnjd, G79. 
Fainiic-Margaret, bdadufdba, 679. 
Ilenrv-Waldo, bdadajdb, 679. 
John," G79. 
Maria (Gee), G79. 
May, 679. 

Nancv-J. (Graham), 679. 
Nathan, 679. 
Nathaniel, G79. 
Hosa, bdudajda, G79. 
«uruh-Jane (Wafer), bdadajdb, 679. 

Margaretha, 756. 

Hannah (Portage), 193. 

James, 18G, 187 
Judith, 193. 
Pierre. 193. 


Albert-Waldo, bdbcmbhc, 778. 
Albert-Waldo, bdbcmbbcc, 778. 
.A.nna-C"athfrine, bdbcmbhb, 778. 
Anna-Catherine (l\aufhcr), 777. 
Arthur-F-))liraiin, bdbcmbbd, llh. 
Ephraim, 777. 

Flphraim-D, lidbcndjb, 777-8. 
Fannif-Maria, dhnrcc, 641. 
FVederick-Grant, bdbcndjbj, 778. 
George, 28G. 

Flettie-Justine, bdbcmbhcn, 778. 
Hettie (Waldo), bdbcmbb. 111. 
Jennie-LaVergne, bdbcmbbcb, 778. 
Leona-Mav (Beck), bdbctnbbc, 778. 
:\Iark, 641". 

Marj--Edith, lidbcmbba, 778. 
Nancy, 661. 

Olive-Maude, bdbonbbc, 778. 
Rachel, 169. 

Kobert-La^'ergno, bdbanbbg, 
Sarah-Louise (Harris), 641. 
Susan, 620. 

Henry, 491. 
Sarah, bdadcbm, 491. 



Catherine, 800. 

Lydia, 550. ^ 

Betsev (Parkhurst), dhddb, 292, 

Calvin, dhddb, 292, 293. 
Eliza (Leighton), 875. 
George, 875. 
Hannah, 800. 

Josephine-Emeiine, bdagafe, 526. 
Marion, 875. 
William, 526. 

Catherine, 802. 
Dorothy, 588. 

Antiphas, 117. 
Araminta, bdigbk, 403. 

Peggy, bdahli, 355. 




Dama, bdjfgje, 42G. 
Daniel, bdjfiij, 426. 
Dolph, bdjfgjf, 426. 
Evaline, bdjfqjd, 426. 
Harriet (Kittle), bdjlgj, 426. 
Truman, bdjfgjg, 426. 

Barnev-Bigclow, 606. 
Ellen-Webster, bdiccgc, 606. 
Jane (Richardson), ()06. 
Luoy-R., bdiccjj, 60.5. 

Carl-Sibley. bdhanbhn, 7S0. 
Clarence, bdbcmbhc, 7S0. 
Eliza (Righsoll). 780. 
Emma-Dora (Waldo), bdbcmbh, 780. 
George, bdbcmbh f, 780. 
George-Rilev, bdbcmbh, 780. 
Joseph, 780". 
Nina, bdbcmbhe, 780. 
Vernon-\N'aldo, bdbcrribhb, 780. 
Walter-Dav, bdbcmbhd, 780. 


William, 264. 

Bracket, Brackett. 
Abigail, 129. 
Abigail-Belcher, 129. 

Alice ( ), 22, 23. 

Elizabeth, ab, 23, 24. 
Elizabeth (Waldo), n, 22-4. 

Hannah ( ), 23. 

James, 129. 
John, 23. 
Josiah, a, 22-4. 
Mary, 129. 
Mirriam, 282. 
Peter, 23. 

Richard, 22, 23, 24. 
Sarah, aa, 23, 24. 
Sarah, 130. 

Susan, 619. 


Catherine-Elizabeth, dhaja, 4.52. 
Charles, Ibbjn, 190, 
Eunice (.\dams), 68, 69. 
Frances (Crocker), 452. 
Joseph- R., 312. 
Mary-Rus-sell, 312. 
Mary (Winslow), Ibbja, 190. 
Susannah, bhi, 68. 
Sylvester, 452. 

Thomas, 68, 69. 

Alice-Adaline (Deland), bdiadr. '.■. 
Charles, bdaog, 364. 
Elisha-lves, 595. 
Esther, 169. 
Jane-I)., bdaogb, 364. 
Kate-Pearl, bdicalca, 595. 
Maria-W., bdooga, 364. 
Marv-Abbv, bdicnlcb, 595. 
Mary (Uftord), .595. 
Nancy-Hinsdale (Waldo), hibuxj, j,i 
Otis-Eli.sha, bdiadc, 595. 
Phebe, 599. 
Polly, 599. 
Ulenna-Harriet, 684. 


capt., 334. 

Barney, 655. 
Eliza, dhigba, 655. 
Eliza (LeClair), 655. 
Mary-.\nn, 693. 
Mary-Kerr, 772. 

Edward, 16. 

Elmina-Susan (Waldo), bdacamj. 1'y 
George-Edward, 720. 
John-Edward, bdaeamf, 720. 
Leah, bdaeamf b, 720. 
Lucv, bdaeamf a, 720. 
Martha (Ballintine), 720. 
Mary, 16. 


Betsey, 383. 

Alta-Ione (Ratcliff), bdbabkh, Trf.v 
Daniel, bdbabk, 567-S. 
Electa (Lyman), 596. 
Elihu-Burritt, bdbabkb, 568. 
Eunice-Parsons, bdicbti, 596. 
Gertrude, bdbabkba, 568. 
John-Howard, bdbabka, 5GS. 
Levi, 596. 
Sarah-Foster (Waldo), bdbabk, •'- 

Walden-Burr, bdbabkbb, 568. 

Lydia, 807. 

Thomas, 17, 117. 




Nancy-Frances, 646. 

Bray ton. 
Cnlch, flhhd, Hi9. ' 
Cynthia, (fhbdb, 160. 
I.onipi.'uinii (liucklin), dhhd, 169. 
Marv (l)oiip:las), 302. 
.Man- (Wcl)b), 1C9. 
Thoinas, 1 69. 
Walcio, dhbda, 169. 
William, 109. 

Rhoda, 7-10. 



Breed en. 
Frances-Marshall, 036. 

Jano-Corbc't, hdicbfea, 
John, 799. 
Sarah-Kobert (Osborn), 799. 
Hannah bdadcbn, 492. 
Mary, bdadcbk, 491. 

Flihu, 79. 
Hannah, S2. 
Helen, bdadgab, 711. 
Helen-Ann (White), 711. 
Jnmes, 711. 
Ruby, dace, 81. 


(Slack), bdhb, 140, 

.\nn, bdhd, 59, UO. 

Elijah, 62. 

Eunice, bdhnc, 139. 

Eunice (Ivinpslev), bdha, 139. 

Ezekiel, bdhc, 140. 

Hannah, 62. 

James, 62. 

J'^ruslin, bed, 62. 

Joana, bdhaf, 140. 

Jnaruia, 62. 

Joannah (Waldo), bdh, 13S-10. 

Jonah, bdh, 13S-40. 

Jonah, bdhc, J 40. 

•lonah, 62. 

Jonathan, 1>dha, 59, 139. 

Joiiatlian, bdh,di, 140. 

Jon.-itlian, 62, O-"), 13S. 

J>ovp, 02, 05, 13S. 

I-ydia, bdha>j, 140. 

^'.'iry, 02. 

Mary-Ann, 402, 403. 

Mary (Partridge), 62, 65, 13S. 

-Nathan, bdhb, 140. 

Ohel, bdhnd, 140. 
Oramel, bdhae, 140. 
Or.son, bdkrw, 139. 
Pcleg, 62. 
Sarah, byd, 62, 65. 
William, 62, 65, 13«. 
Wrestling, 62, 65, 13S. 

Joseph, 40. 


Abigail, bdcufb, 232. 
Abigail (Ames), bdcaf, 231. 
Anne, bdcajd, 232. 
Benjamin, bdcaj, 231-2. 
Iknjamin-Paul, bdcafc, 232. 
Ebenezer, bdcafa, 231, 232. 
E.sther (Sopcr), S5. 
Lvdia, bdraff, 232. 
Mehetable, bdcafg, 232. 
Nathaniel, bdcafh, 232. 
Sarah, bdaifc, 232. 
Beth, bdcafi. 232. 
Scth, 85. 

Dennis, 463. 
Don-Ferdinand, 490. 
Emih- (Allen), bdndj], 490. 
John-ralmcr, 496. 
Lois (Palmer), 496. 
Lvdia-Woodburv, 790. 
Paul, 496. 
Thomas, 496. 

Cynthia, 723. 


Matthew, 266. 

Hannah, 718. 



Brittin, see Britlon. 
Sarah, 630. 

Britlon, see Brittin. 
Andrew-Jarkson. 691. 
Aurelia-Orline (.loncs), 691. 
Catherine, b<ijcj, 203. 
Dora-Amanda, bdadbdoe, 691. 
Hannah, 722. 

Ivucy, 378. 

Nettie, 748. 





Charles, 7 S3. 
EflilJi-S., bdjlddr, 7S:j. 
Nancv-Maria, S03. 
Rose "(Phillips), 7JS3. 

Loronda, 6G7. 

Augusta, 870. 



Abigail-Leo, hdihad, 253. •. 
Adeline, hdihab, 2.53. 
Albert, hdicalnb, .595. 
Amos, bdicalu, 595. 
Ann-Sophronia, 653. 
Anna, 07. 

Anson-l^erkins, bdihac, 253. 
Ella-Rhoda, 6SL 

P'anny-Peters (Leonard), bdiijjd.^ 403. 
Glennie, bdicnlan, 595. 
Harriet (Butts), 595. 
Harriet-T-ouise (Deland), bdicalu, 595. 
Jesse, 595. 

Jolin-IIcnry, bdihac, 253. 
Jonathan, bdihaf, 253. 
Jonathan, 2.53. 
Matilda, 759. 
Mercy (Cliapman), 2.53. 
Nathan, bdihn, 253. 
S. S., bdiqbjd, 403. 
Sallv, bdihnn, 2.53. 
Sally (Bingham), bdiha, 253. 
Thomas, 47. 

Adrei (Crane), bfb, G3. 
Alice, bjbh, 63. 
Delight, bl'be, 63. 
Ebenezer, bfbi, 63. 
Eunice, bjba, 03. 
Hannah (Allis), 03. 
Jemima, bjhg, 03. 
Johanah, bfbb, 63. 
John, 26, 63. 
Keziah, bfbd, 63. 
Lydia, bjbc, 63. 
Marv, 64. 
Prudence, bjbf, 63. 
Thomas, bjb, 63. 

Brown, see Browne. 

(Conklin), 662. 

Aaron, 002. 
Abigail, bhb, 67. 
Abigail, hh(}j, 67. 
Abigail (Waldo), bh, 66-9. 

Abijali, />//'/, 07. 
Adalinc, bdnrlic, 33S. 
Adalinc-Maria. hdnthba, 3.38. 
Addie-.M;i>-, bdarnijb, 508. 
Agncs-Kmilv (I'ease), 712. 
Alice, bdnchbj, 338. 
Alice-^L^ria, bdagcbbd, 85S. 
Alpheus, W!rf7, OS. 
Amelia-Abigail, 747. 
Amelia-Whcaton, dhakag, 288. 
Amos-Thomas, 6!)3. 
Andrew-] )ixon, dhakaa, 288. 
Ann-Scott, 629. 
Anna, bdndahe, 683. 
Anna-Edith, bdnrhdc, 338. 
Anna-I>\iella, bdii'jrbccd, 737 
Anna-LucUa (Betchell), bdaqcljcc, 737 
Anna (Waldo), tc/ae/i, 337-8, 712. 
Apaloni.a-Hartmon, bdaehbc, 338. 
Arthur-George, dhaedbh, 046. 
Arthur-Guv, bdnbbddab, 662. 
Asahel, ?./;^c, 68. 
Avery, 493. 
Azariah, 6/(/i, 68. 
Bet.scA', bdnriiri, 465. 
Brigit", 29. 

Calvin-^Lirtin, bdaijcbcc, 737. 
Caroline, 822. 
Caroline (Cooper), 6S3. 
Charles-l^ronson, bdacaij, 5'J7-8. 
Charles-Elam, bdaeaacb, 712. 
Charlcs-Peron, bdagcbccc, 737 
Charlie, bdaraija, 508. 
Clara-Amv, bdabbddac, 662. 
Clark, 4.50. 

Cornelia (Rose), bhaeaacb, 712. 
Corvdon-Marsliall, bdagcbcb, 737. 
Daniel. i'/fJ^y. 68. 
Daniel-.\ustin, caikb, 166. 
David-Charles, bdabbdda, 662. 
Deborah, 119. 

Deliverance, /*/i, 29. 30, 66-9. 
Deliverance, 5/n'c, 69. 
Denison, 858. 
Dinah, blic, 67. 
Dinah, bhad, 67. 
Dinah, 29. 

i:)inah ( ), 29, 66. 

Ebenezer. bhi, 68, 69. 

Edith, bhid, 69. 

Ed\vard-.\p)ileton, bdachdb, 338. 

Etiic-Philur;;, bdadcg, 493. 

Elam, bdacha, 337. 

Elam, bdncaac, 712. 

P^lcazcr, Wi(7, 67, 68. 

Eleazer, 29, 34, 66. 

Eliezcr, 29. 34, 66. 

Eliza, 380. 

Eliza-A., 556. 



Eliza-Averill, dhakae, 288. 
Eliza-Joann, dhakae, 2S8. 
Elizabeth, caikc, 166. 

Elizabeth ( ), 166. 

Elizabeth-Amy, bdjhn, 200. 
Elizabeth (.\ustin), caik, 164, 166. 
Elizabeth (Richards), bha, 67. 
Ellen-Apnes (Ward), dhaedbh, 646. 
Ellcn-EHzabeth, bdoehbb, 338. 
Ellen-Maria (AUis), 858. 
Emily-Florence, bdaehdd, 338. 
Emma-Jane, bdagcbce, 737. 
Eunice, bhia, 69. 
Experience (Morgan), 266. 
Fannie-Nelson, bdadbfac, 693. 
Fanny (Able), 493. 
Forrest-Elam, bdaeaacaa, 712. 
George, cnikf, 166. 
George-Francis, dhaedbhb, 646. 
George-Francis, 646. 
George-Glanville, bdjidbb, 634. 
Godfrey, dhaka, 288, 289. 
Hannah, 594. 
Henry, bdjheh, 268. 
Horace-Jay, bdabbddan, 662. 
Isaac, bdnbbg, 320. 
James, t/!)'*;, 69. 
James, bdaeh, 338-9, 712. 
Jame.s, bdjhcj, 268. 
James-Charles, bdjidb, 633-4. 
James-Erastus, bdaehbd, 338. 
Jane, bdjga, 432, 515. 
Jedediah, 737. 

Jedcdiah-James, bdjidba, 634. 
Jeremiah, b/;^, 68. 
Jeremiah, bhaa, 67. 
Jeremiah, b/ii'/, 69. 
Jesse, bhae, 67. 
John, bhc, 67, 68. 
John, Wfrf, 68. 
John, bhig, 69. 
John, caik, 164. 166. 
John, caika, 166. 
John, 106, 207, 269. 559, 633. 
Jonathan-Waldo, bdaeaaca, 712. 
Joseph-E., 382. 
Joseph-Towle, 832. 
Joseph- Warren, 832. 
Josephine-Waldo, bdjidbc, 634. 
Julia-Saniantha, bdbabac, 559. 
Laura (Nelson). 693. 
Louisa-Maria (Baker), 450. 
Louise-J^usan, 604. 
Lovisa (Phelps), bdaehb, 338. 
Lucretia, bhda, 68. 
Lucretia (Averill), dhnka, 283, 288. 
Lucretia (Hartlett), 432. 
Lucretia-Waldo, dhakad, 2S8. 
Lucv, bhec, (38. 

Lucv (Underwood), bhe, 68. 
' Lutficr, bheh, 68. 
Lydia, bhdd, 68. 
Lvdia-Olivia, bdogcbcd, 737. 
Lydia (Putnam), bhd, 68. 
^Iabel-Agnes, dhacdbha, 646. 
Malvina (Rundel), bdabbdda, 662. 
Margaret-Ann (McBain), bdagcbcb, 

Margaret (Ormiston), bdaeaaca, 712. 
Marmaduke, 108. 
Mary, 66. 

Mary-.\ugusta, bdachbc, 338. 
Mar^'-Callander, caikd, 160. 
Mary-Edwards, d/io/:rr/, 288. 
Marv'-Eliza, bdagcbccb, 737. 
Mary-Ida (Gilbert), hdadabac, 832. 
Mar\--OIney (Waldo), bdaeaac, 337, 

Melinda. 6rfyAee, 268. 
Mercv, 592. 
Mercy-Maria (GaUup), bdbafaa, 369, 

370, 577. 
Michael (Sykes), 559. 
Morgan, bdjheb, 267. 
Moses, 507. 

Nancy-Frances (Bray), 646. 
Naomy, bhah, 67. 
Narci.ssa (Waldo), bdjidb, 633-4. 
Nathan, bhdc, 68. 
Nelson, bdjh^f, 268. 
Obadiah, bheb, 68. 
Olive, hhag, 67. 
Olive, bhei, 68. 
Olive-Olivia, bdagcbcce, 737. 
Olivia-Kinsman (Waldo), bdagcbc, 

Orvilla, ftdyTifc, 267. 
Orville, bdaehb, 338. 
Pattv (Waldo), btfatfer/, 320. 
Pearl- A., bdadaddd, 678. 
Peleg, 266. 
Peter, bhab, 67. 
Pollv, bdjha, 266. 
Rebecca (Adams), 6, 29, 66. 
Rebeckah, bhf, 68. 
Rebeckah, bhef, 68. 
Roger-Stuart, dhaedbhc, 646. 
Rosannah, bdjheg, 268. 
Rosina-Mahalia (Winchell), bdabgfa, 

Rosannah (Lake), 6J/Ae, 267-8. 
Rufus, bdagcbc, 737. 
Rufus-William, bdagcbcca, 737. 
Ruth (Matthews), 6(/yi<f66, 634. 
Sahiiia (Farwell), 507. 
Sallv, 569. 

Sally (Beardsley), 207, 269. 
£?amuol, bhib, 69. 

i' .• >■ -i >. ' l/I 

,.V: ' ' 

A. i- ,1,. 

., . // 

* ..■. .'l' 



Samuel, bdjhe, 267-8. 

Samuel, bdjhed, 268. 

Sanford, 678. 

Sarah, bhdb, 68. 

Sarah, 201. 

Sarah (Bacon), bhd, 68. 

Sarah-Carmichacl (Huson), bdneaif, 

Sarah-Jane, dhaehe, 450. 
Sarah (Tanner), 160. 
Scott, 206. 
Shubael, bhai, 67. 
Sibbel, bhac, 67. 
Sibil, bhea, 68. 
Silas, 432. 
Soflora, bdjhek, 268. 
Susan (Danforth), 8-32. 
Susan-Mary (Appleton), bdnchd, 338. 
Susanna, 396. 

Susannah (Bradford), hhi, 68-0. 
Thomas, 20, 2G1, 264. 
Waldo, bhee, 68. • ■ 

Waldo, bhaehd, 338. 
Waldo, bdjhea, 267. 
William, caike, 166. 
William, 47, 137, 337, 683. 
William-Averill, dhaknb, 288. 
William-Francis, bdachdn, 338. 
Wllliam-S., bdahgja, 323. 
William-Waldo, bdagcbca, 737. 
Zadok, bhdf, 68. 
Zephaniah, bdbnfan, 577. 
Zerviah (Capman), 737. 

Bronze, see Brown. 
.A.braham-Steffev, 832. 
Ehzabeth-Rachel (Roof), 832. 
Mary-Catherine, bdadabuc, 832. 

Adam, 504. 
Ann (Todd), 504. 
Jane-Ann, bdadga, 504. 
John, 504. 
John-MofTatt, 504. 

Alice-Florence, bdikfhc, 410, 620. 
Bertha-Lulu, bdikfhf, 410, 620. 
EUa-vSusan, bdikjhd, 410, 620. 
Ella-Susannah (\\'aldo), bdtkflu 620. 
George-Au.^tin, 620. 
JennTe-Belle, bdikjhe, 410. 620. 
Lerov-Cli fiord, bdikfhb, 410, 620. 
Louis-Waldo, bdikflui, 620. 
Susan (Dragoo), 620. 
William-Henry, bdikfh, 410 note, 620. 

Adolphus, 747. 


Anderson, bdngccbe, 747. 
Anna (McMaster), 700. 
Bell, dhdkea, 299. 
Candice-Albertine, bdaijecl)rb, 747. 
Candice-Oretta (Hard}-), bdagecbe 

Caroline, bdicadb, 790-1. 
Carson, 79. 

Charles-Loran, bdabfdde, 673. 
Colonel, dhdkeb, 299. 
Damon, 790. 

Daniel-Waldo, dhdkc, 173, 299. 
Daniel-Waldo, dhdkcd, 299. 
Fannie, 645. 
George, 586. 

George-Hilton, dhdkcf, 299. 
Godfrey, dhdkd, 299. 
Henry-Lyman, 706. 
Jay-Eugene, dhdkcc, 299. 
Jeremiah-Fobom, (//idA.-, 298-9. 
John, dhdkb, 298-9. 
John-Winchester, bdnbjddb, 673. 
Joseph, dhdkba, 299. 
Josiah, 673. 

Josiah-Leroy, bdabfdde, 673. 
Julia-Caroline (Leonard), 747. 
Katherine-Louise (Hoppee), bdohjddt, 

Lavancha, dhdkeb, 299. 
Lida, bdabfddd, 673. 
Louisa-Jane, 487. 

Louise ( ), d/irffec, 290. 

Lucretia (Baird), dlidkc, 299. 

Lucv, dhdbc, 290. 

Lydia (Hudson), dhdke, 299. 

Mamie, c/A^/Wc?, 299. 

Margaret (Miniger), dhdkd, 209. 

Margarette-.'Vlma, bdahfdda, 673. 

Maria-Osborne (Robinson), bihidfioc, 

Mark, fZ/i^/A-cc, 299. 
Martha-Ann, bdicada, 790. 
Mary-Ann, (//irfAra, 299. 
Mary-Ann (Barker), 586. 
Marv-Caroline, bdageebea, 747. 
Mary-Elizabeth (Roan), bduhjddb, 

Matilda, dhdkea, 290. 
Matilda (Waldo), dhdk, 208-9. 
Mildrcd-Copcland, bdadfiacb, 706. 
Nancy (Pennington), 673. 
Nelson-.\ndcrson, bdagecbee, 747. 
Orilla (Waldo), bdabjdd, 672-3. 
Pamelia-Irene, bdfkdd, 586. 
Rachel (Pierpont), J/*'/A-?;, 290. 
Ralph-Leroy, bdabfddbb, 673. 
Rebecca (Ingols), 790. 
Rebecca-Porter (Copcland), 706. 
Rufus, dhdkf, 299. 





Samuel, dhdkda, 299. 
Sarah, dhdkdb, 299. 
Sarah (Tliompson), dhdkd, 299. 
Spencer, diulkdc, 299. 
Waldo-Robinson, bdadfiaca, 706. 
Walter, dhdke, 299. 
Walter- Copeland, hdadfiar, 700. 
William-Carl, bdnhjdd, 073. 
William-Carl, hdabjddg, 673. 
William-Culleii, c//u/^re, 299. 
Williara-Cullen, 298. 
William-Everett, bdubfddba, 673. 
Zella, bdubfddf, 673. 

miss, bdadbb, 4S4-5. 
.\my (Waldo), bdakf, 216. 
Anna-Waldo, bdadbdhn, 692. 
Cornelia (Waldo), bdndbdb, 692. 
Cyrenus-Gunn, bdndbdbb, 692. 
Darw'in-Dennian, bdadbdb, 692. 
Nellie (Sprague), bdadbdbb, 692. 
Stephen, 092. 

Christiana, bdjeh, 264. 
Peter, 264. 

Buckland, see Bucklin. 
William, 137. 

Abigail, 95. 


Buckley, see Bucklin. 
David, 55. 
Hannah (Tawley), bb, 55. 

'•' t. • 

.\bigail, dhbca, 169. 

Abigail, dlibga, 170. 

Abigail (Waldo), dhb, 95, lCS-70. 

Cvnthia, 170. 

David, dhb. 16S-70. , • 

Edwin-A., 170. 

Eliza-M., 170. 

Elizabeth, 16S. 

Esther, dhbf, 169. 

Hannah (Tawley), bb, 55. 

Harriet-A., 170. 

Jaraes-H., 170. 

John, dhhg, 168, 170. 

John-Volnev-M., 170. 

Joseph, 168". 

Leah ( ), dhbg, 170. 

Louisianna, dhbd, 169. 

Lucy, dhba, 168, 169. 

Mary ( ), dhbc, 169. 

Sarah, dhbe, 109. 

Sarah, dhbgb, 170. 
Susannah, dhbb, 169. 

Su.sannah ( ), 168. 

William, dhbc, 168, 169. 

col., 152. 
Elizabeth, 222. 

Harriet-Imogene, bdagndba, 731. 
Leonard, bdagadb, 731. 
Maria (Waldo), bdagadb, 731. 
Samuel, bdayadbb, 731. 

Buel, see Buell. 
Bernard- Walter, bdicaccab, 789. 
Charlotte (Shaw), 789. 
Iva-Marchant, bdicaccaa, 789. 
John, 251, 252. 

Lizzie-Ellen (Whitney), bdicucai, 
Whitney-Barker, bdicaccac, 789. 
William-Walter, bdicacca, 789. 
William-Walter, 789. 

Buell, see Bwe/. 
capt., 223. 
Abbie-E., 811. 
Bemslee, 698. 
Lois (Sherwood), 098. 
Lucinda, 255. 
Mercy, 698. 

Alice-Maud, bdngacaba, 854. 
Flora-E. (, 854. 
James-H., 854. 


Jonathan, 290. 


Julia-A., 549. 



Elizabeth, 41. 

Frances-.Amelia, 653. 
Isaac, 265. 
Peace, bdjf, 265. 

Ellen, bdagcda, 738. 
James, 738. 
Mary-Ann (Raddle), 738. 

A. F., 642. 
Alice-Lo\iisa, dhdfcd, 455. 

U ■■•'. A :.\'A) 

j ' ' I. • 



Anna-Trowbridge (Slmrpo), dhhdcd, 

Charles, 455. 

Harrifl (Soutlnvorth), 459. 
Henry-Puhuer, dhhdcd, 459. 
Lorenzo, 459. 
Mariau-Putnam, dhhdcda, 459. 

Kate, 850. 


miss, 485. 

Alvnh-Levant, hdadhdah, 09 1. 

Alvali-N'fwnian, hdadhda, G91-2. 

Amclift-IIaiui.Hli (Xivergall), hdadh- 
dah, 091. 

Dora-.\inanda (Brittou), bdadhdae, 

Ella-HuKlah (Baldwin), hdadbdaf, 

Frank-]':u<iene, hdadbdaf, 092. 

Gertrudt'-Anielia, hdadbd(dia, 091. 

Helen-]\^rlina, bdadbilaeh, 091. 

Honier-Dwight, bdadhdae, 091. 

Karl-Alva. hdadbdaea, 091. 

Laura-Waldo, hdadbdaa, 091. 

Marv-Aiiii, bdadbdag, 092. 

Mary-Ann (Waldo), bdadbda, 090-2. 

Perlina-Amelia, bdadbdad, 091. 

Polly (Drake), 091. 

Silas, 091. 

Silas-Kber, bdadbdac, 091. 





Jeremiah, 48. 
Deborah, 384. 

Frances, 313. 
Lvdia, 404. 
Afehitahle, 200. 

Abigail-Ann (Johnson), hdjicj, 434. 
Clarence-C'Iav, bdjirja, 434. 
Ellen-Adelaide, bdjicjc, 434. 
Frederick, 434. 
Jedediah-Waldo, hdjicjd, 434. 
John-Sin.^el, bdjirf, 434. 
John-Sinsel, hdjicje, 434. 
Minnie-Olive, bdjicjij, 434. » 
liosalie-lOnnna, hdjicfj, 434. 
Susan (Sinsel), 434. 
William-Tell, bdjicjb, 434. 

Austin, bdadfja, 703-4.])t4, hdndijan, 704. 
Emilv-JaiK' (Waldo), hdadffa, 703-4. 
Leonard, 703. 
Lydia (Saunders), 703. 

Lydia, 139. 


Horace-C, 829. 
Julia-Brooks (Martin), 829. 
Lorinda, 770. 
Periuelia, 087. 
Viva-Laura, hdahfccc, 829. 

Almira (Miller), 474. 
David, 474. 

Elizabeth (Flagler), 474. 
Harriet (Swain), bdahrij, 474. 
Janies-?Ienry, hdahrija, 474. 
James-Madison, bdabeij, 474. 
Madison-Swain, bdubeijb, 474. 
Sar.ah-Ann (Miller), 474. 

Henrietta-Jenny, hdichka, 803. 
Sarah (Potler),' 803. 
William, 803. 

Andrew, 105, 100. 
Edward, caiib, TOO. 
Elizabeth, 105. 
James, 100. 
Lydia, caiia, 100. 
Lydia (Au.stin), caii, 104, 105-0. 

Rhoda ( ), 100. 

Su.san, 100. 

Susan (Farley), 105. 

Susanna {—^ ), 100. 

William, caii, 104, 10.5-0. 
William, 105, 100. 

Ann, dhnha, 282. 
Ebenezer, 282. 
Eve (Bloomer), 282. 

Emma, 393. 


Abigail, 288. 

Sallie, 808. 






BtLrnham, see Rurnum. 
nir., 5.5G. 
Andrew, 241. 
iWthiah, 253. 
Ik>t.<iev (Olds), 736. 
David, 736. 
Kbeiiozer, bdibea, 241. 
Kbenezer, 241. 
June (Bennet), 241. 
John, 241. 
Josiah, 241. 
Laura, bdibec, 241. 
Lydia, bdibeb, 241. 
Hnsett, bdagcac, 730. 
Hiifus, bdibe, 241. 
iJufiis, bdihed, 241. 
Sophia, bdibec, 241. 
."^usanna, 2.'53. 
Talitha (, bdibe, 241. 

Elisabeth, 429. 

.\ndrew, 531. 

Helen-Olivia (Waldo), bdngreb, 531. 
James-Oliver-Perry, bdagceb, 530, 531. 
Jane (Crosson), 531. 

Bumum, see Bumham. 
Esther, 61. 

H. A., bdifaege, 810. 
Irene-Sherrod (Sebrell), bdifaege, 810 

Anna (Bates), 457. 
•Asa, 457. ' 

Benjamin, 457. 
John, 457. 
Joseph, 457. 
.^arah-Jane, dhhdad, 457. 


Eliza (Masterson), 757. 
Frederick-Eugen, bd-ahdacab, 757. 
^eorge-Montgomery, bdahdaca, 757. 
Oeorge-Washington, 757. 
'nez-I.enore, bdahdacaa, 757. 
Julia-Frances (Reyland), bdahdaca 

Burroughs. ; , , 
Abigail, 486. 
J«hn, 345. 

Mchituble, bdagc, 345. 
Mehitable (Carleton), 345. . > 
i'reston, bdahnfd, 351. 

Sophronia (Baldwin), bdahafd, 351. 

Grace-Waldo, bdakabda, 761-2. 
Jerome, bdakod, 761-2. 
Violetta-Emma (Waldo), bd„L,l>d, 

Joanna, 59. 



.\bigail, 741. 
Henrv, 741. 
John', bdaed, 210. 
John-Waldo, bdneakdn, 717. 
Lewis-Preserved, bdaeakd, 717. 
Lucy, 509. 

Mary (Waldo), bdaed, 210. 
Rebecca (Salisbury), 717. 
Sarah-Lucy (Waldo), bdaeakd, 
Stephen-Olney, 717. 

Abigail (Burlingame), 2S8. 
Hannah, dhakb, 288. 
Olney, 288. 

.A.ddie-Luella. bdahhccc, 551. 
Alta-Matilda (Pike), bdakaab, 552. 
Avery, 550. 
Edna, bdahhcce, 551. 
Elizabeth, bdahhccd, 551. 
Eva, bdahhccg, 551. 
George, 846. 

George-?Ienry, bdahhcca, 551. 
Hannah-Matilda (Cummings), bdah- 

hcc, 550-1. 
Hiram, bdakaab, 552. 
Howard, bdahhccj, 551. 
John, bdahhcc, 550-1. 
John, 552. 

John-.Vvery, bdahhcc f, 551. 
Lawrence, bdahhcci, 551. 
Lewis, bdahhccb, 551. 
Lydia (Bowker), 550. 
Margaret-Matilda, bdaeaaan, 846. 
Maria (North), 552. 
Martha, bdahhcch, 551. 
Martha-Caroline (Speed), 846. 
Orpah, 140. 

miss, 590. 


Abijah, 301. 
Adelaide-M., bdabbbia, 468. 

:t ■■■[ r.i /.'-<■ I''. 1 

•"iy.] y.'.r^.i 



Bert-Sot h, bdhobjhi, oGt. 
Hu!a-Sop!iia, bdh^bjic, 5G1. 
Caroline-] )osire (Kawlev), hdbubjL 

Dextrr-Whitp, bdhnbfl, oG3. 
Dwight-'J'isJiilf, InUnibjlc, ")(i3. 
Francis-Marrioii, 730. 
Frank-Marrion, bdagcdj, 739. 
Georgo-Dcxlor, bdbabflb, 503 
ILaniiah (Hulh, 3SL 
Hannah-Suphia (Ti.>iIalo), 5G3. 
Hellcn->L';ria (Knitliii), bdnbbl>i, IGS. 
Jane (Douglas), 3G1'. 
Jay- Washington, bdbabjih, 5G4. 
Josiah, 3S1. 

Lenora-MarcJia, bdbidjjht, 503. 
Lucv, dhhaa, SOL 
Lucy, GOO. 
ALareia, bdbabjg, 5G3. 
Marvin-Franklin, bdbabpj, 5G4. 

Mary ( ), 739. 

Mary- Parker (Welsh), 46S. 
Miles-Beach, bdabbbi, 4GS. 
Nancy, bdfkil, 381. 
Samuel, 4G.S. 
So])hronia, d}ihn<i, 30L 
Waldo-Sylvan U.S. bdbubjld, .5G3. 
Washington, 5G3. 

EHzabeth, 93. 
Joanna, bdhac, 306-7. 

Lydia ( ), 360. 

Samuel, 300. 
William, 300. 

Bethia, 555. 

Hannah (Williams), 233. 
Matthias, 233. 
Peter, 233. 

Sibbel (Walhridgo), 233. 
Sybill, bdch, 233. 
Zebulon, 233. 

Xancy-Catharine (Muliin>), 7SG. 
Thonias-.\ nd re \vs, 7S0. 

Harriet, 595. 
Miriam, 7G0. 



Huldah (Locke), bd.ihhb, 550. 

Susanna, S3. 


Cora-Octuviu, bd/lbce, 780. 

Sarah, 407. 


Diantha-.V. (Worden), bdahia, 35(i. 

Mary, 118, 119. 

.\deline-Electa (>Larsh), 709. 
Frances-.Ianc, bdadjhb, 709. 
Julius, 709. 

Amanda, GGl. 
J. S., bdbadcc, 308. 
Jamcs-Farman, 075. 
Josiah, 139. 
Lois ((,:ieveland), 139. 
T;ucretia, 572. 

Marv-W. (C'urlis), bdbadcc, 308. 
Silence-Paddock (Hard), bd^dnba, 

Susan, 781. 

Caldvell. ■ 
Alanson, bdabcj, 321. 
Alanson-Church, bdabc'a, 321, 471. 
Chester, bdabrjd, 321, 471. 
David-Klijah, bdicceb, 004. 
Frances-Cornelia (Cowdrev), bdicab, 

Harriet, bdobcjb, 321. 
Huldah (\^■a]do), bdabcf, 321. 
James-McLanahan, 004. 
John, 15. 

Latina-P., bdabcfc, 321. 
Lovina-Church, bdabcb, 409. 
Ma ryot te, bdabcfc, 321. 

Nancy-Agnes ( ), 00 L 

Phoebe-Delana, bdubcd, 470. 
Sallv (Waldo), bdubca, 320, 471. 
^\'iliiam-H., bdabca, 320, 471. 

Lydia, 527. 


Alta-Emily, bdacchbb, 720. 
Anna-lva (.'^averv), bdacckbg, 720. 
Daniel, 513, 510)". 
I'^lizabeth-Bartlett (P>ourne), G8S. 
Halleck-Morton, bdacchbg, 720. 
Harriet-.Maria, bdaechbf, 720. 
ILirvev, G.S8. 



llrlpn-Emily (Waldo) jHlarchb, 725-f.. 
Ik'lim-Waldo, bdacchhd, 72(). 
Ilcrbcrt-Hournc, bdadhcjb, GSS. 
Jc5sc, 725. 

Jt'ssi-Moiton, bdiicchb, 725-G. 
Jessic'-Lucretia, bdacchbc, 72G. 
Karl-SaN'cry, bdocchbr/a, 72G. 
LinTctin (Scabnrv), 725. 
Mary (AVaklo), bdadbcjb, OSS-9. 
Morcy, bdnccc, 513. 
N'cllic-Sii.^anitah, bdnrcltbe, 720. 
l\.lly-.\iin, hdiucj, 516. 
Winnifred-Sarah, bdnechba, 720. 

Ai)ip:ail (Cleveland), bdhh, 111. 
Timothy, 6i7/(/i, Ml. 

capt., 115. 


Co mm. 
Dora (Nellis). 741. 
Georpe-E., 741. 
Maud, bdaijcdija, 741. 

Coin p. 
col., 33S. 

Eli7.a!)oth-Ann, bdjimc, 638. 
:\Iaria-V. (Hereford), 638. 
W. G. T., 63S. 

miss, 830. 
.Mexander, 486. 

Fannie-Lee (Waldo), bdbcmb'ja, 780. 
James-l*i., 353. 
Jonathan-.Mexander, 7S0. 
Marg.'iret, 634. 
Marv, bdjb, 261. 
Marv, 195, 545. 
Mollv, 372. 
Moses, 249. 

Sarah-. \im (Face), 7S0. 
Sarah-Elizabeth, ()48. 
Willic-Tl'.omas, bdbcmbga, 780. 

Catherine, bdiijbj, 403. 
Marv-Ami, bdljbc, 402. 
MarV-Ann (Brewster), 402, 403. 
William, 402, 403. 

-Ann (Copp), bb, 54. 
William, 51. 

rev. dr., 195. 


Susan-Adelaide (^\'aldo), bdicbbbb, 

William-Thomas, bdicJjbbb, 795. 

Mary-Elizabeth, bdjil, 444. 

Margrct, 855. 

Milly-G., 450. 



Ira, 481. 

Polly (Kelly), 481. 
Survina, bdadaf, 481. 

Zerviah, 737. 


John-1)., 758. 


.Adeline, 558. 
Millie, 592, 594. 

Elsie, 767. 
Hannah, bdabbj, 320. 

Corey, see Cor;j. 
.\bigail-Kinj:sbury, 770. 
Cecil-Earl, bdacamdca, 720. 
Eleazer, 58. 
George, 719. 
Henry, 088. 

Jacob-Edward, bdncamdc, 719-20. 
Lona-.M. (Daggett), bdndbcf, OSS. 
Lydia, 238. 
Mary-Gertrude (Whil'fen), bdacamdc 

Mary (Grant), 719. 
Thomas-George, bdaeamdcb, 720. 

P>enjamin, 182. 
Donald, 1S2. 
•John-M.. ISO. 
Lucv, dhi, 182-3. 
Mary ( ), 182. 

Cnrlcton, see Carlton. 
Bezaleel, 580. 
Cvrus, 375. 
Deborah (Day), 375. 
Ebenezer, 375. 



Mnrtlia-Jano, )>(lhct))a, ."JSO. 
Marv (Hicliardiioii), 580. 
Mrlntahle, 3-15. 
Mchitabcl-Day, bdbcni, 37.5. 

Abraham, 419. 
A5=a, brijfck, 419. 
Ellswoiih-lialleok, hdjjdci, 419. 
Eveline, bdj/dcj, 419 
Gilbert-Legc.ii, bdj/drh, 419. 
Jcdeciiah, hdj/dcr, 419. 
Mariali (GifTord), bdjfdc, 419. 
Nancy-A'irginia, bdjjdch, 419. 
Rebecca, bdjjdcc, 419. 
Thomas, bdjfdcd, 419. 
WiHinm-Marshali, bdjjdca, 419. 

Carlton, sec Carkton. 
Edward, 213. 
Ilannah, W^/i, 213. 
Harriet, cZ/.J/r, 300. 
John, 213. 
Lydia (Ladd), 213. 

Annie-Louisa (Bahler), bdacndba, 714. 
Arthur, 717. 
Ashel, 714. 

Charles, bdaeadhn, 714. 
Edgar-Bryant, bdabjdddu, G73. 
John, bdneadb, 714. 
Lida (lirvant), bdabfddj, (i73. 
Lucy (Waldo), bdacudb, 713-4. 
Maria-Jane, bdacaina, 717-S. 
Marv, 848. 

Mary-Dec (Wells), 673. 
Nancv (Mcrritt), 717. 
Sarah (Olney), 714. 
Wiliiam-IIarix^r, 673. 
William-Jessie, bdabfddd, 073. 

Abigail, dnhi, SO. 
Anna-Worth, bdbccdh, 77G. 
Benjauiin, 377. 
Cardua-.\.senath, bdfvidb, 370. 
Deborah (Worth), 770. 
E., 317. 

Elizabeth, dhdg, 297-S. 
Emma-Sophia (Dunklec), 8G8. 
Ephraim, 87.5. 
Fanny (Wnldo), bdfic, 379. 
Gideon, 376. 

Isaiah, bdfind, 376. , 

James, 776. 

Jcnnie-.Sopliia, bdicbbdb, 808. 
John, bdjic, 379. 
Judson-Lsaiah, bdfiada, 370. 

Lcnora (Thompson), bdi'uid, 376. 

Lorcn-D, 868. 

Lucy, bdfiah, 370-7. 

Lucv (\\hipple), 377. 

Matthew-Hale, 077. 

Olive (Whitford), 370. 

Polly, 457. 

Charlotte-ElizabcUi (Waldo), bdnd- 

aja, 483. 
Esek, 483. 

Ezra-Starkweatlicr, bdadaja, 483. 
Marv, 451. 
Wealthy (.Jenks), 483. 

S. 8., 531. 



B. B., 472. 
Hannah, 219. 
Kt, 440. 

Anne, 408. 

Celind.a-Ann (Dotv), bdagdt, 738-9. 
Clarissa (Putnov), 739. 
Dclevan-K'niglii, 739. 
Franklin-Hubbard, 739. 
Joseph, 372. 
Margaret (Taylor), 372. 
Matilda-Emmeline, bdbcge, 372. 
Phcbc, 182. 
Sybil, 324. 

Philip, 106. 


Eugene-Francis, bdbacaaa, 770. 
Harmah (Taylor), 770. 
Sarali-Louise (Miller), bdbacaua, 770. 
William, 770. 

Cary, sec Caret/. 
Abel, dbcb, 84. 
Anna, dbda, 84. 
Azvibah. dbdb, 84. 
Bethuel, dbca, S3. 
Calvin, S3 note. 
Dam'el, dbe, 84. 
Daniel, dJjcf. 83. 
Daniel, dbdh, 84. 
Ehzabcth, 223. 
Ephraim, db, 82-4. 
Ephraim, dbd, 83. 
Epiiraim, dbdd, 84. 
Ephraim, dbdc, 84. ; 



Ephraim, S3 note. • Cass. 

Ksther, bcch, 02. ./Flora-E., 854. 

Exjx'riorico ( ), 81. •M.atilda, 4SG 

ICzt'kiol, beca, 61. 
lO/.in, dhb, 83. 
lOzra, dbrc, S3. 
Iv/ra, 83 note. 
IVanris, 82. 
Hannah, bccc, 01. 
llanTiah, dbrc, 81. 
Tfannah (Hrctt), 82. 
Hannali ('I'lmrston), 01. 
Hannah (Waldo), db, 82-4. 
llariiot, 304. 
Huldah, dbdii, 84. 
John, bcc, 01. 
John, beef, 61. 
John, 01, 82, 84. 
Jonathan, brce, 61. 
Jonathan, dbcb, S3. 
Jonathan, 84. ' 

Lewis, dbca, S4. 
Lulhcr, dbcg, S3. 
Liithf-r, 83 note. 
Martha, dbe, S4. 
Martha (Carv), dhr, 84. 
Marv (Ilolinan), dbb. S3. 
MarV (Wilh'ams). dbd, 84. 
Mchetubcl, dba, 83. 
Mrhctable, dierf, S3. 
Mosos, dacb, 81. 
Phphe, brd», 61. 
Pliche, dbdc, 84. 
Phobc, dbce, 84. 
Pollv, (ftc//, 84. 
Robccca, 133. 
Rcbckah, bccg, 62. 
Robckah (Rudd), bee, 61. 
Sarah, dbba, S3. 
Shcpard, (/566, 83 nofc. 
Susanna, dbce, 83. 
Susannah, dixif, 84. 
Susanna (Aldcn), J^J. 84. 
Susaiuia (Bass), dbe, 83. 
Susanna (Field), darb, 81. 
^\'illiaIn, beed, 61. 
Zachariah, t/6c, 83. 

Douglas-Emmanuel, bdahdadn, 546 
Frances-Elsie (Allen), bdahdada, 546. 

Canewell, see CasiveU. 

Isabell (Oilman), OTf). 
IsabcU-Marpuerite, bdadacef, 676. Crci7. 

William, 670. Almira, 437. 


Cm^ii-cii, Cftscuell. 
Cholrr, 313. 
Jane (Adams). 313. 
John, Idbn, 313. 
John, 313. 

Martha (MacCloud), 313. 
Susanna (Waldo), Idba, 313. 

Isabel, bdjlja, 430-1. 
Jasper, 430. 
Sarah (Hustead), 430. 

Adela-May, bdndjica, 707. 
Marv-Adelaide (Woodcork), 707. 
Wilfiam. 707. 

' .'Vnna-Ashburner, bflad'jiKuib, 710. 
' Anna-Cushinc; (.Vshbnrner), 710. 
, Dorothy, bdadficuae. 710. 
'Gilljert-Woodliwll, bdnclfjaaaa, 710. 
^Jennie-Waldo (\\'oodhull), bdadyaaa, 

•Thomas-AVare, 710. 
'William-Ashburner, bdadgaaa, 710. 

Annie-St. Lawrence, 806. 

Lois, 305. 

Carrie-Rebceoa, bJ'tdafeb, 6S0. 
Charles-Cortland. 680. 
Edith-Maud, bdadnfcc, 680. 
Edith-Maud (Caward), bdadafcc, GSO. 
Fannv-Mav, bdndafca, OSO. 
George, 678, 680. 
Hannah (Clark), 678, 680. 
Harriet-Ann, bdndnjc, 67S-9. 
Ilarriet-Newell (Waldo), bdadaje, 

Ida-Elizabeth (— ), OSO. 

Luoius-Frederie, bdadafcc, 680. 
Nathan, bdadaje, 080. 

Carrie-Matilda, bdahhdc, 761. 
Joseph, 701. 
Marie-Antoinette (riiilbrick), 761. 



Fr.^nris-^!ar(in, fHljidhc, 0,31. 
Frank, G;M. 
Jo.'-ephiiic-Waldo (Jiroun), hdjidbc, 

Mariiv-Cclia (Conolly), G34. 
Narcissa-Mary, bdjidbco, 031. 

Chafe, see Cha/se. 

Chartley ( ), 4(30. 

Gilbert, 4G0. 

John-Anthony, bdneadda, 714. 
Louisa-Maria (Wiggins), bdacudda, 

Abigail, 659. 

George, 672. 
Marv-Ann, hdabfdb, 672. 
Sarah (Allen), 672. 

John, 148. 


Alsina-P., bdbabjd, 562. 
Amos, 374. 
Hiram, 562. 
Olive, 141. 
Philinda ( ), 562. 

Loiiise-Victorinc (Waldo), bdjbcc, 414, 

Lucy, 373. 


mr., 337. 
Aristarchus, 470. 
James, S74. 

George-B., 527. 

George-AVashington. S63. 
Jennie-Carver (Howland), S(13. 
Lilly-Pearl, bdahbjba, 863. 

Abigail (Holmes), 288. 
Azuba (Child), dgca, 94. 
Ciarina, dheb, 174. 
David, 428. 

Elizaheth-Sumner, dhakc, 2SS. 
Joel, 132. 

John, 37, 44, 174, 288. 
Joseph, 174, 288. 
Marv, 277. 

MarV-Catharine, bdjfhb, 428. 
Marv- (Hodges), 174. 
Moses, dgea, 94. 
Peter, 174. 
Stephen, 288. 
Susan (Gane.s), 428. 
William, 174, 288. 

John, 108. 


Alonzo-Bowen, bdbacc, 570. 
Alonzo-Uowen, l>dliaeca, .576. 
Charles-Waldo, bdbnccb, 576. 
Ebcnezer, 576. 
Elihu, 522. 

Hannah-Badger (Waldo), bdhnfc. 576. 
Jajihet, 576. 

Josepli-Bosworth, bdbacc€, 576. 
Lovisa (Russell), 576. 
Marion, bdagabli, 522. 
Reuben, 576. 
Samuel, 576. 
Scth, 576. 

Benjamin, bdabbdbbb, 825. 
Benjamin, 825. 

Joseph-Newton, bdr.dbdbb, 825. 
Louise-Minerva (\\'aldo), bdabbdbb, 

Marv (Pepper), 825. 
Merov, 253. 
Rebeeca, 618. 
W^aldo, bdabbdbba, 825. 

Mary-Elizabeth, 871. 
Susan, 870. 

John, 63. 
Sarah, 63. 


Chcf^c, see Chncc. 
Aliee (Corbett), 191, 311. 
Allen, dhhdd, 460. 
Allen, 400. 
Aquila, 191, 311. 
Chaik's- Waldo, bdicbkr.i, 804. 
Clareneo-G, bdicbkc, 803-4. 
Daniel, 191, 311. 
Dudley, 191, 311. 

Elizabeth-Winslow, Ibbke, 190. 191. 



Emma-EstcUa (Waldo), bdicbhc, 

Kiioch. K03. 

I'lances-LucinJa (Wnldo), (//(/u/</,-lGO. 
(Ivnrgo, 191. 
H.Ii-n-S. (Harris"), G31. 

Uuhlah ( ), -KiO. 

.lanit'S, 534. 

Joniiie-Lea, bdjihJuj, G31. 

Jonathan, 225. 

Malenda, 372. 

Mary-A. (Waldron), -IGO. 

.Mary-.Vnn, bdager, 531-5. 

Mary (Morris)," 531. 

Marv (Simpson), 191. 

Moses, 191. 311. 

Xancv-Maria (Bronili''v), S03. 

Salmon, Ibbk, 18G, 19 i, 311. 

Samuel, 191, 311. 

."-^amuel-Everett, 631. 

Sarah-Tvng (Winslow), Ibbk, 18G, 190, 

191, 311. 
William, 534. 

Theresa, G47. 

Charles, 47, 104, 109. 

Samuel, 121, 122. 

Cheeney, see Cheney. 
Eliphalet, G66. 
Lavina (Nichols), 6G6. 
Maria, bdabehc, G6G. 

Lucy-Minerva, 789. 

Earl, bdagdecfa, 745. 
Edward-Homer, bdugdecf, 745. 
Ira-Laurance, bdagdccjb, 745. 
Isabelle-Emily (Scott), 745. 
Mahel-Laura (^lorso), bdagdecf, 745. 
Ozitvs, 745. 

Cheney, see Cheeney. 
mr., 785. 

Abiel, J/, 37, 89-91. 
Abiel, dfc. 91. 
Abiel, dfcb, 91, 303. 
Abiel, 303. 
Albigence, dfdi, 91. 
Bethyah, dj'bb, 90. 
Catharine, dfq, 91. 
Cornelius, djbi, 91. 

Cornelius, djbk, 91. 

Daniel, dfd, 91. 

l)aniol, d/da, 91. 

I'ibenczor, bdmjag, 527. 

l'il)enezer, .')27. 

Elijah, djdb, 90. 

Elizabeth (Jackson), 91 note. 

Elizabeth (Waldo), bdagag, 527 

Hannah, djbe, 90. 

Hannah (Hayward), dcg, 87. 

Havward, djbh, 91. 

Jolin, djbg, 91. 

John, 91 note. 

Jonathan, djdh, 91. 

Joseph, 527. 

Josiah, 527. 

Lemuel, djdd, 91. ; , ,.. 

Lcvi-Hussell, bdagagd, 527. 

Luce, djn, 90. 

Luce, dfdc, 91. 

Lucinda, dhhd, 91, 303. 

Lucinda (Clement), 303. 

Lvdia (Calhoun), 527. 

Mara, dfde, 91. 

Marah, dfcc, 91. 

Marah (Waldo), df, 89-91. 

Mare, dfcc, 91. 

Mary-Marinda (Vvorden),fccfa/jtJ,356. 

Nathan, dfdf, 91. 

Oliver, dfb, 87, 90. 

Oliver, J/6/, 91. 

Rebecca, dfi, 91. 

Rebecca, dfdj, 91. 

Rebeckah, dff, 91. 

Rebekah, djba, 90. 

Rebecca (Newell), 89. 

Samuel, dfdg, 91. 

Sarah, dfbf, 91. 

Sarah (Holland), djc, 91. 

Theda-Philina, bdagaqe, 527. 

Thomas, c?//t, 91. 

Thomas, djca, 91. 

Thomas, 89. 

Waldo, dfbc, 90. 

William, J/^-, 91. 

William, dfdb, 91. 

William, 89, 91, 527. 

Zechariah, dfbl, 91. 

Zerviah (Pain), dfd, 91. 

(McLane), 425. 


Columbia, bdjjgea, 425. 
Mary, 424. 

Isaac-Newton, bdjfge, 425. 
Prudence {KillU'),' bdjfge, 425. 
William-Wooilrult, bdjfgeb, 425. 


Anna, Jjec, 94. 



'J J 

Anna, 375. 

Azuba, dgen, 94. 

Belinda, dged, 94. 

Benjamin, 94. 

Betsey (Bellows), dgei, 94. 

Elizabeth (Weld), dge, 92, 94. 

Ezra, dgei, 94. 

Harba, dgeb, 94. 

John, 94. 

Julia-Goddard, 729. 

Keziah (Hutchins), 94. 

Lucinda, dgec, 94. 

Mary (Nicholson), dgeh, 94. 

Polly (Lee), dgeb, 94. 

Roxalana, dgcf, 94. 

Samuel, dge, 94. 

Samuel, 94. 

Sarah, dgeg, 94. 

Thomas, 77. 

Waldo, dgeh, 94. 

Elias. 459. 
Emma, dhhdca, 459. 
Hannah, 529. 
Nancy (Perrin), 459. 

Glenn-Lester, bdadafma, 681. 
Lester, C8L 

Mary-Jane (Perkins), 68L 
Nellie-Lottie (Waldo), bdadafm, 681. 
Philemon-Ayres, bdadafm, 681. 

Elizabeth (Winchell). bdabgeh, 323. 
Joseph, bdabgeh, 323. 

Sarah, 470, 472. 

Dorinda, 844. 

miss, 469. 

(Godfrey), 528. 

Benjamin, 147. 
Deliverance, 597. 
Elizabeth, 240, 828. 
Hannah (Dver), 147. 
Lucy (Blakslee), 268. 
Malachi, 268. 
Marv, caba, 147. 
Patience, bdjhf, 268. 

Daniel, 402. 
Eliza, bdigbaa, 402. 

Eliza (KnifTin), bdabbbf, 467. 
Elvira, 649. 

Gertrude-Kenyon, bdabbbfc, 407 
Jane (Leonard), bdigbn, 402. 
Jerusha (Willard), 402. 
Mariah, bdabbbfb, 467. 
Morgan, bdnbbbj, 467. 
Morgan, bdahbbja, 467. 
Olive, 401. 

William, bdigbab, 402. 
WiUiam-Curtis, bdigba, 402. 

Rachel, daba, 80. 

Clark, see Clarke. 
mr., 101, 604, 811. 
Abigail, 397. 
Abigail (Swain), 384. 
Abijah, 528. 
Able, 696. 

Almira (Miller), 474. 
Amelia-Spencer, bdbabi, 565. 
Anna, 260. 

Anna (Ripley), bdil, 260. 
Arthur-Edwin, dhaecdcb, 642. 
Beatrice-Ella, bdagacaabb, 871. 
Benjamin, 358. 
Bethiah (Burnham), 2.53. 
Betsey, bdi<:b, 3S6-7. 
Caroline-Amelia, dhhaba, 302. 
Caroline (Gleason), dhhab, 3U2. 
Celia, bdaeana, 511. 
Charles-Cotesworth-Pinckney, bdi^'- 

bg, 254. 
Charles-Herbert, dhaecdc, 642 
Charles-Lyman, 871. 
Charles-Whitney, bdagacaab, 871 
Chester-Thomas, dhaecd, 642. 
Clara (Moselev), 642. 
Daniel, dhhab, 302. 
Da\'id, dhhad, 302. 
Deborah, bdiad, 3S4-5. 
Deborah (Bunker), 384. 
Edwin-Daniel, dhhabb, 302. 
Edwin-Perrv, bdakbja, 358. 
Elizabeth, bdihbe, 254. 
Elizabeth, 110. 

Elizabeth (Gleason), dhhad, 302. 
EUen-Lydia (Whitney), 871. 
Emily, bdihba, 254. 
Emma-Arvilla, bdaeanb, 511. 
Esther, 245. 

Eva-Lucinda (Todd), dhaecdc, 612. 
Ezekiel, 511. 
Fanny, 510. 

Flora-Bell, bdifafbc, 811. 
Frances (Perrvl, bdakb}, 358. 
Frank-Waldo,' dhaecdb, 642. 

Y. ■■;■;■ ' ;^v'-;;: ■(. 

^~l ..ft -..[A 



IVrclovo-Iiavinn, hdacaii, 508. 

(U'orcc, 3S4. 

(Icrtiudc-Hclen, bdagoranba, 871. 

Hannah, 078, 680. 

JiaiMicna, bflfid, 378-0. 

Helen, bdihbh, 254. 

lleniv-Stilhnan, bdakl'fc, 358. 

Ilenrv-Waldo, bdagadcdb, 855. 

Hugli, 88. 

lohabod, 384. 

lda-.\dolIa, bdadfaen, 703. 

Isaac-Winslow, 188. 

Jennie-Cora (Dean), dhaecdb, 042. 

Jerome, 200. 

Joan (Shepherd), 074. 

Jolm, 40, 074. 

John-Thomas, bdagadcd, 855., 72. 

Jonathan, ISS. 

Jonatlian-B., bdaemi, 511. 

Joseph, 35S. 

Joseph-Edwin, bdakbf, 35S. 

Judy, bdma, 231. 

Lizzie, dhaccda, 042. 

Louisa (Hutchins), bdadfJg, 503. 

Lucian-Bonaparte, 703. 

Lucy, 742. 

Lulu-Mahel (Waldo), bdaqacaab, 871. 

Lydia (Bingliarn). bdihb, 2.53. 

Lvdia-Bingham, bdihbc, 254. 

Margaret, 128. 

Marie-Antoinette, dhncxdcn, 042. 

Marie-Antoinette (Waldo), dhaecd, 

Martha-Jane (Webb), 50S. 
Martha (To\rae), 528. 
Marv-Fannv, bdakbfb, 358. ]. 
Mary-Jane '(Stills), 703. 
-Nancv (.\new), 090. 
Nathan, 302. 
Olive. 390, 397, 400. 
Olive (Jewett), 380. 
Orissa, bdadcac, 090. 
Orpha (Waldo), bdagadcd, 855. 
Orra, 505. 
Orrin-8., 474. 
Perry-T., bdagadcda, 855. 
Pharez, 380. 

Philotus-Perkins, bdihbd, 254. 
Phinehas-.\rwood, 508. 
Polly (Stillman), 358. 
Piebecca (i'arker), bdnmd, 217. n 
Ruth, bdihbf, 254. 
Sally, bdagnt, 528. 
Sarah, bdabjce, 074. 

S:irah ( ), 302. 

Sarah-Brooks,, 2.5-L 
Sarah-Francelia (Howard), 042. 
Sarah-Jane (Converse), bd(ulb(i'ih,AS.4. 

Seth, 217. 

Sopiironia (Phelps), .505. 

Susan, 478. 

Susan (Waldo), bdncan, 510-1. 

Talitha-Waldo, bdihbb, 254. 

Tlmddeus, 111. 

Theophilus, bdM, 253. 

Theoi)hilus, 25;^ 

Thomas, 358, 042. 

Clarke, see Clnrk. 
Alice-Maud, Idbchcg, 059. 
Annie-Maria (Wells), 059. 
(Justavus-Quincy, 059. 
James, 500. 
Victoria, 718. 

Eunice (Farnham), 481. 
John-D., ?>rfaoy6, 304. 
Marv, bdadaf, 481. 
Stalham, 481. 

Anna-Elizabeth (ICraft), 803. 
Emma-Estella (Waldo), bdicbkc, 803 

Henry-Paul, 803. 
Paul-Christian, bdicbkc, 803-4. 

Henry, 670. 


Cleaveland, see Cleveland. 

.\nna ( ), 530. 

Asa, 561. 
James-P., 536. 

Edwin-Brooks, 090. 
Eva-Belle, bdmkacb, 096. 
Lucinda, 303. 
Margaret (Wallace), 696. 
Alehitable, 532. 

Henrv-Ferris, 849. 
Marinda-West (Bosworth), 84^. 
Nettie-May, bdacadfb, 849. 
Virgini.a-Lawrence, 809. 

Cleveland, see Clcaceland. 
Abigail, bdhh, 141. 
Al)igail, 139, 141. 
Ai)igail (Paine), 13S. 
.■\masa, bhcd, 08. 
Asa, 138, 139. 
Azariah, bhcii, 08. 
Deliverance, bhcb, 08. 



Dinnh (Brown), bhc, 07. 

Ellen, bdadjha, 408. 

(Jrover, oO'.t, 819. 

Hliiiv, 67. 

Joaniiiih (Waldo), hdh, 59, 13S-41. 

Josiiih, bdh, :\), 13S-11. 

Josiah, (57, 13S, 139. 

Lois, 138. 

Luc-V (Fitch), (w. 

Lvd'ia, hdhj, 14(), 561. 

Lvdia, 13S, 229. 

Mary, 13S, 139. 

Mary-Ann (Towor), 49S. 

Moses, 67, 138. 

Nohcmiah, bhc, 67. 

Noheiniah, bltcc, 68. 

Roswell, bhce, 68. 

Sarah, 138, 139. 

Sarah (liftwriMice), 138. 

Svbil, 873. 

Thankful, bdhq. 140. 

AVilliam-r., 498. 

Xancy, bdlbg, 241. 
Waterman, 241. 
William, 251, 252. 

Susan, 668. 


Roderick-R., 219 note. 

Albert-Dwight, bdndcbgh, 490. 
.'Mice-Maria, bdadcbgg, 491. 
Catharine-Jane (Love), bdadcbg, 490 

Electa-Sophia, bdadcbgh, 491. 
George, bdadcby, 490-1. 
Harriel-Locelia, bdadcbgi, 491. 
Ilorace-Finely, bdadcbgc, 491. 
John, 490. 

Lcvi-Dimock, bdadcbga, 490. 
Marv-Euniee, bdadcbgd, 491. 
Marv (Mesecar), 490. 
Otis-Mahlon, bdadcbgj, 491. 
Su.san-Emeline, bdadcbgc, 491. 

Carrie-Elizabetli (Waldo), bdjkdca, 

Carrie-Orlina, bdfkdcae, 783. 
Clarence, hdjkdcua, 783. 
El.sie-Jane, bdjkdcac, 783. 
Grace-Olive, bdjkdaig, 783. 
John-Lucius, bdjkdca}, 783. 
Levvis-Groot, 783. 

Martha-Mav, bdfkdmb, 783. 
Melissa (iiw), 783. 
Wiliiani-Herschal, bdjkdca, 783. 
Wiliiain-\\alclo, bdjkdcud, 783. 

Elinor-Smith, 698. 

Betsey, bdagn, 342. 
Darwin, bdadnjb, 526. 
Edilli-Josephine, bdagajcb, 526. 
Ellen-A., bdagnjc, 526. 
Evelina-.Mmira, bdnlidc, 548. 
Gcorge-l'^lmer, bdagajd, 526. 
George-Gardner, bdagnjcc, 526. 
George-Hubbard, bdu<iajee, 527. 

Huldah (- — ), 525. 

Jerusha, bdagfjn, 526. 

Jerusha (Waldo), bdagaj, 525-7. 

Joseph, bdagaj, 525-7. 

Joseph, bdagajea, 526. 

Josephine-Emcline (BouTnan), bdng- 

aje, 526. 
Luna-l-k^ll (Hubbard), bdagaje, 526. 
Samuel-Darwin, bdagaje, 520-7. 
Samuel-Darwin, bdagajed, 526. 
Seth, 525. 

Ruth-Carline, 816. 


Deborah, 733. 

Anna (Child), dgee, 94. 
Mary-Gibs, 745. 
Sarah-Ann, 502. 
Silas, dgee, 94. 

Mary, 437. 



Leonard, 284. 

Elbert-H., bdahbaba, 541. 
George-M., bdnhbab, 541. 
Zvlphia-.\melia (Hawkins), bdahbab, 

Percy, 880. 
Sarah (Hide), 880. 

Frank, bdfkdbb, 584. 



Inuik-Hart, Mjkdhbc, 584. 
.I,-ssio-I"crn. M/blhhd, 584. 
I,ily-E!nisc, hdjhihhh, 584. 
Mjibrl-Olive, bil'ihlbbc, 5S-1. 
Mildri-.I-Luilla, bdjk'lhbn, 584. 
Kossetta-Evclinc (Hart), hdjkdbh, 

Marielta, 813. 

Enoch, 305. 
.ludith, 305. 
Kcziah, 201. 
Lois (Cavis), 305. 
Mnrv, 314. 
William, 305. 

PJIiza (Harrison), 801. 
Emma, bdicbgc, SOI. 
Henry, 801. 
Mary-Elizabeth, 652. 

rev. dr., 257. 
.\mos!, 744. 
Ronjamin, 744. 

I'^lizabtth (Thompson), 14, 15. 
Emily-A.senath (Sooficld), 744. 
Florence-Edith, bdagddea, 744. 
George-Washington, 744. 
Hannah, 14. 
James, 1S2. 
.lames-Lafavctte, 744. 
John, 12, 13, 14, 15, 744. 
Joshua, 744. 
Sunmel, 744. 

Olive, 255. 


Coibum, see Colcburn. 
.\Ionzo, 571. 
.\nnis, 503. 

IfA'clyn-Elizabcth, bdacihd, 730. 
Harriet (Ford), 571. 
Jennie-Maria, bdbacda, 571. 
Mary-,\ugusta (Standish), 730. 
William-Cullen, 730. 

Colby. > 

Hurnham-Ayers, bdngcnchb, 857. 
Edward-John, bdrnjcacb, S57. 
F.llen-Rosctt (Waldo), bdagcacb, 857 
Enos-Page, 857. 
Ethel-Hose, bdagcacba, 857 
Parmclia, 551. 

Sarah (Aycrs), 857. 

Ik'tsuy (Moore), 304. 
Hclen-Hingham, bdijccb, 394. 
Jol), 394. 

John-l'ranklin, bdifcca, 394. 
John-Moore, bcHjce, 394. 
Lucy (liinghain), bdijce, 394. 

mr., 556. 
Amv-Emerov (Kniffin), bdabbbhn, 

Andrew, 121. 

Artluir-Quincy, bilagfcda. 7.50. 
Caroline-Amelia (Waldo), bdngjcd, 

David, 539, 750. 
Emily, 482. 

Emily-Smith, bdagfl, 539-40. 
Eva-Adelia (Parkinson), bdagjcdb, 

Frank-Lander, bdagjcdc, 751. 
Israel, 58. 
Jane, bdjfbk, 417. 
Jonathan-Waldo, Idab, 200, 202. 
Lonson, 692. 
Lucy-Ann, bdadbdc, 692. 
Luna-.\rdcllc, bdagjcdd, 751. 
Marv-Aiina, 822. 
]\IarV (Waldo), Ida, 200, 202. 
Mehitable (Gold). 121, 122. 
Polly (Gibbons), 692. 
Quincv-David, }>dngfcd, 750-1. 
Sarah" (Smith), 539, 750. 
William, bdabbbha, 467. 
Willis-David, bdagjcdb, 751. 

Colcburn, see Colburn. 
Thomas, 30. 

Anna, 379. 


Ann, Idaj. 200, 201. 
Charles-H., Idahg, 201. 
Charles-Xewcoinb, Idag, 201. 
Charles-Waldo, Uhdjg, 201 note. 
Eunice, Idngn, 201. 
Eunice (Long), Wag, 201. 
Gilbert, Idn, 199-201. 
Gilbert, Idan, 200. 
Gilbert, 199. 

Hannah-Bacon (Morgan), Idan, 200. 
Hepzibah, Idabb, 20K 
Hepzibah (Gardner), Idab, 201. 
John, Idaau, 200. 



John, Idabe, 201. 
Jonathan-Waldo, Uab, 200-1. 
Jonathan-Waldo, Idoba, 201. 
Mary, Mac, 200, 201. 
Mary, Idabd, 201. 
Mary (Waldo), Ida, 199-201. 
Nancy, Uabf, 201'. 
Newcomb, Idng, 200, 201. 
Sarah, Idai, 201. 
Sarah (Co veil), 199. 
Susanna, Idae, 200, 201. 
Thomas, Idad, 201. 
Thomas, Ida}, 201. 
Thomas, Idah, 201. 
Thomas, 199. 
Waldo, Idabc, 201. 

Bowles, 396. 

Charlotte, bdijeb, 396. 
Lourina (Townsend), 396. 

Alice, 156. 
Alson, 377. 
Catherine, 762. 
Clarissa, hdbabca, 763. 
Eliza-Ann (Holmes). S81. 
Jerusha (Hardv), 377. 
Lee, 881. 
Marv-Ann, 511. 
Mary-Eliza, S81-2. 
Sarah-Elizabeth (Waldo), bdjjbdc, 

Sarah-Marv, hdfiui, 377. 
Wilfred-D.', bdjjbde, 627. 

Colman, see Colmon. 
Benjamin, 49. 
Cynthia, 725. 

Colmon, see Colman. 
Elizabeth-Marshall, 792. 

Lura-Elethea, 522. 

Betsey, 521. 

Alice-Eldoretta (King), bdadbfi, 695. 
William-Henry, 695. 

Comings, see Cummings. 
John, 35. 
Thomas, 35. 

Coin slock. 
Abigail-Eliza, bdfiaj, 377. 

Abigail (Waldo), bdaej, 3.19- U. 
Ada-Euphcmia, bdnejdi, 310. 
Albert, bdacjdf, 340. 
Alexander, 377. 
Alfred, bdacjd, 340. 
Alfred-Morrison, bdnejdh, 340. 
Andrew-Wesbrook, bdaejda, 340. 
Anna, bdaeje, 340. 
Anna, bdaejnh, 339. 
Aurelia (Doud), bdacjc, 340. 
Charles-Frederick, bdaejdg, 310. 
Clift, bdaeja, 339. 
Esther (^lunwaring), 377. 
George-i3eal, bdaejde, 340. 
Harriet-Jane (Wesbrook), bdaejd/.U' 
Hattie, 876. 

Helen-Eugenia, bdaejdb, 340. 
Joseph-Baker, bdaeje, 340. 
Joseph-Baker, bdnejdj, 340. 
Louisa, bdaejh, 341. 
Lucy, bdaejf, 340. 
Marie-Louisa, bdaejdd, 340. 
Mariette, bdaeji, 341. 
Samuel, bdaejaa, 339. 
Sarah, fcc/ar;*/, 340-1. 
Waldo, bdacjb, 339. 
William, bdaej, 339-41. 
William-Baker, bdnejdc, 340. 

Anna-M., bdugflh, 753. 
Daniel, 753. 
Winifred (McMahon), 753. 

Fanny, bdamg, 218. 
Fannv (Sterne), 218. 
Stephen, 218. 

Bertha-M., 874. 
Catherine-C, 874. 
Charlotte (Smith), 874. 
Cordelia (Waldo), 874. 
Frank-A., 874. 
Jephtha, 874. 
John, 874. 
Jonathan, 874. 
Julia-N., 874. 
Lottic-E., 874. 
Peter, 874. 
Samuel, 874. 
Sarah-P. (Hiscock), 874. 
Silas-W., 874. 

Abigail, 482. 
Alice, 740. 
Mary, 497. 


■> r [\ ?.^ ■" ' ; 

!♦ ' I 

.1 n-i\l 'c. 



Adnlinp, 773. 

Coni-Ktta (Kingsbury), l>dhnhjlb,7(jO. 
Dnvid-Chittcnden, 7i)9. 
I'rnnk, bdhnhjjh^ 7G9. 
Laiirinda (Newton), 7(J'J. 
Zillah. 838. 


Eunice, 505. 

Conklin, Conkling. 
\\\\ss,, 002. 

Di'lia-Eliza, hdadahe, 6S2-3. 
Julia-Ann (Cor\vin\ 682. 
Samuel-Gilbert, 6S2. 

Conner, sec Connor. 
Al)iKail-E., 7W. 
]5('njamin, 7G0. 

Florence-Antoinette, bdjjhec, 629. 
Hamilton-Jefferson, 629. 
Jeremiah, 760. 
Levi, 760. 

Margret-Ann (Smith), 629. 
Miriam (Buzzel), 760. 

Connor, see Conner. 
Clarinda-.\nn, 724. 

Mary-Cclia, 631. 

Cornelia-Marshal, hdnhdcad, 861. 
Margaret-Mary (Hobbard), 864. 
Petcr-Tapp, 864. 

Arhsah, bdbacde, 571. 
Alamanzor, bdadban, 484. 
.Mtncda, 704. 

ClifTord-Lorenzo, bdadbnada, 484. 
Cornelia-Hunperford (Turner), bdad- 

boa, 484. 
Elizabeth (Lovejov), 4S8. 

Ellen ( ), bdudbnad, 4S4. 

Gurdon-Turncr, bdadbaad, 484. 

Joseph, 447. 

Julia-Ann, bdadbaae, 484. 

Laura, bdadbaae. 484. 

Lvdia (Stratton). 484. 

Sarah, 447. 

Sarnh-Blance, bdadbnadb, 484. 

Sarah- Delight, bdadea, 488-9. 

Sarah-Jane, bdadbaab, 484. 

Tliomas, 484. 

Willard, 4SS. 


bdjkdcc, 586. 

bdarjddca, 859. 

Ann-Eliza, hdbcmb, 580. 
Elizabeth (l'',a!:;ton), 580. 
Jamcs-G., 580. 

dr., 45, 158. 
Aaron, 479. 
Abncr, 333. 
Alexander, 859. 
Alice, bdadijc, 497. 
Almira, 711, 713. 
Arnold, 766. 

Bernice-Eliza. bdngddeab, S50. 
Carrie-May (Waldo), bdagddca, 859. 
Carrie-Pamelia, bdjkdcj, 587. 
Celesta (Esten), bdbabgha, 766. 
Clarissa-Shei)ard (Waldo), bdbabgb, 

l)avid-S., 586. 

Dellar-Louise, bdbabqhaa, 766. 
Dock-Lucius, bd/kdcd, 586. 
Edna-^^'ald(), bdagddcaa, 859. 
Eliza-B. (Stage), "859. 
Elleann (Jillson), 766. 
Elva-Edlth (Austin), bdjkdcd, 586. 
Emerv-D., bdfkde, 586-7. 
Emery-E., bdjkdca, 586. 
Esther-Clarissa, bdbabghab, 766. 
Everest-Darrel, bdjkdcda, 586. 
Fanny, bdndud, 479. 
Frederick-Waldo, bdfkdcb, 586. 
Helen-Maria, bdbabghb, 766. 
Ida, 781. 

Jane-Eunice (Waldo), bdfkde, 586-7. 
Louis-Waldo, bdbabgha, 766. 
Martha, 208. 
Marv-A. (I'erren), 586. 
Matilda, 381. 
Mercy-.\nn, 7.38. 
Miriam (Munn), 479. 
Oral-Mav, bdjkdcdb, 586. 
Phila-D.' (Strceter), bdjkdec, 586. 
Rodney-Dyer, bdbabgh, 766. 
Rodney-Esten, bdbabghad, 766. 
Ruth, 626. 

Stanlev-Dver, bdf)obgJtar, 766. 
wSusannah (NLatteson), 333. 
Waldo-Alexander, bdagddenc, 859. 
Wilbert-Harry, bdjkdcc, 586. 

Elizabeth, cabb, 147, 154. 
Faith (Waldo), cab, 73, 144-7, 152, 

Hannah-Church, cabnd, 147. 
John, 144, 146. 




John- Waldo, cnhac, '.T. '^h'.. 

Lydia, cahc, 1 J7, 151. 
Marparet, l-M. 
Marcarot (Smith), 141. 
Marv (Churt-h), caha, 147. 
Obadiah, cab, 144-^7, ITyS. 
Knchcl (Proctor). 144. 
Samui'l, cnba, 144, 14G-7, 154. 
8amuf'l, cnhnh, 147. 
Susannah (Osborne), caba, 147. 
Thomas-Vv'aldo, caboa, 147. 

Elizabeth, bdigal, 017. 

Charles-L, 573. 

Charles-D., 151. 
Eliza (Austin), rodjc, 151. 

Carrie-Ann (Smith), 825. 
Elsie-Emma, bibibhdga, 825. 
Harrison-Dennis, 825. 
Rosana, 817. 

Ambrose, 655. 
Ermina (Smith), 055. 
Franccs-Marie-McAUister (Waldo), 

dhigban, 655. 
Oren-Alexandcr, dhiybuu, 055. 

Coon.'^c, see C ounce. 
David-William, bdjijf, 440. 
F:iizabeth, bdjijr. 440. 
Jacob, bdjij, 4:59-40. 
Lovina (Waldo), bdjij, 430-40. 
Mary-Ellen, bdjijd, 440. 

Caroline, 683. 

Ella-Frances (Otis), bdaccfb, 722-3. 
Elmer-Waldo, bda'crjb, 722-3. 
Esther, bdacccjbb, 723. 
Guy, bdaeccfba, 723. 
Jcnnie-Estelle, bdorrcjn, 724. 
Josepii, bdncccj, 722-3. 
Joseph, 722, 724. 
Lydia (Austin), 722, 724. 
Lvdia-rennelia, bdacccja, 722. 
Mary, 03 7. 

Mercy-Maria (Waldo), bdaeccj, 724. 
Miuerva-Selina (Waldo), bdacccf, 722 

Saniu(!l, bdaeccj, 724. 

Huldah, 853. 
Hebecca-l'orter, 706. 

. ' -mcco, 431. 
tj. '• '"ville (Johnson), bdjicc, 


mr., 196, 301. 

Ann, bb, 54, 56, 
Ann (Ruck), 54. 
Char]cs-Jo'-<'i)h, bdjkeb, 382. 
Daniel, bdjlxc, 383. 
Daniel, 382. 

Daniel-Dcnaison, bdjkc, 382-3. 
Eunice (Waldo), bdfhc, 382-3. 
Louisa-AValdo, bdjhcg, 383. 
Margaret-Fedora, bdjkcd, 382. 
Marv-Eunice, bdfkca, 382. 
Sarah (Allyn), 382. 
Sarah-Sophia, bdjkcc, 382. 
William, 52, 53, 54. 

Cnrban, see C orb in. 
Moses, 285 
Sarah, 285. 

Alice, 191, 311. 

Corbin, see Corban. 
Abigail, dhac, 285-6. 
Betsey-Pierpoint (Waldo), dhan, 283, 

Learned, dhan, 289-90. 
Lucv (Learned), 289. 
Moses, 285. 
Samuel, 289. 
Sarah (Bacon), 285. 

Clarissa-Alice, bdj/hh, 429. 
lOlisabeth (Burns), 429. 
Sanmel, 429. 

Jane, 595. 


Elizabeth-S. (Griflin), 824. 
Elizabeth-S>Yift, Idbcjba, 824. 
John, 824. 

Braton, bdudajk, 481. 



Cjindacc-Rcbecoa (Waldo), hdadafk, 

Dornpsta (Morie), 4S1. 
Egbert, 481. 
Kalie (Dearlove), 4S1. ■ " 

Dfttic-Iona, bdicudce, 791. 
Ellen (Leon), 791. 
Henry-Philander, 791. 

Nancy-Adelia, 6t>4. 


Julia-Ann, GS2. 

Sophia, 841. 

Cynthia (Cohnan), 725. 
Erastus, 725. 

Grace-Luetta (Miller), bdacccJca, 725. 
Lee-Hamilton, hdnccckb, 725. 
Lloyd-A\'aldo, bdneccka, 72ri. 
Lucia-Em (Waldo), bdaccck, 725. 
Mary-Esther, bdaecckc, 725. 
Richard-Horace, bdaecck, 725. 

H. H. 

Councc, see Coonse. 

Alice-Alma, bdagcncc, 857. 
Eunice-Morse (Smith), 857, 858. 
Ida-I']uniee, bdagcbbja, 858. 
Sarah, 199. 
Warren-Sylvester, 857, 85S. 

-), G39. 

Agnes (— 

.\lice-Marv, cmjndca, 640. 

Charles, G39. 

Charles-Honrv, cagadc, 039-40. 

Emily (Waldo), cagadc, G39-10. 

Eva-Gladys, cagadce, 640. 

Henry-Waldo, cngadcd, 640. 

Kathieon-Eniily, cagadcb, 640. 

Muriel-Waldo, cagadce, 640. 

Covington. ■ - 

F. L., luUfnegd, 810. 
Mary-Lsahelle (Sebrell), bdijacgd, 810. 

Mary, 87. 

Alicc-Ix)uise, hdiccecc, 604. 

]'avid-\\'., 643. 

Ella-Louise (Hitchcock), bdicccc, 604. 
};ila-Whitney, hdirccj, 604-5. 
Frances-Cornelia, bdicctb, 604. 
Frances (\\'hldo), bdircc, 603-5. 
Frederick-Manning, bdicccca, 604. 
Fredeiic-Waldo, bdiccea, 604. 
Hephzibah, 603. 
Hephzibah-Louise, bdicccd, 604. 
James-Henry, bdiccee, 604. 
James-Smitii, bdicce, 603-5. 
Kobert-Jlall, bdicctc, 604. 
Robert-Hitchcock, bdiccecd, 604. 
Walter-Hitchcock, byiccecb, 604. 

G. W., bdkbgb, 599. 
Olive-Augusta (Waldo), bdicbgb, 599. 

William. 125. 


Elizabeth (Putnam), dlich, 176. 
Joel, dheh, 176. 

Elizabetli, 529. 

Jeannette, 735. 

Adrci, bfb, 63. 
Adrei, bfdc, 64. 
Anna, bfdf, 64. 
Anne, bfc, 63, 64. 
Benjamin, 62. 
Deborah, bfr, 63, 64. 
Deborah (Griswold), 62. 
Eunice, bfdb, 64. 
Eunice (Walcot), bjd, 64. 
Ezekiel, 486. 

Hannah ( — — ), fc/, 63. 
Hannah-Maria, bdadbj, 486. , 
Lsaac, bj, 30, 62-4. 
Isaac, bjd, 63, 64. 
Isaac, b]dd, 63, 64. 
John, bjde, 64. 
Jonathan, 28, 29, 60, 62. 
Mary (Backus), 62. 
Ruth, bja, 63. 
Ruth (Waldo), 62-4. 
Sarah, bjda, 64. 
Waity (Peckham), 486. 

George, dhdh), 301. 
George-Waldo, dhdlgd, 301. 



Heleii-Durkcc, dfulbjb, 301. 

Leonard, 301. 

Samh-Hnrris, dhdl{jr, 301. 

Saraii (Harris), 301. 

Sarah-Mai ilda (Durkoo), dhflly, 301. 

William-Proctor, dhdlija, 301. 

Luoinda, 7S6. 


Cra wford. 
Albert-R., S19. 
Anne, 45S. 

Catherine (Bowie), 800. 
Elizabeth, 559. 
George-W., SOO. 
Jane, GG9. 
Marv, 77S. 
Mildred-Lillias, hdkhjja, 800 

Daniel, 457. 
Ellen (Roberts), 457. 
Mar^'-Ellen, dhhdac, 457. 

Belinda (Dempsev), 8GS. 
Clara, bdirhjba, 8GS. 
Thomas, 8GS. 


C rider. 

Frances, 740. 

Elizabeth, 631. 

Cripin . 
Esther, hdahf, 321. 

Catherine, 427. 

Elizabeth, 701. 

AdeHa, 880. 
Frances, 452. , • 

Jacob, bdagabg, 522. 
Sarah (Stearns), bdagabg, 522. 

('harles, dhdka, 298. 
John, dhdkaa, 298. 
Mary-.\nn (Bryant), dhdka, 29S. 

Maria-Thomas (Shaw), bdaicc, 513. 

William, 513. 

Anna, 43. 
Josiah, 311, 352. 
Rcbeckah, bdaha, 352-3. 
Simon, 23. 
Tliankful ( ), 352. 

Erastiis-W., 712. 

Margaret (Ormiston), bdaeaaca, 712 
Sarah, bdabehd, 472. 

Jane, 531. 


Kate, bdahhac, 549. 


Margaret, 655. 

Rebecca-Sarah, 821. 

Mary- Jane, 727. 

Rebecca, 5S9. 

Cnmmings, see Comings. 
Adah-Eleanoi', bdahhcac, 550. 
Arabella-Leslie (McElderrv), bdah- 

hca, 550. 
Carrie-"\'ictora, bdahhcad, 550. 
Clinton-Carrelton, bdahhene, 550. 
Elizabeth (.A Hard), 550. 
Elmer-Herbert, bdnhlccaa, 550. 
Francis-Ilenry, bdahhc, 550-L 
Francis-Ilemy, bdahhca, 550. 
Haimah-Carlton (Waldo), bdahhc, 

Hannah-.Matilda, bdahhcc, 550-1. 
Joseph, 550. 
Lettice, 872. 

Lucy-Annette, bdahhcb, 550. 
Margaret (Leach), 535. 
Mat tie-Jane, bdagfbd, 535. 
Merton-IIenrv, bdnhhcab, 550. 
Rebecca-Landis, 834. 
William, 535. 

Sarah-Bushrod-Lee, 757. 

Cerelda-Jane, 840. 



Mary, 674. 

Ann-Blood, bdbajd, 372. 
Eliphftlpt, 372. 
Molly (CamplK-11), 372., 551. 
Nathaniol, 551., bdahhd, 551. 
Parmelia (Colby), 551. 
Wells, 551. 

Cvrtice, see Curtis. 
Daniel, 217. 
Nathaniel, 247. 

Curtis, see Curtice. 
Abigail (Watkin.s), hdbadd, 3G7. 
Adelia-Jo.sephine (Wheelock), dbae- 

cbc, G41. 
Amy, bdabfbc, 321. 
Anson, bdbada, 367. 
Anson, bdbndc, 367. 
Bessic-Lavern, dhaecbcn, Gil. 
Betsey, bdbadf, 3GS. 
naroline-l*:., bdbadd^ 3G8. 
Carrie-Elizabeth (Fellows), dhaerbe, 

Clari.^sa (Waldo), bdabfb, 321. 
Clinton-Merrill, bfiaccbe, G41. 
Dwight-Z., bdbadde, 3G8. 
Ebenezcr, bdhadrj, 3G8. 
Edwin, bdbndeb', 3GS. 
Eliza (Wales), G40. 
Elizabeth, bdbndeb, 3G7. 
Elizabeth (Waldo), bdbad, 224, 

Emily-Dart (Waldo), bdfkjb, 3S3. 
Emma-Louisa (Waldo), dhaecb, 640 

Epaphras, bdlxidc, 3GS. 
ICphraim, {.Jfeorf, 224, 367-8. 
Ephrairn, G40. 

]"]rnest-WaUio, dhnechbc. G41. 
Freeman-S., bdbaddr, 3G8. 
George-IIodfres, dhnecb, 610-1. 
Coorgc- Palmer, dhaecbc, 641. 
Harlan-Weslev, dhaccbb, 641. 
Harriet, bdha'dcd, 367. 
llenry-W., bdbndca, 367. 
Hestor-Fouisa, dliaecbn, G40. 
Jane-E., bdbaded, 36S. 
Jeriisha-.'\nn, Gil. 
Lavira-Bcatrice, dhnccbcl), G41. 
Marvin-Na-^h, 6ii/7.76, 383. 
Marv, bdnbfbb, 321. 
Marv-Ann (Sparks). 383. 
MarV-E. (May), 383. 
Mary-Emma, clluiecbea, 641. 

Marv-llail (Fernakl), diuicrbb, 641. 
Mary-\\'., bdbadcc, 3(>S. 
Mary-Waldo, dhaecbd, 641. 
Minerva, bdbadb, 367. 
Xellio-Ivoiiisa, dliaecbbd, 641. 
Olive, bdahjba, 321. 
Orj)ha (Davis), M6aJp, 368. 
Osman, 383. 

Perev-Graiit, dhaccbba, 641. 
Phihinder-E., bdbaddd, 3G8. 
Robert-Pansons, dhnecb j, 641. 
Sally (Lemlv), ^(//'fu/r, 367. 
Samantha, bdbadh, 367, 368. 
Samantha, bdbaddb, 368. 
Sanmel, 295, 296. 
S.-Elizabeth, bdbadcc, 367. 
Sara-Elizabeth, 659. 
Sarah-.\im, 6G(). 
Svlve.ster, bdhadcn, 368. 
Waldo, 6(/6a(/J, 3G7-S. 
Waldo-W., bdbodda. 367. 
Warren, bdbndce, 368. 
William-Fellows, dhucchec, 641. 
William-Osman, 383. 
Willis-Wales, dhaecbbb, 641. 

Elizabeth-May (i:)avis), 635. 
James-Daniel, 635. 
James-Davis, bdjicbb, 635. 
Lula-Lee (Ilinckle), bdjicbb, 635. 

mr., 275. 

Benjamin, Wac, 201. 

Benjamin, Idnca, 201. 

EbeTiezer, 201. 

Eliza (Daniel), 201. 

Henry, /'/arr, 201. 

Jo.siah, Idacf, 201. 

Mary (Colcsworthy), War, 201. 

Nanev, Wocc, 201. 

Stephen, Idacd, 201. 

Thomas, W(7C?>, 201. 

Abbie-L., bdnoaf, 361. 
Ann-Hobinson, bdifcc, 393. 
Betty, 82. 
John, 393. 
Lvdia, 388. 
Pamela (Wfbb), 393. 
Seth, 304. 

pen., 734, 768. 

Albert, bdaajca, 318. 



Bcnoiii, 304. 

Buel, hdaiifrf, 31 S. 

Burr, h(ln<ijci, 318. 

Dcborali, hdanfrg, 318. 

Hannah, bdnafch, 31 S. 

Hnnnaf. (ShcklDii), 31S. 

Hnrriot-15., dhlifh, 305. 

Isnu'l-rutniini, flhhfn, 30"). 

Janios, 304. 3 IS. 

Jaincs-IL, dhh/ab, 305. 

John, 304. 

Jonathan, 31 S. 

Joseph, 31 S. 

Josepli-.Marsh, bdanjcb, 31 S. 

Judith (Cofiiu), 30.5. 

Laurana (Leavens), 304. 

Lcwis-\V., 305. 

Maria (Tillson), 305. 

Marv-Ann, bdanjuc, 31f^. 

Mary (Waldo), dl.hf, 301-5. 

Samuel-Waldo, bdaajcc, 177, 31S. 

Sarah-J. (f.arahfc), dhhja, 305. 

Seviah (^, bdaafc, 31S. 

Thomas, bdaajc, 31S. 

Tliomas, 31S. 

Timothy, 304. 

W^aldo, bdanjcd, 31 S. 

Zara, dhhf, 177, 304-5. 

Zara-T , d'hhjun, 305. 

Zerviah (Marsh), bdaajc, 318. 

Susanna, 377. 

Anna-Susan, 3S2, 383. 

Chcster-Huber, bdjfjid, 432. 
Delphia, bdjfjic, 432. 
George-Edward, hdjfji, 432. 
Jacob, 432. 

Margaret (.Showaltcr), 4.32. 
Paulina-liartlett (Lake), bdjjii, 432. 
Stuart-Kennedv, bdjjjib, 432. 
Waslielta, bdjfjui, 432. 

Harriet-Sherman, SG2. 
Lona-M., bdadbcj, GSS. 

Violette, Count, (150. 

Augustus, bdabeie, Al'i. 
Lueretia (Swuin), bdabeic, 473. 

Calista-Jane ( ), bdiagc, 385. 

David, bding, 142, 385. 
David-Waldo, bdiagc, 3S5. 
Deborah-Clark, bdingh, 3S5. 
lIenry-15ost\virk, bdiagf, 38.5. 
Jane-I'^iixa, bdiaga, 3S5. 
Julia-Harrison, bdiagd, 385. 
Ora (Waldo), bdiag, 142. 385. 
William-llipley, bdiagc, 385. 

Samuel-P., 832. 

Ann, 552, 5G3. 

Abigail, 742. 

Bridget, 771. 



capt., 323. 
mr., 275. 
Benjamin, 172. 
Isaac, 170, 172. 
Josiah, 296, 881. 
Lois, dhd, 172-3, 238. 
Richard, 172. 
Sarah (Winchester), 172. 


Samuel, 125. 
Susan, 832. 

Deborah (Waldo), li, 40-1. 
Eliza, 201. 
John, hd, 41. 
Joseph, 40. 
Mary (Fairbanks), 40. 
Robert, 40. 
Samuel, h, 40-1. 
Stephen, 880. 

Joseph, bdcac, 231. 
Maretta (Allen), 745. 
^lary-Lois (Morse), bdagdccb, 745. 
Mary-Nancy, bdfkaa, 380. 
Millard-Fillmore, bdagdecb, 745. 
Seymour, 745. 
Sophia (Sweatland), 3S0. 
Susannah (.Vmes), bdvue, 231. 
Waite, 380. 

Mary, 653. 




Elizabctli-S., bdbabba, 5G0. 

Marp;arot-Ann, S05. 

Nettie, bfJiradcc, 791. 
Polly, 578. 

Betsey, 380. 

Cri?sv-Eva, hdjhiaj, 380. 
Edna", 380. 
Emilv, 380. 

Etta-Kunicc, bdjknwj, 380. 
Frctieriok-Hiram, bdfkana, 380. 
}Ienrv-E., bdjkanc, 380. 
Hiram-^^■olcott, bdjkaa, 380. 
James-.Mford, bdjkaab, 380. 
Joseph, 380. 

J>ilia-Ann (Drake), bdfbm, 380. 
Lillian-Mvian, bdjkaah, 380. 
Lvdia, 380. 
LVdia (Hale), 380. 
Martha-Ella, bdjkaaf, 380. 
Mary-.\nn, bdfkand, 380. 
Mary-Naiiry (DanieN), bil/kua, 380, 
Sarah-."^oy)hia, bdjkanc, 380. 
Sophia (Waldo), bdjka, 380. 
Sybil (Loomis), 380. 
Vivian-I>illian, bdfkaai, 380. 
Walter, 380. 
William, 380. 
Woleott, bdjka, 380. 

John, 18. 




Deodatc, 479. 

Elizabcth-Whitehill (Shirk), ()70. 
Emma-Eliza, dhaeed, 049. 
Esther (Heminway), 479. 
John, 479. 
Laura, 022. 
Mary, bdadac, 479. 
Marv-Elizabeth, bdadacac, 676. 
'S\iir\- (Green), 649. 
Oliver, 049. 
Ro.swell, 479. 
Samuel, 479. 
William-Koswcll, 676. 

Dn veil. 
Cliarle.'^-ITenrv, bdicbd'tm, .598. 
Miirtha (Spauldinp), bdicbdb, 59S. 
William-Henry, bdicbdb, 598. 

Belinda (Child), d,jal, 94. 
Janet, 751. 
Paul, dyed, 94. 

Ai-Jedediah, bdj/Jhr, 423. 
AlI:>crt-Wil5on. bdayrhb, 532. 

Alniira ( — ), 531. 

Amelia-Sophia (Spalding), 873. 
Anson-Waldo, bdagrha, 531. 
Burton-Clinton, bdagadcco, 733. 
Calvin-Martin, bdiujcJid, 532. 
Calvin-Milton, bdj;;hc, 423. 
Caroline-ilehitabcl, bdmjchj, 532. 
Caroline (Waldo), bdagch, 531-2. 
Catharine (, 423. 
Charles-Medcaff, bdmjadec, 733. 
Charlcs-:Milton, 733. 
Clara-Maria (Hubiiard), bdiirjudcc, 

Cordelia-Sophvonia, bdaqccc, 747-S. 
Deborah (Cobl."in;ii), 733. 
Dinah (Brown), 29. 
Dollv, 486. 
Dolor, 301. 
Edward-L., 588. 
Eleazer. 301. 
Elia,s, 873. 

Elizabeth-Ann (Stev.-arl), SGI. 
Elizabeth-May, 635. 
Emcline, 815. 

Eunice-Mary-Jane, bdaychrj, 532. 
Eunice (^^'aldo), bdaycc, 529. 
Flavilla (Nuttin«\ 747. 
Florilla, 519. 
George-Henry, 801. 
Grace, bdlk/Ja, 588. 
Hannah, 302. 
Hattie-May, bdaijcccu, 861. 
Jefferson, 612. 
John-.\nderson, bdjfjh, 423. 
Jonathan, 200. 
Joseph, 440. 

Judith-Paulina (Gifford), bdjjjh, 423. 
Eaura, bdj/'/hb, 423. 
Lewis, 747. 

Lucinda-.Mmira, bdagchc, 5.32. 
;\Iarsliall-Euc:ene, bdaqdic, 532. 
Martha (Skiimcr), 302. 
Ma^^^ 642. 
]\Iarv-E., bdjijc, 440. 
MarV-Eliza, 681. . . 

MarV-M., bdiccj. 60S. 
Mar>- (Paull), dhakc, 289. 
Murray, 352. 
Nathan, bdaqcc, .529. 
Nelson, bdnych, 531-2. 
Noah, 405. 



Norval-Earnest, bdj/Jh}, 423. 

Orpha, bdbadc, 3(38. 

Kevila-Isabelle (Thompson), 5S8. 

Rhoda, 476. 

Samuel, 301. 

Sarah, bdjffha, 423. 

Sarah, 7G8. 

Savana-Bird, bdj/Jhd, 423. 

Simon, 531. 

Susan, dhhaa, 301. 

WiUiam-L., 423. 

John, 264. 
Mary, bdjeg, 264. 
Mar>' ( ), 264. 

Anna, bdudbd, 4S6. 
Peter, 486. 
PoUy (Hurd), 486. 

Dawk ins. 
Alpheus-Bell, bdadfac, 703. 
Anna-Elizabeth Olustcr), 799. 
Anna-May, bdicbfcb, 799. 
Benjamin-F., 799. 
Calvin-Mattoon, bdndfaea, 703. 
Henrietta-Adelia (Waldo), bdadfae, 

494, 703. 
Ida-Adella (Clark), bdadjaea., 703. 
John, 703. 

Marv-Belle, bdadjacb, 703. 
Sarah-E. ( ), 703. 

Hannah, bdice, 390. 

mr., 832. 
Emaline, 583. 


Deborah. 375. 
Harriet-Frances, 832. 
Rachel, 169. 
Standish, 173. 

Abbv, bdaobb, 361. 
Abiel, dabd, 80. 
Caroline-Electa (Waldo), bdaob, 220, 

Charlotte, 360. 
Jennie-Cora, dhaecdb, 012. 
John-F., bdaoba, 361. 
Josiah, bdaob, 221, 361. 
Josiah, 361. 
Olive, 726. 

Sarah (Killroy), 642. 
Simeon-Paul, (312. 
Zibiah (Field), dabd, 80. 

Henry, 303. 

Katie, 481. 



De Bordt. 

Dennis, 156. 

Clark-Elmer, bdicacbc, 788. 
Donavan, bdicacbca, 788. 
Jacob-Alonzo, 7SS. 
Lillie-Alphadine (Packard), bdicnr}»-, 

Mary-Abigail (Packard), 788. 
Merritt-Alonzo, bdicacbeb, 788. 

John-M., bdjfbdn, 627. 
Susan- Jane (Waldo), bdjfbda, (327. 

Jemima, 188. 
Jemima (Reed), 188. 
Thomas, 188. 

de Camilhi. 
Marie-Adele-Mangeot-Blouet, 650. 

Garpy, dhdhjf, 456. 
James-Godfrey, dlidlijh, 457. 
Margarctta-Ann (Waldo), dhdhj, 4,'/>. 
Sarah-IsabcUe, dhdhjq, 457. 
Stephen, dhdhj, 456. 
Stephen, 303. 

mr., 599, 600. 
Mary, 586. 


Belinda, 868. 

Charles-JIenry, bdicaccc, 789. 
Lucia-Cornelia (Whitney), bdicaccc, 

Lucv-Minerva (Cheesebro), 789. 
William-Peter, 789. 

de Frontgous. 
Ad?ile-Marie, dharhcig, 651. 
Am(5d6e, dhachajb, 651. 



Clement inf-Etionrtto, dhochai, 051. 

Editli, dhnehnb, 651. 

I'^IIcn, (Umrhnn, 051. 

firrmaiiio, dhaclmja, 051. 

.lohii, dhnrhrir, 051. 

.Ioscph-M;irip-Virtor, dhnchaj, 051. 

Jo?c})li-\"ictor, 050. 

Louise (Bertin), dhachnf, 051. 

Liicieiine-Jeanne, dhaeliac, 051. 

M;irio-Adtle-Maiigeot-Blouet (dcCa- 

inilly), 050. 
Mary-i'-lise, dhnrhnd, 051. 
Su.'viri-Angolina (Waldo), dhachu, 050 

Vittor, dhaeha, 650-1. 
Victor-Marie-Edouard, dfiaehah, 651. 

Dc Garmo. 
Mathcw, 333. 

Mary-Ann, 556. 


capt., 113. 

Abip;ail-Smith (Waldo), hdical, 594 

Alice-Adaline, hdicnlc, 595. 
Eva-Isabelle, hdicnld, 595. 
Hannah (Brown), 594. 
Harriet-Louise, hdicala, 595. 
Levi, 594. 

Marion-.-\delle, bdicalb, 595. 
William, hdical, 594-5. 

Barnabas, 132. 
Cynthia (Pixley), 579. 
Fanny, bdbccd, 579. 
Frederick, 579. 
Timothy, 131, 132, 208, 212. 
Tryphcna, 217. 

Charlotte, 5SG. 


licut., 250. 

Honor, 675. 



Lilly, bdagddfb, 744. 

Sarah, 431. 


Matilda, bdaccc, 514. 

Dciiison, sec Dcjinisoii. 
Louise, 735. 
lluth, 142. 

Eliza, 097. 

Eunice, 107. 



Jane (— 
Joseph, 536. 

-), 536. 


Elizabeth, 798. 

Dcn7uson, see Denison. 
Abigail, 329. 
Deborah, 4S3. 

Haimah (Waldo), bdnuca, 465. 
Henry, bdaa<.a, 465. 
Henry, bdaucac, 317, 465. 


Mary, 130. 

Sarah-Ann, 632. 

Annie (Wilson), 521. 
Betsy (Stearns), bilngnbc, 521. 
Charles-Austin, hdagcdjoi, 521. 
Delia-.\nn, bdagnbcr, 521. 
Frances-Elnora, bdogcbch, 521. 
Harriet-Amanda, bdagabcd, 521. 
Helen-Mar, bdngnhcf. 521. 
Henry-Joseph, bdagubcb, 521. 
John-Lorcn, bdngabcg, 521. 
Joseph, hdagabc, 521. 
Joseph, 521. 
Levi-White, bdagabce, 521. 

Benjamin, S79. 
Letitia (Holmes), 879. 
Maria, 879. 

Ebenezcr, 5S, 01. 130, 259. 
Eunice, bdik, 2.")9, 409. 
Eunice (Huntington), 259. 
Jonathan, 2.59. 
Martha. 259. 
Samuel, 259. 




Betsrv (Pierce), dh'lhf, 201. 
Kliznbotli, f)().5. 

Gcrty-Marioii, cUuiccab, 0J7-8. 
Harrison, 047. 
Jospph-L., dhiUil 29L 
Josrph-W., (Uidlilb, 291. 
Julin-Ann (Harnrv), 647. 
Sarah, dhdbjn, 201. 

Maria, 707. 

John, 590. 

Ann, 289. 
Clarissa (- 




-), 2S9. 

Maria-W. (Beadloy), bdaoga, 304. 

Dictensoji , see Dickinson. 
Adalinc-Lucy (Knight), 501. 
Asa, 501. 

Daniel, bdjfaa, 416. 
Jemima (Waldo), bdjjna, 416. 
Sarah, 277. 
Sarah-Clark, bdadjk, 501-2. 

Sophia, 675. 


Dickinson, see Dickenson. 
Harriet-Augusta (Latham), Sll. 
James-Monroe, 811. 
Rosella-Mary, bdijnfb, Sll. 

C^Vm, bdnbbbd, 467. 
Lewis, 467. 

Martha (Knifiin), bdnhhbg, 467. 
Thomas-Jefferson, bdaJ)bbg, 467. 

Alice-Burl (Waldo), bdacakca, 849. 
Ann (Tellar), 849. 
Doufilfis-Ephraim, bdacakca, S19. 
Ephraitn, 849. 

Gretchen-Emocene, bdacakenb, 819. 
Waldo-Ephrairn, bdnenkcna, 849. 

Ann-Sarah-Lincoln, 706. 
Bernard, 706. 
Emnia-.\(l<^la, bdad/lb, 706. 
Sarah (Lincoln), 700. 

Arthur, bdirligm, SOI. 
Asenadi (Munden), 801. 
I'lnrl-.J, hilicbgcc, 801. 
Certriirl'-, bdich/'l,, 801. 
Harry-J, bdicbgcd, 801 
Jcpiha, bdicbge, 801. , 

Joscpii, 801. 

Katy-Bell (Waldo), bdirbgc, 801. 
Nelly, bdicbgcc, SOI. 

Dint mack 
Shuball, 27. 

see Dinunock. 

Dinunnck, see Dinunrick, Dimmuck. 
Dan, 327. 

Eunice, bdadc, 326-8. 
Joanna (Ikirslev), 59. 
Phebc (Turner), 326, 327, 328. 
Shubacl. 59, 331. 
Thankful, bd, 59-60. 
Thomas, 59. 

DimwMck, see Dinunock. 
Joanna (Bur.sley), 60. 
Shubacl, 60. 

Mary, 121. 



Catharine (Waldo), be, 29, 56-7. 
-), 56. 

Elizabeth (- 
Jacob, 56. 
John, bed, 57. 
Joiui, hcbc, 57. 
John, 56. 


Joseph, be, 29, 30, 
Joseph, bcb, 50, 57. 
Josiah, bcbd, 57. 
Marv, bee, 57. 
Mary, bcbb, 56, 57. 
Nelson, 707. 
Rebeckah, bca, 57. 
Tryphena, bebe, 57. 
Zerviah, bcba, 56, 57. 
Zcrviah (Ripley), bcb, 57. 

Elizabcth-Anu, 869. 

dr., 161. 


Dan, bdakac, 554. 
Ella-.\im, bdakncc, .5.54. 
Harriet (Ballou), 554. 
Harrison, bdakacb, 554. 



Iiicz-Thrresa, hdukacn, 551. 
livno (Williftnis), 5.54. 
Iiinii-Howcna, bdakacb, o'yi. 
Iniin-Uowcna (l>oane"), bflakucb, 551. 
Isnu-l, 554. 

l'hebe-.\nn (Waldo), bdakac, 551. 
Kcbccca, 59. 
William-H., 554. 

\nr., 181. 

Ivate (Bullis), 850. 
I.ou-Lcon, bdaeamae, 850-1. 
],ouisa-Emilv, bdadndab, 834-5. 
Orilla, bdfkb, 3S1. 
Hoberca-Landis (Cumniings), 834. 
Samuel, 834. 
.Shirwood-Fayt'tte, 850. 

.-Mexander-Wadsworth, Idhcbcdr, G58. 
Charles-Henn-, hibcbcd, 658. 
Henry-Waldo, Idbcbcda, 658. 
Joseph-Merrill. 65S. 
Laura (Page), G5S. 
Mary-Archer, Idbcbcdb, 658. 
Mary-Waldo (Archer), Idbcbcd, 058. 


John, 45. 

Mary-Pearsons, 749. 

Abram, 020. 

Jennie-Hickman, bdikch, 620. 
Mary- Ann (Robinson), 620. 

Margaret-Permelia, 688. 


oapt., 114. 


Asher, bdikb, 4U7. 
Ashor, bdikbb, 407. 
l':i!en-E., bdikba, 407. 
Kllen-E. (Doolittle), bdikba, 
Eunice (Wald(.), bdikb, 407. 
James-Austin, bdikba, 407. 
Julia, bdikbc, 407. 

Dorrn nee. 
Eunice, bdidaa, 247. 
Harriet, bduhd, 247. 
Lucy (Hudd). bdula, 243, 246-7. 
Mary, bdidac, 247. 

Samui-l, bdtda, 243, 24f;-7. 
Samuel, 246. 
Susan, bdidul,, 243, 247. 
Wiliiam-Kutld, bdi.l^ie, 247. 

Emma-Grace (^^'aU^o), bdjjbdca, 815. 
Evan, bdjjbdca, 815. 
Gabriella, bdjjbdd, 627. 

Celinda-Ann, bdagcdc, 73S-9, 
Edward, 738. 
Elijah, 738. 
EUi.«, 738. 

Emma, bdjjbgc, 818. 
Joseph, 738. 
Mary (Bluett), 818. 
Mason, 818. 

Mercv-Ann (Cook), 738. 
Petef-Bundv, 738. 
Philip, 738." 
William, 738. 

Anna-Dorcas, bdaejgc, 341. 
.'^urelia, bdaejc, 340. 
Chauncey, bdaejg, 340, 341. 
Cornelia-Lucy, bdaejgg, 341. 
George-Silas, bdaejgh, 341. 
George-William, bdaejge, 341. 
Gertrudc-Aurelia, bdaejgb, 341. 
Giles, 340. 

Helen-Aurelia, bdacij, 519. 
Marie-Louise, bdaejgf, 341. 
Mariette-Comstock, bdacjgd, 341. 
Rhoda (Scovil), 340. 
Roscoo-Thonip.son, bduejga, 341. 
Sarah (Comstock), bdaejg, 340-1. 
Silas, 519. 
Sophia (Kellogg), 519. 

Annie, bdbacdbab, 865. 
Elizabeth, bdbacdbaa, 865. 
Francis, bdbacdbac, 865. 
John, 865. 

Mary-Emma (Waldo), bdbacdba, 865. 
Mary (McCann), 865. 
William, bdbacdba, 865. 

oapt., 115, 116. 
gen., 251. 
Abbv, 362. 

Almira-E (White), bdifhd, 401. 
Archie, bdaocild, 363. 
Carrie-Ella, ^<////<(/a, 401. , . ; ; 
Catharine (Billings), 362. 



Cntlmrino-l>illings, 3('>"J. 
Uutharine-Wailu (Waldo), hdaoc, 3G1 

Cluirlcs, bdillul, -101. 
Charlfs-Jusfph, hdijlulb, 401. 
Cynthia (PuyzaiU), -101. 
Daniel-Billing:,, 1302. 
Gcoigo, 3(>2. 
Gcoige-Pvockwcll, 302. 
Georgo-Waldo, hdaocr, 3G2, 303. 
Helen-B., 302. 
Henry-A., bdaocda, 303. 
Henry-Living.ston, bdaocd, 302, 303. 
Ilortense-Pauline (Ainistroug), bda- 
ocd, 303. 
Janios, bdaoc, 302-3. 
Jane, 302. 
John, 249. 

John-Waldo, bdnnca, 302, 
Jonathan-Howe, S3S. 
Juliet, bdnocb, 302, 303. 
Kitty, bdancde, 303. 
Lettic-Giace, bdadbjae, 838. 
Lucy, 593. 
Marv, 302. 
Nathan, 401. 
Percy, bdancde, 303. 
Sarah, 175. 
Stephen- A., 545. 
Stuart, bdaocilb, 303. 
Thomas-James, 302. 
William-Henrv, 302. 
ZiUah (Conger), S3S. 

Margaret-Lauretta, bdakccj, 55G. 
Mary-.Vnn (IX-gnun), S.'iO. 


Sarah, 506. 



(Tirestone), 627. 

Bessie-Mabel, bdjjhbdd, 027. 
Ethel-Maude, bdj/bbda, 027. 
Harrv-Claude, bdj/bbdb, 027. 
John, bdjfbbd, 027. 
Matilda-l^lanche, bdjjhbdc, 027. 
Nancy (McNeil), bdjjbbd, 627. 

Clifford-Peter, bdabjddnc, 673. 
John-Leroy, bdid>jddj}>, 073. 
Louisa-] lazel, bdabjddiia, 073. 
Louisa (Woodward), 073. 
Margarette-Alma (Bryant), bdabjdda, 

P.'ter, 673. 
William-Hcnry, bdubjddn, 673. 

Ann, 33S, 520. 
John, 550. 


Susan, 620. 


mr., 107, 115. 
Asahel, 3S0. 
Hannali, 515. 
JuliH-.\nn, bdfkaa, 3S0. 
Marv, 040. 

Marv-Ann (Pice), 380. 
PoUv, 091. 
Rhoda ( ), bdagbn, 344. 

Albert-Guile, bdbcmba, 777. 
.^rad, 777. 

Catherine-TL^we (Luther), 777. 
Daniel, 22. 
Elizabeth, 22. 
Elizabetli (Brackett), 22. 
James, 22. 
Kate, bdbcrnbaa, 777. 
Lou, bdbcnibnb, 777. 
Maria, bdbcmbaf, 111 . 
Maria (Waldo), bdbcmba, 111. 
Meriam, 22. 
Nellie, bdbcmbac. 111. 

Abel, 569. 
Annie, 522. 

Nancy, bdbacc, 569-70. 
Sally (Brown), 509. 


Mary, dabg, 80. 

Ella- Jones, 644. 

Arthur, bdjjhdi, 42S. 
Cora, bdjjhdh, 428. 
Elizabelii-Poace (Gawthrop), bdjfhd, 

418, 428. 
Lee, bdjfhdg, 42S. 
Nancv (Thorpe), 428. 
Pendleton, bdjfhd, 418, 428. 
Wiltred, 428. 

Alvan, 744. 

Donald. bdagdd],d>, 744. 
Elizabeth, 342. 

Eugene-Waldo, bdagddfb, 744. 
Fred-Clinton, bdngddfa, 744. 



,I.\'iiiot1c (ITanoiin), ~A\. 
l.aiirM-Hnokt'r (Waldo), hdruiddf, 714. 
Lilly (IXinott), hduijddjh, 714. 
Liilu-(Maire (Ivoy), hdmjildjn, 744. 
Lynri-Hyron, hdiiyddjim, 744. 
Lvnn-(."aiiieroii, hdaijddjc, 744. 
l{\ilh, bd.Hjddfan, 744. 
Sidney, bdayddf, 744. 

Eiiz.Tboth (Coon.-^e), bdjijc, 440. 
l\)rio.>it-]^pe, bdjijeb, 44U. 
Jaiiu's, 440. 

Jc.-t'l)Il, 111. 

Lillian, bdjijea, 440. 

Lucv ( ), 1S7. 

Paui, 1S7. 
Kobcfca, 713. 
Uihicca (Tyng), 111. 
Thonias-Jcfferson, bdjijc, 440. 

W'illard-Krcdcric, tidaeavihc, 71S. 
W illi; -Kugfiic, dliitci-l:,!, 044. 

earl of, COS. 

H. M., 684. 




Margaret, 433. 

David-Jennings, bdubgaa, 322. 
Elizabeth, bdabgac, 322. 
Conrge-Anson, bdabgab, 322. 
Janics, bdabgn, 322. 
Nancy (Winchpll), bJabga, 322. 
Olivf", bdabgad, 322. 
Thadous, bdabgae, 322. 

.\puos-Lucille, dhacckc, 044. 
Ai|jhonso-XicIiols, dhacck, 644. 
Hcrt-Ashlev, bdaeambd, 718. 
David, 98." 

lui(>-Charlotte (Fowler), 644. 
lOHie-Mabel, dhncckd, 644. 
Elia-Marv (Morev), dhaeckn, 644. 
l';ioni-A(kdift (Wald.i), dhacck, 044. 
1 rank, bdnea/nbc, 718, 
t'lCorgc-Russel, bdiicambh, 71S. 
Ilaimah (Brill), 718. 
Ida-Liiella, bd/ieninba, 7 IS. 
John, 644. 

Jolm-.I, bdacamb, 718. 
-MtiHin, 71S. 

Mary-Hclle, dhaeckaa, 644. 
Mai.i.l-Au.sta, bdaeambj, 718. 
Nellii.-Maud, dharckb, liU. 
Sarah-Jane (Waldo), bdnvamb, 718. 

ilobcrt, 125. 


Cccil-Wnshington, 841. 
Klijah, 841. ' ' 

I'^lnia, bdadcenbc, 841. 
Eunice (Hovev), 331. 
John-Wihnot, 'bdadcmb, 841. 
Judah (Paull), 331. 
Julia (Amos), 841. 
Lome, bdadccaba, 841. 
Marv, 733. 
-Marv-Ann, 626. 
Ruth, 4f)G. 

Sarah-Emma (Waldo), bdadccab, 841 
Seth, 331. 
Sophia, 376. 
Thankful, bdadf, 331-2. 
Waltcr-Buell, bdadccabb, 841. 

Ennna-Maria, bdadcedb, 
Jane (Graham), 700. 
John, 700. 


Caroline-Frances;, bdaeijb, 728. 
Elias-Joseph, 728. 
Mary (Niles), 728. 

Phebe. 690. 


F. A., bdjick, 435. 
Olive (Johnson), bdjick, 435. 
Oscar, 435. 

Emma-Sophia, S6S. 


Abigail, cec, 78. 
.\bigail, ceac, 78. 
.■\llen, ccaj, 78. 
Ann (Hall'.'), 75, 76. 
Ann (Hunt), ccg, IS. 
Anna, cega, 79. 
Anne, ccaa, 78. 
Anne (Jackson), rca, 78. 
Catharine, ccne, 78. 
Cornelius, ccb, 78. 
Cornelius, ccc, 78. 
Cornelius, ceh, 77, 79. 
Coiiielius, cegd, 79. 



Edwftrd, ce, 32, 33, 17, 4S, 7G-9. 

Edward, cea, 11 , 78. 

Edwiird, ccah, 78. 

Edward, 75, 7(). 

Elizabeth, cej, 7G, 77, 78. 

ElizalfOth, cealt, 78. 

Fuitli, cdn, 7(i. 

George, 75, 7G. 

J. W., 154. 

John, cd, 33, 4S, 55, 75-7G. 

John, cdh, 75, 76. 

Jolin, ceacj, 78. 

John-Waldo, cegh, 70. 

Judith, ccd, 78. 

Judith (Waldo), ce, 33, 70-9. 

Lewis-Edward, ccge, 79. 

Maria-Cornelia, ccha, 79. 

Maria (Fenno), cdi, 79. 

Martha, ceai, 78. 

Mary, cegg, 79. 

Mar)' (Allen), cea, 78. 

Mary (Totl>ill). «^, "9. 

Nathaniel, cead, 78. 

Nathaniel, cea/;, 78. 

Raehel, cdd, 70, 

Rachel (Waldo), cd, 33, 75-76. 

Sally (Hallam), caj, 79. 

Samuel, 76. 

Sarah, ccgc, 79. 

Thomas, rrfc, 76. 

Thomas, ccg, 77-9. 

Thomas, ceaf, 78. 

Thomas, cfgb, 79. 

Thomas, cegj, 79. 

capt., 115. 

Sarah, 457. 

Eliza, C35. 




col., 251. 

Abby-Louisa, dhdle, 301. 
Abijah, 300. 
Charles, 529. 

Cvnthia-IIelen (Win<=low), dhdlc, 300. 
Elizabeth-Kuth, dhdUi, 3U0. 
Eugene-Koturn, dltdlr, 300. 
Eugene-\\ inslow, dlidlca, 300. 
George-\\'aldo, dhdlb, 300. 
Hannali, 365. 

Harriet (Carlton), dhdlc, 300. 
Henian, 295, 296. 
Horatio, d}idl, 300-1. 
Horatio-King, dhdld, 300. 

John, 249, 285. 

Julia-Maria (Rislov), dhdlb, 300. 

Marv-Jane, dhdlf, 301. 

MarV (Waldo), dhdl, 299-301. 

Rutli (Freeman), 300. 

Sarah-Matilda, dhdlg, 301. 

Thoma.s, 300. 

Timothy, 284. 

Williani-Wells, dhdlch, 300. 

Elizabeth (Watts), 530. 
Hannah, 530, 669. 
Hannah (Emerson), 530. 
Jonathan, 530. 
Thomas, 530. 

Abigail (Waldo), 133. 
Pollv, 727. 

Rachel (Waldo), bdaac, 200. 
Susy-Martling, 812. 

dea., 172. 
Lewis, dhdfch, 454. 
Louisa, dhdjcba, 455. 
Mary-Coolv (Tilden), dhdjcb, 454. 
Phebe, 293. 

Kate, bdadbia, 487. 
William, 487. 

Martha, 421, 445. 

Clarissa, hdao, 222. 
Clarissa, 388. 

Elizabeth (Buckminster), 222. 
Joseph, 100. 
Josiah, 222. 

Benjamin, 40. 

Hannah, 147. 



Lvdia-Miranda, bdadhcfa, CSS. 
^fargaret-Permelia (Dolph), 6S8. 
William, GSS. 

Mary-Elizabeth, 633. 

George-S., 712. 



Elizabeth, 580. 

iiir., oaO. 
KIraiior-rhileiia (Preston), bdnhbha, 

Jesse, bfiahbha, 544. 
Louisa-Cornelia, 725. 
Martha, 4G1. 

Ahnon-W, bdneaij, 508. 
Kli, 508. 
Klizaheth, 5S4. 

Eimna-Clara (Huson), bdncnij, 508. 
llelcn-Elvina, bdacaija, 508. 
Kathcrine, bdacaijb, 508. 
Mary-Ann (Tietsort), 508. 

Benjamin, 494. 
Effie-Philura (Bro^vTi), bdadcg, 494. 

Ann-Eliza (.A.ndre^vs), bdakcc, 556. 
Ethelbcrt-Orlando, 556. 
Freclove (Whitehorn), 550. 
Hcnry-T., 881. 
Ho5ea, 556. 
W.-Osgood, 823. 

John, 656. 
Peter, 656. 
Robert-Ball, 650. 
Sarah (Barker), 656. 
Sophia-Bripps, Idbcba, 656. 
Thomas, 656. 

Joseph, 680. 

Margaret (Williams), 680. 
Marv-Clarv (Waldo), bdadnjg, 6S0 
Hicliard, bdndafg, 680. 
Pichard, bdadajga, 680. 

.•\dalaidc-Vietoria (Staples), 716. 
(leorpe-Henry, 716. 
Ida-May, bdaeakcb, 716. 

•Vbipail (Chadbourne), 6-59. 
Emma-Lincoln (Haven), Idbcjb, 659. 
James, 659. 
John, 659. 

Electa, 752. 

Electa (Edson), 752. 

Johii-Pomber, 752. 

Martha ( ), 448. 

Merta-Ann, bdagjjc, 752. 
Miriam, 537. 

Abraham, {6, 43. 
Alicc-Grnbam, bdndnjlb, 6S1. 
Aima-Clara, bdadajlc, 681. 
Ciiarles-Graham, bdadafl, 680-1. 
iJaniej-Hatch, 680. 
Edward-Juniup, bdbabaae, 5.58. 
Elizabeth (Emerson), ib, 43. 
Emeliiie (Graham), 681. 
Emma-Almira (Waldo), bdadafl, 680 

George-Daniel, bdadafla, GSl. 
Jonathan, 252 note. 
Mary (Jordan), bdbabaae, 558. 

Egehfon, see Eggleston. 
Benjamin, 589. 
Fanny-May, bdflbcdb, 785. 
Frederick-Warren, bdflbcdn, 785. 
Henrv-Clav, bdjlhcd, 785. 
lo (AValdo), bdjlbrd, ISb. 
Jacob-Warren, 785. 
Margaret (Lawrence), 589. 
Martha-Jane, bdjlbc, 589, 
Orphano (Martin), 785. 

Richard, 26. 


Eggleston, see Egclstoti. 
Martha, bdabb, 320. 

Katherinc, 216. 

Anna-Mabel, dJiacdbb, 645. 
Isaiah, 045. 
Rosina-Snow (W^atkins), 645. 

Abigail, bdb, 133-5. 
John, 134. 
Judith, 875. 
Susannah (Baker), 134. 

Florinda, 668. 


Amasa, 448. 


Eldredge, see Eldridge. 
Anna-Waldo, bdigcbcui, 617. 
Charles, 575. 




Cornelia- Waldo (Royce), bdigcba, 

Edward-Hezekiah, 616. 
Edward-Owen, bdigcba, GlO-7. 
Elizabeth, bdigcbab, 617. 
Elizabeth (Aver>-), 575. 
Frances-Elizabeth, bdbacb, 575-6. 
Frank-Waldo, bdigcbac, 617. 
Margerj'-Rall, bdigcbad, 617. 
Mary-Sophia (Ball), 616. 
WUliam, 575. 

Eldridge, see Eldredgc. 
Abigail, 211. 
Cordelia (Waldo), 874. 
Jesse, 211. 

Eliot, see Elliott. 
Aaron, 466. 

Almira-Hunt, bdanidbc, 466. 
Amy-Parks, bdaaidbb, 466. 
Hannah-Cornelia, bdaaidn, 466. 
Hannah-Conielia. bdaoidba, 466. 
Hannah (Waldo), bdaaid, 466. 
Jared, 466. 
John, 466. 
Joseph, 466. 

Joseph-Benjamin, bdaaid, 466. 
Margaret (Williams), 466. 
Phebe (Parks), bdaaidb, 466. 
Samuel-Smithson, 466. 
Samuel-Waldo, bdaaidb, 319, 466. 

Elliott, see Eliot. 
Samuel, 329. 
Sarah, bdadeb, 329-30. 

Anna, hdjfbdg, 627. 

Aiisa-Alice, bdagadhae, 734. 
Ailsa (Jeffers), 734. 
Charles-Francis, bdagadhab, 734. 
Esther-Chase, 72S. 
Florence, bdagadhaa, 734. 
Francis-Elmo, bdagadhnd, 734. 
James-Boies, bdagadfuih, 734. 
James-Whitcomb, bdngadha, 734. 
Jesse, 734. 

Jessie-Viola, bdagadhag, 734. 
Joseph, 734. 

Lulu-Belle, bdagadhnf, 734. 
Mary-Frances, bdagndhnc, 734. 
Mar>--Marie (Forbes), bdngadhu, 734. 
Nellie-Esther, bdagadlmi, 734. 

Julia-Ann, 429. ; 

Cordelia, bdagndf, 733. 
Egbert, 733. 
Sarah (Parish), 733. 

Elmer, see Elmore. 
Alexander, 855. 

Elmore, see Elmer. 

Ann-C ( ), bdiec, 248. 

Anna-Luretta (V^' a\do) , bdagncnr , S.m 
Augustus-Dillaye, bdicdg, 248. 
Charles-Henrv, bdagacaec, 855. 
Clara, bdiede', 248. 
David, bdieaa, 247. 
Eliza, bdieg, 248. 
Eliza-Ann, bdieab, 247. 
Eliza-Miranda, bdiede, 248. 
Elizabeth-L. (Scott), 855. 
Elizabeth (Waldo), MV*, 141, 142. 

Harry-Morey, bdagacaea, 855. 
James, bdiea, 247. 
John, M^Vrf, 248. 
John-Norton, bdieda, 248. 
Julia, bdicdd, 248. 
Lydia (Percival), bdiea, 247. 

Mary-C. ( ), bdiec, 248. 

Marv-Jeanette, bdiedi, 248. 

Miranda ( ), 6f/!cc, 248. 

Morey, bdagncae, 855. 
Nellie-Mav, bdagacacb, 855. 
\ Ruth (Norton), bdicd, 248. 
Sanford, 6<!/i>co, 248. 
Talitha, bdieb, 247. 
Thaddeus, 6rfi>, 247-8. 
Thaddeus, bdiec, 248. 
Thaddeus-Orville, bdiedb, 248. 
Waldo-J, fcf?!>(^/(, 248. 
William-B.,' bdief, 248. 
W^illiam-Wallace, 6JjVJ/, 248. 
Zaccheus- Waldo, bdiec, 248. 

Benjamin, 524. 
Betsey ( ), 524. 

col., 323. 
Clarissa-Betsey, 754. 

Bethia, dhee, 176. 

Abipjail, ieh, 44. . . 

Alice-Maud (BufTum), bdngacaU.^'* 
Anna-BcU, bdagacabf, 854. 
Benjamin, ice, 43. 

/.». Li/;/x •■■> n<: ~/v/ 


'\':^ :- , . >■' \' 


f» ;» ,«,! f' 

■If/T^ > 


I •:.'■/< 


■ i ,:^nA-tiiUl\. 



I?ort-Rufus, bdnf}ncnbe, 854. 

Hiilkolry, mf, 43. 

rinvtfin-Hnrry. hdngacnhna, 854. 

f"oriH'liiis-Wai(io, ico, 44. 

1). G., 549. 

Porcas, irg, 44. 

l)orothy, ick, 44. 

Khonozer, iai, 43. 

Kb(Mio7,pr, ien, 44. 

Kdward, V, 19, 20, 24, 2G, 30, 41-4. 

Ivlward, ic, 43. 

Mdward, iVii-i, 43. 

Kdward, u/, 44. 

Klihu, ?£•?', 44. 

llliznhcth, ib, 43. 

I'lliznlieth, ica, 44. 

Klizabcth (Bulklcv), 41. 

Klizabeth (Pratt), 43. 

Ella-Maria (Waldo), bdagacab, 853 

Ella-May, bdagncabc, 854. 
Frod-Calnow, bdagarobg, 854. 
Gforge-Wftldo, bdagambd, 854. 
Hannah, tf/, 43. 
liannoh, iaa, 42. 
Ilniinah, ?c6, 43. 
Hannah, icd, 43. 
Hannah, iej, 44. 
Hannah, 530. 
Hannah (Beal), i>, 43. 
}larry-Samuel, hdagacaba, 8.54. 
Honry-Charles, hdagacahh, 854. 
John, ie, 43, 44. 
John, torn, 43. 
John, ieh, 44 
Joseph, ia, 42. 
Joseph, w6, 42. 
Joseph, ica, 43. 
Joseph, iV/, 44. 
Joseph, iem, 44. 
Joseph, 41. 

Eelia-.Micc, bdagacnbab, 854. 
Marcia, 743. 
Mary, inc, 42. 
.Mnrv, iee, 44. 
^Iar■y (Moody), io, 42. 
N'ollie-.^trnes, bdnqarahh, 854. 
Dlivin (\Vcst£;ate), 853. 
Parmelia, bdfk, 237. 
I'liehe (Blis.s). 43. 
Prudence, bdjk, 237. 
Hnlph-Waldo, 43. 
llrhecca, iaj, 43. 
Rebecca, ico, 44. 
Hobecca (Waldo), t, 41-4. 
Hufus-Westcate, bdagacab, 853-4. 
Ruth, iak, 43. 
Ruth (Haskins), 43. 
yamuci, iac, 43. 

Samuel, 853. 

Sanford-Artliur, bdngacabi, 854. 

Sarah, iep, 44. t 

'i'homas, icd, 44. 

Thomas, 41. 

Waldo, ing, 43. 

Waldo, irt/), 43. 

William, inl. 43. 

William. 43. 

Ausfin-William, bdagj]e, 537. 
Eaton, 537. 
Emmaline-Meli.=^5a (Stearns), Wr/^af//:, 

Hannah-LsabcUe (Waldo), bdngffr, 

Hannah (Marshall), 537. 
Ina, 537. 

Ira, bdngnbk, 523. 
Nellie, 537. 
Orin, 523. 
William-Orin, bdugabka, 523. 

rev. dr., 370. 
Jacob, 125. 


Hannah ( -), 456. 

Hortense, dhdhja, 456. 
John, dhdhj, 456. 

Amflia-Ann (Hawlcv), bdbabab, 5-58 

Eliza-Ann, bdbababb, 559. 
George, bdbobab, 558-9. 
Margaret, 472. 
Meli.ssa, 848. 
Oliver, bdbababc, 5.59. 
rhilo, bdbababa, 559. 

.\bigail (Philips), 185, 186, 189. 
Edward-S., 312. 
George, UM, 189, 198. 
George-William, Ibbbn, 186, 188, 189. 

Harriet ( ). 312. 

John, 185, 186, 189, 198. 
Lucy (Winslow), Ihbb, 188, 189. 
Mary-M.aclntosh (Royall), 189. 
Sarah, /6a, 185-6. 
William, 312. 

Eatabroflk-'i, see Estcrbrook. 
Esther (Rounds), 872. 
Polly, 872. 
Samuel, 872. 



C'olc-sla, bdl'dhgha, 70G. 
Mahala (Sallcy), 7GG. 
Moses, 7GG. 

Estcrhronk , sec E&tnbrooks. 
Bonjamin, 872. 

Joanna ( ), 872 

Lucy ( ), 872. 

Estlcr. '^ 

Eliza-Jane, 82S. 

Abial, .522. 
Arad, 329. 

Charles- Abiul, bcloqahid, 522. 
Charles- A mold, b'Jo'jnbi, 522. 
Chloe, bcladd, 329. 
Emma-Frances, bdngabib, 522. 
Eve, 829. 

Lucy-Ann, hdjc}, 2G3. 
Lura-Elcthea, bdngnbic, 522. 
Lura-Elethea (Col'ton), 522. 

:ilartha ( ), 329. 

Persis-Augusta, bdagnbia, 522. 
Thirza-Laurette (Stearns), bdngabi, 

Hclen-Mincrva (Wardner), bdmnjd, 

William-Maxwell, bdmnjd, 21S. 

Joseph, IG. 
Mary (Bragg), IG. 

Elizabeth, 79. 

Alvin, 823. 

]3vron-Franklin, dhdhcnbn, 823. 
Dcll-June (Waldo), dhdkcah, 823. 
George-Irving, dhdhmb, 823. 

Bhoda ( ), 823. 

Ruth-Josephine, 823. 
Waldo-Irving, dhdlioibb, 823. 

John, 4G. 

Mary, 40. 



George- Waldo, dhdcbb, 453. 
Harriet, dhdrbc, 45 1. 
Lois (Waldo), dhdrb, 4.53-4. 
Marv (, dhdcbb, 453. 
\\'a Iter-Scott, diukbd, 454. 
William, dhdcb, 4.53-4. 
Williani-Orvil, dhdcbe, 454. 

Abigail (Marsh), bdaadb, 31G. 
E. W., 750. 
William-H., bdaadb, 316. 

William, 101. 

Fairucalher, Faycrweather. 
Abigail (Boars), Ujd, 108. 
Ann, hjg, 109. 
Hannah, Igo^ 108. 
Hannah, 107. 

Hannah (AValdo), Ig, 107-10. 
John, 107. 

Jonathan, Igc, 107, 108. 
Samuel, Igd, 107, 108, 183. 
Sarah, Igh, 110. 
Sarah (Turner), 107. 
Thomas, Ig, 4G, 47, 48, 103, 105, 

Thomas, Iga, 108. 
Thomas, Igb, 107, 108. 
Thomas, 107. 
William, hjf, 107, 109. 


Ennua-Isadore, 707. 

Peter, 97. 


ens., 250. 

Phebe (Carter), 308. 
Thomas, 308. 

Eliza-Acal, bdabdanr, GG5. 
Laf}'-Elizal>eth, bdabdaad, GG5. 
Lewis-Solomon, bdnbdaac, GG5. 
Lorenzo-Waldo, bdnbdaab. GG5. 
Lucius-Orin, bdabdaaa, 6G5. 
Kacliel-Svlvia (Waldo), bdubdaa, 

GG4-5. ■ 
William-H., bdabdaa, GG5. 

Frank-Larzelere. dhdeba, 4.53. 
Gcoigc-Arthur-Waldo, dlidcbba, 453. 

Jenette, 717. 
Lucia, 789. 




Susan, 1C5. 


Duniol, 03, 273. 
Dolly, 505. 

ICUn-.Vnnotte, bday}lc, 510. 
Eunice, 4S1. 
F. F., 540. 

Fanny, hdhnluj, 504. ■ • 

Hannah, dgd, 93. 
Jo^;cph, 5G4. 

Lucia ( -), 540. 

Sybil (Baldwin), 504. 

Thomas, 214. 

Cornelia-M., hdhahadr, 550. 
Elderkin-F., bdbabadh, 5.50. 
Elizabeth (Crawford), 550. 
Florence-B.. hdbabado, 5.50. 
John-D., bdbabadd, 559. 
Lydia, lOS. 
Samuel, 5.")9. 

Samuel-Benjamin, bdhabnd, 5.')9. 
Sarah-Uiantha (Hawlev), bdbabad, 

David-S., 380. 

Alice, Idbcjbc, 650. 
John-Prcntice, 6.50. 
Sara-EHzabeth (Curtis), 050. 

Catherine- Ann, bdadncre, 833-4. 
Mar<!;aret (Quiag), 833. 
Michael, 833. 

Joseph, 320. 
Sabina, 507. 


Edward, bdbncf, 703. 
Juliette (Waldo), bdbabcj, 763. 
William, bdbabcjn, 703. 

Amia (Hadley), 700. 
John, 700. 

John-Prii'.-<t, bdnhhda, 700-1. 
Ix'on-Waklo, bdahhdaa. 700. 
Mat tie-May, bdnhhdub, 701. 
Mosc.'i-Cleoree, 700. 

Parmelia-Currier (Waldo), bdahltdn, 

Calvin, 075. 
Ezra, 217. 
Gershom, 075. 
Holland, 075. 
John, 075. 
Joseph, 075. 
Levi, 470. 

Lucy-Elizabeth, bdadnba, 075. 
Marv, bdadfib, 470. 
Marv-Jane, 832. ^ 

Marv (Prentice), 470. - 

Nathan, 343. 
Sarali, bdamd, 217. 
Sarah (Newton), 217. 
Sophia (Dickey), 075. 

Rachel, 272. 


Feild, see Field. 

Carrie-Elizabeth, dhaccbe, 641. 
Charlotte-S., bdagjaa, 535. 
Isaac, 374. 
Mabel, bdnbfedc, 074. 
Marv (Cunnintjham), 674. 
Mary (Ilodgkin.s), 041. 
Theodorc-Bvron, 074. 
Willi.'im. 641. 

Mary, 646. 


Benjamin, 54. 
Elizabeth, bb, 54, 50. 
Ephraim, bb, 53, 54. 
John, 54. 
Joseph, 54. 
Maria, cch, 70. 
Martha, 53. 
Rebecca (Tucker), 51. 

Anthony, 041. 
Elizabeth (Poor), 041. 
Mary-Hall, dhnerbb, 041. 

Mary-Crosby, 840. 

Mary-A., 586. 




Abby-Jftno, hdnajbg, 318. 
Arabella, bdoajhi, 318. 
Cluirlfs-.MHrsh, lnhmjl,j, 31 S. 
Cynl Ilia- Dit vis (Could), T.')!). 
Editli, bdtuifba, 3 IS. 
Eliza, 7't5. 

Euuicc-Cordclia, bdanfbj, 318. 
Hannah, bdaufbc, 31 S. 
Hannah (.Marsh), bihafh, 318. 
Henry, bdaajhh, 318. 
John-Mason, 7f>0. 
Joseph, 318. 
Laura, bdaafbb, 318. 
Lena-May, bdagjbab, 750. 
Mary-Ann, hdaafbc, 31S. 
Phebe (Gavlord), 318. 
Phcbc-Joaii, bdaajbd, 318. 
Zaehariah, bdmij}), 318. 
Zaehariah, 318. 

Mary, bdaoaf, 361. 

John-Oix, G20. 
Olive, bdik(h, G20. 
Susan (Bo wen), G20. 

Field, Feild. 
Abigail (Carpenter), dubi, 80. 
Ann (Hayward), bbfda, 128, 129. 
Anna, dale, SO. 
Anna (Williams), dab, SO. 
Parzilla, dneg, 81. 
Belhuel, (/ap/<, SI. 
Charity (Lincoln), dabb, 80. 
Daniel, darf, SI. 
Elizabeth, (/rt^c, 80. 
Elizabetli (Everden), 79. 
Epliraini, dace, SI. 
Fobes, daca, SI. 
Gilbert, 129. 

Gilford, bblda, 128, 129, 130. 
Hatniali, dabl, SO. 
Haiuiah (Snell), daef, 81. 
Jabez, (i(!e, SO, SI. 
Jabez-Fobes, dnea, 81 jwle. 
James, d<ibg, SO. 
Jemima (Keith), dacd, 81. 
John, t/a/y/i, SO. 
John, 79, SO. 
Jude, diibi, SO. 
Lvdia, dabn, SO. 

Mary, due, 80. ' 

Marv, dubf, SO. 
Marv (Drew), f/rit)c/, SO. 
Mary (I'obes), due, SU, 81. 
Mercy, duj, 81. 

Nancy (Hayward), Ibfdn, 130. 

Nathaniel, </u/>7, 80. 

Patience, dahn, SO. 

Patience (Wetherell), dab, 80. 

Patty (Packard), daey, 81. 

Rachel, dabm, 80. 

Rachel (Clap[/), (/((?m, 80. 

Rebecca (Harris), daec, 81. 

Richard, Jc7, 79-S2, 86. 

Richard, dad, SO. 81. 

Richard, daba, SO. 

Richard, dace, 81. 

Ruby (Brett), c?'/fe, 81. 

Rutli, daj, 81, 80. 

Ruth, dtibp, SO. 

Sarah, 87. 

Solomon, dahk, SO. 

Susanna, c?C(i-, 82. 

Susanna, daeb, 81. 

Susannah, dni, 81. 

Susannah (Waldo), dn, 79-82 8G. 

Waldo, (/(ici, 81. 

Wealthy, dahj, SO. ^/ 

Williani, dacd, 81. 

Zaehariah, f/a^, 81. 

Zebulon, did,, 80. 

Zebulon, f/a/>?), 80. 

Zibiah, dabd, 80. 

Zobiah, daa, SO. 

Zobiah, da/t, SI. 

Celinda-Harris, bdaeaab, 711-2. 
Lay ton, 711. 
Sophisa (Tilfany), 711. 

Calvin-Turner, 879. 
John, 879. 
Millard, 879. 
Miranda (Waldo), 879. 
Nathaniel, 879. 
Phebe (Millard), 879. 

Adam, 425. 
Adam-L, bdj/'ggc, 42G. 
Alice-Dora, bdjjggj, 426. 
Emeline-E, bdjjggi, 426. 
Emeline-Waldo (Kittle), bdjjgg, 425 

Harriet-.\nn, bdjjygh, 426. 
Jane, bdjjggb, 42G. 
Jane (CJoodwin), 425. 
John-Kittle, bdjjggk, 420. 
I^evi, bdjjgg, 425-6. 
Levi-J, bdjfggg, 426. 
Lucinda, bdjjgga, 426. 
Minnie-Corder, bdjjggi, 426. 



Pftulino, bdjlggr, 42Ct. 
lietlia, bdjjijijj, 420. 
Tirzah, bdjfygd, 420. 

David, 22S. 
Luc-y (r5ucklin), dhha, 168, 1G9. 

Agnes-Anna-Elizabeth. oV/ace/rffl, 822. 
Driisia (Somerville), 817. 
Edgar, 817. 
Elizabeth (Pock), 32. 
Esther-Elvira (Waldo), dhaeejd, 822. 
Ccorgc-Washington, 822. 
Jesse, 241. 

Laura (Paine), bdihg, 241. 
Maggie, bdjjhjg, 817. 
Mary-Anna (Cole), 822. 
W. A., .549. 
Washington-Irving, dhaeejd, 822. 

Angeline (, bdbafbb, 
Bertie-Grant, bdbafbbd, 577. 
Carrie-Etta, bdbafbbc, 577. 
Edward-Everett, bdbajbbb, oil . 
George-Waldo, bdbafbba, 577. 
John, 16. 

Lucretia (Batchelder), 577. 
Tiniothv, 577. 
Warren-David, bdbafbb, 577. 

maj., 80. 
Ann, bbfb, 130. 
Anne (Waldo), bbf, 127-31. 
Bripit (Brown), 29. 
John, 28, 29, 51. 
Joseph, bbf, 128-30. ' 
Joseph, bbfc, 130. 
Joseph, 128. 
Lucinda (Buell), 255. 
Lucv, 67. 

Margaret (Clark), 127. 
Plube, 256. 
Prudenee, bbfa, 129. 
Richard, 255. 

.Sully-.Vntoinette, bdihi, 255. 
Thomas, 45. 


Lois, 344. 


Adelbert-Eldred, 'bdabebh, 668. 
Bertha (Simon), bdabebha, 668. 
Eliza, bdabcbhc, 668. 

Ellcn-Didema (Waldo), bdabebh, 668. 
Etta (.Markhain), bdiibebhb, 66S. 
Florinda (lOldred), 668. 
Ered-Waldo, bdabebha, 668. 
Guy-Eldred, bdahcbhb, 66S. 
Hernia, bilabrblid, 668. 
Mary, 597. 

Xoldine-Marv, bdabebhba, 66S. 
Reuben, 668. 

capt., 160. 
lienjamin, 72. 
^^'illiam, 125. 


Elizabeth, 474. 


Hannah, 800. 

William, 125. 

Harriet, 852. 




miss, bdahj, 353-4. 

capt., 114. 
Albert, hdnhij, 356. 
Anna-L., bdjjbha, 630. 
Bertha-Estella, bdjjbhec, 631. 
Betsy (Stearns), bdagubc, 521. 
David-James, bdjfbhe, 631. 
Eliza-A. (Worden), bdahij, 356. 
Elmer-Herbert, bdagabcj, 521. 
Ersey-Olney, bdjjbhed, 631. 
Homer-Eliis, bdjjbheb, 631. 
Joshua, 557. 

Laura-Etta, bdjfbhea, 631. 
Lucy (Soper), 521. 
Lvman, bdagab, 521. . • 

Mary, bdagbb, 343. 
Mary-Amy, bdijhhcc, 631. 
Mary-Elisatjeth, bdalcci, 557. 

Mary-Jane ( — ), 631. 

Mary (Parmely), 557. 

Phineas, 557. 

Ruth-Sabrina (Robinson), bdjfbhe, 

?^ muel, 52 1. 

Surah-Evangt'line, bdagtdici, 521. 
Thomas- J., 631. 

FliiDi, see Flyn. 
Beasio-May, bdagddddb, 860. 



Goorgf'-TIcrhort, bihigdJildc, 800. 
Ccor{:L'-Julin.sun, SliU. 
Ilarriel-Miitilda (Towiisond), SCO. 
HtMbcrt-Fraiicis, bilngdddd, 8ti0. 
Mitbfl-ClarH, bduiidddda, StIO. 
Nellie-Siiiah (Waklu), bdaydddd, SCO. 

Fli7d, see Fb/nt. 
Almim (Scott), 002. 
Austin, ISO, 002. 
Azuhah (Willev), 730. 
Davis, 322. 
Eunicf, bdiccb, 002. 
Ilaniet-Maiia (Thavor), 8aS. 
John-.Me.rrill, S5S. 
Maiia-.\zubah, bdngchb, 730. 
Mariana, 809. 

JIartlui-Kdith, bdagcbbc, S5S. 
Thomas, 730. 

Fannie-Annie, dhaecea, 820. 
Cscar, 820. 
Viloia (Rogers), 820. 

col., 33S. 



Henry, 877. 

Sarah-S. (Herrick), 877. 

Elizabeth (, 192. 
Hannah, Ibcb, 195. 
Hannah (Waldo), Ibc, 191-0, 198. 
James, 192. 

Judith (Bowdoin), 193. 
Lucy, Ibcc, 102, 191, 195-0. 
Sallv, 190. 
Thomas, Ibc, 101, 102, 184, 187, 192 

-0, 197, 198. 
Thomas, Ibca, 195. 

.\rthur-Edwin, bdjfbgda, 818. 
Ernie-Henry, bdjibgdc, 818. 
George-Washington, bdjjhgd, 818. 
Henry, 818. 
Mary-Elizabeth (Waldo), bdjjbgd, 

Nancy (James), 818. 
Ravmond-Otis, bdjjbqdd, 8 IS. 
Wiiliam-Nathan, bdjjbgdb, 818. 

Eliza. G91. 


Fhjn, see Flinn. 
Edward, 740. 

Frances (Crelby), 740. 
Hannah, bdugcdje, 740. 


Flynt, see Flint. 

Abigail, 80. 
Edward, 80. 
Ephraiin, 80. 
John, 80. 

Martha (Snell), SO. 
Mary, dae, 80, 81. 

Nancv, dhdbd, 291. 
Timothy, 500. 

mr., 773. 

Dolly, 538. 



Hannah, 454. 


Foot, see Foote. 
Achsah-E. (Waldo), bdaaie, 319, 400. 
George, bdauie, 319. 
Ephraim, 388. 
Lvdia (Cushman), 388. 
Maigaiet, bdicc, 388. 
Nathaniel, 388. 

Aaron, 733. 
Daniel, 733. 
Esther (.Seddons), 733. 
Henry-Clay, bdagadh, 733-4. 
John, 733. 

Mary (Dunham), 733. 
Mary-Marie, bdagndlia, 734. 
Orpha-.\nu (Waldo), bdagadh, 733-4. 
Oipha-Viola, bdagadhb, 734. 
Stephen, 73.3. 
Thomas, 733. 

Mary-Ann, 400. 

Abigail (Hucklin), dhbga, 170. 
Adonijah-Daniel, bdalccc, 50(>-7. 
.Andrew, 3S. 
Daniel, 550. 
David, dlibga, 170. 
Deborah, h'l, 41. 
Deborah (Waldo), h, 38-41. 



r,bpn»', 3S. 
Kl.anor (l.ovell), 38. 
Kliziilx'th, 30. 

llaiiti.'ili ( ), hb, 41. 

Hannah (Ilobcrts), 127. 

Harriet, 571. 

Hi'nry-C., bdagcdc, 73S. 

Israoi, 3S. 

James, 3^. 

.laiif-Ch-pIia (Waldf)), bdnkci', o5G-7. 

Ji'iiiiic-Hoios, bdnkrea, bbl . 

Joseph, h, 38-41. 

Joseph, hb, 41. 

Joseph, 127. 

Judith, he, 41. 

Lizzie, bdndbced, 687. 

Mary, 39. 

Nathaniel, 3S. 

Prudence, 39. 

Samuel, 38. 

Sarah, 39. 

Silence, 39. 

Waldo, bdakccb, 557. 

William-Spencer, bdakccc, 557. 

Ada-Louise, bdagaeda, 735. 
Charles-Waldo, bdagucdb, 735. 
Charles-^^'akIo, bdagaedbc, 735. 
Edward-Keul,ien, bdaguedc, 735. 
Hannah (Kilpatrick."), 734. 
Irena-Elisabeth (Waldo), bdagacd, 

340, 734-5. 
Irena-Louise, bdagaedbb, 735. 
James, 734. 

Joseph, bdagacd, 734-5. 
Kenneth-Joseph, bdagardba, 735. 
Mary-Elizabeth (lienedict), bdagacdb, 


Ellen (Wright), 829. 
Marv-l<:il(>n. bdabfccb, S29. 
Saniucl-Wright, 829. 

Forster, see Foster. 
Jarob, 403. 
Hebecca (Vose), 463. 
Sarah-Vose, Idbrb, 463. 

Foster, sec rorslcr. 
AbiRaii, dhbad, IGO. 
Ainelia-Sophia, bdbacjc, 572. 
Ann (I)alryniple), 552, 563. 
Asa, dldmc, U)9. 
l^enjamin, 169. 
Hetscv (Adams). 523. 
I5eiilah, bdbab, 305-6. 
Dolly (Davis), 486. 

Dulccna, bdndbj, 486. 
Pwight, 274. 
Eben-Colenrd, 523. 
Ebcn-l'"-d wards, bdogabj, 523. 
Emily-.Mvira, 747. 
Enmieline-.Vmanda (Pike), bdakaaa, 

George-Ray, hdnknann, 552. 
George-^\'ashington, bdak'jan, 552. 
George-Whitefield, dhhna, 169. 
Hannah (l)urkee), 365. 
John- A dams, 572. 
Joseph, 46. 
Josephine, 691. 
Lemuel, 486. 

Lizzie- Waldo, bdngabjb, 523. 
Lucretia (Cady), 572. 
Lucy, bdbnfifq, 563. 
Lucy (Buckhn), dhbn, 169. 
Lucy-Pa vson, bdagabja, 523. 
Lydia, dhl>nJ>, 169. 
Lyman, 236. 
Mahala-.\nielia (Stearns), bdagabj, 

Minnie-Adams, bdagabjc, 523. 
Philander, 552, 563. 
Rachel (Day), 169. 
Samuel, 16, 23. 
Whitefiekl, dhba, 169. 
William, 365. 

Mary, 639. 


Abigail (Hill), 548. 
Araminta-.Vdeline, bdahdc, 548. 
Hannah, \{)i. 
John, 548. 

Ede-Charlotte, 644. 
Lumedia-R., 506. 
Oranda, 506. 

Benjamin, 133. 
Betsey (Bloss), 791. 
Charle.s-Edward, bdinidce, 791. 
Edward, bdicnde, 791. 
Eniilv, bdnlula, 545-6. 
Ester, 3()4. 

Eunice-Louisa (Waldo), bdicade, 791. 
Gratia, bdicadeb, 791. 
Jocl-B., 791. 
Libbic, bdicadba, 791. 
Mary, 03. 
Nettie (Darling), bdicadcc, 791. 



Thomas, 47, 110, Ml, M!>, 154. 

Xaiiry, 520. 


Bf>tsf>y (I'attcrson), 395. 
Cnrolinp-Ciravcs (Gager), bdijdc, 395. 
Kllcn-E!i/a, hdijdcd, '395. 
FIorciK'c-Caroliiie, bdijdaj, 395. 
Frederick-Milcs, hdifdcc, 395. 
Jlannnh, 157. 

Ilarriet-Lovctt, bdijdca, 395. 
Ileniv-Wilson, bdijdrc, 395. 
Juliu.s-P>anklin, bdifdcf, 395. 
Luov-Janc, bdijdcb, 395. 
Richard, bdxjdc, 395. 
Richard, 395. 

Justu-s, 760. 

Odette, bdahdrh, 7G0. 

PauHne (Landrcaux), 7G0. 


Eva. 714. 

Charlotte-Elizabeth (Waldo), bdaecc- 

da, S5]. 
Elizabeth (Read), 851. 
John-Aloiizo, 851. 
Milvcrn-Albcrtus, bdnecr-da, Sol. 
Myrta-Wadsworth, bdaeccdaa, 851. 

Mary, 478. 


Alice-Maria (Wheaton), 078. 
Barnct, 678. 

Char]es-A\'hoaton, bdndadda, 678. 
Fanny-Cook (Waldo), bdadadda, 678. 

judj,n>, 103, 184. 
Abigail, 324. 
Anpclino, 703. 
Constant, 59. 

Elizabetli-L^abella, bdijac, 609. 
Jane (Treat), 59. 
Julia-Ann (Stellc), 727. 
Lucy, 751. 

Manning, bdnecjba, 727, 
Manning-T., 727. 
'Marv-Ann, 628. 

Mary-Efiio (\\'aldo). bdaccjba, 727. 
Mary (Paine), bd, 59. 

"Prince, 300. 

* Rebecca (Johnson), 3fM). 
Robert, 59. 
•Ruth, 300. 

Jennie, 695. 


corporal, 24. 
Almira, 745. 
Barton, 789. 
Betsey, 498. 

Duanc-Bernicc, bdicncrba, 789. 
Esther, 131. 

Glennie-Augusta, hdicucchb, 789. 
Henrv-Averv, hdnbcbna, 665. 
John,' 131. ■ 

Lottie-Ada (Whitney), bdiaicch, 789. 
Lucia (l''argo), 789. 
Marv-Lovina (Rathbun), bdabcbaa, 

Rebecca-Lucinda, 805. 
Ronianzo-E., bdicaccb, 789. 
Ruth-Estelle, bdnbcbaaa, 665. 
Samantha, 340. 

Ann-Eliza (Ward), 587. 
Budd-Waldo, bdfkdfja, 587. 
Elizabeth-Evelina (Waldo), bdfkdg, 

587., bdjkdgb, 587. 
George, 587. 
Stephen, bdfkdg, 587. 

Elizabeth (Waldo), bdadajcb, 679. 
John-Mead, bdadajch, 679. 
Susannah-Ann (Harmon), 679. 
William-Daniel, 679. 

Prances-Jane (Cable), bdadfkb, 709. 
Josiah, 709. 

Andrew, bdijea, 396. 
Andrew. 396. 

E(hvin-Smith, bdijcnb, 396. 
George-Abbe, bdijcrm, 396. 
Phila (Stowcll), 390. 
Susan-]3ro\vn (.\bbc), bdijea, 396. 

Constance-Marie, 660. 

Tabitha-Minerva, 851. 



Ahln-Franros, dhardrf, 017 
Artliur-Waldo, dhncdcbn, 017. 
("lara-HoopfT, dhar/icn, Ci\7. 
ClarnWihon (Waldn), ilimrdc, 010-7. 
Hklifh-Ann-Chnttcrton (, Waring), <i/ia- 

edet, 047. 
Eliza-.\iin, dhnedcd, 017. 
lCli7.a-.\nn (Garnev), OK). 
Etta-May (Atkin?), dhacdrh, 617. 
Glaclys-Wilpon, dhacdccn, 047. 
Jain'^'=-Krceto, dliaedec, 047. 
Marv-l^Ilen, dhacdee, 047. 
Wiiriam, 040. 

William-Arthur, dhoedrh, 047. 
William-IIooper, dhacdc, 646-7. 

Annie, bdohdbb, 75S-9. 
Carrie-Edna, hdagdejd, S61. 
Daniel-M., 758. 
Frederick, 758. 
James, 758. 
Joseph, 198, 199. 
Matilda (Brooks), 759. 
Samuel-Fletcher, 861. 
Sarah-Ann (Northrop), SOI. 

Amelia (Hawley), bdbnbfe, 562. 
Clarissa, bdbabfca, 562. 
David-L., 397. 
Eliza-Ann, bdbndbc, 367. 
Ella, bdbaceb, 772. 
Hadas?ah (Gay), 307. 
Ira, bdbabfe, .502. 
Jcrome-B., bdbnbfcb, 502. 
John, 212, 704. 
Joseph-}!., bdbribfcc, 502. 
Lneift (Leavens), dhabe, 282. 
I/vman, 772. 
Marietta, 704. 

Marv ( ), dqd, 93. 

Miiierva-C, bdbadbn, 307. 
Minerva (Curtis), bdbadb, 307. 
Otis, bdbadb, 307. 
Otis, bdbadbb, 307. 
Hhoda (GrilTitl)s), 772. 
Sarah-E., bdijce, 397. 
Viola, bdbabjed, 502. 

Betsev, 578. 
Dora, bdih:c, 625. 
John, 578. 

Martha (Whito), 62.5. 
Poliv (Darling), 578. 
Kobcrt-Stuart, 025. 


mr., 391. 

Amelia-Lois, bdnbrhh, 472. 
Avastia (Waldo), bdfdych, 470, 472. 
lOlenor, bdtdjrdl, 470. 
CJeor^re, bdn})chjn, 472. 
Haskell, bdnbchj, 472. 
James, bdabrhr, 470, 472. 
James, 470. 472. 
Jerome, bdnbchd, 472. 
Luev, bdnb^e, 470. 
Mabel, bdnbchjb, 472. 
Maria, bdnbchn, 472. 
Marv, bdrd>p)ir, 472. 
Matilda (Hubbard), bdnbclif, 472. 
Samuel, bdabeh, 470, 472. 
Sarah (Choate), 470, 472. 
Sarah (Cross), bdabchd, 472. 

Annie-Ella, bdarcfc, 514. 
Charlc?-AV., 514. 
Sarah-.\. (Morris), 514. 

John, 13. 
Thomas, 118, 149, 1S7, 193. 

Caroline-Graves, bdi'fdc, 395. 
Charlotte-Bethia, bdijgc, 015. 
Charlotte-Jane (Allen), bdifdb, 395. 
Charlotte-Waldo, bdiidn, 394. 
Dwipht-Homer, bdifdb, 395. 
Ed\vard-Waldo, bdifdg. 390. 
Edwin-Carv, bdijdh. 390. 
Esther-Lovett, bdijdc. 395. 
Esther (Waldo), bdijd, 249, 250, 394 

-6, 015. 
Harriet-Flanden, bdijdj, 395-6. 
Jason, bdijd, 2.50, 394-0, 615. 
Jason, 240, 394. 
John, 240, 394. 
Judson-Gakisha, hdifdd, 395. 
Judson-Ciahisha, bdijgf, 615-6. 
Julia-Huntington, Jjdijqfa, 615-6. 
Julia-Williams (Waldo), bdifgf, 395, 

Luev, bdibb, 240. 
Lucy (Peek), 240, 394. 
MarV, 57. 

Marv-Ann (Tuttle), 015. 
Randolph-White, bdifdbc, 395. 
Hockwill-Eugene, bdijdbc, 395. 
Kowland-Allen. bdifdbd, 395. 
Samuel, 240, 394. 
Sarah- Jane, bdijdbn, ,395. 
Waldo-Koper, bdifdbb, 395. 
William, 240, 394, 015. 


WALDO gkni:ai,ogy. 

Caroliiio-Ilarris (Waldo), bdaijfabb, 

Ch;irlcs-Stniiiford, hila'ijahhb, SG2. 
Cliarlcs-WaUor, hdagjabb, 802. 
l':iizal)(tli-Aim (.>?tono), SG2. 
Ifal^ih-WaMo, bdagjabba, 862. 
Walter, SG2. 

Loi? (Patten), 372. 
Mcliitable, bdbcijf, 372. 
Stephen, 372. 

Anuie, bdfidd, 5S2. 
Cora, bdabbd']d. GGi. 
Delia (Wilson), 582. 
Patrick, 582. 

Phillip, 874. 

Galligan, see Gallagher. 

Caroline-Eleanor (Knickerbocker), 

bd'idbfjd, G95. 
Carrie-Eleanor, bdadbj-da, G95. 
Daniel-T., C95. 

Marv-Madeline, bdadbjjdb, 695. 
Mi!fbrd-D., bdadbjjd, 695. 

Alvin-Williara, bdbaja, 369, 576-7. 
Amy, 576 
Amy (Gallup), 576 
Amy (Kinne), 3G9. 
Benadam, 573. ^ 

Benjamin, 369, 370. 
Bridget (Palmer), 573. 
Eliza, bdhaca, 573—1. 
Isaac, 576, 57S. 
John, 369, 573, 576. 
Keturah, 577. 
Lvdia (Tillin£chast\ 576. 
Margaret, bdbaf, 369-70. 
Mercy-Maria, bdbajua, 577. 
Nathaniel, 369. 
Olive (Parks), 578. 
Oliver, 300. 
Sally (Spalding), 576. 
Sarah-Bcrissa, bdbajb'i, 578. 
Susanna (Waldo), bdbaja, 576-7. 
Susanna-Waldo, bdbajab, oil. 
William, 576. 

Abel-Franklin, 595. 

Alice-Louise, b'licaldj, 595. 
lictsey-Isabclla, bdinddh, 595. 
Betscv (.Johnson"), 595. 
Carl-Harrold, bdirnldc, 595. 
ICva-Lsabelle (Deland), bdi